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There comes a time when all boys become men
Back in 1984 I was only 13 and my mom and dad hade been seperated for over a year. I lived with my dad who worked all the time so I had little supervision and basicly did what I wanted. My sister was almost 2 years older then me and seeing as we were only half siblings who had the same dad she lived with us as well. It was summer and it was hot as hell that year so I usually slept all day and hung out with friends at night since school was out. School was out and my house was the usual hangout for all of use teenagers so there was usually alot of people at my house. My sister and her friends were around alot as well and we all knew eachother well. She had this one friend named Hanna who was her best friend, I was fucking in love with this girl. She was 15 with long straight blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She was a small girl only 4'5 and about 90lbs. Now that you have a little info we can get to the story.

It was a friday afternoon and we were all hanging out in the back yard when she came over.

"Hi Hanna" I said as she walked up.

"Hey Billy, what's up?" Hanna replied.

I stood looking at her walk up, my dick getting hard just seeing her."Chillin', what's up with you today?"

"Nothin' much, just came by to see what Lisa (My sister) was up to."

At this point I wasn't even listening to what she was saying. My eyes and brain was focused on nothing but her body and I didn't even hear her last response. "Do what" I said.

"I came by to see Lisa." she repeted.

"Cool" I said. "What do you two got planned tonight?"

"Not sure, was gonna see if I could stay the night with her tonight" she said.

I thought for a second or two and said "That's cool, i'll probly be hangin' out around the house tonight myself."

A couple hours had went by and we were all thinking of something to eat that night and after a few minutes we all agreed on pizza. I couldn't have cared less what we had to eat as my mind was not on eating food. The pizza got there after about 20 minutes and we all dug in and joked around and watched a little tv. It got to be about 10 or so and the girls went upstairs to take their baths. Lisa was the first to take her bath and Hanna was on the phone with another girl. I walked upstairs to see Hanna laying on the bed in her bra and panties. I got an instant hard on. I stood there looking at her tight little body for a minute or two and then just walked by the doorway on my way to my room.

"Billy!" I heard yelled out as I walked by.

I stopped and took a few steps back and said "Yea."

Hanna then asked me, "Do you got any weed?"

"I got a little, why you ask?" I said smugly.

"Think we could smoke a little when i'm done showerin'? Hanna said softly.

"I only have a little bit but I think we can all get high off of it."

"Sounds good," she replied.

I went to my room to get my dope and papers and went to my desk to roll a joint. It took all I had but it was a fat joint and I knew it would fuck us all up. I went back about 5 minutes later and walked by my sisters room and was greated with a fully naked Lisa putting on her clothes. Now I must tell you that my sister was no dog. She was 5'7 and about 125lbs with d cup tits, long black hair and nipples that looked like pencil erasers. I used to hide in her closet and watch her get dressed and undress. I'm sure you know how teenage boys are at that age. We don't care who it is if it's naked we are going to look.

"Billy!!" she cried out, and shut the door.

My focus then turned to Hanna which was already in the shower as I walked up to the bathroom door. I eased it open and could see her through the mirror because the shower curtain was not fully pulled. She had the hottest little body. b cup tits with tiny little nipples and a see through little patch of blonde hair covering her pussy. She also had the tightest little ass I had ever seen, not that I had seen many. Then I heard the water turn off so I got the heel out of there and waited for her to come out.She waked out of the bathroom and said, "So, we gonna go get high now?"

"Yes", I said and walked behind her to my sisters room.

"Let me get dressed real quick and we'll walk outside", Hanna whispered.

After a few minutes of waiting Hanna and Lisa came out in shorts and tank tops. I couldn't keep my eyes off Hanna. Her hair wet, her nipples poking out and she smelled so good. For a minute I forgot what we were going outside to do. The three of us sat on the deck and burned a doobie and went back inside to watch a little tv. I got the munchies so I went in to the kitchen to fix some food. Hanna came in behind me to get a glass of tea. We went back into the livingroom and watched tv for about an hour or so. I had played basketball that day and had not showered so I got up to go shower.

"I'm goin' to take a shower", I said and went upstairs.

As I was showering all I could think about was Hanna showering and before I knew it my cock was rock hard. I was a skinny kid and from what i know now I had a fairly large cock for my age. I was 13 and was sporting a 6 inch cock that was about 5.5 inches in gurth when erect and very rigid. It stood straight up pointing at the sky. After about 10 minutes I was done showering and went to pull the curtain open and there was Hanna hanging her towel back on the rack. She turned to see my semi erect cock dangling between my legs.

"OMG!", she screamed and turned her head away."I'm so sorry I walked in on you."

"It's ok", I said trying to make it no big deal.

At this time I was pretty excided just knowing she seen me naked and that I was not ashamed in any way. I went to my room and got dressed and put on some music. After a few minutes I hear a knock at my door. I opened the door and there stood Hanna with a look on her face that made me feel sorry for her.

"I'm so sorry for what happened earlier," she said softly.

"It's ok Hanna, i'm not mad or ashamed of what happened. It was not your fault."

A smile came across her face and she replied, "If it means anything at all to you, it looked really nice."

I looked at her with my chest poking out a little and said, "Thanks, i'm glad you liked it."

All I wanted to do was throw her on the bed, pull her clothes off and fuck her. I had always dreamed that I would one day find myself with her in bed and that she would suck on my hard cock and that she would be mine forever. She was the first girl I had been attracted to and there was no way I was letting this opportunity get away from me.

I went back to my room and sat there and tried to figure out a way I could make this happen tonight. My mind was going a million miles an hour and then I came up with a plan.

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2015-09-25 08:26:44
total waste of time reading, how is it a sex story and at 13 in 1984 you knew more then I did, and as for smoking weed come on, you had a little but made a big joint. one fucked up piece of shit

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2014-10-02 07:04:28
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2014-01-04 04:28:50
In 1984 a 13 yo boy had no idea about fucking. No internet dipshit. You had no clue.

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2014-01-04 04:27:07
You must have been smoking your "doobie" when you measured your 4 inch dick. loser.

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2013-08-18 02:13:48
To short a story. Bad ending! Need more detail. Story jumps around to much. Spell check, spell check, poor spelling, I'll give you a 6 out of possible 10 and just barely that. Needs MUCH improvement!

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