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Kay's Punishment for Getting Off
I am amazed by how horny I get writing these stories. I masturbate while I come up with story ideas, I masturbate while I write, and I masturbate when I send them. I masturbate thinking about you reading my stories, my secret fantasies, and hope you masturbate. I hope they make you cum. Maybe we can set up a date and time to read my stories and cum together.

Holy shit just typing that idea literally made me cum. Now I HAVE to masturbate....

As I write this it's almost 5am. My husband is asleep. I'm laying next to him, my nightshirt up, caressing my nipples. I have already had two orgasms, one when I pushed a long thick carrot into my vagina and another as I rubbed my nipples after pulling my panties up to keep the carrot from coming out of my vagina when I bear down during orgasms.

If you were my husband and awoke to this, what would you do?


Logan hurried to gather up the various items strewn about, wrapping them all in the blanket he and Kay had just finished . Kay's step-mother Brenda was dragging her up the hill towards the truck. With Kay's house only 5 minutes away on foot, he figured Brenda had likely walked there. She didn't stop at the truck and he realized at the top of the hill how wrong his assumption was. Brenda's small VW Golf sat parked at the far end of the lot, somewhat concealed by a large lilac bush.

"Logan!". Kay was walking backwards, facing him as her step mother pulled her along by her right arm. He could see tears streaming down her face. He tossed the blanket into the bed of his truck and followed the pair. When he reached Kay she reached out to him and tried to pull away from her irate mother. Feeling Kay's resistance, Brenda stopped and spun around.

"Get away from us you pervert!". Out of control from anger, Brenda's eyes were wild as she screeched at him. He backed away. He didn't want to have to hurt her, fearing she'd take it out on Kay later if he did.

"Can I just bring Kay her stuff please Mrs Hooper?". She turned on her heel and continued to drag Kay to her car.

"We'll stop at your truck to get it but you better not try anything.... Kay is going home with ME and YOU will never see her again!".

Logan's heart skipped a beat at the possibility of losing Kay, especially now that she knew the pleasure he could give her. Desperate, he wracked his brain for a plan. Climbing into the bed of his truck, he emptied the blanket and gathered Kay's cell, dress and water bottle. Switching her cell silent mode, he stared at the bottle.... A plan formed in his mind.

Retrieving the case of bottled water that Kay had purchased from the small cooler they'd packed their beach lunch" in that morning, he pulled out his bottle of Ecstasy. Dropping a pill into each one he tightened the lids and hoped Brenda wouldn't notice the broken safety seals. He jumped down from the cab just as they pulled up. Brenda rolled her window down and he handed her Kay's belongings. Kay was in the back seat. With the child locks on the doors and windows back there she had no way of getting out. Logan didn't even try to open the door, knowing it would further infuriate Brenda.

"I feel awful about this Mrs Hooper. I don't think you realize that Kay isn't just another girl to me.... I love her and all we were doing was giving each other pleasure....". Brenda snarled at him.

"Pleasure is sinful if it isn't given in the name of the Lord. You've tainted my stepdaughter!". Logan sighed. He handed her the case of water.

"I figured you might be able to use these at home". She snatched it from him and sped away, leaving Logan in a cloud of dust. He rushed to follow at a distance after texting Kay a message.

"Try to get her to drink a bottle of that water. No time to explain....".

From the route they were taking Logan knew Brenda was headed home but she was driving very slowly as she continued to rant and rave at her step daughter. It took about fifteen minutes for them to reach the house and once in the driveway it didn't look like she was going to let up. Logan crossed his fingers, praying his plan would work. His phone beeped. A text from Kay came through.

"No dice". Wonderful, Logan sighed. Now what? He continued to follow at a distance. His phone beeped again.

"You drugged me". The matter of fact statement made Logan's blood run cold. Never one to make things worse by lying, he fessed up.

"Yes. Are you angry?". Logan held his breath seemingly until his phone beeped again.

"Hell no! Lol" was her reply. He breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"My parents could use some of that.... Maybe stop being such prudes!". Great minds think alike he chuckled under his breath.

He put a quick call into his dealer to request more Ecstasy pills. He'd have them by tomorrow.

As they reached home Logan watched as Brenda pulled into their driveway. After a few more minutes both Kay and Brenda got out of the car and went inside. Logan drove past then turned off on a small side street. It was the place he would park his truck on the nights he helped her sneak out her bedroom window He took his usual path through un-fenced yards, careful to avoid the ones he knew had dogs. When he reached Kay's yard, he went through a small break in the tall, dense hedge they used enter and exit her yard unseen.

Kay's bedroom window was dark but it was open a bit and he could hear Brenda ordering Kay into her around.

"You need to cleanse yourself of that boy's filth. Show God how sorry you are for your sins!". The light suddenly went on. Brenda stormed in and ordered her daughter to strip. She snatched both pieces of the bikini Logan had bought out of Kay's hands. Logan couldn't help but admire his young girlfriend's voluptuous body. Her curvy hips lead to he favorite non-sexual part of her body - her legs. Strong with well defined muscle from a life of walking everywhere she wanted to go, he pictured how it had felt to be between them earlier, his body AND his face....

Momentarily distracted he didn't hear what Brenda said next but the light went off again as they left Kay's room, turning to the right in the hallway. Logan followed their voices. Around back of the house the light in the master bedroom went on. He watched and listened through the open window as a ranting Brenda pushed Kay into the adjoining bathroom. There was a small window above the tub but it was too high for Logan to reach. Spotting a small children's picnic table in the neighbors yard, he dragged it as quietly as he could, positioning it under the window. It was the perfect height and Logan was able to continue the voyeuristic observation of his naked girlfriend.

Brenda filled the large tub with steaming hot water and poured one of the small bottles of Holy water she always had in her pocket into it as Kay stood quietly.

"Rinse yourself in the shower so that Logan's touch won't contaminate the bath water. Then you will sit in this tub until this water is cold and pray to Jesus for forgiveness, showing Him that you're willing to suffer for it". Brenda opened the glass door of the shower. She motioned for Kay to go in then turned the water on. Like the bath water, it was very hot.

"And in case you get any ideas about trying to run away, I'm locking the house up and setting the alarm. I'm disconnecting the house phones and taking your cell phone. I'm meeting your father at church and you best beg God I decide not to tell him about all of this. I need to pray on it and ask for mercy for us all.

You will lay down on the shower floor until I leave this room so you can't chase after me. I don't even know who you are anymore Kay. So now I don't trust you."

With that she walked to the door. Kay turned over onto her back and sat up, still silent as Brenda slammed the door.

Turning off the water, Kay rested her head on the cold tile. As the heat from the water Brenda had wanted her to rinse herself with drained away, the chill made Kay's nipples harden. Logan undid his pants and began to masturbate as he watched the scene unfold.

Tentatively, Kay ran her hands up her belly to her breasts. She pushed them together and lifted her head to look at them. She pushed them up farther, her large brown nipples sitting high. She parted her lips and tentatively sucked one into her mouth. Shocked by Kay's actions, Logan's already erect penis surged.

"Oh my GOD!". He ejaculated hard onto the wall, almost falling off the little table.

As Kay sucked her own nipples she spread her legs as wide as she could. Years of yoga lessons made her body more flexible than most people's. She pressed her feet into the floor and raised her hips, humping the air. She closed her eyes and arched her back as she slowly pumped her hips up and down, still sucking and licking herself. Logan wondered if she was fantasizing about his tongue being inside her vagina, or him sucking her clitoris. As she increased the rhythm her face contorted in desperation. Between her mother's voyeuristic surprise and the discovery that she could suck her own nipples, she was in dire need of release.

"Touch your vagina for me baby....rub your big clitoris...come on Kay" he thought to himself. Sadly for Logan it was not to be....yet. She stood up but instead of exiting the stall she turned the water back on.

"Fuck you bitch" she stated aloud.

Activating the shower head, she leaned against the wall and spread her legs a bit. Turning the dial to a light but still pulsating stream, Kay directed it at her clitoris. She was still for a while and Logan could tell that she relished in the sensations. Slowly she moved the it closer to concentrate the stream..

She slid down the wall and again spread her legs as far as she could. Logan could see the water battering her huge hard clitoris. Moving the nozzle closer and closer Kay was eventually grinding on it. She turned the setting up to the hardest stream it had but it wasn't enough. Logan was about to explode again, wanting desperately to see Kay orgasm when she thought no one was watching. He knew from experience that most girls hold back when they were with a partner, for fear of embarrassing themselves or revealing their true dirty inner slut.

She was almost frantic as she strained against the spray but she needed something more to send her over the edge. She needed pain. Still grinding the nozzle into her clitoris she reached up and turned the water temperature dial to as hot as it would go. The pain from it was excruciating as it hit her exposed clitoris. Kay screamed as she came immediately, fast and hard.

"Ungh! Oh God it HURTS!"

Sliding down the wall she laid flat on her back and spread legs wide. Lifting her hips as she'd done earlier she now humped the burning hot spray. The stream pounded into her slit, filling her vagina, scalding her clitoris. Like before, her rhythm increased. Logan could see she was about to orgasm.

Holding the long shower head to her vagina with the spray shooting up into her and climaxed hard.

"Uh..Ungh! UNGH!"

Kay bore down, grunting to contain the cries she so badly wanted to release. She sucked in her breath and held it, still reluctant to let loose. Logan knew how she felt as he orgasmed again, straining to stay quiet.

He gave Kay a few minutes to enjoy to bask in the orgasmic aftershocks. When she stood up and stepped out of the he rapped lightly on the glass. Startled, Kay jumped at the sound.

"Logan!" She whispered it, eyes wide with surprise. She stood tiptoe on the toilet to reach the window. It slid open silently.

"Are you OK baby?". She shook her head, her. Her big brown yes filling with tears. Her earlier jovial demeanor was now smothered by fear....

"What are we going to do now Logan? I can't get out, that window is too small! Please don't leave me! If my mom tells my dad about this when he gets home from church choir practice he'll beat me with his belt..." Logan touched her hand reassuringly.

"I'll be right back. We'll figure it out".

Pulling with all of his strength Logan hoisted himself up, then used the window ledge to push off of and onto the roof. One of many summer construction jobs he'd had as a teen had been skylight installation and repair. He had noticed a small one above the bathtub.

Using his pocket knife multitool he quickly removed the fasteners and lifted the plexiglass dome. Luckily most home owners forget to have alarm sensors installed up there Lowering himself down he perched precariously on the tub's narrow ledge. Kay reached out to help steady him but his foot slipped on the damp ceramic and he ended up standing in the tub, wet from the bottom of his shirt down. He sighed.

"Crap!". Despite the circumstances Kay had to stifle a giggle. Straight-faced he raised an eyebrow.

"Nice. I come to rescue my damsel in distress and she laughs at me!". Logan chuckled, stepping out of the tub. Water squished in his shoes.

"Take that stuff off, I'll go throw it in the dryer". Logan stripped off his clothes. Under his pants his boxers were damp too.

"I'll take's only fair since I'm in my birthday suit too!". He took them off and handed them to her, grabbing her wrist and gently pulled her to him. Their naked bodies fit so well together. Playfully she pulled away.

"Do you want dry clothes or not dude? I'll only be a few minutes!". He let her go and admired her shapely ass as she walked away.

When she returned they kissed and Logan ran his hand down Kay's body, reaching to part her labia and rub her hard clitoris with his fingertips. He so loved that Kay had no pubic hair. He'd shaved for her it at her request her the day Logan bought the bikini, not liking the way her large bush made the bottoms sit. She'd kept it bare ever since.

Logan lifted Kay's left leg up to rest on the counter, spreading her folds further then kneeling down behind her to run his tongue back and forth, from her anus to her clitoris. Kay moaned.

"Do you like your smooth vagina Kay? Do you want to touch it? I love when there is no hair. You should feel it. And it's easier to suck your clitoris too....". He sucked Kay's hard clitoris into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Kay arched her back and started caressing her own nipples, pinching them to hard points. Logan sucked her clitoris into his mouth again, harder this time and flicked it up then down with increasing speed. Kay's cries intensified as Logan pushed two fingers into her vagina, then three. She started to lose control.

"Oh God Logan....Ohhh...AH! AH!! AHHHH YES! I'm going to have an orgasm!! Give it to me! Make me have an orgasm!".

Logan pushed a third finger into her vagina then penetrate her anus with his thumb.


Kay rocked her hips forward and strained to ride it out as long as possible before her vagina clamped shut on Logan's fingers and began to spasm, releasing and contracting, sending jolts through out her body.

"More...please Logan...oh God!"

He positioned his penis at the entrance of Kay's vagina. He hesitated and looked into her eyes, trying to determine if she'd let be ok with going all the way. She nodded

He rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit, covering it with her juices. She screamed as he entered her with a forceful thrust, breaking her hymen, She had a second orgasm that almost made her black out. Her blood added thick lubrication. With his penis still deep inside of her, Logan guided her to the floor and watched as she flailed in desperate pleasure. He pumped his rock hard 9 inches slowly in and out of her. She came again and again, grunting and jerking involuntarily as the orgasms continued to rip through her.

Logan increased the speed of his movements until he was pistoning his hips madly, humping Kay hard. He was slamming his hips against her, burying his entire penis. As Kay came again, the tightening of her vagina around him pushed him to the very edge of his own limits. Her eyes were closed, mouth agape in a silent scream of pure pleasure and release. He strained into her as he started to cum as well, then pulled his penis out and ejaculated into her open mouth. He coated her hard nipples with semen as well.

"Lick it off. Suck your nipples clean". As Logan again watched Kay suck her own nipples his penis was already getting hard again,

"How about a shower?". Logan grinned. Kay's face flushed with embarrassment. They both stood up.

"You saw that huh... How humiliating.... Wow". Logan gently took her face into his hands and stared her straight in the eye.

"You could never do anything to humiliate yourself in front of me Kay".

"I think you'd be surprised at how much of the naughty stuff in your head is in mine as well.". Kay looked at him sheepishly.

"You're going to turn me into a slut! Or think I'm a disgusting freak if I tell you my fantasies".

Logan grinned.

"Try me".


2013-08-25 11:38:07
Good story - nicely done and yes had me masturbating to it. As for your question to start with ... Waking up next to and seeing my wife being the slut I know she can be, my cock quickly sprung to life. I left her niteshirt on - hand under it pinching her nipples. I guided her to her knees and she complied easily. Pulling your wet panties down - over your thighs and down your legs - throwing aside.

I look at the carrot stuffed completely inside your wet cunt. I grab it and thrust in and out of you a couple of times - listening to your moans of approval. I thrust it back in completely and lean over your body - my hard cock pressed against the carrot and your ass, "seems you have that hole filled already baby!".

I kneel back up - sliding my hands over your body as I do, you pinching your nipple ever harder as I slap one cheek of your ass hard. Releasing your nipple when I do you scream out - the sensation of both making the carrot in your cunt more recognizable. Then ...

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Oh, you have to write more about this.

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Fuck I haven't even read the story yet, but damn I'd love to read and cum with you at the same time! Hot stuff!

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just reading the first part... I would eat the carot from your pussy...ok, now to actually read the story

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just reading the first part... I would eat the carot from your pussy...ok, now to actually read the story

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