Part 5 of 5. I am about to be away and unable to write for a bit so it is a bit rushed. I hope everyone enjoys it. I like feedback on the story and positive comments.
Rex drove onto campus near Beth’s dorm in his classic mustang convertible. It was white with the red interior. It was a car from the 70s and as old as he was. He was on campus to pick up his new pet/girlfriend Beth. Beth was the consummate preppie. When Rex picked her up her shoulder length honey blonde hair was behind a white headband, even though it was a warm fall day, she was wearing a blazer over a white turtleneck, and heavy wool pants. She had light makeup, impeccably applied and a pair of tiny stud earrings. Even though it was a short weekend trip, that she planned to spend most of naked, she had a garment bag, a small suitcase and a makeup case. Rex loaded the luggage into the trunk of the car and took off towards a small bed and breakfast in the country that catered to people with alternative lifestyles.

As the car left town Beth pulled the headband of and leaned her head out the window. The wind blew in her face and her hair flowed back. She howled in pleasure and then barked loudly. She started to strip as Rex drove. She took off the blazer and sweater, followed by her pants. She was loving the feeling of the wind in her hair and on her skin. She barked in glee. She took off her bra and tossed it to the side of the road.

“I may never wear one of those again!” She took off her panties and tossed them into the airstream of the car and watched as they snagged on the branch of a nearby tree. Now she was completely naked except for the choke chain around her neck. The collar was a symbol to her and to the rest of the world she was Rex’s and nothing could change that. She stood up and braced her hands on the windshield, the wind whipping her hair back and blowing cool against her breasts. Her nipples tightened and she barked with delight.

Beth sat back down and then leaned over and started to pull down Rex’s zipper. She smiled in delight of the naughtiness of it. Sucking him off, in a convertible with the top down in broad daylight.

She stuck a hand into his pants and fished out his penis. A quick kiss on the cock head and it sprang to life. She was stroking him up and down while working the head with her mouth. She swirled her tongue around and then tightened her lips around the edge of the head and sucked hard. She could feel his orgasm building as his cock throbbed in her mouth. She tasted the salty precum as she worked it. Just as he started to cum she pinched off his cock just below the head. She could feel the cum building up inside but she held tight until the throbbing subsided. She held his cum in his still hard tool and giggled.

“What are doing?”

She laughed a bit more and squeezed with her other hand below the first and started to squeeze the cum back down inside his penis. She did this again and again as it softened and only a couple of drops eased out the end. She left his cock out and leaned out over the door and let the wind blow in her face and toss her hair.

“There are some things we have to discuss before we get there. First of all in about an hour you will have to get dressed. We have to go through town to get to the B&B.”

Beth sighed and then barked.

“Secondly, although Mary my sister runs it she takes great pains to have civil relations with the town so any playtime will be limited to the grounds.”


“Thirdly, and this is going to be the most difficult I think. Tonight there is a formal party, catered by people from the town, part of the good relations. There is to be no play. No barking, or growling, and you will have to take off the collar, or at least have it covered.”

Beth growled.

“I have a bit of a work around though. Check the glovebox.”

Beth opened the glove box and was rather surprised that in addition to a pair of gloves, there was a black silk scarf. The scarf was light and flowing. She tucked the lead of her collar up and then wrapped the scarf around her neck a couple of times and smiled. The collar was well hidden but she still felt comforted by its weight and constriction around her neck. The scarf was almost twenty feet long. Beth played with it while Rex drove on. It was sufficiently opaque that could cover her breasts with it and not feel exposed. It was long enough that should could wrap it around and wear it as a swimsuit. She rubbed the fine cloth against her cheek and then let it flow behind her.

“Salome meets Isadora Duncan.” Rex said smiling.

They drove through the countryside enjoying the changing leaves and the bright sunny day. Indian summer had come and it was almost 80 with a few patchy clouds. They were driving up into the mountains by towns Beth had never heard of.

“Time to get dressed.” Rex said and Beth sighed and bound her breasts up in the flowing scarf, replacing her discarded bra. When she was fully dressed she pulled a brush from her purse and straightened her hair some.

“I am beginning to hate wearing clothes. I feel so free when I am naked as your pet. Have you ever had a full time naked pet? Someone who just hangs around your house naked?”

“Sasha did that one summer. She even bought a crate to stay in during the day when I was at work.”

“Really, I imagine I would get bored with it.”

“She would sneak out and use the computer or watch TV, but would always be back inside curled up eager to see me.”

“How did you know? That’s right, you always know.”

Rex shrugged and they drove through the small town that held the B&B.

“There is one thing you don’t know though.”

“What’s that?”

“Your wee wee is hanging out.” Beth said giggling.

Rex hastily adjusted himself as he drove by a pair of old ladies in the street. When they reached the center of town Rex made a turn down a road marked “Kennel Club Bed and Breakfast.” The road wandered out of town past a couple of small farms. Rex turned down a tree lined side road and came up to a large white plantation house with a large barn. In front of the house was a sign that read “Kennel Club Est. 1998”

Rex parked the car and then walked around and opened Beth’s door for her. He carried in the bags. In the reception area was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and piercing eyes. She was in her late thirties and absolutely beautiful. Her face was smooth like porcelain and incredibly expressive. Beth felt a sudden unexplained attraction towards her and then realized that this must be Rex’s sister Mary. There were strong similarities in the cheeks and brow, but Rex’s face was a bit more angular and sharper.

Rex hugged the woman and said, “Mary, this is my new... friend... Beth. Beth this is my sister Mary.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mary said with a bit of worry on her face. “Sasha is here.” she said. “She arrived just before you did. The reservations were under his name, and I didn’t think anything about it.”

“Does she know that I am coming?”

“No, I thought I would leave it up to you.”

“Beth, it’s your call.” Rex said looking to her.

Beth reached a hand to the collar of her shirt, feeling the metal collar against her neck. “I want to stay.”

Rex smiled.

Mary looked to Rex and said, “She knows the rules about dinner, right.”

“It’s handled.”

“You are in room 4B. Steve is back from school.”

Rex and Beth headed up to their room. It was on the back side of the house in an area that used to be attic space. The ceiling was 10’ high in the center and sloped all the way to the floor. They had half of the top floor. The other half was room 4A which Rex explained was Steve’s room.

“Steve is Mary’s son. She had him when she was 14. Right now he is a PhD candidate in Psychology.”

“Using you as a case study for his dissertation?” Beth said, suddenly shocked at how horrible that sounded. “I didn’t mean it.” she started.

“It’s okay. Actually in a way he is. His thesis is that participation in sexual role playing can repair damaged psyches. It is based on a couple of my former pets as well as some other people he met here.”


“Yeah, she was incredibly broken when I met her.”

“What about me?”

“You aren’t broken in the least bit. In fact I was worried that I was going to be breaking you.”

“I think the only thing you broke, was breaking me out of my shell.”

They kissed deeply and held each other for a bit. Rex started to unpack as Beth explored the room. There was a bed with brass piped head and foot boards, two small night stands. At the far side of the room was a tub and toilet and a door leading out to the balcony. The tub had a ramp up to it and seemed large enough for two to fit comfortably.

Beth took off her clothes and started to head toward the balcony.

“Not until later tonight.” Rex said. “Townies are in until 10 and we have to keep up appearances.” Beth growled.

“Don’t worry we have a couple of hours to kill and I have an idea.”

Sasha dropped to all fours and walked over to Rex who had started to undress.

“That was a very naughty thing you did in car, not letting my cum out like that. Get over here.”

Beth whimpered like she had been chastised but Rex could see her smiling. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her over his lap. He raised his hand spanked her bottom. He spanked her again and then caressed it, his fingers wandering to her vulva and feeling heat and wetness. He smacked her again and harder. She whimpered some more and he thought that she had an orgasm.

Rex probed her pussy with a finger and found that she was soaked, not only was she soaked just testing her provoked another orgasm. He grabbed the chain around her neck and tightened it. She looked up at him with a look of pure bliss in her eyes. He spanked her again, her bottom was now a fiery red. He picked her up and lay her on the bed and then took her discarded scarf and ran it though the choke chain around her neck. He then stretched it and did a simple knot around each wrist and then put those around one of the pipes of the headboard of the bed. He then did a knot around each ankle and tied those to the footboard. Beth had wondered why the scarf was so long and now she knew. She was tied to the bed unable to move. If she pulled too hard with her arms or legs she would choke herself.

Rex was entirely in control. He tickled the soles of her feet and then ran a hand underneath her calf. When he reached her thighs he kissed the inside of each one and then began to run his tongue along her pussy lips, lapping up her fluids. His fingers explored until they found her clit and he began to gently massage it. Beth struggled in exstacy every movement tightening the chain around her neck. When she felt it tighten she relaxed and it eased and allowed her breathe.

Rex rubbed her clit and then began to rhythmically finger her as he tongue worked its way lower. He was now kissing her asshole. The unexpected tongue contact caused her to startle and she felt the chain tighten. She whimpered in pain and pleasure and fear. She started to orgasm and her back arched and the chain tightened and things started to go black. As she started to black out she realized of anyway to die in the world that this was the way to go, and if she died at this moment she didn’t care. Her only regret would be that the man that she loved and who gave her this pleasure would go to jail for her murder, but she didn’t care, this feeling was worth it. She collapsed and started to feel the world come back to her in a cloud of pleasure.

Rex had undone her feet allowing the entire scarf to go slack. There was no more tension around her neck. Rex had put on a condom and was fucking her barely conscious body. He was driving into her hard and fast and with each jerk she was feeling more and more awake. Her head was hurting but the sensations from her cunt were overwhelming. Rex pounded into her hard and fast and with one last push drove his cock all the way in. She could feel his spasms and this brought her to yet another orgasm.

Rex pulled out and lay next to her. She rolled on top and undid his condom and then drank the contents. She idly ran a hand through his chest hair and gave a happy yip, and bit one of his nipples. She then licked his face. They lay there for half an hour and Rex got up and started to draw a bath. They washed their combined fluids off and started to get dressed. Rex had a black suit with a black shirt and tie. Beth had a floor length black dress that hung off of one shoulder. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and then around her torso and then let it trail behind her. She put on high heals and the two of them walked out of the room.

In the hallway they met Rex’s nephew Steve. If Mary looked like Rex, Steve was his younger clone. Beth looked between the two of them hard and the only differences she could see amounted to age. A few grey hairs on Rex, a few laugh lines and wrinkles were all that separated them. Beth felt a stirring in her loins and wondered what it would be like to have them both. She also worried that her pussy would leak through her dress and wondered if she should have worn panties.

“Hi, Uncle Rex.” Steve said. “I take it mom told you Sasha is here. She’s different though. She is deferential to the guy she’s with, walking a few steps behind. It’s like she is always in collar and the guy she is with is a dick. I think he might be beating her.”

“If he is we’ll see it tomorrow.”

Beth stuck her arm through Rex’s and her other one through Steve’s and the three of them walked arm and arm down the stairs and outside. The banquet was being held in what was once the barn. The barn was weatherized and had a hard wood dance floor and was set up with four long tables.

As Rex walked in he was immediately greeted by everyone in the room. Men and women walked over and said hi to him and to everyone of them Rex introduced Beth. They were looking enviously at her.

Looking across the room Rex saw Sasha and the man she had come with. He was mid 40s, heavyset with an oily appearance. Sasha was whispering is his ear. He stood up and walked over toward Rex with Sasha following close behind.

“I’m John Thomas.” He said extending a hand toward Rex. Rex took his hand and gave it a firm shake. John Thomas’s grip was soft and moist, like a donut that spent too long in a cup of coffee. Rex resisted the urge to wipe his hand off.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Rex, this is my girlfriend Beth, and my nephew Steve. It’s always nice to meet friends of Sasha.” Rex shot a knowing glance at Sasha and she bristled.

“You know her other friends?” John asked incredulously. “She said you were in computers and knew nothing about art and the finer things in life.”

Rex knew now how Sasha was playing her past. When he met her she was at the tail end of a string of abusive relationships. Most of them had been drunks and thieves, liars, cheats and scoundrels. Taking Sasha had originally been more about breaking someone else than any real pursuit of her. That she was attractive and compliant had always been a side benefit.

“I have ...confidence... that I know several of her friends that you don’t. In fact she had been dating one of these artists when we met.” Sasha’s jaw dropped and Beth stifled a laugh. Although she wasn’t privy to any of the details of Sasha’s past, she knew Rex and could tell from his stilted phrasing what he was getting at.

Sasha grabbed John’s arm and pulled him away, once they were clear of Rex, Steve and Beth she fell subservient again.

“I have got to hear that story one of these days.” Beth said with a smile.

Steve leaned in and started to whisper in her ear. “Uncle Rex met Sasha after her boyfriend ripped off my roommate in an investment scam. Rex tracked him down and began to systematically destroy his life. It began with seeming acts of bad luck, lost mail, disconnected utilities, unexplained car trouble. Sasha stormed out on him when his convertible with a suspiciously leaky roof broke down in the rain. Rex picked her up by the side of the road. Once he was alone and isolated Rex turned up the heat. Police started showing up at the worst possible time and other former victims appeared just when he was about to seal a deal. One almost robbery and he tracked Rex with a paranoid delusion that it was all Rex’s fault. A little whisky and wiretapping, and all of the sudden the guy is in jail and my roommate had his money back. Rex decided to keep Sasha. I don’t know if he was trying to fix her or just felt sorry for her.”

Beth had problems concentrating on Steve’s story. She felt his hot breath on her ear and felt his warm presence as he leaned into her. She knew she was here with Rex, but Steve was a younger, hotter version.

They moved over and took their seats at the table. They sat three across at the table with Beth between Steve and Rex. Across from them sat a pair of women, both in black dresses with a diagonal red slash running from their right shoulder to their left hip. Both were in attractive and fit and in their late twenties, but they looked like photo negatives of each other. One was black with skin as dark as midnight with hair and eyebrows bleached snow white, while the other was so pale and her skin so translucent she seemed to glow. Her hair and eyebrows were dyed pure black.

Rex introduced them as the twins, Karen and Karen. They had been best friends growing up and were now inseparable. They co-owned an interior design firm. Beth was shocked when she heard them speak at how much their voices matched. Next to them was a middle aged man flanked by a middle aged woman and a younger woman. Across from that trio and next to Steve were a pregnant woman and her husband.

Most of the discussion at the table was of work related things and Beth as a student felt somewhat left out but Steve was making a point of including her and asking her opinion. Dinner was roasted chicken with steamed vegetables. They sat and talked all through the night with Beth resting her right hand on Steve’s thigh and her left hand on Rex’s. She felt like a queen.

Unfortunately the night didn’t run entirely smoothly. At the table on the far side of the room John Thomas was causing a ruckus. He and a woman had gotten into a shouting match and the woman’s escort a young, strong man had almost punched him out.

Mary came to the rescue and disarmed the situation with a firm glance and a stern word. “This is my party.” Her voice rang out. It was loud but not a yell. It was in control and commanding. It was the voice of a sergeant that troops follow into war. It was that brokered no dissent. “This is my party, and all of you are my guests and friends, and my guests don’t fight with my friends and my friends don’t fight with my guests.” Her voice was getting softer as she spoke forcing people to lean in and listen. While she spoke she laid a delicate hand on the belligerents and greeted them with smiles.

“We had a lovely start to the evening and I hope to have a lovely end and a lovely weekend altogether.”

The crowd started to thin out and the two men glared at each other but turned and went back to the house with their respective women. Rex and Beth climbed up to their room and once through the door Beth dropped her dress and the scarf as quickly as she could and started to passionately kiss Rex.

“That was so incredible.” She said. “All of those people half of them are going to be parading around naked in leashes tomorrow.”

“More than half actually. With the groups of three it’s usually two people naked and in leashes and as for naked sometimes both partners are nude.”

“Does Steve play? Does he wear a leash or hold one? You mentioned sharing before. I wouldn’t mind being shared with him.”

Rex pushed her face down on the bed and pulled lightly on her chain. “I don’t like to share.” He leaned over and bit her shoulder and she moaned in pleasure. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass. She reached back and rubbed it a few times against her pussy and then with a grunt pushed it into her asshole. Rex slid in easily.

“So does Steve play?” Beth asked again.

Rex pounded in hard. “He has but he usually doesn’t. He brought a girlfriend once who wanted to be part of an orgy. She ended up pulling the train and he lost interest. He doesn’t really like sharing either.” Rex was easing in and out and Beth diddled herself. She was loving the fullness of it. She loved the feeling of his skin against hers as he bottomed out and loved to feel his balls smack her pussy.

“He might be in with the twins.”

“I was going to ask about them. They are so equal, who wears the leash.”

“They have a schedule and a timer. The bell dings and one Karen unhooks the leash from her partners collar and puts it on herself. The other Karen then starts giving the orders. I’ve seen it happen in the middle of sex. I have yet to hear anyone complain about going from one to the other.”

Beth was getting close to orgasm as she felt her ass stretch out. Rex’s cock was plumbing her depths and then it hit her wave after wave of pleasure. Rex gave one final push and shot his cum into her. They slid onto the bed proper still joined. Rex wrapped his arms around Beth. One stroking her pussy and the other cupping a breast.

The next morning Rex pulled his cock out of Beth’s ass with a soft pop they had spent the night joined together. He got dressed in Khaki’s and a polo and then picked a leash out of his bag. Beth rolled out of bed and crawled to the toilet. When she finished Rex wiped for her and he attached the leash to her collar and they headed down to breakfast. Beth walked along happily on all fours until they came into the solarium. The solarium was set up with several small tables each with a couple of chairs and a few empty spots. Rex hung her leash over the back of a chair and went to get a plate of food.

The twins came into the room with the white one leading the black one on a leash. Both were completely naked and shaven from the neck down. Each of them had a matching ring in the hood of her clitoris with matching halves of a heart. “Can we join you and Rex.” Karen asked.

Beth barked happily and nuzzled the head of the Karen on the leash who licked her face. Beth licked her face back feeling a strong sense of companionship. Rex and Karen came back and started to feed their respective pets as they ate and chatted.

“That was some bruhaha last night.” Karen said. “I am surprised Sasha allowed him to bring her here.”

“Mary said that he was new and didn’t recognize his name. It’s obviously a pseudonym.”

“Either that or he is really trying to live up to his name. What a dick.” She heard a gasp and turned and saw Sasha walking in naked holding the leash of one Mr John Thomas. The thing that really surprised her was the size of his penis. It was immense. Karen wondered if it were erect if it would actually scrape on the floor. “No offense Rex, I can see why she left you. I might even leave Karen for that.” Karen barked and bit her on the ankle.

“I’m sorry sweetie, you know I would never leave you.” She said and scratched her partner behind the ear and fed her a slice of bacon.

Rex looked over at Sasha. She wasn’t entirely naked, she was wearing high heals and a black leather duster that seemed to accentuate her nakedness. It fell to either side of her breasts and highlighted her nude, shaved pussy. A pussy that had a new to him tattoo about it that read, “Mulier non habet REX” with the word Rex highlighted.

“My latin is a little off Rex, but that seems to be a dig at you, what does it say?”

“A woman has no king, or there abouts.”


Beth charged towards Sasha and started growling. Rex grabbed her leash and said, “Down, girl! Down!”

“Control your little bitch, Rex! We’re civilized here.” Sasha chided him.

Rex pulled on Beth’s leash and led her back to the table with the twins who had now switched places.

Sasha continued into the room with a loose grip on the leash. John Thomas was sniffing the crotch of any woman who would let him. Sasha seemed unconcerned when he sniffed the crotch of a fully dressed woman who was holding her husband’s leash. The husband on the other hand started to growl at the newcomer and his wife had trouble getting him under control.

Sasha wandered over to get some food leaving John Thomas with a woman who had returned his sniffing. She sat down on Rex’s lap and Beth started to growl but Rex silenced her with a look. “Do you like my new tattoo? When I left you I realized all that I had learned from you. I learned power and manipulation and control. John Thomas, not his real name of course, over there is the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company. He had a wife who I screwed in his divorce. He does what I want when I want.”

She looked over and saw her toy mounting another woman doggie style. By looks of pain on her face he was hitting the bottom of her vagina with three inches left on the outside and he was doing his best to get them all in. Sasha walked over and kicked him in the ribs then whipped his massive cock with his leash. “Down boy. Come here.”

She walked back and sat down on Rex’s lap and started to rub her pussy as John Thomas curled up and started autofellatio. Rex heard a comment from somewhere behind him, “Maybe you ought to try petting him first.”

“Rex, I am so much better off without you.” She reached down and grabbed his crotch. “There is no way that you measure up.”

Sasha walked out and snapped her fingers and John Thomas crawled along behind.

Rex, Beth and the twins finished breakfast and headed out into the garden. Beth and Karen were walking hip to hip. When they were outside in they started to tumble around on the grass and kiss. Karen sniffed at Beth’s behind and Beth looked up at Rex. Rex nodded his head towards the other Karen.

Beth barked and Rex nodded. Soon Karen and Beth were 69-ing happily on the grass. Each with one leg straight up in the air. Karen undid Rex’s fly and pulled his dick out and started to masturbate him.

“I really like Beth, where did you find her?”

“She was about to go to a party with her boyfriend.”

“What is it with you and taking other boys toys.” Karen asked as she stroked Rex’s cock. “You just have to take them away, and you never share any of your own.”

“I’ve seen how the other boys have treated their toys and I like to take better care of mine.”

Karen stroked Rex’s cock as they watched their lovers frolic in the grass. It was an impersonal thing. He had made passionate love to both Karens, together and individually but this was different. He was getting close and he wasn’t sure what Karen had intended to do. A small crowd had gathered in a circle to watch Beth and Karen. Several men had their dicks out and were either stroking them or having them stroked. There were a few women who fingering their pussy’s. Some were standing, some squatting. Sasha was there with one foot resting on John Thomas’s head. She was driving her fingers deep into her pussy. He was on his hands and knees and his massive cock was painfully hard and totally neglected.

“I’m getting close, Karen.”

“It’s funny. Part of me want to just impale myself of this cock of yours. Fuck you til your raw. Part of me even wants to get knocked up and raise your magnificent bastard child with Karen, but you are always so careful. Both of us want your kids actually.” Karen’s stroking sped up and she guided Rex around to Karen’s naked body and pointed his cock at her partner’s waiting pussy.

“Both of us have taken precautions for this weekend, but if you want just stop by Philly and see us.” Karen had cirlced behind and was stroking Rex’s cock like it was one of her own. She breathed on his neck and gave a light nip to his earlobe and his cum exploded all over her partner. She left his cock hanging there and then began to stroke John Thomas pointing his massive cock at her partner

Several men followed her lead and blew their sticky cum all over Karen’s body. A bell dinged on the leash and Karen pulled her face out of Beth’s pussy and said, “I’m almost there, if you want to fuck that beast go ahead.”

The Karen that had just been talking to Rex barked and slid under John Thomas and yipped in pleasure as his massive cock pounded into her. Sasha turned to Rex and looked him in the eyes and shuddered into a massive orgasm. “We need to talk alone.”

“Beth will you be okay for 15 minutes with Karen and Karen?”

Beth barked and then growled at Sasha. She went back to tonguing Karen.

Rex and Sasha walked out into the woods a bit and Sasha start, “I’m sorry for being such a bitch this morning. I wasn’t expecting you here and after you handled JT last night I was so aroused and jealous that I snapped.”

Rex brushed a bit of hair out of Sasha’s face and said, “It’s okay.”

Sasha lowered her head. “After you, in all my relationships at least in bed I’ve been dominant. I let JT order me around in public but I have all the real power. The more he acts up around people, the more I smack him around in private and the more he gets off. He gives me everything I need.”

“I’m happy for you, I really am.” Rex said.

“Fuck you Rex. Always so calm and in control. You are just making this harder. You know I want kids. I wanted yours. JT for all of his massive equipment can’t. I figured there was no way that you would give me children and then I remembered Steve. I figured as your nephew he would be the next best thing. I figured I would fuck him as part of the festivities and end up pregnant and never see him again. Then I saw you.” Sasha had broken down and was in tears. She was babbling now.

Rex grabbed a hold of Sasha’s hair and pulled her toward him. Suddenly her eyes were clear and the anger left her face. She was all together his. She looked in his eyes pleadingly and all he said was, “Down”

Sasha barked in compliance and was down on her knees. She held herself up with one hand while using the other hand to spread her eager pussy.

Rex was all business. He dropped his pants and gave his cock a couple of quick pulls to firm it up and then drove it deep into Sasha. Sasha barked in pleasure. For years she had wanted to feel his cock in her; to feel his cum. She was still aroused from watching Beth and Karen and the moment his dick slid in she orgasmed. Rex pushed in and out at a furious pace knowing that it wouldn’t be long until someone came to watch. He shot his load of cum deep into her pussy and she barked in pleasure.

When Sasha barked Rex heard some sound in the woods behind them and saw Beth running away. Rex quickly pulled up his pants and ran after her but he couldn’t catch up. Rex spent the rest of the day wandering the grounds, trying to find Beth. He was invited to join several orgies and once was asked to hold a leash and take a man for a walk. Rex demurred he was looking for Beth.

He found her about dinner time talking with Steve. Steve got up from the table and smacked Rex hard in the face. Beth wouldn’t meet his eyes. Rex knew he deserved it.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. He fucked Sasha a few more times and had a few nice conversations with Karen. Sunday afternoon Steve walked up to him and handed him a note.

Dearest Rex,

When I saw you with Sasha at first I was angry and hurt. I spoke with Steve and he calmed me down. I spoke with John Thomas and heard what you were doing and why. I understand why you did it and why we didn’t discuss it beforehand. I’ve only known you a week and a half but it has been the best 10 days of my life. I care about you in a way I can’t describe but I know now that we are not meant to be together. I just hope that if I am even in Sasha’s position that would would do the same for me. Steve is driving me back to school, he is almost as inscrutable as you are but I think there may be something there.

Rex folded the note and nodded.

Steve and Beth walked out without saying a word.

When the Karen’s left, in matching business suits, Rex kissed their cheeks, and said, “Tell your husbands that I said hi.”

“We will.”

“And we were serious about the kids. Come over at Christmas.”


The rest of the guests left in spurts and Rex and Mary were left sitting on the front porch holding hands.

“It’s good to see our son with a girlfriend.” Mary said.

“Do you think she knows?”

“I doubt he even knows for sure. We’ll tell him after I give birth to his sister.”

Rex smiled and kissed her on the lips.

“I still have the old leash if you want to call off work tomorrow.”

Rex stood and led Mary inside.

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