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Robis knew that there wasn't much time until the battle against the Forsaken Mages. Just the fact that his opponents were magicians was worrisome enough. Unfortunately, Robis had to also prepare facing an undead army. Nevermind the fact that disturbing the corpses of people's ancestors wree enough, they were being brought back to fight against their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on.

The only comforting thought, although giving him a different set of worries, was that Robis had the Witches of Rinshire on his side. They knew of Robis's plight against his kingdom before he himself did. With great despair on Robis's side, they had still demanded payment of whatever their desires wished, at anytime, for all of his living life. Even with the world hanging in the balance, they still demanded payment from mortal humans.

The thought gave Robis a disgusted taste in his mouth. If there was any other choice, Robis would have made it, but there wasn't any. Anything for his country and people. Thankfully, he had gathered a lot of information about the payments the three witches took.

Only they decided what type of payment was given, but they only took from that of the human that requested help. That payment did not come from others in any way. This ranged from land that relatives might live on, to posessions illegally obtained, and most importantly for Robis, a kingdom that belonged to its people, not just the King.

The most horrifying part of his findings had revealed they took unborn children from lone mothers, body parts of any kind, or simply the clothes off your back. It was whatever fit their fancy. Even a man's life.

Usually, it was a one-time sacrifice. Sadly for Robis, the scale of his request demanded any amount of payment for the rest of his life. The only other case Robis had heard of such payment was a man from ten years back. The request the man had made was long forgotten by the people, but the payment remained branded in their minds. One puled toe, or finger, for each month until they were all gone. Finally, the man took his own life after six of his fingers were gone, the toes were already taken.

Robis thought about his lfie without fingers. Would he go mad, just like the man in the past? Probably. It had to be done, whatever the cost. It was for his people.

"So the payment is set. Whatever we wish from you until your life is ended."

The witches' words broke Robis from his trance. Before him, within the grand hall of their palace, were the three Witches of Rinshire. They sat above him on a raised platform behind a table. It made Robis feel much like he was being judged for punishment before the High Court. Although he imagined being in the High court would be largely less terrifying.

It seemed the three powerful witches had accessed his mind and made the barter. Robis gave another shiver at the thought of not even having privacy within his own mind. Robis knelt before the women, knowing that they would hold to their end of the bargain. There was no turning back now.

"Rise young man, and lift your chin, so we may look upon your soul."

Standing up and looking at the witches for the first time, Robis's jaw dropped. Before him were the three most beautiful women he'd ever laid eyes upon. None of them looked liek they had seen any more than seventeen suns.

Such things had to be impossible. The girl, as Robis now perceived her, that had spoken to him had flowing golden hair. It shined brilliantly vibrant from the sun through the stained glass window. Her skin was milky white, smooth and perfect.

A bold nose made her appear dominating in all her form, yet it gave her a beauty that seemed only she could pull off. Then her smile caught his eyes. It made him think twice about what he'd done to deserve such a marvelous thing.

To her right, sat another of equal beauty, yet different. This girl too, had hair that shone with the sun, but it held the all too rare color of red. This sight made Robis smile. He always had admired the look of those with red of hair. Everything about htis girl reminded him of his younger days. Of passion, mischief, excitement, and the unknown, Robis could not stop thinking about. This one looked at him in questioning wonder. As if she could only choose one of her two favorite sweets.

With her colorfully freckled cheeks and a childlike demeanor, Robis could put this one past sixteen suns.

To the golden haired beauty's left sat a witch who's appearance surprised Robis. Unlike the other two, this witch looked youthful upon first glance but seemed to be about forty suns.

Yet, all the same, this woman left Robis breathless. With a homely smile that felt like it was only for him, Robis thought that even the age of this woman was her prime. Her ever so slightly plump cheeks matched her pleasant nature. Brown hair reaching only to her shoulders, Even the slight tilt of her head made him feel welcome somehow.

Upon meeting eyes with Robis, she blushed and looked away. He couldn't help but smile even more, as he felt something was off. It was the same with the other two witches as well. It then dawned on him. Their eyes.

Although they weren't daemonic like the rumors had claimed, they were unnatural. Aged. Not like life had given them too many years, but ones that had seen everything the world held. The cruelty, the struggle, the happiness. They held a knowing that not even his great grandmother had had before she had passed in Robis's childhood.

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