I am going to a party just a couple houses down from my home.
I'll walk with my neighbor I said. We agree that it will
work out fine that way, so we pick out a time and go from there.
As I begin looking for what to wear I see that there are plenty
of outfits that would turn your head a few times. I decide
the outfit that I am going to wear it is nice looking and fits
me very nice I must say. I am ready to leave I call to my neighbor
to say I am on my way to her house. She tell me she has a problem
her sitter did not show up yet. Do she know when she will be
there? She tells me she should have been here a half hour
ago. Would you mind if waiting a little while she says. I
tell her no problem. We set for another 30 no call no show.
So I leave alone thinking it would be ok for me to go alone(bad
ideal). As I make my way I noticed how quit my street is at

I make it to the party and instantly start mingling taking
with friends and people I have never seen before. It seem
to be going very nicely and I was enjoying myself very much
so. It was getting late. I noticed my neighbor never made
it to the party. So I guess I will be on my own.

As I leave out the door I remember how quit and now dark it
is on my street. I tell myself It's ok a couple of houses
down I am safe. As I close the front gate I felt very alone.
I start walking and the next thing I know I am being pulled
on by someones hands over my mouth and someone grabbing
my legs. I start kicking and realize there is more than one
person that has me, there hand over my mouth I try to muffle
what do you want with me?

He tells me with that nice tight dress on why don't you
guess. I tell them please do not hurt me. I just went to a party
and that is all. Well we know you live alone. So we have a party
waiting on you at your place. How do you know I live alone?
We have been watching you. Really? They lead me to my door
telling me to be careful in what I do. I go into the house and
with mask on there face they ask me where my bed room is located.
I tell the upstairs. They walk me up to the room, one in front
one in back of me. They find the room and lead me to my bed.
He tells me to take off my cloths. I ask please just leave
tonight never happened I promise I will not say anything.

They move closer to me and say if you do not take the off we
will. I slowly start removing my clothes. My top half first.
They look at my breast and say very nice. I ask please, bottom
they say. I start to remove the rest of my cloths and the next
thing I know one has me by the legs and the other is grabbing
my breast. With there cloths off he told me to Suck his Dick
I told him I do not do that. Tonight you are. I start crying
as he shoves it in my mouth and makes me suck his big Dick,
I choked thinking he has to be kidding it is too big. He keeps
sliding it in and out of my mouth each time going deeper.
As it hits the back if my throat I start gagging.

The other starts playing with my Pussy with his fingers
sticking it inside me making me cum. I first start fighting
trying to stop him from putting his fingers inside me. But
it seems the more I fight the deeper he goes in my wet Pussy.
I tell him please stop I do not want you Fucking me, just stop.
He tells me know he is going to fuck me good. He takes his Dick
and tries to drives it into my tight Pussy. He goes deep into
my Pussy making me cry even harder. While I am being fucked
by him, the other continues making me suck his big dick pushing
it deep into my mouth, each time I gag and choke. All of a sudden
I could feel he is releasing liquid into my mouth telling
me to swallow every drop, I and so scared of what they may
do to me that I do as I am told.

He tells me you must be enjoying this Fuck by now? I tell him
know but in my mind it is not what is really what I am feeling.
Which is not all a bad thing.

The one that is in my Pussy turns me over to my stomach and
continues to Fuck me. I could feel it is going deeper into
me. Driving me good and also feeling good. Inside I was saying
Fuck me harder please Fuck me. The other makes a move telling
his partner he want to Fuck me now. He stabs at my pussy a couple
of more times and Than takes his Dick out of my now sore Pussy.

He takes my Breast and starts sucking on them making me cum
beyond my control, He pinches them playing and biting as
he goes. The more he sucks the more I cum making me want him
even more.

His partner takes his Dick and attempts to put his dick inside
me. His Dick is too big and he tells me he is going to make it
fit. I tell him it hurts and is too big. With all this juice
that is cumming out of this pussy I will try not to hurt you
but I want this Pussy. I cry as he starts working his Dick
inside me trying to make it fit. It slowly starts making
it's way inside me going in and out going deeper with
each movement. Finally it starts giving way to his Dick
going in and out with more ease. He picks me up and whisper
in my ear he is going to put ever inch in my pussy so be ready.
With each thrust he makes going deep into my pussy I start
wanting to meet with anticipation wanting to feel him even

It is feeling so good to me I did not realize how deep it was
until it hit the back of my pussy making me scream with pleasure.
It was feeling so good I did not know what to think. I cried
with more pleasure not knowing what to do.

I begin wanting more from the both of them. They looked at
me with surprise at my respond to them. I tell them you want
to fuck me than lets get to it I am game now. Let the fucking
party begin.

with all the Fucking going on in my place the tell me they
both wanted to give me both of there Dicks at the same time
in both holes. I tell them they would have to get th oil out
of the draws for that one.

To get the ball rolling they start putting oil on my body.
Oiling me up. Putting it on there big Dicks. Oiling my Pussy
my Asshole So it could slide in with ease.

Since this is my first I really do not know what to expect.
They tell me that they will be as careful as possible. As
one lays on my bed he puts his dick in to my waiting Pussy and
it slides right in. He starts going in and out and me waiting
it more. Without warning the other lifts my ass so it is up
to meet his Dick. I wonder if I will be able to take it.

My Pussy is still so my ass could get use to the foreign object
that is about to take over. He taps my Ass and tell me to relax
it make it easier. I tell him i do not know if it is possible.
As he moves to put it in. I tell him please slow down it will
hurts. He slowly drives it into my Ass with the oil helping
it to slid in. my ass opens without a fight and it goes in with
ease. He drives in deeper and I am meeting it with joy. As
he fills it is all in he start going in and out making me Cum
from my Pussy and ass. As they start working my ass and Pussy
at the same time I start asking for more and they give it all
to me. I had two Dick and I will never forget tonight.

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Dear god.....proof read

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