Just getting off from work and is a bit tired. Just as I get
ready to take a show and enjoy a glass of wine I get a call.
It is a friend that I have not heard from for over 5 years.
She says she is in town and wanted to know if I wanted to go
out to a bar. she says it is just me and her just a relaxing
night for the two of us. I tell her what the hell sure. She tells me she will be by around 7 to pick me up. I go
and jump into the show and find something nice to put on.

Just as I finish getting dressed I hear someone drive up
and I look out and it is her. She comes in and ask me if I am ready
to go and I tell her yes let's go. I get around to the door
and she tells me I look very nice and I tell her the same and
we are on our way. As we are driving she keeps looking over to me and it makes
me kinda nervous not knowing what is on her mind. I think
to myself , why is she looking at me like this? She know I am
not BI or interested in women in anyway. She could tell I
was getting nervous and starts explaining herself. She
tells me that my outfit is very revealing and and that if
I am looking for something don't worry I will probably
find it. I just smile at her and say only if it happens and I let it go.

That is when she drives in and we get out to go in to the bar.
As we walk in the person at the door just looks at me and tells
me tonight is going to be a very good night. I ask him why did
he say that. He tells me they have a few good contest with
great prizes and I definitely have a chance of winning.
I ask him why, he tells me I have the perfect part and moves
us through. That is when I ask my friend has she ever been here and she
tells me yes but it has been awhile. I smile and ask did she
know what he meant by that? As the waiter comes by she ask
him what kind of contest do they have going today? He looks
at the both of us and smiles at the both of us and says a wet
tee shirt. and that has to check and find out what else. We tell him thank you and he leaves to get out drinks.

As we are setting there sipping and talking . I keep noticing
a group of guys looking our way. She notices them also. That
is when some come to the stage and announces that the fun
is about to begin if it hasn't already. He announces
that the first contest of the night will be a wet tee shirt
contest and the prize is a hundred dollar visa gift card.

That is when it dawns on me, I see why I am getting the looks
tonight. My everyone must thing I have a good chance of winning
that prize. Our waiter comes back to our table and mentions to us that
is we plan on entering the contest he points to where we sign
up at and leaves. Me and my friends laughs and she tells me
I should enter. I tell her I do not know, than one of the guys
that was checking us out walks over and tells me to please
sign up and his friends agrees with him. I just say we will
see. My friends tells me she just had surgery and her scars are
still too obvious. But I she definitely sign up. I tell her
what the hell. I get up to walk over to sign up and I could hear
the whispers. As everyone signs up the hand us all shirts
and shorts to put on and they all seem a bit small to me but
I was able to put them on.

As we all go the the back and change,
a few of the girls look my way and smiles. I hope that is a good
sign I say to myself. As everyone is dressed and ready to compete they bring us
up to the stage. They tells us all to stand and that is when
out of nowhere water start spraying everyone on stage.
It seemed that I must have been right under the water fall.
My titties started instantly responding to the water and
my nipples started showing though the tee shirt. The more
wet they got the more they saw. I looked over at the other
girls and the were pretty wet also. That is when the announcer came back to the stage. He thanked
us all for entering the contest but said that there could
be only winner. He explained that as he stood behind each
one of us he said the the louder the applaud the better the
chance to win. My luck he starts at the other end, and walks
behind each girl. There was alot of yelling and applauding
going on. As he gets behind me to my surprise everyone started
yelling even louder and it made me smile. He goes to the speaker
and and announces that I won. As I walk from the stage with
wet tee shirt still on and gift card in hand. The guys from
the group tells me he new I would win. That is when they said
please do not leave they have more contest coming.

After winning the wet tee shirt contest and getting my prize,
I'm starting to relax and enjoy spending time with
my long time girl friend - it's been a while so some catching
up is in order. Our new founds friends are respecting our
unspoken desire to be alone, at least for now, and are on
the back table watching us. It's all good.

The night goes by quickly and they're getting ready
to announce the next contest. I get this hot urge - I did not
need another contest, I needed some hot sex. I get up and
ask the guy from my cheer group if he wants to dance. He tells
me hell yes, you bet I do. He leads me to the dance floor and
we start dancing. Looking into my face he sees that I really
want to dance. He takes my hand, pulls me closer and I feel
he had the same idea I have in my head.

We continue dancing and the more we dance the more obvious
it became to other what else we wanted to do. He starts moving
his hands down up and down pulling my body closer with each
movement and me responding each time. When the song finally
ends, he says we need to leave and find a place that would
give us more privacy than here. He takes me back to my table
my friend knew that it was time for us to leave. She was cool
with that.

As we start out of the bar he walks past me passing me his number
and me passing him my address. When he looked and read my
message he winked as to be saying he's on his way there.
But before we hit the door I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn
and there's a couple of hot, well dressed guys with
big grins. They tell me their boss wants me in a new music
video. I turn to my friend & we both laugh, yea right.
The taller, finer one holds up his phone and I almost shit
when I see Kelly's talking to me. OMG I could of died.


2013-07-18 21:07:09
Uh, whos kelly? Why were you gonna die?

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