Wow is all I can say I can't get over Kelly wants me in
his video. But first things first I am going home to get what
I need right now and that is to go get my pussy worked over,
at least I hope I will. As my friend drops me off, she tells me we will meet up again
soon and have some more fun soon. I tell her for sure because
I really enjoyed tonight. But of course tonight is not over.

She agrees. She waits until I am in the house before she drives off. When
I get in I rush up stairs to take another shower to get ready
for me my big night again, I hope. I start my water running
and just as I am about to get in I hear a car drive up. But it
sounds like people are talking so It must not be my date.
But to my amazement there is a knock on the door. I go to answer
and to my surprise it is not just him but a few of the guys from
the cheer table from the bar. I smile at them all and ask the obvious question. Why are
you all here? With the look on there faces they think they
are all going to get this pussy. I look back at them saying
I have never had more than one dick in my pussy at one time.

I do not think it will happen tonight either. Just as I am
about to close the door my cheer group start begging and
pleading me to give each of them a chance. Just as I am about
to close the door someone puts there foot in the door. That
is when panic hits me. But it is short lived. As my Date says
guys let her go she is too nice to have to force our selves
on her. That is when I told him he could cum in. As he walks in the others
walk away, and that makes me very happy. As we make our way
to the room I feel his hands all over y body. It is feeling
so good and I soon stop worrying about his friends. As we
make it to the room we both are almost completely undress
but it doesn't take long for the rest to come off. He lays he lays me on the be and before know it his head is between
my legs spreading my clit sucking and pulling driving me
crazy. This sucking is different and has me all over my bed.

My body starts doing things that I never thought it could
do. My back started arching. My pussy starts to shaking
but not just shaking, Aa aah it feels so good. That is when
he takes ahold of my legs and spreads them more saying he
need me to open more so he could lick suck ever part of my pussy.
After he finished sucking and licking my pussy, I thought
it could not get any better but he told me it is just in the
beginning stage. He takes his hands and move it under my
body and lifts me to pull me to the edge of the bed. Not knowing
what was in store next I tried to prepare myself but it was
too late. He was not finish with sucking and licking my pussy.

As he moves his hands from under my body, he insert his finger
into my pussy making the juices flowing even more. Making
my body shake even more. That is when I grab ahold of him pulling him close to me telling
him I want to show him some of the things i can do also. With
all the teasing he has done and still is to my pussy I am ready
to suck his dick amongst other things to him. That is when
he stands up and allow me to take over. I grab ahold of his
dick and move it to the opening of my mouth, but first I lick
the tip of his dick and he makes a small sound. But before
he could finish I take my thong and move it up and down his
dick which makes him start getting even louder. But just
than I hear a noise that makes me jump. He must not have heard
it because he did not move. So I bushed it off and continued.

That is when i take half of his dick and put what I could deeper
into my mouth and suck him even harder making him catch his
breath to get even louder. That is when he tells me he can't wait any longer he want
to put his dick deep into my pussy. He lays me on my back and
move me to the end of the bed and slowly starts trying to work
his dick into my pussy. It is tight but it slowly start going
and make it into me a little at a time eventually it is deep
into my pussy making me yell for him to fuck my tight and hungry
pussy and that is what he does. He goes in and out with deep thrust making me yell for to work
my pussy out. I could feel him about to let his load out into
my pussy and I welcome it to give my pussy a small rest. Knowing
I am know mean finish with this dick. After he releases his
load, we relaxes in each others arms resting until the next

That is when I doze off but not for long. I feel him
move and it scares me. But is not just him and me in the room.

I look up and see that the cheer party has rejoined us, again.
I don't understand how they got into the house so I look
directly at him and ask him why the fuck are they in my house.
He tells me that him and his friends share everything. That
is when I realized I was in trouble. I moved away from him
and tried to make a run for it but my body couldn't move
fast enough. When I reached for my bedroom door someone
grabbed me and put his hands over my mouth to stop me from

He pulls me back to the bed and tells me I better do everything
they say or I will regret it. I just looked at them in shock
and disbelief. That is when he shook me and said it again.
I nod my head and say yes I understood. I wonder what all they
want me to do. I was scared shitless and didn't know
how to get out of this. They all started removing their clothes,
I closed my eyes wondering what have I gotten myself into.

As they were removing their clothes I could hear them talking
about their plans for me. My heart started racing and tears
started rolling down my face. I started wishing that tonight
never had happened, any of it. But I am here now and hoping
I can survive it.

He tells me the first thing he wanted was for me to take a shower
so they can start feeling my pussy. So I get up and walk to
my bathroom to shower, frantically try to think of how I
could get out of this. When I stepped out of the bathroom
I saw there was no way out, they had blocked everything.

They all started pulling on me from different directions
and someone said stop, we'll all have her sooner or
later. That's when he pulls me to him and tells me his
turn is now. He turns me so I am setting in front of him and
tell me to take ahold of his dick and suck it. I resisted but
he pulls my head down to it and begins shoving it into my mouth.
I tried to tell him please don't do this. But he just
didn't care and continues shoving it in.

I start choking from him putting it so far down my throat
but he didn't care. He just keep feeding me his dick.
He tell me to take every inch and I better do it good. That
is when the next one grabs me by my breast pulling and pinching
on them while looking at his friend feeding me his dick.
If that was not enough someone grabbed me and started playing
with my pussy - his fingers going in and out making it hard
for me resist what I was feeling. The more I fought it the
further his finger went inside. With all the things my pussy
was going through and all of these different emotions,
my body could do nothing but start to respond.

I had to find a way to get myself out of this situation and
fast. With them all playing with my body I somehow find the
strength to start fighting. But they put a stop to that fast.
The top guys tell me to stop fighting and to accept it; that
will make it so much easier and better.

That is when he tells them, let's stop playing and start
working this pussy. He looks at me and says, we have a lot
more in store for you. He makes me lay on my back and starts
to put his dick in me. He starts moving the dick into the opening
of my pussy but it would not open as I was fighting it. With
all of his determination, he started making progress.
He feels it going in so he picks up speed and starts driving
it deeper and the more I fought the further he went. He continues
fucking me until what seems like forever. I could not move
any longer and because I was so dry, I was very sore. When
he removed his dick from my pussy, his friend says it is his
turn. I just lay there so they can get it over with and hope
it would not take long for it to end. It doesn't and it
the next thing I know it's morning and I wake up alone.

With all that has happened to me I didn't go to work and
was afraid to tell anyone. In a daze I answer the phone, the
person on the other 3ne tells me that they are from R Kelly
Studio and want to make an appointment for Wednesday at 8am to talk
with me. They gave me the address and I said I would be there.
I look to see that it is Tuesday and the appointment is tomorrow.
I tell myself that I can do this and I get ready for my new beginning
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