Women only. Come and get your slut on and satisfy those hard to fill cravings.
This all started from my desire to experiment with sex toys. There is a large selection of standard toys available but they become almost mundane after one has used a few of them and I envisioned something extra.

I had a talent for molding rubber products and started my own collection of rough rider dildos. I had about every size and shape a person could want or desire and a lot that would bring fear to all but the most depraved.

I had given away many to young women I dated and was getting special requests from people I didn't know. An early money maker was a vaginal dildo with a connected anal partner. They attached to a shower head and power unit through a set of hoses. The unit is inserted into a woman and she or her partner can fill both her cavities with warm or hot water at any rate they chose. It gives her an enema and sensual douche at the same time.

I had known several women who express the desire to fuck a dog but were afraid or put off by not being able to stop the process if it got to rough. I had come up with a sleeve that will fit over a mans cock, leaving the head exposed so he might derive some enjoyment also. The sleeve can be inflated by either partner causing a tennis ball sized knot to form just behind the mans cock head. This overcame the problem of forcing through the tight vaginal entrance or if the woman wants to feel the pain of the knot entering it can be inflated prior to insertion. If the woman is willing and wanton enough it can be increased to a soft ball size.

It worked well as it squeezed the mans cock enough to enlarge the head, making up for the loss of friction on his shaft. I had redesigned it several times and the final product used warm or hot liquid (water, oil or what ever) to inflate the knot. The male could not climax with the knot inflated so at the appropriate time the hot liquid is purged in large spurts through a hole at the front of the unit into the woman's vagina, giving her the feeling of being filled with hot dog cum and the male gained the extra intense sensation from the hot flooding liquid as tension was released.

Things were going well and I was having a lot of fun trying out the devices on different women friends and making a little extra money, when I was contacted by a woman that wanted to pay me to let her and a girlfriend tryout all my gadgets. She briefly explained they were bi sexual and she had heard of me through a friend.

Beth's initially e-mail asked if I would like to use two attractive middle age women that would pay me for letting them test drive my entire line of products. I must say a very intriguing idea!

At the time I had a large warehouse I had turned into a manufacturing, storage and living area. I had set up a couple of special rooms off one end that had a bed, bath and kitchen. The large bedroom was where I displayed my line of products and numerous pieces of custom made furniture that lent themselves to having sex in unusual positions. They also aided in utilizing most of my products to their best advantage.

I at first wondered if this request was a prank. Beth had mentioned being a friend of a friend so I wrote back and asked what she and her friend had in mind. She promptly replied she had procured a couple of my early inventions from a friend and was told second hand stories about me and my unusual room full of toys.

Beth and Lynn were both from out of state and were going to be in the area on business. She left a phone number and asked if I could call during working hours only. When I called the next day she told me they were both married and lived in the mid west. They only saw each other a couple of times each year as they worked for the same company but at different locations in the same state. She said they would meet at conferences and tried to make each encounter something special and unforgettable.

Both of their husbands had no idea they were meeting and they wanted to keep it that way. The stories about me had come from Karen, an old lover of mine. When her friend gave her Karen's number she called and asked if there was any truth to the stories and if she thought I might be interested. Karen had assured her our escapades were real and it would be worth a try as I was always up for a new adventure.

She asked if I would be interested in renting out the rooms for a full day and night. She had previously included a photo of her and Lynn together that really got my attention. Both women were in two piece bathing suits at pool side. They appeared to be in their mid to early forties with shapely trim bodies and both had large ample breasts with attractive faces.

I was more than willing and asked what arrangements she might need or expect. She said they both received substantial travel expenses and if I would provide sleeping accommodations for the two of them with full access to my products and some personnel guidance, they would pay $500 each for one day and night. She also said they would both like me to join them or I was welcome to watch and instruct but no one else was to be there and no photo's were to be taken.

We confirmed for a Wednesday three weeks away and I started to set up an itinerary to fill as much of the ladies encounter with every variation of penetration and sexually fulfilling feat I could think of. I also spent time collecting food and wines that would tease the pallet with little or no preparation. The fact that they were paying was interesting as I would have gladly paid them for this experience.

In the days that followed Beth kept in touch giving me a little background on them both that brought us together as co-conspirators and confederates. By the time they were to arrive I had learned their relationship had been going on for six years and was only consummated two to three times each year.

Their husbands were not aware that either of them was bi-sexual and she claimed neither of them had been having relations with anyone else. Both husbands were older and had long ago lost sexual interest causing the women to yearn for a little more fulfillment. From what we had discussed there didn't seem to be anything that we might not try as they both were curious and very starved for sexual experimentation.

They arrived at 11 am Wednesday morning having driven from the conferences city about 40 minutes away. The conferences they had attended was over the previous evening and they had arranged to stay an extra few days to supposedly tour the Napa Valley wine country.

My warehouse was inherited through the family and is in an upscale industrial park so is impressive looking and I had given direction with instructions to call as they arrived.

Beth called as they entered the complex so I had the large roll up door open to allow them to drive inside the building. They were both a bit tentative as they got out of the car so I greeted them with glasses of wine to ease the tension of introductions.

I was even more excited as they exited the car and approached. They were both outstanding examples of MILF with long slender bodies dressed in very expensive tailored business suits. Each was wearing stiletto heels and dark nylons to offset their light well cut clothing.

Beth stepped forward taking my hand and smiled as she said “Karen didn't exaggerate when she said you were quite desirable. I hope what she said about your personal abilities and special equipment room is true also. Oh sorry ! I'm Beth and this is Lynn.”

We shook hands and Beth continued “do you mind giving us a tour, we are both a little nervous and more than a little turned on as we haven't seen each other for almost six months and have been talking on the phone almost daily about what might happen today.”

It was obvious that Beth was the assertive one and Lynn the quiet meek one. Lynn nodded her agreement and said “ God this is all I have thought about since Beth suggested it a month ago. We must have talked at least an hour every day since.”

As we walked I started the little spiel I had been rehearsing, telling them there was sleeping accommodations and plenty of food and drink. They were paying guest so any desire they had just ask and I would try to comply. “Since this is to be a sexual excursion and we are adults anything you want I will try to fulfill and there is nothing to perverse.”

We each carried a glass of wine as we walked through the warehouse and I showed them the different types of sex toys I was working on. Each was very interested as we pasted large and sometimes brutal looking dildos. Beth commented “my god I have been wet for weeks and right now my crotch is so soaked its running down my leg..“ Lynn said “me to. I don't think I could take most of those but I might be tempted to try.”

As we entered the bedroom/showroom they both were awe struck with the display shelves that container several hundred different sizes and shapes of dildo. A first impression is a large room that looks like a porn shop with a gymnasium in the middle. They both were puzzled as they looked over a dozen or so pieces of equipment in the center of the room not knowing what they were used for.

To one side is a very large bed with mirrors placed overhead and on two sides at advantageous angles. I had a friend decorate and she used a lot of pastels to accent things giving it a softer feminine touch and not such a brutal masculine look.

After refilling the wine glasses the two women walked through the room slowly studying each piece of equipment. They would stand looking at each unit with a puzzled faces and then one of them would realize how it was used to invade what ever orifice and they would both giggle or laugh.

Before they had traversed half the room both were very flushed and in a state of high sexual arousal. They touch each other intimately and stopped to kiss briefly a couple of times.

I was sitting back in an overstuffed chair watching them closely and I was more than a little turned on by their reactions. It was obvious that Beth was going to want all the largest brutal dildos her pussy could accommodate.

When they finished the tour they both approached me and as Beth walked up she realized the chair I was sitting in had large holes below the arm rests and I could see she knew the holes were so a woman could put her legs through to sit on a mans lap facing him and get maximum penetration.

She winked and said “ I have just got to try that with you later.” Lynn said “before we start I have to tell you I have never been with anyone but my husband and Beth. I'm not on the pill and could become pregnant.” I assured her I'd had a vasectomy and I could see the relief on her face. Beth was standing behind her and was obviously anxious to get started.

I told the women I would get their suitcases from the car and they should feel free to explore or start with what ever they wanted. I took my time and brought their cases back to the bedroom. When I walked back in Beth had removed all but her undergarments. She had stripped Lynn down to high heels only and was busy sucking and teasing Lynne’s large slightly sagging breasts. Both nipples were protruding more than a half inch and the sight gave me an immediate erection.

They both looked at me a little sheepishly as I delivered their cases. I commented “you are both absolutely stunning. I have seen few women quite as breathtaking.” they both smiled with pride and continued to fondle each other. I returned to my observation chair and was about to sit when Beth said “ please join us. Maybe you could show us how some of the equipment works.”

We walked over to the stationary bike that had an average sized dildo that would piston up through the seat and I explained and showed them how the dildo was mounted with a universal attachment, I also demonstrated how the length of the stroke could start out just bumping the labia lips and be increased until it was plunging in taking a full length stroke.

Beth asked if the dildo could be replaced with others. I said it could and had her select the one she wanted to try first. As I thought earlier she selected a large one about 10 inches long and only slightly bigger around than an average man but with lots of veins and knobs.

I installed her pick of the day and used a good sex lube on the device then asked if I could help her get started. She grinned lewdly and nodded. I knelt and began removing her panties. She shivered as her panties and my fingers trailed down her long legs, then as she lifted one leg to step out of them her pussy lips separated, exposing her clitoris.

I darted my head forward and sucked it into my mouth where I gave it a few nips and sucks. I asked if I could dilate her vagina a bit before she mounted to make it easier and she nodded again so I raised one of her legs and rested her foot on a bike pedal.

I unzipped and removed my already rigid cock then stepped forward sliding it into her up to the hilt in one swift thrust. She sucked in a sharp breath and moaned with pleasure. I held back as I ached to bang away and squirt my essence into her right then. I took about fifteen long deep slow strokes then withdrew and had her mount the bike.

She was moaning with pleasure as she positioned her shapely butt on the seat and separated her pussy lips over the inch and a half knob protruding through. I pulled her large outer lips apart to make sure it would penetrate on target. It was not necessary but I just wanted to manipulate and touch her as much as I could.

I told her to start peddling slowly and as she did the dildo pulled out a little then slide back to the same position. She kept peddling as I turned the adjustment to increase penetration. It was soon giving her a good six inch stroke and I put her hand on the adjustment knob telling her to turn it for a deeper stroke. She kept turning until I could see the dildo was bottoming out and making her jump each time it struck her cervix.

I was standing there watching as the long dildo slide in and out of her slowly. Her eyes were closed and she would yelp each time it made contact with her inner depths. My cock was still out and so hard I thought the skin might split. Lynn was next to me watching Beth also with her mouth open and eyes wide. She looked over and asked in a meek voice if I would use my cock on her as I did with Beth.

I led her to a special chair in front of Beth and helped her climb up and sit in the elevated seat. The center of the chairs seat was removed and the person in it reclined back at a 45 degree angle. Her legs were elevated putting her knees at the same level as her head and spreading her open wide. It allowed me full access to either her pussy or anus as I stood between her spread legs.

I adjusted my cock and laid it gently into her small wide open cleft and rubbed up and down soaking it in the juices she was leaking. She had a great view just as I did and we were both starting to breathing hard.

As I pulled back and started the head into her she looked into my eyes and said “you will be the only other man who has had sex with me and I have waited for this moment for years. Please fuck me hard and make me cum. I have never had an orgasm with a man screwing me before.”

I was going to ram it home as I had done with Beth but decided to go slow and started it in excruciatingly slow. She was as tight as the only virgin I had ever had. It was as if the largest thing that had penetrated her could have been no bigger than a finger.

I took a good two minutes easing my shaft into her and when I felt the head reach the maximum depth I held still and would just flex every few seconds. She was soon doing the same and giving me squeezes that made my head spin.

Her breathing began to increase tempo so I started to slow stroke and could feel my orgasm starting to build like the crest of a wave. I heard Beth beginning to have her first orgasm on the bicycle and we all three were watching each other as we started to cum. Beth had stopped peddling with the dildo fully extended up through the bike seat.

She was standing up on the pedals and doing squats to impale herself on the long shaft and yelling as she came. Juice was running down the shaft and on to the bicycle seat making a dark puddle on the light colored leather.

Lynn and I had both reached the crest of an orgasm and her butt was up out of the seat meeting me thrust for thrust. After multiple spasms from each of us we were starting to coast down the after side and enjoying the post intercourse rush.

As we finished I continued to stroke into her for several minutes enjoying the tight glove like fit around my cock from the hot walls of her underused pussy. She was looking at me and finally said “that was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. I hope you can do it again before we leave.”

Beth was just barley hanging on as she had sat back down on the seat. I could see the long dildo was completely inserted into her. I disengaged from Lynn and slowly took Beth’s foot nearest me and pressed it down turning the peddle. Beth let out a loud groan as the dildo was slowly extracted making a delicious wet sucking sound. I held her with one arm and assisted as she climbed off the bike, then picked her up and carried her to the bed as her legs got wobbly and she was about to collapse.

When I went back for Lynn she was still sitting in the elevated chair with a big smile on her face. I asked if she would like help getting out and she just kept smiling and staring into space. She was quite a vision with her legs up and spread. Large globs of our mixed cum juices were dripping off her petite vagina.

I slid my thumb up and down her cleft a few times and she turned her gaze to me. She said “ I would like to stay here and continue to enjoy this feeling but I think I should go and check on Beth, so I helped her lower her legs and walked with her to the bed. She slid in next to Beth and they lay quietly talking in whispers.

After they had rested Beth was up and inspecting her black nylons. She retrieve a new pair from her luggage and sat in the overstuffed chair to change into them. I sat across from her to watch. She said “Lynn needs to rest awhile. She is so lost in the memory of you fucking her she needs time to set it all straight in her mind. I must say that was very erotic watching you give her the first good fucking of her life. I almost climaxed three times as you two screwed. I had to keep slowing down because that machine can fuck the life out of you.

She stood and secured the new stockings to her garters, then took my hand leading me back to the equipment. I had seen a few small spider veins in her legs and figured her vanity wouldn't allow her to remove the stockings. She said “ I want to try out every piece of equipment if you will help me. I grinned and said it would be my pleasure. She shook her head saying “no I think it will be mostly my pleasure.”

She said we could skip the chair I had fucked Lynn in for now but reserved the right to receive a good fucking in it later. I noticed she was savoring the use of the word fuck. She seemed to swell with pleasure every time she used it.

The next sex station was a modified ab machine. It was a short upright chair that the person would rock backward and forward against spring tension. The seat was divided in the center so only each butt cheek made contact. As the person would move their upper body forward a dildo would be thrust into their anus. When they moved backward it would be extracted and another one would thrust into the woman’s vagina. This gave each movement double pleasure as one was being removed the other was being inserted.

Getting the angles right and setting up the cams for full strokes was an experience I will never forget. Karen was my assistant and she must have had no less than 500 orgasms before I got it right.

With my help Beth selected the two dildos she would use. I had her downsize both as I told her the feeling would be far to intense. After installing them and prepping her I helped her sit down on the anal probe. She let out a groan of pleasure as it pierced up into her rectum. I then engaged the vaginal probe that slipped in her pussy about an inch.

She sat still looking at me with her eyes almost bugging out from the penetration. I told her she would have to go very slow as this was going to be an overwhelming feeling.

She was afraid to start so I gently pushed her back which extracted the anal probe as the vaginal dildo pushed into her. She let out a whooping wale and began to shake with the double pleasure. Within three cycles she began to cum and Her bladder let go flooding the area with urine.

I had isolated this unit with a drip pan as the same thing had happened with every woman who had tried it so far. It was by far the most intense pleasure machine I had constructed. No one so far had been able to last more than five or six cycles before experiencing a massive climax or passing out from overwhelming pleasure.

Beth was still conscious but just barley. I helped her up slowly and held her close. She was reeling from the effects and said “ my insides will never be the same. I think I need to use the bathroom.” I guided her to the door and asked if she was OK by her self. As I left her she asked me to go back and lay with Lynn for a while.

I did a quick mop up of the area and then laid down next to Lynn. She rolled facing me and pulled me close. There were tears in her eyes that worried me. She said “they're tears of happiness. I have waited so long for that experience and it was more than I ever hoped for. At first I thought I was in love at last, but I know it is what it is. Just great sex. Don't say anything to Beth but if you are willing I would love to visit you again by myself.”

Beth was just returning so I whispered “any time you want.” When Beth sat beside us she asked “are those devices hanging in the shower for us” I smiled and said “ I wasn't sure if either or both of you would want to use them but if you do we can have something to eat and then give them a try.” Lynn looked at Beth and said “ if this is the enema thing you talked about I think I will pass?” Beth took her by the hand and pulled her up off the bed saying “we agreed we would try everything so if you try to back out I will have John help me force you.”

She lead Lynn into the bath and looked back at me asking where I wanted them. I pointed to the industrial size shower and had her remove all their remaining clothing. I had them kneel on all fours in the shower side by side and inserted a dual anal/vaginal dildo probe into each of them. I used a unit with just smaller than a normal cocks on Lynn and one just larger than normal on Beth.

Lynn was not overjoyed at what was happening but Beth was already turned on. Hoses from both units were hooked into the shower system and I had the water turned on to get warm. Pressure to the units is adjusted with a valve. I turned them both on at just a trickle to let the now very warm water start to fill them both.

As the heat hit their insides each let out a groan of pleasure. They were starting to feel the pressure as both their bowels were expanded. The vaginal units do not cause pressure but continually flush’s the woman’s inside with hot water. An added benefit is not having the unpleasant ordeal of stopping the process to evacuate from the enema.

At what I found to be maximum pleasurable expansion the fill valve turned off automatically and the enema unit started it's cycle. This extracts the waste and water from the anal probes, flushing them down the drain and refilling with more hot water.

The feeling of having the bowel track expanded and emptied every five minutes is slightly painful but euphoric at the same time. Add the pleasure of a vaginal flush and it puts the woman into a continuous low grade orgasm that she never wants to leave.

The first time Karen experienced it I let her cycle for about twenty five minutes and when I shut it down she cried for a half hour. She told me later having it taken from her was the saddest feeling she had ever encountered. After working with her we learned fifteen minutes or three cycles was the most a woman should endure in one day.

They were both moaning and panting from the continued pleasure. At the end of the third cycle I shut the system down and both women stayed on all fours breathing hard and moaning. I allowed them to come down off the orgasmic edge and carefully removed the probes and equipment. They both sat on the tile seat in the shower and I stripped down to join them. I stood each of them in turn in front of the shower and helped soap them down and rinse off. After a thorough drying I led them to the bed for what I knew would be several hours of nap time.

As they slept I attached nipple and clitoris vacuum cylinders to them. The systems are hooked to modified mothers milk extraction pumps. It works best as it has a strong gentle pulsing action that brings more pleasure than just a constant harsh vacuum and will not cause injury if left on for extended periods.

From experience I had learned the pump would give them a sexual dream fill sleep and leave them with bloated sensitive nipples and clits which we all three would enjoy later.

I put away the equipment from the shower and cleaned up. I checked on them often and could see they were both enjoying their nap. Each was moaning and smiling in their sleep. Beth’s nipples were ¾ of an inch long and her clit was almost twice that length. I was tempted to stop and play with them but kept on with my chores.

As they began to wake I sat between them. Beth looked down and said whats this. I reached over and flicked the tube on her clit making her intake a quick breath and omit a loud Oooooh sound. Lynn was pulling the tubes on her nipples lifting them. I shut off the pump system and removed the tubes. Both women were intrigued with their new extended appendages as they touched and pulled at them gently.

Beth jumped up and said “ I’m famished. I think you said something about food earlier.” We sat at a small glass table as the women ate. They had both put their high heels on but were still completely nude. I didn't eat much as it was hard to swallow as I stared at their swollen distended nipples. I would get a glimpse of an enlarged clit occasionally as the women squirmed in their chairs.

Beth had her fill and could stand it no longer so she reached between her legs and pulled her clit out a little further and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. Lynn blushed as she looked at me and back at Beth then put her hand between her legs and massaged herself gently.

Beth asked if we could all three be involved on any of the pieces of equipment. I had not designed any with the thought of three people but an idea sprang to mind. One station holds the woman in an upright position with her legs spread wide. Her weight is supported by both her upper body and two comfortable troughs that hold her legs in a wide open position like an upside down Y.

I designed it originally to be able to stand and penetrate either of a woman’s holes and get maximum depth. My intention now was to have Beth on the unit with me fucking her asshole and Lynn fucking her pussy at the same time. With a height adjustable platform for Lynn we could both bang away on Beth at the same time.

The added spice was a new V shaped double dildo I had designed with the side that was going into Lynn having a curved leg with large bulge that will massage Lynne’s G-spot thoroughly while she rams the other side in and out of Beth. The side going into Lynn also has several rubber nubs that work on her clitoris as she bangs away.

I had taken into account that for one woman to effectively pound away on another the dildo inside her had to be strapped down and would only move slightly inside her vagina. Fortunately I had designed it with a universal attachment so each partner could select the size they preferred.

As I collected the two halves I used a normal size with the G-spot hook for Lynn and a very large brutish style for Beth. I figured my assaulting her anus while Lynn worked over her vagina should treat her to a great deal more stimulation than normal intercourse.

Both women were excited and inquisitive about the dildos. Inserting the G-spot dildo into Lynn was more than a treat. She stood there nude with her legs spread and shivered as I slide it into place. I couldn't help but move it around to make her squirm as I pretended to adjust and secure the straps.

She was a sight to behold when I attached the dildo she would use on Beth to hers. This lovely woman with a killer body was almost frightening with the large life like brutal dildo standing up at the ready. I had added a ball sack to cover the joint just for aesthetics and it really set off the look.

Beth moved next to me and knelt at Lynne’s feet, then tried to take the monster dildo into her mouth. She could just barely get her jaw open wide enough as she tried to simulate a blow job. She held the large cock in both hands and then lifted up causing Lynn to stand on her tip toes as the cock inside her pressed against the tender sensitive places.

Beth said “ I can't wait to get that inside me.” as she stared with lustful eyes at the erection Lynn sported. I took her over to the stand and helped her position her legs in the devices curved troughs. It gave her a bit of a bowlegged cowgirl look. There were bars above for her to hang onto and also supports under her armpits. When she was in position I ducked underneath her and could see her vagina was gaping open.

Lynn stepped forward and stood on a short stool and began pressing the head of the massive cock into Beth’s sloppy pussy. I was squatting behind Beth and could see the large head disappear. Beth let out a loud “oh god that hurts so good.” as it slid deeper.

I stepped behind her and started my cock into her anus. With both canals being filled at the same time she was in even greater pain. Lynn was really getting off on being the fucker instead of the fuckee. She was already starting to pump the large cock in and out. I could tell the cock inside Lynn was bringing pressure in the right places as she sucked in and blew out with each thrust.

Beth was gibbering and making incoherent noises. I had pushed my lubricated cock in as far as possible and was holding it there enjoying the feel of Lynne's dildo rubbing me through the thin layers of tissue. I had my arms around her and was massaging one breast of each woman.

I had started to get in sync with Lynne’s thrusts and knew I couldn't hold out long before I started to squirt. We had only been at this for seven or eight minutes when I could hold back no longer and let loose. The women were making noises like they were coming also but I wasn't sure. As I finished I thrust in hard and held. Lynn followed me and we all three held steady except for an occasional shiver of pleasure.

I finally pulled out and helped Lynn step down. She was holding the protruding cock with both hands and would pull it up a little then push forward to enjoy the pressure against her insides. Beth looked almost pathetic as she held the bars above her for support with her head down. Her wide open pussy and anus drained liquids freely. I helped lift her out of the stand and again had to carry her to the bed as she was totally spent.

We all laid for a while. Beth and I were spooned together watching Lynn as she continued to manipulate the protruding dildo to receive pleasure. I asked if she would like me to remove the straps and she said “ no! I think I will just leave it like this until I get home.”

We played and screwed several more times. Lynn kept her new best friend in and used it to screwed Beth dog style. She tried to get me to let her screw me to but I told her she would have to change it to a smaller size. She would have none of that. Before they left I did use the dog knot on Beth but I could tell she was to used up to really enjoy it.

Both women made me promise to let them visit again soon. I got promises from both that they would each like to see me privately also. That was the start of my new lucrative career. Word of mouth has spread and I have had to hire a couple of guys to help out on occasion. We now have a limo we use to pickup up and drop off clients at the major airport just north of us.

I have expanded and bought the adjacent warehouse. I now use one for manufacturing and one is devoted to the spa sex trade. I have added all the normal spa amenities from saunas to massages and specialize in sexual release or fantasy fulfillment. If things continue I’m going to build a private facility in a canyon in the nearby foothills so I can add an indoor pool and tennis courts. Might be fun to have a few animals around for the more adventurous types. I have my eye on a couple of large dogs and a small pony.

I have to turn away more business than I schedule and receive angry threats from many that I will not service. It's amazing how much money people have to spend on self indulgence and how entitled they feel when they have it.

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