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Looking for a last night fling
Getting Married Tomorrow.

A true story, one of about a dozen memories I hope to write up over the next year, or however long it takes.

It was 1974 and I was working in Christchurch, NZ. Friday's after work I usually played squash with a mate from my rugby team, and then we headed to the Grenadier Arms, where we would grab a burger or something for dinner and have a few beers with our friends.

This Friday night there were about a dozen of us, girls and guys sitting around a table in the bar. The bar was moderately full, as it was most Fridays nights, people conversing and waiting to find where the action was going to be later in the evening About 6:30pm a very smartly dressed woman came into the bar and moved to the bar to get a drink. Someone in the group made comment, along the lines of "look at that snooty bitch". Looking over I could see they were not far off the mark, she was about 5' 8", dark hair, quite attractive, in a handsome way rather than beauty queen material and really well dressed in a dark suited jacket and skirt with white blouse. But she looked like she should be in an executive meeting of some large corporation, not in a bar on a Friday night. I felt sorry for her as it was obvious that everyone in the crowded bar, was looking at her and making derogatory comments.

I needed a drink, so I got up and moved over beside her at the bar where she was waiting to order. She looked down her nose at me; most guys would have given up and moved away. But I gave her a cheeky remark, which got me a very scathing reply.

"You’re not very friendly tonight. Are you always so uptight or has someone really pissed you off." I said.

She replied in a very posh voice that matched everything about her. "I just feel a bit out of my comfort zone here. Not the normal sort of place I would frequent."

I had thought New Zealand, relatively class free, but believe me this lady was very upper class. I had to wonder what the hell she was doing here. But refusing to be flipped off so easily, I told her she reminded me of a joke about a polo player I had once heard and proceeded to narrate the tale. (I find if you can get a woman laughing, you are always half way to paradise).

She did laugh. "Very good, how did you know I play polo?"

"I'd have to be a fucking idiot if I could not pick that. You really do stand out a bit in here." Something I found when living in England and mixing with the upper classes, they like to swear, and the cruder the better it seemed.

"What are you doing here? And I’m not having a dig at you, just intrigued."

"I'm getting married tomorrow, and just wanted to get out and do something I may never get a chance to do again. A girl I work with said this was a good place to find some action, parties etc."

"Yes she's right, most Fridays and Saturdays if you keep your ears open, you will hear of a party here. What do you want to drink?"

"I don't want to be beholding to anyone, I will get my own thanks."

"Hey, you are not going to be beholding to anyone, especially not me. What do you want to drink?"

She backed down and asked for a Campari and Soda.

"Not a good choice,you will not fit in at all drinking that here, let me order for you. You are going to need a buzz on if you want to let your hair down, and Campari is not going to do it. By the way, you are not exactly dressed for a party"

“Yes, I know, but the only way I could get out tonight without raising all sorts of questions, was to stay overnight in the city because of work. That meant I could not really bring any party clothes. The way I feel here, I think it was a bad idea; I may give up and head home.”

“Don’t you dare give up yet, I’ll sort something out.” I said.

I ordered her a double vodka lime & lemonade and myself a bourbon & coke, then we joined my friends. I introduced her as Joy, which is the name she gave me, everyone tried to make her feel welcome, but she really was struggling and I felt quite awkward for her. I did find out a bit more about her however, she was 25, I have to admit I thought she was older than that, and that she had known the guy she was about to marry all her life. His parents and her parents had adjoining farms and it had always been known they would marry. By the sound of things both families were "old money" and owned a great deal of property around Christchurch. She had had a girl’s night out with her friends a few nights earlier, but was starting to realize her life had been very insular and protected. Then she floored me by coming straight out and admitting she had never been with another man and at the last minute had decided she needed to rectify this.

“I could help out there too.” I offered, giving her a cheeky wink, which thank goodness, made her smile. “But let’s leave that for now, you may find someone far more to your liking as the night goes on.”

As we talked and I kept the jokes flowing to make her laugh, a thought started growing in my head. Mostly it was about keeping her to myself and not letting some other smooth bastard reap the rewards of all the work I was putting in. There was obviously not going to be a raving party this Friday night or we would have heard about it by now. Which meant the gang would all just wind up at someone's flat boozing and shooting the shit. Besides she was not exactly dressed for taking many places. I had just the place to take her - but I need to digress a bit and paint picture of the place I was thinking of.

I had a good mate "Ivan" who worked for a radio station. One of the DJ's (I think his name was Tom) who worked with Ivan, was taking out a lady that owned a massage parlour, called "Trixie’s Sauna Parlour". About three months earlier, he had invited Ivan and I up to the parlour after they finished the evening shift at the station around 11:00pm. Massage parlours have a bad name in NZ; I guess it is the same the world around. But when we got up there, I found it to be quite tame really, and Trixie (Not her real name) who owned and ran it, was incredibly competent and well presented. She said she had chosen her name as it meant 'one who brings joy'. The parlour was upstairs above shops near the centre of the CBD and had obviously been a company’s offices before. When you got to the top of the stairs, there was a reception desk immediately in front of you and if you walked left along behind the reception you entered Trixie’s office, to the right of the reception desk was a large lounge that had about 5 groups of lounge chairs and settees around coffee tables. There was a very good stereo system with tapes records etc. and the room was lit with lamps that gave calming subdued lighting and one of those purple florescent lights that made your teeth glow, over the stereo, where there was an area for dancing. If you turned hard left as you entered the lounge there was a kitchen with a server bench into the lounge. It may give you a better picture if I say that Trixie’s office and the Kitchen both overlooked the street at the front of the building, everything else stretched out through to the back of the building.

Trixie told us we could get free coffee and nibbles here and that there was a good range of alcohol locked under the bench, but she was not allowed to sell it. She could sell you books of tickets though, and these could be used to get drinks, somehow this was meant to get around the licensing laws. Half way down the lounge on the right an archway led you into a corridor that ran pretty much the full length of the building and off this was half a dozen massage rooms, the smaller two opposite the archway had just a massage table in them, the two either side of these had two massage tables and lounge chairs and the last two were quite large rooms and had a settee, bed and a massage table in them. On the left of the corridor behind the lounge was a sauna that held about 10 people, a steam room that was just as large, a spa pool that took 6 people, 4 showers grouped together and some toilets and lockers.

Ivan had jacked up a couple of girls from the radio station this first night and we had a ball. The parlour was quite busy with at least three groups of 8 or 9 persons quite a few of them couples. We bought a book of tickets each, this was all we had to pay for, and we danced, fooled around in the spa pool and wound up fucking both girls in the showers with people walking past into the sauna etc. As I say a very good night.

Trixie had about a dozen girls she could call on but there we only ever about 6 girls on at any one time. She opened seven days a week but Mondays and Tuesdays there were only two girls on. The girls didn't get any retainer, but got paid part of the fee for each client they enticed into having a massage. Ivan and I had become good friends with Trixie, and we had been going up there at least once a week since the first night. We never had to pay, except for any booze we drank; she liked us being there especially on the weekend nights when some of the clients could turn up quite drunk. We got to know the girls and they came from all walks of life, two were even housewives. They all were very uptight about anyone calling them prostitutes, and insisted they never slept with clients but only gave massages. But I knew dam well most of them made extra money by giving what today is called a happy finish. And one has to imagine that there were a couple of them that went further if the price was right, otherwise why were there beds in two of the rooms.

Remember that in New Zealand,1974 the pubs closed at 10:00pm! Trixie’s was a pretty popular place; a lot of people went up there just for the sauna, music and a few drinks to round off a night out. Maybe during the week you got more men turning up looking for extras. It really had become like a club, and the girls did not have to go with anyone they did not want to. But it was not a place you went all the time as the door price was not cheap. From memory it cost $20.00 to get in and another $20.00 for the massage if you wanted it. Remember this was 1974 and the average wage was about $90.00 per week. I was single and running my own building business at the time and earning good money, so I could have afforded the door fee if Ivan and I had not been such good friends with Trixie. But a lot of my friends we not as well off. So we did not go to Trixie’s all the time, as the others just couldn’t afford it.

I think that has painted a picture of where I intended to take Joy.

About 9:45, I quietly told her we should leave, as I had a just the place to take her. I wanted to get her out of the pub before someone came up with some other bright idea. I offered to use my car, but she was not keen. She had her own car, a brand new Triumph Spitfire Mark IV, so I said we would go in her car and I proceeded to give her directions. When we arrived, she was very hesitant about entering a massage parlour. I had to do some fast talking and convince her it was not all she had heard and that she wanted something different for her last night on the town. When we got to the top of the stairs, Trixie was very happy to see me but quickly got one of her girls to take Joy through to the changing rooms and get her a towel and a robe. She then turned to me and asked who the hell I had brought in tonight, she thought that Joy was a police woman (the way she was dressed). I explained to her all that I knew and that I wanted to show her a real good time for her last night of freedom. Trixie relaxed and agreed we needed to turn it on for her. I wandered through the lounge to find Joy and noticed there were about a dozen people there already;I knew most of them by sight, if not to talk to.

I found Joy down in the changing rooms she had on an Asian blue satin robe that Trixie kept for special guests. She looked great, and I told her so. I could see that she was pretty happy with the compliment. I striped down to my underpants and grabbed a towelling robe from one of the lockers where you stored your cloths etc. and a couple of towels.

"What do we do now?" she asked me.

"We'll we can go back to the lounge and get some drinks and dance. Or you can have a sauna, spa or even a massage. The night is yours; I’ll just go with what you want."

"I'm not sure I'm ready to mix with people I don't know, dressed like this, can we get a drink and sit in the Spa Pool?"

"Sure, but come and met a couple of the girls that work here while I go mix us a drink. You OK with Vodka again or would rather something different?"

Joy, said OK to the vodka, and we walked through the lounge to the kitchen. I could see she was wary about meeting the girls, but I told her she would like them, as both were into horses. The girls if they were not out mixing with the guests, used to sit around in the kitchen and play cards etc. I had noticed when we arrived that Marcia and Liz were out there. I got on well with both of them, especially Marcia, who had been trying to get me to take her out. She was 23, very attractive with a little dark blood; the talk was that her mother was West Indian. Liz was one of the married women and lived out in the country on a 10 acre block where she had some horses. She was also attractive, but probably over 30. They talked as I mixed up another vodka and bourbon for myself, I could see Joy had eased up in their company and talking quite freely. She was probably quite surprised at the girls that worked here; Liz in particular, was quite posh and well educated. I always wondered why she worked here as she obviously had money. (Found out later, that she was having an affair with Marcia. She wanted to shift Marcia into her home and share her with her husband, and that the silly bugger would not have a piece of it. So she came and worked some nights with Marcia and stayed the night in the city with her afterwards).

Anyway, Joy and I wandered back through the lounge and into what Trixie called the wet area, set our drinks on the edge of the spa and stripped out of our robes. Joy was stark naked under the robe, I thought being so posh she would be a bit of a prude and have left her knickers and bra on. She had a very athletic figure and this time I commented on how great a body she had. She didn’t try and hide it and just replied that one had to keep pretty fit to play competitive Polo.

There was a bit of a quirk in the spa that one of Trixie’s girls had told me about. In one seat there was a miss-placed jet that was meant to massage the calf muscles but instead it fired up at an angle of about 45 degrees,and if a girl sat on the edge of the seat she could ease forward and get ajet of aerated water flowing over her clit, too far forward of course and it filled them up with the water. I sat back in this seat and motioned to Joy to sit between my legs; she raised her eyebrows and gave me the "Oh Yeh" look.

"You’re getting very forward all of a sudden."

"No trust me. Come and sit on me and move where I direct you."

She swivelled sideways onto my lap and lent back into me. I opened my legs so that she sank down between them and moved my arms around in front of her and spread her legs. I held my left hand out in front and found the water jet and by spreading my legs and manoeuvring her with my other hand, I got her positioned right on the edge of the jet. Joy gave a little gasp and turned her head to look at me.

“Very nice!Do you practice this often?”said Joy.

“I’ve never tried it before.But I heard one of the girls talking about it one night.”

“Oh come on, all the girls out there are falling over to please you, even that Trixie has the hot’s! I’ll bet you have had a couple of them sitting here.”

“No. Honestly, the only one that has shown any interest is Marcia. And I’m not going to say I’m not interested, but it has not happened. I come up here now and again when there is nothing on, but have had nothing other than a massage.”

“You didn’t pay?”

“No, a mate and I are friends with Trixie and she likes a couple of friendly males around, just in case there is trouble. But other than a couple of guys being drunk and loud, we have never had any trouble here.”

While I was talking to her, I took Joy’s hand and moved it down between her thighs, explained that she could direct the water where she wanted, far better than I. Then moved both may hands up and cupped her breasts, needing the nipple between thumb and forefinger. She lay back into me and I could feel her hips gently swaying around on the jet. This action quickly led to my getting a raging hard on, so I had to drop one hand down a free poor old Willie from pointing down between her arse cheeks.

“I’mpleased to see this is having some effect on you, as this is going to get me off far too quickly.” She arched her back, trying the water in another obviously very favourable position. She worked herself around on the Jet for a few more minutes, then suddenly rolled of, got up and slid around in behind me. “Your turn.” She said. “I am going to come if I stay on that, and it is much too soon.”

She did the same as I had done to her, moving me forward over the jet, so my balls jiggled around in the jet stream and proceeded to jack me off. It was fantastic, I could feel her rubbing her hard nipples around on my back and it no time I felt the first jerks of an orgasm approach. I went to get up, but she would not let me and she increased her strokes on my prick and started licking my ear. Fuck that was the end of me; I came in a full body jerking orgasm, pumping spunk out into the spa.

“AAAAAAH FUUUUCK, this is meant to be for you, not me.” I moaned.

“I’m sure you can get me sorted, but let’s get out of here. I’m not too keen on all that stuff floating around me.”

“Right!” I said, as I jumped up and helped her out of the Spa. “It’s your turn now; I’m going to give you a massage. Trixie has said we can use the back massage room.”

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