War Baby

Don’t ask me why I wrote this because I have no good answer. For my readers who have followed the TJN story line and My Asian Treat, you will definitely agree that this kind of story is definitely out of character for me. Though truly fiction, I think it reflects some of the feelings I have bottled up inside me after having lost Kayko, Mark, and Shiori. The sense of helplessness I tried to impart just barely touches at the pain I feel inside. I hope this does not offend anyone, but for some weird reason I felt it necessary to put these feelings into a story and let them out. I just hope you guys will forgive me.

The distant sound of bombs exploding and gunfire only served as a reminder of how brutal this war had been. Her farm, now only a shell of its former self, was littered with bomb craters and fallen debris from the fighting that had swept over it in the last few days. Many of the animals had been killed and were lying out on the open ground, while the rest had been scared off from the explosions of military ordinance. It was one of those rounds that had killed her parents the day before, leaving the 20 year old alone in what was left of the farm. There really was no other description for it, war was hell.

Overnight there had been a lull in the fighting, bringing a momentary end to the shelling. But early this morning it had resumed, starting close to the house, but then moving further and further away. Hiding in the small cupboard, Helga held her breath as she heard the voices of men approaching from the edge of the woods. Were they friend or foe? She had no idea and was not anxious to find out. Depending on who it was she would either be taken prisoner or spared from the further ravages of war and taken to safety. Who it was she did not know because she could not understand them, but the shouts and accompanying gunfire told her to stay where she was. She trembled in place, racked by fear as the bullets tore through the walls of her farm house, seeking to destroy all that they came in contact with.

Her breath was barely more than a shallow tremble, and she cupped her hands over her mouth to stifle any sound as she heard the front door being kicked in. More gun shots rang out with one bullet going through the cabinet right next to her head, making a small hole for light to peer in and for Helga to see out. The men shouted back and forth and she could hear them stomping through the house as they searched for any signs of life or death. She so wanted to scream out in terror as her fear coursed through her, but the slightest sound would have meant certain death. She clamped her hands tighter over her own mouth, almost cutting off all of her air as she stood completely still. Maybe they would not find her and would soon leave. That was her hope. And as the number of voices dwindled from several at once to less and less, Helga became less and less afraid. Maybe they were leaving. She peered through the small hole in the cupboard to see no one moving outside. The boots stomping on the floor had all been silenced, and the voices seemed to be moving away outside. Was it over?

Still afraid to make a sound, Helga stood like a statue, but slowly pulled her hands from her mouth. Still trembling from fear, she let out a small exhale before taking a deep breath. It was the first tiny bit of relaxation she had since the shelling had started earlier that morning. Just barely audible to her own ears she exhaled again. With a sudden burst of light the cupboard door opened, causing her eyes to close instantly having gone from the almost pitch black to suddenly being exposed to the bright light of her kitchen. She didn’t even have time to scream before she felt the impact against her left cheek and the sudden grey white flash of light race through her brain. Only through the very vaguest of images could she tell that she was falling before blackness took over her.


A weird kind of numbness was thoroughly in place as Helga’s senses began to slowly invade the darkness. A few stars and flashes of light flew past her eyes, and she could hear laughter and voices echoing through her head as if a dream were slowly winding down and reality was steadily taking hold. A high pitched steady ringing echoed from her left side and the distinct feeling of pain from her jaw moved her to turn her head to try and recognize her surroundings. She was undoubtedly lying down. Where, exactly, she was not sure because the world was still mostly a blur, but the pressure on her back and the light in her face pointed to no other conclusion. She rolled her head to the left and looked up, trying her best to focus on anything anywhere. The impact of whatever it was had really rung her bell and left her extremely dazed and very confused.

The unmistakable image of a silhouette over her dominated her view. She could not tell who it was or if it was even real, but the sensation of movement by not only the figure, but of her own person, slowly pulled her back into the world of the living and out of the realm of dreams. The voices and the laughter became ever clearer and more evident as she slowly realized they were not from a dream, but from the living. She blinked her eyes several times as the shadowy figure moved away from her, only to be replaced by another. She could smell the aroma of gunpowder and dirt as the movement of the room started to drag her back into reality. A warm feeling spread up her body as the shadowy figure above her stopped moving before leaving her presence. The voices grew louder and she could feel the floor thumping as another greyish black figure appeared above her. This time, however, she could feel what was happening.

As the figure moved over her, the undeniable sensation of something being pushed inside her overrode most of her senses. As the figure above her moved back and forth, her brain was finally able to piece together the sensations of what was happening to her. She was being raped. The sudden terror and realization of having a foreign man inside her caused her to try and scream and defend herself. But it was no use. Her legs and arms would not move, and the pain in her jaw caused tears to pour out of her eyes when she tried to open her mouth. She was helpless, and completely exposed. She could feel the cool air blowing across her bare breasts and against her naked stomach as the soldier above her drove himself relentlessly inside her young body. Laughter and cheers came from the surrounding men as hands groped her bare flesh and pinched at her extremely sore nipples. How long had she been out?

She hurt inside, but was powerless to do anything as she looked around the room at the 15 or 20 men who all seemed to want a piece of her. Relentlessly, the man on top of her pounded himself into her now hurting womanhood, driving into her with a new found excitement as the young girl slowly rejoined the realm of the conscious. Again she tried to move her arms and legs, wanting desperately to defend herself and push the invading man off and out of her body. But she was bound firmly in place. Her wrists and ankles had been tied securely to the four corners of her brass bed frame, keeping her body fully exposed and accessible to the men who now occupied her house. Again the warm feeling surged up through her body, providing a small sense of relief. But as the figure above her held still, the horror and realization of what had just happened jolted her into the here and now. The soldier had just cum inside her.

Fear, embarrassment, shame, and horror all raced through her head and her heart as the man pulled himself from inside her and climbed off the bed. Cheers and laughter filled the room as she could feel the thick stream of his sperm flow out of her extremely sore vagina and down over the crack of her ass. She was being used as a cum bucket and was powerless to do anything about it. She tried to plead for them to stop violating her, but her jaw was broken from having been hit by a rifle butt. The pain from her attempt seemed to be amplified by her shame as yet another man climbed on top of her and forced himself inside, driving himself deep into the pit of her stomach. Now she began crying, not because of the pain, but because of the shame and helplessness she found herself in. These men were using her body, cumming inside her repeatedly in turn, while she lay helpless to stop them. The humiliation was almost unbearable.

Hours went by as man after man pleasured himself inside her, not caring that the girl was even human. She was merely something for them to fuck and cum in. The hot feeling in the pit of her stomach was proof that her womb was completely full of the sperm of maybe 40 or 50 men. She really didn’t know how many had been inside her, she only knew that she hurt from the continuous abuse as man after man used her. The only relief she was ever afforded was when one of the men would be disgusted with the gooey cum filled mess that was her vagina and rinse her out with either his canteen or a bottle of wine from the kitchen. After which she would be filled again by a seemingly endless line of men eager to take their turn.

Daylight turned to darkness before the last man climbed off her. She had turned off virtually all of her senses earlier in the day and just lay there motionless while the men used her like a piece of meat. The bed beneath her was completely saturated with the sperm of maybe a hundred men, water, and wine while her swollen and abused pussy leaked cum continually. Her world would never be the same, and neither would her body. The pain below her waist had long since faded, and so had the feeling of life within her. She might have been alive, but what was the point now? Her very being, the essence of who she was had literally been fucked out of her, leaving only the broken and battered shell that once was a vibrant young woman.

Sensing movement close to her face, Helga cut her eyes to the side as the last man kissed her cheek. He leaned down close to her ear and spoke though she could not understand a word he was saying. It would not have mattered what it was anyway. If she had her way about it, she would have them kill her to take her out of her misery. That would have been the merciful thing to do. But to her surprise the man above her cut the bonds on her wrists and ankles, freeing her from her humiliating imprisonment. As she brought her hands in to her sides the man left, glancing over his shoulder once as he lit his cigarette before exiting, she could only dream that it was all over.

Helga just lay there motionless; almost afraid to move. Her body had been so abused during the day that she did not know if it was even possible to get up. Her legs hurt from having been held open for so long, and her wrists and ankles felt like they were on fire from the strain of the ropes cutting into her skin. But she was alive. She began sobbing as the horrors of the day raced through her head over and over. The images of man after man violating her repeatedly for their own pleasure made her feel sick to her stomach. Her mind was in agony as the repeated abuse sliced at her soul, cutting her back down to just a helpless being that was not fully alive. Her world had been ripped apart. She tried to bring her legs together, mustering all the courage she had to move into a more defensive position. Instantly, pain surged through her young frame. It felt like her insides had been ripped out. For the first time of the day she screamed before she blacked out.

Numbness and disbelief greeted Helga as she slowly opened her eyes. It was light outside again and she was still in her room in what was left of her farm house. The ache in her jaw was only surpassed by the pain in her groin, bringing about the harsh reminder of what had happened the day before. She did not think that so much of her could hurt all at once like she was hurting now. Every part of her ached. Slowly she pulled her legs together, bringing her knees up to her chest. Her stomach felt bloated and full as she rolled to her right side and looked through the hole in the wall. It seemed to be quiet outside and the sun was up. Only very faintly could she hear the sounds of exploding bombs way off in the distance. Otherwise, it was strangely quiet.

It took her more than an hour to get to a seated position, bringing tears to her eyes several times during the process. Her head felt like it was going to explode while her crotch screamed at her not to move. But she had to get up. She was thirsty and hungry, and she felt the definite need to go to the bathroom. As she sat up on the edge of her bed, a small piece of her broken mirror shone up at her from its resting place on the floor. Call it a sense of morbid curiosity she picked up the jagged piece of glass and looked at herself. The whole left side of her face was black and purple with the distinct outline of a rifle but making up the general shape. Her jaw was swollen and her eye was almost completely closed. She gently raised her hand and touched her face as the harsh reality sunk in. Her jaw was broken, and the previously flawless skin was badly discolored. Her youthful appearance was gone. She dropped the piece of glass and lowered her face, sobbing almost uncontrollably at the hideous face she had just seen. She almost could not believe that it was her own image she had just looked at.

As her gaze shifted down to her lap, that’s when she saw her legs. The insides of her thighs were red and raw from the countless men who had raped her the previous day. The skin was also badly discolored with multiple scratches and dried blood from where their uniforms had torn her soft skin. The pit of her stomach also bulged out noticeably, making her look as though she had a pillow tucked under her skin though she was mostly naked. Only a few shreds of her blue dress remained around her waist providing no cover for her at all. If only that one bullet had been a few more inches to the right, she thought to herself as she painfully stood up on wobbly legs, none of this would have happened. Now she would have to live with the memories for the rest of her life.

The house was an absolute wreck as she slowly worked her way through what remained. Explosions of some kind had torn almost all of the east side of the house completely away. Virtually every wall was riddled with bullet holes leaving almost nothing intact. Shell casings and mud from dirty boots littered the floor as her bare feet carried her through the kitchen and out to the pump. It no longer mattered that she was naked, her dignity was completely gone. As she worked the handle of the pump up and down, the cold water splashed onto her feet and ankles, bringing back faint memories of times when life was considerably better. Just the act of washing herself would bring her some relief.

She squatted down next to the pump with her legs slightly open. Just this simple move caused a thick flow of semen to pour out from her reddened pussy. The accompanying pain was almost unbearable. She gritted her teeth and pressed her hands against her stomach as she pressed down hard, screaming with what little strength she had left. Almost a quart of cum flowed out of her as she pressed down hard, desperate to drain it all from inside her womb. Anguish and agony surged through her as she looked down at the thick white flow that was emanating from her body as it made a large puddle between her feet. There must have been the sperm from a hundred men inside her. She screamed again as the last of it exited her, leaving her without the bloated feeling but hollow inside. She had never known that men could be so cruel.

She bathed as best she could, repeatedly working the pump before she returned to the comparative safety of the house. Though vaguely familiar, everything was now different. Memories of her happy childhood, and meals with her parents had all been erased. Her only memories now were of the sounds of war and of the hundreds of men who had abused her. There was nothing here for her now. She found a few of her clothes that didn’t have any bullet holes in them and dressed herself. With nothing left to hold her there and the memories of her past all but gone, Helga walked blankly out of the house and across the open fields. With any luck she might catch a stray bullet or step on a mine. In either case, her pain would be over.

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Many of us feel for you and cannot comprehend the hurt and pain that you are in.


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Hoping for a sequel!

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