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Ayesha , 22 Female , Pakistan
Hi this is Ayesha from Islamabad , Pakistan. Let me describe myself. I am 22 year old girl. I am 5 feet 4 nches tall with shoulder height black hair , fair complexion and a figure of 32-28-33. I am here teeling u my experience where I lost my virginity to my friend’s brother. I was 18 at that time and he Umer was 25. Nida (Umer’s Sister) is my child hood friend and we have family terms so staying at each other’s place over night was normal for us.
It was one such day when I went to Nida’s place and the decided to stay for that night. That day her parents were out of the city and his brother was out at his work and he was to return at around 10.00 pm. I and nida were having a chat in her room when the door was knocked at by his brother and he came in and sat next to us on the bed. We had a hello hi and the Umer asked Nida to make tea so se went out. Let me also describe Umer here. He is a tall guy ….. 6 feet 2 inches with muscular body and thick hair all over her body. And one thing more ….. he has a long and thick dick also which I came to know that night. When Nida went out , Umer started chatting with me and suddenly one question stuuned me…. He asked “Ayesha ! have you ever had sex ???” I was shocked at the question and just managed to say “WHAT!!!!!!!!”. He said don’t be shy…..just tell me have u ever seen a man naked and have him inside you?? I was staring all the time at ground and just managed to move my head to tell no. suddenly he put his hand on my thigh and slowly massaged it which caused a shiver in my body. His intension were clear but I thought “What the hell…he is my friend’s brother and just like a brother to me”. Then he asked “have u ever been kissed or touched by a boy??” at this I moved my head in YES. By that time I realized that some how he had moved very much closer to me and his left thigh rested on my right thigh and his hands were exploring my inner thighs under my skirt. He moved is body over mine and made me lie under here and put his lips on mine. I was resisting till now by keeping my lips close but the guy was powerful and finally managed to insert his tongue in my mouth and that was it. His tongue started exploring my mouth and his sliva got mixed with mine. Meanwhile his hands proceeded further upwards under my skirt and his finger touched my now wet shaved cunt due to which I experienced an electric shock. That was the time when the door opened and Nida came in. I was afraid how she would react but to my surprise she said “ So Umer , Finally U have got her under you……may I join ???”. at this umer said “Nida , it’s the first time , u may join the next time”. She said “SURE” and left the room. I couldn’t believe on what I heard and what I saw. I mean my best friend letting her brother do to me whatever he wants and secondly , it was not to be the only time as Umer said she may join the next time. Anyways ,he again planted a deep and passionting kiss on my lips and this time I responded realizing that it had to be like that on that night. This French kiss continued for another 10 minutes and then umer got up and said “come on now remove your skirt honey”. I was a bit hesitant and seeng this umer came near me and he himself started to undress me. He removed my top and then my skirt and there I was only in my bra and panties. Then he asked me to remove my bra and panties myself. I did so knowing that it had to be. I unhooked my bra to release my 32-B breast and then stepped out of my panties to expose my shaved tender pussy. He admired my body specially my breast. Then he did something strange. He sat in one corner of the room and asked me to jump in the whole room. When I did so , my tits also started dancing and this amused him very much. Then he put me in his lap, took me to the bed and started licking all over my body. He kissed on my fore head , bit on my ear lobes , kissed my kneck and then he pt his mouth on one of my tits and got hold of the other with his hand. He sucked my breasts one by on and occasionally bit on my nipples and chewed them which caused pain but he didn’t care. All the time he played with one tit using his mouth and wit the other at the same time using his hands … caressing and pinching the nipple really hard. It went on like this for 15 minute and I realized that I had started getting wet. Then he came off me and off the bed. He made me lie on the bed such that my back is fa facing the bed and my neck and face is hanging down the bed. Then he started to remove his clothes and when he removed his pants I saw a very horrible scene. His dick was black and rock hard and was 8 inches long and very thick as well. I couldn’t believe what was going to be done with me. He came closer to me with his long rock hard dick hanging from right to left and left to right. He asked me to take it in my mouth. It sounded so disgusting and seeing my reluctance , he put the head on my lips. I reluctantly opened my mouth to take the head of his cock in and tasted his pre-cum for the first time in my life. It was salty. When I gave him the green signal he pushed his cock further in. when half of his cock was in , I started finding it difficult to manage and tried to move forward so that it could get out of my mouth. But his strong hands held me tightly by my shoulders and I couldn’t move. He thrust further in my mouth and I was finding it difficult to breathe. One more thrust and his cock head hit the end of my throat. I chocked. He stated to withdraw and I was thanking my luck but when only his head was in my mouth he pushed in suddenly and then he started mouth fucking me. First slowly but then he started moving fastly rather roughly. Ocasionally, his cock head would hit my throat causing me to choke but he wouldn’t care and continue his thrusts. All the time he was playing with my already sore and aching breasts squeezing them and pinching the nipples. After 15 minutes I realized that he was moving even faster and suddenly one long thrust , his hands rested on my head pushing it forward and he started shooting load after load of very hot and thick semen. I some how managed to take all of it. And finally he took out his now limp cock from my mouth. He asked me to clean his cock head. I moved my hand but he said “No Honey, with your hot mouth”. I did so and licked his cock until it was dry .then he said “You are virgin ….right??” I said yes. He said “OK….then your are going to enjoy the time of your life tonight.” Are you going to fuck me?? He said “Ofcourse !!!!!!!!”. I said “ please don’t do that … your are too big…it will hurt like hell”. He said “ well it hurts every girl for the first time but soon the pain subsides and only the pleasure remains.” Saying this he started massaging my clit. Suddenly he put his index finger in my pussy which I was not expecting and said “OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Please be gentel”. He laughed and said don’t worry. As I was wet inside so he didn’t have much difficulty . it felt strange. He started moving in and out of me and I started enjoying it and started moaning like “Annhhhh Ohhhhhhh Aaannnnnh!!!!” he gained momentum and suddenly he inserted two fingers in me this was ok but when the third finger joined it was a bit awkward but he continued. I felt a storm building in me. My musceles started contacting and I shouted loudly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thus I came in his hands. He again did a strange thing. Umer gathered all my seemn in his hands and then massaged my boobs with my own semen. It felt great. Then he lowered his mouth and planted a kiss on my pussy. It also felt great. He moved his tongue in circles around my pussy and bit my pussy lips which ached. Then he inserted his tongue in my pussy and started fucking me with his tongue. I was aroused again. With in 5 minutes I had my second orgasm and he drank al of it. He then got up and asked me to give a lick to his cock just to get it rock hard again. I did so and when it god hard again he made me lie on the bed , lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders and put the head of his cock on my entrance. I was still afraid and again requested him to be gentel and also not to shoot inside me. He said “don’t be afraid , I’ll not make you pregnant”. Saying this he pushed his cock in my pussy. Though I was well lubricated with my own juices and had a finger fucking and tongue fucking session but still I was a virgin after all. It hurt like hell. I cried “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! Please take it out , I am gonna die. He also realize that he wouldn’t be able to move further. So he withdrew and there were teras flowing down my cheeks but ib was relieved that he will not fuck me. But I was wrong . he instead went to the bathroom and came with a bottle of Vaseline in his hands. He came on the bed. He put a considerable amount of Vaseline both on my pussy and his dick. I closed my eyes. He put his dick on my entrance and gave a rash thrust. Half of his dick was in and my eyes were now wide open . I was having the pain of my life and all I was saying was “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…I m dying ….take it out …………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” but I realized that he is proceeding further , two more thrusts and his balls slapped my pussy. He was all the way inside me. The pain was unexplainable. He rested there for few seconds and then started to withdraw but I know what he will do…he did exactly the same as he did while he fucked my mouth. When only the head was in he pushed it back in and now he started to move back an fro. Soon I got accustomed to the play and my pain was now replaced by my pleasure .i had now joined him. Now he was fucking me like hell and all I was saying was “Annnnhhhhh …yessssssss..fasterrrrrr…..Anhhhhhh”soon I had my third orgasm and then fourth it had now been 20 good minutes of crazy fucking when he suddenly withdrew and positioned his cock om my mouth and there he goes one shot , second , third and fourth. His cum was all over my face. I saw on the bed. My pussy was dripping and my cum was leaking which was mixed with the blood as I was deflorated and had lost my virginity. He asked if liked the session. I replied “yes it was great”. He said what about another session. I replied him by opening my legs wide open. He fucked me again and this tim shot his load on my breasts. Then I sucked him.. snd drank his come. After that we both went to the bathroom to take a shower and there he fucked me one more time. When we came out of the bathroom , it was 3 o’clock in the morning. Both of us were really tired and decided to sleep but naked. He handed me a dildo and asked me to put it in my pussy while I was asleep and I did so. It felt great.we slept such that the dildo was there in my pussy all the night and I was sleeping between Umer’s legs such that his cock was al the time in my mouth. That was a nice sleep.
Next morning I was very sore between my legs due to the last night activity. Nida came in the bedroom with berak fast. I was wondering what she would be thinking. She said “Nice job , u did reall well to cope with my brother’s cock”. That was when I was told that the whole night Nida also didn’t sleep because he was seeing all the action live in the next room through the hidden cam they had put in the bedroom and bathroom. And also this that all the night activity has been recorded which definitely meant that I will have to be at their service whenever they wanted , otherwise all the people will come to know through that video that what I have done. And surely I provided my services regularly from than which I’ll describe later.
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2008-09-12 10:34:14
worst!!..bad grammar!and the spelling sucked..

you have no future in writing...

Umar is too brutal..almost unrealistic!besides 8 inches is too


2008-04-12 09:56:37
all the sunny boy want to fuck ur sisters and your girls u r son of mat2a


2008-02-17 17:33:50
tahw eht kcuf did u yas i t'nac dnatsrednu tihs fo tahw llay diad


2007-03-01 17:37:36
tum aurat nhi hoo ko i larka ya story write kar rhaa hey hahahahahah chutia smj rkha hey kia


2007-03-01 06:20:29
randy pakistanioon ka naam kharab kar thi hay. Itna shooq hay too jaa randy ban jaa aur khottay par bet jaa.

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