Where would we be without our dreams?
The coach smiled as she looked at the two young gymnasts practicing. “Where would we be without our dreams?” she asked herself as she watched. Christine and Sandra had begged to be allowed to stay for an extra half hour after class to practice their routine for the upcoming competition. They wanted to win.

At their age she’d had dreams of doing well enough to go to Nationals – maybe even the Olympics. Now, she realized with sadness, she had lost her dreams, but maybe one day, she’d help some girl realize her dream.

The woman looked at her watch and stepped forward. “Sorry girls; I’ve got to go now, so you’d better stop.” Christine looked at the coach and, with her most winning smile, pleaded to be left to practice a little more. She explained that her father wasn’t coming for another fifteen minutes and it would be better for them to wait inside that outside.

The older woman thought for a while. It wasn’t the policy to leave students without an adult but she was already late. It was true that they’d be safer inside; they were sensible girls and only doing a floor routine, so they wouldn’t get hurt.

She shrugged her shoulders “Well, o.k. I guess; I’ll lock the door behind me and, Christine, you’ll have to listen for your Dad.” Christine grinned and gave her coach a quick hug. “Thanks Ms. Jensen, we’ll be good. I’ll make sure Sandra behaves.” They all three laughed because Sandra was the most well behaved girl in the class.

The coach grabbed her coat and bag and left, making sure to shut the door behind her; shaking it to make sure the lock had closed. What she didn’t suspect was that a man was already inside. A man, who looked at the girls with lust as he rubbed his groin.

It was an old gym, without windows, and the lights were only on in the corner where the girls were practicing on the mats. Where the man stood in the shadows, they couldn’t see him – even if they’d thought of looking in that direction.

This was what he’d hoped; just him and the two girls. When he decided he could do anything he wanted to them. He was bigger and stronger than they were; they wouldn’t be able to resist. No need to rush, he could look at them and imagine what he could do.

The girls were bare foot, wearing only sleeveless tops and those skin-tight black shorts that came partway down their thighs. Beautiful athletic thighs, smooth skin over taut muscles and slim well-proportioned legs. Even from where he was standing across the gym he could see how the tight shorts clung to the roundness of their ass-cheeks and the flatness of their bellies. He could imagine how that material hugged the slit between their thighs, pushing up between the labia.

Licking his lips, he imagined rubbing his hand along those two virgin twats. The girls would scream and moan and beg him to stop but he wouldn’t.

He’d get them to undress; to pull their tops over their heads and push the shorts down their bare legs. When they were naked they’d stand there, probably blushing with shame or embarrassment. He’d be the first man to see them completely naked.

There were balance bars in the gym; he could get the girls to bend over them. Maybe he’d tie them in place with some of the jump ropes. They’d squirm as he fondled them but wouldn’t be able to escape his hands. Oh how he’d enjoy the smooth firmness of their trim, athletic rumps. His fingers would lead the way and then his prick.

He’d lick his finger and then rub in up and down their little slits. He’d choose one first and tickle her clitoris and slip his finger into her hole. As he rubbed she’d moan and, maybe, the moan of pain and fear would turn to one of excitement as her body responded to his touch. When he’d got the first one aroused he’d stop before she got to a climax and he’d do the same thing to the other one.

Even as he imagined what he would do to the girls the man felt his penis swelling, straightening, lengthening. As it got harder it pressed against the restraining cloth of his jeans. If he unzipped now it would spring out ready for action. That would terrify the girls, seeing him walk towards them with his shaft out, standing at attention.

With the girls tied over the balance beams he’d have access to both their little holes and he’d enjoy forcing his way in; however unwilling the girl and however dry the hole. He’d rip their hymen, if their gymnastic contortions hadn’t already. He’d stretch the sphincter muscles of their assholes. He’d take his time, getting pleasure from their screams, moans, groans and whimpers as he penetrated their virgin bodies.

His lips went dry as he thought of the pleasure he could get from their pinioned bodies. Licking his lips he looked at them as they practiced. They had no suspicion, that they were being watched by a man hiding in the shadows. A man who had the thoughts of a predator and who was looking at them as prey.

“O.K. Sandra;” said the girl with the long light-brown hair that fell halfway down her back. “You do the handstand into a back flip and I’ll spot you.”

“Christine, you can be bossy at times” Sandra responded with a grin. “Let’s do it.” She put her hands flat on the mat and flipped her legs into the air. Christine caught them and steadied her friend as Sandra stretched her legs up as high as possible, pointing her toes to the roof.

The man wished he was already holding those legs, feeling the smooth silky skin and the firmness of her thigh muscles. She looked good like that. He could tie her ankles together and hoist her up so that she dangled in the air. As he wouldn’t do it until she was stripped naked, he would be able to kiss her round little arse, lick her little cunt and suck her clit. He would hold her legs, just as Christine was holding them now. She wouldn’t be able to wriggle away from him.

Maybe he’d do that before he tied them to the bars. Yes, and he’d have Christine on her knees, her arms behind her back with her wrists tied to her ankles so that she would be leaning back. He’d have her spread her knees apart so that her sex would be open to his eyes.

Christine would have to watch. If Sandra wouldn’t take his prick in her mouth when he asked her he could whip her with his belt. He’d beat her on her thighs, her rump and her back until she shrieked for him to stop. After that she’d beg to suck his cock.

The man was certain that, after she’d seen him beat her friend, Christine would suck him right away. He could imagine her full lips closing on his shaft.

But maybe he’d tie her hands together in front of her and then tie them over her head so she’d dangle alongside her upside down friend. That would be good. He’d hold her head still and kiss her unwilling lips. He’d stroke her body, following the contours of her waist and hips. He’d trace the outline of her pubescent breasts with his fingertips and play with her nipples until they grew big and hard.

He drew a deep breath; there was so much he would like to do to those two innocent middle-schoolers. It would be hard to choose.

The man took another deep breath and glanced at his watch. It was about the time that Christine was expecting her father. He stepped forward and walked slowly across the gym.

At the sound of his footsteps the two girls looked up and smiled. “Hello Dad” Christine said, running over to hug him. “How did you get in?”

“I guess the door wasn’t fully latched” he answered. He kissed his daughter on the top of her head, enjoying the clean, sweet smell of her hair. His hands slipped over her backside as she hugged him.

“Hey, Sandra” he said, as his daughter went to collect her stuff, “How about a hug for your favorite uncle?”

Sandra laughed and came over to hug him. As her arms went round him and he felt her budding breasts against his chest, he hoped she didn’t notice that he was getting aroused by her touch. He gave her a slap on the rump and told her to get her stuff too.

He looked at the two girls as they bend over to put their socks and shoes on. Close up, the curves of their hips and the length of their legs was even more delicious.

Christine’s father turned away to hide the bulge in his pants. A bulge that he knew would never be satisfied. He smiled ruefully. “Where would we be without our dreams?" he thought to himself.

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I would have liked if you described the girls more

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Beautiful story

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Great story, I also enjoyed the final twist. your stories one of faves..

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