This is a story I wrote over 30 years ago but never let any body read it
Time on My Hands

Today I am 75 years this life...actually I am 223 years old. Hmmmm maybe I should explain. 223 years ago I was born on a farm in North Carolina The year 1790 3 June. My parents were sharecroppers and I was their 10th child, I had five brothers and 4 sisters. . Tom was the oldest at 13. Jason 11, Sue 10, Polly 9, Daisy 8, Dan 6, David 5, Lem 4, Jane 2 and me... Joe ...fresh born.

By the time I was 10 years old I was a full fledged working member of this farm. The beginning of a new century looked the same to me.

The only thing I had going for me was I was the best shot in the family. I kept the family in Meat I would go out about an hour before noon and be back by 2 O'clock Worst times to hunt but was the only time Poppa could spare me from my chores.

I loved the mountains, on one of the days Poppa could spare me I would make a long hunt and even spend the night in them. This trip I was doing a scout, Mr Patrick, the Farmer we sharecropped for had some friends he wanted to take hunting. Poppa volunteered me to guide them.

I spotted the evidence of a small avalanche and I heard what sounded like an injured rabbit. Since powder and ball was costly to us I had made me a sling and practiced till I was very good with it. I could fire off two rocks in the space of a second … and I was accurate.

I heard a growl... a wolf... I bent and picked up a couple of pigeon egg sized rocks I stepped around a large rock and spied the wolf. He spotted me and lowered his head and growled, before he could start moving I let fire with the first rock, slid my hand down the sling reloaded and let fire with the second rock.

The first rock hit the wolf in the forehead with stunning force. Before he could recover the second rock hit in the same spot. The wolf dropped to the ground unconscious before he could recover I drove my hunting knife into its throat and sawed into it. I started to skin the wolf when I heard a very weak voice saying, “Help me!”

I looked around and could see … something... not sure what. It looked almost humanoid but was covered in golden fur and was not over 3 feet tall, its face was...The forehead was broad the eyebrows prominent, the nose thin and narrow, the mouth was full of very sharp teeth. But the eyes...the eyes were very expressive and the intelligence was evident. The big problem was the large pile of rocks that had it pinned to the ground.

“Please Help Me.?”

“What are you?”

It answered “ I am a ******** “ The answer was incomprehensible. “Please free me and I will grant you wishes three.”

I began to remove the rocks from the creatures body thinking if he can grant wishes why does he need me to remove the rocks. When he was clear he explained that he was too weak to concentrate.

He asked what I wished for.

“I still don't believe you … But … Why not.” If I am going to do this my wishes will be long and complicated...they will be detailed.”

Wish 1: Deals with the body I wish to reach full growth by age 16. Height 6' 3” tall 200 lbs. with a cock 8” by 2 1/2”. Resistant to all diseases and self healing.

Wish 2: Deals with money I wish not for a dollar figure but a way to generate income that makes me one of the richest persons around. I expect to have a lawyer inform me of my wind fall with in the week. This Lawyer 's firm will always represent me and my business, fairly and honestly.

Wish 3. Deals with life I wish for, not eternal life but perpetual life. To be able to influence women to have sex but not to impregnate them till I am ready to pass the torch to my son. As he is born I shall die. He will be born with all my memories and will grow to be me. And by age 10 the new me will work with the law firm and began to manage my life and fortune.

The creature placed his hand on my shoulder and began to chant. I began to get dizzy … I opened my eyes and looked around ...I was alone it was all a dream... but the wolf was there. I went ahead and skinned it. I had to pee... I undid my pants reached inside and pulled out my cock and began to pee. Something felt different...I looked down at my hand holding my cock... it was no longer its usual 3” but looked to be at least 5”... wow maybe it was real.

I continued my scout, I spotted deer tracks, panther tracks and a few Bear tracks. They seemed to be fresh. I turned for home.

I couldn't wait to try things out especially my extra few inches..

Poppa listened to my tale of my scout (not about the wish giver) he agreed the hunt should go well even though I did not see anything other than the wolf.

Our house started out as as a two room shack as the children were born Poppa began adding on. Poppa would farm all day then build on in the evening. Now it looked like boxes stuck together.. Momma and Poppa had a room just off the Kitchen, the older boys had a room, the older girls had a room and Lem, Jane and I had a lean-to shack off the back.

Poppa, Tom and Jason were making plans to build another room...Tom was sweet on the Neighbors daughter Maggie. Soon as the room got built they would marry.

That night after Lem went to sleep I called out to Jane, she came over and slid into bed with me. Jane have you ever felt one of these... she giggled...I reached over and took her hand and placed it on my cock.

“Ooh it is so soft and hard at the same time. My body had tingles radiating from my cock to the top of my head and to the tip of my toes. “Jane take off your gown.”

She stood up next to the bed and lifted her gown over her head. Her body was beautiful, her breasts were the size of half grapefruit her nipples were as big around as my little finger and about a half inch long. Her ass was well shaped and added to her perfect hour glass figure. Then my eyes were drawn to the triangular patch of red hair between her legs. At twelve years she had the body of a grown woman. I don't think any of her sisters had a better body except maybe Sue.

I ran my hands over her body and leaned over and took one of her delicious nipples into my mouth and began to suckle I felt her body shiver. My fingers began to trace their way to that soft flaming patch of hair at the gates of her womanhood. I kissed over to the other nipple to give it equal treatment. Then my fingers made their way thru the soft jungle then sunk in to her slit, one finger then two. Then my mouth followed my finger trail.

My tongue slipped into her slit and lathered my way to her button I sucked her clit and she began to bounce. I sucked her petals into my mouth then plunged my tongue as deep as I could. Jane began to convulse in orgasm. I began to move back up her body and between her legs, the tip of my manhood searched out the entrance to her love nest. Then I slid in with barrier was met so I went as deep as I could and ground my Pubic bone against hers. At first we just lay there reveling in the wonderful feeling of natures miracle. We moved slowly then faster and faster until we were both out of control. I felt my climax nearing so I drove into her as deep as I could and bathed her insides with my sperm. It was enough to complete her desire and she released and then fainted.

After a few minutes Jane came around and smiled and kissed me. I smiled and asked her, “This was not your first time?”

She said no, “ Tommy had taken her in the cornfield over a month ago. She laughed he probably has done it with all our sisters.”

Chapter Two

The hunting party had arrived Mr. Patrick introduced Mr Salon and Mr James Scott to me. Mr Scott said. “ You are Joe Murphy....somehow I expected you to be older. I am a lawyer and I have some papers for you to sign and some funds to release to you.”

“After the hunt sir,” I replied

I led them on to the mountain and set them up on stands, then I made a sweep and drove a small herd of deer past them. I heard them firing shot each. I stepped out from the rocks to see that each one had gotten his deer. I made my way to the horses and brought up the pack horse. I cut the throats of each deer and gutted them then loaded them on the Travois. The hunters were proud of themselves for getting their deer with one shot. All the way back they bragged to each other.

Just before we arrived back at the house I asked Mr. Patrick how much it would cost for their house and sharecropper area.. He said , “ Oh I Don't know yours and the Neighbors place about $10,000.00. “

“Mr Scott you are my lawyer draw up the papers “ I told him. “I will be in tomorrow to sign everything.” Neither Mr Patrick or Mr Scott seemed to find it odd that they were doing business with a 10 year old.

I arrived at Mr Scott' s office at 10 am his secretary, Miss Johnson, brought me a glass of water while I waited for him to finish up with the papers. I sat admiring the bodice of Miss Johnson... She was a fine figure of womanhood. She was about thirty with a sly smile on her mouth as if she knew everyman and some women was drooling over her body.

He called me in and I was surprised to see Mr Patrick and Mr. Salon was there. Mr Scott laid out papers fo me to sign. By the time they were all signed they showed that I was worth over $500,000 . Next were the papers to the two farms for a total of 1800 acres. Mr Patrick offered me the rest of his holdings for $15,000 which included his house an 4000 acres. I agreed. Mr Salon spoke up and offered an additional 2500 acres fully planted with Tobacco with 2 Croppers, for $10,000. I looked over to Mr Scott and nodded write that up also.

My family just went from being poor croppers to land owners not just land owners the largest in this party of the country.

When I arrived back home and told Mom we would soon be moving... naturally she didn't believe me. When Poppa came in from the field I handed him the papers and told him we could move next week. Mr Patrick is moving to New York and is even leaving the furniture. And Poppa we own it all Tommy doesn't have to wait to get married...we own the Neighbors place too.. Mr Scott will represent us, after the harvest, with the buyers. Poppa just stood there holding the deeds … His body was shaking.... he was crying... my strong daddy was crying. He suddenly straightened up dried his eyes and Said Son I don't know how you did it but God Bless you.

The other thing was we had 7 other sharecroppers now that we owned it all. To get more out of them we increased their share by 20%. They were all surprised and happy that they now were receiving 50 % of their labor.

I had been a little upset that Tommy had got to Jane before I got the chance. I went to the Neighbors house and asked Momma Neighbors where Maggie was working. I found her in the Tobacco fields. I talked to her for awhile then we went to their pond and after a few minutes I talked her in to skinny dipping..

Maggie was a little plump but her tits were huge like two pillows hung on her chest. As she lifted her dress over her head she was nude, no under clothes were worn on the farm. We waded into the pond together. I stopped her just before the water reached her pussy. Maggie had blond hair and her pussy hair was almost invisible and her pussy lips were very prominent. I laid my finger straight up and down between her lips and my finger disappeared.

I had to taste her, I led her back out of the pond and over under a big oak tree. I slid my hands over her huge tits they were so soft and smooth I hugged them and kissed them. Her nipples were small, but I was drawn to them. I rolled her right nipple around with my tongue and sucked on it while I was tweaking the left with my thumb and fore finger. I continued this manipulation until I felt her body shudder. I gently puled her to the ground and while I continued to suckle her nipple and to play with her other tit. My left hand began its journey down her stomach til it entered the golden forest below . I ran my fingers thru her hair then my finger slid between the lips of her pussy...I heard her gasp, I slid my finger over her hard bump and massaged it for awhile. Her hips seemed to reflect the movement of my finger. I traveled on and slid my searching finger into her slit, first one finger then two. By this time she was bouncing all over the ground and I was beginning to understand what Tommy saw in her, she was hot and wild.

I think she had already climaxed twice when I left her glorious tits and move down to kiss around her pussy. I kissed down one side and up the other, I open her petals and sucked them into my mouth using my tongue to caress them. I moved on to her clit, I stroked my tongue around her hard button before I began to suck and twirl my tongue.

Her legs were over my back and they suddenly tightened pulling my face deeper into her pussy. I was gasping for breath but she was not going to release me til her orgasm was over. Finally she relaxed her legs and I was able to catch a breath. I moved up her body kissed her and slipped my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues seemed to fight a battle inside our mouths.

I felt her reach between us and grab my cock and guide it to her opening. As I felt the tip start to enter her I drove forward about two inches, pulled back til only the head was inside then drove fully inside. She shuddered with another orgasm I stroked in and out slowly savoring every movement of he tantalizing pussy. I knew I was close the tingling started at the back of my head and radiated down my body. My balls seemed to enlarge and Maggie was making odd sounds at the end of each stroke umph, umph, oooh. Then we both exploded , slowly we came down from the heights we had obtained...we just lay there.

Maggie said we had better wash off and get dressed before some one comes looking. I pulled out and we both dove into the pond.

As I grew older I had sex with all my sisters and the other sharecroppers daughters even to the colored family that we hired for our old place. They had 3 girls and boy were they Hot. Bessie Mae was 15, Dory 14 and Abby 18 Their bodies can be described at once... They looked likes triplets only flaw or difference was Dory had a broken front tooth and Abby was just a shade lighter. Bessie Mae looked like a Nubian princes I had read about. All of them had bubble butts and boobs the size of cantaloupes and were about 5'8'' tall

One day when I was 12, I was walking by the old place thinking about going to the old pond for a swim. There was Bessie Mae down on her knees grubbing taters. I walked over behind her lifted up her dress and squatted down folding her dress upon her ass. I dropped my pants an rammed it home. First shot my cock had found her entrance. She gasped and looked over her shoulder and seeing it was me. She began bouncing her big nubbian butt all over the place.

I looked over Bessie Mae's back and saw a pregnant Dory coming out of the corn. I'm next she called. I nodded and continued stroking. I reached forward and unleashed her big knockers. I twisted her nipples and rubbed her tits. I could tell by her movement she was nearing her climax. I stroked faster to help her cum. I stroked her tits with my left hand as my right slipped around and began rubbing her magic bump. That was all it took she orgasmed and fell forward off my dick. Didn't matter that I wasn't through.

Dory grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards. I fell onto my back and she mounted me and said gotcha I guess it didn't matter that I hadn't finished in one sister it would just be in another. I reached up for her tits and asked her where was Abby. Between strokes she said, ''Under the oak tree playing with herself just a waiting her turn.''

Their 17 y.o. brother Rufus stepped out of the cornfield, Grasped Bessie's hips and begin to insert his 10'' snake into her dripping hole. I was thinking damn I wished for a big'un. But Rufus come by his natural and it was still bigger than mine. He looked at me and said I'll race you.

Dory was stroking and twisting her butt on her down stroke and I was slamming up to meet her. We went at it for about 10 minutes the strain was beginning to show on our faces sweat was running off in rivulets. Could Rufus, who was straining, hang on for just a few more minutes. At the 13 minute mark Rufus reached his peak and flooded Bessie Mae's womb with baby juice. Dory began gasping, and slammed down Pubic bone to pubic bone and ground herself into mine. That did it she had tightened her interior muscles and squeezed my ejaculation right out of me.

Rufus laughed and said you win lets go swimming, Dory lifted off me and I stood up. Abby looped her arm thru mine. She smiled, ''When you get washed and rest a bit you are mine.'' It's nice to know I had something to look forward to now.

We played around a bit in the pond. Abby and I was in water about waist deep on me. She reached for my cock, it was standing tall. She placed her arms on my shoulders and leaped up to put her legs around her waist. I made an adjustment and slid right into her. Abby always felt tight, she also had control of he inner muscles. I found out how much control one day when I was eating her and she clamped on to my tongue and held on for a few seconds.

She was raising her hips hesitating then sliding her pussy quickly down the full length of my dick. I was rising to to meet her stroke for stroke. We continued until we both reached a crescendo and crashed down. Rufus rushed to us as my legs collapsed and we we were going under the water. He and his sisters pulled us out and lay us on the grass. I looked up and said Wow. Abby laughed and said Me too.

Poppa took right to running the big farm ...all the sharecroppers liked him and he was fair minded. Tommy and Jason became the overseers, Sue and Polly married the sons of Sharecroppers. The rest of the kids started school and eventually married townies. I moved on to the bigger Cities, Mr Scott Married Miss Amy Johnson and remained as my Lawyer. With all the years that have passed the Scott Law Offices has always handled my legal business.

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