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My wife Amanda was not really into football, but she would bet on the games anyways, sometimes she would get lucky, but not to often. The bets were always if she lost, she would mow the grass or she would take the trash out for a week,or the odd time, I would do the dishes or clean the house, you know innocent stuff. Well this time, it all changed, she was either getting bored, or she really thought her team could win, any ways, the game was just about to start, I had two friends over, and they were enjoying the big screen TV and the brews, they brought the snacks, and what ever else they wanted to drink, which was nothing, so we set up the table, got the recliners, knowing already we would be in them to much, so I had regular straight chairs there too. The game was on it's way, it was on of those boring games, you know tie score, high scoring game, so we opted to change the station to another game, well this one just got started because of the last game, it was a sleeper too. but this game starting was the best, not only did it have two good teams, but it was also Amanda's favorite team, so she was all there, every time the refs made a bad call against her team, she would jump and cuss them out, now not only did this make for an interesting game, but also the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, so her large tits were bouncing all over the place. The guys were all into watching her, and when her team scored a TD she really gave us a show. But that only happened twice, she was all over the game, so finally I said honey, your team isn't doing so well, she said oh yea, wanna bet on it, I said what dishes or do you want to make a real bet, she said whats on your mind you stud, I smiled and said if your team wins, I'll serve your next woman's meeting nude, but if my team wins, you do the same for the poker game this coming Friday, she looked at the others, they were all smiles, she said hum, see you nude serving the ladies would be fantastic, but I'm not sure how they would take it, I said ok, I'll wear an apron to cover up some, she said ok, your on, I said but if you lose, your nude during the entire night of the game, she said ok. well she lost, her team fell apart on the third quarter and they lost really badly, she hung her head low, I tried to console her, but she did want it, I said I'll call off the bet if you'd like, she said oh no, that's not it, it's that my team just gave up, it's just sad, that's all, I said oh honey, they'll get it together, so she went off, I said ok guys, looks like this Friday is going to be interesting, they were all over that. That week I was so busy that I hadn't gotten with her until Thursday morning to tell her what I wanted for the game, she said no problem, she had it all under control, I wouldn't be sorry, I said hum, ok, what do you have planned Mrs. Walker, she just gave me an evil smile and said you'll have to wait and see. Friday afternoon I was setting up the table and getting a fresh keg installed, everything was set, we played out on the lanai so if any one wanted to smoke they could, but none of the group does, so we just like the fresh air, and it's closer to the beer. She came out of the spare bedroom around 4 and asked when they were all coming, I said around 7, she smiled and said ok, when the bell rings, I'll answer the door, I said ok, be sure to have a smile on, and that's all, she smiled back as she walked off, she said oh you'll just have to wait and see, well I heard the door open early, around 5:30 but when I looked no one was there, so I thought Amanda went outside for something. When 6:45 came around, the guys started to come in, the bell went off, and Amanda said I have it, so she went to the door, she opened it and the two that were there just smiled and she showed them to the lanai, all she had on was a black bow tie, she looked hot, her hair was done up, pulled atop her head, she had on some make up and she looked like she was a million dollars, or more, I wanted to make passionate love to her right then and there, she just smiled and said nope, games on. I heard the door bell go off again, it should be the other two guys, and when she opened the door, I heard holy shit, your fucking hot Amanda, and she showed them in, she said ok, what can I get you boys to drink, they told her, all beers, so she went to the bar and drew up five beers, now just seeing her standing with her back to us, her tight ass looking at us, it was fantastic, she turned with four and sat them down, when she bent over to serve, her huge tits almost went into the beer glasses, she set them into place and went back for mine, she said ok guys, the snacks are over there, when you need any, call out, she said I'll be right back. She took off towards the spare bedroom, we got started on the game, now we play mainly for fun, I think the most anyone has lost was $10.00, it's mainly for the guys to get out and have some good fun. After about five minutes Amanda came back with another woman in the same non clothes, it was Pam, her oldest daughter, she heard about the game and what her mom was going to do, she volunteered to help her out, so I had two ladies with enormous tits serving us, it was a dream come true. After about an hour and a half, Amanda stood up and said ok, any one need to have refills, well they all downed there glasses and handed them to the girls, they refilled them, and when they brought them back she stood up and said ok, the next winner is going to get a special present from either myself or my daughter, and she said no more, she turned and sat back down. Jim won the next hand, the girls stood up and said ok Jim, choose one of us, now the rules are simple, what happens on your prize is to be kept to yourself, your not to tell any one, or the presents will stop, ok, we all shook our heads yes, in totally disbelief, he stood up and choose Amanda, so she took his hand and took him into the bedroom, Pam said ok boys, go ahead and play another hand, he'll be a bit, so we started to deal another hand, Pam stood there watching us, we were all to interested on what was happening inside the bedroom to play, but we did. It was about ten minutes when Jim came out with the biggest shit eattin grin on his face, he sat down, took a large gulp of his beer, he said ok, what's the bet, he all were dieing to hear all about it, Pam said remember, nothing about what just happen, so continue your game please. We played another few games, Pam stood up and said ok, the next winner gets to go into the bedroom, but only one per customer, so we played the hand out, and Joseph won, he stood up and picked Pam, she stood and took his hand, they went into the bedroom, Amanda said ok guys carry on. We played two more hands before Joseph came out, he too had a big grin on his face, we played like this until Amanda stood up, the last three of us were all excited, she announced the next winner would go to the bedroom next. We all tried our best, but Jim won, so she said ok, he's won already so which ever one of you three wins next gets to go into the bedroom, well it took three hands before Mark won, he stood up and grabbed Amanda's hand, almost pulling her down the hall to the bedroom, we played another hand, he came out quicker than the other two, but he too had the big grin on his face. It was getting frustrating to hear her say ok, but Paul and I couldn't win, so after a long time, Paul finally won a hand, he jumped up and took Pam into the bedroom, he came out after about five minutes, he was also smiling, well at this point I thought I'd never win, Amanda and Pam were rooting for me, but the cards weren't there, and after an hour or longer, I finally won, I stood up, Amanda said ok, since your the last, you get to choose, she looked straight into my eyes, she said if you want to choose Pam, go right ahead, I'll not hold it against you, it's your right, I said ok, but what am I getting as a prize, she said you have to go inside to find out, so I said ok, come on Pam, lets go, so she walked with me into the bedroom, she turned to me, knelt down and unzipped my shorts, they fell around my knees, she took my cock and sucked me off, she was very good, it took me a little bit, but I said oh my god, I'm going to blow, she increased her pace, I blew my load, she started to pull away, I held her in place, I put two more pulses into her mouth, she swallowed them all, I said oh damn that was fantastic, she licked her lips and said good, I've been dieing to do that to you, I said well can you stay afterwards, I'd love to return the pleasure, she smiled and said oh yea, I'm staying the night, I smiled and said fantastic, so when we rejoined the group they all cheered for me, I took my bow and we continued on playing. It was around 1:30 when we all stopped the game and called it a night, the girls all gave them another head job as they left, they were all over that, so when they were gone, I turned to them and I said ok, it's my turn to pay you both back, Amanda said your damn straight you are, lets get to bed, my pussy is dripping wet, Pam said oh yea, I want that cock inside me also, so lets do this, I followed behind them and we screwed until I had no more cum inside me, we fell asleep and the next morning I was awakened by lips around my cock, it was Pam, she wanted more, so I gave it to her, she stayed until almost lunch, and the girls drained me again, it was the best poker night in history, all the guys still want to have it at my house every week,I said oh no, you have to have your turns too, they said yea, but our wives wouldn't do that in a million years, Amanda said I'll talk to them for you guys, and she did, none of the girls would have that kind of party but they did rotate into our games ever so often, it sure beats five guys sitting there tell jokes and drinking beer.

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It's actually not a bad story if you can be bothered to read it

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opened the page, looked at the wall of crap, didn't bother going further. give up posting until you learn to write


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