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They were all assembled at Aunt Claira’s. She had a large property in southern Georgia; farmland, ranch, creek, and a mansion-sized house. With all that, there was no wonder why every Thanksgiving and Christmas took place here. Throw in the fact that Charlotte and her family were only a two hour drive away and it made for a splendid weekend for the family. This Thanksgiving came with a little rain, which was a little out of the ordinary for this time of year, and with it the family was all ushered inside to enjoy the festivities under a dry roof.

“Oh my God, I love your earrings!” Jane exclaimed, cupping Charlie’s ear with her hand. Jane was two years younger, and at twelve years old she was already acting out and trying to emulate her older cousin. It was nice to see the rest of the family again, Mom’s side, that is. The Tanner’s, her dad’s side, were a lot older and quieter with not as many kids her age. So when she got the chance to visit Mom’s side of the family, the Brown’s, she always enjoyed spending time with her cousins. There was Jane who was always the loudest and most boisterous. Teddy, who was quiet and a little awkward fifteen year old, and Patrick, who Charlie thought if he wasn’t her cousin she would have jumped on him and kissed him the first chance she got. At 6’2, Patrick was lean and muscular, captain of the football team (uncle Don wouldn’t shut up about that one), and Principal’s list student, making him the heartthrob of every teenage girl in the neighborhood. Charlie always did try to get his attention, even when she didn’t mean to. She was a little developed for her age, and she didn’t mind showing it off when she got the chance. She had a slender waist and a tight body, two things she could attribute not only to her genes but also to the rigorous hours put into her dance team. Her breasts were perky and already at a C cup, much bigger than a lot of other girls in her grade. But what she was most proud of all was her butt. Where most girls at the school had a flat skinny one, Charlie’s was firm and curvaceous, she often caught even grown men listlessly staring.
“Jane! Charlie! Get your butts down here dinner is ready!” she heard mom call from downstairs. The girls scampered out of Jane’s room on the third floor and descended the two flights of stairs eagerly.

When they arrived in the dining room, they had already seen Uncle Don sitting at the head of the table, with Aunt Claira still running around and placing dishes here and there. Mom and Dad were already seated, with Patrick and Teddy sitting across from them. She moved towards the empty seat next to Patrick when the doorbell rang. “Oh sweety, that’s your brother, please get the door for him,” her mother motioned towards the hall.

‘Damnit!’ thought Charotte. Her brother was nineteen and nothing but an asshole. He had teased her and ridiculed her his whole life and when he finally went off to college three states away she was free of his annoyances.

When she opened the door, the sneering teenager she remembered vanished from her memories. In his place was a well-dressed, well-groomed adult that stood dashingly poised. She couldn’t help but hug him, he was her brother after all.

“What’s up, Charles?” he said mockingly, but he hugged her back all the same.
“You know I kind of missed you, Ben, kind of...” she replied sarcastically.

When they had all sat down for dinner, Teddy led them in prayer. The feast was amazing as always. Aunt Claira had prepared a stuffed turkey while Uncle Don and mom did the other dishes; buttered corn, honey-baked ham, chunky mashed potatoes with bits of bacon, sweet potato fries, fried plantains, three different kinds of salad, and a plate of grilled veggies.

The dinner had been consumed unrestrained, and afterwards everyone was so full they just sat around the living room and exchanged boring old stories that Charlie couldn’t find any appeal in. Jane had run upstairs earlier after dinner, and Charlie went after her only to find her passed out on her bed.

“You lazy bitch...” she whispered to herself. Jane had left her to nothing but three boys and a bunch of old people. Perturbed, Charlotte went about the third floor just looking for something to entertain her. She came upon a room with hardwood floors and boxes of junk strewn everywhere. The first thing she spied was chutes and ladders, a game they had play incessantly when they were younger. She began looking through all there was in the room, through dusty old boxes and worn plastic crates full of toys and games.

“What are you stealing?” she hadn’t heard Ben enter, but there he was at the door to the room eyeing her suspiciously.

“Jane fell asleep and I’m bored! All this stuff is for kids there’s nothing to do her,” she complained, it was not until after she said it she realized how childish she sounded.

“You are a kid, Charles,” he japed. “Well I actually came upstairs to say goodbye, I’m going to stop at my girlfriend’s for the night and see her family.”

Girlfriend? She didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. “When were you going to tell me you had a girlfriend?” she was peeved, but she didn’t know why.

“Well we have only been dating for two months so it’s nothing serious. They live close by so I figured I’d meet them before I head back home tonight.”

“Fine, go,” she said. She felt something, a little envy perhaps. She hadn’t seen her brother since the beginning of August and he was in a rush to see some girl he was always around anyways.

“Awww, Charlie, don’t be upset. I’ll probably be back tonight and we have all weekend to hang out,” he said with all the sincerity he could muster as he moved to hug her.

She pushed him away. “Probably,” she added, sourly.

“No need to act like a little bitch. You don’t know what it’s like to be my age sometimes you need a girl around.”

“A bitch? Fuck you! I know exactly what what you need, it’s not a girl you just want sex,” before she knew what she was doing she caught herself punching him right in the stomach, as hard as she could. He took the punches pretty well, and when she reeled back he grabbed her wrists and brought her arms to her sides.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you’re fucking crazy!” and just like that the brother she remembered had returned. She wanted nothing more than to have him out of this room and out of her sight. She tried to wrench free from his grip but he was too strong and his hands too big.

“Let go of me!” she screamed.

His hand found her mouth and held her against his chest. “Shut up!” he whispered in her ear. “If you scream one more time I’ll throw you into those boxes over there.”

She was tougher because she had grown up with such an aggressive brother, and she didn’t fear getting hurt as much as most girls her age probably did. She licked his palm.

“Ew,” he said, shaking his hand off and wiping it on the front of her blouse.

“You asshole this is a brand new shirt!” she grew irate and began hitting him again.

He pushed her into a box, but she braced herself with her hands and reached into the dusty old cardboard to pull out a thick plastic toy. She turned around and threw it as hard as she could. Ben ducked, and the toy went slamming into a stained glass painting behind him.

The sound of shattering glass was muffled by the plaster and cardboard it was resting against, but the painting was a destroyed mess all the same.

“Oh wow, you are truly fucked now. Aunt Claira is going to go apeshit over that,” he told her, as he looked coldly into her eyes. His jade colored eyes that seemed so much darker in the dimly lit room.

“Shut up please don’t tell! Ughh I hate you so much it’s all your fault!” She ran to him to push him, but he grabbed her wrists again and turned her into him, her backside now pressed hard against him as he restrained her from the front. His big hands covered her chest, even her boobs and nipples as he tried to hold her still. Even in the fit of rage she could feel his dick in his jeans, pressing against her butt. “Let go of me!” she wanted to scream but kept her voice down for fear of being caught.

“No. You fucked up that painting now I’m going to tell them. You’re a wild little shit and you really need to learn to behave.”

“Please don’t tell! I promise I won’t do or say anything. I’m sorry!” she pleaded, she felt so powerless against him, and in that moment she did truly regret that bit of rage she could not control. “I’ll behave just let me go.”

“Fine, you can go,” he said softly as he released her. She turned around to face her big brother, and as she did he unzipped the front of his fly. “But first you have to make me cum,” he added. At first Charlie was just lost and confused. After he reached into his jeans and pulled out his dick she came back to reality and realized what he was asking of her.

“What?!” was all she could manage.

“Put your mouth on it, Charlie, or Aunt Claira finds out who broke her lovely glass.”

In his hands his dick seemed to grow larger, stiffer. She had heard her friends and other girls talk about what they’ve done with boys but Charlotte hadn’t even kissed a boy yet, much less given one a blow job.

“No! I can’t! You’re my brother and I don’t even know how to!”

“I’m not asking you to have sex, so who cares if I’m your brother. And what’s there to know? Put it in your mouth and suck on it,” he stated coolly, as if he were asking her something completely normal.

“Fuck no!” She said as she bolted to the door. She didn’t get past him though, he wrapped her up again and as he pulled her back. His dick pressed against her thighs right where her jean shorts ended. It felt hard and warm to the touch, she fought as much as she could but her brother was just too strong for her.
“Charlie, ha ha ha. Fine I’ll tell Aunt Claira what you did and you can deal with her and Uncle Don.”

Aunt Claira was scary when she was mad, Charlie knew that much from her childhood and how menacing she would get whenever Jane misbehaved.

“If I suck it can I go?” she asked, demurely.

“You have to make me cum, but yes,” he said as he released her, his member had still been against her thigh the entire time. She felt a warmth between her legs and where his cock had been.
She knelt down awkwardly until her brother’s hard dick was level with her head. She hadn’t seen one in a long time, ever since she saw Ben come out of the shower or dad through the crack of an open door in their parents’ bedroom. She tried to remember what her friends had told her, and the first thing she did was wrap one of her small hands around Ben’s large dick.

The skin was loose under her palm, and she felt the warmth that had been against her thigh but moments ago. She leaned in close and kissed the tip, like she had seen done in a porno that her and her friends watched. She looked right at Ben’s green eyes when she moved her head away.

“That’s good. Now open your mouth and put it inside,” he coaxed. She did as he instructed. The sooner he came the sooner she could get out of this dark dusty room and head downstairs. She never thought the first blow job she’d give would be to her brother. She’d even rather have it be Patrick!

As her lips wrapped around the head of his dick, she felt him throb in her mouth and grow even harder. Where the skin was loose, his entire length was now stiff as a board and tight around the girth. She sucked the air out of her mouth, and tasted the saltiness of his manhood.

“Not like that! Move your mouth up and down on it, and be sure to use your tongue.”

Listening to her brother, she began bobbing her head back and forth, her lips running along the length of his cock while her tongue pressed against the bottom of it. She felt it easier to slide her lips up and down as her saliva seemed to spread all over her brother’s hard dick.

“Oh fuck yea, that’s so goood,” he moaned.

As Charlotte worked her big brother’s cock in her mouth, she felt a warmth between her legs as his moans grew longer and louder. She was turned on. Just the feeling of his hardness in between her lips and the sounds he made had created a bit of wetness on her lower lips.

As his moans grew deeper, he placed a hand on Charlie’s head and began to guide her as she took more and more of his cock in her mouth. She could only fit about half of it before the tip would hit the back of her throat and she felt herself about to gag, so she focused on the part she could take in her mouth. Her brother was big, bigger than she thought any boy could feel. As she continued her work, she unknowingly found herself rubbing her little pussy from the outside of her tight shorts with her right hand.

Then her brother began pulling her into him, his hand had found the back of her head and he was bringing her head in as his cock pushed against the back of her throat. Panicking, Charlie let go of her pussy and pushed her palms against her brothers thighs, trying desperately to get his hard cock out of her mouth. It was no use, he pulled her in more and she gagged and coughed while her brother’s hard cock descended into her throat. She felt her eyes tearing up, and her gagging would not end as she spit and coughed all over the thick cock now almost entirely in her mouth. She was scared Ben would even push her further in an attempt to get the remaining two inches inside her.

She pounded on her brother’s thighs with her fist, trying to get him to let go. Her tears ran down her face as he grew even wilder, shoving her against his pelvis, his entire cock now in her mouth and down her throat, choking her.

Just when she thought she would pass out, she felt his cock throb in her mouth. A warm spurt of his cum shot down her throat as her brother released her. She slid back so fast his cock came flying out, still cumming, landing loads on her lips, chin, and neckline.

She coughed, feeling the warm cum inch down her throat. She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and regained her composure.

“FUCK YOU, YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!” She screamed as loud as she could.

“Charlotte calm down everyone will hear you! You have my cum on your face and chest,” he pointed out.
As she tried to look down, she spread the sticky liquid all over her neck and her shirt. Getting up, she stormed out of the room and into the upstairs bathroom. After cleaning herself off and calming down a bit, she headed back downstairs, trying desperately to act normal around her family.
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