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Though I don't agree with the events fully in my story I also hold no responsiblity for it.
[Though I don't fully agree with incest I thought I would write a story about it.This is my first story of course so I ask that you please not judge it to harshly.I've put quite a bit of thought into it.Of course this is purely fictional,hope you enjoy]

It was early June, the heat was enough to make anyone feel as if they were dying--even those who drove around town with their air conditioning cranked up. A young female by the name of Tamara sat around her house idly. Every since she had gotten off of school for Summer vacation, Tamara had found herself sitting around the house a lot lately with nothing to do. Most of her friends were either at work of busy with lives of their own, which of course excluded Tamara from their plans completely. Sitting on the couch wearing nothing more than a T-shirt that went to mid-thigh, Tamara would contemplate her activities of the day. Mindy, Tamara's older sister of 18 and only two and a half years older than Tamara herself was at work. Cindy, her mother would also be away until late the next morning.

Tamara was pretty cute for a girl of Seventeen. Though she was only around 5'4 at most, she more than made up for her height with her rather nice 36-C breasts, and hour-glass figure.With the car gone, Cindy having taken it with her to work it would leave Tamara stuck at home with her father who at the time was unemployed. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that he was a lazy slob or anything, but because of a misunderstanding between co-workers at his job he would be the one to get layed off, rather than his employer deal with racial problems.

Getting up off of the couch, Tamara went upstairs for a shower.Despite the cool air-conditioning on in the house, that had already turned her nipples a bit hard she was still feeling a bit sweaty. Walking up the stairs--if one were to stand right beneath her they'd notice indeed she was wearing nothing underneath the T-shirt she had made into a nightshirt.Passing both her room and her fathers,she noted he was stretched out on his bed. The door to his room seemed to be slightly ajar allowing her enough room to see him without being noticed.

As her eyes traveled over his well-toned body, she noted his pants began to bulge and a soft sound of female moans were issuing from the t.v.Surely he wasn't watching a porn, Tamara thought to herself.Catching a glimpse of the T.V it appeared he was watching Sex and The CIty. Watching Andrew--her father becomming so aroused and hard at the site of the two on the t.v began to make Tamara arroused. So many times she had watched her mother, when her parents embraced smack his ass playfully, or he do much the same to her. Over tme she found herself becomming jealous and wanting to be on the receiving end of those spankings, wanting to touch his well-built form.

Looking up, Andrew felt as if someone was watching him. Turning off the tv he went to his bedroom door and opened it to see Tamara standing there. For a second all she could was stand there staring down at his massive bulge.He saw this and stirred the curiousity inside of him. For so long he wanted to be able to touch his daughter, to know hiow it felt to be within her tight young cunt.Clearing his throat he spoke"Did you need something" Blushing furiously, Tamara gulped and nodded"I---uh...just came to see if you need to use the bathroom before I go and take a shower." Again Andrew quirked a brow"No...I'm fine thank you"With that he turned and went back to his room, this time closing the door behind him.

Quickly Tamara ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind her. As she closed the door behind her, she leaned on it her back pressed against the solid wood. Closing her eyes she hoped to god he hadn't noticed her oogling over his erection.


2010-09-22 02:39:34
Good start though a bit rushed and needs more more text to become a story... looking good so far however.


2008-01-12 13:33:39
perhapps you should make small notes about your carecters. In the second paragraph you said mindy tamaras sister was 18 2 1/2 years older then tamara.
But the begining of the third paragraph you said tamara was 17 Well youyou do the math it dosen't add up


2006-07-13 16:36:21
ch 2 could make it ok


2006-06-15 21:58:42
it'agood start


2005-08-01 20:51:47
umm.... this would be a great start... but its not even a sex story.. there is nothing sexual in it... cut out the last paragraph and a half..... and have them have sex...

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