Emily Osment gives a dying boy more than he could wish for.
Let me tell you, getting diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor three weeks before my eighteenth birthday was one of the worst things that could have ever happened to me. Tonight though would be one of the best nights, if not the last night I had a chance to go out and enjoy myself. I was given around nine months to live, and already three of those had passed. My body starting to feel the effects of the drugs they put me on just to try and keep me from suffering, doctors said I didn't have long until I'd be confined to a hospital bed for the rest of my very short existence.

But tonight the Wishes for the Sick foundation was coming through, one last reprieve before one room became my home. I was always the shy, nerdy type. While others my age had gotten into sports, babes, and cars, I stayed true to my ways and stuck to my computer games, sci-fi books, and my one guilty pleasure, Disney.

Even though it was something reserved for pre-teen girls, I absolutely fell in love with "Hannah Montana." And surprisingly it wasn't like most people, I couldn't actually stand Miley Cyrus, I thought she was an appalling actress. No, my sights were set on her on-screen sidekick, Emily Osment. I'd watched her go from perky and cute sidekick to babe as she grew up on the show, and now Wishes for the Sick was going to give me the chance to meet her.

As you can probably imagine, I've never had a girlfriend and only made it on a few dates in my life, so the chance to meet and hang out with a celebrity, especially my celeb crush was a rather fitting end to things. Due to some of my limitations the plan was rather simple. I'd get picked up in a limo and taken to a hotel suite where I'd finally get to meet Emily and we'd be served dinner. We'd then just sit back on the couch for a few hours and watch a few movies or TV (I actually picked out a bunch of things she was in so we could at least talk about it), then she'd get picked up and taken home by the Limo and I'd get to spend the rest of the night in the suite.

I became more anxious as the limo took me through the city. I wasn't quite sure what to wear so I wore my best dress clothes. Even though it wasn't a real date I brought a flower with me (though perhaps bringing a lily was a little too cheesy, but I didn't have time to turn back now). I just sat back and waited to arrive at the hotel. I must have fallen asleep for a moment as I awoke with a little startle when I heard the door being open. "We've arrived sir," the limo driver said. I climbed out of the limo, grabbed my flower and was mobbed by several camera flashes.

A few cameramen and some people also in fancy suits came up to me. "You must be Daniel," the guy said. He went on to say how he was from Wishes for the Sick, and something about being glad to be able to provide this for me, blah, blah, blah. I have to admit, I wasn't really paying attention, I was a really just nervous at this point. Some smiling and nodding though, a little posing for the camera seemed to placate them though. Pretty soon I was being ushered to an elevator and upstairs. I was about to see if they were able to pull off the last little part of my request. If they couldn't, I wouldn't be worried but it'd be sweet if it happened.

We got out at one of the higher floors and started to proceed down the hall. She wasn't in sight yet, was she in the room already? My question was soon answered as the hotel room door was opened by one of the suits and there stood Emily, and they got the last part of my request. I always thought Emily looked the hottest when she was dressed up as Lola, an alter-ego on the show best described as an anime character come to life.

Emily couldn't be dressed hotter, especially since she was in one of my favorite Lola outfits: little purple heels, tight bright indigo pants that showed off her great legs, a white blouse with purple accents, red plaid jacket, green scarf and of course topped off by a shoulder length light shiny purple wig. Of course to top this off she wore a bright smile on her face as she came and gave me a hug.

"It's so nice to meet you Daniel."

She was hugging me, I was in heaven–Emily Osment was hugging me, and dressed as Lola. Already from her voice I could tell she was just as sweet in person as she seemed on TV. Pictures were also being taken while she was hugging me in greeting. She finally pulled back and we were asked to turn and face the camera, several more pictures being taken. I guess this is the price for something like this, publicity after all.

I'll have to admit, dinner was rather awkward. It wasn't like going out to a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, we were surrounded by camera people and the suits the entire time–it didn't really allow us a chance to talk at all. As dinner wore on I was starting to get a little disappointed, this was nothing like what I imagined it would be like. Only a few words were spoken by either of us, most of the talking being between the suits and the photographers.

After dinner started out the same way, we moved to the couch and they took staged pictures of us "talking." This lasted for about 20 minutes, more tuning out on my part, smiling, posing, looking like I was enjoying myself but I was getting bored out of my mind at this point. Finally after probably the three hundredth picture was taken Emily turned to them and said, "I thought this was supposed to be about me spending time with a sick kid, not all these pictures. Now shoo, and pick me up at 10:30."

Three hours, I was actually going to get three hours just to lazily hang out with Emily. Season 1 of Hannah Montana had been playing in the background for a bit now, it was apparently turned on when they started shooting pictures of us hanging out but in my boredom I hadn't noticed it. I just kinda concentrated on the screen while the suits and the photographers left. Once the hotel room door finally shut she got up and latched the door to prevent them from coming back.

"Finally," she said as she came back over and plopped onto the couch again, just sprawling out. Man, even as she just lays where she falls she's hot. "I'm sorry about that," she said while rolling her eyes. "I've never worked with them before, they're trying a little too hard to catch up with Make-A-Wish."

I laughed a little, it was nice to see her a lot more relaxed now. "Yeah," was all I could say in response, still just amazed that I was alone in a room with Lola–er Emily.

"So Daniel, may I ask what's wrong? They didn't really say, just that you were sick and your wish was to go on a date with me," she asked, starting to sit up.

I smiled a little–couldn't help it, she was showing interest. "Well," I started, "About three months ago, right before I turned eighteen I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Doctors gave me nine months or so. Based on their projections I only have a few more weeks at best before it will reach a point that I'll be hospitalized permanently."

Emily opened her mouth in shock, and quickly slapped a hand up to cover it. I had to admit, this amused me greatly since I'd seen her do it so many times on TV, now here she was doing it in person. "Don't worry about it," I added hastily, "I've actually come to terms with it already."

It was another long moment before her hand came off her mouth. "I'm so sorry Daniel," she said. Now she started to look nervous and said, "Do you mind if I ask another question."

Another smile from me, "Of course Emily, ask anything."

"Well," she said, looking up and away for a moment in another adorable way, "I was wondering why when you could have asked to do anything you asked to hang out with me? I'm not that famous, I'm actually pretty normal. And won't your girlfriend get jealous?"

A laughed much more loudly this time and looked over to the TV, another one of the scenes she stole in Hannah Montana was on. I looked back to her and said, "Because I fell in love with you watching the show. I think you're a terrific actress and you just looked like someone who would be fun to be around." I'm sure I blushed as I also quickly said, "Plus I think you're totally hot." I reached up to scratch the back of my neck and said, "I also don't have a girlfriend, I've never had one."

"You've never had one? You seem nice though."

"Well," it was my turn to look away from her, "I've always been kind of a nerdy guy, so girls were never interested."

"Ah, high school," she said, "say no more." She smiled very genuinely at me. She went back to watching herself on TV for a moment before she finally turned back and looked at me more earnestly. "Wait, so you've never had a girlfriend?"

"No," I said to her. This was a lot more awkward for me to talk about then my own impending death was.

She now sat up a bit more, edging a little closer. "Is this your first date?"

"Yeah," I responded to her, feeling my cheeks burn a little bit in embarrassment.

"That is SO sweet," she said to me. "You could have done almost anything for your wish and you chose to go on a date, and chose me. That's adorable." She blushed a little and bit her lower lip, looking up at the ceiling as if she was thinking.

This was a bit weird, I didn't really know what to say, but even as she sat there it was still so hot to me, I couldn't have wished for anything more.

"Close your eyes," she barked at me. I don't think I followed through fast enough due to utter shock and she said, "Close your eyes," a little more kindly.

I closed my eyes wondering what she had in mind. I heard shuffling on the couch and waited, the actress was up to something but–"OH MY GAWD" I thought suddenly, I felt something soft touch my lips and I realized that Emily was giving me a kiss. I didn't move, completely frozen from shock. After what felt like a very good eternity she withdrew and I opened my eyes. As I pressed my lips together and looked at her as she stood over me, I noticed that she was wearing strawberry lip gloss. I also noticed that she had taken off the plaid jacket and green scarf, only in the white blouse now, I'm sure it was more comfortable for her. She had also taken off the purple wig, her long blonde hair looking absolutely luxurious without the wig covering it.

"There, now you can't say that you haven't had something special happen to you," she said as she sat down next to me. "I also hope you don't mind I lost the jacket, it's rather warm in here."

There was no complaint here, it just made it easier to look at Emily's body. Instead of sitting on the opposite side of the couch she was next to me now. We didn't talk for the next little while, instead watching two more episodes of Hannah Montana.

It was about 9 o'clock when she grabbed the remote and hit pause on the DVD. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said. I was rather confused by her behavior–what was she going for now? "Alright Daniel, I know all the guys see me and like my body, I'm not an idiot."

I just stared at her, I didn't really know what to respond, especially since it was more of a statement then a question. She finally got to the question and said, "Which would you rather see, my tits or my ass?"

I was speechless, feeling my jaw fall open and she laughed. When I finally regained my composure I shook my head at her. "Emily, I didn't ask for this wish cause I hoped to see you naked, I just thought it would be nice to spend a few hours hanging out with you." I got up off the couch and she watched me, I went to where I left the flower I hadn't had the chance to give her and grabbed it. I brought it back and said, "I don't want you to think that's all I'm hoping for, I just think you're a really cool chick." I handed her the lily.

She smiled with what looked like genuine affection toward me. I just said, "I hope you don't think it's silly that I got you a lily, it just seemed kind of fitting Emily."

I sat back down and grabbed the remote, hitting play. What can I say, I was being genuine, just being here with Emily was great, even if all we were doing was watching TV. I glanced over at her occasionally and she still looked as though she were trying to think. She had her arms and legs crossed very tightly, I worried that it would take her a while to untangle.

The current episode ended and she again grabbed the remote and stopped the show. "You know, I know you respect me way too much to take advantage of my trying to do something nice for you, but I wonder..."

"Wonder what," I asked, an eyebrow raised at her.

She came closer and whispered in my ear, "What about Lola?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well," she said, and out of the corner of my eye I could see the starlet was smiling. "Since you're a fan, you know that Lola can be very forceful in her personality right?"

"Um, yeah," was all I could muster, trying to figure out if she was going where I thought she was.

She got up off the couch for a moment and grabbed her wig, moving to a mirror to put it back on and straighten it out properly. "Well, Lola here has decided that since you don't have too many good nights left anyway, she wants to make sure this date is amazing. Now I'm not promising anything here, but just let Lola take charge, okay?"

At the okay she turned her head a little bit and smiled widely, doing a Cheshire Cat impression. I gulped and could not believe it. "Okay," was my response–what else do you say to Lola Luftnagle anyway?

"Okay then," she replied, her voice rather chipper. "First things first, can you help me move the couch?"

I was confused again but got up and joined her on the side of the couch and she counted to three and we pushed. Being that she was still in heels she slipped, but I managed to reach out to keep her from falling too hard onto the floor.

"Okay, so I didn't stick that landing," she said with a laugh that was joined in by me–it was a modified Lilly quote. She slipped off her heels and once again we pushed the couch, moving it out of the way this time. We took the oversized fluffy recliner that was sitting in one corner of the suite and moved it in front of the TV. She threw me the remote and told me to sit down in the chair–who was I to refuse at this point?

I reached down to my arm to check my pulse, for this surely had to be a dream. Emily stood between the TV and me and reached down to the bottom of the white blouse. I couldn't believe it when she actually started to pull it up, revealing her stomach. Being such a big fan I'd be lying if I said I hadn't seen some of the bikini pictures of her that had been posted, but they were nothing compared to this. Her stomach wasn't perfectly flat and sculpted, just that nice little layer of babyfat that you'd expect on a nineteen-year-old girl. I just stared at her as more of her midriff was exposed, and higher and higher the shirt went until a different color, blue came into view. I was seeing Emily Osment's bra and it was blue, and a bit bigger than I thought getting the chance to see this in person. Soon the blouse was up and over her head–I missed that part. I also missed that she stopped for a moment and was just smiling.

"Kid in a candy shop," she said with a little bit of a laugh, drawing my attention. She reached down to her pants and turned around–I was going to get to see her best feature in the flesh. I heard the zipper go down and Emily moved her hands around to the sides of her pants to start pulling them down. I could tell they were tight as she really had to wiggle to get it started. More blue, matching panties, thong panties even as it quickly became apparent. It took her a moment–she had said some of the Lola pants were really tight in interviews but now I was seeing it in person–but finally she got the pants loose and down enough that her ass came into view, and it was glorious. Soft looking, and very, very tight, nothing being missed thanks to the thong. She continued to wiggle her ass in front of me as she slid the pants down her legs and eventually managed to step out of them.

"So everyone talks about my ass, any comments now that you have the chance?"

I was speechless, all I could say to her was, "Wow!"

"Very descriptive," she dead panned. I looked back up, afraid she was upset but she started to laugh once my eyes met hers. She turned around and said, "Well, Lola doesn't feel comfortable removing her panties, but," and she reached back behind her, unhooking the clasps to her bra. Once it came loose she brought her hands around and slid the straps down her arms and off, holding the bra in place for a moment before finally slowly lowering it, teasing me as more of her breasts came into view.

"Oh what the heck," she finally said and tossed the bra over to the couch. Her c-cup tits were great, a perfect handful topped with perfect light pink areolae and light pink nipples. Her best feature was still definitely that perfect apple-bottom ass of hers, but her breasts were simply breathtaking as well. She shook her head and laughed, "I see you like Lola."

I could only nod as she approached me, her perfect breasts jiggling a little with each step until she reached the chair and turned around, her ass only feet from my face. She reached her hands back as she crawled on top of me into the chair, sitting in my lap. As stunned as I was before, I didn't expect to have Emily sitting in my lap in only a thong and a wig.

"Well, recline the chair some and hit play," she ordered. I obeyed and we leaned back a little. Once I hit play on the remove Emily grabbed my hands and placed them on her stomach, having me wrap my arms around her and she kept her hands on top of mine.

Suffice it to say, having a naked girl, let alone a somewhat famous and very hot one sitting in my lap had me more aroused then I'd ever been in my life. I said nothing and she said nothing as she just sat there in my lap practically naked. Several minutes into the next episode she leaned her head back and said softly, "You can hold them if you want."

I honestly don't think my hands have ever moved so fast in all my life. Of course I was going to hold her tits if she let me. As my hands softly wrapped around her soft fleshy orbs she laughed and said, "I was talking about my hands but this works too."

I was absolutely mortified and quickly removed my hands from her breasts. An even louder laugh came from the actress/singer/songwriter and she shook her hands, grabbing mine and pushing them back onto her breasts. "I was kidding. Do be gentle though, they're breasts, not udders."

A naked celebrity that could joke about fans groping her? What was there not to love about this girl. But I did at least do as she asked, and held her breasts very gently, feeling how they were both soft and firm at the same time. My fingers grazed over her nipples, which I felt harden in my hands.

"Well, I see I'm joining you in standing at attention," she said with a laugh, the TV show forgotten in all this. I probably blushed a little if the burning in my cheeks was any indication, I was actually concentrating so hard on just the feeling of having Emily sitting on me and letting me grope her that the fact that I had been rock hard since the kiss came back to me only with her mentioning something.

I glanced over at the clock, it was nearing 10 by this point in time, she wouldn't have much longer. I just simply said, "sorry."

"Phbbbt" was her response. "I've known guys to get hard just from showing cleavage or bending over, I went to high school too you know." She shook her head a little and said, "I'd be worried if you weren't right now, although it is a bit uncomfortable."

She reached a hand down and pulled on the lever, returning the recliner to an upright position. She quickly disentangled my hands from her breasts and stood up. I was disappointed, I couldn't imagine what I'd done wrong. She turned around to face me once again and leaned in and once more pressed her lips to mine, a much longer kiss this time. She pressed her body into mine as the kiss continued, starting to open and close her mouth, guiding me to do the same.

Considering my first basic kiss from a girl was just a little bit earlier, I wasn't very good at this, but she was trying to move me along quickly. I started following her lead in regard to the kiss and before I knew it I felt her tongue dart past my lips. I hesitated but moved my tongue forward a little in my mouth and they met. I can't say what it was like for Emily, she's obviously done this before but that moment was just electric for me, like a spark in my mouth. This make out session continued for a moment until she broke it and smiled.

"French kissing, that's first base. You've already been grabbing my boobs so that's second base, but just for good measure..."

She climbed up into my lap, forward this time and leaned to bring her breasts inches from my face. "Alright, we'll start with the right one. Put your lips around the pink part, suck a little and flick your tongue around my nipple."

Never in my life had I imagined a girl being so aggressive, but I was liking it. Emily twisted her torso so her right breast was in front of my mouth and I licked my lips so they wouldn't be dry. Strawberry again, from her lip gloss. I leaned forward just enough and started to suckle on her right breast, my tongue reaching out until it felt the nub that was her nipple and I started to lick it like a tootsie pop. I wasn't quite sure if it was right but I closed my eyes and did it. My ministrations must have been having some effect, or at least the actress was humoring me because I thought I heard a small moan escape from her mouth after about 30 seconds. I have no idea how long I suckled on her right breast before she twisted her torso back and pulled it away. Her areola was glistening with my saliva and her nipple looked way harder than the other one.

"Very good, now for the left, however this time, ever so gently I want you to nibble on my nipple with your teeth."

There was a quick "not that hard, there you go," from her as I started to nibble on her left nipple–my excitement had apparently gotten me ahead of myself to start. "Flick your tongue along it too," she commanded, so I continued to nibble with my tongue getting in on the action as well, and this time there was a definite moan from Emily. Based on the increased moans I figured I spent more time with her left nipple than her right as she finally pulled back, both of them rock hard now.

She stepped back off of me and said, "Alright Daniel, here's the deal, I'm not going to have sex with you." This didn't phase me at all, the fact that she'd let me get to second base with her was pretty amazing by itself, and even if I wasn't facing my own death in half a year I'd remember this experience for a lifetime.

"However, I don't think it's fair that I got you all worked up," and at this point she was saying this while looking down at my dress pants, which were straining unlike how I'd ever seen them. "So You've been to first base, and second base, I think we'll call you safe on third before this is all over."

She got back near the chair and dropped to her knees, and once again I pinched myself, cause this clearly had to be a drug induced dream–but no, the pinch hurt. She reached down and finally pulled the thong down her thighs, lifting each knee as she needed to in order to slip it past. "I'm still not going to let you see my pussy, but I'll give you a clear view of my ass. Plus, I want you to have these to remember." And she took the blue thong panties and stuffed them in my pants pocket.

Okay, I'll admit like any guy, while I may not have come to the hotel room tonight expecting this, I sure as hell dreamed something like this could happen, so I jacked-off a lot this morning, like I did every morning. As Emily undid the button on my dress pants and unzipped the fly, I only hoped that I could have some stamina and not cum immediately. I was counting on the fact that I was a loser with girls who had to resort to viewing porn to get off to keep me in the game longer.

She pulled my cock out from my boxers, it was the first time a girl had touched me of course. She looked up at me, smiled, and then bent her head down and started to take it in her mouth–and then it happened. Emily barely had my cockhead in her mouth when I popped. I let out a grunt of pleasure but mostly felt embarrassed. I just leaned my head back and felt my cheeks burn bright red as Emily's mouth remained on my cock.

When my orgasm subsided she looked up and said, "Okay, that was a bit quicker than I expected, although I probably deserved that considering how quickly I've progressed things from you being untouched to getting head." I looked at her and noticed she was looking up at me while she talked. Her hand still held the base of my now-softening cock before I realized that my celebrity crush just swallowed my cum.

"Tell you what, that's not really deserving, so I'm gonna wait till I get you to cum from a proper blowjob," she said, and all of a sudden her mouth was back down on my cock.

My eyes bulged, for the first moment it actually kinda hurt to have her tongue on the head of my cock, but that quickly subsided. Since I was much smaller soft (obviously) Emily took my whole cock in her mouth and started humming and licking. Even though my cock was resisting only because it recently came, I couldn't deny that the girl had skill–well, maybe she didn't, I wouldn't really know, but it felt amazing. Strike that, it felt a-MAZE-ing!

Emily didn't try to look up at me as she tried to bring my cock back to life, she just kept her face buried in my groin working hard at it. All the licking and the humming, and even the faintest rubbing of one bit of it with her teeth finally started to have an effect, and I felt myself hardening. Emily noticed this too as she started to back her mouth off my cock, instead once again taking the base of it in her hand. Once I got back to my normal hardness (I was average so nothing too impressive), she really got to work.

This time she looked at me and said, "Just watch." She started with flicking the head of my cock with her tongue–it felt so different compared to having the middle of her tongue swirling around it. And there was something to be said for her flicking at it while staring into my eyes. She looked down to my cock and wrapped her lips around the head and started going down, only an inch past my head though before she pulled back. Once she had several strokes of this she looked back up into my eyes, watching me watch her.

Knowing I'd never make love to a woman properly, this was definitely the defining moment of the best parts of my life. Emily continued her pattern of pulling off to lick with her tongue and move back into bobbing her head up and down all while looking up at me. For what it was worth, Emily was making love to me with her mouth, and my body tingled in pleasure like it never had before.

As I started to tense up, getting closer Emily doubled down on the whole going down, taking me deeper into her mouth. Finally there was no way I could take much more of Emily's ministrations and I looked down at her, past the bobbing purple hair into a view of her ass that few if any had gotten to see and I once again exploded. I had no idea how much cum was coming out at this point, but I didn't care. Emily, bless her, dutifully waited until I was done before once again removing her mouth from my cock and turning away to grab her pants from the floor. She stood up, using the pants to cover herself until she could put them on and she smiled as she looked at me, completely spent in the chair.

"Third base, but the night's about over."

I looked over at the clock, she was right. She went into the next room real quick, giving me a view of her bare ass while walking away this time and came out with her pants on, sans the panties in my pocket. I realized I was being rude still hanging out and tucked myself away. She grabbed her white shirt and put it on without the blue bra as well, handing that to me and saying, "Gotta have the two piece bonus," with a wink.

I laughed as Emily made a gamer joke. Definitely much cooler than I ever thought she could be (which is saying something). She put the plaid jacket and the scarf back on, "See, no one will notice a thing."

We put her underwear in my actual room I was sleeping in for the night, hidden in the overnight bag I brought. When my cell phone fell out she grabbed it and called a number, her own cell phone in the purse she had by the door (that I hadn't noticed till now) started ringing.

"Now listen, I'm gonna add you to my phone list, and now you have my number. When you do finally land in the hospital I want you to text me, and I'll come visit," she told me before heading back out to slip her heels back on. Standing once again how she did when I first met her a few hours earlier, she smiled and pulled me in for a hug.

"Bye Daniel," she said before kissing my forehead, "I hope this night was everything you hoped for."

And with that Emily Osment grabbed her purse, opened the door and walked out of my suite. Oh man, was it everything I hoped for and more.

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