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A teenager discovers that his ability to fight can bring about many of his desires to become a reality after he fights in the defense of those he holds dear and those who need it.
Author's Note: This is my first story, I am writing this from a sudden mood to write, in tandem with a mix of creativity, imagination, and boredom. I am writing this with elements of both fiction and nonfiction, with it composing of details that exist in my life as well. Now many details, places, names will be changed for the protection of those referenced. Again, be aware that this is my first story, so my inexperience in writing these sorts of stories will be evident. So for those who are interested in sex scenes and erotica scenarios, please know that I will integrate sexual encounters into the story, yet slowly. I am a new writer and will appreciate constructive criticism and comments towards my stories for future reference, if there are those with experience and further understanding in these sorts of stories, I would greatly appreciate feedback. So thank you all and enjoy my work.

"Jason!! You got school in an hour, get out of bed NOW!!!"
Opening his eyes to the blinding light shining through his window blinds, Jason Frost groaned loudly as his hand fumbled to his nightstand, where his phone rest, and pulled it to his face as he checked the time. "Damn," he thought, as he realized his mother was right, it was 6 o'clock and he had to be ready to go before his ride showed up. Pulling himself up and out of bed, he rubbed his eyes and stumbled to the bathroom to shower, if he was lucky he could make it there before his older sister, Kristina. Unfortunately, today was no such luck, and he was blocked by a locked bathroom door and water running inside.
"Tina! Hurry up, it's the first day of school and I need to shower before class!" shouted Jason while banging on the door so she could hear him over the running water.
"One minute!!!" he heard back, "I'm almost done!!" Sighing, he quickly rushed back to his room and found his backpack, setting it aside and grabbing a pair of jeans and a shirt for school, until he finally heard the distinct sound of his sister's feet as she walked down the hall. Taking advantage of that, he ran again to the bathroom in to the shower and immediately started the water and entering, where he quickly cleaned and washed himself off. Stepping out, he quickly went about drying himself off with the towel on the rack and wiping steam off the fogged up mirror, followed by brushing his teeth in the mirror as he began to examine himself in the mirror.
Looking himself over, Jason had once again noticed all the changes of his body. Almost 17 years old, he was 5’11 and weighed 165 pounds, with most of the weight coming from his highly-developed muscles. He had light tan skin, which did well with his short, brown hair and his electric-blue eyes, which he shared with his sister and father. While he was about average height, Jason had an incredible physique and body for his age, from his rather well-defined chest, abs, and torso, to the toned muscles on his arms and legs, which was highly noticeable on him. Jason played for his school’s soccer team and participated on the gymnastics team, both sports that he had loved from a young age and had always pushed to become better than other players, and although he was better than some of his fellow athletes, for some strange reason he was always overlooked by the his coaches. An excellent student, Jason had always been well-rounded in school and had made both his mother and father proud; he never did anything half way, and because of that he had not only maintained great grades, but he also held a part-time job. Unfortunately, unlike his sister, he was never part of the cool crowd and was always overlooked by more popular or hotter girls, something he had no idea would change soon.
Snapping out of his trance, Jason spat out the toothpaste and rinsed it out before going back to his room to get dressed and grab his backpack. Running downstairs, he made his way to the kitchen where his mother, was already making him breakfast for him.
“Finally you’re up,” his mother said standing over the stove, “you don’t know how close I was to asking your father to splash a bucket of cold water on you to wake you up.”
“Sorry ma, my alarm didn’t go off.” Jason responded as he walked over. “Oohh, pancakes for me?” kissing his mother on the cheek as he took a plate from her. “Ma, have I ever told you how much I love you?”
“Yes kiddo, you have, now eat your pancakes before they get cold.” she smirked before patting his away with a spatula. Quickly finishing his plate and putting it in the sink, he quickly kissed his mother goodbye, and ran out the front door where as if on cue a red Ford F150 pulled up front. Driving the truck was Jason’s best friend Will Kingsley, who started honking even though Jason was already walking to his car, who laughingly flicked him off as he jumped in; almost immediately Will floored the accelerator and they were speeding off down the street towards their school.
“Am I the only one who is psyched about the fact that we are fucking juniors, or more psyched about the fact that we are closer to the top of the food chain?!?” Will was practically dancing with the steering wheel from the excitement. Jason laughed a reply,
“You sure you’re not more excited about driving to school with a new car, because last I checked your old car was shit compared to this. Or maybe you’re trying to impress Lori.” He added with a grin.
“Maybe you can fuck off, how’d you know? I swear to God you can read minds.”
“Maybe I can, and it’s not my fault my best friend is predictable as fuck.” That earned Jason a hard punch to the arm from Will, but he didn’t even flinch, he’d taken harder hits.
“How’d you know about Lori?” Will asked.
“You do realize I was the one who drove you home after you got blackout drunk and started saying how much you liked Lori, that you loved her, it was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!” Lori was one of the hot, older girls that was friends with all the popular kids; once Lori had slept over with Tina the same night as Will had slept over with Jason, and like a naive little freshmen, he had fallen for her after she gave him a little playful kiss on the cheek. Later on in sophomore year, Will had gotten drunk and Jason had no choice but to drive him home so he wouldn’t, he apparently wasn’t over her. Shrugging, Will and Jason just talked about girls, school, and the new year as they finally arrived to school.
As they both walked to first period, they were catching up with old friends, hazing the freshmen, getting back into the school vibe. Jason and Will finally managed to get past all the crowds and traffic jams in the halls to their lockers, coincidentally right next to each other, dropped off some of their stuff, and traveled to homeroom, which also happened to be the same. The day went quick, meeting new teachers, seeing friends, getting used to the habit again, and Jason was enjoying every minute again. Lunch came around and Jason finally met up with his group of friends in the cafeteria, where they all proceeded to just mess around and talk, even looking over at the popular kids, who didn't sit at the tables, but instead at a set of steel benches, referred to as "The Blocks." Jason saw Tina waving at him and talking to a bunch of jocks at the Blocks, she knew that she was popular, and more than once had he caught her in the middle of a walk of shame coming back from a party the next day. He knew his sister was sexually-active, he wasn't stupid, she was a beautiful and attractive young lady and he was aware that according to a lot of guys, she was one of the girls that every guy wants but not everyone could get. They were close, and while Jason didn't necessarily like how she went around sometimes, he knew she was smart and never snitched or judged her, partly because he knew that she would do the same for him. He, as did most of the guys in the school, also knew that anyone crazy enough to mess with Tina Frost would soon after get the shit kicked out of them by Jason Frost, "just like karma" as Will put it. This had happened a few times since his 6th grade, he had heard rumors or had walked in on his sister crying and ended up beating up some older douche, pretty soon Jason had grown a small reputation. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Tina was waving him over; he shook his head because he was with his friends. Without missing a beat, Tina got up and came over to Jason's table, leaning over him as she greeted him and the table.
"Hey little bro, hey little bro's friends." This was followed by a chorus of hi from the group the group, ending with one of the guys, Mark Little, wolf-whistling at Tina. Without looking, Jason flicked Mark off and spoke to Tina.
"What's up Tina, do I gotta kick someone's ass on the first day already?" he joked as he grinned up at Tina. Without skipping a beat,
"Nah, not today, I wanted to tell you I need the car tonight." Turning to face her, he spoke, not noticing his voice was getting louder.
"What!! Why!?!"
"I'm going to a party tonight and I need it like really bad."
"No way! I got work tonight, I've got to stay late too and I need the car to get home!"
"Plleaassee!! I'm begging you bro, it's the first party of the year and I'm a senior! If you let me have the car I swear to return the favor in any way I can! I will always have your back if you let me!!" Tina was pleading, and it didn't make it any easier to refuse her when she used the puppy dog eyes. Closing his eyes, and trying stay calm and focused, he relented,
"Fine. But you owe me..." She squealed in joy and hugged him,
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she kissed him on the cheek and started walking away. He quickly looked up and shouted,
"Wait...You wouldn't have had my back before?!?" She looked at him and laughed before walking back to the Blocks. Rubbing his eyes, he realized he was in for a long day. All of a sudden, Will started jabbing him and Mark started talking to him,
"Jason! Jason, look over there!" He turned around to see a one of the football jock assholes starting to yell and attempting to hit a girl. He heard the girl shouting for him to stop, yelling for help. It was Tina.
Jason was out of his chair and already halfway to the fight before any of the teachers or security guards had even reacted. He was sprinting towards the fight at top speed, not even thinking, only reacting, to the situation at hand. At 8 feet away from the jock, Jason launched himself into the air from his left foot, spinning halfway in the air before his right foot lashed out from the spin and nailed the jock right in the shoulder, sending him flying a couple feet away. After seeing the first jock hit the floor, the jock called to his friends, Jason turned to see two other jocks coming to back up their friend, he knew that this he would have to deal with him before checking on Tina. The second jock came forward swinging with a right hook, throwing all his weight behind him, Jason easily saw it coming and grabbed the flying fist after dodging the blow. Immediately he delivered a right uppercut to the jock's jaw, stunning him before ducking under the arm he still had a hold on, gripping the arm with both hands, he quickly knelt and yanked on the jock's arm over his shoulder, the jock's body had no choice but to follow where the arm was going and came down on the hard tile floor. From there, Jason repositioned and twisted hard on the jock's arm, hearing a loud crack and a scream that signified a broken arm; Jason was about to do worse when suddenly he felt something hit his head, he hit the floor before being pulled into a bear hug from behind, he had almost forgotten about the third jock. Wincing but acting out of instinct, Jason threw his head back with all his strength when he heard a crunch, he had felt the jock's nose break. Taking advantage of the jock now learning forward, he broke free from the bear hug and turned to face his opponent, whose hands flew to his nose, which started to bleed. Dazed and not able to open his left eye, Jason did the only thing he could think of, he charged. The third jock didn't even know what hit him as in a shocking display of strength that surprised everyone watching, Jason lifted the much larger guy into the air before slamming him down against the tile floor, hard. The final attacker dealt with, Jason quickly turned and ran to Tina, who was sitting on one of the benches, and began checking her over, she sounded fine and seemed like she was alright, but her eye had the beginnings of a bruise forming.
"Tina! Tina, are you okay!?! Are you hurt anywhere bad?!?!" Jason asked worriedly, he could feel his eye started to ache painfully, but he ignored it, he cared more about his sister at the moment. Unexpectedly, Tina stood up and pushed past Jason. He was confused.
"Tina? What are you doing?!?" He saw he left leg shoot out and up.......directly into the first jock's crotch. Ignoring the new screams of pain from the jock, who was bent over in pain, Tina took a hold of his head between her hands and shot her right knee up and into the jerk's jaw. He dropped like a stone, surrounded by two screaming and moaning friends. Jason heard silence as he looked up and around to see a circle of open-mouthed people standing around, students and adults alike. He turned to look at Tina, who was staring absently at the groaning jocks, putting a hand on her shoulder and telling they had to leave the situation. She replied,
"Jace, I'm okay, I just need a minute, you can get out of here."
"You sure?" He could see tears forming in her eyes.
"......I'm sure....."
Turning around, he walked towards wall of people, particularly the side made up of other jocks, looking up at the larger jocks.
"Please move." he asked quietly, he couldn't see out his left eye, but he knew that all eyes were on him. The jocks didn't even shift at all, they continued to stand there. Sighing, Jason added volume to his voice,
"My name is Jason Frost, my sister is Kristina Frost, I just showed you all a fraction of what happens when someone does something to someone I love, I have no intentions of making a demonstration of what happens if someone messes with ME, so please, for your sakes, MOVE...." He saw a slight shift at first, then, slowly, a split between the jocks began to form. Standing behind them was Will and Mark and all his other friends, he stepped between them as they circled around him and walked back to the lunchroom table.
No one said anything to Jason for the rest of lunch, seeing that he did not want to talk or did not want to listen, and everyone except Will and Mark left for class before him. Walking between his two friends down the hall, Jason could feel eyes staring and drilling into him from everyone in the hall, catching quiet whispers from groups, and people dressed in red and white school colors splitting as they passed by. Jason smirked when Mark whispered him something about Moses splitting the Red Sea. He knew that his friends were not only walking with him because they had classes close by, but also because they wanted to back him up in case the football team decided to ambush Jason. Fortunately, they arrived to their respective classes without a problem but they each felt the unshaken gazes of everyone, teachers and students alike.
The first person to talk to Jason came up to him in his next class. Entering the chemistry lab with Will, they chose desks near the back of the room so that the two friends could talk without being caught by the teacher, but the only person talking was Will; Jason on the other hand was trying to just clear his head. It wasn't until he felt a sharp jab to his side from Will,
"Dude! Look up!" he hissed urgently. Jason opened his eyes to see someone was standing in front of him; he looked up and locked eyes with the person, instantly feeling blood rush to his cheeks as he recognized the girl standing in front of him.
Brook DeLinn. The girl that was on every guy's mind, whether they'd like to admit it or not. She was beautiful, popular, smart, and unlike most girls blessed with those gifts, she wasn't snobby or bitchy, instead being one of the sweetest girls in the grade AND the school. Every guy could agree that she was undeniably one of the hottest girls in town, long, wavy blonde hair, deep green eyes, and a beautiful face with features that anyone would fall for. Short, about 5'4, she had a petite body that was made sexier by well-defined curves; a large set of breasts that all guys could get caught staring at, and a phenomenal ass that guys WOULD get caught checking out. In essence, Brook was the girl that every guy wanted, only few guys had the chance, and even fewer guys actually succeeded.
Consciously fighting the urge to gawk at her, Jason clenched his teeth and swallowed quickly, he maintained eye contact and tried to get a word out.
"Hi," the words came out in a whisper, he cleared his throat and repeated, "Uh hi." He saw her lips form a quick smirk before she replied,
"Hi, Jason right?" she said his name like she knew it was right, but pretended like she didn't know.
"Yeah. Just call me Jace." He stuck his hand out as if to shake hers. She giggled a little and shook his hand, her hands incredibly delicate.
"Nice to meet you Jace, I'm Brook."
"The feelings mutual, what can I do for you?" She smiled and began to sit down in the seat next to his, facing him. Out of the corner of his right eye he saw Will, who had gotten up to grab something, gesturing towards her like "What's going on?" Jason ignored him and kept looking at Brook.
"I saw your fight today, a lot of people were amazed when you came running towards Brent and kicked him away from your sister, then you took those two big guys down like they were nothing!" Jason gave a pained smile, he didn't think of his fight that way.
"Um thanks, I was just protecting my older sister from that first jerk, the last two just didn't make the right choice fighting for him." She suddenly reached forward and put her hands by his eye, which was starting to bruise already. Jason winced when he felt her hand on his face, but he didn't let it show.
"The last one got you bad huh? Never seen anyone so much smaller take on three big football players and come out almost without a scratch." He managed a grin and responded jokingly,
"You should have seen the other guys." Brook laughed loud at that, Jason was instantly mesmerized by it, he was vaguely aware that her hands had moved onto his. "Don't worry though, it looks worse than it actually is, I was nothing" She smiled and giggled,
"Yeah, I bet a tough guy like you didn't even feel it, huh?"
"Yes ma'am." She giggled again. Jason and Brook kept it up long into the class period, they sat next to each other and talked and joked and laughed without interruption from the teacher, who had obviously not cared about teaching the first day of class and let everyone run free that day. When the bell rang and everyone was let out of class, Jason and Brook left last, laughing and still talking. Will had tried to catch Jason's eye and point to their next class but Jason gave him a "I'll-see-you-there" look, Will caught his meaning and laughed as he nodded and gave him an "okay" gesture. The two continued talking as Jason walked Brook all the way to her next class, he could still feel the eyes of everyone in the hall looking from him to Brook, and he didn't care, she was fun to talk to and he was actually enjoying himself and getting his mind off of things. By the time they reached her class, they were exchanging phone numbers and Brook was telling him about the party tonight that Tina was going too. He regretfully had to decline because of work tonight, she pouted in disappointment but quickly changed to her normal, cheerful attitude and suggested they hang out sometime. He agreed right away with a smile to her suggestion and she happily hugged him and walked into her class with a smile. Jason couldn't believe his last experience as he walked all the way to his class, he just became friends with Brook DeLinn. He was late for class but he didn't care, he was happy.
The rest of school passed without incident, Jason got a ride from Will, who would not stop asking and talking about Brook.
"You lucky son of a bitch! You got a chance!" Jason looked at him skeptically,
"The fuck you talking about, Will?"
"Um I'm sorry, I didn't realize the genius that was my fucking best friend ceased to exist and was replaced by an oblivious stooge who could not see that a girl was interested in him!" Jason was confused,
"You got to be kidding me? Will, she's not interested in me, she's out of my league."
"Wow, you're not only a stooge, but blind! Jace, she was all over you, she couldn't keep her hands off you and might I add that she just met you and already inviting you to the party tonight. If this was any other girl Jace, it would be understandable, but it's Brook fucking DeLinn, she's interested in ya!"
"You're insane man."
"No, I'm the sane friend who is trying to help his best friend realize that he has a chance to get with one of the most beautiful girls ever. Don't steal this from me." They both laughed as Will kept making jokes about the situation, but Jason began to think in the back of his mind what his best friend had just told him. He wasn't exactly new to the game and he had some experience in the field, but he didn't know if his best friend was right, did Brook really find him attractive? Jason had some experience with girls, he had been with a few but had never gone farther than making out; he'd never had a girlfriend, but he had more than once caught girls in his class looking at him and turning away blushing after he smiled back at them. He had been told before by his female friends that he was considered attractive by many girls, but he never felt he had the confidence or the momentum to utilize his looks. Still though, he could not believe Will, did he really have a chance with Brook DeLinn?
Jason was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't even notice Will pulling up to his house, not until he felt both of Will's legs shoving him out of the car.
"Asshole." he said laughing as he got out the car, flicking off Will who he returned the finger, then speeding off in his truck. Still laughing, Jason walked inside and grabbed some food from the fridge before heading upstairs to finish his small amount of homework. Twenty minutes later, he finished his work and went downstairs to the basement where his dad had set up a moderate amount of exercise equipment, when he spent the next hour. Finishing up and mildly sweating, Jason checked the time and immediately ran upstairs to grab his exercise bag which held his martial arts gear and work uniform, quickly exiting the house and started into a jog as he started running towards his martial arts studio. After running for 20 minutes he reached the studio, now sweating hard from the hot, Californian climate, he was relieved to be stepping into the air-conditioned building, where he heard a familiar voice.
"Jason Frost. Jesus Christ, I don't show up for one day and already you find yourself in a fight." Jason grinned as he turned to face the source of the voice, he didn't have to look around to see who it was.
"Well Mar, I would have gone without a scratch if my best friend decided show up to school today and have my back."
Mara Bell was a girl he had known since he was 4; she was one of his closest friends, the second true best friend in Jason's life. He, Mara, and Will were the closest of friends since they met each other on the first day of kindergarten, since then they had shared everything and never hid anything from each other. They were the three musketeers. They did everything together, they shared all of the same interests and dislikes, and when one of them wanted to do something new, at least two of them would participate. They were never separated or divided on anything.
"Well if I always have your back then how will you learn to fight on your own?" They both grinned as they hugged it out. Mara had been on vacation with her family over the summer, she had returned on the first day of school and wasn't able to make it to class. Extracting himself from the hug, she looked him over before putting her hand to his eye.
"Alright Jace, who was the unlucky guy this time and what did he do now?"
"Make that unlucky GUYS, one of the jocks had started a fight with Tina and hit her, I kicked his ass and two of his friends ended up on the floor with him. The last one hit me just as I broke the second one's arm, but he soon joined him on the floor."
"Mr. Tough Guy strikes again. Glad you could handle it."
"You know I can." She laughed,
"Funny, c'mon you need to get ready for your shift and I need to change." He nodded in agreement and began to walk towards the co-ed locker room. She started asking with how Will was and how school was as they entered the locker room and began changing, they didn't mind changing in front of each other, they had done it before and they had no problem with it. Mara did however have a rule against changing in front of Will, who had once tried to sneak a picture while they changed to win a bet. Mara had swiftly beat his ass and he had promised not to do it again, she forgave him, because they trusted each other and they all knew that there was no way they could stay mad at each other.
As Jason changed into his uniform, he looked over at Mara, who was standing by her locker in a sports bra and spandex shorts, a rush of blood flowed as he felt the familiar feeling of his member hardening. He knew that Mara was an attractive girl, he knew a lot of guys in school that thought she was hot and both he and Will had been begged and at one point they were offered money to set up guys with Mara, they never did it because they thought Mara was worth more to them than the cash. Jason had been fully aware that every since they hit puberty, Mara had undoubtedly grown into a beautiful young lady, he had more than once felt his hormones urge him to pursue her, but every time he would stifle these urges because she was his closest friend, and he would not trade that for anything. But once again, he began to notice all her features. She stood 5'6 with straight brown hair that was pulled into a cute little ponytail, she had slightly above average breasts that looked great on her tall, thin frame, a frame complimented by her firm, shapely behind. Mara was an athlete, a gymnast and a martial artist, and just like Jason had developed her own beautiful feminine physique, made evident in her well-toned arms, abs, butt, and sexy long legs. Looking up, he noticed some of her face's beautiful features, her cute blush cheeks, an elegant full set of lips, she also had long eyelashes that made her eyes so much more beautiful. Her eyes were a deep emerald green, a green that matched the emerald ring on her right hand that was a gift from Jason and Will on her 16th birthday, which she never took off since. She was, in Jason's opinion, a truly beautiful girl.
Jason saw her starting to turn around and quickly got back to changing. While he did think of Mara as an attractive woman, he knew that he would never trade their friendship for anything physical with her, Mar was one of his best friends in the whole wide world, he never would want to ruin that. They both finished changing, Jason into his uniform and Mara into her regular clothes, and exited the locker room. They continued to chat, she was about to leave when Jason remembered to ask her something,
"Oh Mar, before you go I gotta ask you something, I really need a favor from ya."
"What's up?"
"Tonight I really need a ride home because Tina borrowed the car and because I'm working late tonight I don't want to have to walk home."
"Oh no! Jace I'm sorry but I can't, Tori was using my car while I was out of town and she still has it! I'm so sorry!" She said sincerely. He sighed a little but made sure to hid it from her.
"Don't worry about it Mar, I'll be alright." He gave a small smile and she hugged him again before opening the door. While in the middle of the doorway, she called out to him,
"Maybe it's a sign from God that you need the walk fatty." she teased, he playfully gave her the finger and she stuck her tongue out at him and exited.
Sighing, Jason turned around and spent the next 4 hours working his shift, teaching kids and adults an art of combat and self-defense. Jason had been a practitioner of Krav Maga for 8 years, he and Mara both started when they were 9 years old and were serious practitioners of the style, competing with and against each other in competitions, they had even won tournaments in their separate divisions too. They didn't hold belts in their style because their instructors didn't believe in the belt system, instead they knew by the growth in their abilities and the offer from their instructor to work for him as part-time instructors. Jason had finished teaching two 2-hour classes that day, he finished up work around 10, but left the studio around 10:30 and began the half-hour walk home, the streets were quiet and dark with only street lights illuminating the sidewalks. Jason had walked this route before at night, it never really scared him but he couldn't feel a bit uneasy walking the street, and while in the past there was never a problem, Jason felt something weird about tonight.
He was 10 minutes away from home when his suspicions became a reality. He heard a piercing scream coming from down the street, without thinking about it, Jason started to run in the direction of the scream down the dark road. He did however realize he was doing the opposite of what he learned from watching horror films. As he ran down the road he finally saw the source of the screams, a group of guys were standing around a black-haired girl, he heard some dialogue from the girl as he got closer.
"STOP! Let me go you assholes! What is wrong with you, this isn't right! LET ME GO!" she was squirming in the grips of two of the guys, there were five in total, one of the guys went and started to pull down her pants. "NO!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!" Jason couldn't stand it anymore. He shouted,
"LET HER GO!!!" The guys turned around, the two guys still holding onto her, even she stopped squirming to look at him. One of the guys spoke,
"This doesn't concern you kid, walk away and we'll let you live." The jerks behind him grunted in agreement. Jason couldn't help but think how cliché that line was.
"Let her go, and I promise to let YOU guys walk away without your teeth on the pavement." The jerks laughed.
"You think you can take on all of US," he saw a switchblade flick out, "by yourself?"
"I'm still standing here, and I think so." The guy with the switchblade, who was obviously the leader, began stepping forward,
"Alright motherfucker, let's dance." He lunged at Jason with the knife, who easily dodged the blade. The leader kept swinging, wide, uncontrolled swings that Jason easily dodged.
"I didn't know this was a slow dance, eh? Think we could speed this up?" The guy snarled and kept slashing, not even touching him. "Whoa, almost got me there. Keep it up!" The guy kept swinging. The guy got lucky once, the blade tip slightly catching him on his chest, the thug grinned a little as Jason winced, it tore a small hole in the hoodie he wore and drew a little blood, but he reacted faster than ever before, he caught the guy's hand as he swung again and quickly disarmed him of the knife. Turning the guy to face him, he turned the knife in his hand and smashed the thug's face with the hilt of the switchblade, snapping his head back; he added a second and third hit for good measure, the guy falling to the ground knocked out. Jason stood over him, and said,
"Who would like to dance next?" He was still holding the switchblade and stood in a ready stance, he urged the thugs to come at him. Two more came at him, they fell to the ground in a blur of motion as Jason dealt with them, not once using the knife to make anything more serious on them besides a cut or two, using mainly the handle to hurt them. After they hit the floor, the fourth one came at him, he fell to a quick spinning kick to the chest, the last one kept a grip on the girl and pulled a switchblade of his own, putting it to the girl's neck,
"One step closer and she dies." The girl had a look of fear on her face, but Jason looked into her eyes and tried to calm her. "It's okay." He needed to get her away from him quickly, so he quickly gestured her with his elbow for her to elbow him in the gut. She saw the movement, looked into his eyes, and nodded. She quickly elbowed the thug holding her in the guts, the knife flew away from her neck. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jason spun the knife in his hand and took a hold of the sharp blade between his fingers before throwing the knife at the thug, by some luck, just as he wanted, it was the handle that hit the guy in the eye, stunning the guy and dropping him to the ground. Jason wasted no time, he ran at the girl and shouted,
"Come on!" She nodded again and ran with him, only stopping momentarily to grab their individual bags, and they ran away from the groaning thugs on the ground. She stopped before they left,
"One second!" she quickly jumped over to the leader, who was now conscious but groaning, and kicked him hard in the crotch, Jason smirked as he witnessed the second guy today to scream from getting kicked in the balls. Together they ran down the street, making it two blocks before they stopped, he looked at her and asked,
"Are you okay?" He didn't realize until she looked up at him that her eyes had a yellow color, it was beautiful. She managed to answer in a whisper,
"Yeah, yeah I'm all right."
"I'm Jason, Jason Frost, what's your name?"
"Kyra Despos."
"Okay, Kyra, what were you doing walking down this street so late, who were those guys?"
"I was walking home after my friend ditched me at a party, those guys chased me and caught me when I tried running away. Thank you Jason." She looked up at him with her golden eyes, by God she was beautiful.
"Uh, don't worry about it, where do you live?"
"I live far from here, I kinda was pushed this way when I was running away from them."
"Do you have any way home?"
"No, I don't know where to go or what to do." Jason took a small step back, he couldn't leave her. He thought about what he should do, he couldn't drive her, if he called the cops they'd take too long getting to the thugs and it would take forever for her to get home, and he could smell booze on her, that would cause more problems than it would solve. He couldn't leave her alone tonight, so he came up with a ballsy idea and asked away.
"You could come home with me." He asked quietly. Kyra got a surprised look on her face and inquired,
"You want to take in a complete stranger who you just met into your house for the night, why?"
"Well you're far from home, it's late, you don't have any other way home, and I'm not leaving you alone here." She looked up at him,
"Where do you even live?"
"Not even 10 minutes away."
"Are you sure?"
"I wouldn't be offering it I wasn't sure. You've had a rough night and as I said I'm not leaving you alone." She looked around worriedly before responding,
"Okay, I'll come with you, thank you Jason." She got closer to him.
"C'mon, we're close." He saw her shiver, he didn't realize that it had gotten significantly colder that night.
"Are you cold?" She rubbed her arms, she was wearing a tank top and jeans, she must have been freezing. It wasn't until that moment that he realized how beautiful Kyra really was; she was about 5'5 with a curvy figure, not chubby but not thin either, kinda right in the middle. She had rather large breasts that stood straight out from her close-fitting tank top, the jeans she was wearing made her ass look amazing, and her long, black hair perfectly suited to her beautiful face. But her most striking feature, the thing that caught Jason's attention the most, were her eyes, which he just discovered were not just yellow, but actually a distinct, radiant gold. Jason had never seen such beautiful eyes, they glimmered and shined in ways he'd never seen before, it mesmerized him, drew him in, he wanted nothing but to stare at them forever. Kyra's response snapped him back out of his trance, those eyes of hers still shining bright at him.
"A little." Jason opened his bag and pulled out a white t-shirt, unzipping and removing his hoodie and handing it to Kyra, he felt his skin tingled as it was exposed to the frigid air so he quickly started pulling the shirt over his head. He noticed Kyra glancing at his toned stomach as he pulled the shirt down; it was a silent night so he heard the almost inaudible gasp and the slight increase in her breathing. Trying to hide his grin, he gestured for her to follow him, she clung to his arm as they walked through the darkness down the street.
They started to talk on the walk to Jason's house. They found out that they actually attended the same school but the reason they never saw each other was because she arrived the past year a month before the end of school. Kyra was a senior and was apparently friends with Tina, but didn't realize that Jason was her brother. He asked her if she had seen Tina at the party and she confirmed it, Tina was partying hours after getting into a fight and was apparently going hard, Kyra also confirmed that none of the guys were messing with her.
"Why do you ask if any guys were messing with her?" she asked.
"I didn't want to say at first but, see this bruise?" pointing to his left eye,
"Well during lunch today some jerk started a fight with Tina and hit her, he unknowingly got me involved by hitting my sister so I kicked his ass, two of his friends tried to back him up and got their asses whooped too. One of them got a lucky hit when I wasn't looking though." She gasped wide-eyed,
"So is that why both Tina had a bruise tonight?!?"
"Oh my God Jason! You were the guy who she was talking about, she was talking all about how some guys messed with her and they got their asses handed to them by "karma." You're karma!" He laughed a little at that, he would never get rid of that nickname now.
"I was just protecting my sister." he said.
"Awwww! You're not only sweet but you're modest too! Your girlfriend is so lucky to have a gentleman for a boyfriend." Jason caught the last line and almost choked, he coughed out a response.
"*cough* I um don't have a girlfriend. *cough*" He looked at Kyra and saw a sudden flash in her eye, like something had just ran across her mind. He noted a sudden change in tone as she started speaking again, he could tell her voice was more sensual, alluring, flirtatious even.
"You're kidding? A handsome, sweet guy like you doesn't have a girl of his own?" He laughed,
"Nope. I'm as single as they come." Jason felt Kyra grip his arm tighter, getting closer to him, so close he could feel her rather ample, firm breasts pressed against his arm.
"Well, I can really tell you, while being in a relationship can be pretty great, being single has its....perks." Kyra looked up at him with her big, beautiful eyes, she started to get closer to him, her lips moving nearer and nearer to his, Jason didn't know what to think, in seconds her lips would touch his. He felt himself gulp, loud, and pulled an inch away from her,
"Uh...We're here..." Kyra pulled away slightly, her eyes still looking into his, and slowly turned her head towards the door, holding eye contact for as long as possible.
"Nice house." He gulped again.
"Um, thanks."
"Well come on! We're not going to stand out here all night!" She took his hand and led him to the door, which he unlocked with his key. Jason knew his parents did not mind him having people over, they allowed Tina to have people sleep over, guys and girls, they just said one rule, which Jason and Tina always were embarrassed by but always laughed at: Always protection and safety, no grandchildren. He also knew his parents wouldn't be home till tomorrow as they were working their shifts at the hospital, his dad was a doctor and his mom was a surgeon, and Tina was out till God knows when and wouldn't care if Jason had anyone over.
Stepping inside the house, Jason led her upstairs to his room, which fortunately wasn't a mess. He had a pretty nice bedroom, a comfortable queen-sized bed, a organized desk, a nice closet, a tall nightstand, and a medium sized TV bolted to the wall. Reaching into his closet, he called to Kyra, who was looking around his room, while searching the shelves he said,
"You're sleeping on the bed tonight, it'll be more comfortable, I'll sleep on the floor."
"How?" she asked, Jason felt his hand close around what he was looking for, he began to pull it out,
"With this," as he fished out the sleeping bag from the back of the closet.
"You don't have to do this Jason, I'm alright sleeping on the floor." he looked at her and could tell she was speaking sincerely.
"You are not sleeping on the floor, do you want something to wear?" he reached back into the closet,
"Sure." she stepped closer to him and the closet.
"Here, I think this will do okay," handing her his large AC/DC shirt his dad gave him, "If you want to take a shower, you're completely welcome too."
"Oh, thanks, I'll take one in a bit, I just need a minute. Can you leave for a moment?" Smirking,
"No problem Kyra, take your time." He walked to the door, only to turn around and walk back to his closet. "I'm gonna run in for a shower, I'll be right back." he grabbed a pair of shorts and left her in the room, closing the door as he exited. Sighing, he walked into the bathroom and ran the water to start the warm water, quickly stripping and entering when it became adequately warm. He stood there for a bit, letting the water run over him, soothing both his sore muscles and bruises, he winced a little as he remembered the knife cut on his chest, which was being cleaned of the dried blood that remained, he realized that while the cut was not deep or dangerous, it would still take a while to heal and could possibly scar. "Great" he thought. He ignored it and the pain and let the water soothe him, enjoying the warm water. Jason was so in bliss that he didn't even notice the door to the bathroom open, or that someone had slipped inside. He didn't hear the sound of clothes dropping to the floor, or even the sound of the glass shower door opening and closing, he didn't notice anything until he felt two delicate hands slowly begin to massage his shoulders. He opened his eyes and slowly began to turn around, not sure what he was about to see.
Standing in front of him was Kyra, stark naked and utterly beautiful. He stood there with his mouth open, looking her up and down, not sure where to look or what to do first, his eyes moving up to meet her golden ones.
"Kyra, I..." he didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, she tiptoed up and kissed him. For a second he was so surprised he didn't kiss back, or even react, he just stood there and felt Kyra's arms wrap around his neck, they both just stood there for several seconds before Jason finally snapped back into reality and kissed her back. The kiss was long and passionate; they just stood there, their only movements were the tightening of Kyra's arms around his neck, Jason's arms slowly rising up and around her back, their bodies moving closer together and their lips slowly mauling each other under the running water. After five minutes, they reluctantly pulled their lips apart as Kyra gasped for air, they still held each other tightly as Jason managed to speak.
"Kyra....I don't...know what to say..." He could feel his heart beating at a thousand miles per hour, but his brain wasn't even moving, he was stuck in the moment. She removed one of her hands from his neck and moved her finger to his lips,
"Jason, you're a sweet and amazing guy and that kiss was one of the best I've ever had and right now all I want is you. Tonight you saved me from five guys with sex on their minds, let me show you how much I appreciate that, but this time on my own terms." She grinned, he got the familiar feeling of blood rushing and felt his member begin to rise, he grinned back as both he and his "other" head caught her meaning. He asked,
"Really? What is it you have in mind Ms. Despos?" Jason had seen enough porn online and in magazines to know what came next, he saw her hand move down past his waist to get a hold of his cock, which began to grow to its full length as stroked it. He saw her eyes widen as she looked down and saw his almost fully erect penis, she gasped as she saw it continue to grow until it reached its full 9 inches.
"Oh my God! This is the biggest dick I've ever seen!" Still grinning, Jason moved both his hands and took hold of Kyra's head between them, she stare at him in shock from the sudden movement to which he returned the stare, he quickly kissed her once before saying,
"Kyra, I want you too, but right now I can't get enough of these lips so can you stop giving my "other" head all the attention and give me some too." She gave a naughty, devil smile and began making out with Jason underneath the shower nozzle, water raining down on them. They stood there making out, not letting each other go in a fierce, wild, and passionate kissing session, going at each other like they were starving and they each were a feast. Their tongues dueling sometimes in their mouth and sometimes outside altogether. They didn't separate, even for air, their kisses all they needed, the water running from the nozzle raining down on them and turning into steam from the heat of their intense session. For twenty minutes they stayed lip-locked, until finally Jason got a little ballsy and reached to her large breasts and squeezed them between his hands, he moved his mouth to her left breast and began to suck on her tit, flicking his tongue inside his mouth on her rather large and erect nipples. He heard Kyra moan as he continued to suck and lick her breast, his right hand massaging and kneading her right breast before taking the nipple between his fingers and lightly squeezing and flicking it. He continued for a minute before switching his mouth to her right breast and his hand to her left one, continuing to maul her breasts as she began to moan more and more loudly and often. Leaning against the wall for support, Kyra was using her hand to jerk off Jason's fully erect dick, but her moans were become more and more frequent until eventually she moved both her hands to Jason's head and began pushing his head down her body.
"Ooohh....Lets see how well you can really use that hot tongue of yours." Catching her drift, Jason decided to pull out the small box of tricks he learned from porn. He knelt down in front of her pussy, who's small black hair were trimmed into a neat little vertical strip, Jason had never seen such a beautiful sight as water was drip down its sides. Taking a deep breath, he breathed in her musky, wet smell as he leaned in and lightly planted a kiss on her pussy's lips, eliciting a small moan from her. Testing the water, he used one finger and delicately traced a pattern around the lips, he then drew a line right down her slit, repeating the movement and slowly increasing his speed. He then pulled his finger from her slit and quickly sucked on it before replacing it at her slit and slowly inserting it into her, which got a rather loud moan from Kyra, he began to explore the folds of her pussy and rubbing in and out, after a minute inserting a second finger into her pussy and rubbing, slowly getting faster and faster. He added a third finger and was rubbing as fast as he could, Kyra was now moaning continuously, making Jason even more horny, finally replacing his fingers with his tongue and licking up and down her slit. Taking another whiff of her musky scent, he used the index fingers of each hand to separate the sides of her slit and took a look at her hot cunt, he dove his tongue into her pussy, sampling her sweet taste and started to lick up and down, feeling a little ball at the top. Jason soon discovered that every time he touched, kissed, licked, or sucked on the little ball, he got a loud moan out of Kyra, who at this point was panting for breath before each moan, taking advantage of this, he began to suck on the ball and she screamed in ecstasy. "OOOOHHH!!!! YEESSSS!!!LICK MY CLIT!!! LICK IT!!!!!" He continued working her pussy with his tongue, deciding to use a trick he just learned. Pushing his tongue deep into her while still touching her clit, he then vibrated his tongue. Instant reaction. "YEEESSS!!!! AAAAHHHH YOU GIFTED MOTHERFUCKER MORE!!!!! OH MY GOD YEESSS!!!!!!"
She loved it, so Jason didn't stop; he was definitely going to remember this technique in the future. He continued this technique for several minutes, eventually resulting in Kyra screaming loud,
“OOOHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!” she screamed as an orgasm rocked through her body. She started to pant heavily and scream before abruptly ending on a high note, as he felt a sweet-tasting, white liquid pour out from her pussy into his mouth and onto his face. He caught Kyra as she went into the throes of an intense orgasm. He felt a sense of "Fuck-Yeah!" as he realized he just made a girl cum for the first time during his first time, without even fucking her! Kyra just stood there, panting heavily, coming down from her blissful ecstasy. Leaning back into the shower water, he washed his face and spat out some of her cum, he then delicately took her face into his hand and caressed her face.
"How was that?" She finally managed to catch her breath and speak,
"Babe, I have never experienced anything that intense, that amazing, in my entire life. Where did a guy like you come from?" He grinned as he placed his other arm against the wall to lean over her, moving in to kiss her. He pulled away and gazed into her brilliant golden eyes, he moved his caress higher up her face and said quietly,
"I've been looking at you all night, and every time I look into your gold eyes, I get lost." she took his hand and kissed him.
"I've never seen a man with such beautiful silver eyes either."
"Thank you."
"For what?" She asked quizzically, bunching up her eyebrows really cutely.
"For being the first girl I've ever gone far with." His answer visibly shocked her.
"Wait! You're a virgin?!?!" Her mouth dropped like a stone when she saw his nod. "You've never done anything with a girl before me, then how the hell are you so good at this?!?" He shrugged an "I-Don't-Know." She threw herself at him, kissing him furiously and passionately. Jason almost slipped on the still wet floor, he had turned the water off earlier, he slowly pushed her a little back, which was hard because she was literally mauling him.
"Kyra, I really want to continue this but can we take this to the bed?" She pulled herself off her mauling for a second and nodded. Exiting the shower, they quickly assisted in drying each other off; neither could keep their hands off each other. Finally dry, they embraced and again fiercely started making out, Jason decided to spice it up and lifted her up as he walked to the bed in his room, they didn't separate for an instant. He tossed her down on the bed and was instantly turned on by the sight, her laying on her back, her large breasts had always been firm, but even under the weight of gravity they didn't sag or even droop, they just stood there, it was so sexy. That and her sexy trimmed pussy and her splayed out hair and body on the bed was the sexiest sight he ever saw, he reached over to the nightstand and was about to pull out a condom from a box hidden underneath the stand but was stopped by Kyra who sat up to take his hand.
"Don't worry about that, I've been on the pill since I was 15." She winked at him and pulled him down on top of her, making out. They laid there entwined when all of a sudden, Kyra flipped on top of Jason, she sat up holding onto his dick. "I like to be on top. Don't worry babe, let me do all the work." Jason felt calm and excited as he saw Kyra lift herself up and over his erect cock, he was trying to hold in a moan of anticipation, and gasped as he felt his cockhead meet her pussy lips and slightly push into her. He was already feeling the tightness of her cunt, pulling him in deeper and deeper, the feeling he had was utterly phenomenal, he was only halfway in when she already let out a loud and sexy moan. Jason put his hands on her hips and slowly helped ease her further down, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her sweet, tight cunt, by the time he had his whole 9 inches buried inside her, Kyra was already in the throes of another orgasm, Jason was loving the feeling of her pussy clenching down on his cock as an orgasm rocked through Kyra. She suddenly stopped doing anything and put her head against his chest,
"Hold on Jason, hold on." she panted out.
"Babe, what's the matter?" he sat up while he was still inside her, suddenly worried.
"Jason, you're so big I came from having your cock just get inside me. I need a minute." She obviously looked a little spent. He once again caressed her face and leaned in to kiss her.
"Babe, I'm 9 inches deep in the hottest girl I know, I'm happy. Take your time and we can go again, we have no rush." he said with a wink and another kiss. She smiled and a minute later began to gyrate her hips against his, Jason slowly started to thrust upwards into her pussy in tandem to her gyrations. She eventually stopped her gyrations and started to bounce up and down on top of him, her tits and ass looking sexy as hell as they bounced, she started slow but picked up the pace as time went on, Jason bucked up his hips to meet each thrust, getting deeper and deeper on each thrust. Kyra's moans turned into full on screams of ecstasy, she was in the bliss of the intense sex as was Jason, who was enjoying every single second of the lovemaking. Even though he was loving it, Jason wanted to be spontaneous and take control of the sex, so without warning, while Kyra was mid bounce and moaning, he turned her over so that she was on her back and he on top. Now Jason pulled out all the stops and started to thrust harder and faster and deeper into Kyra, whose body was shaking on the bed after each thrust. Her tits, regardless of how firm or heavy they were, were bouncing back and forth rapidly in front of Jason, his eyes were glued to the massive boobs. Kyra's orgasmic screams had now filled not only his room, but his house, he was sure the next door neighbors might have heard them, but at the moment, he didn’t care if his fucking parents were home, he was in heaven.
Jason continued pounding into Kyra for another 5 minutes before he got an idea. Pulling out, he easily lifted Kyra up, who began giggling as he did, and turned her around on her knees so that her exquisite ass was right in front of him at the edge of the bed. Kyra turned her head to look at Jason and winked at him while shaking her perfect butt; he had to get a bite of that delicious piece of ass.
“You want some of this baby.” She said with a devil smile and a kinky tone.
“You bet your sweet ass I do.” He replied as he got off the bed and knelt right behind her. Her butt still in front of him, he split her butt cheeks apart and proceeded to flick his tongue around her pussy and asshole, eating her pussy out again before licking a finger and sticking it first in her cunt and then in her ass. Kyra reached behind her and grabbed his hand, and pulled it and the finger to her mouth, where she began to suck seductively on it. Turned on by the sudden kinky action, Jason rose and proceeded to place his cockhead by the pussy slit, slowly but powerfully re-entering the tight sweet cunt of hers and once again proceeding to fuck her.
“YES YES YES!!! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK YOU HUNG MOTHERFUCKER!!!” She screamed again as Jason pounded away into the tight pussy. He held onto her tight ass cheeks which served as excellent handholds as their bodies entwined and thrust against each other in wild, intense sex. Several minutes later, he could feel himself getting closer and closer to his own orgasm, he had maybe a few seconds before he exploded.
“Babe! I’m about to cum!” Jason panted. Kyra looked back at him and screamed,
“Cum with me! Fill me up with you thick sexy spunk!” Picking up Kyra into his arms, they started thrusting together savagely as they fucked harder than they ever had in either of their lives.
“OH MY GOOODDDDDDDD!!!! YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!” They both screamed in body-racking orgasms as Jason felt streams of his cum pump out into her loosening pussy, his love juice filling her up and mixing with her own juices as they collapsed into an exhausted, sweaty embrace on the bed. They lay there exhausted, holding each other as they tiredly gazed into each other’s eyes. As they caressed each other, Jason finally spoke.
“Kyra that was…amazing.” Her golden eyes twinkled as she managed a tired smile,
“Jason, I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life either. I am so honored to have been your first.” Jason smiled as he leaned in to give her a long kiss; they then shifted on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, with Kyra’s head resting on Jason’s chest. He had one last thought before falling asleep in Kyra's arms, that thought was his life was changing before his eyes, and it started with his ability to protect those he holds dear, and those who require it.


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