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a continuation to the classic story
Author's note: I do not own series. The series was originally created by another author name somestory. Want somestory disappeared it was picked up by another author and then another author. I've been a fan of the series for a while and like other fans I would like to see it completed. I don't know why but for everyone who picks a story that they never seem to complete it. I plan to do just that. I will get the story the ending that it deserves and make you all proud. I will continue with the third author left off. If you want to read all the previous chapters and all you need to do is Google 3 evil sisters. they are there. Now without further ado let it begin

I looked at Ashley with a confused look. Ashley moved inside my shower the water cascading down her nice tan skin. "Ashley what are-" but I was cut off and she kissed me deeply on the lips. Her tongue thrust its way inside my mouth. My hands found their way onto her hips. Ashley responded back pressing her body against mine. " Ashley I can't. If Izzy or Riley finds out-". Ashley silenced me again. My body was beginning to betray me as I begin to get extremely hard. I was already heard begin with but this is ridiculous.

Ashley moved her wet hair from her eyes. God I love her eyes. Everytime I look in them I get lost. But then all I had to do is remember what she did to me. She treated me like a toy. Like I was just a piece Of meat. It sickend me at the thought but at the moment I didn't care. Ashleys body was pressed against me and I loved it. Her soft hands ran down to my cock and wrapped around it tightly. A moan escaped my lips as she pulled. Her head back from the kiss. "Ashley I-" but once again she silenced me by putting her finger on my lips. "Shhh Don't say a word. Just let me work."

Her hand began to pump my cock back and forth as she forced my free hand to her pussy. My hand instinctively began to slide deep into her wet canal. Her Cunt began to suck and caress my finger. She moaned as she laid her chin on my shoulder and bit into it to hold back a moan. I inserted another finger as she responded by tugging on my cock harder and faster. I could hear the movement of footsteps in such upstairs. I knew soon either Izzy. Or Riley Would be looking for me. Ashleys tugged harder and harder as my fingers slid in and out of her. Ashley bit harder into my shoulder As I felt her clamp down around my fingers. No sooner had she bit down I heard the door handle turn on the bathroom door. I half expected Izzy To open the shower curtain and bust me. Instead I heard moms tender voice " Max when you're done with your shower could you coming to see me doing some of the dishes?" Actually kept pulling and tugging on my dick As I did my best to cover up my route so I thought you answered " sure mom"

As the door clicked closed I look to Ashley. Got her eyes were so beautiful. As I look in them I blast my load all over her stomach. She gave a contented sigh as she look down. The water from my shower washed away my cun as quickly as it came. Ashley leaned in and gave me a tender kiss. She then hopped out of the shower and dried off leaving me alone to think about what just happened. I waited a few moments for stepping out of the shower drying off myself. I wrap the towel around me and step down went to my room. Once in my room I was shocked to not find Riley or Izzy there. For once in a long time I was able to get dressed by myself. I put on a Batman shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Once I was all dressed I fell back and laid on my bed. I heard izzys car start Outside and you I would be safe from her for a little while. I didn't know where she was going errand. I looked at the clock in you at about this time Riley would be watching your favorite show. Ashley had just used me again so I knew she would be content for a while. I kind of felt strange. For the first time in weeks no one was trying to use me. No one was ripping my clothes off for clawing at me. It felt strange but it's also felt nice at the same time. I laid there on my bed With my eyes closed.

Im not sure how long I napped for. It could have been minutes or hours but I was awoken to hear the sound of my door open. I didn’t know who to expect and was shocked to see it was gene. I layed my head back as she came in and layed next to me. “Your bed is very comfortable” she said as she trailed her hands over the sheet covered mattress. I looked to her and smiled as I moved over to make some room for her. She scooted over and layed next to me. I could smell her strawberry shampoo and it started to arouse me a bit. I turned over as she wrapped her arms around me. “you forgot to help your mom with the dishes” she said as she rested her head on my back. “but its ok I helped her”. I nodded and said thank you. She breathed a breath of release as she fell asleep next to me again

I wole up the next day to the feeling of being watched and sure enough I was. As I looked up it took me a moment to notice who was watching me. It was Izzy. Her arms were crossed and she had a very pissed look on her face. “downstairs” she said “now”. I knew what she was mad about. She was mad that Gene was sleeping with me and I knew I was in for a long day. Once I was downstairs Izzy pinned me to the wall. “what the fuck max” she said “how many times did you fuck her?” I pushed her back and told her we didn’t have sex. “oh yeah then why didn’t you come see me at midnight like always?” I snapped my head back and told her it was cause I was tired.

I didn’t stick around to hear anymore as I went into the kitchen where mom was having her coffee. I knew Izzy wouldn’t start anything in front of mom so for now I felt safe. It wasn’t long before Gene came down all ready for school and mom offered to drive us and said Izzy needed to find a job. As mom was leaving Rileys ride pulled up. It felt weird not having Izzy trying to jerk me off as she was driving. Once we were at school the day was pretty basic. I didn’t need to meet mr.Edwards today so after school I went right home. Gene went to the hospital to visit her mother and father. When I reached the drveway I noticed mom was still gone. Meaning I would be alone with my sisters.

When I walked in the house I expected to get pounced. I had my eyes closed but it never came. It was actually silent. I looked all around for someone but the house was empty. On the fridge I found a not from mom saying her and my sisters were gonna spend the evening together and she felt I could use some alone time. I rarely if ever had the house to myself. First thing I did was shout some things to see if this was a trick. I shouted that Izzy was a bitch. I knew if she was home that would make her come out and hit me. She never came. I didn’t know what to do to be honest. I sat and turned on the tv and watched some drama show. It was the only thing on. As I watched it things got pretty hot between the charecters and I started to get aroused. My thoughts went to my sisters. I thought about Izzy and Riley and Ashley. Izzy was best at fucking. I loved the power I had over her but Ashley had the best ass but I couldn’t forget how good Riley was at sucking cock. The thought of all three of them put me in a tornado of lust. I then had the most brilliant idea ever. I went into the bathroom and went to the dirty clothes hamper. There I found a soiled pair of panties for each of my sisters. I sniffed and jerked off with them until I unloaded into Izzys panties. I stood there breathing and cleaned my Ashleys and took Rileys for later. As I turned to leave the bathroom I froze dead in my tracks. In the bathroom wastebacket was a box. On the box said pregnancy test

Authors Note: ok this is a short version and im just looking for some input here. If you like it let me know and ill continue. I actually lan to give this story multiple endings. So let me know what you think

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you shouod have more threesomes and use the other characters in the sex to

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2016-10-26 16:15:22
Really,where is somestory and why he stopped his series.......

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2016-10-06 01:43:22
Not very good at all. Better than the last writer but please dont continue. I talked to somestory and he is writing on other sites. I would be furious if this was my series and people started writing to finish my stories.

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Personally I'd like gene to play a bigger role

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oh man , this is becoming a headache ,,,,,.u just finish it off

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