She's an ambitious schoolgirl, it turns out...
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Once I was sure Lisa and her thoroughly de-virginised secret schoolgirl had gone, I emerged from skulking in my wardrobe and went down to the lawn in my speedos. Sure enough when Lisa came back she ripped them off and we fucked long and hard.

I was anxious to give her the best sex I could, now I had the spur of competition! Not that it was exactly a hardship of course; there was just an anxiety in the back of my mind, but it didn’t stop me enjoying what so many people must have dreamed of: Lisa. Her thighs and pelvis and pussy are quite special. It’s like they all love sex, and that’s why they’re so strong and agile. If fucking were a sport Lisa would be in the national team, easily.

And she just loves it, as I’ve said, and she’s so gorgeous, and such a special person, that I can fuck her for ages. She’s always wet, even after hours of it, and we always cum together, unless I’m holding off to keep the session going. We can go long or short, once or multiple times, and I’d say either of us can let the other know when we want a cum and the other will deliver it.

We’re very close, in so many ways, but I had to admit the frequency of our sex sessions has been gradually tapering off over time. I supposed now I could see why – I wasn’t enough for her any more and she was looking around. I could only assume that the delicious young schoolgirl Simone had popped into her life, with her school project, at just the right time.

Sexy twenty-six meets delectable sweet sixteen…it was a sexy partnership.

Now even while I was fucking Lisa I couldn’t entirely keep Simone out of my mind. She was so slender, I mused, so lovely, and had been looking so completely innocent until my wife had seduced her a mere couple of hours ago, and taken her to four huge orgasms over about an hour and a quarter; then ended it with such an affectionate kiss, after her teen lover had felt so safe and close that she’d actually fallen asleep lying on her. With her long hair draped all over Lisa’s naked body…

And I had watched the whole thing in secret, from the bedroom.

Now I was snookered, because it was too late for me to ask about the girl. I could either admit I’d watched them like a perverted loser voyeur, or keep quiet. There was no middle ground anymore. No casual enquiry. I cursed myself for not just asking two days before, when it would have been easy.

So my insecurity built, while Lisa continued to say nothing.

We fucked for well over an hour, then when three major orgasms had finally sated her we went in and carried on with our one of our usual evenings together. By bedtime Lisa was in the mood again so we finished the day with another long one.

The next day was Friday, and now that at least I knew what was going on I was able – just - to stick to my resolve and not go home and perv them; helped by the fact that it wasn’t sunny so if Simone came over they’d be in the house.

I got through the day, somehow, and the weekend too, all the time thinking about it. Lisa was the same as ever, but I couldn’t shake the jealousy. I could just see Lisa starting to prefer Simone to me.

However I woke up on Monday morning with a plan: if I couldn’t beat Lisa I would join her. Sauce for the goose could be sauce for the gander. Not only are there plenty of fish in the sea, there are lots schoolgirls too. These are great clichés for a guy being cheated on!

So in our start-the-week management meeting at work I floated the idea of my firm offering a project placement programme to the local school – a bit of free labour in exchange for some support, and also contact with the best students for the future. I added the carrot of a favourable press release and it went through, with the condition that I would run the programme. Being as loyal and community-minded as I am, I generously agreed. Haha.

I called the school and spoke to the head of ICT [Information and Communication Technologies]. We’re a well-known local web design/hosting company and of course she was all for it: Year 10 students were planning their summer projects and some professional support would be gratefully received; she would circulate the offer and any students who were interested could email me.

These days of course, and especially among ICT students I suppose, she was not talking about pinning a paper notice up on a board: every student probably had an email on their phone in a few minutes. Also they all have lessons in how to make a good impression I daresay. Anyway several of them seemed to know that being seen to be keen is a good thing, and so by lunchtime I already had five applications.

Just after lunch two more arrived, and I saw one of them was from someone by the name of Simone Jacobsen. I gaped at it.

Surely not? But Simone wasn’t such a common name was it? How many Simones could there be doing a web design project in Year 10 in my local school? So…why would she need a second industrial placement, for the same project?

My paranoia kicked in. She was planning something, somehow, to get me out of the way. A honey trap…yes…Year 10 would be no more than 15 now, still underage…she would seduce me, report me, get me locked up, and have Lisa all to herself. A teenage infatuation - it could easily happen! The little jailbait.

I went and got a cup of coffee, paced around outside with it, and managed to calm down a bit. The sweet girl I’d watched on the lawn hadn’t seemed that ruthless, had she? Perhaps there was a genuine reason. Lisa’s company did specialise in visual appeal and social network integration, visitor interactions, whereas we were more into the data side of things. On reflection it wasn’t impossible…

What was completely impossible of course was for me not to select Miss Jacobsen for interview!

I replied offering an interview for the following day, saying nothing about Lisa. Lisa doesn’t use her surname in her email so I thought there was a good chance Simone wouldn’t make the connection. And that seemed to be the case when she duly accepted and was brought up to my office at the appointed time.

She is even more gorgeous in the flesh, close up, than she’d looked through my bedroom window down on the lawn. Her skin is wonderful. Her eyes are dark green, glittery, and set quite some distance below her full eyebrows in a way that makes them magnetically alluring. Her teeth are perfect, straight and white, not too big; her nose…Oh

“Hello, have a seat.” I hoped I hadn’t stared too long; though perhaps she was used to it. “So, would you like to start by telling me about your project?” I made myself not smile at her as much as I wanted to.

“It’s to look at searches, within a site.” She was more confident than I’d expected - in this normal situation as opposed to losing her lesbian virginity I supposed. “How to analyse what site visitors are really looking for, and then how to turn that into a good front end and the database queries.”

“Interesting,” I temporised while I carried on soaking up her beauty. This project seemed pretty advanced for Year 10. Not that I was really in touch with the school curriculum these days.

“So I need to learn about some big databases and how you search them, and then try and see how to make the interface really attractive and usable, asking the right questions, and have it looking appealing and cool.” She smiled at me.

Looking appealing? God. I made an effort not to think about her naked body orgasming.

“Well I can show you some databases,” I offered, not doing too well with my not-smiling policy, “that’s more my thing than the interface, really.”

Would she mention Lisa?

“Oh great, that’s OK, I’m just about covered, on the inter-facing side,” she said.

I couldn’t help thinking about her being ‘covered’ - or not. Nor about her ‘inter-facing’ with Lisa.

She shifted in her chair and her jacket fell more open; my eyes were tractor-beamed to her pert, conical right tit, whose irresistible shape was now poking out, under her low, thin top. I had to close my eyes to get them off it.

When I opened them again she was smiling at me. “And I was wondering if there might be an old database or something that I could actually try things out on? Using PHP, or preferably Pert…I mean Perl?”

I looked closely at her. Had that mistake about the programming language been deliberate? She looked me in the eye, still smiling but so steadily that I had to look away first.

“Well PHP is less work, on a web server, compared to Perl,” I explained. “I don’t suppose we have even Perl installed…”

Her beautiful face fell slightly, “Oh. I know C, you see,” she said, “and Perl is quite close to being C isn’t it?”

My mind wrestled with the idea of almost ‘C-ing’ her pert tit. But I came through, just about. So she knew C? This stunning young hottie was a programmer? Well…Bing! I had one of those lightbulb moments. Helped along by an instinct…

“Yes that’s true…well I have an old web server at home,” I offered, “I could put it back on the net, then you could run any programs you like on it, without risking a live installation like your school’s or ours, which you wouldn’t be allowed to do of course. I could put Perl on it and a database, fill it with dummy data..? My wife will know where we’ve put the server. In the loft probably.” I wanted her to know I have a wife, so she’d feel safer; just not which wife – yet! “Then you could perhaps have other students do searches and rate their experience?”

Her face lit up. “Oh thank you, that would be great, if it’s not too much trouble?”

Her expression was ample reward. “No trouble at all,” I assured her, “in fact you could come and watch while I set it up, if you wanted? I’m done here now so…” I had a sudden desire for revenge, now this golden opportunity had fallen into my lap.

“Thank you, that would be very interesting.” She stood up with me, a model student keen to learn, with her lovely smile. Which was going to fade in about twenty minutes.

We walked through the streets chatting, as you do, until when we got near my house she started to go quiet. We came to my drive and she stopped.

“Are you alright?” I asked as though I didn’t know, “what’s the matter?”

“Oh nothing,” she said, looking at Lisa’s car in the drive. She was torn, but in the end she wasn’t ready to blatantly run for it - I supposed with the humiliation and the questions it would raise. She came down the drive; I opened the front door and ushered her in.

Now the boot was on the other foot! I grinned to myself as I anticipated Lisa and her young bit on the side trying to pretend they didn’t know each other. Simone had already left it too late to admit she’d been here before, of course.

“Hellooo,” I called. A couple of seconds later I heard Lisa open her study door upstairs.

“Back early agai….” She started then stopped, at the top of the stairs looking down at me with Simone in the hall.

I left two delicious seconds, smiling innocently up watching Lisa desperately trying to hide her emotions. Next to me I heard Simone gulp.

“This is Simone,” I introduced the teen, “she’s at St Martin’s, doing a computing project that we’re going to be helping her with. Simone this is my wife Lisa. Who also does websites as it happens, but more on the visuals and social side.”

“H…Hello,” said Simone, in a voice that had a slight quaver to it.

“Hello Simone, it’s nice to meet you,” Lisa came down the stairs with a tense smile. Lisa is older of course, better able to cope, but she had more to lose than her schoolgirl.

So there they both were, committed to the lie. Ha. Now they couldn’t even admit Lisa was helping Simone with her project.

“We’ve come to have a look at my old system unit, that I used to run the development stuff on,” I told Lisa, trying to hide my amusement. “We’ll have a look in the loft. Then we have to see if Perl is on it, or put it on, so Simone can use it as a server.”

“I think it’s in the basement,” said Lisa. “Would you like some tea?”

“Oh thanks,” I said.

“Would you like to come and help me Simone?” asked Lisa, “I’m sure you don’t want to be getting your clothes messy down in the basement.” She wanted a private word, obviously.

“Actually I could probably do with a hand moving some of the stuff down there,” I said quickly. I didn’t want to let them off that easily.

“I don’t mind,” said Simone helpfully, “I’ll just take my jacket off.” That left her in a little strappy top, short skirt and sandals. She sounded so definite that Lisa couldn’t argue, since supposedly they had only just met! Simone hung her jacket up and I opened the door to the basement and led the way down.

It’s not a big basement and it has a ceiling light, so I saw the computer straight away, on the far side under my old mountain bike. I started lifting the bike off and Simone came and lifted the back wheel. We carried the bike to the adjacent wall and set it down, then when I turned Simone was standing right in front of me.

It was suddenly private and intimate. She shouldn’t be standing so close. Slightly taller than me, with her slim bare shoulders and arms, long neck, so slender. Pert tits, bare legs. Not really looking at me now, only glancing shyly, but from an inappropriate couple of feet away instead of taking a step back as one normally would. I’d have stepped away myself, if the bike handlebars hadn’t been behind me nudging me in the back.

It’s always surprised me how fast some girls can be. I’ve been with about fifteen girls and looking back every one of them was giving me signals within a few minutes. A few seconds sometimes. I suppose there may have been other girls who would have been on a slower fuse, but it was the fast ones who’d made something happen. Now the signals were here, out of the blue.

I shuffled nervously, not able to move without doing something rejective like easing her away, but not ready to do whatever this inexperienced girl had in mind. If she had anything particular in mind; it wasn’t clear.

Over the next few seconds, purely from past repetition, I allowed myself to consider the possibility that this stunning girl fancied me. But, I realised, if so she had no idea how to proceed. She had confidence at some levels – basically knowing that she’s attractive – but not at the level of getting something started with someone. With Lisa Simone had been passive, of course, and had simply let the older woman seduce her.

I’m not like Lisa though. It was all a bit ridiculous.

It dawned on me that in principle I did want to get started with this girl, if either of us could just make the first little step. She is gorgeous; I liked her; I’d seen how ready she was; and Lisa had set the precedent, had she not?

I grinned at the absurdity of it: thirty-nine-year-old me and a teen girl, wanting to get started and neither of us knowing how.

Simone was grinning back at me now. An understanding grin? Were we sharing a grin at our mutual incompetence?

“Not now,” I said, making the admission; taking the risk. If I was wrong it was vague enough that I could bluff my way out of it.

And we really could NOT start now. One touch would give me a huge boner, just before I had to go back up and into the kitchen, and I couldn’t be sure Lisa would leave us alone down here long enough to actually finish anything, especially for a first-time.

“Okay,” Simone said. Now she was looking at me steadily, knowing what I meant and liking it. Her pupils were enormous. I could sense mine were too.

We had a deal, for some future momentous occasion. I moved, before my cock could start acting up without our even touching, and the bike clattered to the floor. I picked it up, while Simone went and picked up the system unit.

We went back up, Simone carrying the computer into the kitchen. Lisa turned and saw, and I watched her eyes flash for a moment, before she turned away and started pouring the teas.

Simone set the unit down on the floor and we sat on stools at the breakfast bar while I tried to tune in to Lisa’s reaction.

She came over with the teas and sat down too, smiling a touch deliberately, I thought, at me and Simone on the other side of the breakfast bar. She was taking us both in at once.

Shit. There were signs, and Lisa had picked them up. I’d instinctively sat next to Simone, a little closeness growing already. I didn’t dare look at Simone but even so I could feel her excitement. She’s too young to hide much, of course.

I love strong women, as Lisa knows perfectly well. I’m not submissive but I just love them, it’s like a genetic, hard-wired response. All my women had been strong-willed and self-reliant. Subconsciously it was probably why I always let them come to me and make the running – a simple self-selection.

Now I’d let Simone carry the system unit up. For me it was trivial - just a matter of respect not to suggest she couldn’t do it; but most men would have offered to take it, or even insisted, and most girls would have waited for the man to pick it up in the first place. Simone is probably only forty-five kilos or something, she looks really delicate. But she’s well able to carry things, as far as I’m concerned, and to me it would be patronising to suggest otherwise. She seemed to think so too.

And apart from that trivial but concrete sign, Simone was a C programmer, at this age. A girl not satisfied with one commercial placement for her ambitious project but going for two. Going home with Lisa, three days in a row, to be predictably seduced, and now coming home with me as well…

Lisa had felt Simone of course. Intimately. She’d have felt that under the youth and naiveté there was a strong, clever person. And now here was Simone not with Lisa but with me, in this weird situation, and she was being self-reliant and clever and Lisa knew me and what effect this girl would be having on me.

It started to dawn on me that my revenge could go drastically wrong. It was all very well thinking ‘that’ll teach her’ but if Lisa really felt threatened she wouldn’t just put up with it. Lisa has plenty of aggression in her. She can be slightly extreme and a bit of a handful. I love her for it, but…

And in a sense if I hooked up with her project schoolgirl then Lisa could feel betrayed by both of us, couldn’t she? She might not think ‘serves me right’. She might feel doubly ripped off; stabbed in the back. She might actually care about both of us, or just feel competitive and jealous.

What was that saying…’before you set out for revenge, first dig two graves’? Yes. How bloody true.


As for Simone, she probably wouldn’t think she had to be loyal to Lisa, would she? Why should she? Lisa was the one who was married and she’d set the example. Same with me. Simone would let the adults deal with the rights and wrongs of it.

Hmm. So there were good reasons not to get involved with Simone. I decided not to, after all; I would settle for enjoying her company and the satisfaction of helping her, this afternoon. Period.

Anyway the three of us chatted politely over our teas, and it was all very civilised. Distinctly tense under the surface though, so as soon as we decently could I took Simone and the system unit up to my study and got on with showing her how to set up Perl and a database and connecting it to the web as a server.

She followed it intently, soaking it up. She must have been a joy to teach because I never had to tell her anything twice; everything made sense to her first time. She stood next to me, there being only one chair, but she didn’t try to touch me, to my relief; though even as it was my balls had a faint tingle going the whole time.

“OK,” I said to her as I finished, “there it is, online, here’s the address and login.” I jotted down the details for her. “So now you have everything, including Pert.”

It just came out. I grinned with our little private joke; a sexy joke.

“I’ve had Pert ones for a couple of years,” she said, grinning too. “Actually if it’s okay I might look at doing it in PHP after all? Is it OK if I put that on?”

What? I tried to recall how she’d introduced Perl into the equation. “So you floated Perl just in case?” I asked. It didn’t make any sense.

“I dunno,” she said, “Pert was a bit of a joke really, as you were looking right at my tit, and scoping me out totally, and then it sort of took off on its own…”

“So the other bits: ‘being C’, ‘covered’, ‘inter-facing’ and ‘appealing’?”

“Sorry,” she gave a little giggle.

“And can you code in C?”

“Well yes, though to be honest I’m better in PHP…”

But she’d known Perl is like C. I stood up to face her. “So the whole time…the whole thing…and you can put PHP on yourself?” I ran out of words.

This schoolgirl had been running rings round me the whole time. Playing a game. With her dark green eyes and long hair and slender body with its tits and waist and legs. Now standing here looking at me grinning, her stunning face with that expression, another girlie giggle, her eyes laughing…

It was too much.

On autopilot I started to reach for her, and she came to me rather than backing away.

In a moment we were kissing. Kissing deeply, because in that moment I loved her. And she wanted me, for some reason. I kissed her some more, holding her then letting go so my hands could roam over her as she pressed her slender body into me and kissed me back. I even thought I recognised some of how Lisa kisses - she’d picked that up first time as well.

I could feel her all the way down; so slim, lithe, with her tiny waist and firm ass. Her fragrance was intoxicating, and so was her eagerness. Her class. She was fabulous. My resolution evaporated into thin air; I didn’t even think about it.

I made myself slow down a little, stroking her back while she ground gently against my rampant cock.

“Is this your first time?” I had to ask, even though it was presuming everything.

“First with a guy,” she said, “but it won’t be a problem. My girlfriend does me with a vibrator and it’s not exactly a pencil.”

God. I could hardly believe those words were coming out of this delectable young mouth with its curvy ends. And was THAT what they’d been doing on Friday?

“You have a girlfriend?”

“She’s lovely,” the teen replied, “blonde, and SUCH a body.” She giggled in my ear.

She was rubbing harder now, and doing little pelvic thrusts too. Asking for a fuck, in body-speak.

“Are you on anything? Birth control I mean?” I didn’t see how she could be, but I had to ask.

“I’m safe,” she said, “only just finished this month’s curse.” I was finding it hard to disentangle what she’d schemed and what had to be sheer luck.

She kissed my neck, making me lose even more touch with reality, and moved to my right to get at my zip. The ex-virgin was being pretty forward, now we were under way; Lisa would have been proud.

“Oooh,” she went, gratifyingly, as she got hold of my cock through my briefs.

For speed I helped her with my belt and trousers, which we lowered to my ankles with my briefs. I didn’t step out of them, my few remaining shreds of sanity reminding me that Lisa was in the house somewhere. Simone stroked her delicate fingers up my cock, until I pulled her hand away before I came.

I ran my hands up her beautiful legs, on the outside, under her short skirt, and took hold of her panties. I slid them down, scenting warm pussy as I did so. I put them in a drawer for now and nudged Simone to sit on the edge of the desk. I stroked up the inside of her thigh and her legs opened wide, inviting my fingers to discover her wet pussy. She was completely ready, gasping sexily as I touched her swollen labia and slid an exploratory finger in.

She put her hands on my arms as I lined up my cockhead, and pulled to encourage me as I started to press gently forwards. She was very slightly tense, so it took half a dozen heavenly light strokes to slide my cock all the way in. I could have cum just with that, but over the years I’d learned enough control.

I started to fuck her, slowly and gently, smiling at her stunning young face as she lay back on the desk, her head propped up on the wall. Her expression was alight with pleasure as she gazed back at me. There was nothing to say, so we didn’t; our bodies were communicating everything.

Her pussy felt fantastic. Not as strong as Lisa’s of course, more glove-like. Creamy and smooth, with a velvety grip coating my cock in ecstasy. And Simone was loving it. As I’d seen on the lawn she is sensual and highly sexed.

I tried to sense how long she’d need. In a self-preserving corner of my mind I knew we couldn’t fuck hard and make a noise, and also we couldn’t fuck for too long. The stakes were huge. Only my all-consuming cock had made me get into it; or rather, the effect this girl had had on my all-consuming cock.

I thought back to Thursday: Simone had cum quietly hadn’t she. And pretty quickly, the first time. The second time too. I pistoned in and out, feeling her arousal build. Quickly, with a full stroke. Just bumping into her vulva but not hard enough to bang the desk against the wall, or her head.

Simone was fabulous. Beautiful and completely into it. Watching me with an intense smile on her face, her stunning eyes fixed on me, breathing as quietly as she could, relishing her first fuck with a real cock. I felt her hands gripping my forearms and her pussy gripping my cock as we raced at full silent speed, like a submarine I thought insanely, towards our cum. I looked down at her thighs and pelvis, so lissom and perfect, open and eager, her lovely little bush…

In only two or three minutes we were there. I took us straight into it at full tilt, felt her tense right up, and started a beautiful orgasm into her, pumping and spurting, once...twice...three times...and the rest until I was spent and I ended pressed steadily into her. Her faced had looked quite incredible, and still did.

We shared our fading orgasms for quite a few more ecstatic seconds.

When we'd wound down I pulled her up to me and hugged her.

She wrapped her thin arms round me and hugged me tight. “Amazing,” she whispered in my ear.

“I think so,” I whispered back.

Now my mind was starting to come back to earth and I realised I’d just fucked a girl at home with Lisa in the house. Lisa's girl, even. Jesus Christ. I knew I was a bit oversexed but this was ridiculous.

I eased my deflating cock out, found Simone’s panties and passed them back to her, with a tissue. Pulled my briefs and trousers up, opened the window and smoothed my hair with a hand. Stroked Simone’s gorgeous long hair back into some kind of shape.

“Phew,” I smiled at my young partner in crime, “look…”

“Can we be naked next time?” Simone stroked a sexy hand down my ass.


Continued in Part 3:


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