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It’s amazing how time flies once you get into a groove. It’s been almost three weeks since I went to the races with Imelda and we had our ‘coming together’. Things around my life got a little more relaxed so let me recap.

Abigail and Carlos have been doing well, we had our big ‘confrontation’ that Saturday morning and needless to say he was pissed. He didn’t come at Abigail at all but I could tell he wanted to have it out with me except for Imelda keeping things in check. Carlos and I didn’t talk for about three days then he texted me asking if I was going to start talking about what happened with anyone and when I told him that the situation was done and there wasn’t need to. He chilled out and we got back to being less awkward around each other.

Bethany is enjoying more of her free spirit time and started spending less time with me and more of it out with a ‘solid’ boyfriend from school. I got punched in the arm for praising her for just having one.

Loretta and I are getting along but I don’t call her mom very often. I try to use it to emphasize a point or get her attention. I cut back on going to the shelters with her but held onto my work with Kelly when I was told she had been doing very well and gifted her with a nice pair of earrings. Clara got her pregnancy terminated and I even got the address of her ‘boyfriend’ to tell him on her behalf to leave her alone. Jackie on the other hand has gone from soft and cuddly to friendly and platonic. It makes things different but we are still talking at great length when I’m around.

Mark Jr. and Imelda decided to team up on me and when I’m not ‘helping out’, at the gym, at the tattoo parlor, or with Imelda they decided to teach my lazy ass how to drive. I got my learner’s permit last school year but never bothered to get a license because my Dad couldn’t yet afford a decent car for me. I was a slow learner but Mark was a lot more helpful with the car driving than Imelda was with her motorcycle. And while I can say that I’m not too scared of driving a manual I am on a better relationship with Imelda because I love her bike. She’s even let me ride it with her behind me once I got my official license for cars and the second one for bikes. And as for working out with Mark he has me down to actually looking like I have muscle but not looking like a steroid addict, the heat and gym down here four times a week really helped with that.

Mr. Delauter is happy with how things are in his home. He and I haven’t butt heads about anything since the first week but I can tell that Loretta and he have been talking quietly but neither the girl’s nor Mark has any idea what their up to.

The Katy and Mathilda back home are doing fine. Katy has been working with Jun getting caught up on her credits so she can be a senior next school year and the two of them have been on something of a recruiting drive with like minded ‘outcasts’ during the summer. I honestly don’t understand why people want to follow any lead I may give them but I can’t really stop her any way. Korinna on the other hand has been swinging from ‘doing okay’ to ‘I just want to be alone’ in the near four weeks I’ve been gone. It’s really difficult for me to have her feeling like this since she was the first and the start of everything that makes up what I am now. We talk daily and I don’t even text her anymore I just call her so she can hear my voice. She’s leaving on Friday to visit her aunt but says that she’ll probably be back a day or two after I get back from my visit here.

It’s Thursday afternoon on week four of my vacation and Imelda’s currently at her job and since Mr. Delauter and Loretta have been gone at work most of the day I’ve been hanging out with Abigail and Bethany. They’re going over outfits for some big to do that is meant to ‘Bring the Community Together’ that their Dad and Loretta have taken part in for the last few years.

“So are you going to bring Imelda to the event,” Abigail asks me going through her closet.

“Probably, I might just have a secret date though,” I taunt smirking.

“Yeah right, you and Imelda have been waking me up some nights,” Bethany pokes playfully.

“Well that’s why sometimes I just stay over there so you can get a full night’s sleep,” I retort.

I head back to my room and try to relax when a loud engine in the front of the place brings both girls into my room and to my window. I don’t head over to join them only lie down on my bed and listen to them wonder about what it is.

“Did you two shake presents during Christmas when you were kids,” I ask chuckling.

“Bethany still does, last year she was bummed out cause she didn’t get everything she asked for on her list,” Abigail says laughing.

“Wow, I’m grateful if I get something other than clothes. What didn’t you get,” I ask stunned.

“It was one thing and it was goofy anyway,” Bethany says trying to end the conversation.

“She asked for Chris Evans, Dad got her a poster of him and she pouted for a week,” Abigail says laughing.

I watch as Bethany whirls around and the sisters start to play wrestle on my couch. It’s a fun scene watching two very different sisters get along.

“Okay you might want to stop, I know some porn that starts this way,” I joke.

Both of them then turn on me and take pillows from the couch and throw them at my face as I’m laughing with them. We get interrupted by Loretta calling for me down stairs and the girls get wide eyed as I head out with the two of them hot on my heels to see Loretta and Mr. Delauter waiting for me.

“Guy come with me, girls go back to what you were doing,” Mr. Delauter says leading me to his den.

Loretta follows us and we all sit at his desk after the door closes.

“According to your mother there is something of a debt that needs to be paid for you,” Mr. Delauter starts in,” over seven years worth of debt from what she’s described to me.”

“I really don’t know what you two are talking about,” I say very confused.

“Honey you and I have been getting along really well but something has been bothering me and it’s time we settled on the problem,” Loretta tells me being very cryptic.

“Now from what I can tally there is at least seven birthdays and seven Christmas that your mother wasn’t there for. Along with some that she was there for but wasn’t fully there,” Mr. Delauter tells me making it sound like one of his damn hearings.

“And? I’m really not sure what’s going on but all of us are cool. I have no problems with you guys, really,” I’m confused and not sure what’s happening.

“Okay honey, follow me,” Loretta says getting up from her seat.

I let her lead me to the garage with Mr. Delauter in tow and once there she flips the lights on and I can see the doors are still open and a large packing truck pulling away from the house, all the cars are there save for Mark’s since he’s not home but I can see Loretta staring at a large tarp with something underneath.

“Take a look,” Mr. Delauter says smiling.

I am skeptical but head over and pull the tarp off and see a black two seater sports bike. The whole thing is black with very little polished metal on it and the helmet even looks custom. I stand back and take it in for a second then start shaking my head.

“I’ve been down here for four weeks and this whole time I thought we were getting along so well. Now you try to bribe me with this. Why,” I ask mocking confused and offended.

“No, baby this is for you. We’re not trying to bribe you here, I spoke with your father and he agreed that you could use your own vehicle. When I offered he said it was a good idea and,” Loretta starts defensive and hurt but sees my face and turns a little grumpy,” oh you butt; you had me so hurt by that. Don’t play with me on this I’m being serious.”

I laugh with Loretta and we hug before I head back with Mr. Delauter and sign my name on the title for the bike. They tell me that the whole thing is insured through them but I’ll have to get it registered when I get back home. I file the details away for now and bolt up to my room and grab my coat before screaming down the stairs with Bethany and Abigail hot on my heels. Once they see the bike they both start asking me for a ride but I get my helmet on and tap my wrist like a watch before turning it around and get my new bike out for my first ride.

I’ve been riding around for an hour just getting a feel for it when I stop and check my clock to see that it’s about three and I decide to swing by Imelda’s job and see how she’s doing. I pull up and see the garage is in full swing getting a van and a station wagon on their way out. I move my bike in front of the open door that Imelda is working on and just wait for her with my helmet on. When she finally sees me there she doesn’t recognize me and starts yelling from the mechanic pit.

“Hey, you need to move your bike. You can’t block the entrance like that,” Imelda yells getting some of the other mechanics attention.

I put the kick stand down and get off the bike then look at her and put my hand to my helmet like I couldn’t hear her. I watch her get out of the mechanic pit and can see she’s muttering something to herself in Spanish when she gets to me.

“You can’t park here it’s for repairs only, take your bike to the front office so they can get paperwork started,” Imelda says trying to keep from getting angry.

I take my hand make the talking motion with my hand and watch her go from semi upset to volcanic Latino woman in two seconds. I let her undo the chin strap of my helmet and pull it off just to see the shock on her face as I’m standing there smiling like nothing is wrong. I have to catch my helmet as she drops it in shock.

“Hi honey, look what I got as a present,” I tell Imelda smiling.

It takes her about two seconds to put it together before I have Imelda in her greasy work coveralls kissing me hard. I pick her up off the ground and she wraps her legs around me as we stand there making out in front of her work. A couple of her buddy mechanics start hooting and hollering at us which has no effect. She finally breaks the kiss and I set her down before Imelda starts going over my bike like a doctor would a patient.

“It’s a custom build, street legal with no real brand name,” Imelda goes off in her spiel on the bike.

“They just got it for me, Loretta says it’s to make up for all the birthdays and Christmases she missed or neglected,” I tell her taking a seat on the bike and backing it out of the way of the door.

“And you’re going to let me try it soon,” Imelda asks expectantly.

“Maybe after work, your boss is staring,” I point out.

I kiss her goodbye and promise I’ll try to be back by five for her so we can test out my bike. I get my helmet back on and head over to the tattoo shop so I can get the last of my work looked at. I park with the other motorcycles and thankfully the two guys in the parking lot recognize me and just nod me in as I walk in the side door.

“Kid was that your bike I saw roll into my parking lot,” the old man asks as soon as he sees me.

I nod and take a seat near him as I watch as Smitty works on a tattoo for some guy with his girl watching all proud like. I explain where the bike came from to the old man and he shakes his head at me.

“Sounds like she’s trying to buy off guilt,” He tells me.

“I kinda thought that too. Not gonna turn down the gift but I’m waiting for the catch,” I reply thinking about Delauter’s potential motive.

The Old Man changes the subject to how it feels on the bike and I gush a little at the freedom. We talk for about different subjects when I see the granddaughter come in confused.

“Who bought the custom bike grandpa,” She asks getting behind the counter.

“That would be our little ‘Pariah’ over here. Boy says it’s a good ride,” the Old Man tells her gesturing to me.

I take notice of her for the first time really as she walks up to me. Her hair is black with red highlights, deep tan on a white girl, she’s wearing cut off jean shorts that are split up the outside of the legs so she can bend down and a sleeveless flannel shirt with a bikini top underneath.

“If I get it okay with my Dad would you take me for a ride,” She asks almost purring.

“I’m sorry but I never once bothered to ask your name,” I reply looking around for a second to take in the surroundings.

“My name is Vicki,” the granddaughter says sweetly.

I catch Smitty glancing up from his work at me and the Old Man is leaning on his armrest away from me almost wondering what I’ll answer.

“Well, Vicki, while I would love to enjoy an outing with you on my new conveyance I must decline due to my lack of suicidal tendencies in my life choices,” I say as politely as I can.

I pan my head around and see the only person who understood is the Old Man and he’s laughing.

“Vicki girl he says no,” Old Man says chuckling.

“What? Why the fuck not,” Vicki asks offended at the no.

“I’ll rephrase that, I would like to however considering your father will be stabbing me with needles and is bigger than I am with bigger friends I really don’t want to die just showing you a good time,” I tell her trying not to smile.

Vicki’s face turns visibly red and it only gets worse when Smitty stops the tattoo he’s working on and starts laughing hard. Most of the guys are laughing and Vicki stomps back to her spot at the front ignoring everyone.

“That girl either hates you now or is going to do something stupid to get a ride on that bike you got,” the Old Man tells me calming down from his laughter.

After about thirty minutes of waiting I finally get seen by Smitty who only takes a couple hours doing final touch ups on my tattoo before declaring it done. I thank him and head back to my bike and once outside see Vicki with her helmet in hand and standing next to my bike.

“I still want a ride,” She says looking very determined.

“Okay, since my suicide by father doesn’t convince you that while I’d like to I am unable to let me tell you about part two. My Latino girlfriend is a bike fan and if I tell her or if she even finds out that I let another woman on my bike before she gets a chance I know I’m gonna get stabbed,” I tell Vicki with all seriousness.

I hop on my bike and get my helmet on, turning my head to back up I see Vicki standing next to where I parked like I’m going to change my mind. I shake my head before flipping up my visor.

“Rain check,” I yell over my engine as I head out of the parking lot.

I get back over to Imelda’s job in time to see her getting on her own bike and pull up alongside her before she nods to me and we head out. It’s a familiar freeway trip during rush hour traffic as we head back into the old airport. Nobody is here on a non race day and in the day time for that matter as we park the bikes and I let her take seat on my bike.

“So she feels guilty or she just wants to give you shit,” Imelda asks giving her own ideas on the reason for the gift.

“I guess, something tells me I’m gonna get asked to move down but I can’t do that,” I tell Imelda leaning on her bike.

“Okay I don’t need to know why not again. But what about after high school, you could come down here, bring the rest of them with you,” Imelda says throwing out the idea,” It’s not like your Mom would like to see you more.”

“I know you’ve gotten to know her and I get that she’s really nice, I like her and when she’s being a real mother to me I call her Mom but honestly I don’t feel love. I am grateful that she cared enough about me to want me down here and I know she loves me but I don’t love her,” I tell Imelda sitting down on the pavement.

I watch as Imelda turns soft with the emotional dump and moves to sit in front of me. I let her take my hands and she just rubs my knuckles for a minute before looking deep into my eyes.

“Would you move down here for me, girls back home too,” she asks quietly.

“Babe you are the one thing in this place that I do love,” I tell her taking a hold of one of her hands,” you are my reason to come back here. Not Loretta and her husband, not their daughters or even the fucking presents. I could fucking take a damn hammer to the bike and walk home, it’s nice but it’s a thing. You are what makes me glad I listened to Katy and stayed here.”

I see Imelda’s eyes light up and am forced onto my back with her on top of me kissing with passion like we did almost three weeks ago. I shove my arms into her coat and start pulling at the t-shirt she’s wearing under her jacket. I watch her break the kiss and stand up pulling off the coveralls she had with the top tied at the waist off and get my pants down enough for Imelda to get at my cock with her mouth.

I know it’s foreplay but Imelda’s working my cock hard and fast with her mouth and hand. I take her ponytail in my hand and tilt her head a little as I lay there so I can see my cock going in and out of her mouth. The pace that Imelda’s sucking and jacking me is good enough that I’m hard after a few minutes and she wastes no time lining up my cock with her pussy and slamming down hard. I watch as Imelda starts giving me a hard ride in her wet pussy. I see her knees are bare on the black top but it’s not fazing her as she works my cock with her pussy. I pull my arms out of my coat sleeves and sit up kissing Imelda’s neck and wrapping my arm around her waist. I let her get a few more thrusts in then roll us over onto my coat and once Imelda’s all the way down I settle in on top of her putting my arms under her shoulders and grinding my cock in her pussy.

“Baby I wanna feel it,” Imelda tells me grinding her hips against mine.

I push all the way in and let her grind more against me as I lean in and start to nibble on her ear. I can hear her speaking in Spanish and start to fuck her hard and fast slapping my balls against her ass as she brings her legs up. I can feel her clamp down and Imelda shoves her tongue in my mouth as she cums on my dick still pumping inside her. I start to get that tingle and I can see even in her own orgasm Imelda feels me harden. I feel hands pushing my hips back and forcing my cock out of her pussy. I’m confused until she gets on her knees and gets me to my feet before jerking my cock with her hand and sucking the head with her mouth.

“Oh shit honey I’m gonna…,” is all I can say as Imelda looks up at me with her pretty brown eyes and I shoot ropes of cum into her mouth.

I stand in the open dazed for a few while Imelda keeps pumping making sure she gets all the cum out of me. We start to get clothing back on and I wrap my arms around her from behind and rest my chin on her shoulder.

“I have a big favor to ask honey,” I say softly in her ear.

“After that I don’t think a ‘big’ favor will be a problem,” Imelda says smirking.

“Tomorrow no matter what I don’t want you to come over to my house unless I text or call you first,” I tell her.

I feel Imelda shift around to where she’s facing me now and she has a concerned look on her face. I know she wants to ask but I stop her with a look.

“I can’t promise that, I will try but after work I make no promises,” Imelda says smirking and kissing me lightly.

We stand there for a few minutes when I spot a truck heading towards us from the direction of the freeway. It’s a black and yellow extended cab and Imelda grabs a wrench from the storage on her bike before looking at me and saying ‘Blaze’. Well shit, how the fuck did he know we were here. I keep my helmet in my right hand and stand next to my bike as we watch the truck stop about fifteen feet away and all five of Blaze and his crew get out from the cab and bed. I see he’s got his bike in the back and when he sees us a smile hits his face.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the bitch and her bitch. What the fuck you doing out here, neither of you want to bring the other home,” Blaze taunts walking up.

I can see he’s still limping a little but it’s his boys flanking him that have my attention; each one is either locked onto me or Imelda.

“Six on two Blaze, let her go and I’ll stay if you want to do this,” I tell Blaze plainly.

“Fuck that Guy, I’m not gonna leave,” Imelda says readying her wrench.

“Awww happy couple wants to get their asses kicked together. It’s so sweet but I ain’t here for you two, just gonna test my bike and I get some mild entertainment first,” Blaze laughs a little before glaring at Imelda,” You get gone, I got words for your boy.”

I can see Imelda wants to risk it but I shoot her a glance and once she sees my eyes I watch her put away the wrench and after getting her helmet on peel out on her bike. Once she’s a decent distance away Blaze walks up alone leaving his boys at the truck, I set my helmet on the handle bars of my bike and meet him half way.

“You fucked me up good in that fight, but your bitch cheated me and I’m gonna collect one way or the other,” Blaze starts in,” one question, what did you do with the grand you won?”

“I gave it to her,” I tell him plainly.

“You always a chump? Man I found out about you, boy banged your girl and you went all emo bitch, then your friend banging her tried to kill you and you got lucky. Now you think you’re a badass cause cops saved you,” Blaze start laughing recounting my events with Derek and Heather,” I ain’t your bitch boy, I’m gonna show your girl why when they go black…”

“You remember the last time we were this close I gave you that limp you’re sporting,” I tell Blaze cutting him off.

I watch as he backs up and his boys rush me, I hear someone yelling to stop as they put me on the ground holding me in place. I realize that it’s Blaze telling them to stop.

“Get off him if I’m gonna beat him I’ll do it in front of everyone, now let his ass up,” I hear him tell his boys.

I get released and stand back up on my own as Blaze approaches again with a buck knife in his hands. I watch him unfold it as he cleans under his fingernails. The rest of Blaze’s crew head back to the truck and I head back to my bike and get my helmet on.

“Next time I see your bitch I’m gonna get mine and you better tell her and all her boys to watch their backs,” Blaze says threatening.

“See that’s why I don’t take you seriously. You had a knife and you didn’t use it, you had boys and you don’t use them,” I tell Blaze from my helmet,” Now you want me to deliver a message, fuck you Blaze.”

I get my bike started and peel out of the airfield and get back onto the highway headed home. I get in the garage and see that Imelda isn’t there and figure she’s at her home. I shoot her a text saying everything is fine but to tell the guys that Blaze is looking for her. She replies that she’s ready and says she still can’t promise anything for tomorrow. I get my bike parked and see it’s about seven meaning either dinner has just started or I missed it cause it’s early. I get into the dining room where everyone is gathered and take my seat.

After dinner Mr. Delauter asks me into his office and once seated he decides to get down to business.

“Tomorrow we leave at ten in the morning, the arrival should be about eleven,” he tells me going over the information.

We discuss the details of my ‘special request’ and I inform him that only he and I know what is happening in the house. Mr. Delauter agrees to keep quiet on the matter and I leave the den to see Mark waving me over to the garage.

“Dude, did you take that to the tattoo parlor today,” Marks asks anxious.

“Yeah, got my touchup done for my tattoo, why,” I ask plainly.

“Shit. The girl there Vicki said if I had a motorcycle that she’s go out with me. Now I can’t use yours,” Mark says frustrated.

“Mark, she’s a year older than I am. You are like a horny puppy and will fuck anything with a slit and a pulse,” I get out laughing.

I listen to him talk about how she’s got a tattoo that only a few guys have seen and that makes it worth it but I just shake my head and exit the garage and head back up to my room. While relaxing I get a text from Carlos, apparently Imelda told him what happened and he let the boys know to keep an eye out. I let him know that shit will be cool and just stay calm unless provoked. He replies with something in Spanish that I can only figure means ‘I don’t understand your English’.

I’m watching TV when Bethany pokes her head into my room and I wave her in, she’s got a tight t-shirt and yoga pants on as she sits up on my bed next to me watching the TV. We sit in silence when she decides to start with the questions.

“So did you really get cheated on by your best friend,” Bethany asks curiously.

“Oh god it was a year ago and I got better after everything ended,” I tell her exasperated.

“Did you really sit there and try to keep him alive as the cops called for an ambulance,” Bethany asks pushing the subject.

I nod, it’s partly true. I think about that night, I remember when I saw the knife and thought things just turned around on me in that moment. I knew the cops would get there but I didn’t know how long it would take. I can still see Derek’s face when he turned the knife down to stab me, I might not have been sure about him dying after that but he came there knowing he was going to kill me. I remember telling his parents that I wanted to forgive him but it was a lie; he wanted me dead because I was doing better than ever after he tried to ruin me.

“Are you okay,” Bethany asks snapping me out of my thoughts,” you look really intense over there.”

“Yeah, I’m just thinking about that night,” I tell her coming to my senses,” Some people don’t deserve forgiveness. That’s what I need to remember.”

Bethany gets quiet again and after about an hour heads out of my room. I check my morning alarm and hunker down into bed. I got a big day tomorrow and finally I get something I really want from all my ‘good’ behavior.

Next morning goes by slower than constipation as I get through my work out, shower and breakfast with everyone looking at me like I’m losing my mind checking my phone every five minutes. Kori sent me a text saying that she left about four thirty this morning and I told her to call me as soon as she’s off and safe. When ten finally rolls around and we get on the road I discover that if you drive faster you save time and Mr. Delauter is taking his driving very safe and staying in the speed limit as we take forty five minutes to get to the airport and park before he tells me the gate and that where the car will be when I make the pickup. I’ve got my coat on and my camo pants with a purple t-shirt, which has the words ‘never gave up’ on the front.

I get to the gate and see nobody has gotten off the plane yet so I do the whole dutiful waiting thing with my hood up and am more anxious than ever. I watch the plane start to unload and it isn’t long before I see Korinna pulling a carry on behind her and watch as she pulls out her phone and start to make a call. I can see Kori’s hair is a little longer than she normally keeps it around her ears and now it’s at her shoulders and her hips seem a little bigger along with her breasts but I haven’t seen her in a month. She’s got on her purple hooded jacket and black capri pants on with tennis shoes she starts to walk up to me oblivious to my presence.

“Hi Mom I landed and I don’t see Aunt Amber anywhere, I thought you said she was living in Phoenix. What do you mean she is in Phoenix? Why did she send me a ticket for Texas? What do you mean someone will be here to get me, you said Aunt Amber would be here,” Kori says heading towards me talking to I am assuming her mother.

I pull my hood back a little so she can see my face and as Kori is talking I watch her look up and see me, then the recognition hits. I don’t get a smile or any sort of happy reaction from her at all; Kori simply hangs up the phone and finishes walking up to me.

“Hi, so I brought another bag and it’s with the other luggage,” Kori tells me coldly,” go get it.”

I’m honestly taken aback but head over and find her luggage that she points out and when I return she takes it from me passionlessly and stares at me to lead her out.

“Baby do you want me to take something for you,” I ask her a little nervous about her attitude.

“No, where is your ride,” Kori responds to me coldly.

I lead her to Mr. Delauter’s car and she loads her luggage in the back herself before getting into the back of the car. I try to join her on the other side and get pointed towards the front seat. We head back towards home in awkward silence as Kori is not talking to me at all. We get in the garage and Loretta is there to greet us but gets puzzled when she sees Kori get out of the car. Mr. Delauter cuts her off from asking a million questions and walks her back in the house leaving Korinna and I to get her stuff from the trunk to my room.

“I assume I am staying in the same room with you or can I get my own room,” Kori asks me wheeling her luggage into the main area.

“I thought you’d want to stay with me but I can have them set you up a guest room if you want,” I tell her hurt.

She shrugs and I can see Mark Jr., Bethany and Abigail watching from the kitchen with a million questions as I lead Kori up to my room. She gets her luggage inside and I try to give her a hug but she keeps me at arm’s length.

“First thing, bathroom? Second thing you will sit right there and don’t move until I get done, am I clear,” Kori tells me with steely resolve.

I point out the door to the bathroom and watch as she gets a couple things before sitting me down in my ‘spot’ and leave the room. I take my coat off but don’t get up; I’ve never seen Kori like this. I thought she’d be happy to see me but she’s more pissed off at me and I don’t know what I did to make her angry. I am sitting in my spot on the couch for twenty minutes when I hear Kori head down the stairs and talk to someone for a moment before returning to my room and closing the door. She has on the same clothes but it looks like she showered as she puts her bath items and some light clothing back in her carry on. She doesn’t even acknowledge me as she goes about her business and when I try to get up from my spot she gives me a withering stare and I sit back down.

“Okay, stand over here,” Kori orders me pointing at a spot on the side of my bed.

I get up and move over to where she pointed and when I start to try to speak I get that same death gaze with her grey eyes. I see her unzip her jacket and sigh loudly before meeting my gaze.

“I don’t like this, I don’t like that you went and did all this and didn’t even bother to mention anything to me at all. I hate surprises and it has taken everything that I have just to get to where we are now,” Kori starts in quietly,” Now what do you have to say for yourself.”

“Baby I didn’t want to be away from you and after the fight with Mark Jr. I decided to make the situation a little better. I’ve been nice to everyone here just to hold out till you got here,” I tell her exasperated,” I just wanted to have my first girl here with me so I didn’t feel so alone in all this, I wanted you down here so I could have someone who really knew me.”

We stand there in silence before I start to move when Kori tackles me onto the bed kissing me like I remember her to, slowly and sweetly. I have no clue what’s going on but it doesn’t take me long before I have my hands in her coat massaging her breasts. Kori sits up off of me and starts peeling out of her jacket and shirt, seeing this I follow suit until I’m naked and Kori has only a purple thong on. I let her move me up to the head of the bed and she straddles my hips before laying covered pussy flat on my cock and grinds against the length of it.

“You NEVER do that to me again. You ever have the chance to make me feel better and don’t and I swear you’ll never touch me again,” Kori tells me taking my head in her hands,” It was really cruel to not give me the chance to hope for something when I felt so miserable.”

“I’m sorry baby; I just wanted to give you a big surprise. Your mom knew and I just thought it would be good to have us together somewhere everyone isn’t looking at me for advice,” I tell her apologizing.

“NEVER again, say it,” Kori says still holding my head.

“Never again baby,” I tell her softly.

“Now how the hell did you hurt yourself,” Kori asks shifting the mood from determined to concern.

I feel her poke the bandage on my side and it’s just tender now but after a few weeks of healing I figure I should show her my ‘artwork’.

“I got a tattoo,” I tell her gently pulling off the bandage over my tattoo.

The full tattoo is of five tigers going from my left pectoral to the top of my hip and all the way down my side; each one is a different color. One purple, a green and a yellow, one white and the last one in traditional orange. All of them look like their stalking their way up my body with the orange one in the lead and the white one bringing up the rear. I see her staring at the beautiful color and trailing around the edges with her fingers.

“It’s beautiful, what does it mean,” Kori asks still playing with my new ink.

“It’s me and my girls, you can’t find yourself in there,” I ask her playfully.

I watch her look closely at the tigers and when Kori sees the purple one more closely her eyes widen and I’m being kissed all over by her. I just enjoy the sensation as she trails her kisses down my body and starts licking up and down my shaft slowly. Kori’s pace is maddening in comparison to what I’ve had for the last few weeks but it’s like I’m reliving a great memory as she slowly works the head of my cock in her mouth, then slowly teasing the hole with the tip of her tongue. I am groaning in blissful agony as she stops with her mouth and I look down to see her sliding off her thong. I watch her move to my side and roll onto her back then pull me over her and taking my cock start to rub her slit.

“It’s been a while baby, do you remember where everything goes,” Kori says smirking.

I smile back and slide inside Kori’s pussy, the softness that I had weeks ago is still there but she feels a little tighter than before. I start working my cock in and out in long slow strokes enjoying having my girl back in my bed. Kori is panting lightly but she seems all soft and aglow with the sensation of us being back together as I start to speed up. Kori traces her hands across my back and kisses me sweetly as I start to feel her pussy get hotter than before. I look to see her face contort as Kori gasps and takes hold of my ass holding me inside her as she hits her first orgasm. I make my cock jump a little inside Kori causing her to moan and smile.

“I’ve missed you baby,” Kori says kissing me and pulling me against her.

I try to move but Kori holds me in place with her hands and wraps her legs around my keeping me from having any sort of ‘escape’. I feel her clamp down on my cock inside her and then something haven’t felt Kori do in a while as she starts bucking her pussy against me while I can’t move inside her. I back up what little I can and let Kori continue to fuck me from beneath.

“You always fuck me, then I cum. Now I’m gonna fuck you and you’ll cum for me,” Kori purrs to me.

Kori continues to work me with her pussy and I’m starting to lose any control and I want to just pound her but she holds me fast in place. I feel a couple more deep slams on my cock and I get no warning as I erupt inside Kori wordlessly grunting and gasping for air. I collapse my body onto hers and feel no life left in me as my little succubus seems to have drained me. Kori rolls me onto my back and off of her and cuddles up next to me while I try to regain some of my composure.

“Are you going to live or should I call an ambulance,” Kori says smiling.

I give her thumbs up cause I’m too worn out to even speak right now. I hear her humming softly and keep relaxing against Kori till I can feel my limbs again. I hold her till her phone starts going crazy and she gets up and goes after it. I figure she’s talking to her Mom and leave her alone as she gets a little upset that her mother knew what was happening and didn’t say. I watch her hang up the phone and crawl back up the bed to me. Now that I am paying a bit more attention I can see she’s defiantly gotten bigger in her breasts and ass.

“Did you fill out your sexy curves more while I’ve been down here Kori,” I ask trying to be cute.

“Only you could make me gaining weight sound like a good thing,” Kori says getting playfully angry,” Yeah, I started eating a little more and if it wasn’t for Mathilda I’d be taking two seats on the plane. Speaking of working out babe, are you trying out for the part of Irish guy on the Jersey Shore?”

I pull Kori to me and start tickling her as we playfully wrestle around. The wrestling turns into kissing and soon enough we’re smiling and wrapped up into each other when someone decides to knock on the door.

“Guy, are you okay in there,” I hear Bethany asking from outside my room.

“No, I’ve been killed by a crazy woman,” I yell back laughing,” she’s murdered me and she’s coming for you all. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!”

Kori starts laughing hard and we both roll around on the bed. I guess that Bethany left since I don’t hear her knocking anymore. Kori and I just lay in bed talking for the next few hours about the past four weeks. She’s been trying to keep busy and active but it’s been hard considering we’ve never been apart for more than a few days.
Our quiet moment is broken up by another knock at my door. I get up and pull my pants on and see Loretta on the other side of the door.

“Apparently the girls believe she’s driven you insane,” Loretta says smiling,” Can I at least meet the girl who seems to control my son.”

I let Loretta in the door and see Kori has a shirt pulled on and is waves for me to get her some pants. I hand her the capri pants she was wearing earlier and watch as she gets them on under the blankets. Once dressed Kori gets out of bed and shakes Loretta’s hand before they both sit down on the couch.

“Well it’s good to see that Guy was wrong about you Ma’am,” Kori says smiling.

“Excuse me, wrong about what,” Loretta asks.

“When I’d ask him about you before he came down here he said that you didn’t wake up often in the daytime and were usually shit faced drunk,” Kori says with a little venom in her voice.

I freeze in place at Kori’s boldness. She had it out with Heather once last year after Derek died and didn’t even get into the insults until Heather called her a whore. I sit on the foot of the bed and wait to see if I should dive out the window to stop the fight.

“I’m not surprised that’s what he said. What has he told you about me since he’s been down here,” Loretta asks trying to keep the conversation civil.

“Oh he didn’t talk about you considering you bringing him down here was making me an emotional wreck,” Kori says keeping a little more venom in her voice.

“Well I’m sorry that I ruined your summer just trying to see my son for the first time in seven years,” Loretta says starting to get upset.

“Well if you wanted to see him why not sober up seven years ago and just be a mom,” Kori says starting to lose her cool,” But not only did you take him from me but from two other girls who love him.”

“I can’t say I’m sorry enough to make this better but if you want to hate me fine,” Loretta says as she gets up and heads for the door.

I watch Kori get up quickly from her seat and watch as she takes Loretta’s wrist stopping her from leaving. I watch both of them stare at each other waiting for something to happen to when Kori breaks the silence.

“You didn’t do this just for your own guilt. You really wanted him back,” Kori asks starting to cry.

I watch Loretta nod and somehow the two women start crying and hugging and each other. I am really confused and am at least thankful that they didn’t start fighting. I watch them sit back down on the couch and wipe up the tears.

“Mrs. Delauter please just don’t take him away from me again,” Kori asks as they sit together on the couch.

I pull a shirt on and duck out of the room giving them their privacy. Once down stairs I see both Mark Jr. and his dad sitting in TV room, both stare at me with ‘what the hell happened’ looks on their faces.

“Dude did you’re girlfriend and Mom just get into a fight,” Mark asks quietly like they can hear us.

“Man I don’t know, first they’re talking. Then they’re fighting about me then they’re crying and now their talking again,” I reply sitting down on the couch with Mark Jr.

“That’s women for you all crazy and fucking weird,” Mark says like it’s a fact of nature.

I stare at him like he’s retarded and see his Dad is doing the same when Mr. Delauter and I make eye contact and I get a nod.

“Mark are you trying to say that my wife is crazy,” Mr. Delauter asks his son.

I watch Mark turn to his dad to explain himself and as soon as his head is turn I reach back and give him a sickening smack to the back of the head. I watch Mark’s head go forward and then turn to me a little pissed before his dad clears his throat and we both look at his father expectantly.

“You deserved that smack, maybe someday you’ll find a woman who will make you want to smack someone for calling her crazy,” Mr. Delauter says before turning back to the TV.

I sit with them watching TV for about an hour when all three of us hear the women coming down stairs and head into the kitchen. Both Marks look at me and I shrug before turning back to the TV. We all get called in for dinner after an hour and while it’s just sandwiches and soup it’s the million questions Kori is getting asked by everyone at the table. Loretta settles on one question a per person so that Kori isn’t overwhelmed.

“So are you happy to see Guy again,” Bethany asks sweetly.

“Bad question but yes. I’m feeling a lot better now that we’re both here,” Kori says happily.

“Okay, my turn. Are there really three of you up there with him and how different are you all,” Abigail asks showing her curiosity.

“Much better question,” Kori says smiling,” Katy and Mathilda, Katy is a rebel and really driven while Matty is quiet and a little shy.”

“But what about you,” Abigail continues pressing for information.

“She’s the reason I’m so nice and reserved,” I answer for Kori earning me goofy smile and a playful shove.

“All right now for a real question, I don’t know how you ended up happy with Guy but are there no real men up where you two live,” Mark asks smugly making Mr. Delauter and Loretta both glare a hole in him.

“Well considering there are only two real men at the table right now I’d say it’s not too difficult at all,” Kori says lashing back with a joke.

Everyone but Mark Jr. starts laughing except for Mark Jr. who gets really quiet and after everyone stops finishes his meal quietly and quickly. Kori and I help clear the table and when we head back to my room I can see my phone going crazy, I have three messages and one call coming in from Imelda. I motion to Kori that I have a call and answer.

“I’m out front now, can I come in,” Imelda asks first thing in the call.

I look out the window and see her on her bike at the front. I point it out to Kori who gets an unusual look on her face before staring at me expectantly.

“What I told her that I needed the day and not to swing by,” I whisper to Kori.

“You idiot, go let her in if she’s a girlfriend then either she meets me or she’s out,” Kori whispers back.

“I’m on my way to meet you in the garage,” I tell Imelda rushing down the stairs and hitting the gate code in the garage.

I get the garage open and watch as Imelda parks her bike next to mine, I see she’s got her coveralls on and the top tied around her waist along with her jean jacket. She gets off the bike and lunges at me kissing me with a fierceness that she’s known for. I break the kiss and she sees my face and gets a concerned look.

“Babe what happened? Did Blaze try something other than bad threats,” Imelda asks as we head inside.

I shake my head and lead Imelda up to my room. We walk in and I see Kori in her purple bra and panties with her arms folded. Imelda stops in her tracks when she sees Kori and quickly turns to me for some explanation. I close the door and sit down on the couch as I watch Kori look at Imelda with some scrutiny I think.

“Guy who is she,” Imelda asks looking concerned.

“Guy you don’t need to speak it’s my turn,” Kori says before I can do introductions,” You’re the new girl."

“You’re Kori? I thought you were in Washington,” Imelda asks a little startled.

“Well apparently I’m not the only one he kept that from,” Kori says looking at me then back to Imelda,” So strip down and let let’s take a look at you.”

Imelda’s eyes go wide at Kori’s words and I sit there trying to figure out what Kori is getting at. Imelda looks at me for answers but I know Kori has a reason for this being the mother hen of my group so I simply shrug at Imelda as she looks to me for help and simply observe. Imelda starts taking off her clothes slowly like she’s just got a case of shyness, I watch as she gets all the way down to her underwear before Kori stops her at that point. I see the contrasts in skin tone between the two girls and then I notice that Kori has defiantly moved up from a b cup to a solid c cup, Imelda is still lean and toned but with Kori there’s a confidence that I’m not used to seeing Imelda without.

“Are you nervous girl,” Kori asks Imelda walking around her sizing her up.

“Yes, but I’ll be fine,” Imelda says trying to stay composed.

“Well I am a little nervous right now,” Kori starts in,” I’m standing here looking at a healthy and damn sexy Mexican girl who’s been fucking my boyfriend for almost 3 weeks now. So do you love him?”

Imelda freezes at the question before nodding her head in a yes. I watch Kori sigh then smile.

“Do you like sex with girls too,” Kori says smiling,” because you’re gonna have to learn to deal with it sister.”

“I can have sex with another girl in the room,” Imelda says plainly.

“No I mean do you like to have sex with another girl,” Kori says coming up to Imelda from the front and wrapping her arms around her waist.

I watch as Kori starts playing with Imelda’s body, running her hands across Imelda’s waist and squeezing her ass. I don’t know what Kori is planning but Imelda is warming up a little as she starts rubbing Kori’s breasts with her hands. I’m being treated to something I’ve never seen before, I’ve been with the girls and I’ve been with each one in conjunction with the others but I’ve never sat back and really just watch them play with each other.

Kori walks Imelda over to the bed and lays her down before pulling of her own bra and letting Imelda suck on her breasts. Kori is moaning lightly and only casually looks over at me and smiles as she runs her hand down Imelda’s body before Kori slides her hand into Imelda’s panties and starts rubbing her clit. Imelda breaks the sucking on Kori’s breast and moans until Kori cuts her off with a kiss, I can see Imelda is getting wet but I’m getting hard so I take my pants off and stroke my cock slowly. Kori breaks the kiss with Imelda and I watch as one finger slips into her pussy eliciting a gasp, Kori is grinning big as I watch her speed up the fingering. Imelda is bucking her hips against Kori’s hand and finger; I am stroking my cock when Kori nods me over to the bed. I strip down and once I’m at the foot of the bed I can hear Kori whispering into Imelda’s ear.

“He’s watching you cum are. Are you going to cum for him,” Kori asks Imelda in a whisper.

“Oh SHIT… FUCK…,” is the last thing intelligible thing to come out of Imelda’s mouth as she starts moaning from her orgasm.

I watch as Kori keeps kissing Imelda on the neck and chest when the both notice my hard on. I see Kori smile and whispers something to Imelda again and both of them get a smile on their faces as they pull me onto the bed and lay me down. Both girls take a side, Imelda on my left and Kori on my right. I watch as they start alternating their mouths on my cock, one on the head and one on the shaft. I am ready to finish but Kori clamps down on the base of my cock, as Imelda takes the head in her mouth one last time. Kori starts jacking me off as fast as her hand will go and I feel that tingle before both girls use their free hands to hold me down while I start cumming in Imelda’s mouth. I shoot off hard and am left breathing heavy as the girls curl up around me.

“I like her, she’s defiantly a keeper,” Kori says poking me lightly.

“I think you both are,” I chuckle while resting my head.

Both girls playfully poke me and we relax on the bed for a while. Imelda says that there’s a meet tomorrow night and wants to know if I’ll go with her, Kori says she wants to come to and asks if we will be able to use Imelda’s car. That question gets Imelda and me laughing and moving off the bed and get dressed. Kori follows our lead and grabs her coat as we head down the stairs to the garage. Once inside Kori starts looking around confused.

“Imelda where is your car,” Kori finally asks.

Imelda opens the storage on her bike and hands a helmet to Kori who looks confused until I take my helmet from my bike and sit down. Kori’s face goes from puzzled to shock as Imelda gets the garage door. We get the bikes turned around and I see Kori still puzzled by what we’re doing.

“I hope you understand me giving her first ride,” I say to Imelda who nods in response.

“Okay, when did you get a bike and when do you learn how to drive,” Kori asks stepping in front of my bike.

“Really? You want to go over where and when I learned to drive when I’m about to make you the first girl to ride with me on my bike,” I ask Kori over the bike engine.

“What if we fall or crash,” Kori says putting on the helmet.

“We’ll be a better version of Romeo and Juliet. Relax and lean with me when I turn,” I tell Kori as she gets on the bike behind me.

Kori wraps her arms around me in a death grip as Imelda leads and we head out and onto the road, the sun is mostly down as we get out of the neighborhood and onto the freeway. Imelda and I get the bikes up to speed and I can feel Kori’s grip lessen and Imelda leads us back towards her side of town. We get to Imelda’s house and stop the bikes. Imelda and Kori get off and hug before Kori gets back on my bike and we head back to the house. Once back home and in the garage Kori hops off the bike and is beaming.

“That was so fast and the way you were weaving in traffic I nearly had a heart attack,” Kori says excitedly as we walk through the house.

“I’m guessing you wanna do it again tomorrow night,” I ask her as we get to my room.

I watch her get into a fresh pair of panties and a t-shirt and strip down myself as it’s been a long day for me emotionally and physically. We curl up in bed and watch TV for about ten minutes when I hear Kori snoring lightly. I shut the TV off and curl up around Kori and sleep hits me fast.

I wake up hours later to my five thirty phone alarm going off, I try to get up but Kori latches on when I try to move. She doesn’t stay awake for long and I creep my wait out of the room and into the yard for my run. It feels good to be up and moving and I get a decent run in before I see Loretta waiting for me at the back door.

“Something wrong,” I ask Loretta as I get inside the house.

“I want to take Kori out to do some shopping but I’m not sure if she’s still mad with me,” Loretta says leading me into the kitchen.

I follow her inside and for once I don’t see Rosa anywhere as I sit down while she starts on the breakfast for everyone.

“Well I guess you should ask her that,” I tell Loretta.

“Well we talked a bit yesterday and know she’s upset with me about you coming down here. She asked if I was going to try to convince you to move here,” Loretta tells me while working.

“And are you trying to get me to move down here,” I ask feeling a little annoyed.

“No, I’d like it but I was thinking about asking you to go to college here maybe next summer if you came back but I’m not trying to mess up your life,” Loretta says exasperated.

“Are you asking me to come back next summer,” I ask Loretta curiously.

“I don’t know. We’re getting along and I know that after all the chaos in the first couple days and I would hope that you could consider visiting again,” Loretta says with what I can only guess is some shame.

“Next time might be difficult because I don’t think your husband wants to pay for five tickets just to get me down here next time,” I tell her chucking.

I watch her face brighten a little and we chat for a while as the rest of the house wakes up. I watch as Rosa hurries into the kitchen to start clean up.

“Rosa I’ve been in here for an hour and haven’t seen you anywhere in the house, what were you doing,” Loretta asks.

“I was outside the garage, the trash cans were full and I needed to get them out of the garage,” Rosa says trying to get back to work.

“How long does it take to get the trashcans outside,” Loretta says exasperated at the excuse.

I can see Rosa is afraid and wants to get the hell out of the room, Loretta is expecting an answer. I can see other’s are getting up and heading to the kitchen.

“She knocked over a can trying to get around my bike, I saw it and stopped to help her,” I tell Loretta keeping my eyes on Rosa who looks shocked,” when she tried to move my bike I stopped running and helped her clean up and she had to use the bathroom to wash up.”

I see Loretta take what I said and she nods as pancakes start getting served. I watch Rosa casually while eating, not everybody is at the table just Loretta, Mr. Delauter and I. It’s a quiet meal and we’re all done by the time Mark Jr. gets to the table. Loretta get’s him a plate and I head up stairs to wake Kori up. Once I am in the room I can see Kori stirring in the bed and crawl into the bed.

“Mmmmm, Morning Guy,” Kori says groggily.

“There are pancakes downstairs, with some sausage and hash browns,” I tell her pulling her gently out of bed.

I get her downstairs and into a chair before Loretta bring her a plate. I sit with Kori watching her eat while Loretta frets about talking to her and Rosa keeps watching me because I lied about where she was this morning. Which has me wondering what she was doing, I’ve been here for weeks and Rosa and Loretta are the only ones who even get up as early as I do, I need to talk to Rosa but I got to handle Loretta first.

“Kori do you have a swimsuit or any nice clothing to wear out,” I ask as she eats.

“No, I really didn’t plan on doing much with ‘Aunt Amber’,” Kori says still eating.

“So you need more clothes, do you have any money babe,” I ask leading the conversation.

“No I don’t have any money, it’s not like Mom and Carl has a lot to spare,” Kori says plainly.

“So it’s settled. You and Loretta and probably the girls knowing them are going shopping today,” I tell Kori who gets a wide eyed expression before looking at Loretta,” wow, that was a lot easier than you thought. Girls and shopping make a great bonding.”

Both Loretta and Kori are speechless as I get up and head back to my room, I pass Rosa along the way and we make eye contact. I think I see her give me a ‘thank you’ look which stops me and I look at her and mouth the word ‘soon’. Rosa freezes then nods and gets back to her work. I shower in the upstairs bathroom. I get changed after my shower and relax with Kori till about nine when Loretta calls up saying it’s time for them to head out.

“Did you plan this too,” Kori asks as we walk to the garage.

“No, Loretta wanted to take you shopping for some girl bonding. She was scared even though you and her talked you wouldn’t want to go,” I explain to Kori.

“It’s shopping with a big ass credit card. I’d take Heather with me for that, Loretta loves you and so do I,” Kori says smiling,” Now I’m going to go get me some pretty clothes for whatever we have planned for the next two weeks.”

I shake my head; it’s why I love her. So deep and emotional then right back to the wants and needs. I watch the women all pack up and head out of the garage. I turn around and head back in when I see Mark Jr. making his way past me and to his car.

“Busy day,” I ask as he brushes past me.

I watch him shrug and then fire up his car and head out. I head back inside and see Rosa moving into Mark’s room to clean. I peek around and see Mr. Delauter in his office and busy. I duck into Mark’s room and close the door behind me, I watch Rosa spin around to see me and immediately she tenses up.

“I want the truth Rosa and I want it right now,” I tell her positioning myself between her and the closed door.

“I was just busy and Mrs. Delauter wouldn’t understand,” Rosa says picking up dirty clothes.

“First off I know you were busy but you weren’t where you said you were. I like you Rosa cause you’ve been really honest about a lot of things here, now either we keep this friendly and you tell me so I know my covering for you isn’t you trying to mess up this family or rob them,” I tell her keeping my distance.

“I’m no thief, I was just busy… taking care of something,” Rosa tells me dropping the last of the dirty clothes in a basket.

“Okay so I go tell Mr. Delauter he needs a new maid cause I just lied for the old one and she’s after her children’s valuables,” I state reaching for the door.

“It was Mr. Delauter, I was taking care of him,” Rosa says sitting down on her bed.

“Okay, you want me to believe that you are having sex with Mr. Delauter,” I ask in disbelief.

“No not Mr. Delauter, the other one his son,” Rosa says ashamed.

“Wow, I knew he was horny but apparently he’s gotta get it in the morning too,” I say moving to the chair and sitting down.

“No I asked him, my husband is a lazy ass and when I get home all I get treated to is why I’m not home when he has no job. At least when I come here early in the morning Mark is happy to see me and gives me something worth my time,” Rosa says bitterly.

I’m a little stunned at the honesty from Rosa it makes a lot of sense to me. If I wasn’t treating my girls’ right they should be with someone else. I get up and sit down next to her on the bed.

“Next time, just catch me on my run or something and we’ll make up a better excuse,” I say smiling.

“Wait you’re not going to tell the family,” Rosa asks a little confused.

“No, I if I was angry about people having sex with Mark I’d be going to war with at least four other women that I know of,” I say smiling.

I leave the room and realize I have nobody to spend time with, Imelda’s at work and all the girls are out shopping. I figure Jackie’s not too busy and once I get my coat and bike I head off to the shelter. It’s about eleven when I get there and I sign in with Mrs. Martinez before getting greeted by Kelly.

“Hey you still checking on me,” Kelly asks.

“Nope, just here to see Jackie,” I say,” but you’re looking like you’re doing well for a change.”

I watch Kelly smile at the compliment; she’s got denim shorts and a blue tank top on with a pink bra underneath. I head past her and out the back of the building to the sheds and when I round the corner I see Jackie talking to some of the girls. They all quiet down when they see me and Jackie gets a sad smile on her face. I watch as the other girls clear out and I take a fresh seat as Jackie starts in.

“So you’ve been doing well when you’re not here,” Jackie asks.

“I’m doing fine, why the distance,” I ask plainly,” We were close, I liked the close. Then you start to put me in the friend zone. I really don’t know what I did but I’ve been nice and quiet about it but honestly I’m really getting annoyed with it.”

“I have been seeing someone,” Jackie says quietly,” about a week after the thing with Kelly I met a guy at the mall and we’ve been talking and on a couple of dates.”

“And now after a two weeks of treating me like a damn fool you are telling me this now,” I ask frustrated.

“I was just trying to keep from hurting your feelings. We had a great moment but you have four girlfriends now? I couldn’t stand around and wait for you to figure out if I was good enough to be number five. And maybe I don’t want to be number five, I should be able to have someone just for me,” Jackie says raising her voice.

“Fine, I get that I really do. You don’t want me around then do me a favor and at least fucking says so to my face. If I wanted to be kept in the fucking dark in my relationships I’d still be in polo shirts and khakis,” I spit out the last words as I get up and start walking away.

“Guy please just talk to me for a few seconds and understand my point on this,” Jackie says coming after me.

I get back in the building and hear Jackie trying to catch up when she grabs my arm but freezes in place; I look at her and see some fear then turn and see a guy coming out of Mrs. Martinez’s office with a visitor’s pass on. White guy with a nice clean cut look in some fast food uniform and a bag of goodies. The girls in the lobby are staring at the two of us like they’re waiting for a fight. I pull my arm away from Jackie’s grip and turn my attention back to her.

“I can take being a friend, really I can,” I say quietly,” I can understand why you didn’t want to tell me. The problem is you didn’t tell me. I kept coming around and you kept pushing me away like I’m some monster.”

The last word registers memory on her face, it hurts but it’s truth. I can see she didn’t want to treat me like this but there comes a point where hiding things becomes lying and that’s what happened with Heather and Derek.

“Hey Jackie, baby are you okay,” I watch the guy approach her and hold her for a second before looking into her eyes.

“No man, she just lost a really good friend. Best of luck,” I say heading past all the girls and back to the parking lot.

I get my bike started and see Jackie running across the lot to catch me. I could peel out and leave her in the dust but I hold back. I let her get up to me and pull my helmet back off. I let her see my disappointment and Jackie’s not holding back as she slows down her approach.

“I’m sorry I didn’t just say how I felt. I don’t want to lose you as a friend,” Jackie says weakly.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket; I pull it out and see a call coming in from Carlos. I shake my head and answer.

“Man I need to see you now,” Carlos says angrily.

“Carlos if you don’t talk to me nicely I’m going to hang up,” I say trying to gauge if I’m the one he’s pissed at.

“Man you give me a heads up now get down here. Blaze and some of his boys just jumped Marta and Romeo,” Carlos enrages into the phone.

I tell him to give me time to get there and hang up. Jackie is still standing there looking at me like I’m going to pass judgment on her.

“I’m not done with you yet. Next time you see me I want details of how damn happy he makes you so I can threaten him with violence,” I tell Jackie before pulling my helmet back on.

I’m still angry with Jackie when I pull up to Carlos’s home, I had to pick up Abigail here once with Mark and had to keep Mark from killing Carlos. Most of Carlos’s crew is here save for a few guys and Hector.

“Okay so I give you a heads up and you call me here for what,” I ask Carlos as he walks up to me on my bike.

“Yeah, you warned me but they fucking my sister and beat the hell out of Romeo,” Carlos says again in person,” I want the best to go find Blaze with me and kick his ass.”

“I need to talk to Marta and Romeo,” I say getting off my bike.

Carlos leads me into his house and I see Romeo and Marta in the kitchen being tended to by Carlos and Marta’s mother. She sees me and backs off as I take a look at the two of them. Marta took a single shot to the head and has a good sized lump forming, I take a piece of meat from the fridge and use it as a compress instead of the ice bag which gets some interesting comments in Spanish from the mom. Romeo on the other hand is fucked up, he’s got one eye swollen shut and multiple cuts on his head are covered in gauze.

“Carlos, I don’t want to tell your mom what to do but get some rubber cement and more meat for his face,” I tell Carlos who starts telling his mom in Spanish.

As the argument behind me goes on I turn my attention to Marta. She gets nervous when I turn back to her.

“Marta, I need you to focus. How many were there,” I ask Marta.

We go through the questions, I keep my voice calm and when Carlos starts talking I watch as his mother removes him from the house to the front yard. I slowly get all the details, they were just walking along and cut through an alley. Marta got shoved into a dumpster and didn’t see anything. Romeo turned to see who did it and got hit in the face with a bottle before they started kicking him while he was down. Neither remembers hearing anything said to them and they walked the rest of the way to the family home. After that it’s the Carlos and boys show with a lot of anger and not a lot of thought.

I leave the mother to her job and when I get back outside Carlos and what is there for his crew are looking at me for a green light. I sigh and start in.

“Not Blaze. Yeah I know he threatened you and me but he’s a showboat. He would have made sure you knew,” I tell Carlos who is getting upset,” It’s not him. No point in going after him and starting shit when he didn’t start it.”

“Man he’s fucking playing you Carlos,” Hector starts in,” You don’t answer back and Blaze is gonna make you look stupid.”

“Hector I like you man but shut the fuck up,” I tell Hector before turning back to Carlos,” You do this now and it’s gonna blow up in your face.”

I can see Carlos thinking, thank god. I watch as he explains to the rest that rushing off is a bad idea and that they need a target and a plan, I can see most of them are listening except for Hector. Hector looks like he going to do something stupid but not yet. It’s the sound of an angry bike that makes everyone part the sea between Imelda and myself.

“Why the fuck are you all fucking standing here,” Imelda says glaring down everyone there.

“Your ‘boyfriend’ says we shouldn’t go handle Blaze,” Hector says sneering at me.

I know Imelda is pissed and wants answers; I point to the bikes and head to mine as she follows. We ride out and after a while I figure the best place to go would be the tattoo parlor. I park my bike and get off but Imelda doesn’t she takes her helmet off and glares at me. I see the two other bikers in the parking lot staring at the two of us like there’s going to be a show.

“Baby, let me just explain…,” I start in but she cuts me off.

“What would you do if it was Abigail, or Kori, or ME,” Imelda starts in with fury,” would you be looking around and trying to find a way out like you are now.”

I’m pissed and I can see she is too; I point my finger at the ground right in front of me. It takes her a few seconds before she gets off the bike and stops at the spot I pointed at.

“I’m not looking for a way out, I want a target and we don’t have one,” I tell her trying to keep my calm,” If it were you or anyone of the girls I’d bring something you haven’t seen yet. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to find Blaze and take him out,” Imelda says through clenched teeth.

“And what if you’re wrong? I got threatened after his goons let me go when HE told them too. He’s a showboat, he wants to be seen doing it and he wasn’t,” I tell her trying to explain,” Now do you want Blaze or do you want the guys who did this.”

Imelda is pissed but listening, I unzip my jacket and she pulls herself inside it and hugs me for a second before I hear her talking.

“Okay, we find out who did it, then what,” Imelda asks quietly.

“Then I do something I haven’t done in a long time,” I whisper,” We need Kori, I got planning to do.”

I’m driving this story home as much as I can and will leave the comments up for feedback. I’m glad some of you are still enjoying it and I’m sorry you won’t be able to vote but I’m tired of people who don’t like it beating it down everyday they log in. PM with thoughts and suggestions and I’ll listen. And to the reader's who are upset with my story direction, I am asking you not to log in daily and spam voted anonymously just to get the rating down so you can trash my work. I've been listening to you and understand your points but it's really childish to do that. If it continues i will be denying the anonymous votes.


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You are completely right
And if your is like this story you are a complete savage

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The story line is great and the level headed character of Guy holds your attention but you know he is going to unleash hell on someone and very soon. Keep up the great work.


2016-11-12 21:20:55
FYI - In the Spanish language you will find that genders are quite integrated into the language. For example Latino is masculine and Latina is feminine. So instead of saying Latino women it should be Latinas.

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I've been following this story since the beginning cause I can relate. And, you would be fucking up a good thing if you listen to all the negative bullshit from those sorry ass haters cause their lives are so fucked up that the only way for them to feel special is to past judgement on somebody else. So, FUCK THEM! If they don't like your stories they can another site or better yet go fuck themselves!!!!!!oka

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is a really amazing story, hope it gets greater and more outstanding with every chapter.

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