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The drive-in
Jackie the hot eighteen year old

Chapter One

Jackie came in looking for a job she was just out of high school and eighteen without a summer job. well we hired her. she started memorial day weekend now it is about August , we close the theater about late September first week in October.

On this one Friday Jackie was late was late, I ponded why. I know she shows up by four pm, to help me get ready to to open the snack bar.

I am at the drive in working getting ready to open for the eve,
it's about three pm. We don't open to six pm.

The phone rang I picked up , Hello is john or Bob their there? Yes, this is bob how may I help you ? This is Jackie My car broke down , might you be able to pick me up Please ?. Sure Jackie I will be right over.

I headed over she gave me the directions. I Thank you for showing up bob. I have no clue what wrong, let me take a look, I opened the hood, I see the trouble, looks like your leaking antifreeze Maybe be a water pump seal I can fix it but it would have to be during the week on my day off from work. Ok I would greatly appreciate.

I will give you a ride to work, she still lived with her parents they were well to do the money area they were investors kinda like stock brokers I guess you could say. they were off for the summer out in on the west coast.
they would return in late October.
Then off to their retirement home in Florida and with Jackie now eighteen they felt that she needed to work to see how the other half survived . This left her alone in the house and she was ok with that she was not a partying girl she was a girl whom had her hobbies and love to write stories.

we started getting everything powered up and ready to go.
concession stand. Dam it was hot this evening and it was august hot steamy and sticky. Even with the doors opened fully and the fans on there was still no cool breeze.

The crew Jackie and myself were exhausted by evenings end. John and sue said, time to clean up the place quick lock up and go home We all agreed with john
we cleaned up and all went home.

John asked me if i would just say and make sure the building is sucre after the show. I said ok, the officer was on duty also so we were totally on lock down. well I asked jacksie you need to go home yet.
no I will stay you can drive me home later.

well I grabbed my six pack of blackberry wine coolers and headed out with Jackie so we could finish watching the rest of the movie. It was only about ten munites into the next show anyway.
We pulled the car to the back row, I put some bug spray on her and I , and craked us open each a wine cooler.

We started watching the movie. The movie we were showing this night was Pokey's the first one . what a great flick Jackie said . This is great when we worked there got to see the whole first show through the door of the concession stand some times.

The drive-in at this time had just switched to fm sound , no speakers now only a transmitter in the projection booth tuned to a station that we used that was not being used by anyone over the airwaves blank in the airwaves I think it's called.

We were outside and it started to sprinkle we did not care at all. well people got scared started to leave we had about five hundred cars that eve. The officer pulled up aside my car we looked over . Hello Jackie Bob, Hi I said can you lock up and the gates when your through yes sir i will. I need to go now and direct traffic there's people were wanting to get out. we did not want any accidents on a major US highway now do we No sir we said to paul.

The rain begun to get a bit more into a shower, we into my car. My car was a Lincoln town car big and roomy . most everyone was gone by now maybe a few stragglers here and there I knew this from past shows when it rains people leave it often rainy different times if there were storms in the area .

well the movie was almost over good thing we lived close by,
I called my parents there in California visiting my moms sister.
I have a suggestion Why don't we watch the rest of the movie,
if it is ok with you. sure we can Jackie, we maybe missed about eighteen munites that's all.

Jackie after she asked that she had to go to the ladies room quickly I told Jackie some people do not like to have the wipers go on and off as there watching a movie.
Have a wine cooler sure thank you Dam is it ever hot this eve.
yes but it's getting cooler not by much though still very humid.
It is a good thing it started to rain a little it will cool it off much better now, nice breeze.

These wine cooler's are awesome , she smiles at me. how many do you have six i think I have another in the cooler why. I like to get drunk and play with my self she giggles. Yes but there are still people here ok I wait till later . O look at that she shes looking so surprised.

were at my car,
she hoped up on the car and we started to drink more wine coolers . All of a sudden I saw her out of the corner of my eye, sliding her hand under her short skirt. It was the kind that went a just above the knees but just below just enough to cover her pussy and ass.

She saw something there in the distance, I guess I was too into my wine coolers look,
she said to me quietly Hey! Look there, just up ahead looks like some fun going on in that carr see how it is rocking I can see it in the moonlight bob. I think her legs are spread hard to tell windows fogged up but i can see the shadows moving in the moonlight .

Jackie it is a car there alright I guess they forgot about the movie some often do some times they spent hours making out after the show is out.

I bet they don't know everyone left I'm feeling so Horny bob, can we at least try to peek I mean sneak up on them It would be so cool .
I got my Security badge out just in case they tried to pull something fast.

I guess it would be ok no one is around it is totally empty here. we walked around wondering where the best angle the moon light would hit to make is better to view and show Jackie what she wanted to see. Jackie I we have to have a good distance between us we do not want to get caught.

I will try to explain this part in detail,as best as I can
There were street lights on this stretch US highway, right on the other side of the road there was a big building with big security lights. This gave us some light to the certain sections of the Drive-In . It also helped when picking up the yard after the show was out.

The best time was not always the best time for the lights across the street.
those lights they were on a system that ran by sensitive to anything or anyone in the area.
The only time they went on. The best time of all when the moon was full that was the best natural light and that was the best time. You did not have to worry about lights going on and off sure we also had the street lights but they only lit certain areas but they were good at times as well.

Jackie and I walked around the outside of the lot until we found the right angle and it was secluded spot.
We had found a really nice one just inside the wood line the bugs were gone because it rained and now the cooler weather had arrived.

The movie was out at midnight, Looking at my watch in the moon light the time now was twelve thirty am We found the correct spot to hide in. We did see shadows just what she wanted to see, it was dark where we were standing it was a go for Jackie.

It was wonderful because the moon light shown in the car slightly just at the right angle . Well from where we were standing in the dark looking at the shadows, we figured he had her on the bottom. Her legs we up in the air.

He seemed to by pounding deeply. You could her the car rear springs squeaking and see it by the way her legs were up in the air and moving in the shadows. We had to keep our distance from them even though I was security office for the theater . We figure let them have there fun. I usually did then lock up later on unless I saw someone going at it. I would not want to be disturbed if that was me and this is how I felt they should be teated as well. Sooner or later they would wipe the windshield and find that the movie was out. get dressed and get going.

Jackie gasped with a surprised look in her eyes. My God Bod Listen closely, we could her this girl what she was saying deeper, baby harder, fuck me oh Yes's, harder fuck me. Baby go really deep this time it feels so good baby. I'm going to cum, fuck Oh God I'm Cuming . Harder deeper, I'm cumming baby yes yes. He then says Oh god baby Im going to cum, Now deep in your pussy is so wet so Tight. I'm going to Cuming. Filly my tight pussy baby wait that hot load of cum she says harder oh that si i feel it inside me O God yes The that girl entered a third orgasm then it all me came suddenly quite. I looked at my watch it was about one thirty am.
I said to my self we been standing for an hour enjoying them and wow time fly's.

I guess they too a while to recover. I looked to Jackie on my right she was in her own little world as well. Her head tilted back and she was hastily rubbing her pussy and trying to finger her self in the upright position. saying to my self wow I did not hear her at all I was focused on on them to hard or she she is a quite moaner.
I looked at her she looked like she was in a trance of some sort we were in the dark and no one could see us hiding there. I guess we were hid quite well but just enough see that couple in the car.

I slowly and quietly sat ass because I was not about to kneel on pavement.
I went between her legs unnoticed, she had them spread pretty good to gain access to her nice shaven pussy to rub her clit and finger her hot box,

She took her hands away to rub her breasts and pull at her nipples, that's when I went to work on her. I took my tongue, opening her folds making my tongue work her nub the pleasure spot on all woman. I began flickering on her wet hot pussy.
She was quietly moaning and saying OH, Lick my clit oh yes, please o gosh feels so good . As she finally woke out of her trance realizing she was not playing with herself anymore. Only to find me working at licking her clit .

She loved every munite of it , and hell so did . My tongue poked in and out in and out, of her vagina, I tried my best to suck her clit with my lips tenderly pulling at it then my hot tongue swirling it in her as deep as I could go slow. I making circling motions, and this was making her pussy spasm and her body shake like crazy.

Her hands now were on either side of my head holding it on her.
I worked on her pussy the best that I could. She was saying Oh My God Bob I'm going to cum your going to make me cum. I could feel her shake i took my strong hands placed them behind her on her bottom so that she would not fall backwards.
Oh yes I feel it don't stop please don't stop, I'm going to cum again yes baby yes baby make me cum.
Your tongue in my pussy your mouth suckling my clit Oh God I'm going to cum again. oh yes god yes ohhh feels so good Im Cuming ahh then she went into a state of Extreme exhaustion and almost fell down good thing I was holding her up.

Jackie Must have been pretty loud because when we were done. We looked where the car was it was gone. Well Thank you bob for holding me up i nearly fell down your welcome and I gave her sweet pussy a nice big kiss nice clean shaven and o so pink on the inside.

Jackie dropped her skirt and fixed her top then we walked to the car.
Bob you surprised me,
Well honey it is like this, I looked at you seeing you were doing it looked like you needed a hand or even a tongue so I pitched in to help you out.

We laughed as we got to our cars and went home for the night as we forgot that we still only had two wine coolers each. Well the summer was almost over. she stoped see you next week Bob yes Jackie.

To Be continued.
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