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Ms. Whitman and Robbie have some more fun.
Robbie – Part 2

Since our first encounter, Robbie’s grades were beginning to slowly increase. We hadn’t done anything since then but I think knowing he would get a reward if he aced his next test was enough for him to remain patient.

We’d been giving each other looks throughout the week and it was time for Robbie to ace this test. As badly as I wanted to fuck Robbie again, I probably wouldn’t have if he didn’t get an A on his test. I handed the tests out to everyone giving Robbie I light graze on his arm as I handed him his test. I sat at my desk and the students began taking their test.

It was getting close to the end of the period when Robbie finally handed in his test. That was either good because he took his time or bad because he didn’t understand much.

The bell then rang and I dismissed the class. I usually waited until the night of the test to grade them, but I needed to know if Robbie got an A or not. I began grading his paper and it took all of 5 minutes. Sure enough, Robbie had gotten an A!

“I have good tutoring skills.” I thought to myself. “More teachers should consider using fucking their students as their method.”

It was the end of the day and classes were over and I saw Robbie getting ready to go to baseball practice.

“Robbie!” I said as I stopped him. “After practice today, take a long time to shower and tell the coach that you’re gonna be a while.”

“Okay…?” He said a little confused.

I watched Robbie’s team go into the locker room after practice and like always I got hot from watching Robbie play baseball. After I watched the teammates leave the locker room one by one, followed by the coach, I realized Robbie was the only one left in there.

I looked around to make sure no one was near and entered the locker room. The second I stepped in it was instantly sexy. Knowing that hundreds of teenage boys had gotten naked in here after playing a long game of ball was so hot. It smelled like teenage boys, too. Although sort of gross, also kind of hot.

I heard the shower running and Robbie singing a baseball chant. I locked the locker room door and it was now a room filled with me and a naked Robbie. I decided to join his nudity and I stripped down to my birthday suit.

I walked carefully into the shower room and saw that Robbie was lightly stroking his cock. His back was to me, so I tip toed up to his front. He did not see me because his eyes were closed. I got on my knees while Robbie continued to jerk his cock during his shower. I then quickly removed his hand and began sucking his cock all the way down.

“Oh my god!” Robbie yelled as I simply continued to suck. “You scared me, but I’m glad it’s you.”

I took my mouth off his cock and said, “You got an A on your test today.” I began sucking again.

“I thought you would tell me tomorrow if I got an A.” He replied.

I took my mouth of his cock again. “I couldn’t wait. I needed to know if you aced it because I needed your body so bad.”

I got to my feet and stuck my tongue deep in Robbie’s mouth. I put one hand on my ass and the other around my back and kissed back very passionately. Our tongues were going crazy in each other’s mouths.

“Fuck me.” I ordered him.

I grabbed his cock and impaled myself on it while still standing. My leg wrapped around Robbie waist as he helped hold me up.

“Oh, I missed that massive cock of yours!” I told him.

“I missed that tight pussy of yours.” Robbie said.

Robbie got into a nice fuck rhythm and was nailing me hard. The water from the shower was a very nice added bonus to the pleasure. Water poured down our bodies as Robbie fucked me standing in the locker room shower. It rolled off our bodies while his cock continued to penetrate me.

Our love making continued this way for a few minutes until Robbie told me that he was getting close.

“Cum inside me.” I told him. “I’m on the pill. I wanna feel your cum fill me up.”

Robbie’s orgasm couldn’t hold back anymore as he began shooting his load deep into my pussy. I moaned with each shot that spurted into me as Robbie moaned quite a bit himself.

“Oh, Ms. Whitman, you’re incredible.” He was able to get out as he orgasmed.

I hadn’t cum yet, but it felt so fucking good to feel Robbie’s warm, thick cum fill my insides and then feel it slowly work its way back down my pussy lips. Robbie’s cock was still inside me and he began to get some of his cum on his balls so he pulled out.

I stroked his cock a few times while I began rinsing off his cum from it.

“Let’s get cleaned up now.” I said.

“I already was clean until you came in here and had me fuck you.” Robbie joked.

“Oh, so you didn’t enjoy yourself?” I asked as I washed my hair.

“Oh, I did.” He replied as he watched me wash myself.

Robbie continued washing his dick as I washed the rest of my body.

“Wash me, will you, Robbie?” I asked.

Robbie needed no more telling. He got close to me and began soaping me up, starting with my tits of course. My tits were being lathered up by Robbie taking extra time to be able to feel them and gently squeeze them.

“Man, your tits are amazing, Ms. Whitman.” He told me.

“Well then, give them a little kiss.” I said.

Robbie let the water rinse of my tits and he began kissing my nipples. Switching back and forth between each, he began gently licking and nibbling on my nipples. I pressed his head deeply into them, but restrained myself a bit because we had to get clean.

“Let’s slow down a bit, stud.” I said. “We still have more fun ahead of us, but we got to get clean first.”

“There’s more?” Robbie asked excitedly.

“Of course there is. You got an A and you deserve a big reward for that.” I said and then gave him a quick peck.

We finished cleaning ourselves up and got dressed. Robbie and I were sitting on the bench in the locker room getting ready to head to our next set of fun.

“Ms. Whitman.” Robbie said.

“Robbie, you can call me Jenny now.” I told him. “Right now we’re not student and teacher; we’re fuck buddies.”

“Okay, cool. Jenny,” He said. “I just want to say thank you for this. I’ve thought about having sex with you for a long time now, but never thought I’d actually do it, let alone in your office and in the locker room at school.”

“I should be thanking you, Robbie. You’ve given me some of the best fucks of my entire life.”

Robbie smiled at that compliment.

“I never thought a boy your age could give it to me better than most guys my age do and with a dick that big.” I said as I rubbed the front of his shorts.

Robbie leaned in and gave me a kiss. This kiss was different than the kisses we’ve shared before, though. It was a tender, passionate, deep kiss with very light tongue action. He tilted my head back as he held my head in his hands gracefully. I wrapped my fingers in the back of his hair and let him do his thing.

I was usually a fan of kissing, but this kiss Robbie was giving me was literally unlike any kiss I’ve experienced before. I think Robbie was developing a bit of a crush on me. Not just the lust that I expected from a boy his age, but actual feelings.

We continued kissing for I’d say about 20 minutes when I told Robbie that we better get going because the school was going to be closed soon.

After our make out session, Robbie and I left the locker room and I told him to go to the baseball field, put on his uniform and wait for me there. He did as he was told.

A few minutes later, the school was locked and closed for the night and I went to meet Robbie in the baseball field. It was dark now and no one was around, so we’d be all alone. I got to the field and saw Robbie in his uniform waiting at the home base.

“Holy shit.” I said to Robbie.

“What?” He asked.

“You look so fucking hot in that uniform.”

“I do?”

“Oh yeah.” I said as I got up close to him and rubbed his chest.

Robbie pulled me in for a quick tongue kiss.

“Is this a secret fetish of yours?” He asked.

“I guess so. Seeing you play is one thing, but seeing you in your uniform is a whole different level of sexiness.”

Robbie’s cock was rock hard. I grabbed him by it gently and pulled him to follow me. He moaned and followed. When we got to the pitcher’s mound I let go. I ran my hands down his body as I lowered myself and got on my knees until I was at eye level with his cock. I rubbed the front of his crotch and looked into his eyes.

“I want you to remember this for the rest of your life.” I said. “I want this to be something you do with no one else ever.”

I turned around and got on all fours. Robbie needed no further hints. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and got on his knees. He squeezed my ass cheeks at first making me feel very good.

I moaned to let him know he was getting me even hotter. Robbie then took his dick out and began gently rubbing the tip of it on my pussy lips. Up and down he went.

“Oh, Robbie.” I said. “You fucking tease.” I was getting quite impatient and needed his cock now.

“I want you to say it.” He said continuing to rub his dickhead against me. “I want to hear you scream it.”

“Fuck me, Robbie! Fuck me right here on the baseball field!”

Robbie heard what he wanted to hear and I have to admit, it was quite hot having him be dominant and forcing me to scream in order to get his cock.

He rammed his cock into my wet pussy which was dripping wet by now. I gasped and let him get to work. His cock went in and out of me making me feel so sexy.

“Ohhhhh fffffffuck.” I mumbled.

Robbie grabbed my hips and began pounding me doggie style. I ground me hands into the dirt of the field as he fucked me hard. All I could hear was Robbie breathing heavily and the sounds of our bodies slapping together from our love making.

It was so damn hot; my A+ student fucking me from behind on the baseball field at night with no one around. Thinking about it made me even hotter. I was lost in lust.

Out of nowhere I felt Robbie remove his cock from my pussy and didn’t feel it go back in.

“Why’d you stop?” I asked. “Keep going.”

“You really need this cock, don’t you?” Robbie asked.

“Yes. I need it, Robbie! Put it back in me and fuck me!”

I think Robbie just wanted to feel proud of himself knowing his teacher didn’t want his cock, but rather needed it.

Robbie continued his fucking. I turned my head around and said, “Kiss me, Robbie.”

Robbie leaned forward and began making out with me while fucking me as well. It was an awkward position, but it felt too damn good to stop.
We continued like this for a few minutes and then Robbie’s tongue left my mouth and he focused on fucking. He picked up his pace quite a bit and I was close to cumming.

I began gasping and moaning and said, “Robbie, I’m so close, baby!”

After a few more thrusts I came all over Robbie’s cock. It was dripping wet with my juice. I was spent, but Robbie hadn’t cum yet, so he kept going at it, which I was fine with.

Not long after I had cum, Robbie was getting ready to as well.

“Here I go!” Robbie said.

He pulled his dick out of me and aimed it toward my back. Robbie let out one big groan and began shooting his hot load all over my back. There was so much cum. It felt so nice on my back.

When Robbie was all done cumming, he dipped his cockhead into his cum on my back and began swirling it around.

“Rub it in, baby.” I told him.

Robbie then began rubbing his cum into the skin on my back. If it wasn’t going inside my mouth or my pussy, I wanted it rubbed in my skin. I didn’t want to waste a single droplet of this boy’s wonderful cum.

He put his hand out in front of my face and said, “There’s still some left on my hand.”

I grabbed his hand and began licking his palm. Then I licked in between his fingers and sucked on them as well making sure I got all of his cum.

Robbie lay next to me and I wrapped an arm around his torso.

“This was one of the greatest moments of my life.” I said to him.

“Me too.” He replied. “I don’t think I’ll ever have a sexual experience that will top that.”

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