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I rubbed her pussy, it was already dripping wet. I slapped her tits watching them bounce in the air and fall back down. I squeezed her tits and sucked them, they felt and tasted so good. I could actually hear her begging for me to stop through the ball gag. I looked at her and started fingering her with 2 fingers, "you really want me to stop?" I asked as I fingered her faster. Her face told the whole story, she loved it and just didn't want to show it. But her pussy and tits had betrayed her as her nipples got hard and her pussy became soaked. I decided to be nice and remove her ball gag.

"Oh fuck" was all she said as I fingered her, she shivered with pleasure. It seemed 2nd nature to her as she asked "may I cum sir?" I stopped fingering and told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. I cleaned my fingers off with her tongue, "that taste good?" I asked. "Yes sir" she said, I grabbed her by the neck "from now on you call me daddy" I commanded as I slapped her tits. "And as long as you wear this collar, your daddy's little cum slut". She moaned "I like being daddy's little cum slut".

I propped the chair so it was to the point where she leaned forward and her tits hung. "I'm gunna milk your tits, and I want you to moo the fucking cum slut cow you are" I commanded as I began to suck her tits. She started to moan quietly and as I sucked her tits harder and faster that's when she started to yell. "MOO!!!!!" She squealed, "FUCKING MOO!!!!!". Her tits tasted so good, as I continued I started to hear a dripping sound. It was her pussy dripping like there was no tomorrow, I had an idea and left the room. I came back with a bowl and put it right and under her dripping pussy. I sucked one nipple that stopped "are you enjoying this?" I asked, she nodded her head "moo" she said. I continued this until the bowl was half full of her pussy juice.

I let her out of the chair, she dropped to her knees. "Can I suck your cock daddy?" She begged as she licked my pants. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her onto her feet and rammed her up against the wall. "No, stick your ass out" I said, and she did just that. I smacked her ass numerous times, degrading her as I did it. "You filthy" slap "little" slap "cum" slap "slut" slap "asking to suck my cock, just for that and everything you did, I got a surprise for you. DON'T fucking move" I said. She kept her face up against the wall and her ass out waiting. I came back and her eyes widened.

I had an anal plug, "whe....whe....where's that going daddy?" She asked frightened. "You know where" I said with a smile on my face. She began to play stupid "my pussy? My mouth?" I spit on it and shoved it up her ass, she screamed. "Now do you still want daddy's cock?" I asked, "yes please" and said in a submissive manner. I pulled down my pants, "suck my balls and tell them your sorry for what you did" I told her. She crawled over, hands cuffed behind her back. She began to suck my balls, every time they popped out of her mouth she said "I'm sorry daddy" she did this for 5 minutes, and started inching towards my cock. "You want my cock?" I asked "yes daddy" she said as she licked my balls. "Alright" I said, "just one quick thing". I dumped my cock in the bowl of her pussy juice. My cock was dripping wet, "suck it clean" I commanded. She didn't hesitate one bit.

She went to town on that cock, she gagged herself over over and over again. She was crazy about it to the point tears were coming down her face she was gagging so much. I pulled her off "may I have more daddy?" She begged. I grabbed her by the neck and said "no".

She was now tied to the floor, hands stretched at her sides as far as they could go, her legs wide open, her face pressed to the ground and her ass up in the air. "It's time to have some fun" I said as I slapped my dick on her pussy. I stuck my cock right in her pussy and started fucking. Her whole body moved back and forth as I fucked her. She yelled "daddy that feels so good", "who's daddy's cum slut?" I asked. She yelled "IM DADDY'S CUM SLUT". I pulled my dick out of her pussy and removed the anal plug. "What are you..." Was all she got out until I shoved the plug in her mouth. "Now it's time for your lesson" I said, "give me that plug" I pulled it out of her mouth and into her pussy. I slapped my cock on her ass "you a good girl?" I asked, "yes daddy" she responded. "Prove it, beg for it" I told her, "please daddy fuck my ass" she barked. "Are you my little cum slut dog now?" I asked. "RUFF RUFF!!!" Was her response, "in that case you need your bowl to drink" I said and put the bowl of pussy juice in front of her. "I want that all gone by the time I'm done" I said, "RUFF!!!" She barked and started drinking the pussy juice as I fucked her ass. *slurp slurp slurp* was all I heard as I fucked her, the faster she slurped the faster I fucked. In between slurps she moaned in pleasure "OHHHH FUUUUUCK!!!!!!", "you gonna cum?" I asked. "Yes daddy can I?!?!?!?" She yelped, "fucking cum" I commanded. She came so hard her pussy juices spit the plug right out.

I walked over to her face, the bowl was empty. "Good girl, now clean daddy's cock" I commanded. She sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow, "oh fuck IM GONNA CUM, OPEN WIDE!!!" I yelled. She opened her mouth wife as I spewed my load all over her face and mouth. Any thing that dropped in the bowl, she licked right up. "I'm daddy's cum slut" she said with a smile on her face. "That's right baby" I said petting her hair, "now lets get you out of this babe" I said. "NO!!!" She yelled, I was confused. I'm your slave now this is my life, I shall stay bound until the next time you want to use me, I am your cum slut whore sex slave" she protested with a submissive look on her face. I slapped her across the face, shoves the anal plug up her and said "so be it, I'll be back when I'm ready to teach you your next lesson" I slapped her ass and left the room and locked it. But before I left I heard her say in a commanding voice "yes daddy"


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