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another story, I hope you guys like it. It's just sick fantasies that go through my head. I'd like comments for new ideas.
crystal was her name, and she wasn't afraid of anything. Everyone knew she wasn't afraid of anything, but wanted to see if she really had not one fear nerve in her body. It was senior year and crystal had just turned 18 and now could do whatever she wanted to do. so her friends decided to place a little test on her, there was an abandoned house at the top of the street that everyone who was anyone believed it was haunted. So to see if crystal REALLY wasn't scared of anything, they dared her to spend the night in the old house. "No problem" crystal said without a care in the world, "I can handle this". So she packed up a set of clothes and headed up to the abandoned house. It was going to be light for a few more hours, crystal went pretty early just to investigate.

The house was old and broken down, furniture from the people who used to love there was still there. She had seen a painting of the man that lived in this house, his name was Leonardo Kane. People had believed that this house was haunted because Kane had died in the house. It didn't seem to bother crystal at all, she saw that her friends were standing outside and she decided to go see them. As she went towards the front door a cold breeze flew through her little school girl uniform, crystal stopped smirked and continued going.

"So you think you can handle it" her friends asked, "piece of cake, no problem" crystal said. "I'll need to grab some more things at home, but I will be sleeping in that house tonight" crystal marked her words. Sure enough later on that night, she sneaked out of her house and up to the abandoned house. She had brought 2 blankets, a pillow and a flash light. she walked into the living room where she had decided to stay for the night, she had laid there and fell right to sleep.

the cool wind came in again, followed by a layer of smoke. It slowly made its way towards crystal, who was fast asleep. Her blanket was being slowly pulled off of her, revealing her body. Magenta panties and a football jersey, she was laying on her side but was then rolled over onto her back. Ropes were dragging across the floor by themselves and tied crystals wrists and ankles, she was stretched out on the floor. From the kitchen came a pair of scissors the cut off crystals jersey revealing her E-cup breasts. This point down the line it was obvious that Kane's ghost was in this house.

Crystal let out a yawn, that Kane had caught by sticking his 12 inch cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth a little bit as crystal started waking up, her eyes were widened when she finally realized what was happening. She couldn't move what so ever, when the cock was taken our of her mouth that's when she yelled "what the fuck is going on?!?!?!?". Her panties were then cut off and now she was being fucked by Kane's hard cock. She tried to fight it, but soon gave in. Her feelings betrayed her as she submitted to Kane and his needs. "I'm gunna cum!!" She yelled as Kane pulled out and stopped. Crystal moaned in agony at the fact the he stopped. Her ankles were untied as her wrists were tied together and she was dragged down to the basement.

She was pinned up against the wall face first, and now was bein flogged. "What's happening?" Crystal yelled out, showing that for once in her life she was scared. Her body was turned around as she had her back to the wall, he tits were now being flogged. All the sudden it had stopped, now she felt something wet and long on her pussy. It was Kane's tongue, he stuck his 2 ghostly fingers up her cunt and whispered "ride my fingers" and she did what he said. "Are you Leonardo Kane?" She asked as she rode his fingers. There was no answer, as she was pulled to the center of the room. she was now being fucked up the ass by Kane's cock, and she was loving it. "Oh fuck, can I cum?" She asked, and her permission was granted as Kane fucked her harder. Then the ropes lowered enough for her to drop to her knees, Kane face fucked her until he came all over her face. Then left her hanging there for the rest of the night, "I can't let a fine slut like you get away" he whispered in her ear.

It was the next morning "well she did it, lets congratulate her" crystals friends said. They walked into the house, but crystal wasn't there. Crystal heard the steps above her, she gasped "HELP..." She was cut off, to keep her quiete Kane shoved his cock down her throat. "I think I heard something" one of them said, crystal saw the basement door knob moving. "It's locked, should we break it down?" Crystal nodded her head (still be gagged by Kane's cock) There was a short pause. "Na if its locked there's nothing there, she just obviously didn't make it through the night lets get out of here".Tears rolled down crystals face, now she was trapped in Kane's possession, "now you will be mine for all eternity" Kane said as he fucked crystals mouth. Crystal was never seen or heard from again, but they say you can still hear the sexual moaning of crystal echo through the halls of the old Leonardo Kane place.


2013-07-29 02:17:33
stop being mean im 16 years old and the story could use work but give them credit its not bad


2013-07-29 02:16:58
stop being mean im 16 years old and the story could use work but give them credit its not bad

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-16 10:54:08
Okay, the effort is there but the skill needs polishing. Grammar and spelling will really help your work's validity, so use a Word program that will automatically point those errors out. You don't have to make every character supremely endowed; most of the good stories on this site don't rely on that. Try reading more of the high-rated posts to get a better idea, or even simple paperbacks or eBooks to learn a diversity of writing styles. And, to be honest, you're going to attract negative comments with the pen name. Just my two cents.

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2013-07-16 01:26:36
i know what moniker means and im only 15 and seriously guys be nice for crying out fucking loud stop being shitty ass bastards just because your a virgin doesnt mean you cant write good stories

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-15 02:10:25
Stop writing and go get laid. Pay for it if you have to...and you'll have to. Either way, just stop writing. You suck at it. I'd be nice about it but your moniker is just too ironic (yes, you may go look up 'moniker' now, idiot).

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