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Now the fun begins
When Ben came to, he realized that a hand was resting on his shoulder, and immediately shrugged it off. When he opened his eyes again he realized that the outside lights had been dimmed, and the girl was still sitting in front of him. The night air had brought a chilly wind down on them. It must be getting late. Ben looked at her painted little toes.
“How old are you?” He asked her quietly.
Her voice was soft, “Sixteen.”
His eyes roved over her legs and moved to her crotch. It was the first good look he had really taken at her body. She was definitely cute, but nothing more. Her legs were damn smooth, that was for sure. She had a very girlish quality about her, even for her age. Her denim shorts hugged her hips tightly and rode up high enough to cause a stirring in his pants.
He thought about the events of the night. It felt like it was days ago when he had thrown his temper tantrum over Alyssa. The girls who had called him out for staring at him seemed like a distant memory.
After a while, Ben sat up, and lifted himself to his feet. He swayed a bit but regained his footing. Wondering what time it was, he turned and walked towards the house.
He stopped for a moment and looked back at the girl sitting on the ground. Those big, brown, girlish eyes seemed to be waiting for him to say something. Might as well get something out of the night.
“Come.” He said to the girl. She jumped up and was hot on his heels.
The party was still raving inside the house, people were still dancing and messing around. To his delight, Ben spotted a liquor cabinet. He found it strange that it hadn’t been raided yet. He was very surprised to find it unlocked and stacked with booze.
He spotted an unopened bottle of whiskey. He grinned widely as he pulled it out, unscrewed the top, and took a bunch of long gulps.
“You know you shouldn’t do that.” A boy said off to Ben’s side.
“Shut the fuck up.”
He handed the bottle to the girl, who was still standing close to him.
She did, and coughed most of it up. When she looked at him, he indicated at the bottle impatiently, and she took another few forced sips.
Ben took the tipsy girl by the hand and dragged her up the stairs, nearly tripping more than once. There were people in the hallway, some sitting around with a beer, some making out. Ben plowed his way through the hall, attracting more than a few angry stares, but he couldn’t have cared less. When he came to the bathroom at the end of the hall, he roughly shouldered a kid out of the way, went into the bathroom pulling the girl with him, and locked the door. The door and walls were thick enough to dull the outside noise to a constant low hum, but not enough to block every sound going in or out.
He grabbed her and started kissing her deeply, wrapping his arms around her waist. She immediately responded by arching her lower back and pressing her hips to his. It had been years since Ben had actually touched a woman, and his rapidly expanding cock proved that. Within moments his penis was rock hard in his shorts, pressing into her belly. Her sixteen year old mouth tasted better than he expected. He pushed her away from him and started fumbling with the button on her tight little shorts.
“Wha… What are we gonna do?” She asked him.
“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll make you feel real good,” He leaned into her, “I promise.”
He looked the young girl in the eye and put on his best smile. Her tone was more cautious and uncertain than he would have liked. The last fucking thing he needed right now was for her to bitch out and leave him hanging. But his sweet talk seemed to be working. She was shyly smiling and had her eyes averted to the side. Perfect, Ben thought.
Once he had wrestled her shorts and underwear off, he knelt in front of her for a moment to observe his hard won prize. Her legs were still closed and he could just see the beginning of her soft young pussy lips. The best part was the beautiful aroma that drifted from her sex. It had been way too long since he had had the pleasure of taking in the scent of a woman. He softly kissed her on the pubis, right above her vagina, took in a waft of heaven, then stood back up. He looked her in the eye, and gave her a tender kiss. He lifted her up to the sink and sat her down on the edge. His one hand held her cheek while the other moved down and touched the inside of her thigh. The girl shuddered as a shock went through her body. Ben kissed her again and at the same time lightly touched her pussy lips. Another wave went through her, and she snapped her legs shut around his hand. This is her first time, he thought, smiling to himself. This is going to be fucking awesome.
He stroked up and down her snatch as gently as possible, occasionally teasing the entrance with the tip of his middle finger. When he thought she was warmed up enough, he worked a finger inside, and a second followed. He allowed himself to savor the tight, wet love tunnel around his fingers, then he began sliding them in. She gasped and gripped him tight around the neck with both arms. He pulled his fingers out and lifted them to his own lips to enjoy her flavor for a few moments. He slid them back in and out a few more times, then brought his hand up to her mouth.
“Open.” He said.
She looked at him uncertainly, then back at his hand. She opened her mouth just a little and took the tip of one finger in. Ben slowly slid them into her mouth as he had with her pussy. When all the juices were off, he took his hand away and lifted her up off the counter again, this time placing her on her feet. He pushed her down to her knees and undid his shorts. She eagerly gripped the waist band and pulled down. Ben’s cocked jumped out and stood in its full glory. The girl’s eyes widened, and she looked up at Ben.
“Ever seen one like that?” Ben said.
She shook her head and swallowed hard.
“Put your hand on it.” He said, “That’s it. Good.”
Her soft little hand wrapped around his cock, she gently stroked it up and down. Ben took the back of her head and pulled it toward him. She opened her mouth just a little bit, and Ben pushed his dick in between her lips. It felt amazing.
“Ahhh. That’s it sweetie.”
He started moving her head back and forth on his dick, slipping in a little deeper every time. She closed her eyes and relished her first taste of cock.
After a few minutes Ben lifted her back up and handed her the bottle.
She took a few sips before gagging from the cheap alcohol and reached for the cup of water. He took her and pushed her to the toilet. He positioned her so that she was on her haunches, leaning back onto the toilet. He sat down in front of her, scooted in underneath her and held her hips with his hands. Her hot snatch was right above his pulsing dick when she asked, “Shouldn’t you wear a condom?”
Ben let out a laugh and pulled her onto him, lifting his hips off the ground at the same time. She let out a squeal when his tip penetrated her wetness. His dick only got so far until he had to lift her back up and settle her down on his cock again. Her eyes were closed and she had a grimace on her face. After the initial pain subsided she went down again, then again, until he was all the way inside her. He held her tight to him until she started quivering with need. He let her hips go and she started bouncing up and down on his cock. The silky smooth inside of her pussy gripped Ben tightly as they made love. Her juices were spilling onto his stomach and running down his sides. Teen pussy… he thought to himself, the only thing that can leak this much. They were both in heaven.
The thought seemed to come out of nowhere. Suddenly the image of his nightmares flashed before him. He clearly envisioned the all too familiar scenario of the grown man having sex with the young girl in the dark alley. Ben could clearly see his young mother’s face, eyes shut tight, biting her bottom lip. The man on top was a dark figure and he was slamming into her with a force, over and over, making her small body hit the wall with every thrust.
He pushed the girl off him and tried to shake the image from his mind. Ben closed his eyes and lay still for a moment, trying to regain his composure. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed the girl looking at him with that quizzical, almost hurt, look in her eyes. Ben ignored her. He stood up slowly and walked to the sink, she got up as well and followed him. He turned on the faucet and splashed some water onto his face, then leaned over the sink and looked at his reflection.
Was he becoming the man his father was? A useless, miserable drunk that slept with underage girls? He thought about Alyssa. He thought about how she had not even acknowledge him, treating him like a pile of dirt. That all too familiar rage was building up inside him once again. He grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a huge gulp, pulling a sour face he swallowed the alcohol.
The girl was standing behind him, slightly to the left. She had been watching him intently all the while.
“Are you okay?” She asked softly, touching his arm.
Ben yanked his arm away. All these years of trying to be a better person had been a complete fucking waste. He had worried about being a more likable person, someone who could fit into the crowd, someone who was appreciated. He wanted a woman who he could love and take care of. Why did the girls always go for the douchebags? There was no place in the world for the fickle of heart, Ben decided. Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of success, of friendship, and of a beautiful woman, achieved their goals by fending for themselves, by lying, by pretending to be something they were not. Just like his own father. It was time he did the same. Being kind had only gotten him fucked and friend zoned thus far in his life. The nice guy always finishes last. Always.
Ben looked up at the reflection of the girl. She was still standing there, looking at his back. There was a slight frown on her face and tears were welling up in her eyes. He turned to her and gave her a deep, lustful kiss. This time there was no emotion in the kiss, just the venting of pure animal instinct. Let’s give this girl something to cry about.
Ben spun her around and bent her over the counter. He moved up behind her and bent his knees slightly. He let his member rest between her satin soft ass cheeks and took a moment to savor the feeling. He spotted a bottle of lotion in the corner of the bathroom and reached over to grab it. After having applied a generous amount of cream to his penis, he tossed the bottle over his back. Ben repositioned himself and grabbed the girl by the shoulders. For the first time in what seemed like days, a small smile formed on his face. Like father, like son. He rammed his cock all the way up into her asshole.
The girl’s head jerked up as she let out a cry. Ben was sure everyone outside could hear them as he violated her ass, however, he couldn’t have cared less. Her anal canal was unbelievably tight, there was no way she didn’t feel any pain. He pulled out slowly, looked down at the beautiful view of his penis slipping out from in between her soft, white cheeks and slammed into her again, pulling her into him by her shoulders. She elicited another painful moan. Ben was in absolute ecstasy at the idea of having his penis buried to the hilt in a teen girl’s ass. He continued pumping in and out, lifting her off her feet a little every time he thrust into her. The girl’s moans started becoming more sensual, and he could see on her face that the pleasure of having his hard meat lodged up her ass was outsourcing the pain. He was closing in on an orgasm when he pulled out to catch his breath.
Ben took the bottle again and pressed it to the girl’s mouth, forcing more alcohol down her throat. She coughed and tried to pull away, but he held her jaw shut tight until whiskey started spilling out of her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her down to her knees in front of him, then stuck his dick in her face. She immediately took it in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked his hard cock.
“That’s it baby,” Ben muttered. “Taste your own ass on my cock.”
She moaned and looked up at him. He still had a fistful of her hair tightly wound in his hand, and he pushed deeper into her small, wet mouth.
Her knees were splayed open, her hands reached around the back and spread her butt cheeks, and she slipped a finger into her bum hole. She made a high pitched “mhm, mhm” sound every time his dick slid to the back of her throat. A tingling started coursing through Ben’s penis and slowly spread throughout his body. It slowly built in intensity, like a rollercoaster nearing the peak. Then the orgasm hit him. Ben stiffened as jolt after jolt of pure, animalistic pleasure shot through him. Ropes of cum splashed into the girl’s mouth, filling her up and dripping from the corner of her lips. Still she kept sucking energetically, swallowing as much of his semen as she could. Ben eventually pushed her away when his orgasm had subsided.
“Holy shit,” he said. “Holy fucking shit.”
He looked down at the sixteen year old. She was still fingering herself and lapping up the last bits of cum that had dripped onto her body. Judging by her still vigorous pleasuring of her anus Ben figured he must have turned her into an anal whore within a matter of minutes.
He stumbled to the sink counter again, leaning on the edge with one elbow and holding onto the whiskey in his other hand. The combination of alcohol coursing through his veins and the post-orgasm feeling gave him a pleasant buzz. He thought about what he had just done. For the first time in his life he had interacted with a female without any emotion attached. He had fucked the teen without abandon and didn’t care one bit about it. Not caring. Was that the only reason he was always so miserable, because he cared? He laughed and took another swig from the bottle. Others who were happy in life didn’t seem to give a shit. He had seen it all throughout high school, and the idea had manifested itself so deeply in his subconscious mind. He was surprised that he had only realized it now. The less you care about others, the happier you are.
Ben glanced over at the girl. She was still on her the ground, stark naked, looking up at him through hazy eyes. He thought he saw a trickle of liquid running down the inside of her leg.
He walked over to her, gave her a slap on her flushed cheek, “Thanks bitch,” and turned away.
Ben made his way out of the bathroom, zipping up his shorts and putting his t-shirt back on as he left. It was four in the morning and there were kids scattered around the hallway, they were mostly piss drunk and passed out. He looked back at the drunk girl in the bathroom. Her eyes were now closed. Her bladder must have let loose from all the booze, she was urinating on the floor. Still her teenage tits jiggled as she continued to masturbate like a bitch in heat. Ben felt a pang of pity for her. She was just another pathetic human being, just like him, taking up extra space in this hateful shit storm called life. It occurred to him that it was the one and only thing they would ever have in common: They were both nobodies.
Ben walked away, leaving the door open for the rest to see the girl, on her knees, fingering herself in a puddle of her own piss.

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Continue the story!!!!!

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I really really liked this story!!! May I suggest changing the title to "The Sins of the Father"? I feel like that has more of a connection to the plot. I love your work!

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