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There is this girl Marisa with DD tits and a loose pussy. She belongs to a man she calls 'daddy' who won't let her leave the house nor walk around the house with any clothes on. Every night she had to satisfy daddy, by letting him face fuck her every single night. she was daddy's little cum slut whore, and didn't want it any other way. She was fine with being a submissive, being a slave, being a cum slut. She was fine with daddy, all the way up to....that night

Daddy worked over time at the pharmacy because nobody else came in. When daddy finally got home he was exhausted and plopped himself on the couch. Marisa crawled over and unbuttoned daddy's pants were her mouth, then she went on with the regular doings of satisfying daddy. But since he was tired, she decided to deep throat him as fast as she could. Gagging almost every time she went down, she was focused on making daddy feel good. Daddy was close to cumming but then order her to stop. This confused Marisa, let alone really frightened her.

He saw there was a dirt mark on the side of her leg, "did you go outside?" he asked as he pulled her hair. She had an innocent look on her face. He pushed her head down to the ground and propped her ass up and started spanking her. "How many times have I told you no going outside!!!!" He yelled as he slapped her ass harder. "I'm sorry!!" She yelped, but it was too late daddy had every intentions on punishment. He began to flog her ass and ordered her to count " one, two, three, four, I'm, daddy's, whore" she said as loud as she could as she got flogged. "Get up on your knees" he commanded, and as she did so he flogged her back and tits back and forth. Telling her to count the way she didn't before "one, two, three, four, I, am, forever, your, whore" she cried out. "How sorry are you for going out without permission?" He asked, "really sorry" she cried. "Proof it" he commanded, as he pulled his cock out and started jerking it off, "suck my balls and beg for my cock" he barked. She sucked his balls and nudged her head at his cock "can I please suck it daddy, can I please show you how sorry I am". Daddy finally let her have it "ok, you can suck on it" he said.

She sucked on it very slowly looking to please daddy the best she could, this aggravated daddy a lot and he wasnt having any of it. He grabbed her hair and started face fucking her, every time he'd let it out if her mouth she gasped for air. "What do you say?" He asked, "I'm sorry" she said shuttering. "Good girl" he said as he fucked her face some more. He finally let her off, she gasped for air and looked like she was ready to pass out. He slapped his cock on her cheeks saying "that's a good girl, that's a good girl".

Daddy now wanted to test out her submissive skills (something he hasn't done in a while) he smirked "I want to see how fast you are" he said, "when I say up, you get up as fast as you can". "UP" she staggered to get to her feet, "not good enough" he said. "Back down" she got back down on the ground, "faster UP UP UP" he commanded while slapping her tits. This continued until she was on her feet as quick at 2 seconds. Then she was thrown on the bed, "beg" he said. "Daddy I've been bad, please punish me" she begged, "good girl" he said as he began to fuck her in the ass. "Play with yourself" he said as he went faster and faster. "Oh can I cum daddy, cum like the slut that I am?!?!?" She moaned. "Fucking cum" he said as he pulled his dick out of as, she squirted everywhere. Daddy was disgusted, he grabbed her by the hair "look at the mess you made, CLEAN IT UP!!!!!" He commanded as she began licking her squirt juice from off the floor.

He pulled her down to the ground and was back to face fucking her, you could hear her gag. "Your gonna swallow it all tonight" he said as he fucked her mouth uncontrollably. He payed down on the ground "feed me your tits while sucking my cock" he said to her. The quicker she sucked him off, the harder he sucked her tits. She swallowed every bit of daddy's cum, "did I do good daddy?" Marisa asked with a glow in her face. Daddy slapped her across the face in disappointment "go lay down" he commanded. "Yes daddy" she said as she crawled to her bed, and laid down daddy was mad and she knew it. One lesson was learned that day, NO going outside without daddy's permission.

Marisa is still in daddy's hands doing what he says, how he says and when he says, because that's what a good submissive does. She has been nothing but a dog in daddy's eyes as of late, making her sleep on the floor and eat from a bowl on the floor. "If your going to act like a dog by going outside I'm gunna treat you like one" is what he said to here as he stuck an anal plug of a doggy tale up her ass. Now she's not aloud to speak English less spinner to, if wanted anything anything at all she needs to bark like a dog. She's now not only a slave or a cum slut or a whore. NOW she was daddy's cum guzzling little mutt, that'll be a good girl if she wants her original privelag was back. Daddy still believes she's a bad dog.


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