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Hi everyone, this is my first story posted on this site. I’ve actually been visiting for years, and have enjoyed it. I just finally decided to write one. This is my first one, so constructive criticism would be much appreciated. It is a little slow, but it will pick up later, and there will be a lot more sex in later chapters. I hope you enjoy my story, as I know I will enjoy writing it.

The Pact
Chapter 1

The winter wind howled as it strove to freeze all those who dared venture outside this dreary night. Its chilling bite made even the thickest skinned passer by wish they were inside, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa or tea. It rattled every window and every door, trying to work its way inside and quell the heat emanating from the buildings.

A door opened in one such building, and the wind surged inside for that brief moment before the couple dodged inside and shut the door.

“What an absolutely dreadful night.” the young woman said, brushing her stringy red hair away from in front of her not entirely unpleasant face. “I don’t think I could even begin to concentrate enough to study tonight, I just want to curl up and stay warm, Luke.”

“I know Brenda, I would rather do that too.” Luke replied as they began their way up the stairs. He ran his hand through his greasy dark brown hair as he continued. “I actually think we should relax, we’ve been cramming for the past two weeks, and you know they say that you should relax the night before a big test.”

“Is this just a ploy to get me naked?” Benda smirked as her dull green eyes met with his washed out blue ones.

“Maybe” he replied with a grin.

They continued in silence for a while. As they reached the fourth floor, and headed towards the hallway, Brenda spoke again “I am just worried about all of the finals. College has been a lot more difficult than I anticipated, and I am worried that this bad GPA I am sure to have for my first semester will keep me out of med school.”

“You’ll be fine Brenda,” Luke said, easing her worries as they stopped in front of a door marked 427, “You’re the smartest person I know.”

As soon as they knocked on the door, a short blond haired guy opened it up and ushered them in. “You guys got all the snacks?” he asked.

“All in here Jack.” Luke quipped, raising a plastic bag full of the night’s supplies.

“Where’s Helen?” Brenda asked looking around the rather small dorm room. It was a standard college dorm layout, where two roommates share one space, with an adjoining bathroom, which connected the room next door as well.

“She said she was going to be a little late, she found something she thought might be fun to do, so she has to go gather supplies or something like that.” Jack replied leaping onto his bed.
Luke walked over to his bed, and laid out all the supplies he and Brenda had picked up. “I take we aren’t going to study tonight.”

“Nope” chirped a short blond as she stepped into the room. “We are going to do something fun tonight. We are going to relax and forget that we have finals tomorrow.”

“So what are we going to do?” Brenda asked excitedly.

“Well, I was walking, down main street, when I stumbled onto this quaint little book shop that I’ve been meaning to go into, well, if I ever decided to read,” Helen bubbled as she started pulling out permanent markers, papers, candles, bowls and other assorted goods from her bags “When this one book actually caught my eye, Spells to do with Your Friends! Of course I wasn’t going to pick up that lame book, but it got me thinking, so I rummaged around in the store for a few hours before I found this!” She exclaimed as she held out a faded leather bound book, that appeared to have once been considered red, a long time ago. On the front, in blood curdling black letters, was the word ‘lust’ written in a very loopy calligraphic style.

“I’m not sure if I’m comfortable doing this” Brenda stammered, dreading what might entail.

“It’ll be fun!” Helen chirped.

“Come on don’t be chicken.” Jack needled.

“It’ll be fine, we’ll all do it together,” Luke chimed in, reassuring her.

“I guess….Ok, let’s do it.” Brenda affirmed.

“Great!” Helen cheered as she began drawing a strange large symbol on the floor. It resembled a star in some unique way, but only by suggesting it. Looking at it, one could not really say it was anything like a star. It came together at four points, at each of those points was a circle, filled with a different symbol, unique to each point. Even though they were symbols foreign to the group, it was easy to identify each as elemental symbols, one for water, fire, earth and air. In the center there was another circle, filled with another, larger symbol that seemed more menacing than the others.

As she finished, Helen put a bowl, candle, pencil and two pieces of paper in front of each circle.

“Okay,” she said confidently as she finished. “This first one is called The Pact. Brenda I want you in the circle marked with the symbol for water, Luke the one for earth, Jack in fire, and I will be in air.”

As the situated themselves into their assigned circles Jack spoke up “You know, I am actually glad we are doing something fun tonight to blow off some steam, I don’t want to remember what may be my last few days in college as hell, cramming for tests I know I have no chance of passing.”

The group all voiced their support in response to Jack.

Finally Helen continued her dictating. “Okay we are all to write accurate physical deions of ourselves on a piece of paper. And then read them aloud. Include everything you know.”

After a while Helen spoke up again. “I’ll start and show you all what to do next.”

She cleared her throat as she began:
“Helen McNair:
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: A limp blond mass
Eyes: Green
Breasts: B cup….” She continued going into more deive detail, before lighting her candle, taking the paper and burning it, dropping it into the bowl.

Brenda decided to go next, to prove she wasn’t afraid. Her voice quivered as she began, but then she regained control over herself and marched on through it fearlessly.
“Brenda Bligh:
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 90 lbs.
Hair: Natural redhead
Eyes: Green
Breasts: A cup….” Brenda also continued in elaborate detail before mimicking Helen and burning the paper.

Luke went next:
“Luke Templeton:
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown, almost black
Eyes: Blue
Penis: 5 in. length with an inch diameter….” Luke copied the girls and went into great detail before burning his slip of paper.

Finally it was Jacks turn.
“Jack Raleigh:
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Penis: 4 ½ inch with a 1 ½ diameter….” Jack like all the rest went into very deive detail of his unflattering body before torching the deion.

Helen briefly smiled at everyone before continuing sheepishly. ”Okay, now we chant The Pact on the paper in front of you.” Everyone picked up the second sheet as she said the last bit of the instructions. “As we masturbate naked into the bowl.”

Luke and Brenda glanced up at Helen, and appeared as if they were about to balk. Suddenly though, their demeanors changed as the cemented themselves on doing it.

The group stripped, throwing their clothes outside of the circle as they revealed their unflattering bodies to each other. This time though, Jack took point as he began stroking his already engorged member glancing at the naked bodies of both Helen and Brenda. Soon enough, Luke’s penis began to stiffen and he began to rub it as well. Not to be outdone, the girls began, sliding their hands up and down their slits, and began applying pressure to their clits, groaning as they did so. As if of one mind, they began chanting together:
This is The Pact of a mighty one,
Whose lust is strong for everyone,
We are those who will gladly share,
In exchange for the power he bears.
Hear our chant and hear our plea,
As we offer our gifts unto thee,
We shall be yours and in your name act,
For we are the ones who chant your Pact.

Luke continued to stroke his dick, extremely turned on by the fact he was masturbating with his girlfriend and her friend, even with his roommate. The almost taboo idea of it all made it that more erotic. He glanced over to his girlfriend Brenda as she released a mighty moan after the third time they chanted the pact. She appeared close, he himself was actually pretty close too. As they begin the chanting the pact for the fifth time he saw that Jack was pounding furiously at his erection and that Helen was shoving three fingers up her pussy, finally as they recited the last word, Luke roared as he had the biggest orgasm of his life, shooting a good bit of sperm into the bowl. Panting he looked around him, noticing that everyone had climaxed at approximately the same time.

“Now what?” He breathed, questioning Helen.

“That was it.” She replied, closing her eyes for a brief moment. “Wow, that took a lot out of me, mind if I sleep hear tonight babe?”

“Fine by me.” Jack stated.

“I think I’m going to stay too,” Brenda chimed in.

Luke just grunted noncommittally as he crawled into his bed, tired out of his mind. Brenda quickly joined him, as Jack and Helen made their way over to his bed, where they promptly passed out.


2013-07-12 01:29:00
Thanks for your input, I guess...
I was actually already thinking of doing it along those lines. I mean every guy dreams having being more well endowed, but if its too big it wont be as enjoyable. I started with those ugly deions because I wanted to portray how stark of a contrast there lives are about to be. If I had wanted to, I could have made them more average looking, but to me, that is the cliché. A lot of authors try either making their characters just an average joe or someone who is perfect. Anyways, I just hope you guys will enjoy my work and get a good jerk off session out of it.

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2013-07-12 00:30:12
Ok you can go into many directions from here now a recommend that you really think things through you dont want to ruin the story and do the stuff everyone does remember you can make it whatever you want but dont do what the first commenter said that would be cliché now you could make their dicks grow but not 12 inch like a 7 or 8 inch is good enough you can also do something like what pgfalcon did with his story just dont mess up and try to update atleast once a month dont desapear like some authors who start something and the ploof there gone like a ghost but a positive from me just hope that wasnt a real spell i dont want no demons watching me jack off :) just joking but keep up the good work

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2013-07-11 17:04:54
dont ruin it, come on!!!!!

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2013-07-11 02:19:10
That's unusual. A story with tiny dicks. Let me guess. They'll become massive, a cunt buster that they've always wished for and the women will be swooning over them. And, if I furthered my guessing, the women will become busty, bodacious babes, who have men lusting after them where ever they go. And then it all goes horribly awry.

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