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Chloe’s Butthole Bonanza

Miss Sapna stood in front of the class in her high heels, aiming the remote at the three large projection screens at the front of the room. The lights dimmed, and the girls shuffled anxiously in their seats, as the image slowly came to focus on the high-definition whiteboards.

It was an asshole. The prettiest, tightest little bunghole any of them had every seen: Chloe’s.

Chloe was in front of the class, slightly bent over, parting her bulbous ass cheeks apart. Miss Joanne was working the camera. Mr. El stood quietly in the corner, slowly stroking his cock.

“This, girls,” Miss Sapna said, turning to the class, the image of Chloe’s puckered starfish projected ten feet high on three high definition screens, “is the future of the world. Vaginal sex will never go away. As long as there are cocks, pussies will be desired, but the next wave of lust lies within these walls.”

“All of you need to take it in the ass. And your classmate Chloe is going to be the first of you to model how it is done.”

Miss Sapna reached down and picked up a large, gleaming black butt plug. About a half foot in length, it tapered down to a diameter of three-inches before tapering back off to a flat base. The girls gasped as she showed the class. It was hard to believe the tight little hole they saw projected on the screen would be able to handle something as big and hard as this.

Without a word, she approached Chloe and stroked her hair gently, whispering something into the teen-ager’s ear. Chloe nodded her head in agreement and bent over a little bit more, still spreading her ass cheeks. Miss Joanne kept the camera zoomed in on Chloe’s asshole, but slowly panned out as Miss Sapna began to massage the cute girl’s butt cheeks with oil. With one finger, Miss Sapna slowly entered the 17-year old’s asshole, lubing it up well. She then took the butt plug and squirted liberal amounts of baby oil on the tool itself, the oil dripping down onto Chloe’s back, and between her back. Girls began to mumble to themselves nervously.

And then Miss Sapna pressed the large black tool toward’s Chloe’s asshole. At first it didn’t seem to give, but slowly the starfish opened up and the butt plug entered. Chloe moaned loudly, from pleasure or pain no one could say, but Miss Sapna continued moving it into the strawberry blonde’s butt hole. Her starfish opened up, embracing the thick black toy and Miss Sapna eased it until it was half-way in, at its biggest width and stepped back.

Miss Joanne zoomed in with the camera, focused on the toy sticking precariously out of Chloe’s little asshole, which was now stretched to its physical limits. Her muscles were clenched, which the whole class could see on the ten-foot screens, to maintain the position. Mister El stood in the corner, now frantically masturbating, waiting for his own moment.

Chloe’s asshole was slightly darker than her own tan skin, but not alarmingly so. Indeed, the reason the teachers had agreed to pick Chloe for this lesson was for that very reason. She simply had the best asshole out of the twelve girls in this graduating class. Stretched out to a three-inch wide gaping whole, the lines of her starfish looked as if every muscle in her body was straining to keep the toy inside. By now the girls were all talking to each other, commenting on Chloe’s penetration. Quite frankly, it looked impossible.

And then Miss Sapna simply pressed the palm of her hand to the base of the butt plug and pushed it all the way in. Chloe gasped audibly, not expecting the sudden penetration, but Miss Sapna again leaned down and whispered something to the butt-plugged student. Chloe stood up, the clear base of the toy sticking out of her ass like a tail. She tossed her long dirty blonde hair, and looked back at her classmates, smiling, her dimples deep and distinct in her devastatingly cute face. The butt plug quivered in her asshole.

Mr. El walked over, his cock hard and engorged in his hand, dripping pre-cum. He stepped in front of Chloe, and without removing his hand from his cock, kissed the girl on the lips, and gently turned her around with his free hand, so she was facing her friends. He then pushed her back, indicating that she should bend over and grab the stainless steel bars that were there for just this reason. She bent over, grabbed the rails, wiggled her butt a little and offered up her teenage pussy to him. Her classmates cheered.

Looking out at the eleven gorgeous teenage girls in front of him, Mr. El placed the head of his cock against Chloe’s opening. He could feel her heat and wetness, the butt plug still sticking out, just an inch from his throbbing tool. "Take that cock, Chloe!", her classmates hollered, encouraging her on her way to a well-deserved orgasm. And with that, he entered.

As he slowly thrust his tool inside her cunt, Chloe let out an aggressive, powerful grunt. She had taken cock before, had felt her teacher’s huge tool fuck her pussy, and she held on to the metal bar, her body heaving forward with each thrust. Her classmates were on their feet now, cheering her on. Mr. El continued thrusting, reveling in the youthful smoothness of her skin and the warmth and tightness of her pussy, and he couldn’t take his eyes of the the butt plug that was slowly easing its way out. As he thrust inside her, he placed a finger on the base of the plug and pushed it back in. Chloe was screaming by now, a steady stream of filth, her classmates encouraging her. The echoes of his hips pounding against her ample ass reverberated throughout the classroom.

Miss Sapna approached the fucking couple, and grabbed the butt plug by its base. As she did this she laid her lips on Mr. El’s, felt inside his mouth with her tongue, running a long-nailed hand across his ass. She pulled the butt plug up, and Chloe’s grunts turned into a gasp as she felt the tool stretch her ass to the limit, Mr. El’s cock still pummeling her little 17-year old pussy. Miss Sapna pulled the tool almost all the way out, and then thrust it back in. Chloe’s breath was deep and rhythmic, her nuggets of verbal filth now buried under the intense feeling that was beginning to fill her body. She was going to cum.

Miss Sapna began fucking Chloe’s asshole with the butt plug with the same rhythm that Mr. El was fucking Chloe’s pussy. Miss Sapna had been doing this long enough to know when she was pushing one of her students to orgasm, and that was her goal. Mr. El knew it too, and he began thrusting even harder, balls deep in the young girl’s pussy. Chloe began to moan, a steady, earth-shattering groan as her body began to quiver and shake. She was cumming. She screamed and the class went crazy.

He turned Chloe over on her back, on the floor, and- looming over her, his cock at full mast- bent down and entered her soaking wet pussy again. Miss Sapna pulled the butt plug out from Chloe's ass and placed it between the young girl's big tits. They were perfect breasts- not the biggest in the class, which belonged to the beautiful ebony Lizzie- and were big enough to hold the butt plug in place, especially as Miss Sapna were pressing them together. Mr. El fucked frantically, and then pulled out, got on his knees straddling her sexy, athletic body, and began stroking his wet, sloppy cock. With a huge burst, a giant rope of cum flew across her belly and landed with a resounding plop across the ass-juice covered butt-plug and her big tits. Some of it splattered onto her chin and lips, as well. A second and third rope- and still another fourth sticky glob of cum- splattered across the butt plug, her tits and face. He kneeled over her, shaking each last drop of cum onto her. The class cheered wildly.

Miss Sapna took the butt plug, which was now dripping in cum and ass-juice and held it high over her head. Without any urging, the class got quiet. Chloe remained on her back, slowly massaging her pussy, basking in the after-glow.

“This, my young scholarly sluts, is what it is all about. Cum and holes. Juice and thrusting. Cock and cunt. In less than six months all of you will be professionals. You’ll be getting paid a lot of money to be doing something like this, and if you play it right all of you will be millionaires by the time you are twenty-one years old.”

“Now,” she said, looking around the class, the cum on the butt plug dripping down onto her hand, “Who would like to be next?”.

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