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Sam tries to find a way to take advantage of the situation, and enjoy Amy again
I was starting to sweat in the sun, as I pushed the lawnmower up to the edge of the garden. As I took off my cap and wiped at my forehead, I saw the dark ponytail of my neighbor come into view past the shrubs. “Hello Amy!” I said, as she walked past the shrubs at the edge of the sidewalk.
She mumbled back “Hi Mr. Nicholas”, as her face and neck blushed a deep crimson. She obviously was still very embarrassed about what being caught in what she thought was her dog Rex fucking and licking her pussy as she was caught in the doggy door. My cock stiffened up immediately, as I remembered grabbing onto her hips with my simulated dog ‘claws’ as I fucked her from behind. Rex her dog had gotten a great taste of her pussy, and I wished I had been able to sample some of that myself. She hurried past my lawn, and into her back yard past the fence. As soon as she was out of sight, I reached down to adjust my dick to a more comfortable position. The video tape I had recorded while fucking her had made me cum quite a few times in the past 2 weeks, and I planned on viewing it again as soon as I was done. I was still trying to decide if, or rather how, I could use her embarrassment to my advantage, as I desperately wanted to fuck her again.

I finished the lawn and headed in to grab a beer and turn on the video for a little afternoon jack-off session. As I passed the kitchen window, I saw Amy over the fence, stretching out on a lounge chair with her bikini, obviously working some more on her perfect tan. The sight of that round little ass only partly covered by the mostly white bikini bottoms brought my hard-on back with a vengeance. My dick helped convince me that I needed to talk to Amy about what had happened, and see if I could get another helping of her beautiful teenage body. I grabbed my beer from the fridge, and went to the side deck to talk to her. My heart was beating fast in my chest, from anticipation of the coming confrontation.

Leaning against the fence, I saw the sides of her breasts bulging out from underneath her as she lay on her stomach. Her bikini top string was untied in the back, to avoid tan lines. “Hey Amy, could I talk to you for a minute please”? I called out after watching her for a few seconds. Her head popped up at the sound of my voice, and more of her tits came into view, before her hand came up to her side to press the top into place. Even from 20 feet away, I could see the blush start again in her cheeks, and spread down her neck.
“Sure Mr. Nicholas, just a sec”, as she turned partly away, and fastened her top back on.
As she walked over to the fence, I said “Amy, I think we need to talk a little bit about what happened the other week”.
Her eyes got big, and a panicked expression appeared on her face. “Ok Mr. Nicholas”, she said, with a little quaver in her voice.
“Could you come over here where we can talk more comfortably”? I asked. “OK”, I heard even more apprehension in her voice, as she walked towards the back gate. She knew her around my house, because she had watched it for me and taken care of my dog on a few occasions when I was on business trips. As she came hesitantly through the yard, and up onto the deck, I could not help but notice the perfect shape of her breasts, and the faint outline of her nipples through the fabric. I felt comfortable staring, as I was wearing sunglasses, and figured she would not know where I was looking. “Please sit down Amy”, I said as I sat on the deck chair myself.
“Ok Mr. Nicholas” she said, as she sat rather stiffly in the chair across from me.
“Please Amy, call me Sam, I’ve told you there is no need to be so formal, you have helped me out lots of times with the dogs before”.
“OK Sam” she said, with a little squeak to her voice.

“Amy”, I began, “I am concerned with what happened the other day, and feel I may need to talk with your parents”.
“Oh GOD NO” she blurted out, “Please don’t Mr. Nicholas!”. I could see she was almost at the point of tears, and her face was flaming red in remembered embarrassment. My sympathy for her almost overcame my lust for a second, until I saw that as she was pleading with me, she sat forward, give me an unintentional view of her cleavage.
“You know I don’t want to cause you problems Amy, but from what I saw before I came over the fence, it seemed obvious you were enjoying letting Rex do that to you. That’s just not right Amy, a young girl like you should be enjoying the touch of a young man, not an animal. I’m concerned that you are allowing yourself to go down a path that will not be good for you.” I was impressed with the concern I had put into my voice, I sounded so sincere!
“But Mr. Nicholas, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to let Rex do that, please don’t tell my parents!” Tears were brimming in her eyes, and I thought she was about at the point I wanted her at.
“Amy, calm down, and remember, call me Sam. I do think it may have been an accident, but it was also obvious you welcomed it. I’m your friend, and just want to make sure you are developing properly.” She was crying openly now, and I moved to kneel next to her chair, and draw her into a hug against my chest.
“It’s OK Amy, if we can figure out a way to resolve my concern, maybe we won’t need to tell your parents. I’m pretty sure you don’t even have a boyfriend though, is that right?” She sniffed, and then nodded against my chest, as she began to get herself under control. I gave her a napkin from the table, getting distracted by the feel of her right breast against my side. “ If I knew that you truly understood what your sexuality was supposed to be focused on, I would feel better about not talking to your parents about what happened”. “Do you understand Amy”? I said softly, as I gently caressed her shoulder and back with my left arm. I did not want to be too obvious, and I also did not want to have to come out and command her to have sex with me, but I had to get into her tight pussy again somehow.
I felt her nod. “But what can I do Sam? I’ll do anything you say. I really do like boys, but most of the guys at school are jerks, and I don’t want to get a bad reputation with them either”.

“I’m not sure either Amy, but we need to get something figured out by tonight, since I am going out of town for a couple of days tomorrow. You give it some thought, and we’ll talk again in about an hour, OK?” We stood up, and I gave her a warm hug, thinking she could probably feel my cock against her stomach and hip. “I’m sure we can figure something out Amy!” I’m headed to take a shower, and I’ll see you soon, right? “Ok Mr., I mean Sam”. She smiled as she hugged me back, and then turned to walk back to her yard. I drank in the sight of her sexy ass, barely covered in the bikini, as she walked all the way to the back of the fence. I pushed my cock down further into my shorts, and headed in for that shower. I wanted to make sure I was ready for what I hoped would turn out for Amy into a wonderful and hot lesson in how to make love to a man. My mind was spinning making plans for everything from tasting her pussy, to getting her to taste some of Sam’s white root juice.

My shower went way to fast, as I did not want to spend any time on my cock, afraid I would get carried away. I dressed in some casual shorts, with no underwear, and a loose shirt. I downed another beer, and watched the clock, waiting impatiently for her to come back over, and hoping I would not have to go get her. Shortly before I was about to give up, I saw Amy walking from the back door of her house, headed to the back of our fence. I grabbed my third beer, and stuck my head out the back door to invite her inside. “Do you want something to drink Amy?”
She answered somewhat shyly, as she mounted the steps to the back porch “yes please, Mr., I mean Sam” She blushed a little more as she caught herself about to call me Mr. Nichols again.
“What would you like? I have water, although you know how bad it tastes, or milk, or you could have one of these” I held out my beer jokingly. “Yes please Sam” she said.
Having offered her a beer, even though I had been joking with her, I was not sure what to do at first. “Are you sure Amy? Not everyone likes these”
“My dad lets me try his sometimes, and I like them now. Plus they are a lot better than the water!” she joked. I offered her the one I had just opened, then got another out of the fridge.
I watched her take a hesitant sip, the dew on the sides of the bottle just touching her full lips. Part of me was thinking that this might lower those inhibitions enough to make my plans work out even easier. After that first sip, she smiled approvingly, then took a much longer swallow. I watched her throat as she swallowed, admiring the smooth tan skin, and the slender curve of it, with her head tilted back. I had a sudden vision of standing above her, as she tilted her head back and engulfed my cock. I felt my shorts suddenly get much tighter, as she put down the beer on the table between us. I tossed back a quick swallow of beer myself, to hide my sudden preoccupation with staring at her neck.
I cleared my throat, and then said, “Well Amy, have you been thinking about how I can be assured that you are developing properly? Namely that the encounter last week with your dog is not a continuation of the wrong sort of experimentation?” She blushed and looked down at her knees suddenly, obviously remembering the situation she thought I had caught her in.
“A good relationship with a caring, and thoughtful man should be much better than what you were doing with the dog.” She blushed even deeper, the color making it’s way down past the edge of her bathing suit. “So do you think about boys? Are there any that you like? Any that make you feel different somehow, kind of excited?” I asked these leading questions, trying to open her up some more, and get her more comfortable with me. She was recovering from her embarrassment some, and the blush was fading, but she was still looking down at her knees, leaving my eyes free to watch the blush climb back up from her breasts to her neck, then fade away.
She nodded, then said “Yes of course, but most of the guys like the cheerleaders with huge boobs, or the girls that act dumb all the time”.
“Amy, I can’t think any of the cheerleaders at your school could possibly be any more beautiful that you! Plus, a lot of guys like a girl like you that is smart too, it can just be intimidating for some of them.”
Her head came up, with a little smile. “You think I’m beautiful?”
“Are you kidding Amy? You have developed into one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty!”
Her blush returned somewhat, but after a brief glance downward, she looked at me more directly, and said “Thank you Sam, that makes me feel nice!” Her smile showed off some of her perfectly white teeth, and I could almost see her confidence grow.

She picked up the beer, and took another long swallow, which allowed the condensing moisture on the bottle to gather on the underside, and then drip down right in-between her breasts. She jumped a little from the cold, and I watched as her nipples suddenly showed through her bikini top, rising in response to that one drip.
I obviously looked too long, for she followed my gaze, and said suddenly with a hint of a smile “Mr. Nichols, are you staring at my breasts?” I tore my gaze back up to her face, and found myself blushing a little bit as the tables were turned. She said “Well, I guess maybe you do think I’m beautiful!” as her smile got bigger.
I coughed a little, self-consciously, then said “Sorry about that Amy, but, well,” and I gestured at her nipples, still clearly visible poking almost through the yellow and white fabric of her bikini top. She glanced down, saw that her nipples were showing, and blushed a little, but then smiled and said “well, they do that sometimes”.
“Indeed, I’ve actually experienced that before” I said with a smile.

Clearing my throat, and trying to get the conversation back onto my chosen path, I said “Well, I think we got off topic a little bit there”.
“I thought that was the same topic?” she replied immediately. We both smiled, and I could tell she was much more relaxed now.
“I was trying to see how I can be sure you have the proper and healthy desires as a young woman. You said you liked some boys at school, right”
She shook her head, “No, I don’t actually like any of the boys at school” with a slight emphasis, on ‘boys, and ‘school’.
“Ok, so who do you like?” I asked with a slightly puzzled look on my face. She looked up at me and blushed, then looked away, and then back at my face. It took me a couple of seconds to catch on, then I said softly, “It’s OK Amy, you can tell me”.
She took a deep breath, obviously gathered her courage, and then said “you”.

I smiled gently, and then decided to use some reverse psychology. “But Amy, I’m too old for you!”
“No you’re not! She rapidly defended me” “I’ve seen you working out, and you look great!” She quickly realized she had said more than she intended, and blushed again, but kept her eyes on my face.
“Well thank you Amy, I’m flattered, but aren’t you kind of young?”
She replied again without thinking “Heck no, I’m probably the last virgin in my class!” The blush that came this time was much deeper, and I wondered if she blushed because she thought she lost her virginity to a dog, or because she admitted she was a virgin to me.
“I am still a little bit concerned that your ‘experiences’ are not what is good for you though.” I was trying to get the conversation back on the right track. As she took another gulp of beer, I noticed it was almost empty. “How can we make sure that you know how good the right kind of attention is? You know, with a man?”
I was afraid I was being too obvious, but she replied almost immediately “Could… could you show me Sam?”
My dick was almost jumping up and down with joy, as I answered reluctantly, “Amy, you are very beautiful, and, well, I’m just not sure that would be right….” I trailed off.
“Please Sam!” she almost begged, “I want you to show me how it is supposed to feel!”
“But Amy, I mean, what about your parents?”
“They won’t be home until almost 9:00 tonight!” she quickly replied. I glanced at the clock in the kitchen, seeing that it read 4:42.
“Are you sure Amy, I mean…?”
“Yes!” she said quickly, trying to press her case, before I came to my senses. Little did she know, I was at least as eager for this as she was.
“Well… Nobody can know about this, you understand! It would not be good for your reputation, nor mine, right?”
“Oh don’t worry Sam, I would never tell a soul!” She said with such conviction and trust on her face, that I almost felt bad about the fucking I was about to give this girl.
After I sat in my chair for a couple of seconds, apparently deliberating about this, she reached out and curled her fingers around mine and said “please?” In a soft voice that pulled at my heart, and my cock, at the same time.
“OK” I said finally, squeezing her fingers in my hand, but we need to do this right, it needs to be a full experience for you.”
“Oh Thank you!” she jumped up out of her chair, and leaned over to hug me, pressing her breasts against my shoulder and arm. I wrapped both my arms around her, and picked her up, and cradled her in my arms, feeling her warm and soft skin against my stomach, where my shirt had slid up.
“I think I should take you to my room then.” I said as I leaned my head down to kiss her soft lips. She gave way beneath me for a second, then pulled her arms harder around my neck, pulling her mouth firmly onto mine, letting her mouth open and her tongue start to slide against my teeth and lips. I let my tongue slip into her mouth, and we tongue wrestled for several minutes, getting more and more passionate with every second, until my cock was about to rip out of my shorts. I broke the kiss with some reluctance, as I started to carry her down the hall to my bedroom.
Glancing back and forth from my destination, to her eyes, I could see adoration and passion both shining out of her. Turning sideways to get through the door, the motion of walking with my cock so stiff finally had pulled the leg of my shorts up until it was sticking almost straight out of my left shorts leg. As I gently lowered her onto my bed, and stood up, her eyes were drawn to where my cock was pointing directly at her. She gasped, and her eyes widened in shock, at what I thought was probably her first glimpse of a man’s cock. Her hand moved of it’s own accord, slowly towards my shorts to touch the head of my cock lightly with her fingers. It was my turn to drawn in a sharp breath, as contact with her fingers made my cock jump, and a bolt of pleasure shot through me. Seeing her obvious inexperience, I decided a little more direction was in order.
“Amy.” She glanced up at my face, and then back down at my cock. “It’s ok, touch it all you want!” Given permission, her hand went with more confidence to grasp my cock, sliding her hand down my shorts leg to grasp the shaft firmly. “mmm”
I groaned a little bit, and she stopped immediately, saying “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”
I laughed softly, not wanting to embarrass her, and said “Not at all, that felt good!” She smiled, and with a more confident look on her face, grabbed me again, this time with both hands, shifting her body on the bed to do so. “Go ahead, take off my shorts” I instructed her. She moved her hands to the waistband of my shorts, and tried to pull them down, but with my cock sticking out so straight, she could not get them down.
“What you need to do, is hold onto my shorts on both sides, and then move my cock until it points down some. Then you can pull my shorts off.” She obediently grasped my shorts with both hands, and then did not see how she could move my cock with her hands occupied.
“Use your mouth Amy.” I said softly. She looked puzzled just for an instant, and then blushed, but moved her lips closer to the tip of my cock. Putting her lips right on the head, she slowly pushed down with her head, as she drew my shorts down my legs. As soon as my shorts were halfway to my knees, my cock slipped out of the confines of the waistband, and slapped straight up, hitting her in the nose and mouth. She jumped back with a cry of surprise, and we both laughed, as she rubbed at her nose.
I slipped the shorts off, then my shirt, and said “now it’s your turn Amy!” I leaned forward, easing her back onto my bed as I kissed her gently on the mouth, moving my lips slowly from hers, down to her throat, and to the tops of her breasts. As I eased down beside her on the bed, I kissed her nipples through her bikini top, making them pop up firmly on both sides. I ran the palm of my hand down the side of her face, through her hair, and down her neck, to cup her right breast. My thumb rubbed over the fabric covering her distended nipple, and she breathed out suddenly. I grabbed the top of her bikini with my teeth and hand, and pulled it down firmly, until both of her breasts were exposed, the tight bikini caught on the underside of her breasts, making them even more firm and up-thrust than they were normally. Reaching up to her neck, I grabbed the white string, and untied it, letting it slip down, and then moved my hand down her neck, and over her breast. I cupped it firmly, and then mostly released it, letting the nipple rub around in my palm. Amy gasped as I did that, and then gasped louder, as my mouth found her other nipple, sucking at it, swirling my tongue around the tip. Her chest moved out, as she tried to shove more of her tit into my mouth. I bit down gently and she moaned in surprise. “Oh god that feels fantastic!”
“Yes you do!” I agreed. I switched my mouth from her left nipple to the right, letting the fingers of my left hand rub and pull at her spit-slick nipple as I tongued her other. She was breathing hard, and had both hands pulled against my neck and shoulders. I stopped sucking on her to look at her face, her mouth open, panting, and her eyes shut. She opened her eyes, grabbed my head and pulled me up to a kiss, more full of passion than any I could remember. Our teeth bumped together slightly as our tongues slid back and forth. Her arms were gripping my head tightly, then running down my shoulders and back, as if she could not decide what to do with them
I raised my body up, taking a short break, both of us panting heavily now, and said “Wow Amy, you are amazing!”
She smiled, and said “Don’t stop now!”
“Oh I won’t, don’t worry, I grinned, as I slid my body lower, kissing her sternum, lower, kissing her belly button, and finally sliding low enough to plant a kiss on her bikini bottoms, right where her legs came together. I looked up to see her eyes wide, in anticipation, or apprehension, I was not sure. “You kissed mine, it is only fair that I kiss yours, right Amy” I asked with a grin. She did not answer, but her eyes were wide as I started to kiss around her thighs, her belly, and right on her pussy through her bottoms, and her breathing began to get a little ragged. Still kissing around that area, I slid my right hand down the outside of her left thigh, past her knee, and slowly up the inside of her thigh, pushing her legs further apart as it moved up. My thumb brushed just past her leg opening in her bottoms, and she gasped again, as I rubbed just past her pussy lips, up to the top of the bikini. Grabbing the top edge with both hands now, I continued to kiss the whole area, as I slid them downwards. She raised he hips off the bed momentarily, to allow them to slip past that round ass I had admired so much recently.
Her pubic area came into view slowly, as she panted and watched as I exposed her to my lips. She had very close trimmed dark hair just above her pussy, and apparently closely shaved below as I slid the bikini further down, and her thighs came together. I raised her legs, straight up, and took the bikini bottoms past her feet, holding onto her legs. I looked down at the back of her thighs, where they came together, to see the folds of her pussy peeking out, plump and full, with some obvious moisture right at the lips. Holding her legs together, I kissed my way down, from her ankles, to the back of her knees, down her thighs, toward her wonderfully round ass. Placing a kiss on each butt cheek, I then kissed directly between her legs, where the lips protruded slightly past her legs.
A squeal, then a gasped “Oh my god!” urged me to continue. I kissed her a few more times on her thighs, directly on her pussy, and back to her thighs. Then, as she was panting so much, almost hyperventilating, I stuck out my tongue, placing the tip right at her opening, shoving it in slowly as far as I could. Her breathing stopped, with her muscles almost all clenched. When I slowly ran my tongue straight up her slit to her clit, she screamed out, so loud it startled me, as her hips jerked and shook so much I almost could not keep my tongue on her. She came harder than I had ever seen anyone come, her pussy juice coating my lips and chin. She screamed each time my tongue came back up her slit to her clit, until she finally fell almost limp, and her legs relaxed and fell to either side of me. I gazed up from between her legs, seeing her breasts coated with sweat, chest raising and falling rapidly, as she recovered from what had to be the mother of all orgasms.
“Wow, did you enjoy that Amy?” I asked with a grin.
She waved her hand at me weakly, “That was amazing” she panted out, “I’ve never felt anything like that before!”
“I must admit, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone come that hard before” I said, and then playfully ran my tongue over her clitoris again.
Her knees jerked up, as she yelped out “Oh my god, you make me feel so good!”

“You’re supposed to like this you know Amy!” I said, as she levered herself up onto her elbows to look at me. “Maybe it is your turn to make me feel good, Hmmm?” I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.
“Of course Sam, what do you want me to do?”
“Well beautiful lady, come and kiss me, and taste how delicious you are!” I moved further onto the bed, she turned toward me and locked her lips to mine. With both of our mouths now slippery from her pussy, I showed some of the growing lust I felt, by kissing her back harder than ever.
I broke the kiss, rolled onto my back, and pulled her on top of me. As she fell onto me, my cock was caught between her stomach and mine. She rolled onto her side and looked down as my cock sprang up between us. “Looks like someone wants some attention!” She commented as she moved her hand down to lightly grasp me with her left hand.
“So have you ever kissed a cock before me Amy?” She shook her head no, as she ran her thumb back and forth across the head of my cock. “Well, would you like a quick lesson?” I asked as I caressed her back.
“What do you want me to do Sam?”
“Well, touching it with your hands feels nice already, but your mouth would feel a lot better. Treat it like a warm Popsicle, kiss around the head , lick it if you like, just no biting!” I joked as she moved her head closer to my groin. She was silent as she studied my cock for a couple of seconds, as she held it in her left hand. She stroked her hand from the top, all the way down to the base, causing me to twitch involuntarily. She smiled as she repeated the motion, making me tense again, and causing some pre-cum to start to leak from the head. She tentatively touched her index finger to the clear liquid starting to run down the head of my cock, and rubbed it around a little, feeling how slippery it was. She then surprised me by putting the finger to her tongue to taste it. “It doesn’t taste like much”! she said in surprise. “I heard it was gross!”

“Who told you that Amy?”
“Well, one of my friends that is trying out for cheerleading with me said her boyfriend makes her do this all the time.”

“Well, maybe that is the problem” I said, as I gently brushed her hair with my hand. “It should not be forced, you should do it because you like to, and because it makes your boyfriend feel really good, like I made you feel”.
“Does that mean you are my boyfriend now?” she said with a grin.
I laughed a bit, and said “Well, it kinda seems like that at the moment, doesn’t it?” She laughed too, then turned her attention back to my cock, still twitching occasionally in her hand. She abruptly leaned forward, and stuck her tongue out, and licked strongly from the base of my cock where she held it, all the way to the tip.
As I leaned forward, and groaned, she said with a look of concern on her face, “Was that alright?”
“Baby, that was more than alright, you can do a lot more of that!!” Her look of confidence returned, as she started licking my cock like an all day sucker, or like an ice cream cone she was afraid would melt in the sun. After about a minute of groaning and twitching on the couch, I said “Can you see how much you can fit into your mouth?” “OK” she said, “This is fun!”

I groaned louder this time, and reached out with both hands to hold onto her head, as she slid her mouth much further down my cock than I expected. She moved her hand, and leaned forward letting my cock brush her tonsils. I was quite surprised that she did not gag, as most women who have had my cock that far in their mouths have. “How was that?” she asked proudly as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled at the obvious expression of pleasure on my face. “Keep that up Amy, and you will make me feel as good as I did you a few minutes ago!” I said with a big smile on my face. “OK” she said, as she dove back onto my cock, with all the enthusiasm of head cheerleader. I was holding onto her head more strongly now, as she bobbed up and down on my cock, letting it go all the way out, and then diving down until it hit the back of her throat. I knew I was getting really close, and with all the foreplay and anticipation, I was going to come really big, really soon. “Amy, hang on a second” I said, and she stopped sucking me, and said
“What’s wrong?” with a concerned look on her face.
“Nothing Amy, I was just wondering… Most girls have what is called a gag reflex, so if something gets to the back of their throat, it makes them gag, unless they swallow it. I was wondering if you could try to swallow when my cock is in your mouth, and if it could go in even further?”

“OK, I’ll try it” she said, “It doesn’t bother me when it hits the back of my mouth so far”. She leaned forward again, pulling my cock into her mouth, but this time, when she got it to the back of her throat, she paused, and then swallowed. I could feel the muscles in her throat ripple, and then she suddenly moved about an inch further down my cock. She pulled back suddenly, and coughed a little, then said “It feels a little funny, but I can do it!”.
I was amazed, and decided I was going to come down her throat, instead of in her pussy as I was thinking of. “OK then, you keep doing what you were doing, and move your tongue around on my cock when it is in your mouth. When I tell you I am going to come, swallow my cock, and I will definitely feel as good as you did when you came, OK?” She nodded, and then leaned forward to engulf my cock in her hot mouth again. Just the sight of her kneeling at my feet, sucking on my cock with such abandon, made my balls start to tighten up. She suddenly remembered to move her tongue, and started sliding it from side to side as she bobbed up and down. I groaned louder, and held her hair tighter in my hands.
“Oh God Amy, you are making me cum!” I said loudly, as the feeling of semen rushing up my cock started. She moved forward more, and swallowed, making my cock move an inch down her throat. As the fireworks started blasting in my brain, and cum started shooting down my cock, I pulled her head toward me, sliding the last 2 inches of my cock into her throat and feeling her nose press against my skin. As I looked down, seeing her head thrust all the way against my belly, and my cock down her throat, I came even harder, groaning loudly, with each eruption from my cock. Five, then six strong jets of cum, and then with a last shudder I felt her pull back, letting my cock come out of her throat, and the last little spurt of come, filled the back of her mouth.
I collapsed back onto the couch, and she let my cock free of her warm mouth. I saw her taste the last of my cum, then she swallowed, and I knew it had joined the rest of the semen in her belly. “Did I do it good?” she asked, and I grinned weakly, saying
“No Amy, you did GREAT!”.
“Good” she said, “I wanted to make you feel as good as you made me feel!” I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.
“You definitely did Amy! As a matter of fact, that was on of the best blow jobs I have EVER gotten.”
“Really?” She said, a big smile lighting up her face.
“Really!” I replied, smiling back.
“I tasted you at the end, and it was a little different than it tasted at the first, but it wasn’t bad at all!”
“I’m happy to hear you say that! You can do that anytime you want!” I said with a big grin. “I was wondering, did you feel excited, when you were sucking me, making me come?”
She blushed just a little, and said, “Yes, I was thinking maybe you could kiss me again when you were done.” “Of course Amy!” I said as I reached down, grabbed her under her arms and pulled her into my lap. I then pulled her face close to mine, and started kissing her passionately, feeling her tongue rub mine as I pulled her naked body tight to me. As we kissed longer, I could feel my cock start to stiffen slightly, even though I had come only a few minutes before. I rubbed her breast with my palm, letting her nipples graze across my fingers, loving the renewed passion as she responded to my caress. I turned her to the side, then let her drop down onto the couch, moving my mouth back to her breasts. I sucked one hard, as I fondled the other breast with my right hand. As I slid my left hand down her belly to her pussy, she gasped out “Yes!” just as my fingers crossed the top of her slit, and slid between her slippery, increasingly wet lips.

I slid my body down, and attacked her pussy with my mouth, sliding my tongue between the lips, and up across her clit. Her muscles tensed again and again, each time I licked straight up between them, tasting how wet she was. Even though I knew she was close, the sudden squeal took me by surprise, as her hips lifted off the couch, pushing my face further into her pussy. I kept licking, drawing out her orgasm for fifteen or twenty seconds, and her juices leaking down her legs, onto her buttocks, and the couch. Suddenly, I knew I could wait not longer, as I straightened up, lifted onto one leg, and lined up my cock with her dripping slit. As I gazed down at her panting body, I saw the flush of her orgasm from just below her breasts, to her cheeks, and I paused making sure I had a mental picture of this moment. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, and a little sweat was on her forehead from the exertions. Waiting no more, I leaned my body forward, and dragged the head of my hard cock through her lips, wetting it in the sweet juices still spilling from them. I then allowed my weight to fall forward, and I plunged my cock all the way into her slippery, hot, and tight cunt in one stroke.
Watching her face as I fell forward, I saw her eyes open in shock, as my cock bottomed out deep inside her. “OH MY GOD” she said after she drew in a breath, “that feels so big!” I let her become accustomed to it for a second, then leaned forward more, and kissed her full mouth hungrily with mine, and started pumping in and out of her tight sheath. She returned my kiss for a few seconds, before she started panting in time with my strokes.
I wasted no time in pumping her strongly, deep hard strokes. “Uhh, Uhh Uhh” with every stroke of my cock, that sound came out of her mouth. Her eyes almost glazing over as I fucked her hard, getting closer to coming myself. I moved my mouth to her neck, and nibbled there and up to her ear, as I pumped deeply into her. Licking her earlobe seemed to flip a switch, and suddenly her legs curled up tightly over my hips, and her hands reached down to grab my ass, pulling me insistently deeper into her. Letting out a high pitched groan, she suddenly stiffened under me in an obvious orgasm. The feel of her pussy spasming around my cock pushed me over the edge, and I reached down beside her with my right hand to grasp her ass cheek hard as my cum started to shoot deeply into her tight pussy. My own groans of pleasure matched hers, as our orgasms trailed off together.
I supported my weight on my arms, looking down at her sweaty glistening body, both of us panting from that sprint to orgasm.
“Oh my God Sam, thank you, that was amazing!” she said.
I suddenly burst out laughing, saying “ You never have to thank me for that Darling! It was definitely my pleasure!

Part 3 to follow if you like.

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2016-08-12 20:25:14
P3 please
Positive rating


2016-04-19 01:12:08
The first part of this one was cheesy, but got really great!! It does bother me that birth control was never mentioned. A grown man should know better. But the
others, please, we want part 3!!!! Thank you!!

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2016-01-26 05:43:55
He won't make part 3 because it's been years

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2016-01-26 05:43:54
He won't make part 3 because it's been years

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2015-11-14 11:30:03
Maybe she went back to dogs and it's too embarrassing to write about. But he must understand that a teenager can't be ignored and be left lying about in bikinis and to their own devises and to that of canines who are probably driven sex-starved behind fences. It's got absolutely nothing to do with the size of his cock. Oh my poodle, can it be a ploy for people not to 'fix' their male dogs so that their kids wouldn't have to go look for sex else-where and fall pregnant? Well, I'll never contemplate a family dog in the same way as before. A golden retriever, you say?
Missing you already.

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