Izzy and Mitch clarify their feelings
"Really, I can't reassure you more. Mitch won't get me pregnant, even if we are having sex, I'm on birth control pills due to the intensity of my periods. Once, when I was 14, I lost so much blood during one of my periods that they needed to give me three pints of blood.", Izzy continued.

"I'm not really saying that I forbid you from having sex, I know how impossible that would be. Mitch's father and I are high school sweethearts.", Mom looked at Dad and smiled. "I'm just asking you to be careful so as not to create any unwanted problems.", mom tried rewording her case.

Mom continued, "Let me just tell you that I have never seen Mitch so both happy and confused at the same time before. I'm just trying to prevent something from getting out of hand and someone getting hurt, particularly my son."

"Mrs. Nielsen, I can say that I have never met anyone who I've felt so close to. I feel like I've known Mitch all my life when it has only been four days. I'd like to think that years from now we'd both look back and still feel it has only been four days.", Izzy looks at me, squeezes my hand, and smiles.

Dad interrupted, "Well, now it seems all the cards are on the table, and we know where we stand. Izzy, it is wonderful to meet you, and I hope that we can get together sometime where you can meet Mitch's sisters. Maybe we could have a barbecue some night."

"I'd really like that, Mr. Nielsen. Maybe we could do a Labor Day thing, and get our two families together. I think my grandmother would enjoy meeting everyone very much."

Given the late hour, almost one, we all get up from the table, Izzy saying goodnight, and we walk to the door. I walked Izzy back out to her car, holding her hand. As we get to the door of her car, she spins quickly towards me, and our hands go to each others side. Surprisingly she says, "Mitch, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. This past month has been trying for me, and you've been my bright light at the end of my tunnel...", and she kisses me tenderly. I just melt in her arms. I wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me.

Breaking our kiss, we look into each others eyes. "So, I pick you up at seven, buy you dinner, then you meet the Coach and the rest of the team. Sound like a plan?"

"Sounds like a great plan. God, Izzy...", pausing to collect my thoughts, "mom was right, I don't think I've ever been so happy or confused... and I don't mean to sound like I'm blaming you... but you are the reason." I pull her to me and kiss her lips. I also notice how sweet she tastes in my mouth, our tongues twisting together. I know completely that I must never do anything to lose Izzy.

Knowing that I have to release her if she is to ever get home, I reluctantly let her go.

"I'll be dreaming of you both before and after I go to sleep.", she makes me blush and smile.

"Me, too!"

"You'd better, or you'll be in deep shit!", she said playfully with a serious look on her face.

She gets in and drives off into the darkness, and I head upstairs to dream.

Passing by my parents room, their door was slightly open, and I hear them talking. "Yes, Ron, I know, she's in love with my son. I just don't want Mitch hurt.", mom said.

"Give Mitch a chance, he, I think at least anyway, knows what he wants. He's got a good head for thinking before he leaps. They seem pretty good together. A little like us, only different." Did I just hear dad compare my relationship with Izzy to his and mom's? I can only wonder how they're different and how they are the same.

Waking up alone in my bed, my first thought is of Izzy, and I hug my pillow as a poor substitute. It's about 7am, the sun is well above the horizon, it's light shining through the tree just out my bedroom window and dancing on my wall.

Everyone else is still asleep, so I decide to plan breakfast. I shred up some potato into some water with some salt, dice some vegetables and ham, thaw out 10 sausage links, get out 10 slices of whole wheat bread, and crack 15 eggs, three eggs each into five small bowls, adding a little heavy cream, salt and pepper. I toss the sausages in the oven on a cookie sheet, and decide to cook everything else on the griddle. I drain the potatos and get them on the griddle with some oil and add some diced onion and a little more salt and pepper. I also get the coffee on and make some orange juice.

Mom comes in, "Good morning, Mitch. What's for breakfast?"

"Hi, mom. I'm making denver omelets with hash browns, sausage, OJ, toast, and coffee. Hope you're hungry."

"Well, son, seems you got things well under control. How soon will it be ready? Should I wake everyone now?"

"I got everything cooking that requires time, that should be ready in about 15 minutes. So after that I can make each omelet as everyone gets up."

Mom walks over standing at my side, puts her hand around the opposite side, and kisses my cheek. "Have I told you how much I appreciate all your help with cooking? Today, I promise you won't have to do any of the clean up."

"Thanks, mom. I don't mind cooking, it's kind of relaxing."

"I don't think you would think so working in a restaurant, that can get quite hectic. I know from waiting tables in high school and college."

"I was actually thinking of trying to find a part-time job in a small diner here in town. I want to save some money for a car. But I will have to see what the football schedule is like."

Dad walks in, sinching up his robe. "Hey, buddy, what's with waking me up so early on my day off by making such a powerful stench?", as he pours a cup of coffee."

"Well, old man, that coffee's for the paying customers only."

"Hey, just so we're fuckin' clear here, young man," dad says with a mock New York accent, "I own dis fuckin' restaurant, and I can fires your dumb fuckin' ass whenever I fuckin' wants. Kapiche? Just be fuckin' thankful I'm in such a good fuckin' mood, and I'm fuckin' hungry. So, what choo's fuckin' makin'?", his hands gesturing right along.

"Denver fuckin' omelettes, hash fuckin' browns, and sausage fuckin' links. Is dat OK witch choo's?", we laugh.

"You both have watched way too much", mom adding in her best Mafia-esse, "fuckin' Soprano's.".

"Hey, how about a cup of joe for the chef?"

Mom fills a cup and hands it to me. "Thanks."

"Hey, you guys do realize it's Saturday morning?", Julia says rubbing her eye, dressed in her skimpy PJ's. "Some of us need our beauty sleep."

"Well den, choo's need to sleep all fuckin' weekend, now won't choo's.", I shot back in my best Mafia voice.

"Mitch, choo shouldn't be so fuckin' hard on Julia, it's not her fuckin' fault dat she's da fugly duck in dis fuckin' family."

"Ha ha, very funny dad.", as she backhands his shoulder.

"Well, hey, I need everyone to vacate my kitchen so I can finish your breakfast."

"What's going on? Why's everyone up so early", Becky walks in in her robe and slippers, as everyone was about to leave.

"We're all leaving the master chef to finish with our breakfast.", Mom says as she corrals everyone out.

"Hey Becks, if you wanna help, I could use a hand.", I say before she turns to leave. I mostly asked her cause I wanted to hear about her auditions at the high school.

"Sure, what do you need me to do?" I ask her to get out the plates, so I can start dishing everything up, then fill the glasses with OJ, and finally make the toast.

"So, I haven't seen you all week. How were your auditions?", I asked.

"Fine, they told me that they want me in both the Concert Band and Orchestra. They weren't sure if I should be section leader in band, mostly due to my age. But I told them that I could handle it. They're going to give me their decision before school starts. They also asked me if I wanted to start learning both flute and saxophone. When they told me there were some extra instruments I could use, I told them not only yes, but 'Hell yeah'. I pick them up next week."

"Wow, Becks, that awesome. I'm happy for you."

"Plus...", she seemed to hesitate a bit.

"Plus what?"

"There's a cute guy, Jon, he asked me if I wanted to play in a small ensemble he's trying to start. He also kind of asked me out, too, for a burger this afternoon. Mind if I borrow your bike today?"

"Hell yeah, you can use it. What's he play?"

"French Horn. He's trying to start a woodwind quintet, he's already got the flute, oboe, and bassoon covered. He just needed a clarinet. He said that he didn't really like any of the other players at the school, and he heard me practicing and said he liked what he heard."

"You're going to be busy this year."

"Yeah, between clarinet, piano lessons, band and orchestra, the ensemble, plus the flute and sax, huh... and then there's school work... do you think I should cancel my date with Jon? I mean, I won't have time for a boyfriend, too.", laughing as she walks out to set the table.

Thinking of how Becky appears to have her shit together, at least more than Julia and I do, I can't help wonder what sort of life she will have as an adult.

We all sit and talk during breakfast. Mom tells us of her new job, it seems her new boss is only three years older than I am. I thought to myself that I would have a hard time working for someone younger, but this girl is young enough to be my older sister, mom's eldest daughter.

Everyone thanked me for breakfast, and mom told Julia and Becky to do the dishes. Julia grimaced at the thought, but Becks reacted the very opposite and jumped right in. I didn't have much to do until tonight with Izzy, so I decided to go for a morning bike ride before Becky needed my bike, and then watch a baseball game on TV with dad.

It was getting close to six, and Izzy said she would be here at seven. So, it was time for a shower. It was now about 6:40, and Izzy called to say she was on her way. "I'm ready when you get here, see you in 20... bye." I finished shaving and got dressed, then headed down to say goodnight to mom and dad.

Dad said, "Now, remember what we talked about last night. And as far as alcohol, I don't think a few beers would hurt, just don't get stupid drunk. Save that for college where we won't have to deal with it. And be sure to thank the Jones' for letting you stay the night." Dad was always kind of leanient with rules, he just didn't want us blindly breaking them.

"Sure dad. Not a problem. And thanks for last night.", and with that I was out the door. Izzy was just pulling into the drive as I closed the door.

I open the passenger door, and climb in. "Hi!", says Izzy. I just lean over, take her right hand in my left, cup her left cheek with my right hand, and just kiss her. Closed lips at first, followed by slowly wrapping my lips around hers, then with soft touches of my tongue to hers. Everything about her is sweet, her breath, her fragrance, her taste, her lips, tongue, and kiss.

"I had a dream about a goddess last night... and she is wickedly beautiful.", I whispered in her ear.

"Yeah? What's her name?", she says sarcastically, while starting the car. "And here I thought I was the center of your universe. But now I find I'm yesterday's news, and today's fish wrappers.", said with a impish grin.

"You know, that's why I love you. You're not stuck on yourself.", saying the 'L' word sent shivers down my spine, mostly because for the first time in my life I said it to someone outside my family, and meant it. And I put my hand on her thigh and squeezed, as she backs out of the drive. I also love the smile she is giving me at this moment.

"So, Mediterranean or Indian? There's 'Syrian Kabob' or 'Punjabi Kitchen'.", she said while turning left onto Harbor Road.

"Which one's closest? I don't want to waste our time together riding in a car.", looking at her as I said the words.

"Ah, isn't that sweet, but they're both the same distance. Now choose, before I have to smack you.", holding her backhand at bay, but smiling.

"OK, Indian! there, you happy.", sticking my tongue out at her.

"You know, I will rip that thing right out of your mouth, and forcefeed it back to you.", saying from behind her smile and fist.

"Wow, someone have a shitty day, or what?", laughing at her.

"Nope, just playin' with my boyfriend.", in sing-song fashion, smiling sweetly, both hands thankfully occupied on the wheel.

"Does that mean you're my girlfriend?", I poked back.

"Only on Tuesday's and Thursday's, I'm still looking to fill my dance card for the other nights."

"Oh, OK... I'll refrain from holding your hand tonight."

"I can make an exception just for tonight, but don't expect this to happen that much. A girl does have to circulate to find the best possible mate."

"So... does this mean we're in an open relationship?", I retort.

"Hell no! I am, but you aren't, and if I even catch you so much as...", she busts out, unable to maintain her faux facade.

"In all honesty, Mitch, now that I've found you, I don't want to be without you. I've dreamt about you every night this week. But I will tell you that my definition for monogamy might be a little different than most... than your's", she stops.

"Different how?", I inquire.

"You know that I grew up with two families. My father passed away when I was eight, and my mother passed a month ago."

"Oh my god, Izzy, I'm so sorry."

"It did hit pretty hard." She continued, "Before my dad passed, I remember my parents having other couples over, and there were times I remember them staying the night. I don't think my parents were trying to hide anything, but at the same time, they weren't having sex right in front of me. Once my dad died, these couples would still come over, but less often, and stay with my mother.", she said in innocent tones. She pulls into a parking lot, we've obviously reached the restaurant.

She finds a parking spot, turns off the motor and continues. "So, then... you mentioned that Elaine and the Coach are like second parents. Is that because they were one of the couples your parents had over?", I ask.

"Yes. I would also spend the night with them in their home when my mother and grandmother were out of town on business. And no... no one ever tried to coerce me into sex. It was actually the other way around. But it only happened once.", she admitted. "Twice, if you include Jimmy."

"Huh? I'm not following you."

"Let me start again.", looking down at her hands for a moment, then back up in my eyes. "I gave my virginity away when I was 16, Jimmy was the son of one of my moms friends, he was 24. I also figured because he grew up in a similar situation as I did, that he didn't just treat sex as something disposable. I actually seduced him, but he was very much a willing man. I wasn't going to be labeled a slut around school because of him, and he wouldn't get busted for sleeping with someone underage. He really did care about how I felt. About me. My few experiences with sex with another person have been very positive, as well as, the... uh, you know... the masturbation thing, too. So, as you know, I like sex, but I do believe in monogamy. And while I cared about Jimmy, I could never think of him as a boyfriend.", she stopped to take my hand, "But I do get those feelings with you." She smiled widely.

"When my mother died, I got really depressed. I couldn't quite figure out the rhyme or reason for something that didn't really have any. She was only 55. The second night after her funeral I was at Elaine's. That night...", in a much softer voice, "that night Elaine and John made love with me because as I told them, I needed something to take my mind off things, I needed to know that someone cared about me, and I wanted to care about someone. I told them I wanted sex, but more I wanted physical contact, pleasure, and release.", I listened as Izzy shared with me her soul. "After that night, I have been able to sleep much better, but...", with a huge smile, "not as well as these past four nights." She pulls me in for a long, slow kiss.

"So, you wondering what this all has to do with us, right?", she said after a deep breath.

"I guess, I mean...", I stammer out.

"Also that night, Elaine kind of explained to me that each open relationship has a different set of rules which are agreed upon by both partners. Some might allow either partner to sleep with anyone they choose, whenever they choose. While others might have a rule that only allows the inclusion of another person or couple or whatever. This rule was how my parents lived, and it is how Elaine and John live.", this brought back something that Elaine said about bringing home "figures", I guess the Coach would go out and pick up a woman to take home to Elaine. Wrapping my mind around this will take much more than the 5 days that I have known Izzy and Elaine.

"So, getting back to my definition of monogamy. I'm sure up until this week, your definition didn't include anyone other than the married or committed partners. I guess I'm asking if you might consider including other people when we make love. I'm not saying I want to randomly include a stranger, like John does with Elaine, but I do still feel very close to them both, and I... would... might consider being... with them. All of us... together." Watching my eyes closely for some reaction.

I have absolutely no answer, my brain is awash in the chaos of the subject, and the moment. "I can't give you an answer. I think this is why mom picked up on my confusion, she may not know the specifics, but she did pick up on the confusion part."

Izzy leans over and gives me the softest, sweetest, kiss. Putting my hand behind her head, I pull her in closer. I don't know how long it was but we explored each others lips, mouth, and tongues for a good amount of time. Breaking the kiss, Izzy whispers, "Let's go eat, we can talk about other things, and just be together. But... I do want you to know, that no matter your answer, I just want to be with you, Mitch. I love you.", and she kisses me once more.

During dinner, which was actually a really good Indian buffet, we talked about the upcoming year, and we found out one interesting point. Izzy is a senior and I'm a junior. She seems to like to taunt me for being younger, but hey, the things we put up with for love. Could be worse.

We finished a good meal, and Izzy picked up the tab. As we walk out the door, Izzy points across the street, "What do you see?" I look over to see 'Syrian Kabob' in bright neon. We both laugh.

Getting to the car, "What you say about getting some beers for the party?", she asked as she climbed in the car.

"You are the older and wiser one, I'll leave that up to you.", winking to her as I get in. "Oh, and thank you for dinner, it was wonderful."

"You are so very welcome, and yes, I think we need some beers.", and off we were.

As we left the liquor store, I followed Izzy to her side of the car. We opened the backdoor and deposited the beer there. Once she closed the door, I took her in my arms and kissed her. Turning her back to the car, I pushed her against it. My left hand had lifted up her shirt and I was pulling back the hem of her skirt working it's inside. That I was touching her like this in such a public place had me turned on. It didn't seem to bother Izzy much either, as both her hands were wrapped around my head, her passionate kisses far more intoxicating than any man-made liquor.

When I had my finger between her cheeks, I pulled back from our kissing, took a deep breadth, "Let's find someplace more private, I think I want give you something.", and smiled, Izzy turning the corner of her mouth at me.

"And just what is it you want to give me?", she said slowly.

"You'll just have to wait and see.", lifting my eyebrows several times, and rubbing my finger between her cheeks again.

We got in the car quickly, and Izzy had it started, and we were off within 30 seconds. "I know a place just down the road. It's a dead road that goes off into the woods." Soon we were parked on this secluded road, camouflaged by the surrounding trees.

We sat there for a few minutes just staring at each. I put my leg up on the seat, and turned to face her. I leaned into her, and she bent down to me, our lips met somewhere in the middle. Our tongues danced, as my hand began rubbing her torso, every few strokes cupping her breast. We stopped for a moment, and I caught a glimpse of a blanket in the back. I reach over to grab it.

"Here, lift your butt.", I instruct her, flexing my leg straight, moving it under her. "Now sit up for a moment.", as I fold the blanket to fill the gap between my leg and the back of the carseat. " Now sit next to me, and lean back." We ended up moving the seat back a bit so Izzy had room for her feet.

I'm now sitting sideways in the car, and Izzy's hip is resting on my cock, which is still in my jeans. I kiss her, and rest my right hand on her shoulder. She pulls me close, and my hand drops to her breast. I slowly caress her, while our tongues dance in each others mouths.

I drop my hand a bit further down and rubbing in a clockwise circle over her stomach. Each time making a circle, I progress further downward. As I touch her mound for the first time, she flinches. Gasping for breath, "God, I didn't know you were so sensitive."

"I guess you just got me on a good night.", and she returns to kissing me. I lower my hand further still, including her thighs in my travels. Her legs fall to the sides. I run my hand over her mound, and firmly hold her. Her hips seemingly push upward into my hand, and she releases a sigh. I make small circular motions, keeping my hand firmly pressed to her, "God Mitch, this just feels so wonderful." And her mouth returns to mine.

I run my hand down her left legs, and as it passes the hem of her skirt, I begin to rub her naked thigh. Slowly, I run my hand up the inside of her leg, moving towards her pussy. As I move up, I alternate to the other leg.

This continues for maybe five minutes, and when I do finally reach her pussy, I find she isn't wearing any panties. Upon making this discovery, we break our kiss and just stare at each other for a few moments. "Hum, seems someone neglected to put any panties on."

"Yeah, I'm just a naughty girl.", and she smiles. She spreads her legs even further, giving me better access to her. As she kisses me once more, I run a finger lightly between her lips, and she purrs like a kitten in heat.

I now have two fingers inside her up to the first knuckle, my thumb is lightly tracing circles around her clit.

"Ah, Mitch, please push your fingers deeper.", her head falling back onto the head rest, and she releases another sigh. "God, this feels so fucking amazing."

In small motions, I begin to fuck her cunt with two fingers, trying to maintain contact with her clit as well. Eventually, I am pushing my fingers as far as I could, then work my way back out.

After a few minutes, whispering, "Mitch, hold you hand still, and let me do the work. Holding my hand stationary, her hips are moving up and down. Several minutes pass, and I notice that my cock if becoming erect.

We stare into each others eyes, not breaking contact. I love the look on her face almost as if she were in some bliss-filled trance. Her hips are moving very diliberatly, changing from up and down motions to gyrating her hips, and then back again. The whole time, our eyes remained locked to each other. I'm getting so turned on to think she is fucking my hand, plus the motions of her hips are doing wonders for me, too. I'm well on my way to my own orgasm.

After another five minutes, maybe more, I could feel her body begin to shake, the early rumblings of her orgasm. Izzy lifts both of her hands, crossing her chest, she squeezes her breasts using the opposite hands, seeming to pinch her nipples through her shirt and bra. Her hips steadily pick up speed, also she tries to get my fingers deeper.

"Ah, god, Mitch, you're going to make me cum." Her hip thrusts become faster, her body seems to experience tremors that grew in intensity, until all at once she becomes ridged, and her body is experiencing it's own earthquake. "Ah, fuck, god..." Her body thrashing to the point that it triggers my orgasm, and I cum in my underwear. Both our bodies convulse together.

As we come down, Izzy lowers her hips back to the seat, my hand resting on her mound, my two middle fingers still buried in her pussy. She pulls me close for a kiss, after a minute, "Thank you, Mitch. That was wonderful.", I slowly remove my fingers from inside her.

"I guess I should thank you, too, as wardrobe malfunctions are becoming the norm now." This makes Izzy laugh. She kisses me again, and I now have my hand from between her legs, trying not to touch anything, Breaking off the kiss, Izzy takes my hand and sucks on ones of the fingers that was previously inside her. When she finishes, she guides my other finger into my mouth. I so much have come to enjoy her taste, and I suck my finger clean.

We kiss once more, holding each other close. Thirty seconds later, there is a knock on the drivers side window.

"Everything OK in there?", says the cop on the other side.

We're both startled, and when Izzy seems to recognize the officer, she sighs deeply, "Oh, shit!", she says under her breath. Leaning forward, she slides back over to the drivers side, and I pull my leg out from under her. Hitting the button to lower the window. "Hi, Mr. Diamonte. Yeah, everythings fine, we were just leaving."

"Well, hello Izzy. Never thought I would see you out here. Ain't you going to the Coach's party? I think Tony's already there."

"Yeah, that's where we're headed.", she said very curtly.

"And who's this in the car with ya?", he's leaning his forearms over the door.

"This is Mitch Nielsen. His family just moved here last week.", she says while seeming to roll her eyes a bit.

"Ah, so, this is the little fella who thinks he's gonna try and replace my son as quarterback. I've heard about you there, son. Let's just say that sometimes there are consequences for our actions. Sometimes it's best to keep things just the way they are, and not make any waves.", hitting his flashlight to his hand.

"Well, I shouldn't keep you two from the party, I'm sure Tony will be very happy to see you there, Izzy. And you, Mitch, you heed my words. Don't stir the pot. I hope you both have a good time tonight.", then gets up, puts his flashlight back into It's holder, and walks back to his car.

"God, I truly don't know which of those two is worse. Tony or his dad?", she says under her breath, clearly very upset. She gets the car started, then begins to turn the car around. Just as she heads out, the flashinglights on top of the cop car go on, and the window goes down. Izzy stops along side.

"I hope none of those beers in your back seat are open. Wouldn't want you to get pulled over for having open alcohol and being underage, too. You guys enjoy yourselves.", and he rolls up his window. Izzy jackrabbits out of there.

"See, this guy works at being an ass, while Tony doesn't have to work at it.", clearly upset.

"It's cool, Izzy. We're done with him. Let's just forget him, and go to the party. We're gonna have a blast, I can tell already."

She looks at me, "You're right Mitch, he isn't worth it. And, yeah, we're gonna have fun tonight." Izzy relentlessly teased me as I pulled down my pants and cleaned up my 'malfunction'. Ten minutes later, she was pulling into the Jones' fortress of a home. My mind goes numb from shear size of this place. "We've arrived.", Izzy snickers at the look on my face. The party appears in full swing.

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