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Schoolteacher from China captures English student
I’m enjoying my newly caught pet, Kate. At least, I think that’s her name. She told me a while ago but I forget.

Entering the lobby I haul Kate behind me by her leash. She seems reluctant to enter the hotel. I just yank her leash harder.

As we pass the hotel desk the hotel keeper remarks without looking up, “Guests cost extra.”

I stop and reply in my best broken English (I’ve been using Chinglish in England just to see the local’s reactions.) “What mean ex charge? This Kate. She fren. Make deal? Me finish Kate, you borrow her me. You wham bam thank you ma’am. No ex charge? Yes?”

The hotel keeper looks Kate up and down, pausing to eye her nipples sticking through her bikini top. He nods and says, “OK. No charge for the guest. I’ll take her after the soccer game. Manchester’s playing. Can’t miss it.”

As we continue walking across the lobby, which contains several seedy looking men sitting around, I pull on one of the bikini bottom strings so the bottom falls to the floor. Gives them all a good show. I pause to look at her bum. Nice. She tries to cover it with her briefcase. I yank the briefcase out of her hand and push her ahead. Her whole body has gone bright red. My hand slides along the crack of her ass. Nice. I leave the bikini bottom on the lobby floor.

Down the hall to my room. Room #69. Good choice.

Pushing her ahead of me into the room, I shut the door and turn her around. Nice tits sticking through the bra. Something is odd. They look pink. I think for a second. Of course, she’s English, not Chinese. Of course the titties are not dark. I smirk as my eyes rove up and down her body. Nice pussy. Smooth legs. Whole body blushing. Eyes wet. Sweat running down front.

I grab the bra string and pull so the bra falls off. She tries to hold it down so I slap her again. She needs to learn who is boss.

Now I get a full view of her tits. Nice. The nipples are big and stick far out. The breasts are smaller than mine. Bite size. Small enough to fit in my mouth. My mouth waters.

I stick my fingers hard into her pussy again. Sticky. My fingers pinch her clitty. Her face looks very pained. Can’t she talk? Well I don’t feel like talking with her anyway. I just want her body.

My other hand goes to her bum. Feels her ass crack. Pushes against her bum hole. I thrust my middle finger into her bum hole. Hard.

Now I slam her against the wall, one hand groping her clitty, the other hand wiggling a finger in her asshole.

Pressing against her I force my lips on hers again. Still warm. My tongue again forces its way inside to feel her tongue pushing back. She squirms.

Now I move my lips down to her erect nipples wondering whether they taste different form Chinese girls. No, same taste. But the nipples are very big. Yummy!

Suddenly I pull back and slap her hard across the face two times. I yell at her, “Bitch! I make your body feel good. You won’t even put your arms around me! You not like me? You want me hurt you?”

She looks ready to sob. I like that. Now I smile and say, “I am very kind. I helped you undress. Now it is your turn. Undress me. Slowly. With feeling. Make sure you touch my body all over. Tell me what you think of my tits and cunt. That’s a nice little Kate.”

Then I add, “You don’t want me to cut off your titties do you?”

Glancing at the briefcase, I add, "What's in the briefcase bitch?" It's a nice briefcase. I think I'll keep it.

Kate is rubbing my neck! I didn’t ask for a massage! I want to be felt up, caressed. Made HOT! Well at least she’s brushing the tops of my boobs. Hope she gets down to business quickly or I may have to provide stronger “persuasion”.

Now she’s taking off one of my shoes? Why not start by unbuttoning my blouse? What’s wrong with her? She’s an idiot!

Now a foot massage? She better not mess up my nice thigh high lilac stockings. They match my silky sheer panties. Actually they are a set (stockings, panties, and bra) but my last girlfriend stole my bra. I think she took it as a souvenir.

Now she’s kissing my toe! Come on bitch…suck my tits, lick my pussy. I’m hot and wet. Just do me!

I grab her hair, pull her up and say, “I show you.”

Unbuttoning my blouse, I toss it in the corner, wiggle my tits in front of her eyes and sit on the bed. I pull her down beside me so she is lying on her side on the bed with her head on my lap. Next I pull her head up to my honey-brown breast, push her lips against my aching, hard brown nipple and say, “Suck me Kate. Suck me.”

She starts sucking as I casually twist her nipples. They are amazingly big and hard. Not what I would expect from her small boobs.

As I enjoy her amateurish attempts to suck my tit, I pull the briefcase over, snap it open and casually poke through the contents. Just a bunch of college notes, papers, a marked test (wow, that is not a good mark; her mind must have been wandering when she wrote that test). Boring. I’ll just toss it aside and enjoy her sucking.

Wait a minute. Looks like a few essays. No, they’re stories. Hmmm. Wow!! Hot stuff!! I feel my nipples tighten. My pussy is getting juicy. I feel a big grin spread over my face. This is rich!

“Katie, honey. Be a good girl would you? Read this nice little story you wrote.” I ask in a little girl voice while trying to suppress some giggles.

Kate’s body suddenly jerks. She gasps and looks up wide-eyed. She seems to be in a panic.

I casually wave my knife in her face to remind her who is boss.

After taking a deep breath my little Kate finally starts reading. Nice to find she has a voice after all.

The story is mostly boring so I amuse myself by twisting her nipples and sliding my finger up and down her ass crack.

Finally she gets to an interesting part. The woman’s slave spanked and being made to eat her out. That’s what I’m missing...Kate eating my pussy. She hasn’t even taken my skirt off yet!

I dump her on the floor, make her unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. She gets a good look at my sheer lilac panties. I put her hands on the panty waistband and make her slide them slowly down my thighs as she kneels in front of me revealing my hairless pussy. She seems to make a little squeak of astonishment or maybe pleasure, I don’t care which.

Sitting down on the bed, my legs apart, I take Kate’s head and push it into my pussy commanding, “Kiss me Kate.” Then I add, “You know where.”

I feel her tongue tentatively probe my naked honey brown pussy. Her tongue cautiously enters my wet, waiting slit. Aaah. This is much better. I jam my cunt hard into her face while pulling her head. I want her to lick me hard.

She’s warming up now, getting into the swing of things. She’s licking enthusiastically now. Yum. I like this.

As I let my head go back, my eyes closed, something suddenly occurs to me, something about the handwritten story Kate has been reading. I think. I open my eyes and look at the story.

Kate lied to me! Her name is Sarah! I am so angry I want to hurl her across the room but that would disturb the pleasure she is giving me. As her tongue continues licking my hot pussy oblivious to the fact I have discovered her lie, I think of a suitable punishment.

Yes! I have it.
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