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We spend some good time
Ria informed me that she wants to go camping with me. I agreed. I love this seventeen year old girl. She doses not mind if I touch her boobs. Even if I touch her down there, she will enjoy it. And after all she trusts me very much.
We took sandwich and orange juice with us. Ria wore a blue colour silk blouse and a skin tight blue jeans. She likes to shows off and teases me a lot. I can touch this half mature woman anywhere anytime.
After we got in car I gave her a light rub between her legs over her jeans. I felt the warmness of her inner thigh. She told me, drive carefully. I took my hands off and started the engine.
We reached shop, bought some sandwich, soda, mineral water, and then I started driving again, Ria drunk a can of soda on shop. She asked me to stop; I pulled the car near a big tree. I asked her to remove her jeans before she step out of the car, she did it. She steeped out of the car and started moving towards the oak tree. There was a wet spot on her panties, when she went near the tree, I called her back, she came running, and then I asked her to hand me over her panties. She hesitated, and said it’s so open here, somebody will see her. I told her, nobody is here and your panties are wet. You can’t wear them anymore. She pulled her panties down and took them off her legs, I put my fingers on her pussy to stop leaking while she bend to remove her panties, she was trying hard to stop her flow. Her pussy lips were tightly closed, she handed me her damp panties and went towards the tree.
She started to squat, when she bends, immediately her water flow started, and she squatted down facing her buttocks towards me. I left the car and went to her, I put my hand under her ass and touched her pussy lips, I cupped her pussy and made her stop. I made her stand and asked her to finish the rest pee standing facing me. As she tried to pee again, I pulled my penis out and peed aiming her leaking her pussy.
She did sound Ouch! She holds my penis and stopped my pee.
I said, let me pee now.
She said, don’t splash on me, it stinks.
Then she pointed my penis down and let me release.
Then I wiped her pussy with her panties, her pussy was wet, and I run my fingers between her pussy lips, she moaned in pleasure, I felt the warmness between her thigh, caress her and made her pussy damp. I asked her not to wear any cloth and took her on my hand and moved towards car. She sat on the seat; her naked flesh touched the leather sit, she let out a small moan feeling the coldness of the sit. I parted her legs to check her dampness, it is wet, so I wiped her pussy again.
I asked her to place a towel under her so that sit does not get wet.
She stood up and faced her butt towards me, placed the towel, I was looking at her butt, it touched my face and I kissed her ass. She sat on the sit, I asked her to keep her legs part so she can feel the air.
Then I started the car, as she was feeling cool air between her legs, her nipples were getting hard and were poking through her blouse. I teased her; don’t let your tits hard.

We reached the place; it was a river side area, far from locality.
We took out our camping instrument and made a tent. She was half naked, I could see her arse and mound when she was bending to pick things. It was a great enjoyment watching her helping me half naked.
Then we removed our clothes and went to bath in river, we played with each other’s body and my dick was hard. I pinched her nipple.
We got out of water after half an hour, and then we dried each other.
We both were feeling cold, so we hugged each other and I let my dick sunk in her soft mound. We drunk orange juice after we get little warm.

We both felt an urge to pee, so we both went together.
She squat down facing me, I stood in front of her. As she started her flow, I started to aim for her pussy, and it was a bull’s eye.
We ate sandwich, then hug together and made joke about each other.
She drunk some soda, and told me she needs to pee again.
We got out of tent, this time she was totally nude, I did not allow her to sit, I cupped her pussy while she was standing and rubbed her. She was moaning in pleasure. I kissed her, our tongue met together and I kept caressing her inner thigh, I made her horny, I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to feel her. She said, I need to pee badly. I loosened the hug and cupped her pussy. I told, now you can pee, she started to pee, she knows I won’t mind if she pees on my hand. I rubbed her pussy as she pees, she stopped and then again pees. Warm piss made her wet again.
I took her on the side of river and splash her with water; she shivered as the cold water touched her skin. I made her clean and wiped her with her panties.
We approached to our tent and started to dress up.
She wore jeans without panties because her panties were damp and wet.
I hugged her and kissed her. Our tongue met together.
My dick got hard again. I groped her ass and hugged her more tightly.
My dick pointed straight, I could not dress up because I am too hard, and she knelt down and took my penis in her mouth. I was moaning in pleasure. I never felt so much pleasure; she is a good cock sucker too. I moaned and told her, I am going to cum.
She removed her dress again. She was very fast. And we fucked for half an hour, and then we all collapsed on each other.
After one hour we woke up and grabbed our things together, and dressed up.
I drove her home, kissed her and said good night. She gave me a hug and said, she will remember the day.
When I reached home, I found her wet panties left on the sit, she sat on it, and it has got dried up from the heat of her ass. But it has got a nice smell of her womanly scent.

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You edited this several times?! Is English not your first language? I hope so, because there is no other excuse for how bad this is.

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2013-07-13 09:16:32
yet another pile of badly written pointless shit


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Well, my mistake, I edited these story several times and forgot to read the full story. thanx for the comments


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1st thing you say on the third line that you took sandwich and orange juice:: then you say that you stopped at a shop to buy sandwich and soda and so on its just shit

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