4 women and exquisite sex
Oh, what a night, ‘though it seemed that far too many nights over the past several years had qualified as “Oh what a Night Nights,” but, as I sat waiting I had no idea the effect this very night would have on my life.

Let me kinda lay things out so you might understand. I’m Billy MacAllister, I’m twelve years old and live with my 37 year old mother, her name is Margaret but she’ll bark at you if you call her that; she’s Maggie to everyone. Mommy Maggie is tall and willowy, I’d guess a trim 5’9” and maybe 125 pounds. She has green cat’s eyes, strawberry blonde hair and an angelically beautiful face (when she smiles). The smiles are far too infrequent though, she suffers from a painful depression, and, maybe I understand.

Mom came from an affluent family as did my father, from what I’ve been told by both sets of grandparents it was a match made in heaven, but for my father heaven called far too soon. I was only two when Dad was killed by a semi truck from a national truck line. The driver was high on amphetamines and alcohol when he ran a red light and T-boned my father’s Volvo. I believe Volvo’s ads about how safe they are but Peterbuilt verses fine Swedish engineering, no contest.

Mom received a massive settlement from the truck line and, when her parents, my maternal grandparents passed away she inherited; in other words, money wasn’t her problem. But, maybe therein lies yet another problem.

Fred, husband number two I don’t remember well, just the screaming and crying. I know he treated me badly but, I guess for Mom it was worse. Finally, one day she took her bruised body to a divorce lawyer and got rid of Fred.

Jack, her third husband wasn’t a bad guy as best I can remember but lazy? He defined it. Mom’s money seemed to be a bigger attraction than Mom, he wanted to spend all his time at the casino gambling and drinking, she wanted to be with him so she went, too. A couple of years later her infatuation with Jack wore out, she divorced him, but she’d inherited his bad habits, booze and gambling. Her personal demons were vodka and slot machines and, for the last two years I was often on my own in the evenings while she was at the casino.

Often on my own? At least four nights a week Mom got dressed up, called a cab (thank God), and was off to the casino. After the second time I found her passed out on the lawn I started staying up ‘til she got home. I’d gotten pretty independent for a twelve year old. I had to fend for myself so I learned to cook enough that I wouldn’t starve and, unfortunately I learned how to deal with an inebriated woman. Tonight, I thought, was no exception.

I heard the cab pull into the driveway. I was in my pajamas but that was no problem, I walked out on the front porch.

Mom was, as was too often the case reeling as she tried to navigate the driveway, I went to meet her.

“Mommy, let me have your high heels, it’ll be easier to walk.” I knelt and took her shoes, circled her slim waist with my arm and guided her to the door. As we stumbled along I appreciated the fact that I’d gotten my size from my parents; at twelve I was already as tall as Mom and had a wiry strength, I held her up and led her upstairs to her bedroom.

Distasteful, I’m not sure now how I felt back then. I’d had to help so many times in the past that it still seemed like just another night; I sat her on her bed.

“You wanta help,” I asked.

She put her arms up over her head so I could lift her dress off. I laid it on the chair then unfastened her bra. Mom isn’t real big, maybe a 34B, Ok, she’s a 34B, I’ve checked the labels, but she’d still firm, rather nice for a twelve year old boy who’d discovered his dick at eleven to admire.

“Potty, Mommy has to go potty,” she slurred out.

I helped her up and led her to the bathroom. She started to sit before lowering her panties. I caught her and took them down to her knees. She sat and gushed as I stood watching; I even took some toilet tissue off the roll, made a little pad and gave it to her; she patted herself dry.

Her feet got mixed up in her underwear, I took them off and led her back to her bed. She still had her thigh high black stockings on, I laid her back, took them off and got her fresh panties and her nightie. I helped her into both then pulled her sheet and blanket over her, kissed her cheek and said, “Night Mommy.”

I’d only gotten to her bedroom door when I heard her sob,

“Oh God, I’m worthless, a worthless damned drunk, please take me God.”

Suicidal thoughts, I didn’t know but I sure knew that it wasn’t healthy, I went back to her and sat on her bedside.

“Mommy, please, you’re not worthless, you’re a wonderful person and a great mother, why would you think otherwise?”

She wouldn’t look at me, her face was buried in the pillow as she said, “Billy, I hurt. I’ve been a failure, a failure to you and in almost everything else, three marriages and no man now; I feel so lonely, so depressed.”

“Mom, Dad died and the other two were bums, don’t beat yourself up over them and besides, you’ve got a guy. I’ll always be here for you.”

She turned her face to me and gave me the most radiant smile I’ll ever see.

“Thank you Honey,” she said, then, “Give Mommy a hug.”

I did, I hugged her like I thought she was trying to escape and maybe she was. I wanted her to know how much I loved her and how valuable she was to me as my Mom. She crushed my head to her breasts as she held me.

I’ll confess, I began masturbating when I was ten. Often I used Mom’s soiled panties and, I think she knew, but, my point is I knew her scent and I smelled it now. I exhaled my warm breath onto her breasts.

She turned her head away, I think she didn’t want me to see her reaction. I nuzzled against her and whispered, “Mommy you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Against her I could feel her breasts begin to swell and her breathing become shallow and ragged. Even as young as I was I realized she was becoming aroused; I cupped one of her breasts with my hand and massaged her as I crawled over her so that I was laying between her legs.

I whispered, “Not only the most beautiful but the sexiest, too,” as I slid a hand under her gown and fondled her nipples.

“No Billy,” is what she said as she arched her back. I lifted her gown; her nipples were huge and stiff; I sucked and she didn’t stop me.

We were pressed crotch to crotch, even through her panties I could feel her moisture and, not from experience but maybe from the DNA I could sense and smell her arousal. A hand dropped to explore that moisture.

Over her panties then I slid the gusset aside and touched flesh to flesh, she moaned, “No Billy, it’s not right.”

My cock was already like a rock. Not huge, but even at twelve I had a little over six inches and it was all screaming, go ahead, go ahead man.

I did, I held her panty aside, her vagina was weeping with moisture and I entered her.

If there is heaven on earth I was experiencing it. Mommy was sizzling hot and slick, I slid into her then leaned forward and kissed her. She tried to turn away but I said, “I’ll be your man Mommy, I’ll be your lover,” and she gave herself to me.

It was my first time, I was young and without experience so I was far too fast and I came in her, still, the ice was broken. As we lay together caressing afterwards we both knew this time was only the first time.

Mommy was the first to speak.

“Honey I haven’t been sexually active for years so I don’t use any birth control, you could make me pregnant. There are morning after pills and I’ll get some tomorrow but, if we’re going to do this again you’ll need to use a condom.”

And thus my sex education began. Fact be known, we had two more lessons that night and, why not, the morning after pill didn’t need to know how much it was dealing with.

The next morning it was evident between the two of us that there was a change in our relationship, I don’t imagine it could have been otherwise but Mom made things perfectly clear. No change day to day, if I screwed up I’d get my butt spanked, I was still expected to take care of my assigned chores and my grades couldn’t slip. I only had one thing to add.

“Mom, fair enough about me but let’s talk about you. You gamble and you can afford it but you drink far too much and bad things could happen; you need to stop or at least stay sober. I don’t want you coming home drunk every night, ok?”

She had to think about what I’d said, she liked her vodka with her slots. I told her I didn’t care how much she wanted to drink but I wanted her to do it at home, maybe she could invite friends over for cocktails?

She did have a friend with whom she sometimes went clubbing, Maybelle LeBeaux, another single mother and her best friend. She agreed she’d ask Maybelle over and they could mutually commiserate over their sorry state. I smiled and gave her a kiss.

Mom wasn’t perfect, none of us are, over the next several months but it was evident that she was making an effort. An effort to do a better job as a mother and a better job of making me a better lover.

The first time she took me in her mouth I was certain that a most miraculous death was my destiny. Obviously she’d done this before but I didn’t ask, everyone is entitled to their secrets, still, Oh God, I walked among the stars as she swallowed.

Even yet, the first time she guided me down I wasn’t enthused, the idea of licking a girl where she peed? No way!

“Yes, you will. You want to really win the girls over then know, 97% like sex with a man, 81% don’t object to fellacio, 41% will accept anal sex but 100% want cunnilingus of which only about 70% get it regularly, so learn to satisfy 100% of the ladies.”

That was the first evening I exhilarated in the taste and fragrance of a woman and I became addicted; Mom didn’t complain.

It wasn’t like I shared her bed every night, our sex and my sex training occurred around two or three nights a month, so, I still masturbated frequently and, ‘though I didn’t originally know it, Mom did too, in her own way.

One day while she was out shopping I got way too nosy; I went through her drawers. In her night stand drawer I found some personal lubricant, papers and other junk but in her chest of drawers under her panties I found some rubber goods and a bunch of videos. I fired up the player and checked out what she was watching.

I couldn’t believe it but Mom’s fantasies were pretty obvious, they were all rape videos, black guys in ski masks with cocks that looked like third legs raping tall, slender white girls ‘til they couldn’t walk. I wondered, “Is that what she wants to happen to her?”

I didn’t bring it up, why would I, I was a white guy with a now, seven inch dick.

We had fun and we had “Our Fun” over the next couple of years. Mom had tried hard to adhere to our agreement, she’d developed a close friendship with that other single mother, Maybelle Langston who often stopped by for cocktails, I liked her. She was short and just a tad on the round side, I thought maybe an Italian ancestry in spite of the Langston name. She had large breasts and a full, round bottom but most outstanding was her smile, I thought she was fantastic.

It wasn’t long before I got to meet the rest of her family. Mom invited them for a small pool party and dinner. I got to meet May, Maybelle’s mother and Simone, her ten year old daughter and I loved them all.

May always made me feel good, I was an athlete and she’d comment on how good I looked, like a young colt just raring to run and Simone, well, Simone could have been my shadow but she was so cute I couldn’t get mad at her.

We had a pool and, in summer when the ladies came over Simone always asked if I’d put her sun screen on. As I’d smooth it onto her she’d just lie with her eyes closed, a smile on her face and slowly breathe. I’d seen Mommy aroused enough times that I’d swear that she was feeling the same thing.

She was on her back as I rubbed the sun screen onto her tummy, I needed to know, she was in a little two piece suit as I moved upward to the bottom of her top. We were in a secluded area, in the shade and no adult was near when I said,

“Simone, why don’t you lift your top, we don’t want you to get sunburned there, do we?”

She opened her eyes, stared into mine and smiled, “No we don’t do we?” As she lifted her top and exposed her little buds.

My hands went to them immediately, I asked, “Simone, can I kiss you?”

She didn’t answer but her eyes again closed and her lips puckered, it was like our future was sealed.

When I put the lotion on her legs I brushed against her through her swim suit bottoms, she said, “Not yet Billy, I’m too young.”

And she was right, after all she was only ten.

“Ok, you’re all oiled, let’s go swim,” I told her. We jumped into the pool and played like young dolphins.

After the ladies had left Mom wanted to talk.

“Billy, she’s only ten you know?”

“Mommy, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“Oh, I think you know. Simone had a crush on you.”

“Mom, she’s only ten.”

“Yes, Son, I know, and I want you to remember she’s only ten. I know you’re twelve but you’re a very experienced twelve as we both know. I’ve watched her and you could charm her out of her panties within five minutes, just don’, please Billy.”

“No Mom, of course not, I’m gonna save myself for my best girl.”

“You devil, I wish I could believe that but I don’t, you’ll want some other women as time goes by, I know you will but maybe you’d like to go upstairs for a little while?”

She took my hand and I let her lead me. I was glad for it, Simone had left me horny as a ten peckered billy goat.

On her bed I caressed her until she was getting aroused then I offered her a massage. I knew she loved to be stroked so I got her special scented lotion and went to work. Her front, shoulders, breasts, belly and legs then over, again her shoulders, her back and flanks, I skipped her bottom and did her legs starting at her feet and working up until I was touching her sex.

A gasping breath as I touched her.

“You like Mommy? “I asked.

“I like,” she breathed.

I moved to her bottom but without the lotion. A cheek in each hand, I massaged her, opening her, I kissed each of her tight little melons then, for the very first time I tasted her muskiness.

“No Billy, don’t do that,” she said but her hips rose to accept my tongue.

I wrapped my arm under her until my fingers could reach her, I strummed her like a guitar and as her hips rose and fell I tongued her anus until she trembled with her orgasm.

Mom was an anal virgin and I knew it but, too much Internet porn had sold me on anal sex and I intended to get it.

“Billy, that was filthy, I poop there, I’m dirty,” she chastised me.

“It felt good, didn’t it?”

“That’s neither here nor there, I know what you want and I’m not going to do it.”

“Mommy, I like your taste, we’ll take a bath before in the future if you’re worried about being dirty,”

“I’m still not gonna do it.”

I knew what she meant she wasn’t gonna do but I said, “Mommy, I just want to taste you.”

We agreed, that would be ok. Step one was out of the way, step two would be a finger.

The next year sped by, I’d grown and at 13 was nearly six feet tall, I was playing on both the school football and basketball team and had become god friends with an Afro-American named DeShon Jackson. I’d love to say that I was the best player on the teams but I was only second, DeShon was amazing. He was already 6’2” tall at 13, some colleges were already sniffing around even though he was only in middle school. I started inviting him anytime we had a party at our house. We had a big house, we had a pool and I think he enjoyed it.

One day DeShon said, “You know Billy, your mom’s a really fine MILF, don’t be offended but it’s true.”

I just gave him a smile saying, “Maybe she is but you’ll never know, then or maybe.”

I’d thought of her little secret fantasy films, who knows?

Mom had gotten real close with Maybelle and May. They often shopped together or whatever women do together but, to my extreme pleasure, they always dropped Simone off so we could keep each other company.

She was 11 and I was 13, we were home alone, I asked her if she wanted to go for a swim, that I’d be happy to put on her sun tan lotion.

She smiled, “I didn’t bring my suit but the sun tan lotion sounds nice.” I took her hand and led her upstairs to my room.

“Do you want to kiss me again Billy/” She asked.

Taking her in my arms I told her, “More than anything, more than anything.”

We were standing beside my bed. I embraced her and our lips met. It was the first time the kisses had been with open mouths. Her breath was warm and sweet as I enjoyed her succulent lips and tongue. Holding our embrace we collapsed to the mattress.

As our lips parted I said, “Simone, I think you’re the most spectacular girl ever.”

“Does that mean I’m your girl Billy?” She asked.

“Do you want to be my girl?”

She gave me a most serious look before replying, “Billy, I want to be your girl then your woman and finally your wife. I’m still a young girl, too young for a man but I’d do anything for you anyway, ok? I’m yours, just yours and all yours, do you understand?”

She was pulling my T-shirt off as I answered, “Yes, you’re my girl.”

“I want to look at you, see you and touch you,” she said as my T came off.

Her hands circled on my chest as she asked, “Do you want to see me?”

“Yes,” I breathed as I lifted her shirt over her head. She still didn’t need a bra but she no longer had buds; nice small breasts with strawberry nipples greeted me. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed them both.

“You like, Billy?”

“I like,” I replied as she worked my shorts down.

I was already pretty stiff as her hand circled me.

I had the elastic waistband of her shorts in my grip and was lowering them when she gasped, “Billy, you’re huge.”

Even at 13 I was a solid, chubby seven inches, I seemed to be destined for a big cock (unless you compared me to DeShon who we already called “One Foot,” not because he was disabled but because his cock was already almost 12 inches long.)

I had Simone’s shorts off but asked her permission before taking down her skimpy yellow panties.

Her hands were still locked on my penis when I asked her to spread her legs so I could see her.

She hadn’t yet begun to grow hair so she looked like a shaven porn star. Using my fingers I opened her. Mom was a dusky red color but Simone was a coral pink, Mom had a scent even after she’d bathed but Simone just smelled fresh. As I parted her I told her that her small lips looked like a flower, a beautiful, fragrant flower.

“You really think so?” She asked.

“I know so,” I said as I eased her backwards down on her back.

“What are you doing Billy, I’m not ready yet.”

“I know, I just want to hold you close,” as I held her with one arm and fondled her with my other hand.

Compared to Mom her clit was a little button but I found it and strummed. I didn’t know if a girl that hadn’t had her first period yet would respond; she did.

After a few minutes she quivered and got moist.

She had a dazed look in her eyes when she asked, “Billy, what did you do to me?”

I needed a nickname for her and she was so cute, I answered, “Did it feel good Cutie?”

“God, it felt wonderful, what did you do?”

“Don’t you play with yourself?” I asked.

She turned pink in embarrassment before confessing that she did but, she told me it felt nice but not as nice as what I’d done.

“I can make it even better,” I said as I kissed her sweet lips then trailed down over her body.

When I got to her genitals she jumped, “What are you doing Billy, I pee there?”

I didn’t answer, my tongue led the way as I tasted my girl for the first time. She was sweet and aromatic as a ripe peach as I took her on a trip around the heavens. Using the moisture we’d created I lubricated my index finger and pressed against her tight little anal ring (never too early to begin her education), she moaned but her body was running amok with vaginal and anal contractions. Her body sucked my finger in, I gently pumped her as she writhed in orgasmic pleasure.

Odd, I thought, I’d penetrated her bottom before I’d ever even had a finger in her vagina. As she slowly recovered I cured that oversight. She was incredibly tight even to a finger.

I hoped she’d use her lips but not this time, she brought me off with both hands and gasped in amazement when I erupted so violently that it hit her face.

With cum on her face she smiled at me, “That was fun Billy.”

We’d changed to our swim wear, we had spare suits that would fit Simone, and were out by the pool by the time the rest of the ladies reappeared, Simone and I volunteered to fix dinner while the adults relaxed and sipped wine.

Dinner was simple, I boiled some spaghetti and used some sauce that we had frozen. Simone fixed a tossed salad and I grilled some garlic toast. After dinner she and I took care of the clean-up while the adults continued to chat.

They were still at the kitchen table when Simone and I finished. We went to the living room and turned on the TV. It wasn’t long before we were joined by the others, they all still had their wine I noted. Simone’s grandmother, May, sat next to me which I thought was a little strange, there were other chairs available but, so what?

I liked her, she was fun to be around with a great sense of humor and the ability to tell a story. I didn’t know everything about her, just that she lived with her daughter, Maybelle and Simone, her granddaughter. May had been a widow for over twenty years. She reminded me of an Italian grandma, only about five feet tall with black hair going gray, her chubby frame filled a dress front and back. Her breasts were huge and her bottom was two small watermelons. She edged up against me and, stroking my arm, said,

“What a handsome young man.”

“Thank you, May,” I replied, but her touch and tone seemed to say that she was flirting with me.

I thought I’d check. Surreptitiously I leaned toward her and whispered, “I love your dress,” as my hand stroked her thigh.

Her enormous smile said I’d have her panties off before I got into Simone. I just wondered how long it would be.

No opportunity presented itself to see where it might go. Yes, the ladies spent time at our house, cook-outs, pool parties, you know, that kinda stuff and May continued to flirt, sometimes so outrageously that Mom even commented. I told her I didn’t mind, it seemed to make May happy.

Simone and I found time to sneak away or have our times while the adults shopped. We enjoyed kissing, fondling and even oral but nothing more. We did talk about it though. One day I asked if she’d started her periods yet. It was an embarrassing moment for her, after all she was nearly twelve, lots of her friends had started but she hadn’t. I hugged her to me and said, “Good.”

I thought she was going to explode as she hissed, “Good? It’s good that I’m so slow to develop?”

I caressed her breasts and cupped her full bottom, “Oh you’re not slow to develop, you’re absolutely perfect.”

“You really think so, how come you said ‘Good’ ‘cause I haven’t started my periods?”

I almost hesitated to tell her but we’d always been honest with each other.

“Because Cutie, I want our first time to be before you start menstruating, I want to have you the first time without a condom, I want to cum in your beautiful body without worrying about getting you pregnant.”

She gave me a whimsical little smile, saying, “I’ll try to wait.”

I guess I was a pretty happy young guy. Sex two or three times a week with my Mom, exciting foreplay with Simone and getting a charge out of the attention of May, an older woman. I hadn’t mentioned, she was just over sixty. I’d even gotten more than one secret smiles from Maybelle, Simone’s mom. Now, that would be fun I thought, could I get three generations while I was still a kid? We’ll see.

Mom put on a big feed for the Forth of July every year and my fourteenth year was no different. I hadn’t mentioned but Mom did some good in the community aside from assuring the solvency of our casino she volunteered at a women’s shelter and the staff and residents were our guests on the Forth. We had over fifty people so Mom had help in to handle the cooking and clean-up. I was so very thankful, I’d have been grilling the steaks, burgers and dogs otherwise. Instead, I served as the official greeter, meeting each guest at the door, offering a beverage, soft or hard, and steering them to the patio that surrounded the pool.

We already had about thirty guests there when the ladies, May, Maybelle and Simone arrived. Just for them I offered a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek. I knew it was destined to be an interesting day when May turned as I went for her cheek and met my lips with hers.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said to me with a devilish smile.

Returning the smile I replied, “I’m not.”

I got them their beverages of choice and ushered them to the pool area.

After our final guest had been attended to I went out to the pool. I was wearing a swimming suit and an open top as I circulated. Simone buttonholed me.

“I think grandma likes you Billy.”

“I like her, too, she’s fun,” I replied.

“Ah, that’s not exactly what I mean and you know it.”

“What in the world do you mean Cutie?”

“What I mean is that she’s an aging cougar but she’s still got claws and fangs and I think she wants to sink them into you.”

“Oh Simone, she’s just a wonderful older lady,” is what I replied but what I thought was, maybe she’s right, everything seems to indicate that, we’ll see; and we did.

I thought about it, first, would I “spend time” with a woman of over sixty? Two, if I did, it was far more for her than for me, so ergo; what did I want in return? Far too many minutes, no, hours spent before a CRT creating unnatural and unusual urges in a fourteen year old.

About midway through the party I saw that the hired help was falling a little behind, I gathered up some empty drink glasses and took them to the kitchen. When I started to turn May was right behind me.

Her hand was on my bare shoulder when she said, “Mama needs to potty, can you steer me?”

I looked over, the downstairs bathroom was occupied and I told her that.

She let her hands drift across my bare chest as she whispered, “So handsome, so strong.”

Opportunity may knock once but just now it was thunderously trying to knock my door down, I massaged her breasts, saying, “I think your chest is far more spectacular than mine.”

She pressed against my hands, “You really think so?”

“I think you’re magnificent,” I replied, “But the bathroom is still occupied, we have another upstairs if you like.”

“I do need to go,” she smiled at me.

May hadn’t dressed to get in the pool, she was wearing a pair of slip-on sandals and a pretty sundress with no hose, I followed her swaying bottom as we climbed.

Up stairs I directed her to my Mom’s bedroom, it was furthest from the party and had everything I hoped to put to use. I closed and locked the door.

“May, come here,” I said.

She came to me and I unbuttoned her dress. I could see her hesitation, she knew she’d played with fire but wasn’t sure how close to the flame she wanted to come.

She still had her bra and panties on, both white cotton, nothing sexy; I pulled her to me and brought her face to my chest.

I took the lead asking, “Scared Mama?”

“A little,” she replied.

“How long has it been?”

“Over twenty years.”

“Oh my, such a waste,” I said. “You have such a delectable body I’m surprised you didn’t have to beat off the men.”

She looked up at me asking, “You really like my body?”

“My God May, you have spectacular breasts and a magnificent bottom, what’s not to like?”

As I unhooked her brassiere, all five hooks, and let her bosom sag, she said, “Mama really does need to potty.”

Mom had her own en suite bath, I led May there. She stood with her back to the commode and looked at me; I knew she was waiting for me to leave. Instead, I knelt and took her panties down to her ankles, saying, “Sit Mama.”

As she gushed I brought her hand to my erection as I kissed her. Slowly she masturbated me.

I asked, “Do you like?”

“Oh Billy, it’s been over twenty years and I’m scared.”

Without even bothering to wipe her I helped her to her feet and led her to the bed.

“May, there’s nothing to be afraid of, I won’t hurt you, now Mama needs to come give me a kiss.”

We started at the bedside but as our lips met I steered her down to the mattress, never breaking our kiss or embrace.

A little bitty voice, all hesitation and trepidation, not the confident May I knew asked, “You really do like me Billy?”

“Mama, You’re the best, I can’t think of anyone I like more.”

As we were talking I held her cradled in my left arm as my right caressed her pendulous breasts.

“May I kiss you here?” I asked as my mouth trailed from hers to her nipples.

“So pretty,” I cooed as I took first one nipple then the other between my lips.

I thought her breasts had doubled in size and her nipples were like pencils as she moaned, “Oh yes.”

Her tummy was chubby, she had a cute innie belly button but below was a mass of curly black hair streaked with gray, I parted her lips and tasted her.

She was trembling as I held her, not yet from arousal but from fear. She’d seen my cock, I was bigger even at fourteen than any man she’s ever been with and she knew, she absolutely knew she was within moments of feeling it penetrate her.

Mommy, thank you for the training I though, I went to work. I laved her vulva, sucked on her labia and even used my tongue to moisten her tight little ring before settling on her clitoris. She was large, I wondered it Simone would be the same as she aged.

I was pleased when May squealed and quivered as she climaxed.

“Was that nice for you?” I asked her.

“Oh my Billy, better, much better than nice.”

“Mama, I’m going to go in you now but you’re still a little dry, would you mind if I use a little lubricant, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You are pretty big and it’s been a long time so, please yes.”

I knew Mom kept a tube of KY in her drawer for when she played with her toys, I got it.

With a huge glob in my hand I began to lubricate her, well, yes, really lubricate her. First, I used the slickness on her clitoris, I strummed her with one hand while the other fingered her vagina. She was ready but I wasn’t, I got another handful of the jelly and let my greased fingers probe her anus.

“Billy, what are you doing?”

“Getting you ready Mama,” I told her.

“But that’s my bottom.”

Moving up against her and changing the subject I asked, “Are you ready pretty Mama,” as I penetrated her.

She gasped and moaned as I filled her vagina. She was tighter than Mom and mewled a little as I slid completely in and began to stroke.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh, Oh Billy, oh Billy,” she intoned as I slowly stroked her, the words didn’t change but tone, volume and intonation did. When I hit her “Hot Spots,” she prayed, “Oh God, yes, Oh God, Oh yes.”

I wanted to wear her out, give her all she wanted and even more, I took it easy with long languid strokes through her first two orgasms then I began to pump her harder. I massaged her breasts and watched her face, she was writhing and panting, she was nearly ready to cum again, I leaned forward, kissed her lips and whispered, “I’m gonna cum in you Mama,” as I sped up.

I’d had her legs pinned back for maximum penetration but I’d released her. She wrapped herself around my waist and met my thrusts, screaming as she climaxed once again. I pumped into her, all the spunk a fourteen year old can muster then I fell into her waiting arms.

“God Billy, never, never even when I was young,” she gasped.

“Look into my eyes,” I told her, “Smile for me, show me your pretty face.” She stared at me as though mesmerized, I knew she’d do what ever I wanted.

I let her hold me for a while, she wanted to tell me how good it had been for her, how much she wanted to do it again. She couldn’t believe she’d had to wait until she was sixty-two (yes, I learned her age) for the best sex she’d ever had in her life. How much she wanted to do it again but why we couldn’t just now. She was already aching and was afraid she couldn’t walk.

I gave her my appreciation and sympathy as I moved to where I was along side her. Gently I pressured her until she was on her belly. Her face was turned toward me with a huge smile of satisfaction. I kissed her saying,

“It was special Mama, so very special.”

Softly I massaged her shoulders then her back. She cooed like a dove as I moved lower. Her bottom was full cheeked, I caressed each of her buttocks then straddled her hips, she was on her tummy as I said and she sensed what was coming.

One of the wonderful things about being fourteen is your refraction time is measured in seconds, added to the fact that I was about to penetrate my first bottom, carbon steel wouldn’t have been harder than I was. I spread her cheeks and let her feel my stiffness directly against her rosebud.

She tensed, I could feel the fear course through her. I leaned forward and whispered,

“How long has it been since you’ve done this?”

She knew what I was asking, she was trembling, her voice was thready, almost choking as she uttered,

“Never, I’ve never done it; please don’t Billy.”

I was already poised to enter her, of course I was going to, I said, “Try to relax Mama.”

When I pierced her sphincters she did part with a muted scream but once I was in her, her sounds were more like an agonized panting.

Her voice came up, “Is this what you want Billy, is this the price I must pay to get the pleasure you can give me? I’ll pay the price just please, please don’t make me feel like an old woman.”

“May, as long as you’re willing to give me what I want I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“God, it hurts but fuck me, fuck me hard if you want to, Billy, I’ll do anything for you.”

I rolled her onto her side, straddled her lower leg and fucked her pretty hard then I continued and rolled her over onto her back, I lifted her legs saying, “Hold these for me May.”

She held her legs back to her chest, the view and her openness were spectacular. I moved hard against her exposed bottom and thrust.

Her sounds were invigorating, I got even harder as she moaned. She was as tight as a virgin and I think she hurt like she was losing her virginity; but still, I confess, I loved her sounds. The noise she was making, the glaze in her eyes, I’d never felt so powerful. I owned her, she knew it, I knew it. She pled,

“Don’t hurt me Billy, please don’t hurt me.”

I leaned forward and kissed her swollen lips and asked, “Are you gonna cum Mama?”

“No, not again.”

”I’m gonna cum in you, do you mind?”

She arched her back and presented to him like a cat in heat, “Cum in me Billy, I want your cum.”

When I came out of her it was a bit messier than either of us would have liked, I got a washrag and cleaned us both up as sixty-two year old May sobbed, “I’m sorry Billy, I’m really sorry.”

The Internet, it tells all the secrets, it says what to do.

I held her and let her settle down, once she’d relaxed a bit we talked.

“Mama, you’re special, a real special woman. Tonight was wonderful but it was a bit messy, too. Not just you, us. We don’t want that to happen again but we’ll do the same thing again and I can’t do anything but you can. What I’d like you to do when you think we can get together is have a little enema. A Fleet enema will clear your rectum, can you do that for me? And be sure to put a fresh pair of panties in your handbag.”

Her embarrassment was so obvious, I wasn’t sure she wasn’t gonna break down.

“Mama, most times it comes out, when something goes in it can get confused, don’t worry, you’re the greatest.”

But then I rubbed her bottom and said, “We’ll get it right the next time, won’t we. I wouldn’t want to have to discipline you and you wouldn’t want it either.” I gave her a firm pat on her bottom, she understood.

I made sure the bed was straightened out before we left but, well, I couldn’t eradicate the aroma, after everyone had left and I’d gotten into bed Mom called out for me. Yes, at fourteen I could handle another sexual encounter but I’d really prefer to sleep. I answered her call.

“Got a little lesson for you Son, guys are better at some things, math, spatial, that kinda stuff. Women can read people better and we have a far more acute sense of smell and, with the obvious use of my bed along with the odor that now permeates this room, you wanta tell me what went on?”

I knew I was trapped. Confess and digress? Maybe.

“I’m sorry Mommy, but yes, I did some things in here that I shouldn’t have.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Nooo, not really, no.”

“Ok, let me put it another way, and I want you to understand I’m in Mommy mode, ok. You don’t talk I kick your butt.”

I confessed, I’m a wimp.

“I’m sorry Mom, I won’t do it again, I’ll use my own room, ok?”

“Oh God, if you can’t lie to me you at least try to deceive me. Go get your pajamas on and come back, we need to sort this out.”

When I got back Mom was laying on her bed, waiting like a female leopard waiting its prey and I damned sure felt like a Thompson’s Gazelle in her feline sights.

“Sit down,” she said as she pointed to her bedside.

“Now Son, tell me about this afternoon. No lies, no deception and no bullshit, understand?”

“Mommy, you’ll hate me.”

“Billy, I may get mad at you but I’ll never hate you, I’m your mother and you’re my child; so talk.”

“Well Mommy, May, you know, Simone’s grandma and I kinda hooked up; I mean for a lady of her age she’s cute and we swapped some spit (we kissed) and messed around, ok.”

Oh God, I was getting the “Look,” I started to melt.

“And what else?” Mom asked.

I guess I stammered, I never could stand up to her interrogation, “Ah well Mommy, you know.”

“Yes Son, I guess I do know. I think women are far more sensitive, I know you had sex with May but her pussy isn’t the only odor in the room is it?”

“Mom, what else could you smell?”

“Was it as much fun as you thought it would be Son? Was it that important to you that you had to take advantage of a sixty year old woman to get it?”


“Oh don’t try to deceive me Son, you got a woman’s bottom for the first time tonight, didn’t you, I can smell her.”

I noticed that my Mom’s breathing had changed, she was getting aroused just talking about what we were discussing, I decided to go on the offensive.

“Yes Mom, you’re right, when May and I disappeared for over an hour we came up here. I held her and kissed her, I did what she wanted.”

As I talked I moved toward my Mom until I was close enough that we were cheek to cheek.

My voice was a whisper, “Mommy she wanted to be with me, she’d let me know that and she hadn’t had as much fun in over twenty years; yes, Mom, we had sex, ok?”

“So what was it like?”

“I don’t know, maybe I felt like I was doing her a favor.”

“But you got a favor back, didn’t you?

”What do you mean Mom?”

“Billy, please don’t discount my nose. Yes, of course I smell your semen and her vaginal leakage but mostly I smell her bottom. Did you have anal sex with May, Billy?”

My head was hung as I timidly answered, “Yes Mommy.”

She quietly took me to bed with her without another word but it was evident she was exerting her authority. She made me keep my pajamas on while she took her own panties off and squatted over my face. I gave her a couple of climaxes but I really thought she was going to pee on me, she was so upset with my conduct.

The next morning, eggs, hash brown, bacon, toast, tomato juice and coffee, we ate and she explained, “Mine is still off limits Buster but have all the fun with May as you like.”

Nothing more was said, but my later thoughts.

May’s bottom was so tight, I knew why guys wanted bootie and she was sixty-two. I thought of my Mom and, yes, I even thought of Simone and I also fantasized about getting both of them.

But then that night, Mom and I were at home alone, she’d only had a couple of glasses of wine but when we went up for bed she called me to her room. She was prone on her bed with her face buried in her pillow and she was trembling.

“Can you hold me Billy? She asked.

I climbed in beside her and squeezed her.

“You’re ok Mommy,” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m sorry Honey, I shouldn’t have treated you like that, I guess you gave May what she wanted, didn’t you?”

Mom was laying on her belly atop the covers, she had her panties on but wasn’t wearing a nightie.

“Can you rub my back for me Billy?” She asked.

Slowly and gently I began to massage her. After ten or fifteen minutes she breathed out, “You can rub lower if you want to.”

The only thing left was her bottom, I massaged her. I thought I was making her feel better but then I heard gentle sobbing.

I pulled her into my arms and, to my surprise she was quivering.

“Mommy, what’s the matter, you’re ok,” I said.

“I’m scared Billy, I’m terrified.”

“Mommy, I’m here, you’re safe, I’ll protect you, try to relax.”

She sobbed, “But you don’t understand Billy, it’s you I’m scared of.”

“Mommy that’s crazy, why would you be scared of me?”

“May, the smell, you did her in her bottom, didn’t you, you had your cock up her rectum; tell me the truth.”

“Mommy, I told you what I did.”

She almost gagged as she said, “Rub my butt while we talk.”

She had her panties on, I left them in place but I gave her a gentle massage, still her eyes leaked.

“Do you want to talk about it,” I asked as she continued to cry.

I was still massaging her buttocks but doing nothing more, finally with a blast of air from her lungs she said, “Billy, I’m scared. In this room the next time I smell what I smelled tonight, the smell of a sodomized feminine bottom it will be mine, won’t it? I mean, you do want me that way and some day you’ll take me won’t you?”

I couldn’t answer, the answer would have scared her even more, instead I took her in my arms, kissed her and pulled her atop me so she could be my cowgirl. As she slid down on me and began to bounce I thought about the smell we would one day make; Ridem Cowgirl!

Her excitement exhilarated me, she loved to be on top, I knew she felt she had control. Ok for a few moments but she was my girl not me her boy toy, after she’d cum I pulled her back beside me, hugged her and caressed her body until she was relaxed then I went down her body with a hand, squeezed each of her pretty melons and inserted my index finger in her anus.

“Relax Mommy,” I said as I pumped in and out of her.

I moved even more closely to her, my lips were at her ear as I told her, “I’ll adore your scent.”

The next day was clean up, I worked on the lawn, the ladies had come over early for coffee and stayed to help. May took care of the dishes, Maylee handled the laundering of the linens we’d used and Simone was my helpmate. She didn’t take long.

“Billy, what were you and grandma doing yesterday?”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“You two, you were in your Mom’s bedroom with the door locked, what were you doing.”

“My God, May needed the bathroom. Someone was in the one downstairs so I let her use Mom’s, I mean, what’s the big deal?”

“Nothing if that was the truth but I followed you and her upstairs. You were in that room with the door locked for over an hour so I waited and I listened. I heard some pretty strange sounds, sounds from my grandma, sounds I’ve never heard before and when she came out she was wobbly, I held her up as we walked down stairs. Tell me Billy, what did you do?”

“Come on, we’ll talk,” I said as I took her hand, led her upstairs to my room and locked the door.

“Ok, talk,” she said.

“Cutie, you know I love you and that you’re my girl but we’re waiting for the right time. I know you’re not ready but sometimes I do want a woman, ok. May and I got together yesterday.”


God, that was a piercing sound, “And.”

“And we had sex.”

”Billy, you’re not lying but you’re not being truthful either. I was outside your door for a long time. I heard grandma when you had sex, she sounded like a wild woman but, a little later I heard her moan and whimper and when she came out she could hardly walk. I helped her teeter down the stairs, like I said and then she just laid on the sofa like she couldn’t sit ‘til we left. What did you do to her?”

“Cutie, if I said I can’t tell would you be forever pissed at me?”

“Yes, yes if you can’t tell me what you’re doing I will be pissed at you. I’ll still love you whatever you do, I’d rather know but no matter what I’ll still be your girl, ok? So now, tell.”

My face might have fallen, I didn’t want to disappoint her and however I answered that could happen. I took her hand and led her to my bed.

We were laying side by side holding each other. She was waiting, finally I decided I needed to be truthful with her but I was at a loss as to how to say it. I pulled her atop me.

“You spend a lot of time on the Internet, don’t you,: I began.

“You know I do Billy.”

“Me too, but sometimes I watch some stuff that maybe I shouldn’t, you know, porn and stuff.”

“Yeah, I do, too. I mean where do you think I learned how to, well you know,” as she gave my penis a squeeze. My little girl had mastered fellacio from on-line instruction.

We were laying side by side, like I said, I was on my back and Simone was beside me on her tummy, she had on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, I slipped my hand down the back of her shorts and caressed her firm little cheeks.

I parted her cheeks and touched her tight ring. As I said, “ Cutie, I did May here,” I slid my finger along her crack and pressed her rosebud.

She tried to wriggle away from me as she hissed, “Billy, what are you doing to me?”

I rather thought what I was doing was obvious, I had a finger buried in her tight little bottom. I put my other hand on the small of her back and held her in place.

“Relax Cutie, I won’t hurt you.”

“Billy, stop that, it feels weird,” she said.

Slowly and gently I began to pump into her. She still wanted me to stop but I said,

“Simone Cutie, what you heard was me doing May here.”

“Billy, you mean you put your thing in my grandma’s bootie?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I mean.”

“Oh man, that’s so gross,” she said as though she didn’t realize that my finger was three knuckles deep into her and pumping. She’d begun to flex her hips coming back to meet my thrusts.”

It dawned on her.

With a great deal of fearfulness in her voice she whispered, “You’re gonna do that to me, too, aren’t you Billy?”

“Some day, yes we’ll do it together but it will be a while.”

I was playing summer league basketball, DeShon of course was on the team, too; so when Mom decided to visit her sister Rosemarie for a week, I didn’t want to go, we had games to play.

We discussed me staying alone, she knew I could cook well enough to feed myself but, still, I was only fourteen. She was afraid that if something did happen an adult needed to be here with me. I knew the solution but I was afraid to raise the subject. Finally Mom thought, Maybelle and Simone were going to be away the same week she was planning her visit, meaning May would also be home alone.

“Would you like it if May could stay here while I’m gone? I can call her and see if she’s willing,” with a devilish grin she added, “I know you like her.”

One phone call and it was set, the following Saturday morning May would take a cab and come over. Mom had an early flight and Maybelle and Simone would have already left.

Friday evening Mom finished packing then took me to her bed. We shared mutual oral then intercourse.

I took her from behind, she likes it that way (although Cowgirl is her favorite), and so do I. As I stroke into her sweet pussy I’m looking right at her anus so, when she climaxes I can watch it pulse with her contractions. I can also fantasize that my cock is getting squeezed by those anal contractions.

Afterwards as we laid in bed she asked, “Gonna miss me?”

“More than anything,” I answered.

“What are your plans for the week?” She asked.

“Well, DeShon and me are gonna play some hoops and maybe some video games.”

“Anything else?”

“Oh, I don’t know, some other things, sure.”

“Do me a favor Billy, before I get home open the windows here in my bedroom and air the room out.”

“Ok, but why?”

“Billy, I like May but I don’t want to have to sleep in her funk and I imagine this room will be plenty funky before the week is out.”

I got up with her the next morning, we had coffee then she gave me some money.

“When May gets here, go out to the cab and pay her fare, she’s doing us a favor by staying here, it shouldn’t be at her expense.”

I kissed her good bye, wished her a safe trip and, promising she’d phone as soon as she got in, she was gone.

An hour later the phone rang. It was May telling me that her cab was there and that she’d arrive in about thirty minutes.

I went upstairs. I’d bought a few toys for May, I got them and took them to Mom’s room. The lubricant I put on the top of her nightstand but the slim butt plug May would be wearing went into the table’s drawer. I went back downstairs.

It wasn’t long, I heard the cab arrive. Once I’d paid the fare and tipped the driver like Mom told me to do I retrieved May’s suitcase from the trunk and led her into the house. As soon as the door closed, we kissed.

May was wearing strappy white sandals and a cute cotton pastel yellow dress decorated with blue corn flowers. I told her how nice she looked it. That got me a smile. I led her upstairs.

“You’ll be using Mom’s room, it’s the most convenient with it’s own en suite bath and all. Is there anything I can get for you?”

“Just the potty, I’m nervous and feel like I need to pee.”

I massaged her shoulders and told her to relax, then began unbuttoning her dress.

When her dress was open I let it drop to the floor and unhooked her bra. Her huge breasts sagged dramatically. I sat her on the bed, took off her sandals then walked with her to the bathroom.

She stood and waited for me to leave, instead I knelt in front of her and lowered her panties.

“I wanted to look at your precious gift to me,” I told her.

“That’s sweet,” she said, then, “Are you going to watch?”

“Do you mind?”

“I guess not, there won’t be anything I have that you won’t see soon enough, is there Billy.”

When she sat I dropped my shorts. That was all I had on, I knew she liked my chest so I hadn’t worn a shirt and I was commando.

She masturbated me while her urine flowed.

I took her to the bed when she’d finished. She still was twitchy, I asked what was the matter.

“I thought maybe I could do it after I got here, I was so rushed this morning I just didn’t have time and now it’s too late, isn’t it?”

“May, I’m afraid I don’t understand; it’s too late for what?”

“The last time you told me to bring fresh panties and I have several pairs in my suitcase.”

I smiled at her saying, “Good.”

“But Billy, you told me to take a little Fleet enema. I didn’t do it, I was just so busy. I have four in my case, I wanted to do it here before we started but now it’s too late, don’t you see?”

“So, you think you’ve done something wrong?”

“You told me that you’d discipline me if I didn’t, what are you going to do?”

“It was pretty messy the last time, we don’t want to go through that again, do we?” I asked.

She answered, “No we don’t,” as I walked to her luggage, opened it and found her four pack of Fleets.”

Taking one I walked to the bed and sat down.

“What I’m going to do is give you your enema, bathe you so your fresh and clean then make mad passionate love to you for the rest of the day, how does that sound.”

The smile on her face would have illuminated the room and her relief was evident. I knew she thought she was going to get a spanking and, maybe she would before the week was out but not now, I guided her over my lap.

When she went to the bathroom I started her bathwater running then left, giving her some privacy.

Her bath was ready, she asked, “Will you get in with me and wash my back Billy?”

Bathed, fluff dried and scented I took her back to the bed, turned down the duvet and sheet and laid her down.

After we’d kissed and hugged a bit I asked, “What would sweet Mama like?”

Shyly, she answered, “Could you do that with your mouth?”

She wanted oral, no surprise, Mom loved it and even little Simone wasn’t immune.

Both of the younger ladies were more animated in their responses but there was no question that May more than enjoyed.

I had both of her legs over my shoulders with her vaginal lips spread wide as I feasted on her ruby red clit. When she began to cum it was with a shuddering scream as she released her nectar. Tasty, different from Mom or Simone but still fragrant with a salt tang. With her juices still on my lips I moved up and kissed her.

Startled, she said, “I’m salty aren’t I?”

“You’ve never tasted yourself before?” I asked in amazement.

“Girls didn’t do those kind of things when I was young,” was her answer.

I thought she had provided adequate lubrication, I lifted her legs and pushed them back toward her chest then ran my cock up and down along her weeping slit.

“Do you want me in you Mama, are you ready for me?” I teased.

Her happy ass was squirming, “Yes, put it in me, please Billy.”

Our eyes were locked on one another as I entered her.

Her breath escaped then she gasped as I went further in but her gaze never wavered.

“You have beautiful eyes, Mama,” I said to her.

“And you have a magnificent penis,” she answered through short panting breaths.

I was stroking her gently and only using about half my length, my hands were massaging her breasts as my eyes followed her every expression. I could see her pleasure and, an occasional wince indicated some minor discomfort. I kept it soft and slow, I wanted her to enjoy.

After about fifteen minutes she said, “You can do me harder if you want.”

I did want but before I started giving her a pounding I wanted her to feel all of me. I pushed into her.

She shifted her hips and I felt her tense. A groan escaped her lips as she got my entire seven inches.

“You are a big boy, aren’t you,” she whispered.

I picked up the pace and the intensity, giving her a ride.

Pleasure or pain, I didn’t know but her sounds were loud and visceral, like the sound of a female lion being bred. To add to that illusion, I leaned forward and nipped her neck. She twisted her head aside making it easier for me. I nipped her again.

It was like my bite turned on a switch, under me May started bucking and moaning, I felt her vagina clenching from orgasmic contractions; they went on for several seconds, one following the other, declining in intensity with each new one.

“Did that feel good Mama?”

“Oh God, I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before, not ever.”

I kept riding her until she’s had a second and then a third climax before I said, “I’m gonna cum in you Mama, I’m gonna fill your sweet pussy. I pounded her hard and fast. She was mewling and whimpering as I erupted into her. Pulse after pulse of my ropy semen flowed into her. I drained then pulled out and took a moment to admire my work. Cum was oozing from her and dripping down over her anus, her tight ring that was my next target. I crawled up beside her.

“You’re fantastic Mama,” I whispered, “Fantastic.”

“God that felt so good Billy but I’m not sure Mama’s gonna be able to walk.”

I gave her a kiss saying, “No problem, we’ll just stay in bed then.”

May knew what was next, she rolled over onto her tummy. I wanted her as a willing participant, I asked her to hand me the lube from the top of the nightstand.

I caressed each of her cheeks then spread them and drizzled some of the lubricant directly onto her.

She shivered saying, “Oooo, that’s chilly.”

“Don’t worry Mama, I’ll warm it up in just a little while.”

I worked one finger into her, then two and finally a third, squirting the lube directly into her. When she was ready I turned her onto her back.

Surprised, she said, “I thought you wanted to…”

“I do, and I will but I want to be able to see your pretty face.”

I lifted her legs exposing her; her tight ring glistened from the lube. I guided my cock against her.

“I’m going to go into you now, try to relax Mama,” I said as I pierced her sphincters.

Slowly I pressed forward. I intended to take it slow and easy, at least this time. I wanted May to feel like a volunteer not a victim, but I was going to put it all in her.

She’d groaned when I entered her and her sound was a low throaty moan as I went deeper. Once all seven inches was in I rested.

I leaned forward and brushed the hair from her eyes, she looked at me.

“Where’s my cock Mama?”

“In me, it’s in me and it hurts. Can you take it out Billy, please, Mama needs the potty.”

I massaged her abdomen, “No, Mama doesn’t need the potty, she had her enema, what she’s feeling is me up in her. Does it feel good?”

“It hurts but you’re not going to take it out are you?”

“Not until I’ve filled your bowels with my cum, no, I’m not.”

Slowly I began stroking her. Like I said, slow and gentle, still she was making sounds with each thrust.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” she intoned in rhythm with me.

I took her right hand and squeezed it, “You’re doing fine, Mama. Do you ever play with yourself?”

She shook her head no.

“Maybe it would help,” I said as I guided her hand to her pussy. She tried to pull it away but I held it in place saying, “Hunuh, no, do this for me Mama.”

Using her fingers I started to rub. By the time I released my grip she was masturbating herself vigorously.

The intensity of her breathing had increased.

“Are you gonna cum Mama?”

“I don’t know, maybe,” she answered as she continued to pleasure herself.

“I’m gonna cum inside you Mama, do you want me to cum in you?”

“Oh God yes, cum in me Billy, I want all your cum in me.”

“I want you to have my cum in you Mama, I want to cum in your spectacular ass. I’m gonna put a lot of cum in your bowels this week. I’m going to fuck you so many times that we maybe can make up for the twenty years you’ve missed.”

The words came hard for May, she wasn’t a woman who talked dirty, yet she said, and “I want you to fuck me as often and wherever you want My mouth, my pussy or my bottom, everywhere and I want your cum every time.”

Then she surprised me, “Can you fuck me a little harder, I’m going to cum for you,” as her anus spasmed and clenched me.

I rapidly caught up, blasting deep into her. When I pulled out her anus was still gaped open, I could look into her and see my cum then she started to close leaving only a small amount outside.

“Beautiful,” I said, “You have my cum dripping from your vagina and anus both.”

I crawled up beside her and took her into my arms.

“Turn onto your tummy and let’s just lie here for a while, I want you to keep your cum inside.”

Once she’d turned I massaged her shoulders, back and flanks before caressing her bottom.

She turned her head away from me to the side but she spoke loud enough for me to hear.

“I love you Billy, I really do. Ah, an old woman’s fantasies, if only I was fifty years younger.”

“You’re perfect just the way you are May.”

She turned back towards me. “You know if I was fifty years younger I’d be the same age as my granddaughter and she looks just like me at that age. Do you think she’s cute?”

“As a button,” I said, “She’s cute as a button and, with your and Maybelle’s genes I know she’ll be a beautiful woman.”

“You know she’s only two years younger than you. I know, that seems life a century at fourteen but not later and I think she has a little, well, a great big crush on you. Treat her kindly, for me, would you?”

“May, I’d never do anything to hurt any of you. You, Maybelle or Simone, I love you all like family.”

May thought but didn’t say, “Well, at least between the two of us it would be one incestuous family.”

What she said was, “Well, we all love you, too. I think even Maybelle has a little crush, I know she thinks you’re cute.”

“She doesn’t date,” I asked, “I mean, she’s such a pretty woman.”

“I think she’s afraid, her relationship with Simone’s father was pretty rocky but I do wish she’d find someone, some times I think her sexual tensions are about to overwhelm her. I know I shouldn’t say this, probably shouldn’t think it but she really needs a fuck buddy for when her hormones are wailing. Men don’t seem to realize but women want sex just as much as they do, maybe even more; I mean, did you realize that in the entire animal kingdom human females are the only species with an organ that serves no other purpose but to give her sexual pleasure. Our clitorises are only for one thing and your sweet, sweet tongue reminded me of that.”

I liked holding May, she was soft, warm and cuddly and I loved her soft voice. Both of us drifted off for a little nap.

I awakened first, May was laying on her side with her back to me. She was nude and still lubricated from earlier. I spooned with her then spread her cheeks and slowly entered her. She woke up when I popped through her sphincters.

“Just lie still for me Mama, I can’t get enough of you. Now arch your back a little for me, perfect.”

I came in her.

“Mama needs to pee pee,” she said. Her legs were wobbly when she tried to stand. I got up and gave her a hand getting to the throne where she sat.

She really did have to go, she gushed. After she’d finished I said, “You might want to sit for a little while, I know you’re dripping fore and aft.”

So she sat for about twenty minutes and talked.

She took my slick cock with her hand and slowly stroked, saying, “You certainly have some stamina, don’t you.”

“One of the joys of youth. I’ll show you some stamina when you’ve finished and we get back to the bed.”

Her eyes got kinda big and she said, “You want to do it again so soon?”

“Sweet Mama, we break for food, sleep and the bathroom. I’ll be in you most of the rest of the time.” I helped her to stand and ushered her back to the bed.

There, I positioned her.

“I want you up on your knees.” She did that.

“Can you lean forward and rest your breasts on the mattress for me?”

“Great,” as I joined her in bed and moved behind her.

“Now I want you to spread your legs a little and arch your back so your bottom is raised.”


I positioned my cock at the throat of her vagina saying, “I want you from behind so you’ll become familiar with the position. I’m going into your vagina this time but the next time I go into your bottom we’ll do it this way. Are you ready for me?”

In a raspy little voice I heard, “Yes Billy.”

Again I took it slowly, we had plenty of time for some rough play later; maybe tomorrow. I lazily stroked her.

I held her hips and admired her nice round bottom, her anus showed some effects of our earlier engagements, she was red and a little swollen. I rubbed her as I continued to stroke.

A short time later she was thrusting backward to meet me, she sighed, “Oh my this feels so good, can you do it a little harder Billy.”

I accelerated the power and depth she was getting until her breathing changed to a pant. Poised as she was she reminded me of nothing less than a cat in heat and, after twenty celibate years maybe Mama did feel like a cat in heat.

I felt her climax building before she slammed back hard against me and held herself there, when her contractions started, I came right along with her.

We snuggled for a few minutes before I asked if she wanted lunch. It turned out that she was running on coffee and was hungry but I needed to help her get up.

She wanted to get dressed so I set the ground rules for the week. No clothing. She could have her panties and, if she’d brought them a robe and slippers.

I got her things from her suitcase then said, “You’re going to leak, would you like a panty shield?”

She declined saying they chafed her and that she’d rather just sit in her swamp…well, my swamp.

I helped her with her few articles of clothing then lent my arm as support as we descended the stairs.

In the kitchen I sat her at the table and asked what she’d like to drink, soft drink, iced tea or maybe a glass of white wine. With a smile she opted for the Chardonnay. I fixed cold cut sandwiches with cole slaw and some chips and had iced tea as my beverage.

She was squirming in her chair; I asked if something was the matter.

She said she hurt “down there,” and would I look to see what was the matter.

Just like her anus she was red with a little swelling, I told her that I’d use some lubricant the next few times to make it a little more comfortable for her.

“That hit the spot,” she said as she patted her tummy. “Could I have a little more wine please.”

I had thought that I might have to feed her some ibuprophen but wine could do the job, too.

After she’d drained her glass I led her back up to the bedroom.

“Billy, would it be ok if I rested for a little while?”

My cock was straining in anticipation, I really wanted her round butt from behind but I didn’t want to seem to be forcing her.

“Why don’t you lie down on your side like we did after our nap, I’ll go into your vagina from in back of you and we can both rest for a while.”

Like I’d told her, I used a daub of KY Jelly and slid in.

I must have worn her out, she was gently snoring within seconds, I hugged her to me and slowly stroked her. Even in her sleep she was responsive as her hips moved back to meet me.

She slept for about an hour and I fucked for about an hour. I held on my ejaculation until she yawned her way awake.

“Hi sleepy head,” I greeted her, “Did you enjoy your rest?”

“Unhuh, I sure did, now what are we going to do?”

“Well, let’s talk about the schedule first. I’m going to keep our meals light and you’re going to get an enema every two days so your rectum stays empty, not really empty I suppose, ‘cause I’ll keep it full a good part of the time.”

“So, I’m going to get a lot of anal sex, will there be anything for Mama?”

“Lots, I’ll give you a bath in the mornings after each of your enemas and you’ll get one every night just to make you feel better. After each of your baths you’ll get my tongue until you beg me to stop.”

“Now that sounds good.”

“It will be, for both of us. Now, would you hand me the KY Jelly, I think you’ll need some more lubrication.”

When I opened her, the red was fading to pink but I was still going to need to take it easy.

“You want to get up on your knees like you did earlier?” I asked.

As she climbed into position I asked if it was getting easier for her.

“It still hurts but not as bad as before, you gotta remember, I’ve only done this a few times and you’re a big boy, I think you’re still stretching me, you know.”

With my cock resting at her portal I said, “Ready.”

When she nodded yes, I thrust forward.

I’d parted her sphincters and was about three inches into her before I slowed.

She screamed when I popped her and was now whimpering, “Please Billy, it hurts; it hurts so much.”

“Just relax Mama,” was all I could say to her, I wasn’t going to stop. I pressed forward to the accompaniment of her mewling.

Once I filled her I started pumping. I’m sure there were tears in her eyes as she begged, “Please Billy, take it out of me, take it out.”

I slapped her bottom with a firm whack and said, “Settle down Mama, you can do it. Reach back between your legs and play with yourself.”

That whack I gave her felt good to me. I was pretty sure she was going to screw up and earn a spanking, I just wasn’t sure what it would be, but we’d save that for another day.

Just for a few moments I let her feel what it would be like when we started rough play.

I pulled my feet up against the outside of her knees and rose so the angle of my thrusts changed. She could feel my weight on her hips. I wrapped an arm around her and caressed her abdomen. I could feel it every time I thrust into her, I was creating a little bulge in her belly.

“Give me your hand May,” I said as I took her hand and guided it to where she could feel.

“That’s me way up in you, isn’t that neat?”

I’m not sure she agreed as all I got from her was a wail. She wasn’t going to cum, not this time so I said, “Squeeze me Mama, use your muscles and squeeze me.”

I couldn’t feel her trying, I chided, “Come on Mama, tighten up for me,” again, I felt no change. Maybe because she was sixty-two she didn’t have the muscle tone to do it, still, I gave her another whack on the butt and told her to tighten up on me.

I wanted to ride her a little harder but I didn’t want to cause a rectal prolapse and I was afraid of this position. I leaned forward and whispered, “Just lie down, get off your knees and lie on your tummy. I think it would be easier on you.”

Immediately she collapsed, I rode her down.

As I pumped her I was telling her, “You’re the best Mama, so tight, so hot, so slick. God I love your sweet bottom.”

I was getting close, I sped up and thrust deeper.

May was gasping, “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” as my cock continued to torment her.

“I’m gonna cum Mama, I’m gonna cum in your beautiful ass. Do you want my juice in you, do you want me to cum in your butt?”

I think I was talking just to hear myself talk. I didn’t anticipate that May would answer, she was pretty busy making sounds of her own.

I know she felt my cock jerk and spew, damn, it felt so good being in her, it was like being gripped by a warm moist glove. I stayed on her back with my cock still in her until it shrank and fell out.

I tried to embrace her but she turned away.

“You hurt me Billy, God, I’m so sore.”

Gathering her into my arms I pulled her to me, “Be a good girl Mama or you may hurt a little more,” I gave her two light spanks, adding, “Know what I mean.”

She knew, she nuzzled into my chest and in a voice like a little girl’s whispered, “I know. I’ll be your good girl, I promise.”

In my arms she again slept. It seemed I was wearing her out, I let her sleep.

It was moving toward supper time by the time she stirred.

“Need to potty Mama?”

She did and again I helped her get there, she was more unsteady than before. I stood beside her and listened to her golden flow. She’s taken my cock in hand and was idly stroking me.

“After we have our bath you’re going to taste me, can I taste you?”

“I’d love for you to do that May, yes, you can, of course I’ll expect you to swallow. Do you do that?”

“I never have but I’m sure I can.”

“Good Mama, that’s good.”

Downstairs I grilled some salmon, fixed a brown rice pilaf and steamed asparagus.

May started to get up to help with the clean up but I insisted that the work was all mine. I wanted to treat her like a princess or a queen.

As we walked back through the living room I took note of the overstuffed chair. It sounded like fun. I walked her to the chair and guided her down over the arm.

Flipping her robe up over her back, I lowered her panties to mid thigh. Choices, choices, I thought, vagina or anus? Her vagina would get plenty exercise after our bath. I pressed against her anus and slid in. I was easy with her, I brought her hand down so she could masturbate then I gently stroked her.

“God, I love fucking you Mama, you’re so darned desirable, a tasty vagina and a bottom without compare. Do you like me fucking you?”

“Oh yes, it’s wonderful.”

“Even when I hurt you?”

“I don’t like being hurt so much but if that’s the price to be with you then, yes, you can hurt me.”

It wasn’t huge for either of us, May quivered and trembled and when her anus contracted she brought me off.

“See, you can do it,” I said, “When you cum you tighten your muscles just like I asked you to do earlier. Are you holding out on me?”

As I pulled out she turned to face me already starting to say, “Billy, I wouldn’t hold…”

She saw my grin.

“Just kidding Mama, let’s go up and have our bath, you can sit to the potty while I fill the tub.”

So, while the water ran she sat dripping cum into the commode.

I scrubbed her good, my tongue intended to explore her every nook and cranny then I dried her and took her to bed. I’d set one of Mom’s lotions on the side table, I used it to massage May. She was clean, she was scented and she was ready as I took her with my mouth.

I was good for my word, I didn’t let her up until she was bouncing all over the bed begging for mercy, she was over stimulated from the four massive orgasms she’d experienced under my oral attentions.

I crawled up clear to her chest. Straddling her I rested my cock between her massive breasts. I got her to hold them together as I stroked. I was good and hard but hadn’t cum when I let her take my cock in her mouth.

When I started to cum she tried, but she tried to swallow but couldn’t. She grabbed a handful of Kleenex, caught the rest of my cum then, gagging, she spit what she had in her mouth into the tissues.

“Hey, I thought we’d agreed that you were going to swallow, what happened?”

“I’m sorry Billy, I started to gag and just couldn’t do it.”

“That’s ok, you’ll learn, we’ll try again tomorrow night.”

For tonight, I entered her in the missionary position and slowly stroked her until we both shared a mutual climax then I cradled her in the spoon position and took her sweet, tight bottom. I was still in her when we both drifted off to sleep.

In the morning after we both were awake and laying in bed I told her she’d be getting her enema before she went to the bathroom and, because she’d had a hard time taking me when I’d ridden her the day before, I was going to help her get stretched. I helped her to the bathroom and waited while she drained her bladder then took her back to the bed.

From the nightstand drawer I retrieved the slim butt plug I’d bought expecting to use it on Mom but May’s need was more immediate.

“Mama, this is a butt plug, I’m going to put it where the name implies. I want you to wear it anytime were not in bed. It can help to stretch you when I’m not doing it myself. Come lie across my lap.”

I slid it into her. Tighten up to hold it. When we’re downstairs you’ll have your panties on, they’ll help you keep it in you, ok?”

I rolled her over on the bed and got fresh panties from her bag. So, in butt plug, panties, robe and slippers we went down to have breakfast.

First I fixed a pot of coffee then poached eggs, whole wheat toast and melon. She was pretty squirmy in her chair so I asked about it.

Her eyes got teary, she said, “I’m sorry Billy, I’ll do better.”

“What is it May?” I asked.

She almost wailed, “It came out.”

“Come here, “ I told her.

I bent her over my lap, lowered her panties and fitted it back into place.

“Mama, if you could handle me it wouldn’t be a problem but you can’t so keep the damned thing in you, ok?”

I’d never sworn around her before and I think it shocked her, she looked a little fearful as she said, “I’ll do better, I promise.”

I’d been ready to go back upstairs but decided to delay for a little while.

“Come on Mama, let’s go into the living room and watch the news. I had absolutely no interest in the news but that was ok, she did and I had other interests to occupy me.

I picked up the remote, switched on the TV then sat in the middle of the sofa.

“Lie over my lap Mama,” I directed her.

Once in place I cupped her bottom and gently pushed. The plug went deeper.

“Clench your muscles, you need to keep this in you, understand?”

The effort she was putting forth was mirrored in her face.

When the news was over I patted her bottom, saying, “Let’s go back upstairs.”

There I had her lie across my lap, I lowered the seat of her panties, told her to lift her hips and took out the plug. I handed it to her, asked that she wash it and return it to the nightstand where it would wait until we went down for lunch.

When she came back I did her doggie style for her then told her to stay in place as I worked some lube into her and entered her.

Again she was noisy when I parted her sphincters and it wasn’t a wail of pleasure. I was a little rougher today, I didn’t slow as I filled her completely and started to pump her.

As I fucked her, I let my mind wander. I wondered when I’d get Mom this way and I already had a premonition that she wouldn’t give it up willingly, I’d have to take it.

God, I did love anal sex. Even May at sixty-two was so incredibly tight.

Maybe because she hadn’t tightened up for me yesterday, maybe because she hadn’t swallowed after she said she would or maybe it was because she’d let her butt plug slide out, or maybe I was just in a mood, I don’t really know. What I do know is that I fucked her like she was my bitch.

Screaming, wailing, pleading, crying from her and me roaring. I’m glad we have no close neighbors or we’d have had police visitors but by the time I gave my lion imitation and filled her with hot semen she was a wreck.

She was as sweaty as if she’d spent two hours in a steam bath, her hair was stringy and matted and her tear stained eyes were glazed like she was in a daze. I did hold her, all she said was,

“Billy, I won’t let it fall out again, I swear it. Spank me if I do, but please, I’m imploring you don’t do this to me again. I wasn’t sure I was going to survive.”

The rest of the week, with one exception, was pretty uneventful, about half of our pairings were vaginal for her and the other half anal mostly for me. She had her enema every other day and got a morning bath on those days and she still got her evening bath and lotion massage every night.

She never did master fellatio but, I confess, blow jobs weren’t that big a deal to me. I teased her about it but even she knew I wasn’t all that serious. The exception I mentioned was Thursday at lunch.

She only picked at her food and sat quietly as I did the clean-up. Instead of me taking the lead, she took my hand and led me upstairs then sat me on the bed. She took off her slippers and robe but kept her panties on. Her eyes were already leaking as she laid over my lap.

I saw the problem immediately, her latex partner was crossways in the seat of her panties, it had come out.

I lowered her panties and retrieved the miscreant, laying it on the table.

“What now Mama?” I asked.

I was going to let it slide, she was trying and she was so sweet but she said,

“Spank me Billy, I promised and I broke my promise.”

To accommodate, I pulled her panties back up, gave her five or six moderate swats then lowered her seat and gave her five more on the bare. Her tears were about as convincing as my spanking, I’ve seen better acting on a grade school stage, still we’d both taken care of our obligation.

I can’t say that I was unhappy to see Mom arrive home but I did know my sex life was due for a serious downturn. I gave May a chaste little hug and kiss for Mom’s benefit then waived good bye as she drove May home. I had no freakin’ idea.

By the time Mom got back I’d prepared dinner, after the meager rations I’d lived on for the past week I was salivating over the two inch thick bone-in rib eyes I’d grilled. There were baked potatoes and grilled vegetables with a nice California Cabernet Sauvignon to compliment the meal. I took care of the clean-up as Mom told me about her visit with her sister.

Finally, she said, “Billy, I’m whipped, travel takes a lot out of me, would you like to come upstairs with me?”

Sexually sated as I was this was an invitation I’d never refuse.

“Can I draw you a bath Mom?”

“That sounds heavenly but only if you’ll get in with me and wash my back,” she replied with a little grin.

Talk about heavenly, her fragrance and flavor met that description as I drank of her nectar and feasted on her ambrosia and, even though I had to use a condom (Mom refused to acknowledge that birth control even existed) an evening spent between her thighs was the highlight of my week.

We slept with our arms and legs intertwined.

Two days hence the phone rang as we were having breakfast. She chatted for a few minutes then, after hanging up she said, “Maybelle and May want to go shopping tomorrow. The asked Simone but she said she’d rather come over here and swim if nobody minded. I don’t mind, do you?”

No, I didn’t mind, I’d gotten some intriguing text messages from Simone over the last couple of days, things like, what did you and Gram do last week, I was anxious to see her. I answered,

“No, of course I don’t mind, I like Simone, she’s cute.”

Mom just gave me a grin and said, “I thought not.”

What I had no idea about was what had occurred at Simone’s house and what her prying little ears had overheard.

They, Maybelle and Simone had been away visiting for almost two weeks and so, the day after they got back Maybelle decided to do the laundry. Since she was already washing clothes and she knew that May had been away for a week, too, she told Simone to empty May’s hamper and she’d wash her clothes at the same time. Simone commented to her mother that her Gram’s clothing smelled funky. Maybelle smelled the same smell but she’d experienced the same olfactory assault before, from herself. She was smelling the scent of a woman, a freshly and often fucked woman. She took her time sorting the clothes. Oddly, May’s laundry was composed of one outfit, a robe and twenty or more pairs of panties. The panties were stained in the gusset from front to back and, in fact, some of them were still damp. She washed them, dried them, folded them and laid them on her mother’s bed.

Dinner was a casual affair, just salad, pasta and Italian bread then, after clean-up and a couple of hours of TV Maybelle chased Simone off to bed.

Being the cute but nefarious brat she is, Simone sensed something was afoot, she left her bedroom door slightly ajar and listened.

It was a boring hour, canned laughter from inane television shows but, finally the TV was switched off and she heard, “Mother we need to talk, let’s go to the kitchen, I’ll make coffee.”

“Honey, I’m tired,” she heard her grandmother reply.

“Mother, in the kitchen, we are going to talk.”

Maybelle started a pot of coffee as she said, “Take a seat and tell me what went on last week at Maggie’s house.”

“Oh, you know, the usual, it was kinda fun though, Billy cooked every meal and did all the clean-up, he’s quite a kid.”

“Mother, I don’t want to sound crude but a couple of adages seem to apply, yes, I was born at night but not last night, then I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck and, perhaps most succinctly, don’t bullshit a bullshitter,” what went on?”

“Oh Belle (Gram was the only one that dared to call her Belle), he wanted to have a little fun and I just went along for the ride.”

“Mother, let’s quit dancing around, I did your laundry this morning, ok? No clothes but twenty or more pairs of badly stained panties, care to explain that?”

“Maybelle, I’m your mother, there are some things a mother isn’t comfortable about talking about with her daughter, now, can we drop it, I want to go to bed. May started to stand, Maybelle raised her voice, “You sit down and you tell me what went on.”

And her mother’s raised voice was Simone’s trigger, she slid down the hall and hid in the shadows where she could see both of them.

“Explain the panties mother, can you do that?”

“You are going to make me tell aren’t you Belle?”

“Yes, damn it, you are going to explain.”

“Then let me be sure Simone’s door is closed, I wouldn’t want her to overhear.”

Simone scampered like a rat, silently and quickly. Her regular breathing told May that her granddaughter was asleep, she closed the door as she left and walked back downstairs.

The door winked open and a cute little twelve year old snuck back to the shadows just in time to hear, so maybe I wasn’t along for the ride with Billy; maybe I was the ride, you understand Belle?”

“You mean you had sex with Billy, a fourteen year old boy?”

“No, I mean Billy and I don’t care how old he is, he’s a six footer and weighs about 175, and he had his way with your sixty-two year old mother, are you happy now?”

“No, out with it, all of it and now mother.”

“Please Belle, it’s embarrassing to talk about.”

“But not embarrassing to do, is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah Belle, I guess it is, I’d do everything the same way if I had the chance, ok, is that what you wanted to hear?”

“No mother, I want to hear what happened.”

“Ok Belle but grab your seat, ready?”


“I hadn’t been in his house for five minutes before he had me upstairs in Maggie’s bedroom with my clothes off, and, yes, before you ask, even my old lady’s white cotton panties were gone.”

“You mean he had sex with you as soon as you got there?”

“No, I hoped he would but he didn’t. I guess I need to confess, we had sex at the Fourth of July party, he gave me oral sex that was the most spectacular I’ve ever had then he had intercourse with me for what seemed like hours, he made my cum like a teenager but then, he put something cold on my bottom and he sodomized me. When he pulled out I made a stinky mess, understand?”

Belle simply nodded, she’d never experienced but she could imagine her mother’s embarrassment.

Billy wouldn’t let me feel bad, he got washrags and cleaned us both up then gave me the sweetest kiss before saying, “Mama (he calls me Mama), next time we’re going to get together bring clean panties and give yourself a Fleet enema.”

“I wondered about that four pack of enemas under your sink, I’d never known you to use them, now I know.”

“Yeah, now you know but what you don’t know is that I was so busy I forgot to take one before I got to Billy’s so he gave it to me then bathed me.”

“Mom, why didn’t you just leave?”

“Belle, you don’t understand, I didn’t want to leave, I want to go back, I haven’t felt so good in over twenty years, maybe never.”

“Belle, if you expect me to share with you you’re going to have to open up to me, so, tell me, do you like sex?”

“As best as I can remember, but it’s been a long while, you know?”

“Yes, I know, but for me it had been over twenty years, since your dad died and Billy treated me like I was the most precious woman on earth. He’s an handsome young man and I’m a chubby sixty-two year old and he made me feel like I was the most precious woman, no, girl on earth. He wouldn’t let me do anything, he cooked for me, he bathed me, he massaged me with sweet smelling lotions. All I was expected to do was be his lover, however and whenever he wanted me. Belle, we probably had sex at least fifty times this past week, and, yes, I know what my panties smell like. Please excuse my language but, you smelled his cum, my pussy and even more, my bottom.”

“Oh Mom,” I’m sorry.

“Belle, you don’t understand, I’m not sorry, I’d still be there tonight if I could. Do you want me to tell you what it would be like?”

“Yes Mom, tell me.”

“Ok, after lunch he’d take me back upstairs, he’d take my little butt plug out and, if I’d been a good girl he wouldn’t spank me, he only spanked me once all week, then usually he’s take me anally. Sometimes he was rough with me. He could make me beg and cry but afterwards he always held me and let me know how much he cared for me. I really loved our evenings, he let me sit on the potty, sometimes I had to pee but mostly I just leaked, then he’d put me in the tub, bathe me, dry me with these big old fluffy bath sheets and massage me with some really nice smelling lotion. Belle, he made me feel like a queen, he did everything for me all I had to do was be there for him sexually. I don’t want to understate that though, my voice is still raspy from screaming and wailing and it wasn’t all because of pleasure. He hurt me, sometimes he screwed me so hard I thought I was gonna pass out and he kept me naked on the bed so he could have me whenever he wanted and, believe you me, he wanted. If I was awake he was in me and if I was asleep he was probably in me, between front and back I was probably fucked over fifty times this past week (actual count, sixty-two, one for each year of May’s age, Billy kept count), and I’m so sore and swollen that I can hardly walk.”

“Clarify some things for me please. You mentioned a butt plug, what’s that, I’ve never heard of them.”

“Belle, it’s pretty simple. They’re like a dildo but have a base so they don’t slip all the way up in you. I’d never ever had sex that way and it was pretty painful. Billy says his penis is seven inches long but it sure looks bigger and when he put it in me I guess the pain came from muscles being stretched. He made me wear it so I’d get used to having something in my bottom.”

“Hummm, I’d like to see one.”

“Oh, you can do that, he let me keep it, in fact it was in while Maggie was driving me home. He wants me to continue to use it so I can get better. It’s upstairs in my bedroom.”

“And the spanking?”

“That was more for me than for him. I’d done something wrong and I thought I’d earned the spanking so I insisted. He didn’t hit me very hard, it was really all show.”

“Did he take your panties down when he spanked?”

“Belle, this is embarrassing but, no, he started the spanking on my panties, he whacked me a few times then he just lowered the seat and I got a few more on my bare bottom.”

“What was it like, getting a spanking, I mean?”

“Belle, Honey, I was scared at first but when I realized he wasn’t going to hurt me, I relaxed. A lot of the things he did made me feel like a little girl who was being cared for and loved.”

“How so?”

“The spanking and my enemas, I was over his lap while he did them. I felt like I was surrendering myself to him. It was so, I don’t know, I guess they gave me release, I knew he could do whatever he wanted, that I was in his hands and I trusted him to care for me. And when he bathed me, dried me and massaged me with lotion I felt like a pampered princess, his pampered princess. I never felt like that before.”

“So, you liked the feeling of surrender?”

“When he did those things, yes, but sometimes no.”

“What happened then?”

“I liked giving myself in surrender but sometimes he just made me surrender.”

“What do you mean?”

“Belle, have you ever had a man riding you from behind, you on your knees, your head on the mattress while he was in you?”

“Sure, lots of times, I used to like doing it doggie.”

“Ok, but no. Let me ask you, have you ever had anal sex?”

“No, I think it’s dirty and demeaning, I wouldn’t do it.”

“I hadn’t either, not when I was younger but anyway, he wasn’t doing me doggie, not like you’re talking about, he was in my bottom. It hurt just going in but when he started riding me sometimes it was agony. I’d scream and cry and afterwards I looked like a wrung out rag, sweaty, a mess and while he was doing it you know there’s not a thing you can do to escape the assault. He could go so deep in me that my tummy would bulge when he thrust into me, I could feel it with my hand. Then it wasn’t me offering loving surrender it was him taking me, my body, my soul and my dignity.”

“So why did you take it?”

“All the rest, all the rest.”

“But you’d do it again?”

“At the first chance, yes I’d do it again, even with that.”

“And the messy panties? Why those?”

“Most of the time we didn’t wear anything. We just stayed in bed and had sex but, when we went downstairs to eat he let me wear my robe, slippers and panties so I wouldn’t drip all over the furniture, I mean, he kept me filled up with his semen and gravity did it’s work. He had me sit on the potty every day so I could leak into the toilet but sometimes I thought that was just so there’d be room for more.”

“He stayed there while you used the toilet, Mom, that sounds so gross.”

“It wasn’t so bad. I never had a bowel movement, not a normal one. I haven’t even gone since I’ve been home and probably won’t for another day or two, the enemas saw to that and most of the time he was busy preparing my bath.”

“What did you like best?”

“Psychologically I liked the attention but from a physical stand point I adored the oral he gave me. He did that to me at least once a day and he could make me see stars.”

Belle began to squirm in her chair as she said, “I used to like that, too but I didn’t get it much. He thought it was dirty and he said I smelled like a fish.”

“Not Billy, he loves my scent and my taste. He could go on me for hours, sometimes too long. He could make me beg him to stop when the sensations became overwhelming. He’d bring me to orgasm four or five times then the feelings could get too intense, too much pleasure.”

Belle was squirming harder, her mind wandering back over the years; recalling the exquisite feelings. She hadn’t even realized her hand had wandered until May said,

“For goodness sake, get your hand out of your panties.”

Up stairs, in the shadows Simone jerked her hand out of her pajama bottoms before she realized that Gram was talking to her mom.

“Come on, let’s go up to my room. I’ll show you my butt plug and a few other things.”

Simone was back in her bed before the adults started up.

“Shut the door, Honey,” May told her daughter.

She retrieved the butt plug. It was about four inches long and slender.

“He put this in me when we went downstairs.”

“That doesn’t look so bad Mom.”

“It isn’t, the hardest part is keeping it in when you’re walking.”

“Maybe I could try it, do you think?”

“Have you ever had an enema Belle? I know I never gave you one.”

“No, not even when Simone was born, why?”

“Because you’d want one before you put anything in your bottom.”

“Oh Mom, I wouldn’t need that, I just want to try it.”

“Belle, it can be messy and that’s a mess you don’t want. I can give you an enema if you want.”

“I’ll think about it. What else did you want to show me?”

May began undressing, when she was nude she laid down on the bed saying, “The effects of a week of constant sex. I still am anxious when I walk or sit,” she spread her legs.

“God Mom, you’re red and even a little swollen, does it hurt?”

“It stings a little when I pee but that’s all. I don’t mind though, it reminds me of the fun I had.”

Belle sat on the bedside beside her mother. “You really did like it didn’t you?”

Her breath had become ragged as she said, “Mom, do you think…, I mean everything but that butt stuff, I wouldn’t do that but the oral and other things, do you think…”

“Yes, I think. I think you want it and you need it but there are two things you need to know.”

Belle was stroking herself through her shorts, “What Mom?” She asked.

“First, have some lubricant close by, you’ll need it and, second, have an enema before you get together with him because I’ll assure you, you’ll be sodomized before he gets off you.”

“Oh Mom.”

“Belle, listen to your mother. Now go get one of my Fleet enemas, they’re under the sink in the bathroom.”

In a daze Belle did as her mother told her.

May was sitting on the bedside when Belle came back, she said, “Now, get the KY Jelly from the medicine cabinet.”

“Ok, now come here.”

May unfastened her daughter’s shorts and let them fall to the floor then she rolled her panties off, she let her keep her T-shirt and bra on.

“Ok, now over my lap.”

Belle started to object but May took her hand and pulled her down.

“Bell Honey, I’m going to use a little of the lube so the nozzle can go in smoothly. This may feel strange but it won’t hurt. I’m going to put a finger in you.”

Belle squirmed a little when May penetrated her, May chuckled, “Feels weird but kinda nice doesn’t it?”

“Well, at least the weird part.”

“I’m going to give you your enema now,” May said as she inserted the nozzle.

Finished May rubbed her daughter’s back.

“Just lie here for a few minutes, when you feel the urge go, get up and use the bathroom, ok?”

When her tummy started to roil, Belle jumped up and rushed to the toilet.

“Ok, back over my lap. This is where Billy would give my morning bath.”

May added a little more lube, slid the latex plug home and pressed on the base forcing it deeper and seating it.

Bell let out a little, “Unh,” at the new, strange feeling.

“Keep it in you tonight, sleep with it and I’ll take it out in the morning. Put some panties on, they will help hold it in you.”

“Night Mom,” Belle said as she opened the door to go to her room, her shorts and soiled panties were in her hand.

Once again our eavesdropping adolescent has struck. When the door to May’s room latched she’d listened at the door. She’d heard everything but had to really scamper when her mother came out.

Simone watched her Mom walk to her room, it was everything she could do to stifle a laugh. Maybelle’s bottom was bare and clenched as she shuffled down the hall.

In bed, Simone had a lot to deal with. She was pretty sure that her Mom, a beautiful cougar would have her teeth and claws out for Billy and Billy was Simone’s. She’d learned that Billy loved anal sex and she wondered how she could compete. Her Gram was one thing, but her Mom was something else completely.

For a moment she felt like a little girl lost. I mean she hadn’t even started her periods yet, she was a virgin and the thought of Billy putting his thing up her bootie terrified her. She was going to spend most of the next day with Billy, alone, just the two of them. She wondered if she should have an enema, too; but no, she didn’t even know how they worked. She did decide to wear some fancy panties, Billy might see them. Nervously she finally slept.

At breakfast the next morning she noticed when her Mom and Gram shared the grins of conspirators and her nervousness returned. It was even worse as they drove toward Billy’s house. Once there Maybelle said, “Ok kids, we’re going to shop then have lunch and shop some more. We’ll be back around five with sore feet and packages galore, see you then,” and they were off.

“Can I give you a little kiss Cutie” Billy asked as he greeted Simone.

Now that she was here, now that she knew what her mother was going to do, Simone was so nervous that she was afraid her bladder was about to fail her. She couldn’t live with the embarrassment if Billy saw her wet herself.

“Billy, I need to pee,” she said as she rushed to the bathroom. She was in such a hurry that she failed to close the door.

When she looked up Billy was standing in the doorway smiling at her.

“Go away,” she said.

Her flow had stopped at the shock of seeing him there but again, she was gushing.

“You’re cute, I don’t want to go away, I want to stand here and admire you.”

“You’re mean,” she told him.

“What, you don’t want me to like to look at you?”

“No, I want you to look at me, I like it when you look at me.”

“So why the complaints?”

She couldn’t help herself. She blurted out,

“Billy, I know what you and Gram did last week.”

“What are you talking about Cutie?”

“Mom figured it out, she wondered why Gram had so many pairs of dirty panties. She made Gram tell. I was upstairs but I heard everything. Did you really do it to her in her bootie and spank her, too?”

“Why don’t you wipe. We can go upstairs and talk.”

Billy turned and went to his room. The talk was going to be about sex, a lot of sex, maybe today was the day, Simone would be starting her period soon. He got a towel and the lube. He spread the towel on the top of the bed and laid the KY Jelly on his night stand.

When she walked in Billy called her to his side and asked, “What did you hear?”

“Everything Billy, I heard everything. How you two spent all week having sex and what you did to her.”

“What did you think?”

“First I was appalled but then I was aroused. I wished it had been me, all but the bootie part maybe but worse, it got Mom excited, too. I think she’s going to come after you. She told Gram everything sounded good except she wasn’t gonna do that butt stuff. So it worried me. I mean Mom’s so beautiful and I want you to be my guy, ok?”

“If I did, I mean with your Mom, what would you think?”

“It doesn’t bother me about Gram and, if you were still my guy I wouldn’t care about Mom either, why, do you want to do it?”

“Maybe, if I did would you want to watch?”

“Watch you with Mom, what would you do?”

“You know, the usual, like I did with May.”

“Everything you did with Gram? Mom told her that she wouldn’t have anything to do with anal.”

“Like I said, everything. I can be pretty persuasive if I need to be.”

“Billy, do you want to do that to me, too?”

“Does the thought of it scare you?”

“Honest, it scares the pee out of me but I’m going to have to learn how, aren’t I?”

“There’s no rush Cutie.”

“Billy, I think there is. I want to be able to take good care of you. Maybe you could get one of those things you gave Gram for me.”

“You’d need an enema first.”

“I know, I listened last night. Mom slept with Gram’s in her. Gram made her have an enema before she’d put it in.”

He smiled at her as he said, “Come over here Cutie.” He pulled her over his lap.

“What are you doing Billy?”

“Just lie still and enjoy,” he told her as he began massaging her buttocks.

Once she was totally relaxed he gripped the elastic waistband of her shorts and saying, “Let’s get rid of these,” as he took them down and over her feet.

She was glad she’d worn her fancy panties. They were a pale lavender with lace trim and they were being gently rubbed.

“Does this feel good Cutie,” he asked.

It did, it did feel good and she was getting a little tingle between her legs in response.

After a few minutes he said, “Let me take your T-shirt off, I want to see your cute little boobbies.”

“Only if you take off yours, too. I like your chest.”

Simone knew she was perilously close. Sure she still had her panties but Billy’s hand was lower. He pressed against her little rosebud and then was between her legs.

She caught her breath, she was twelve, she was a virgin and she was frightened. She knew that tomorrow she’d still be twelve but she was sure she wouldn’t be a virgin, she said,

“You’re going to do it to me aren’t you Billy?”

“Do you want me to,” he asked.

“I don’t know, it’s kinda scary, you know?”

“It’ll be ok Cutie,” he said as he stood with her in his arms. He lowered her to the mattress then dropped his shorts.

He sprung to attention as Simone gasped, “You’re so big Billy, you’ll hurt me.”

“I want to see all of your beautiful body,” he said as he slowly began to remove her fancy lavender panties, at first she grabbed for the waist band. He paused then leaned to kiss her.

“Don’t fight me Cutie, it’s time, I want to unwrap your most precious gift to me.”

She stared at him anxiously, did he like what he was seeing. How could he possible want her when he could have her Mom. She was still bald on her mons veneris, her hips were narrow and boyish and her breasts were not much more than nubbins.

He crawled onto the bed and laid beside her. He took her into his arms.

Her voice was quivery as she whispered, “Will it hurt me Billy?”

I’m not going to lie to you Cutie, when I go in you it will probably hurt and, when I break your hymen you’ll probably bleed but I’ll be as gentle as possible.

As he talked, he was rubbing her between her legs. She spread them wider so he could touch her better.

He nuzzled her tiny breasts causing her nipples to swell, she sighed as he moved over her tummy, her tummy was turning flip flops as he rubbed her abdomen. She momentarily wondered if that was where Gram was able to feel him in her. He moved down until he split her lips with the tip of his tongue, she caught her breath and mouthed,

“Oooooh God Billy.”

In just a few moments her little body trembled and the muscles of her belly rippled like a washboard. She came hard with a rush of breath, “Oooooooooo, oh God, oh God, oh God,” as her hips flailed. Billy held her down and stayed on her until she’d climaxed a second time then he moved up and kissed her.

“It’s time Cutie, I’m going to use a little lubricant to make it easier for you.”

He got the KY.

Smoothing some on her and using his index finger to put a little up in her, he started to strum her small clit with his thumb.

As her excitement rose he whispered, “Relax Cutie, I’m going to put a finger in your bottom.”

Simone didn’t even question why. She knew he was starting to get her ready, not for what they were about to do but what they would try in the future. She gave a little sigh as his finger slid in.

Billy’s thumb buzzed over her little clit then her young body spasmed with yet another climax. He took his finger out of her and laid between her legs.

“I want you to spread your legs out wide for me,” he said as he moved up.

He ran the head of his cock along her slit then poised the head at her tiny opening.

Leaning forward he enwrapped her with his arms and whispered in her ear, “I’m going into you now. It may hurt.”

With firm steady pressure he worked his way into her a little way. When he met resistance he knew he was at her hymen. He stopped and kissed her.

Her eyes were tightly closed and she was in obvious discomfort. She was such a young, small girl and, for a fourteen year old he was huge.

She heard him say, “I’m sorry Cutie but I have to hurt you now.” He thrust his hips forward.

Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, she emitted a huge gasp and then a moan as he broke her hymen but his lips immediately met hers and he said,

“I love you Simone, thank you for this. I know today will always be the best day of my life.

He kissed each of her eyes and held her. As she began to relax he started to stroke slowly and gently, using less than half of his cock. Patiently he worked more into her. It took a while because he kept it slow but finally she’d accepted all of him.

“I’m in Cutie, are you ok?” He asked.

“It hurts Billy but it’s what I want to do, God, I love you so much.”

He began to stroke her, longer strokes now that he was in. Billy was sure that Simone wouldn’t cum this first time with the pain she was feeling, that was why he’d given her so much tongue. He was harder than he could ever remember being, Simone’s legs were splayed wide, he was completely in his young virgin, he pistoned his hips, his Cutie moaned softly as he fucked her.

“I’m going to cum Cutie, gonna cum in my Cutie, gonna cum, gonna cum,” as he blasted into her, he pumped her until he was completely drained, and even then he stayed, enjoying her young body.

Billy was one satisfied guy, he thought,

This is fantastic. Simone, my young girlfriend, even before her first period, her virginity given to him. God, I’m getting stiff again and I’m still in her, again he began to stroke and Simone resumed her little moans.

“How does it feel to you now, Cutie,” I asked her.

“I ache a little but the sharp pain’s faded, it really only hurt bad when you came in.”

“I came in you, did you know?”

“Oh Billy, I could tell. Your thing jerked up and down and your cum was hot going into me. I liked that and I already know I’ll miss the feeling when you start using condoms.”

Simone had not had her first period, she wasn’t yet fertile but they’d decided that after her menarche Billy would have to use condoms, they thought, at age twelve Simone might be too young or have difficulty securing birth control.

“I know, me too. I don’t think any guy really likes a condom but we’ll do what we have to do.”

Simone brought her legs around Billy’s hips, “Cum in me again,” she said. Twelve, twelve years old but Simone felt so like a grown up. She had a handsome boyfriend and she was giving herself to him.

I wanted Cutie to have a little fun if she could, I rolled onto my back carrying her with me, she was on top now. I said, “Ridem Cowgirl.”

It wasn’t with complete abandon that Simone rode me, I guess she was too sore, but she seemed to be having fun as she slid up and down. I guess it was more like pole dancing than rodeo riding, whatever, it was fun for both of us.

I was pumping cum into her when Cutie had her first orgasm from intercourse and it was pretty spectacular as she trembled, quivered and quaked sitting on my groin with my seven inches skewering her. Drained, she fell forward onto my chest and I held her.

We laid together for quite a while. It was a big step for my girl, so we talked about love in spite of our youth, how much we meant to each other and the feelings we shared. We agreed that mutual honesty was the most important component of a successful relationship and, almost immediately she put me to the test.

I had to decide, honesty or maintain my most intimate secret.

Simone wanted to talk about sex, that is my sexual experiences since hers were limited to what had just occurred.

Truthfully mine were pretty limited, too. My time with May and also with my Mom. I didn’t want to talk about Mom but I did elaborate on the time I’d spent with her Gram, emphasizing the anal aspect and how she’d dealt with the rough play. I was diverting the conversation, avoiding hearing, “anyone else?” I wanted to avoid lying to Cutie but I didn’t want to tell her about Mom, not yet, anyway.

Fortunately she asked for more information about May and me and she told me about more conversations between May and Maybelle. According to Simone Maybelle wanted to make a move on me but May was advising caution.

“Belle Honey, I know you think you can handle any situation, that you’re a tough gal and all that, and you are. But Billy, even if he’s still a kid don’t play. The first time he moved behind me I wasn’t worried. It was the second time, when I knew what was coming that I nearly peed myself.”

“I’m not worried Mom, it won’t happen with me. I mean I’m a mean ole cougar, I can handle young boys, right?” She chuckled, then added with a shudder, “At least I hope so, ‘cause Mom, the thought of being sodomized terrorizes me.”

“So, do you think your Mom is going to do something or is she scared?” I asked.

“I know Mom, she’ll make a move. She’ll talk herself out of any worries, she really does think of herself as a tough cougar and she’s not going to be intimidated by some teenager; that’s how she’ll think.”

“How about you, do I scare you, too Cutie.”

“Billy, I think you’re a pussy cat, you don’t scare me even a little bit.”

I got up and got a washcloth, there was a little blood down the inside of Simone’s thighs and on her vagina, I cleaned her then gave it a little kiss saying, “Such a pretty little flower.”

Then we spooned, Simone dozed off for a little while, it seems like girls are like cats, either eating or sleeping, but I just daydreamed:

If I had a sexual wish bucket I was, at the age of fourteen, well on my way.

I think every guy at some time has impure thoughts about his mother, I know I sure had, but now she was my lover.

Then May. The very first time I saw anal sex on the Internet I was hooked. Sweet, tight bootie. I’d gotten plenty from May and I had high hopes of adding Maybelle, Simone and Mom to this list.

And any dude that denies the desire for a virgin in lying. I was laying in bed with my first. Even then I knew I’d never duplicate what had happened this morning. Maybe there would be other virgins, who knew, but none like Simone, none who’s first vaginal blood was from the loss of her virginity rather than from her first period

I was holding her but I hugged her closer, she really was precious to me.

She stretched and yawned, again just like a little cat. I wanted her immediately. I turned her onto her tummy, I wanted her from behind but she wanted up, she needed the potty.

From in the bathroom she asked me to bring her little purse. I did and from it she took out a pair of cotton panties and a panty shield to protect from her bleeding. She wanted to go downstairs, have something to drink and talk. She was a little too sore to go again immediately, so, down we went. I brewed coffee for myself but Simone wanted orange juice.

“Billy, I feel a little strange. It’s like I’ve lost something but I’ve gained even more, does that make any sense to you?”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I did, the first time it hurt like fire but when you put me on top it was nice. I guess I liked the feeling of control I got being on top, is that weird?”

“No Cutie, that’s not weird, I think we all feel more confident when we feel in control, I know I do, too.”

Simone had no idea how prophetic her words and feelings were, yes, being in control was empowering, conversely…

We went back upstairs. I laid down on my tummy and Billy rubbed my back. He nibbled on my neck and caressed my bottom. I still had my panties on, not my fancy panties, just white cotton, but his hands on me felt so nice, I was in heaven. Then he straddled my hips and he leaned over me.

I felt his rising erection against my bottom, his stiffness was in the slot of my anal crack, his hands circled my chest as he fondled my small breasts. When he gave me a sharp nip on the back of my neck I felt his cock jump then his hands were on my hips.

He pulled me up onto my knees then pulled my body back toward him, it was like he’d rolled me into a tight ball. His hands were on my shoulders and his groin was pressed against my bottom. I still had my panties but he felt huge against my crack, I didn’t feel like I could move, it was as if his hands were restraining me, I’d talked about how good it had felt when I was in control. Now, I felt virtually helpless and when he rolled my panties down to mid thigh and his cock touched my rosebud, flesh on flesh I knew, I experienced Gram’s terror. I knew what my Mom feared, I was trembling, I just knew my anal virginity was about to be lost and I wasn’t ready.

Suddenly I felt like a little twelve year old girl, scared and ready to cry. Like I was waiting a spanking but worse, far, far worse as his huge cock rubbed up and down against me. Billy was holding me up then he told me to reach back and hold myself open for him. No, I thought, I can’t do it. He gave me a little pat on my bottom and said it again. Right then I was sure I was going to get that spanking, I reached back with both hands.

I could feel the cool air from the air conditioned as I exposed my all and everything to him then he pressed against me.

I’ve never felt such relief in my life, not before and never since. His penis parted the lips of my pussy and he was buried in my vagina. I was sore but still it was wonderful as he slowly pumped me, the pleasure tinged with a little fear and I was high on adrenalin and sexual arousal. I only took moments before my little cunt was contracting as I climaxed. Billy just stayed in me until I’d gotten my cookies two more times then he rode me down to the mattress.

I couldn’t open my legs very wide, my panties still had them trapped but it didn’t seem to matter. I raised my bottom to make it easier for him. He was saying the sweetest things in my ear as he laid over my back. His weight was on me and I knew what total surrender really was. His cock in my pussy was wonderful but, I knew he could do anything with me he wanted to. I could only imagine how Gram had felt when he was in her bottom. I knew that if that was what he was doing to me, I’d be in tears at the very least. Pleasure and fear, and I came again, this time Billy joined me.

He flopped onto his back and I climbed up on his chest. I wanted to see his eyes when I said what I had to say.

“Billy, you scared me. I thought you were gonna, you know, use my bottom like you did Gram. Did you mean to frighten me?”

All I got in response was an enigmatic little smirk. I think he did mean to intimidate me; if so, he succeeded.

Then I said, “And you whacked my bottom, why?”

“You hadn’t done what I’d asked you to do.”

“So, if I don’t do what you want you’re going to spank me, it that how it’s gonna be?”

“Simone, I don’t want to rule your life but sometimes you can be a feisty, contrary little woman. So, I imagine that, as we go through our life together…”

My heart leapt, “We’re going to share our life together?” I’d never heard words that sounded so sweet.

“I want to, do you?” He asked.

“More than anything Billy, you know I love you.”

“And I love you Cutie, but, understand, if I think you need it I will discipline you. You’re a woman to me, my woman but you are twelve and sometimes you act like it so, if my woman conducts herself like a twelve year old adolescent she’ll get a trip over my lap.”

Even as he said that I knew. If he’d spank Gram he’d certainly spank me. In fact, I’d have been amazed if I’d made it through the day without a reddened bottom. I missed my calling, I should have been a soothsayer.

I’d skipped breakfast, the juice was all I’d had and I was hungry, I asked Billy if he could fix me a sandwich, so we went downstairs.

I hoped no one came home early, I was only wearing my panties as I sat eating a ham sandwich. Billy teased me about my sexy attire. I laughed along and even commented on his beautiful boxer shorts, we were having fun but then something happened.

I don’t know, my tummy started to hurt, my crotch was sore, my head ached. I thought back about how he’d scared me and suddenly I got snippy with him.

“Hey, chill, Cutie,” he said to me, “There’s nothing to get upset about.”

“Not for you maybe but I just got fucked for the first time and my belly hurts.”

“I can rub it for you, that might help, do you want me to?”

“Right now I don’t want your hands on me, you’re the one that made me hurt.”

“Ah, it sorta takes two to tango. If I remember right you were there and a willing partner, too.”

“Don’t remind me. You were mean to me and you scared me and now you’re being a prick.”

“My aren’t you the bitchy one?”

“Are you calling me a bitch?” I stormed at him and I slapped him.

Thinking back, the whole episode was my fault. Yes, my tummy did hurt but that was no excuse for the language and the slap. He lost his smile and took my hand, squeezing it he said, “I think we need to go back upstairs,” and I knew my first spanking was imminent.

He nearly dragged me upstairs and back to his room saying I was acting out. I was behaving like a bad girl and, he asked, “What happens to bad little girls?”

“Billy, I’m not a little girl, I’m your woman now, aren’t I?”

He sat on the bed and made me stand between his spread legs then said,

“Simone, you hurt, I understand that. When I don’t feel well sometimes I’m a little snappy, too, but that’s not what this is about, is it?”

“What do you mean Billy,” I asked.

“Respect, I respect you and I expect the same. You swore at me, called me a name and slapped me, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry Billy, no, I shouldn’t use that kind of language and I certainly shouldn’t have hit you.”

“Simone, let me ask you; if you were at home and did that kind of thing around Maybelle, what would happen?”

Billy knew one of our little family secrets, he knew what my Mom would do.

My voice was a little girl’s, I felt like a little girl when I answered, “You know what she’d do, Mommy would spank me.”

Yes, even though I was twelve my mother still applied corporal punishment in liberal doses, over the knee spankings with my panties down then to bed. I wondered if he’d make me go to bed, too.

“Come over my lap Simone.”

At least I still had my panties, I thought, as I crawled into position.

And he let me keep my panties, although they were only thin cotton they offered some scant protection.

He spanked pretty hard. I got five on each cheek and I was squirming on his lap by the time he stopped…I thought. He kept a hand on my back and held me in place until I’d stopped squirming, and then…

Down to my knees, my bottom was bare, my panties were at my knees and the spanking started again.

This time I got ten firm whacks on each cheek, he alternated from one to the other, I was in tears by the time he stopped. He turned me and lifted me into his arms then kissed my leaking eyes until I was quiet.

“You ARE my woman Cutie and I love you.”

And, strangely, I don’t think I’ve felt more loved.

Then Billy stood up with me still in his arms and carried me to the bathroom, saying, “I’m going to give you a bath, it should make you feel better.”

He sat me on the potty and took my panties the rest of the way off. To my surprise I had to tinkle, so there I sat with urine and cum flowing from me and Billy holding my hand. It was the first time since I was a small child that I’d peed with someone else in the room and I knew how Gram had felt, it was weird.

He started my bath and filled it while I dripped.

But then I experienced what Gram had talked about. I did feel like a pampered princess when he flushed for me and carried me to my bath. Billy got in with me. His hands felt so soft as he washed me, his lips were searing when he lifted me out, kissed me and dried me then he swept me up and deposited me on the bed. He pulled the sheet over me, the A/C was chilly, while he went to get some body lotion.

As he massaged me I smiled, the spanking was worth it for this treatment, it was so intimate, so sensual and so relaxing. My eyes were drooping, maybe I was too relaxed. Billy slid in beside me and rolled me onto my tummy.

“Let’s start over Cutie,” he said, “Reach back and hold yourself open.”

I wondered what he was going to do; I gave a little jump when I felt his tongue on my anus.”

He patted my bottom and said, “Just relax and enjoy.”

Funny, I did enjoy, I know it sounds dirty but I liked his tongue against me, probing me. It was totally different that when he was in front but it was really nice then he wrapped his arm under me and masturbated me while I felt his mouth on me. He made me cum like that then rolled me on my side and got up behind me.

“Arch your back for me Cutie,” he instructed.

He slid into me from behind then massaged my tummy while he slowly stroked.

As he got ready, he kissed the back of my neck and whispered, “I’m going to cum in you again Cutie.”

I felt his cock jerk in me then it pulsed as he filled me with his semen.

We took a little nap but never bothered to get out of bed until it was nearing five. The adults would soon be home.

I think we did it seven times. I was cum filled and walking funny by the time I put my panties, shorts and T-shirt back on. We were out by the pool with soft drinks when Mom, Gram and Maggie came in.

Mom asked, “So what did you guys do today.”

“Oh, not much, we just laid around,” I said in at least partial honesty, after all, we really had laid around.

Billy volunteered to grill some burgers if we wanted to stay for dinner and we all agreed. He fixed some frozen French fries and canned baked beans along with corn on the cob, but while we were eating I heard Gram say something to Mom. My ears pricked up when I heard Billy’s name.

What I heard was, “Belle, do you suppose you can keep Maggie and Simone busy for a little while. When I knew we were coming over here I gave myself a little enema ‘cause I wanted to spend some quality time with Billy, please Honey, help me here.”

“What Mom, you’re gonna give him your bootie?”

“Belle, you know what I’ve warned you about. When you’re with Billy you don’t give your bootie, he takes it. God my guts are already churning and I know, if I can get some time with him he’ll make them churn even more.”

She glanced at me but I tried to act nonchalant, I didn’t want her to guess that I’d overheard.

When it wasn’t obvious I sidled over to Billy, “Let me help with the clean-up,” I said.

“Hey, Cutie, I appreciate the offer but you don’t need to,” he said.

“I want to talk to you dummy.” I whispered.

“Ok, sure, I’d like the help.”

Once we were in the kitchen out of earshot of the pool area I asked, “You up to a little bootie tonight?”

“Oh, yeah, the Billy’s always up for bootie but, I’m afraid you’re not ready yet Cutie.”

“Not me Silly,” and I told him what I’d overheard, even the part about the enema.

“You don’t mind?” He asked.

“Remember, I told you before, Mom and Gram are no problem for me so long as you stay “My Guy.”

Then a prurient image and thought struck me.

“Billy, can I watch?”

It struck Billy that most guys think girls don’t like porn. Bullshit, the right kind was as stimulating to a gal as to a guy and, to Simone it seemed that seeing her adults was the right kind. He already knew she was salivating at the thought of watching Maybelle but now she wanted to see her grandmother being sodomized.

“Ok, I’ll use Mom’s room, she’ll bitch about it later probably but you need to get into her closet. My closet door is solid but hers is louvered and I’ll leave the bedside light on.”

I walked back out by the pool.

“Mom, I’m going to walk up to the 7-11, Billy’s going to be busy in the kitchen for a while and I want some Skittles, ok?”

“I don’t really like the idea of you walking the road after dark Simone.”

“Mooom,” I whined, “This is a nice neighborhood, I’ll be safe and besides I’m faster than a deer, if anyone even looks at me I’ll run like the wind.”

“Oh, ok, go but hurry back.”

Off I went, back through the house, I slammed the front door in case anyone was listening then used that speed I’d bragged about to streak up the stairs.

Gram must move fast when she wants to, too. In less than five minutes she and Billy came in.

“God, I’ve missed you Billy,” I heard her say.

“Hey, I’ve missed you, too,” Billy replied.

He already had her dress unbuttoned and pooled on the floor and was working on her brassiere.

She only had her panties on when he put his hands on her shoulders, with a little pressure she dropped to her knees in front of him.

As she unfastened his shorts I heard her say, “I’ll gag Billy, I still can’t swallow.”

“Just get me good and hard Mama, we won’t finish this way, ok?”

She pulled his flaccid penis out and took it into her mouth. When he was rigid he lifted her to her feet then guided her to the bed. He dropped her shorts.

Gram was whimpering, “Please, fuck me Billy.”

His smile was radiant when he said, “Just let me unwrap your goodies,” as he took her panties off and mounted her.

She was moaning and groaning as he pounded into her. Her fur was black and gray, wild and untrimmed. Her lips were a whole lot darker than mine, he had her legs pushed up so they were against her breasts, she was so open that if he’d pull his cock out I could give her a gyno exam when she climaxed the first time. She was out of breath and begging for mercy by the time she came again and again. She was spent.

He leaned forward, kissing first each of her breasts and then her lips.

“Was that good for you Mama?” I heard him ask.

“Oh God, I’ve missed this Billy, you’re so good.”

He laid down beside her and slowly revolved her onto her tummy, she was facing me and I could read the tinge of fear in her eyes as he reached for the lubricant on the nightstand.

Her butt was large and round, he opened her, I could see her rosebud. I watched as he dribbled the KY Jelly onto her. He buried his finger and she made a little moaning sound. He added more of the lube and a second finger. I could read her face and she was scared.

“Not too rough Billy, please.”

He pulled his fingers out and, lifting her hips said, “Come up here for me Mama.”

She knew what he wanted but I could see her trepidation. I’d overheard her talking to Mom and I knew this was the position she most feared, that it was like this when he played rough. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to see. Gentle sex or my grandmother reduced to sniveling and crying.

He positioned her, on her knees, her legs only slightly spread, her breasts flat on the mattress and, with her back arched her bottom high.

I’d never seen it before, when a man goes into a woman. He was holding her hips, he guided his cock to her opening and thrust.

“Noooooo,” Gram wailed as I watched his cock pop into her. He pushed forward.

I watched in awe as each additional inch opened her and imagined how it must feel. Her pain was obvious, I knew it wasn’t going to be gentle sex. Billy was going to put on a show for me.

When he was complete in her he stopped, I heard him ask, “Does that feel good Mama, does Mama like her belly full?”

“Oh Billy, please,” she gasped.

As he started to pump her I was surprised when he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her so that I could see her belly, then I understood, this was for me.

He took her hand and put it against her lower abdomen then pumped her hard, “Feel it Mama, feel me in you?”

She only moaned.

He took her hand away and I could see movement, it like something was alive in her, then he lowered her back into position.

Billy fucked her for about fifteen minutes, I was afraid Mom wouldn’t keep Maggie busy. I had no idea that Maggie wasn’t about to come close to this room, that she knew what was going on and, that if she ever saw it she’d be next.

I thought Billy was about to cum. It had been rough but nothing like Gram had said to Mom but then, Billy brought his feet up so they were beside her and rose into a squat. Gram felt him shift and knew what was coming.

“Please Billy, no,” she begged.

He slapped her bottom and said, get it up here for me.

She arched her bottom higher and wailed as he started to pound her.

Gram was panting like a bitch in heat as he rode her, her pendulous breasts were bouncing and swinging every time he stroked into her and finally, she broke.

With a mournful wail she broke into tears, her sobs were pitiful like a little kitten in pain she mewled, pleading for mercy, for him to stop, but he didn’t not ‘til he came.

He roared like a horny lion as he poured his cum into her, he stroked, continuing to fuck her as long as he still had any juice then he rode her down to the mattress. When he pulled out he held her butt cheeks apart so I could see. She was gaped open, I could look right into her and see his cum, then slowly she began to close.

Gram curled up in the fetal position, still sobbing. Billy rubbed her back, I heard him say,

“You were spectacular Mama.”

Amazing, utterly amazing, she rolled onto her back so she could see him and said, “You really think so Billy? You really think I’m spectacular?”

He kissed her and said, “The best mama, you’re the best.”

She pulled him down to her, hugged him and kissed him and whispered, “I think Maybelle wants you, too, do you want her? She says she wants to but she won’t give up her bootie. I told her, with you she doesn’t have to give it up, that you’ll take it but she says that won’t happen, not to her.”

Gram was a mess, her pussy was leaking and so was her bootie, her eyes were swollen and her face was a mess but she got up and pulled her panties on saying, “Maybe we should get back before we’re missed, you think?”

“I think, but use the bathroom first, you might want to wash your face and brush your hair.”

“Mama needs to pee pee, too, are you coming with me?”

When they disappeared into the bathroom I scampered back downstairs.

Mom asked where my Skittles were. In tune with the current news I told her that George Zimmerman had taken from me.

She gave me “The Look,” so, I said, ok, I ate them.

A little later Gram tottered down the stairs on unsteady legs, I went to her and asked, “Are you ok Gram?”

“I wasn’t feeling well after dinner so I laid down for a little while,” she told me, “Maybelle, I think I need to go home to bed,” she added.

Maybe because I knew but she reeked of sex and mostly it was the fecund scent of her freshly abused bottom. I wondered if Mommy and I would smell, too.

The ladies had gone, Billy had cleaned up and Maggie had gone to her room and dressed for bed. Billy went upstairs. Maggie was already under the sheet, she called,

“Son, could you come in here for a minute?”

I sat down beside her.

“You had May in here again, didn’t you, I can smell her.”

“Mom, did you get your nose from a bloodhound?”

“Roll over and I’ll give you a back rub while we talk,” I answered.

She rolled, I rubbed and she iterated, “Are you going to answer me?”

“Mom, we all have our fantasies, don’t we.”

She looked at me and she knew, she knew that I’d figured out what she fantasized about, I’d found her videos.

It was an obvious question but still one she was afraid to ask.

“What do you mean son, you’re not fantasizing, the funk in this room tells me that.”

Should I take the chance, could I take the chance? I was a pretty big guy, I was having sex with her but I was still her fourteen year old son, how would she react? Only one way to find out.

“Oh, I still have my fantasy Mommy,” I said as I slowly rubbed her bottom through her nightie, “And you do, too.”

I was surprised by her reply, “Maybe mine will never be fulfilled but willingly or not, one of these days you’re going to act on yours, aren’t you.”

I took off my clothes and laid down beside her asking, “Can I sleep with you tonight Mommy?”

She pulled the sheet back and let me under.

We were quiet for a while before she asked, “How do you know I fantasize?”

“I’m a snoopy teenager, I found your videos.”

“They’re in my panty drawer, what were you doing in there?”

“Checking out your panties, of course.”

“Did you like them?”

“The panties or the videos?”

“Either one.”

“Well, the panties were pretty but I like them a whole lot better with you in them.”

She was shy, she even turned her head aside so I couldn’t see her face when she asked, “And the videos?”

“Well, Mom, they really don’t appeal to me. Is that really your fantasy?”

“I guess it is, they’re kinda scary, aren’t they?”

“To say the least. Is that really something you’d want to have happen to you?”

“Billy, it’s a fantasy, I get excited watching but to have it really happen, it would probably scare the pee out of me.”

“I could make it happen for you if you want, do you?”

“Billy, you’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“Of course Mommy, of course.”

All of her videos were the same type. Rape scenes where the pretty All-American housewife is asleep when she’s awakened by an intruder. The intruder is always a black man wearing a ski mask and armed with a knife. What is distinctive is the victim is raped by a man with a huge cock that leaves her moaning. Every one.

I asked, “Do you really think you’d want to be raped by a foot long cock? I mean, you and I have had sex a lot of times and you’re still pretty tight for a Mommy, would he use a lubricant or something?”

“Billy, please, it’s only a fantasy, stop it.”

I was rubbing her bottom and could tell, she was grinding her groin against the mattress.

“Your panties are wet right now just from thinking about it aren’t they Mommy?”

“Stop Billy,” she pled.

Without another word I tugged her panties off, rolled her onto her back and mounted her. Mom didn’t believe in or trust birth control so I always used a condom with her but as I stroked her I kissed her cheek and whispered,

“I’m going to cum in you Mommy, I’ll give you a Plan B pill in the morning, I have some in my room.”

Being bareback in my Mom for the first time was incredible. I fucked her long and slow until her breathing became ragged and she went,

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

She was juicy, her pussy was like a swamp. I continued to take it slowly until she came a second time then I sped up, deeper, harder and faster, I pulled her legs up so she’d get all I could offer. I certainly couldn’t compete with her fantasy but my seven inches seemed to be doing the job as she and I came together.

As I pulled out, I slid down saying, “Let me look, Mommy.”

I spread her legs, after she’d cum three times plus my semen she had a beautiful cream pie.

“God, that felt good Billy, it really does feel better without a condom, doesn’t it. Maybe we can use the Plan B pills again.”

”We can but they’re not the surest thing. I know how you feel about birth control pills and I understand. Not the most effective method and there can be some side effects. But I want you to make an appointment with a gynecologist and have an IUD inserted. I’ve checked them out. They’re the most effective method, side effects are almost unknown and they last for around seven years. Promise me you’ll do it, I wouldn’t mind if you got pregnant and you certainly can afford another kid but I’m not so sure you’d be happy about it, so make the appointment Mom.”

“Billy, you know me.”

“Yes, I do know you. You make the call and the appointment the first thing next week.”

“Or what?”

I laughed, saying, “Or I’ll call you a bad girl and give you the spanking you well deserve.”

“Billy, I’m getting better.”

And she was, since we’d started having sex she wasn’t nearly as depressed, she was drinking far less and only went to the casino once a week. I was proud of her and I told her so.

“Come over and hold me, I want to feel loved,” she said.

“You know I love you Son but sometimes you scare me, did you know that?”

“Why would I scare you Mommy, I’m your son and I love you to pieces, I’d do anything for you.”

“Billy, it’s not for me that worries me, it’s to me. I’ve never done what you want. Not with any boy friends, not even with your father or my other husbands but with what you’ve done with May I just know that if you want it, you’ll take it, tell me I’m wrong.”

“I’ll be gentle with you Mommy.”

And that told her what she wanted to know. One of these days her son would take her, she’d feel the pain she feared as he went into her that first time. She could hear her own moans echoing in her mind, she could imagine his weight on her back. She’d seen enough first time videos that she knew what to expect.

They slept together, when they awakened he caressed her and said, “You know that Plan B pill wouldn’t know if it was taking care of once or twice,” as he cupped her sex.

She smiled at him, “No, I guess it wouldn’t, would it but Mommy has to potty first.”

She got up but he followed her. She waited for him to leave but he didn’t and the pressure on her bladder was painful. She sat.

He took her hand and put it on his penis saying, “Get me hard for you Mommy, get me hard.”

So, while she peed she masturbated him.

He folded a pad of toilet tissue, wiped her, flushed and, hand in hand they walked back to the bed.

“I could give you a bath and a massage first, would you like that?” He asked.

It did sound good, after sex last night she wanted a bath and her thirty-seven year old muscles were crying for a massage.

“Please Billy, that sounds fantastic.”

He started filling the tub, even adding some of her scented bath salts.

He got in with her telling her he was there to scrub her back. He lathered all of her interesting curves and niches with special attention to her vulva and bottom then helped her out and dried her off before leading her back to the bed.

Her massage started at her neck then her shoulders. Her breasts came in for special handling and a kiss. Her nipples were swollen and straining as he moved to her flanks and belly then down first leg and the other.

“Done, flip over,” he told her.

Here, he started at her feet, rubbing ‘til she cooed then up her calves followed by her thighs. He skipped her bottom for now and went directly to her back, when he worked her shoulders and neck she sighed with pleasure.

Now to her bottom. He manipulated both buttocks simultaneously, letting her cheeks spread as he did so. Her rosebud was tight and pink, he moved his hands lower and parted her thighs before returning to her tush. He worked her until she began to squirm and her nether lips were moistened with her juices then he said,

“Relax Mommy, this won’t hurt,” as he held her open and rimmed her. He continued to massage her as he rimmed her.

It was the first time a man had even touched her there and Maggie wasn’t sure how about it. Like he’d said, it didn’t hurt, in fact it felt kinda nice in a weird way, she gave a little jump when the tip of his tongue penetrated her but that didn’t hurt either, it just tickled but, almost against her will she was getting aroused.

She was a little surprised when he rolled her onto her back but, when his tongue found her clitoris she was in heaven.

He moved down from her clit, nibbling and tugging at first one labium then the other. He laved her vulva, tongued her vagina then licked across her perineum. She was already bouncing when he was again at her anus, he left it moistened as he moved back up to her clit.

She was swollen and sensitive, her little pearl was glistening when he took it between his lips and sucked like he was nursing, bringing her to a trembling, quivering orgasm. He’d pressed his middle finger against her anus, the contractions from her orgasm sucked his finger in.

She knew he’d penetrated her but the constant stimulation to her clit was all she was thinking about. Even as he started finger fucking her tight little hole all she wanted to do was scream and wail in ecstasy as a series of huge orgasms rumbled through her. His incredible tongue was lapping up her nectar as it poured from her. She hadn’t even been aware, the other sounds she was making,

Sigh like she was going, “Un, un, un, un,” In rhythm with his finger.

She opened her eyes, he was watching her, he was no longer licking at her vagina, the only thing still going was his finger, her sounds were sensual and sexy. She was cumming again just from the finger in her bottom. He pulled out, laid over her body, kissed her and asked, “You ok, Mommy?”

“You’re going to do it now, aren’t you?”

“No, not yet, you’re not ready, when I go in you I want you to enjoy it, the whole experience.”

“What do you need to do?”

“Let’s just say that I’ll clean you out and open you up.”

“Sometimes I feel like you’re the adult and I’m the child, you know.”

“No, tell me.”

“Really, Billy, you’ve sorta taken over. I wasn’t doing a very good job, was I? But even before we started you were becoming the adult. I lazed around feeling sorry for myself, then got dressed up and went to the casino. All I did was lose money and get drunk. Look at me, I’m even fat. Too much booze, too much fast food, just too much, full stop. I’ve let myself go, haven’t I?”

“Maybe just a little but you’re still the hottest MILF I know.”

“What in the world is a MILF?”

“Ah don’t be embarrassed but it means “Mother I’d Like to Fuck,” and all my buddies say that about you.”

“Billy,” she gasped, “I don’t know whether to be complimented or enraged.”

“Oh, go with complimented, it’s just young guys acknowledging that they think you’re still a hottie.”

“Well, what about Maybelle?”

I thought, Aha, now I know who she views as her competition.

“Well, yeah, I guess she qualifies as a MILF, too.”

“Anyhow, you were already doing the things a Mom’s suppose to do. When did you take over the laundry, what, when you were nine? And the cooking, I think you were ten. I don’t even clean, instead I have Lucy come two days a week for the inside and Manuel once a week for the lawn and outside. And there I was, feeling pretty worthless, sometimes I even considered taking all of my pills, it was like life held nothing for me. I had you and I love you with all my heart but I felt like an abject failure. No luck with men, no work to occupy me, nothings but vodka and the slots and not a hellava lot of luck at the slots either. To anyone on the outside it would sound crazy but that first time, the first time you went in me may have saved me. I knew at least one guy loved me. I mean I already knew you loved me like a son loves his mother but, after that night, well, after that night I knew there was at least one guy that not only loved me but wanted to be between the sheets with me, too. Sounds crazy, I know but, who knows, I may be crazy.”

“Mom, look at how things have gone so far. You’re happy, at least most of the time, you mostly only have a few glasses of wine instead of 1.5 liters of vodka and, by only going to the casino one night a week you’re savings thousands, true?”

“Yeah, true but only because you shamed me into it.”

“Look, if it’s helped, I’m all for continuing if you approve.”

“I approve Billy, I do approve but what do you want me to do?”

“Let’s think about you’re not having a career, what would you think of maybe ten hours a week of volunteer work at a shelter or a hospital, something like that?”

“I could do that, sure. Maybe I’d even meet an interesting man.”

“Mom, let’s go a little slow there, your track record ain’t all that great with men so, for at least the short haul, I’ll be your man, ok?”


“And, in that vein you now have two tasks for next week. You need to speak to some places about volunteering and you need to see a gynecologist and get fitted for your IUD,” are you going to do those things for me?

“I promise.”

“Ok, and my job is to get the stuff we’ll need. Our diet is going to change immediately, no fast food for you. We’re gonna know pasta, fish, chicken and salads intimately.”

“I hate salads.”

“Quit acting like a spoiled brat, I’ll try to make then interesting for you, avocados, arugula, shrimp, that kinda stuff instead insipid iceberg lettuce, ok?”

“I guess.”

“Ok, get some panties on and come downstairs, I’m going to poach us some eggs with whole wheat toast, juice and coffee.”

“What about bacon, I like bacon?”

“Once a week and not today, now get your panties on.”

Downstairs I poached two eggs for each of us, toasted two slices of wheat toast each and poured juice. When Mom came down I told her that I needed to buy some things and got a hundred dollars from her.

After I’d cleaned up I took off on my bicycle, she’d have taken me but I didn’t want her to see where I was going.

First I hit Pandora’s delight, a sex shop that I’d visited before. I needed three small butt plugs. Never let it be said I wasn’t thinking about Simone and Maybelle along with Mom. I also got some fancy scented lube. Then to the pharmacy. I’d only use Fleet enemas for Simone’s training, Maybelle was responsible for herself but for Mom I wanted something else.

I confess, the image of her across my lap as I pumped bulb after bulb of warm water into her had given me a first class woody. I even managed to find their last rectal thermometer. I didn’t want sick girls on my hands, now did I?”

I only wondered, would they all go along? Hell, if only two out of three acquiesced would be fantastic, fact be known, Billy Boy would be happy with one. I peddled home.

Mom greeted me at the door with, “What did you buy for me?”

“Wait for tomorrow morning,” I told her.

Even her inquisitiveness couldn’t overcome her jubilation.

“Billy, I have an interview with a battered women’s shelter in the morning at nine and the doctor at eleven, are you proud of me?”

I picked her up and spun her around, “You done great Mommy, you done wonderful,” I exalted with her.

But at that moment, the transition was complete. I knew it was more important to her that she pleases me than the converse.

Our dinner that night was a sorta celebration, too. We had small portions of salmon filets marinated in soy sauce, sherry, minced fresh ginger and garlic. I made a reduction of the leftover marinade and used it to season the salmon that was atop a pilaf and, as a side I served steamed broccoli. I did splurge on glasses of white wine but no bread and no dessert, not this first meal.

We slept in our rooms that first night, I wanted her to have some time alone to think about what she might be getting into. I wasn’t going to do anything the next day, compared to what she’d been doing, her plate was full. I intended to bathe and get her ready. The job interview was one thing but I wanted her body to be pristine when she bared herself for her exam.

I did, I bathed her, fed her (and me) bowls of bran flakes sweetened with Splenda, sliced Honey Dew melons and black coffee.”

She bitched about the black coffee. I told her when she’d lost ten pounds she could have artificial creamer and Splenda with it..

She didn’t want to give it up, I mean, it was only coffee. Finally, I told her to quit being bitchy or I’d redden her little tush for her.

“What,” she said.

“You heard me Mom, now finish your breakfast, you have things to do.”

I kissed her good bye at the door and, since she was going to be busy all morning, I told her I’d have lunch ready when she got home. I even told her the menu, a tomato stuffed with crab salad, some whole grain club crackers and, of course, her little treat, white wine.

I used canned crab (yeah, I know, I cheated) to make the salad, chose two beautifully ripe tomatoes that had come from a farmer’s market and put them in the fridge to chill. I intend to put them on beds of mixed greens for serving.

It was after one by the time Mom got back. I walked out to the car to greet her.

She burbled, “I got the job, I’ll tell you all about it when we get inside but I got the job.”

Two things struck me but I didn’t let either one show. First, the job she’d gotten. It was volunteer work at a battered women’s shelter, she was a rich lady who would be working without pay, hell’ I’d hire her and I knew what she could be like and, Second, there was an empty McDonald’s bag on the floor of her back seat. I’d recently cleaned her car and it wasn’t there then. I smiled and congratulated her on her success.

The salads made an attractive presentation and I was hungry but I had to be attentive.

First Mom took me through her success, how impressed the shelter’s director was about Mom’s background. She seemed most interested in whether Mom knew some affluent people who would want to pledge support. I found out that Mom had written a check for a thousand dollars, I didn’t complain, that used to be one night at the slots.

Then she told me what she’d gone through to get her brand new IUD. I know, I like pussies and I absolutely adore anuses but hearing how one woman, the doctor, probed another, my mother, didn’t give me a rise. Maybe if I’d been there but, hearing it all from a woman’s view point it sounded like some medieval torture.

Yes, everything seemed perfect except Mom chased her food around her plate without ever catching it but three glasses of the Pinot Grigio slid down without a hitch.

And now we’d come to the real test, hadn’t we?

“Mom, come with me,” I said as I took her hand and led her up to her bedroom. I sat down on her bed and had her stand in front of me before I asked, “Was there something wrong with dinner, I noticed you weren’t eating?”

“I’m sorry Billy, I guess with everything I had to do today I just wasn’t very hungry, you understand, don’t you.”

“So, that’s it, you’re just not hungry?”

“I guess.”

“You guess, Mommy? You guess?”

Her eyes teared as she said, “I cheated, I’m sorry Billy but I cheated I had a Big Mac and fries after I finished with the doctor. I was just so nervous that it was either a Big Mac or vodka. I went for the Big Mac.”

I pulled her to me and hugged her, saying, “I appreciate your honesty Mommy.”

She was elated, she’d been a “Good Girl,” she’d gotten my praise.

Downstairs I rewarded her with yet another glass of the white wine.

“One burger and some fries won’t make me fatter, will they Billy?”

“Mom, don’t worry about it, not tonight, we’ll get it out of you tomorrow morning but, please, don’t do it again. Your diet is going under a radical change, I don’t want your stomach to react badly, ok?”

It was probably a psychosomatic response to my chastisement but later Mom complained of a stomach ache and a head ache. I guess now we’d see.

I put my head on her brow, she felt fine to me but that’s not what I said, instead, I said, “Mommy you feel feverish, do you have a thermometer?” I knew she didn’t.

When she said no, I told her it was probably best if she rested. I undressed her, leaving her panties on and helped her into her nightie. I tucked her in and told her I’d be back in a couple of minutes.

Damn, I was glad for having popped for the thermometer, I got it and the KY and went on my medical visit.

When I rolled her on her tummy and took down the seat of her panties she wanted to know what was going on. When I lubricated her and slid the thin glass tube in, I told her.

“We’ll find out whether or not you have a fever Mom.”

Four minutes later I pulled it out and, to my surprise it read 100.50 degrees, she was, in fact feverish.

I rinsed the thermometer and got a cool cloth for her brow and two aspirins.

“Let’s see if this helps, I’ll check you again in two hours.”

“Do we have to Billy,” she asked.

“I want to take care of you Mommy, so, yes, we do need to,” I replied to her.

That little girl voice said, “Ok Billy, if that’s what I need.”

I still knew the real test would come the next morning, she was going to get her first enema and I wondered how well she’d take that.

She’d dozed off and on, she really wasn’t feeling well. I came back after the two hours and said, “It’s time to check you again.”

With just a little of the lube I slid the tube into her.

“Billy, can’t you just put that thing under my tongue?”

“Does it hurt this way?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just kinda embarrassing.”

“Mommy, I’m not seeing anything I haven’t already seen, ok?”

She just sighed and relaxed.

I was glad to see that she was now slightly under one hundred and I told her so.

“We’ll check again in two more hours and, if you need it you can have some more aspirin then.”

I pulled her panties back up so her bottom was covered then laid down beside her and held her as she went back to sleep.

Her sleep was disturbed, she tossed and turned and I could feel the heat coming off her then, I felt her sweaty body as the fever broke. Two hours later and her temperature registered 98.6. I took her in and bathed her, dried her and put her into a night gown. I slept with her. She was calm throughout the night.

In the morning she was a mixture of emotions, still happy about her new job; she started Monday, still a bit offended about the gyno exam, the doctor had insisted on a rectal because she was nearing forty and still apologetic about cheating with the Big Mac and fries.

I expressed, in order, my elation about the job, my commiseration about the rectal although I let her know that I was happy that she had her brand new IUD and, a no problem about the junk food. I told her it was time to get rid of that.

She looked at me strangely, “What do you mean, get rid of that?”

I gave her a smile, got up and went for my equipment. A Fleet enema was so simpler but that wasn’t what I wanted for Mom. I came back with a bucket of warm water and my, now her, bulb syringe.

I don’t think Mom had ever had been given an enema in her life but she did recognize what I was holding.

“No Billy, I don’t want to do that,” she said.

And I replied, “You put bad things in you, I take them out, come here over my lap.”

Like a little girl she whimpered, “I don’t want to.”

“Mom, get over here,” I replied.

She started to crawl toward me but still whining, “I don’t want to.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have, she was, after all my mother but in a sharp voice, I ordered, “Maggie MacAllister, get over my lap right now.”

She scampered, like a little girl following instructions that if ignored would merit a spanking, she scampered. Her panties were still up but she was over my lap.

I patted her cute bottom saying, “Lift your hips, I think we need to lose these.” I took her panties down and off.

“Mom, this is going to be the first time so it may take a while, ok?”

“Billy, I don’t feel like Mom or Mommy right now, please call me Maggie when we’re together like this, please?”

“Ok, Maggie, like I was saying, this may take a while. I’m going to pump water into you ‘til you can’t hold anymore. When you start cramping badly I’ll lay you on your back and massage your tummy until you can’t wait anymore. The first time or two you’ll be pooping, it will sound and smell pretty bad but we’ll keep it up until nothing but clear water is running. I can tell you, by then you’ll be exhausted, so, even though it will still be early you’ll want a little nap, then we’ll go down for breakfast, understand.”

Picking up the lubricant, I loaded up my index finger and penetrated her.

She gave a little gasp and I told her to relax. I filled the first bulb.

“Just try to relax now for me Maggie, we’re going to start.”

When the first warm bulb full flowed into her Maggie sighed, it didn’t hurt, in fact it felt nice, warming her. She wanted it to stay in her but he took it out. The second bulb was nice, too and even the third. She felt a little cramping with the fourth and was in pain with the fifth. She pled,

“Billy, no more, I need to go.”

He rubbed her belly until she’d quieted then put in the sixth.

Maggie was moaning from the cramping, he let her up but then took her back to the mattress on her back. His hands started low on her abdomen and, with circular motions worked upward.

She didn’t know her anatomy but she could feel the water shifting in her, going higher, deeper into her bowels then, her fourteen year old son explained,

“Maggie, we’ve got a lot to rinse. If we start at the bottom, you have two sets of sphincter muscles, their job is to keep everything in ‘til it has to get out. Above that is your rectum. It’s the storage area until you’re ready to release. When we begin, there are the two most important. I’ll pierce your sphincters and that’s where you’ll get the most pain, think about it like this, they’re doors that only open outward, letting things escape but, I’m going to force my way in, going the wrong way, so it will hurt some. Next up is your rectum. It’s about six inches where you store your poop until you have to go. That’s what we want to clean and, later, small enemas are all we’ll need to wash you out, but this first time I want you completely empty, above your rectum is the sigmoid colon, which, honestly I have no idea what it does but above that is where your internal plumbing really starts. First there’s the descending colon where everything works its way down then the transverse colon that passes stuff from one side to the other and finally the ascending colon where your stuff is deposited from your intestines. We’re gonna wash out the colons and your rectum, ok?”

She grunted and groaned in response.

Shortly thereafter, she sounded like she was in mortal agony. She was cramping badly, she was bent, holding her tummy as I helped her to the bathroom.

I sat her down and said, let it go. I left her to her privacy. Even through the closed door I could hear the splashing and the release of gas. I gave her twenty minutes, she was sitting looking washed out. I got a warm cloth, flushed, helped her up, bent her over and washed her then took her back for her second session.

Maggie really has a cute butt, high and tight. The only thing I could imagine sexier than my enema tube piercing her would have been my cock but that was for later.

Again, I filled her, again I massaged her abdomen and again I helped her to the toilet.

We repeated it for the third time, the water was still cloudy so we went for the forth, it took five before she was as clear as a fresh water spring. I gave her a bath and took her back to bed.

I don’t know if she dozed off or passed out, but she slept soundly. It was obvious, since she had a job I’d have to schedule her enemas for the evening. If they drained her this badly, she’d never be able to get to work. I got up, got my other little gift for Maggie and gently jostled her awake.

“This is part of your training, too,” I said. I slipped a lubricated finger into her then replaced it with the small butt plug.

“What?” she asked.

“Maggie, I’m going to start stretching you, it will be gradual. Like I told you, I won’t hurt you and the only way I can avoid that is to stretch you. You’ll get a bigger one every couple of weeks until you can take something my size.”

I put some panties on her to help the little plug stay in. She was back asleep before I’d finished.

Women really are cats I decided, but I’d been wrong in my earlier assessment. It wasn’t eat and sleep. It was eat, hiss, scratch, have sex and sleep. Often, it seemed, the hissing, scratching and sex went together, complex beings, women. I loved them.

I slept with her again that night. It seemed I’d made the move to her bed permanently, when she found out I only hoped that Simone would understand, after all, she was my Cutie, my future.

She shook me awake with, “What did you put in me?”

Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to be nice, I snapped back, “Your butt plug, you’ll keep it in except for when you go to work or out. Otherwise, it stays in unless I take it out.”

She whined, “I have to potty.”

“Get over my lap then,” I told her.

She clambered over, I exposed her bottom, had her lift her hips and took out the plug then handed it to her. Go ahead and pee then wash this and bring it back. She wasn’t too happy when I slid it back into her.

“Is this what it’s going to feel like when we do it?” She asked.

“No Maggie, that’s what my finger would feel like, now be a good girl for me and let’s go down for some breakfast.

I kept from laughing as I watched her struggle to keep the plug in while she struggled down the stairs and, it was entertaining as she squirmed in her chair as we had our cereal and fruit. I told her she’d be getting an enema every other day but they’d be in the evenings henceforth because I didn’t want to interfere with her job. She was gracious enough to thank me (the gratitude was dripping with sarcasm), but I let it slide.

But, unquestionable, even then I knew Maggie was going to fight me, give me trouble and, ‘though she was my mother I was perversely looking forward to having her over my lap and turning her tush shades of crimson.

At this time I was nearly fifteen, I cranked over in August. I’d gotten a new, bigger plug for Maggie but hadn’t introduced it yet. She was going to take me out for my birthday dinner and asked if I wanted to invite anyone. I immediately thought of Simone, we hadn’t gotten together for a while and we had more than just catching up to do. She’d turned thirteen but had been visiting her aunt then so she had no local party but, at least to me, more meaningfully to me, she’d had her menarche. No more unprotected sex until she could arrange for birth control. I was sure we wouldn’t get any private time but I still wanted to see her, to talk to her face to face. Twitter and texting are ok but I wanted to see her smile.

I gave Mom a break on her diet and she took advantage, shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, twice baked potato, asparagus and tiramisu for dessert and she smirked me as she made a glutton of herself. I really couldn’t complain, though, she’d already shed seven pounds.

Simone and I had steaks, too but we went a little lighter on the accompaniments.

Mom was sated and sleepy by the time we got home so it was decided that Simone would sleep over. She called Maybelle to let her know then she was up to bed and asleep in moments.

Simone was almost tearful.

“Billy, we can’t do it any more, not ‘til I can get some protection and I don’t know how to get that.”

“Don’t worry Cutie, we’ll work it out, I can use a condom for a while.”

She smiled, “Can we do it tonight?”

I took her hand and headed upstairs.

My bedroom door was latched, I’d feasted on Simone’s tasty body and we’d had sex (I still hated a condom), and were just lazing. She asked whether anal could be out immediate answer, she said, “I mean, I can’t get pregnant from that can I?”

I gave a little laugh, “No Cutie, you can’t get pregnant from that but you can get awful sore.”

She remembered watching May, her grandmother a month or two ago and couldn’t shake the image. I’d showed her too much, I thought but she said, “we need to work on that, let’s make a real effort to get together more often so I can start learning how.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, but how are we going to get the time?” I asked.

“We can start in the morning, I’m here and so are you.”

“Yeah, and so’s my Mom, what do we do about her?”

Sometimes I forget I’m a straightforward male surrounded by nefarious females. Even young ones can be sneaky, she said, “That’s easy, I know how to get rid of her for a few hours at least. I’ll call my mom in the morning, tell her that I want to stay for a while and swim, ask her to bring me a change of clothes and my suit and suggest that Maggie might even want to go shopping. Two attractive middle aged mothers, shopping, they’re gone. Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, here we come.”

I needed to watch her, it went just like she’d predicted. Twenty minutes after the women had gone my Cutie was tummy down over my lap getting the first enema of her life and she was trembling, she thought it was scary. But it wasn’t, at least not ‘til she got four and half bulbs in her and I was doing my abdomen massage.

I didn’t give her the long explanation I’d given Mom, instead all I told her was that I was going to wash all of her poop out of her.

God she hated that first one, the cramps were terrible, my massaging was uncomfortable and worse, her own smell of poop and gas as she expelled.

“Billy, you made me stink,” she wailed at me.

“Back over my lap,” I said. It only took three sessions before she was clear. I gave her a bath, because you know I like my girls clean then gave her my tongue. Her vagina was delightful but rimming her was more fun. She squirmed like a little worm until I made her cum then she was back over my lap.

“This is yours, I want you to keep it in as often as you can. It will help to stretch you so I can get in without hurting you. I’ll change you for a bigger one every couple of weeks.”

Then for about thirty minutes I used the butt plug like a dildo, pumping her tight little hole.

Simone cooed, “This feels kinda nice. Is this is what it will be like when you go in me?”

I chuckled at that, responding, “Well, yes, I suppose it is. If my cock was the size of my finger.”

“Oh,” was Simone’s only reply.

Then I took out the toy and , rolling on a condom, I mounted her. Sex with Simone was exciting. She was still young enough and small enough that she was really tight. I loved her sounds and expressions as we fucked, her, “Unn, unn, unn, unn,” as pumped her. Her “Oooooooooo God, when she climaxed. Still sweet, young and innocent, she truly was and is my little woman.

Of course, we were dressed and downstairs by the time Maybelle and Mom got back.

After they’d left and while we were eating dinner Mom said, “Oh, I nearly forgot, Maybelle wondered if you could help her with some lawn and garden work this Sunday, I told her I’d ask you. I could drive you over if you want to go.”

“Sure, I’ll help but there’s no need for you to drive. DeShon and I were going to get together for some B-ball some time in the afternoon, so, I’ll just take my bike, I can go on after I’ve finished at Maybelle’s.”

“You want to call her and tell her yes?”

I dialed the phone and let her know that I’d help. She wanted to start at ten Sunday morning.

Not to long after I’d called Maybelle I got a text message from Simone, it read,

“Big cat sharpening claws, call ASAP.”

I wanted to wait ‘til I got to my room, when I did I was glad it was me instead of Mom, I opened the window.

Yes, it seems that even my young Cutie makes an odor when her bowels are opened. In other words, my room stunk. I dialed her.

She didn’t even say hello, caller ID told her it was me.

“The cougar’s sharpening her claws and her fangs are dripping.”

“Oh,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I heard a little when she was chortling to Gram. Are you coming over to help with yard work on Sunday?”

“At ten o’clock, yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Well, she’s already getting her bait ready for her unsuspecting prey.”

“That would be me?”

“That would be you. She’ll be in a halter top and a pair of skimpy Daisy Dukes and intends to let you see well, I guess let you see what she has to offer.”

“Should I cancel or show up?”

“Show up, of course. I’ll tell her I’m off to the mall then hide in her closet, I want to watch this.”

“Ok Cutie.”

“Billy, please don’t hurt her too bad. Even if she is a prowling cougar, she’s still my mom.”

“Well all I can say Cutie is a cougar should judge her prey before she strikes.”

After Simone and I hung up I went back downstairs. Mom was watching TV, I sat with her until her show was over then I took her hand and saying, “It’s time I led her upstairs.”

It was her enema night, I got the equipment while she undressed. I sat on the bedside, she crawled over my lap and snuggled down, getting comfortable. I do believe she looked forward to her enema as I anticipated giving them. Well, she looked forward to most of them but once a month she got a complete wash out, a three H (high, hot and a hellava lot) series and they weren’t at all pleasant, over an hour getting enemas and nearly as long expelling them. Even with those she craved her bath and my tongue afterwards. Tonight was a light night.

I only gave her three bulbs to empty her rectum then had her lie quietly over my lap for ten minutes or so before sending her off to the bathroom.

On Sunday morning I got my necessities, I didn’t know about Maybelle’s birth control and I wasn’t going to use a condom so I took Plan B pills and, I knew I’d want lube close at hand so I took a small tube of KY Jelly.

No one else was in evidence when she opened the door for me. She said May and a friend were shopping then lunch and a movie and that Simone was playing mall rat.

She said, “Come on, let’s get started.”

I let my eyes linger on her. There was no question, her bait was exceptional. Her firm large breasts were barely contained in a halter, her Daisy Dukes rode up so high that a black pubic hair of two peeked out and her camel toe was nothing short of spectacular.

“Wow,” I gasped.

She smiled and said, “You like?”

“Oh Belle, like doesn’t even come close to covering it.”

“Well, let’s get to work.”

We crawled around grubbing weeds and getting filthy. She abilities were amazing, half the time she was facing me; I could see clear down to her nipples when she leaned forward and the rest of the time her ass was toward me. Her shorts rode up in her butt crack and pulled so tight across the crotch that I could have given her a gynecological exam without her undressing. I have to confess, I did enjoy the show. I’d always had a little arousal for Maybelle, how could I not? Raven haired and full figured she was nothing short of magnificent.

“I feel dirty and sweaty Billy, I need a shower, do you want one, too?”

“I do feel pretty grungy but I don’t have a change with me.”

“No problem, we can throw your stuff in the washer. You can wear one of my robes until they’re dry, what do you think?”

Well, I thought, she’s baited the trap and now that she thought she had my head in it, it was about to be sprung.

Game On.

I followed her into the house, we went to the laundry room where she started the washer and tossed one of those new Tide pods in.

“Give me your clothes,” she said.

I stripped to my boxer shorts, she said, “Those, too, you’re all sweaty.”

I lowered them and followed her eyes. Yep, she was checking out my package. I was flaccid, I tossed them into the washer.

With a glint in her eye she said, “Unhook my halter Billy,” as she turned her back to me.

She added it to the laundry then shimmied out of her Daisy Dukes and added them. When she rolled her panties off and bent to pick them up I sprung to attention. She teased me, offering the panties while asking,

“Want a sniff?” Then she pitched them in, too.

She gripped my penis, her hand wouldn’t quite circle it and I was now nearly eight inches long and, leading me, said, “Come on Big Boy.”

Then added, “You really are a Big Boy, aren’t you.”

She still had me in hand when she took me to her bedroom.

“Why don’t you start the shower while I get you a robe?” She asked.

She walked toward her closet and I felt a moment of panic, Simone was in there.

Simone heard what her mother had said. She dived between her Mom’s floor length dresses and held her breath. Maybelle got a robe, went back to the bedroom, tossed the robe onto her chair and went into the bathroom.

She couldn’t see but she heard her mother say, “Turn around, Maybelle needs to pee, then you can wash my back.”

Simone doubted that Billy had turned around, he seemed to enjoy watching girls pee. She knew he’d watched her and her Gram.

They spent about ten minutes in the shower then, still dripping with towels wrapped around them they returned to the sleeping quarters.

“Let me dry you Belle,” I said.

She threw me the towel but snapped, it’s Maybelle, not Belle, now get it right.

She wanted me for a boy toy and she wanted to dominate me. That response was her first effort.

“All right, Maybelle, it is,” I said, “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

After we’d finished drying Maybelle lounged on the bed. She was a beautiful woman, there was no denying that.

She asked, “Do you like what you see Billy?”

“Oh my God Maybelle, you look good enough to eat.”

“Then don’t let me stand in your way,” she challenged.

I didn’t.

Joining her on the bed I went first to her breasts, she was smaller than May but they were still large. I teased her nipples until they had swollen to double their size and were hard as little pebbles before I moved down over her torso to her mons veneris. Hair black as ebony, she was nicely trimmed but had left a little beard. Probably so she could stimulate me by showing a few hairs under her shorts, I thought.

I licked along her outer labia until she gripped my head.

“Let me feel your tongue,” she ordered.

I parted her lips and laved her split then dipped into her vagina. She was already starting to lubricate, I compared her flavor with Mary and Simone, it was similar, a little fruity saltiness. I left her bottom alone for now, I’d be back but I didn’t want to put her on alert.

Finally, I moved up to her clitoris. Hers was large, it projected out above her lips and was now swollen and crimson with an opaline tip. . I took it between my lips, tongue batted it and gently sucked. It didn’t take long, Maybelle hooted as she came. It was a series of rumbling orgasms, powerful. Her ass bounced on the bed, her muscles rippled, contraction after contraction clenched her vagina and I just stayed on her.

She came copiously, flooding my face. She voiced her excitement at a high volume then wrapped her legs around my head and pounded against me. I thought she was going to smother me, but she unwrapped and squirmed, trying to escape.

“No more Billy, no more,” she begged.

I eased up, climbed up her body and kissed her. I wanted her to taste herself. I told her she was beautiful then entered her.

First, I forced her legs further apart and pumped her until she’s cum then pushed her legs up, back to her chest and rammed her hard.

She was panting, moaning and grunting, I told her how good she was. How great, how hot and slick, so tight, like a young girl, how much I loved being in her. I was getting close and I could feel hers building, too. I paced it so we came together then continued to slowly stroke her as she calmed and settled. Then it struck her.

“Oh God, you came in me, didn’t you. Get off, I’ll get pregnant.”

“You’re not on birth control,” I asked.

“No, nothing.”

“Oh well, I’ll bet Simone would love to have a sibling.”

“God, you’re a bastard, get off of me,” as she tried to push me off.

Emphasizing her name I said, “Settle down Belle, I have some Plan B pills, the morning after pills with me, you’ll be ok.”

“Bastard,” she hissed, but she didn’t try to push me away.

“That was good, wasn’t it Belle?”

“Yes,” she reluctantly agreed.

“Want to do it again?” I asked.

“Can you?” Was her retort.

I was already stiffening in her. I began to pump as I answered, “All day.”

She responded. We took it slow and were gentle with each other.

Belle was cooing in sensual pleasure as we coupled.

She came first but I was only a moment behind. Afterwards in a post coital dream we lazed.

She asked, “Do you want a nap. I’m a little tired, I haven’t had this much activity in…oh, hell I’ve never had this much activity.”

“In a little while, but after crawling around behind you out in the yard and the beauty I admired when you took off your panties, you’re transfixed me. I want you from behind first. Do you like doggie?”

“Yeah, I do like that, it makes you feel bigger. Not that you need any help, you’re already the biggest man I’ve ever been with.”

I thought, now that she’s come around she’s awful sweet. I really didn’t need to do any more, then I reminded myself, the woman under me was the cougar who wanted to trap and dominate her boy toy. What the hell, I always wanted a pet cougar. I needed to domesticate her.

“Come on, get up on your knees for me.”

As she did I did admire her. She was so desirable, her vagina was leaking a little from her love juices and my semen but that white was like a decoration against her darker skin. I moved up behind her. I put only the head of my cock in her then circled her waist and pulled her back and up. She no longer needed her arms to support her, I was holding her up.

I whispered, “Reach back and spread your cheeks, hold yourself open for me..”

Like her mother had, Belle hesitated, too and like I’d done to her mother, I whacked her on the bottom before repeating my instructions.

This time she did as I asked. I pulled her down on me, my cock slid all the way in.

“There, doesn’t that feel good. You can let go now, I just wanted as much into you as possible. Taking her hand I guided her to her slit.

“Now beautiful, I want you to masturbate for me.”

I kept my hand on hers and got her started so she was in rhythm with my strokes before letting go. She continued the motion.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she gasped. Her climax was juicy and, as I was holding her, she flowed down over my balls.

I lowered her and had her arch her back then stroked her harder. I pistoned her rapidly until she screeched out, “I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming again.”

As she reveled in her orgasm, I retrieved the little tube of lubricant that I’d brought with me. I didn’t cum, not yet. I eased her down onto the mattress so that she was prone on her stomach.

My next step was the big one. Nothing I’d done so far was prosecutable but what I was planning could be construed to be anal rape. She wasn’t offering and I was going to take. I was sitting on the back of her thighs, pinning her down. I spread her cheeks and drizzled some of the lube onto her hole, I rubbed it in.

It took a couple of moments before what I was up to registered with Belle. She twisted but immediately realized her dilemma, she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Please Billy don’t do this to me,” Belle begged.

I positioned my cock against her and pressed slightly, I didn’t want to go in her yet, but I did want to keep my cock positioned for penetration.

I flattened myself over her back and whispered, “Relax Belle, It goes easier.”

Then I nipped her shoulder to draw a little blood. She bucked back when I bit her and, at the same time I pushed forward, I was in her before she even realized it then she gave out an agonized wail.

I massaged her shoulders saying, “It’s ok Belle God, your ass is as spectacular as I thought. You’re so tight, so sexy. You have unquestionably the sweetest bottom that I’ve ever been in.” (I didn’t point out that her mother was the possessor of the only other bottom that I’d sodomized)

“Oh Belle, doesn’t it feel good, way up in you, stretching you, filling you, you sexy thing.”

She didn’t seem to be responding to my sweet words, all I was hearing after her wail when I popped her sphincters and a low moan as I slid into her rectum was,

“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” as I pumped her fantastic derrière.

Then, “Oh, Billy, it hurts, my tummy hurts. Please let me up, I have to go.”

I wanted to see her pretty face while I was in her, I straddled her left thigh and lifted her right so she was wishboned then I started to roll her over onto her back. In making the attempt, I pulled out of her and,

Belle immediately knew. She cried out, “Oooooooooo Noooooo, Noooooo God, please no, no. This can’t be happening, please, don’t let it happen.”

But we both could smell the result of her accident.

“Oh God, I’m so humiliated, so embarrassed. I want to sink into the earth.”

I took control.

“Belle, it is pretty messy but accidents sometimes do happen. Please, just try to relax, I’ll get some rags and clean you up, just lie still.”

From the closet Simone couldn’t believe her eyes. Her Mom had pooped herself. Her bottom was covered with that messy stuff and it was on the sheets, too.

I scrubbed my cock then took several rags back and cleaned up Belle.

“How about you get in the shower and I’ll change the bed. Where are clean sheets.”

“In the closet.”

“Come on Beautiful,” I said as I helped her up.

“Get in the shower, I’ll come scrub you once I’ve change the bed.”

I went to the closet. Simone was standing holding the fresh sheets waiting for me.

“God Billy, that was gross.”

“Yeah, it was wasn’t it.”

I changed the sheets, wadded up the soiled ones and tossed them into the corner then joined Belle.

I washed her, paying special attention to her bottom and her genitals then dried her and took her back to bed.

“Thank you Billy, that was terrible but without your help it would have been a whole lot worse.”

She was on her back, I laid on her so we were chest to chest and face to face.

“Belle, you talked to your mother about me, I know you did. May told me. Didn’t she tell you to have an enema.”

“She told me.”

“So why did you disobey your mother?”

“I never believed it would happen, that you’d get in my bottom.”

“May told you I would, didn’t she?”

“Billy please, I feel bad enough, but, yes, she told me.”

“Did she give you a Fleet enema to take.”


“Where is it?”

“Under my sink.”

Letting her up, I told her, “Go get it.”

She came back with it.

“Over my lap Belle.”


“Belle, don’t make it worse than it already is, over my lap.”

I lubricated her and inserted the nozzle and emptied the bottle.

I rubbed her back and told her, “Just lie still ‘til your tummy feels all fizzy then get up and go.”

She came back after she’d finished, I usually would bathe my girls after they had their enema but Belle had just stepped out of the shower.

“Come over here to me Belle. Tell me what you’ve learned from today’s experiences.”

He stood her between his legs as he sat on the bed.

“I guess I learned I’m not as smart as I thought I was.”

“That’s a pretty good assessment. You decided I’d be easy. A fifteen year old would make a nice Boy Toy for the mamma Cougar. Is that about right?”

“I guess.”

“And maybe you learned to listen to your mother.”

“I suppose.”

“I guess and I suppose are damned insipid answers. I don’t think you learned anything today.”

I grabbed her hips and twisted her so she was facing to my left then bent her over my left leg and pinned her legs with my right leg. I didn’t pontificate about why and I didn’t hesitate. I swatted her shapely ass.

In fact I swatted her twenty times, ten on each cheek. She wasn’t crying hard enough so I gave her twenty more.

She was sobbing when I moved her to the bed, she was on her stomach, I opened her cheeks and coated her inside and out with KY Jelly then said, “Get up on your knees Belle.”

She was slow to respond but, after just having been spanked she got up as I’d commanded.

I want your legs spread a little and you leaning forward with those fine boobs on the mattress. Pull a pillow over, you’ll need it. Bite it when you start to cry.

“Billy, please, don’t spank me any more, I don’t want to cry.”

I thought, you’ll only wish your tears were from a spanking.

I moved in behind her and entered her with one forceful thrust. She tried to fall to the mattress but I held her in place.

Her butt was reddened and warm, I thought it was exceptionally attractive just that way, I gave her a whack anyway and told her, “Don’t move.”

When I was completely in her I said, “You feel full, like you have to go poop, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” she wailed.

“But you don’t have to go, you already did, all over yourself, me and the bed, didn’t you. You made it smell bad in here, didn’t you?”

“Stop it Billy, don’t do this to me, please, don’t do this to me.”

“You know why you feel full? Because you are. My cock is filling your rectum. I like filling your rectum. You’re so fine, so tight.”

“Now, I’m gonna make your tummy jump. You’re gonna feel me against your belly. Give me your hand.”

I took her hand and brought it to her lower abdomen then rose behind her and stroked her hard and with a changed angle so I bulged her belly.

“Nice, isn’t it Belle, it feels like you’ve got something alive in you doesn’t it.”

“Billy, you don’t need to do this to me, please let me go.”

“Oh Belle, we’ve hardly started.”

My weight was being supported by her back and hips, I was up on my feet when I started powering into her, fast, hard, driving. She begged, she pleaded, she called me names then said I owned her. I rode her like a big dog on a little bitch. I bit her again and sucked her blood. I’d been on her for over twenty minutes when I forced her to the mattress.

“That’s right, Belle lie down. Now, work with me, I want you to roll onto your back. I want to see your eyes and your face.”

She moved slowly and cautiously. The cock buried in her guts hurt, yes, but it was at this point that she’d pooped, just that memory sickened her.

Finally, our position was changed. I lifted her legs so she was more exposed but my strokes were slow and easy.

“Feel good, Belle?”

“Oh God, Billy, it’s better, a lot better but it still hurts.”

“Want me to make it stop hurting for you Belle?”

“Please, please do that Billy.”

I pulled out of her and put it in her vagina. I wouldn’t usually do that but she should be clean, she’d just had her enema. I began to fuck her.

“There, beautiful Belle, that’s better, isn’t it. You have a fantastic pussy Belle, I feel so good in you.”

I started stroking her faster, I was getting ready and told her,

“I’m going to cum in you again Belle. I want my cum in you, you fantastic wench. Do you want my cum Belle, do you want my cum.”

“Please, yes, Billy, give me your cum, I want your cum in me.”

I mounted her and rapidly stroked until semen and sperm pulsed into her. Spasm after spasm as my cock jerked. I fucked her until I was drained. When I pulled out I told her to lie still, I spread her legs further. Cum was dripping out of her.

“Can you squeeze more out for me Belle, let me see some more cum.”

I could see that she was trying but nothing was coming out.

I took her hand and guided it to her vagina.

“Scoop some out for me Belle, show me your cum.”

While she was dipping into her vagina I got my lube and lubed my right hand.

“Let me help you Belle,” I said as I inserted first three then four fingers into her.

I started to pump her with my hand. When I got over half my hand into her eyes rolled back into her head. She quietly moaned,

“Unn, unn, unn, unn.”

Then I took my hand out and aggressively fondled her clitoris.

‘”Oh Christ yes Billy, do that, do that, Oh, oh, oh, yessss, Oh God, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as she squirted out her ejaculate.

Even Maybelle was amazed, she’d never squirted before in her life.

“That was superb Maybelle, I’m so proud of you.”

I took her into my arms and kissed her then kissed her again. She snuggled against my chest, nuzzling me as she got comfortable. It seemed I’d turned this mean ole cougar into a nice docile pussy cat. She was asleep in seconds.

I heard the closet door open then the bedroom door being relatched but Maybelle never stirred.

When she wakened some hour and a half later I got the Plan B pill I’d brought for her along with a glass of water.

“Not that I wouldn’t like to put a baby in your cute tummy but I don’t think that’s what you want, so, here, take this.

“Do you need the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes, Billy, please.”

I led her to the bathroom and stood beside her while she tinkled then took her back to bed.

“Maybelle, there are a few things I want you to do for me. I want you on some type of birth control, your choice but my recommendation is an IUD and, when we are going to be getting together, I want you to have an enema. If you don’t want to give them to yourself, I’ll do it for you and, finally, I gave may a little butt plug, I’d like you to sleep with it in you for a while.”

“You’re going to do my bottom again, aren’t you?”

“Lie down on your side with your back to me,” I told her.

I moved up behind her.

“Now, arch your back for me.”

She hunched like a cat in heat, I entered her bottom and pushed in.

Her sound was like a cross between a moan and a sigh then she wriggled her hips back against me.

“Masturbate yourself,” I told her as I slowly and gently stroked in and out.

After I’d cum and pulled out I remembered we hadn’t dried my clothes and mentioned it to Maybelle. She wanted to jump up and take care of them but I told her I did bring my basketball togs, I’d wear them. She could keep my other things, I’d get them the next Sunday when I came over to do some yard work with her.

When I left, the day had gotten too late to hook up with DeShon so I peddled home.

Mom was there, she asked if we’d gotten everything done that Maybelle wanted. I told her we’d accomplished quite a lot but I needed to go back the following Sunday to finish.

Thirty minutes of so, I got an incoming text. It was Simone.

“Cougar staying in cage. Call me.”

I went up to my room for privacy and dialed her number.

“Wow, Billy that was awesome,” she started.

“You liked watching?”

“Some of it was so cool but some of it scared the pants off me. I liked at the end when you were holding her, you were treating her so sweet but when you were really doing it to her I was afraid for her, that she might get hurt.”

“What else?”

“Well, I thought it was kinda funny when she found out that you’d cum in her, I mean the first time when you teased her about me getting a new sibling. I thought was going to pee herself ‘til you told her you had some pills. And when she pooped the bed, that was really gross but it was funny, too. I thought she was going to die of embarrassment right there.”

“Well, I’ll be over next Sunday to finish the lawn work. And, by the way, her Daisy Dukes are really hot but they sure don’t hide much, do they.”

Simone chuckled then asked, “Think you’d like me in Daisy Dukes?”

“Cutie, I’d like you in anything, out of anything, too.”

“You’re sassy.”

“Nope, that would be you Cutie. What are you up to now?”

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I’m laying on my bed with just my panties on and I have your thing in me. After seeing what you did to Gram and my Mom, I darn sure want to be ready.”

“Speaking of ready, my Mom will be working at the shelter from ten to two tomorrow. Why don’t you come over and let’s go in the pool.”

“I’ll ask Mom if it’s ok and then I’ll text you so you’ll know whether I’m coming.”

“Ok, Bye Bye Cutie.”

I went back downstairs and said to Mom, “Simone wants to come over in the morning to swim. Is that ok?”

“Sure, she’s always welcome here.”

I fixed dinner, poached cod on a bed of steamed spinach dressed with lemon juice and a barley pilaf. After I’d cleaned up I went up to my room. I spent a little time on my computer then climbed into bed, I was going to have a busy day tomorrow.

I was up at eight and fixed a cold cereal breakfast with sliced melon and coffee. Mom was dressed for work when she came down. She was a little mopey and I asked what was the matter. She said, nothing really, she was just a little blue. Simone arrived before Mom had left. I poured her a glass of juice. She’d ridden her bike and I wondered if that was a good idea. Not because I was worried about traffic of anything but if we followed through on our plans her return ride might be uncomfortable.

I kissed Mom Good Bye and she left for work.

We didn’t waste any time getting up to my room. We hugged and kissed then fell to the bed top.

“Billy, please take this darned thing out of me, God what a ride.”

“You didn’t,” I asked.

“I did,” she answered. She’d ridden her bicycle the mile and a half between our houses with her plug in.

“Keep it in just another couple of minutes, you’re due for your enema. I’ll give it to you now and take it out then.

“Billy, are you going to make me stinky again? I hated that.

“I’m afraid so, Cutie. Once a month you get that. And that reminded me, Mom was due for her big one tonight, too. I was going to be busy.

“Do you like giving girls an enema? You sure seemed to like giving that one to Mom yesterday.”

“Well, she does have a cute butt, doesn’t she.”

That merited me a punch on the arm and announced, “You’re too bad. Get your stuff.”

I got my bulb and my bucket. Simone was just standing waiting for me. I guess she wanted me to undress her and that was no problem, I lifted her T-shirt over her head. She still didn’t need a bra although her breasts were filling in nicely. Based on her Mom and grandmother, she’d have a rack once she started to grow.

“Come over here, Cutie.” I sat down on the bed and tugged her shorts off then asked her to bend over.

I dropped the seat of her panties and took out her plug then rolled them down to her feet, lifted her over my lap and lubricated her.

I got four bulbs full into her before her cramping got to severe, I put her on her back and worked the water deeply into her bowels and then I helped her to the toilet and left, giving her some privacy.

She got a series of four enemas before she was completely washed out then she got her bath and massage.

Of course, she received her oral then, she wanted me in her. I rolled on a condom.

Afterwards I got out my little gift for her. I was moving her up to a larger plug.

She viewed it with a little trepidation, it was fatter and longer than her old one. I lifted her back over my lap, lubricated her and the plug and worked it into her.

She moaned as the thickest part of the plug stretched her sphincters and sighed with relief when it narrowed. I pushed it deeper into her, seating it.

“That one’s pretty big,” she complained.

“Well a little bigger than your old one, that’s for sure.

I didn’t let her in on my plan. I was anxious, anxious to get into her, I intended to use a bigger plug every week for a month and, at the end of the month I’d be the plug. I was nearly salivating at the upcoming opportunity to part her succulent cheeks.

We laid down on the bed, face to face. My hand cupped her bottom, I exerted a little pressure, pushing upward on the base of the plug.

“Billy, this one’s a lot bigger. I couldn’t really feel the little one in me but I can sure feel this one. You know how you asked Mommy if she felt like she had to go potty when you were in her?”

“Yes, I remember. That’s normal.”

“Well with this one it feels like I’ve got to go. It’s up in me way farther than that other one. It feels like I’ve gotta poop.”

“That’s good Cutie, it means It’s opening you up, stretching you. I’ll bet we can do it before the month’s over.”

“You really want me, don’t you?”

We were pressed together.

“Feel how hard I am just talking about it.”

She reached down and felt. She wrapped her hand around my penis and stroked, masturbating me, then, with a glint in her eyes she slid down my body and took me in her mouth.

Small mouth, big cock; she couldn’t get it all in but what she could was super. Over the first four inches, she pumped up and down while her serpentine tongue twirled around it. I didn’t grab her head or anything, I let her do her thing and, for a little thirteen year old, her thing was excellent. I warned her when I was ready to come, but outdoing her sixty-two year old granny, she swallowed. She missed some, her mouth was too small to keep up and, truthfully, I was glad. She made such a lewdly cute picture with cum dribbling from both corners of her mouth. I thought she’d go rinse out but she just swirled her tongue and, bingo, cleaned up. Then the little imp climbed up and kissed. I’d never tasted myself before but, how could I really get pissed, I’d done the same thing to every woman I’d been with, Cutie included. Like they say, payback’s hell.

I know how to give payback, too, though. I pulled my little nymph up until her tiny breasts were at the level of my mouth and sucked them while one hand rapidly strummed her little pearl love button. The other stayed on her bottom pushing then releasing her new butt plug. It made it feel like she was being slowly sodomized while her clit was fluttering and her titties were swollen, tender sex objects.

She started panting, “Bastard, what are you doing. Stop it, no, don’t stop it, you’re gonna make me cum, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as her little pierced ass pounded back against my hand. I ended up with a wet belly, her groin was centered on my belly button.

I gave her a kiss, yes, my own saltiness was still on her lips but we were having fun. Doing the things we’d laugh about after fifty years of marriage and, she and I had already decided that that would, no doubt be our future.

We laughed at each other and with each other, she kissed me, told me how much she loved me, and I knew it was true.

Most of the morning we lounged around in bed then at one we put on our swimming suits, dove in and got back out. They were wet for my Mom, we had sandwiches for lunch then I put her new plug back in and laughed as she wobbled down the street on her bike.

I fixed a small fruit cup, I thought Mom might like a snack and maybe a nap when she got in, it would be a taxing evening for her, it always is when she gets her major series of enemas and that was on tap for tonight.

I even set out a bottle of a new gardenia scented lotion for her massage and gardenia bath salts. I guess gardenia is my favorite flower and I wanted Mom to smell like them then I gave the menu some thought. Mom was feeling pretty blue when she left for work so I thought a treat was in order. Nothing so heavy as a steak but grilled shrimp shish kebabs over saffron rice would be nice. I got the shrimp out to thaw. I thought six jumbo would be enough, I chose snow pea pods for our veggie. It would be a quick dinner to prepare so, I got a Dr. Pepper and went out to the pool to kill time.

I don’t know, the warmth or what, anyway I dozed off. When I woke up it was four-thirty. I called out to Mom and got no answer so I checked her room. I expected to find her napping but the room was empty and the bed unused. I began to have some concern and, calling out for her I went back downstairs. I checked the garage, it was empty.

Now I started to panic, she should have been home at two-fifteen. I called the shelter and spoke to the director, I didn’t want her to join in my panic so I said I was pretty absent minded, she’d probably made an appointment that I’d forgotten then the director said something that chilled me.

“Maggie seemed to be having a bad day and, when she left she didn’t say good night to anyone. That’s not like her, she’s always so friendly so I thought I’d speak to her. I didn’t get the chance. When I got to the door she was getting in a cab, she left her car, it’s still here in the lot.”

I said, “Oh, if she took a cab I know where she’s going. Forget I called, It’s ok.”

I got off the phone and stormed, “It’s ok, BULLSHIT, the only time she took a cab was when she was heading to the casino and God only knows when she’d get home and what shape she’d be in. I couldn’t go get her, I mean my transportation was a bicycle and, besides at fifteen they wouldn’t even let me in. Suddenly I knew how a parent felt when the kid was out after curfew, I tucked up in the overstuffed living room chair and settled down for the duration.

It was just after eleven when I heard the cab wheel into the drive. I checked my pocket, I had enough for the fare so I walked out, paid him and helped my drunken mother out of the back seat. She had heels on, she must have taken them with her ‘cause she was in flats when she left this morning, so, this was planned. I circled her waist and supported her on the walk to her bedroom. I flopped her down on her bed, I was pissed.

She looked just like a drunk, hair messy, make-up smeared, the whole Monte and then she slurred, “Hi Honey.”

Oh God I wasn’t just pissed, I was totally pissed.

“There isn’t one that I’d accept but, I’ll give you a chance, you wanta explain?”

“I wanted to party.”

“Mom, you were doing so good, what happened?”

“Nothing happened, Mommy just wanted to party.”

I remembered her commenting this morning that she was blue, I wondered if I had a bi-polar mother, but, no, I’d been lived with her for fifteen years, some depression, yes, manic, no and I didn’t think the depression was clinical. No, I believed she was a rich girl with no direction. I thought she’d found the direction with the shelter, her weight loss, those things, she’d been doing so good.

“Come on, let me get you undressed and to bed,” I said as I unzipped her dress.

She had on fancy underwear, I decided I’d need to check her undergarments before I let her out. I unhooked her bra.

Sometimes it amazed me, she’d abused her body for years and she still looked fabulous, even better since she’d slimmed down.

She was wearing thigh high, I peeled them off and then in her little girl voice she said, “Mommy needs to tinkle.”

I took her to the bathroom, lowered her panties and sat her down. Tinkle hell, she sounded like a heifer pissing on a flat rock and I’d have bet that pee was at least 90 proof.

Fuck the nightie, I thought. I put her in bed, pulled the sheet over her and stormed out of her room. She better pass out and stay there I thought, I didn’t want to see her again that night. Fortunately, she stayed there.

My sleep was troubled, I tossed and turned all night and got up nearly as tired as I’d been when I went to bed. Nonetheless, I got up at seven, brewed coffee and was on my third cup when my minx of a mother teetered down.

I had no patience for her, I called a spade a spade, “Mom, you fucked up yesterday and this morning you look like death warmed over.”

She choked out, “So, I am alive?”

“Yeah, you’re alive but you may regret it, call in sick at work and let’s work on a cure.”

“Billy, I need to go to work.”

“Mom, they don’t pay you, they’ll understand, ok. Now call.”

She did and then I had my own call to make.

“Hi Cutie, Mom’s sick and I need to take care of her so we can’t swim this morning, let me see how it goes and maybe we can get together this afternoon for a little while, I’ll call you.”

“No, it’s really my mother, a sick mother, I wouldn’t lie to you Cutie, you know that.”

I poured Maggie a cup of black coffee. She begged for at least a little Splenda and I relented.

Then it was, “Ok Maggie, what the hell happened?”

She didn’t answer, instead she erupted in tears.

“I’m sorry Billy, I’m so sorry.”

I hugged her and said, “It’ll be ok Mom.”

My mother’s tears, you show me a guy that can take his mother’s tears and I’ll show you one cold, heartless son of a bitch. I let her cry herself out against my chest.

Finally, it came out. What had happened the day before. Early in the day she’d felt depressed. I knew that, she’d complained about feeling blue the previous morning then at work she’d had some problems with one of their clients. By noon she’d decided she needed to do something to cheer herself up so she hit McDonalds and loaded up on junk food. Then, realizing what she’d done and how it was going to upset me she sank deeper into her depression. On top of all that, she knew what was in store for her that evening.

Mom liked her small enemas, she said they felt nice and relaxing to her but her monthly wash out was a different story. I could understand that, the lengthy procedure was physically and mentally taxing. She didn’t want to do it, she knew I’d insist and so, she took the easy route and self-medicated. Vodka, her poison of choice, administered in massive quantities had brought us to where we now are.

“Feel better now that you’ve got that out of your system?” I asked her.

“No, worse, I feel worse, God I feel like I need to vomit and it’s like the booze is leaking out of my pores.”

“Probably is. Mom, your body has undergone some changes. With the way you eat now and the fact that your drinking is limited to a little wine, you’re not accustomed to the abuse. Now, your body is rebelling.”

“God, I’m a mess, aren’t I Billy?”

“We all have bad days Mom, it’s just that sometimes you go overboard. You should have talked to me. You could have taken the day off and we could have spent the day together.”

“Simone was coming over, remember?”

“Yes, I remember but she’d understand that you have to take precedence; she was going to come over this morning but I cancelled so I could be with you.”

“Oh Billy, what are you going to do with me?”

I knew how she meant it but I chose to take it literally, with my arm around her waist I started walking, “I’m going to take you back upstairs.”

Timidly, docilely, she allowed herself to be led. I took her to the bedroom and sat her on the bed, then, telling her to wait, I got my enema equipment.

When she saw it she whined, “I don’t want to.”

“Mom, don’t start, we need to get the toxins out of you, now, get out of your robe and panties and come over my lap.”

She got into position. As I was lubricating her she asked, Big ones?”

“Yeah, big ones,” as I inserted the first bulb.

After the first I rubbed her back for a few minutes.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes, warm and relaxing.”

Like I said, Mom likes her enemas, at least the first two or three bulbs. I’d take it slowly so she could get some pleasure from those but then I was going to pump her full. By the time I helped her to the toilet she’d look like she was 9 months pregnant.

After the third bulb, as she was resting and I was rubbing her bottom, I said, “You were a bad girl yesterday, weren’t you?”

“I’m sorry. Yes, I suppose I was. Billy, what happens to bad girls?”

“You know what happens, they get a spanking.”

“Honey, you’re not going to spank me are you?”

I hadn’t ever spanked her before, oh the threat sometimes hung in the air but she was thirty-eight and she was my mother.

I answered with a question, “Do you think I should? Do you deserve it?”

I don’t know whether Mom was thinking about how to answer or trying to avoid thinking. Anyway, she remained quiet and I didn’t press. I hadn’t decided myself, there was a conflict in my mind. Yes, she’d screwed up royally but, like I mentioned earlier, she’s my thirty-eight year old mother.

I squeezed another bulb full in then rubbed her back for a moment or two. Usually she got five bulbs full, so I gave her the fifth then had her lay on her back so I could massage the and work the water up.

I massaged her abdomen using a circular motion that forced the water up into her colons.

I was sitting on her legs as I massaged. I guess she was still in her mood, she complained about me sitting on her, she bitched that I was hurting her with the massage, I even had to listen about why she didn’t want her enemas in the first place.

Enough already, I lifted her legs and gave her a sixth bulb, the most I’d ever used.

I had her roll onto her side then I rubbed her stomach. She did have that 9 month look. She was moaning then gave a sharp little scream as she cramped. I rubbed ‘til the pain had dissipated then I helped her to the toilet. She was bent from the pain and shuffling from the bulging belly. I sat her down and left her.

I gave her twenty minutes, she was still sitting in the throne when I went to retrieve her. I flushed for her then had her bend over and washed her bottom, finally we escaped. The exhaust fan was throbbing but the room was really rank, guess it’s crap in, crap out.

It took four enema sessions before her water was clear. While she was evacuating the final one, I ran her bath.

She sighed as the warm water cascaded down her shoulders and over her breasts. I was squeezing water over her with the wash cloth. After I’d dried her, I took her back to bed. She got her lotion massage followed by her oral sex.

She was one happy, sated and relaxed girl when I was finished

I sat with my back against the headboard. Mom was laying on her stomach next to me.

I was idly stroking her sides and back as my mind wandered. Three females, I was involved sexually in one way or another with three females yet one particular female gave me grief, heartache and headaches; the one laying beside me. So why was it that this one gave me the most trouble but the other three had been spanked while she hadn’t?”

“You never answered me, you know,” I said to her.

“What was that Honey?”

“I asked you whether you thought you deserved a spanking for your conduct yesterday and you haven’t answered.”

“Does it matter what I say?” She asked.

“I want your input, so, yes it matters,” I answered her.

Mom looked up at me and sighed. She didn’t answer, she simply crawled over my lap.

I took that as a yes.

For several minutes I massaged her bottom then I finally said, “I agree.”

I didn’t intend to spank her very hard but I fully intended to spank her long. I glanced at the bedside alarm clock., it was nearing eleven. I’d go until eleven-thirty.

Rhythm, first her right cheek then her left then her right, and so on. I talked as I spanked. I told her how disappointed I’d been because of how proud I’d been in her progress. She’d lost ten pounds, she was slim and trim, why didn’t she look at the positives. She wasn’t answering, I didn’t really expect her to, it was easier to spank and talk than to be receiving a spanking and carry on a chat.

At eleven-fifteen, I increased the intensity a bit. I didn’t want to violently beat her but the way I was going, I was torturing her with boredom. I didn’t want to see yawns, she needed to shed a few tears.

Her bottom began changing color, from pale pink to bright pink and, at last crimson. The tears began as muted sobs and she started to squirm.

“Lie still Mom,” I told her. “Take your punishment like a big girl. You’ve been doing fine and now it’s almost over, just ten more and we’re done.”

Those ten were the hardest. They gave her poor bottom a glow.

I stroked her crooning, “Good girl, you’re a good girl,” as I admired her scarlet posterior. I did regret that she wasn’t ready yet. I’d learned with May and Maybelle that there was no greater sexual pleasure for me than to part the cheeks of a freshly spanked bottom and revel in the heat. The warmth of her bowel and the searing heat of her buttocks.

I slipped my hand between Mom’s legs, she was moist and an idea came to me. I wriggled out from under her, straddled her hips and laid across her back so I could reach her ear.

My cock was straining, it was in the sexy groove that is her crack. Slowly I ground against her, pressing her anus. Oh, the temptation, but no, I’d wait.

Mom wasn’t so sure, “Billy, Honey, I’m not ready yet,” she whimpered.

“I know Mommy, I know,” I answered.

I think it scared her even more when I pulled her up on her knees. But I pressed the small of her back forcing her to arch for me then entered her vagina. It was so much more convenient now that she had her IUD. I mounted her and stroked.

“God, you feel so good, so warm and wonderful Maggie.”

“You made me warm, you hit me hard those last few. You made me cry hard.”

“But you feel better don’t you. You’re a really good person but you’d done something wrong, now you’ve atoned for it, don’t you feel better?”

Even with a sore butt and a cock in her Maggie had to chuckle about my question.

“Oh Honey, my heart feels so much better, so relieved but my little tushy still stings like fire. But you’re making things all better,” as she bucked back against me urging me to give it to her harder.

Once we’d finished, I put Mom’s small plug in and let her nap. Women really are cats, I just know it.

Funny, I was rushing Simone along, I can’t move to rapidly with her but with Maggie? I hadn’t moved up her size at all. I finally concluded that I was anxious to pair with Simone but it was more fun just to play with Maggie.

When Mom woke she was feeling a lot better and was hungry. I fixed her a tomato stuffed with crab salad, whole wheat club crackers and iced tea sweetened with Splenda.

Then she called the shelter, spoke to the director, told her how much better she felt and asked if she was needed that afternoon. Turns out she was a life saver, another of the women had called in sick and they were shorthanded.

Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and was off, she’d be working until four-thirty and WOULD be home by five.

I called Simone, “Hi cutie, Mom’s better and went to work, wanta come over?”

She was there within fifteen minutes.

Up in my room she said, “Ugh, this big plug is a pain.”

She still had it in and it was more than uncomfortable on her bicycle seat, that hard seat pushed it further up in her and, besides that it made her walk funny. Her Gram had commented on her walk, she’d told her it was because she’d gotten hurt over at my house; true if totally misleading.

I took it out for her. Like my cock, it left her distended for a few moments, I almost thought Simone could take me. There’d probably be some pain but I could get into her if I took it slow. I considered doing it today but decided a couple more days with the bigger plug would help, we’d do it Friday. I didn’t let Cutie in on my plan: not yet, I was afraid I’d panic her.

We played around the rest of the day, she got oral, she gave oral. We fucked three times and then I put her plug back in. It was fun to play with her. My mouth on her breasts, My fingers dancing over her clitoris and my hand cupping her cute bottom and pressing on the base of her plug.

“Un, un, un,” she mouthed along with my pressing.

“Billy, you Are a bastard, aren’t you, you’re going to make me cum again with that damned plug in my butt.”

Yesterday, she’d cum when I was doing the same thing.

“You like it,” I said.

“Prick,” was her brilliant retort.

“Potty mouth,” I answered.

“Oops, sorry,” she said.

I chuckled, it was her potty mouth that had at least in part earned her a spanking.

She did cum although I think her sucked breasts and fondled clit were more responsible than the pressure on her posterior.

We just screwed around ‘til it was after four. Simone was coming back in the morning but now she peddled off. I started dinner, Mom would be home in forty-five minutes.

Grilled skinless chicken breasts with pineapple atop on a bead of brown rice accompanied by a spring greens salad and, because she’d taken responsibility for her actions, a bottle of Pinot Grigio as a special treat for Maggie.

It had been a rough morning for her so I let her decide how the evening would go. She surprised me, she wanted to go upstairs right after we’d eaten.

“Billy, Honey, I want to confess. I considered going back to the casino tonight. It’s like I’ve got an itch that needs to be scratched and I need to scratch it but I know I shouldn’t, maybe like Poison Ivy, scratch it and it spreads. Can you help me?”

“Mommy, what can I do?”

“Make me not want to go there, make me want to come home every night.”

“Help me out Mom, I’ll do anything I can for you, what happened today? You seemed settled by the time you left for work?”

“I was Billy, I was but, on a coffee break I was talking with another one of the women. She’s a little like I was. Not real happy about who she is. She’s a real pretty girl but she must weigh two hundred pounds and hates her body.”

“So why doesn’t she diet? You know you can change your eating habits, lose weight and get healthy?”

“She really is like I was, she wants someone, she spends her evenings in clubs, she drinks way too much and then she eats like a glutton. She feels like she’s locked in a circle that she can’t escape.”

“Mom, what does that have to do with you?”

“She wanted me to go clubbing with her tonight and I almost did.”

“She sounds like she needs help.”

“I thought so, too. She commented on the weight I’d lost, about how good I looked.”

“I told her, “Thanks, my son has helped me with my diet and I don’t drink nearly as much.”

“When she asked how I’d managed to cut down on my drinking without a 12 step program I said I wasn’t an alcoholic, I was only drinking to drown my misery and I wasn’t miserable anymore.”

“Wondering how I’d been able to stick to the straight and narrow, she asked.

“I told her that, sometimes I slipped but that you were good about steering me straight.”

“I guess that sounded suspicious to her, she questioned what a teenager could do to make me quit boozing.”

“Maybe my squirming in my chair told too much, she said, “Maggie, you’re squirming, what does he do?”

I was at a loss as to how to answer, I stammered a little before blurting out, “Ahhhhh, he makes sure the penalty is greater than the pleasure I’d get from doing it.”

Then it was her turn to squirm, I think she was sitting in wet panties when she breathily ask, “Could he help me Maggie, do you think he could?”

“I said that I didn’t know, that I’d talk to you. She wants to come home with me tomorrow to meet you, will you do it Billy, for me, please. She’d a really nice girl that just needs someone to believe in her.”

How could I say no.

“What’s her name Mom and tell me about her.”

“Victoria, her Name’s Victoria Barnett but everyone calls her Vickie. She’s short, maybe five-one or two but heavy, at least a hundred and eighty or more but she’s cute as a button. I’m not sure but she’s a lot younger than me, I’d guess around twenty-five or so. She’s never been married and, although she’s no virgin I don’t think she’s had much sexual experience. She never talks about a guy so I don’t even think she’s dating, that’s what she’s doing in the clubs.”

“Ok, bring her home, we’ll have dinner together and talk a little.”

So, the next day after having spent the morning with Simone I was waiting to meet Vickie. I had a menu for tonight that would give her an idea how Mom and I ate. A small grilled lamb chop with sautéed potatoes, edamame and an arugula salad. Again, I was generous with the wine, we were having an Australian Falcon Ridge Chardonnay.

I’d planned dinner for six so we’d have some time to talk and get acquainted.

The delay was worth it. I did get to know Vickie a little. She was timid as a rabbit and it took a while to bring her out but I learned she was an only child who got whatever she wanted except loving attention from her parents. She’d compensated, substituting all the ice cream, candy and junk for affection. She’d gone to college as a virgin but at a frat party the boys had taken advantage of her, more to drink than she’d ever had, she passed out on the bed. She’d awaken nude and aching, her belly and her vagina hurt and the blood on the sheet left no question about her virginity; she’d lost it. She had no idea who the culprit or culprits were so she hadn’t reported it. She withdrew into a shell and soon withdrew from school, too.

She was afraid of men but was heterosexual, her one experiment with a woman had been a fiasco, so mostly she’d become asexual. She wanted that to change, she was lonely and felt unloved, she was groping and things only seemed to be getting worse.

After we’d eaten we talked a bit more. I was surprised, Vickie began to flirt with me. She was still in the dress she’d worn to work and, after a third glass of wine brazenly let me see her apricot colored panties. I wasn’t overly stimulated, I couldn’t see much between her thunder thighs but the effort was, in some ways more important than the result. When Mom walked to the kitchen I followed.

“Mom, could you get lost for a little while, I think it might help if I could talk to Vickie alone?”

Mom discovered that she needed to get something from the store for tomorrow morning and announced it just as I was serving Vickie another glass of wine.

As Mom left, I sat closely beside Vickie on the sofa.

“You know, there are a lot of similarities about what you’ve gone through and what’s happened to Mom. She had a rough childhood and some real bad luck with men. My Dad died when I was quite young but she married twice after that, both of them were disasters. She self-medicated with vodka for her pain and lost thousands on the slots trying to find happiness in the heart of a heartless one-armed bandit.”

“And you helped her?”

“I like to think she helped herself, all I did and continue to do is provide direction.”

“Could you provide direction for me, Billy, could you?”

“Only if you want me to Vickie, it’s really all up to you.”

“Oh, how I want to, I’d love you forever if you could help me.”

“Ok, first, let’s take inventory. You have a beautiful face, your full breasts would be desirable to almost any man and your bottom, though big is shapely; I like it and I know a lot of other guys who would feel the same. So, a diet that would slim your waist and legs would do wonders for your appearance and your self-confidence, don’t you think?”

She heard the compliments, asking, “You really do think I’m pretty?”

“I think you’re stunning Vickie?”

“You really mean that?” She asked.

I kissed her and answered, “Oh yes, I’d love to spend time with you Vickie, you’re so cute.”

She nearly swooned, if girls still swoon and came into my arms.

“You can kiss me all you want Billy.”

So I did, I kissed her and nibbled on her neck and ears then massaged her breasts through her clothing. “Oh my, you’re so firm,” I told her as her swelling breasts filled my hands.

“Do you want to touch me, I mean, you can unbutton my dress if you want,” she told me.

“I want to Vickie, I really want to, why don’t we go upstairs so we can have a little privacy.”

I led her up to Mom’s room. There I kissed her and fondled her breasts as I steered her to the bed. Once on it I did unbutton her dress and lifted the cups of her bra exposing her breasts. I gasped in amazed pleasure, she was perfectly formed, cones tipped with chocolate and capped by strawberries.

“Oh Vickie, you have the most spectacular breasts I’ve ever seen.”

Her smile lit the room.

“You really think so Billy?”

“I know so, let me get your dress off so I can see you better.”

Once it was out of the way, I unfastened her bra and let it fall from her shoulders. She still had her shoes and, perish the thought, panty hose over her panties. I thought, her poor pussy, no air could get to it. I intended to remedy that.

I took her to the mattress and kissed her until her mouth opened to accept my tongue. I nipped at her lips then bit a little harder drawing a drop of blood. I told her, “I’ve marked you as mine now, do you want to be mine Vickie?”

Her eyes were aglow as she whispered, “Oh yes Billy.”

I nibbled and kissed down her neck to her breasts and was nursing as my hand moved to her groin. She started to roll, trying to avoid my hand, I moved it, massaging her abdomen and saying, “Relax Pretty, I won’t hurt you.”

As she settled, sighing in pleasure as I continued on her breasts, she accepted my hand. In only a few minutes the crotch of her garments was damp, she was lubricating, her breathing had become ragged.

“Let me help you out of these,” I said as I tugged the panty hose off. I left her with her panties but traced her slit through the nylon.

“Oh Billy, your hand feels so nice, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. My hand found its way under the cloth and I was feeling girl. She was wet, now it was my job to make her wild. I strummed her clit rapidly as I continued on her breasts.

It didn’t take long before her body was trembling as she climaxed.

“Was that nice?” I asked her.

“More than nice, better than I ever give myself.”

So, I knew, she masturbated.

“I want all of you Vickie, I told her,” as I kissed down her chubby tummy. My other hand was busy, I had her panties to mid thigh when I nuzzled her lightly haired chestnut mons veneris. She was untrimmed, a woman who didn’t give a great deal of consideration to style because she knew she wasn’t going to be showing it off.

“Wow, I love it, a real woman, you’re like a woman should be, the way nature meant you.”

“You like me like that,” She breathed.

“Oh yeah, you’re a real woman,” I exalted to her as I got her panties off over her feet.

I don’t know, maybe it was a pre-conceived notion. She did have a pretty face but, somehow, I guess because she was heavy, I expected her genitals to be large and sloppy. That was hardly the case. Her vaginal slit was small, no longer than a young girls and her labia were completely contained within her thin lips. It was as though I was with an adolescent.

My mouth sought her out. I doubt if Vickie’d ever experienced oral before. She spread her legs as far as she could and mouthed, “Oooo, Billy, what are you doing to me.”

I came up only long enough to say, “Making you feel good.”

Her pussy was tasty, she had a fresh smell and the flavor of a salty ripe peach, when I probed her vagina I could tell, she’d be tight but I wanted a little something else before I came back for that. If she’d never had cunnilingus performed on her I absolutely knew she was unfamiliar with anilingus, when the tip of my tongue penetrated her she didn’t jump as I’d suspected she would, instead, she pressed against me and sighed.

“Oh that feels so nice Billy,” she cooed.

I spent far longer on her bottom than I usually would before moving up to her clitoris and giving her three explosive orgasms.

I moved up over her, kissed her, told her how very sexy she was and then asked, “Pretty, are you on birth control?”

She wasn’t.

“Do you want to have sex with me Pretty? If we do I’m going to cum in you but I can give you some Plan B morning after pills. It’s up to you.”

“Oh God, I want you in me Billy.”

I entered her. She was tight as a young girl, she moaned as I slid in, I could tell it had been a long time but she splayed her legs as far as she could, her chubby thighs impeded getting in close to her. This position made it easier.

“You’re pretty big for a young guy Billy,” she said. I was, I was now slightly over eight inches. I pumped her pretty hard, I liked her sounds, a combination of pleasure, desire and pain giving some of the sexiest tones I’ve ever heard. She hadn’t done it from the oral but, she was a screamer and she screamed now. Her fleshy thighs encircled me, she pounded her hips up to meet my strokes and she shrieked as she poured years of pent up feminine nectar over my balls. Squirt after squirt it pulsed out of her. It was nothing short of spectacular. I stopped pumping and just watched in awe.

Finally young faithful quit erupting and I went back pumping but, after what I’d just seen anything I could do seemed anticlimactic. I fucked until I came, period.

When I moved up beside her, she grabbed me like I was a little girl’s teddy bear when the monster was under her bed. I was a little surprised, she buried her head in my chest and I heard her gently sobbing, then, her mouth was on my nipples. I’d never had my nipples sucked, it felt strange then, she just collapsed in my arms but kept sucking. She was cooing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such contentment.

Her breathing became deep and regular, he knew, she’d dozed off. Now he knew for sure, even chubby women were cats. He held her close. She really was a nice, cute girl, I’d do all he could for her and knew I’d enjoy doing it. All I feared was explaining it to Simone.

And, like a cat, it was a cat nap. She slept for about twenty minutes then awakened, crawled up over him and kissed me.

“So long, Billy, so long since I’ve felt so good. What did you do to me, to my bottom. That was weird but it felt so good. I never thought of my butt as a place to play but that felt so good, what did you do?”

“Vickie, you have nerve endings in the area of your anus that tie in with those of your genitals, some women are particularly sensitive there, some not so much. It’s my guess you’re anal erotic and will love being stimulated there.”

“Well, I guess you stimulated me.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I liked the sex, too.”

“I’d like some more, wouldn’t you,” I said.

Moments later she was on her knees for penetration from behind.

My hands were all over her bottom as we did doggie, I pressed on her little virgin rosebud and she came. I knew where I was going next.

I fucked her for ten or fifteen minutes. She came once then a second time when I filled her up with my spunk. She had a luscious cream pie, as I admired her, then I folded her down to the mattress and rested on her back.

“Am I too heavy for you?” I asked.

In an understatement she answered, “I’m a big girl, I can take it.”

I parted her ample cheeks and rested my cock in her anal cleft, just the shaft grazing her opening and slowly slid back and forth.

We stayed on the bed in this position, me teasing her, for some time.

“You’re mean Billy, you know that makes me feel good, don’t you?”

I reached for the KY Jelly.

“I’m going to go in you this way, you know that, don’t you?” I asked as I started lubricating her.

“I’ve never done it before Billy, will in hurt?”

“Are you scared Vickie?”

“No; well maybe a little.”

“Don’t be scared, it might give you a little pain when I go in but I won’t hurt you. If you’re relaxed it can go easily and, as anal erotic as you are this may be your sex of choice in the future.”

“Ok, I trust you Billy.”

I hadn’t started any of my other girls on their knees, from that rear penetration I went in deeper and I knew I tended to, shall we say, be more exuberant. But, again, maybe because she was a large girl I guessed she be large there, too. She wasn’t but nonetheless, I said,

“I want you up on your knees Pretty, can you do that for me?”

“Ok, Billy,” she said as she pulled her knees up under her. I spread her legs just a bit, and guided her down so that her breasts rested on the mattress and her head was on the pillow then I spread her fleshy globes. Her ring was tight and pink. It was obvious it had only been employed for Mother Nature’s purpose. I positioned my penis against her anus, she was lubricated and I was slick. I asked, “Are you ready Pretty?”

“I think so,” she answered.

I pressed into her. She gasped when I parted her sphincter muscles but that was her only reaction, I filled her rectum but, fortunately she’d had a bowel movement earlier in the day, her rectum was empty. I asked her how it felt.

“I feel full Billy, like I’m being stretched but it’s nice. Like I have to poop but I know I don’t, I know I’ve got a big cock in me.”

The bed was positioned so that the door was behind us. I’d closed and latched it when Vickie and I had gone in. My eyes came up as I mounted her. In Mom’s vanity mirror I could see that the door was now ajar. In the shadows, my mother was standing, watching, her hand at her mouth. Her amazement and awe evident. I pretended not to see, but as I sodomized Vickie I cast surreptitious glances, Mom was following every stroke I made, every inch that Vickie accepted as I fucked her co-worker.

I wondered how she was taking it, Mom, I mean. It was evident that Vickie was enjoying her experience but, I knew how much Mom was scared of what she was seeing..

Vickie came then I did, I held her then said, “Oops, I guess I didn’t close the door. I got up and, for all intents and purposes, closed the door in Mom’s face.

Back on the bed I told Vickie how spectacular she was but, I also told her what she had to do. There was no need for anal training with her, this girl could give lessons but that wouldn’t slim her.

“Pretty, and you really are that, Pretty I mean, but we need to work on weight loss and your self-confidence. First the weight, I’ll work up a diet for you and give you a notebook so you can record everything you eat. I won’t starve you but, since I won’t he cooking for you like I do for Mom, so I’ll keep your lower bowel empty and besides you’re gonna be on an honor system. I know the results to expect and if I don’t see them we’ll have to have a come to Jesus meeting, you understand?”

She gave me a dumb look and asked, so what happens if I cheat on the honor system, but I just went on. I think sex will become important to you, I know it is to me, so let’s get together at least twice a week. Do you have a car and an apartment?

“Ok, would it work to pick me up twice a week and then bring me home after?

It was set, Vickie left and I was alone…Not; I knew Mom was prowling somewhere. I just waited.

Finally, from out of the shadows materialized my own personal cat and this one seemed to have taken on the persona of a Jaguar.

“My friend, what did you do to my friend. And you made my room stinky again, God Billy what have you done.”

“I don’t know what I did that has you pissed, you brought me a chubby co-worker who had no self-confidence and I sent a girl home who thinks she’s working on being Aphrodite, what did I do wrong?

“I saw what you did to her, I can smell her in my room. Her butt, it’s stinking up my room, I know what you did to her, right here in my bed.”

And I couldn’t resist, “Jealous?” I asked.

Oh My God, what had I done, my docile mother flew into a rage. She attacked me, I really learned what a cougar was, she clawed me, spit and profanities spewed from her mouth, I was a bastard, I was a son of a bitch (I don’t think she considered the ramifications of that one), and I was right, she’d brought Vickie to me and now she was madly jealous, I wrapped my arms around her, I’m a six foot one athlete and she’s, well she’s my Mom, with my arms around a squirming wild cat I held her then we were on the bed.

“Why the jealousy Maggie? It was your idea.”

“I know Honey but that was what it was, an idea. When I saw the realism of it, that was different. You’re supposed to be mine. Yeah, I know about May and Maybelle but that’s different, they’re like family. Vickie’s an outsider.”

“I think you’re going to have to accept it. She’s going to pick me up tomorrow after work and take me back to her apartment. I’ll fix your supper and leave it in the oven for you.”

“Billy, why are you going over there? I mean, you could bring her here, couldn’t you?”

“For her really, I’m going to give her her first enema and it’s going to be a long session. I want her completely cleaned out so it’ll probably take quite a while and I thought she’d want some privacy. You know what it’s like, would you want someone else here while you were getting yours?”

She thought about that. They could be gut wrenching, painful and even a little demeaning. No, it wasn’t something she’d want to share.

I slept in my bed that night, fixed breakfast for Mom and me and kissed her good bye, she’d be home a little after two.

Simone arrived shortly thereafter and we played around until one. I only casually mentioned my appointment with Vickie, saying she was a friend of Mom’s from work and that Mom had told her that I cook healthy meals. She’s overweight so we’re going to discuss dieting and weight loss. I got a strange look and she commented, “Weight loss, huh, when did you become Arthur Agatston (for you that don’t know, he’s the cardiologist that developed the South Beach Diet).

“Be nice,” I retorted.

It was Thursday morning and inevitably Friday would follow. Friday, and Simone, my Cutie, would be losing her anal virginity. She was taking the larger dildo well, I only hoped she could do as well with me. Even though I was going to be with Vickie this evening all I could think about was Simone.

I really hated to see her go when she peddled off at one thirty.

I grilled a piece of salmon for Mom, made a small fruit cup and started to get ready. I put a few things in my gym bag, a few of the Plan B pills, a tube of KY Jelly, a bottle of Mom’s body lotion and my enema syringe, I zipped it closed. I’d have to carry my water bucket in my hand.

Mom came it at two fifteen and said, “She’s waiting.” Vickie’s car was behind Mom’s in the driveway.

“I’ll see you later and you’re going to tell me all about it,” then she kissed me and I was off.

I tossed my bag and bucket into the back seat and climbed in.

“Why the bucket?” She inquired.

Obfuscating, I answered only, “We’ll need it later.”

She was nervous when we entered her apartment, pacing she asked if I wanted anything to drink.

I walked over to her, giving her a hug I said, “No thank you, all I want is you.”

“Do you Billy, do you really want me?”

“More than anything, would you like to take me to the bedroom.”

There, as our lips met, I unzipped the back of her dress and unfastened her bra, letting both fall to the floor. Her panties were full cut plain white cotton, more fitting for an old woman than a woman in her twenties.

We sat on the bed, I wanted to talk to her, tell her what was in store. If she wanted to back out, this would be her chance.

“Have you ever had an enema, Pretty?” I asked.

“Not since I was a little girl. My Mom used to give them to me and I hated them.”

“Did they help?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I used to suffer from constipation and I felt better after.”

“That’s how we’re going to start. I’ll give you enemas until you’re completely cleaned out then you’ll get a bath and a massage. I think you’ll be completely relaxed by the time we’ve finished then we can have some fun.”

“How can an enema help me lose weight?” She wondered.

I’d printed out an article from a web site called that points out that up to fifteen pounds can be lost from the cleansing of the colon of toxins and waste. It goes on to say that the weight can be kept off and the tummy flattened by two days of fasting following the enemas. I gave it to her asking her to read it before we progressed.

“Is this true, I can really lose fifteen pounds?” She asked.

“I can’t guarantee it, I’ve never tried enemas with fasting. Do you think you can fast for two days?”

She thought about two days of starvation then said, “Heck yes, I’d do almost anything to lose weight, nothing I’ve tried has worked.”

“Let’s get started then,” I said as I picked up my bucket and filled it with warm water from the bath tub faucet.

When I went back to the bedroom, I rolled Vickie’s panties off. The thought struck me. I’d bet that within the next hour or two she’d wish she’d have grabbed them, held them up and run like hell. These enemas were always exhausting but this being her first, she was in for an ordeal. I sat and asked her to lay across my lap.

That, in and of itself was going to be a trial. My other girls were much smaller, Vickie was pushing two hundred pounds but that was my problem. I lubricated her.

Slowly I injected the first bulb full and let it flow through her bowels.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it Pretty?”

“It does, it’s so nice and warm.”

I administered the second bulb.

Between each insertion I rubbed her back and bottom and let her rest for several minutes.

She was getting her fifth bulb when her cramps struck. I rubbed her tummy until the cramp had passed then gave her a sixth bulb. The cramping was more severe, she wanted up but she wasn’t nearly ready.

I got a seventh bulb in but that was the maximum she could take. She was moaning and her eyes had teared from the cramping. I helped her up then back down on her back.

“Help me Billy,” she whimpered.

I began to massage her. As the water was forced deeper into her colons she continued her low pained sounds. She pulled her legs up, I guess to take some pressure off her stomach. Her legs were splayed, her lower lips were parted. Like Simone, it reminded me of a pretty flower. I got hard.

I’d never done it before, hadn’t even thought about it but her swollen belly and her small, tight pussy really turned me on. I eased up between her legs and entered her. I fucked her to the same rhythm that I was using to massage her. Her sounds, although still pained, I could tell that she liked having me in her body.

“Did you get any sort of birth control Pretty, I’m going to cum in you several times and I’m sure you don’t want to be inseminated, do you.”

“No, not yet, I’m not ready for babies.”

“Did you get anything?”

“No, not yet.”

“I have more of the Plan B pills but you’re going to need something more effective, I recommend an IUD, but it’s up to you.”

Almost as soon as I’d cum she groaned and pled, “Billy, I’ve got to gooooo.”

I helped her up and let her lean on me as I led her to the toilet. I seated her and left her to her privacy.

Even from outside I could hear the gas and splashing. She farted explosively and moaned. Thirty minutes later I heard her flush and, in moments she called for me, she was standing on her bathroom scale.

“Oh God Billy, I pooped and pooped and pooped. I can’t believe I had so much in me but, look, I lost seven pounds. She looked happy at the loss but bedraggled as I led her back to the bed.

“Billy, that was terrible but at least it did its job and it’s over.”

“Oh, we’re not done Pretty. Back over my lap.”

She’d endured three more enemas, the water was nearly clear. I was only going to give her one more.

Once I’d pumped the last one in her and she was laying on her back she gave me a quick little smile and pulled her legs up asking, “Could you do that again Billy?”

She looked so cute laying there, I started to mount her then I had an idea. I got a pillow and said, “Can you lift your hips for me Pretty?”

Once I had her elevated my penis was in a direct line with her anus. I guided myself to her and pressed in.

Her eyes flew open wide and she mouthed, “Uuuuuuuu,” like she’d been goosed.

It felt wonderful, the water was nice and warm and her sphincters were so tight, slowly I stroked her, but it was a touch weird, when she cramped, I knew, I could feel it.

I didn’t cum but still it was a new experience for me and kinda fun. I’d never put sex with a fat chick on my sexual bucket list but fucking her while she was full of water and then sticking my cock in that full rectum qualified as unique to me. So, I tossed them in my bucket of memories, too.

I helped her to the toilet and started the bath tub filling.

She’d expelled water so clear it could have come from a spring, she urinated making a cute tinkling sound then I took her to the tub.

I got in with her. Gently I soaped her, my hands touch all of her intimate places then I helped her out, dried her and took her back to the bed.

The lotion I used was the gardenia scent I likes so much. By the time I’d finished she was cooing like a dove. She’d never been so catered to in her life, I knew that to be true, I was making her feel like a queen.

And the oral, my Pretty raced through the stars. Moans, shrieks and wails filled the air as she had orgasm after orgasm. And, yes, young faithful erupted time after time. I’d never had a squirter, it was beyond intoxicating. She filled my mouth with one pulse as I tried to cap her vagina.

Vickie was kinda whipped. Between the enemas and the oral exertions she was worn out. It was time for my chubby cat to rest. I held her as she got her little nap.

With a yawn and a stretch she rejoined my world. I put her on her tummy and shifted so that I was between her legs then parted her cheeks and gave her my tongue.

“I really do love your taste,” I said to her as I rimmed her, “Does this feel good to you?”

“Oh God Billy, it does, it feels so good.”

“Would you like to get up on your knees for me Pretty?

Once she was up I got the KY Jelly.

“Can you help me, can you reach back and hold yourself open for me?”

Her tight, pink ring looked so inviting. With one finger I teased her, inserting it, pumping it then withdrawing it. I kept that up until she finally said,

“Quit being mean to me, you know what I want.”

In response to her request, I moved behind her and took her with a piercing thrust. She groaned as I split her sphincters but, immediately she pushed back forcing me deeper.

“Oh yeah, Billy, fuck me, fuck my butt, give it to me, Oh God, it’s so good, come on, come on.”

This was going to be a ball. I rose behind her, mounted her so I was above and pumping down and rapidly fucked her.

She wanted it, a rough ride, and I wanted to give it to her. She was tight, I knew I was still stretching her, her breathing, really panting made me think that she was feeling a little pain but she seemed to revel in it.

Her round melons were like cushions, big, soft and inviting and I rode her hard. I was afraid that I might hurt her but she whooped, hollered and came, crying out her pleasure. None of my others had cum from strictly anal sex, Vickie was a treasure.

She came a second time before I roared like a bull and pumped into her, I rode her down, belly flat to the mattress and stayed on her until I was drained. When I pulled out, I wanted to check out her anal cream pie but when I parted her cheeks she cut loose a fart that was nearly nuclear, I thought it had a half life and a mushroom cloud.

I don’t think anything worse could have happened to a girl with such low self-esteem. She curled up in a ball and wailed.

“Oh God, Billy, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

I hugged her, “I know you didn’t Pretty, it’s not your fault, I’m the one that got the air in you. Forget about it, you’re still my sexy Pretty girl.”

It took a few minutes to settle her down. It was a humiliating experience for her. She turned toward me and buried her face against my chest. I held her and crooned sweet, encouraging words. It wasn’t her fault and I wanted her to know I didn’t blame her. It was just nature taking its course.

I even said, “Pretty, it was worth it just to get the chance to enjoy your luscious body.”

“But you want me slimmer, don’t you?”

“That’s what you want, too, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I don’t know about starving myself.”

“Pretty, you’re not going to starve. Two days of fasting won’t be medieval torture and you might come out fifteen pounds lighter and with a flatter tummy.”

“If I can’t do it, will you still like me?”

“I’ll like you Pretty but both of us will like you better, your body better, if you can succeed.”

“But if I don’t?”

I wondered how much Mom had told her. How I might discipline her for ignoring my instructions, I decided to find out.

I sat up against the headboard.

“I want you across my lap Pretty.”

With a look that asked why, she pulled herself prone over my thighs.

“What is it Billy,” she asked.

She knew she was in a compromised position and felt it even more when I began massaging her buttocks.

“I have every confidence in you Pretty, you’ll do what I want because you want to.”

“But if I don’t, if I can’t, what then?” She whimpered.

I gave her a whack and answered, “Then I spank. You don’t want a spanking, do you.”

“Nooo, I don’t want a spanking. I mean, I’m a twenty-five year woman. I’m far too old to be spanked.”

“Oh, you’re never too old, ask Maggie and she’s thirty-seven.”

“You mean you spanked your mother?”

“She was a bad girl Pretty, like you’re being now.”

She sensed it coming and tried to squirm away from me but my left arm circled her waist, I held her in place and began.

My strokes were moderately firm, alternating between her pudgy hemispheres. I continued until she broke and her tears flowed, then I caressed her saying, “But we won’t need to worry will we Pretty, you’ll be a good girl for me, won’t you?”

“Yessss, Billy, I’ll be good for you, I promise, I swear.”

“Then come here and give me a kiss,” I said.

When she was over my body, our lips meeting, I whispered, “I want you, squat over me and put me in you.”

As she guided me into her vagina she sat, taking me in completely.

“Sit back, I want to admire your beautiful breasts.”

“Pump up and down on me,” I told her as I took a boob in each hand and fondled them.

I let her ride me for several minutes before I released one breast and slid my fingers under her. Her clitoris was swollen, enflamed as she rocked back and forth on my hand.

When she came, she collapsed onto me.

“I promise I’ll be a good girl for you Billy, I will.”

I sodomized her one additional time before we agreed that we’d meet weekly. She took me home, I got out and ran in, waving good bye as the door closed.

Mom was on me immediately. She wanted to know everything. I gave her the short version but even that aroused her. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom, her lips and hands were all over me then, she was on her knees waiting.

She liked me behind her but the back door was still closed. I entered her sweet vagina, gave her two orgasms and came in her.

I slept in my own bed, I guess I wanted some time alone to think and then to dream. Tomorrow was Friday.

Morning came and it seemed no different than any other day, the sun was up, the birds were singing and I fixed breakfast for Mom. I only had coffee then sent Mom off to work.

Simone would be there shortly. She’d have that big plug in her, getting ready for me, she didn’t know that today was the day. I wondered, should I use Mom’s room with its King sized bed and convenient bathroom or my own where we’d spent so many pleasurable hours. She’d lost her vaginal virginity on my bed when she was twelve, I decided we’d be in my room. I only wished that she wouldn’t be arriving on her bicycle, she might well have a difficult time sitting as she peddled home.

And the door bell rang.

I offered coffee, she shuffled to the kitchen and gingerly sat.

“Oh for Goodness Sakes, I won’t miss this thing when you take it out, it’s not that it hurts, I’m used to it but it’s not the most comfortable thing on a bicycle seat and it makes me walk funny.”

“I think it’s cute, Cutie.”

“I’ve got your cute Buster.”

“Come on, let’s go upstairs. I’ll take it out then you’re getting a little enema, a bath and a rub down.”

She gave me no complaints, she liked the little enemas, she loved her baths and she adored her massages. Then her oral, Oh Lord, did she ever look forward to her oral.

Upstairs, I gathered up my equipment then I undressed her and had her bend over so I could take the plug out. It came out with a pop, leaving her momentarily distended, I watched her close before I lifted her over my lap. Her enema was only three bulbs, just enough to clear her rectum. She evacuated while I filled her bath.

As always with my little jewel, I carried her to the tub, sat her in it and joined her.

Simone was an astute girl, she sensed something was different. She turned so that she was facing me, I think she wanted to read my eyes, my expression when she asked,

“Today, it’s today isn’t it?”

Caught out, I answered with a question, “Do you want it to be?”

“I’m still a little scared Billy.”

“I’ll be gentle with you Cutie.”

After I’d dried her, I massaged her and gave her oral. Although she did climax she seemed distracted. Anticipation about what was to come held her thoughts.

I was kneeling between her legs lubricating her.

“How would you like to do it Cutie, I asked.”

“Can I be on my back. I want you to see me smile for you.”

I laid her legs over my thighs and moved up against her. My erection was harder and larger than I could ever remember. I’d done things, you’ve heard about them, but Simone would be and is my life’s partner. We became intimate when she was twelve and I was fourteen. Now she was fourteen and about to surrender her final virginity.

My hands were all over her, stroking her flanks, tummy and breasts. She’d developed into a beautiful young woman but, knowing her genes, that was no surprise.

“it may hurt when I go into you.” I said. I gave more instructions that usual.

“Cutie, do everything you can to relax. When you feel me against you I’m going to ask you to push. Push down like you’re trying to poop, that will help to open you for me. You ready?”

“Yes Billy, I’m ready,” my precious gem answered.

I smiled at her and said, “Push.”

I pressed forward.

She gave a little gasp and said, “Oh Billy, you’re in me, I love you.”

As I slowly eased forward the little smile never left her face. It might have been uncomfortable but she was satisfying me and that made her happy.

When she’d taken all I could offer she said, “I do feel full like I’ve gotta go but it feels kinda nice, too.”

I couldn’t help myself, she was so beautiful laying there with me in her, her little smile. I leaned forward, kissed her and told her how much I loved her. Here I was literally surrounded with attractive, sexy women but the little fourteen year old nymph under me owned my heart.

Our sex was slow, almost languid and gentle. Nothing athletic about it, shared feelings, deep expressions of affection, love.

Afterwards she confessed, It had hurt but nothing she wasn’t willing to undergo for me. Later she was still a little sore and thought it would be easier to walk than to peddle. I wheeled her bicycle along as she and I walked to her house.

“Billy, I think I want to lie down for a little while, I’m tired and sore.”

I kissed her good bye at the door then she went upstairs to curl up for her cat nap.

It was almost a relief. I had some time for myself. I called DeShon, changed to my B-ball togs and let him beat the shit out of me at one on one. I’m good, maybe Division II good but the big schools, Louisville, Kentucky, Florida and like that were already sniffing around at DeShon’s jock. I knew I’d get a scholarship but nothing like “One Foot” would be offered, I mean how many six-seven point guards are there? Oh, yeah, Magic was, or is, six-eight but name another. He had a three point shot, could drive the paint and was deadly on the high pick and roll. DeShon had first round pick in the NBA draft tattooed on his ass. It was kinda neat knowing a future multi-millionaire, except when he slammed my lay-up back in my face.

We were chugging some Gatorade and chewing on some energy bars when he picked up an old conversation. How my Mom was the hottest MILF he’d ever seen and how she was even hotter since she’d lost some weight, and yada, yada, yada.

“Yeah, I think so, too and that pussy’s really hot,” I finally said.

“You’re fucking her, you’re really fucking your Mom?”

“Yeah, I’ve sampled her fine wares.”

“No fucking shit, can I get some?” DeShon asked.

“Hey man, I like you like a brother but that’s private stock, you know?”

“Ah man, she’d love the big anaconda.”

His 12” cock, the big anaconda.

“DeShon, it would scare the piss outa her.”

“Come on Bro, help a Brother out here.”

And a prurient thought struck me. My sexual bucket list. Maybe he could help me fill a slot. I wanted a black girl but not just any black girl.

Tall, willowy, with small high breasts, slender with narrow hips and a high, tight bottom. An oriental slant to her eyes and a smooth mocha complexion. The body of a fashion model and her name was LaDonna, DeShon’s baby sister.

We wee now nearly seventeen and I knew LaDonna was soon going to be celebrating her sweet sixteenth. I took the dive.

“If I can get you into my Mom could you, maybe hook me up with LaDonna.”

“He looked at me like I was crazy.

“That’s my baby sister, man.”

“And you want my Mom, what’s fair?”

“You sure you can get me in?” He asked.

“I know a way, yeah, how about you.”

“Damn it Billy, I can get you next to her but you’re gonna have to get in yourself, know what I mean?”

I knew, but at least I’d stand a chance.

“Ok, and, just to show you how much of a bro I am, I’ll hook you up first,” I told him.

Mom’s fortieth was coming up in a few weeks and I was already having to listen to her bitch about getting old. For thirty-nine, nearly forty, she was hot as a firecracker but she didn’t want to hear it. All she could talk about was how life was passing her by and she hadn’t had any excitement. So, one night, after she’d had a couple of wines and I was hearing it again for the umpteenth time I asked, “Still have the same fantasy?”

“Yes,” she hissed at me, just like a cat I might add, “yes damnit, I still do.”

“I’m not enough for my Mommy,” I teased.

“I told you, when were together like this I’m Maggie.”

“So Maggie would still like the big black python,” I challenged her.

“Oh, screw you Billy.”

“You do want to live your fantasy, don’t you?”

“Ok, yes damnit, yes. Your mother thinks it would be so very exciting to be taken and forced to have sex with a black man.”

“With a huge dick,” I added.

“Yes, with a huge cock, ok, you happy.”

“Want a little white cock now?” I asked.

“You’re not little,” she said as I took her to the mattress and entered her.

I know, I’m skipping way forward but this story isn’t one where I can say, “To make a long story short, it’s more like to make a short story long, so, I’ve moved it forward.”

Mom’s fortieth birthday is the fooling day. I’ve arranged for cocktails, a nice dinner with wine and a dessert. We were splurging, seared scallops as an hors dourves, Maine lobsters with a side of Parmesan polenta and mixed grilled vegetables. Mom only turned forty once, so dessert was tiramisu and hazelnut cappuccino.

By the time we got home, her full belly called her to her bed. She was asleep within minutes. I should have done the same thing but…

At around eleven-thirty I noticed a tall figure move toward Mom’s bedroom.

She was gently snoring, a nice evening, a full belly, as good as turning forty could be.

The shadowed figure rolled a ski mask down, he was on my mother’s back and I saw the flash of his knife.

Mommy tried to fight, she tried to scream but he contained her, I didn’t hear his words, it was only later that I learned he’d threatened her life with the knife.

He didn’t want her valuables, he didn’t want her money; she offered both.

He told her he had exactly what he wanted as he tore her gown from neck line to hem. She didn’t sleep in a bra and he mauled her breasts before ripping her panties off, the waist band and one leg tore, but she still had the shredded material around her left thigh.

“Quiet, shut up and you won’t get hurt,” he told her.

Once he had her under control he slid up her torso and flopped his cock in her face.

“Suck me, get me hard for your white cunt, suck damnit.”

She choked as she tried her damnedest to comply. He reached back and I heard him, he said, “Nice pussy Mamma,” as he fingered her. He got between her legs.

Our bodies are conditioned to react and Mom’s did, the rapid agitation of her clit caused her to lubricate.

“Please, take my money, just don’t hurt me, please, don’t kill me,” I heard her plead.

“I’ve got all I want right here,” I heard him say just before she cried out, he’d mounted her and was forcing himself into her.

“Please, no, my God, you’re killing me,” she moaned.

From where I stood, in the dim light of her night light I could see that he was barely penetrating her. He pushed forward and she screamed. I almost interceded but I thought how much she’d fantasized and I thought of that slim young body that was LaDonna, I continued to watch.

The rapist said, “Get those legs up for me Mamma.”

He powered into her, the big black python was half way home and she cried out, begging for him to stop. Of course, he didn’t.

He thrust forward hard, opening her like she’d never experienced before, tissue was stretched and she bled as he fucked her hard. Only about three quarters of his cock was in her when he slammed forward.

“Turn over and get up on your knees,” he ordered.

“Please no, not that,” she begged.

He wasn’t, that was off limits but she didn’t know that.

He gripped her hips, I had a perfect view as his huge cock going into her, he had to hold her up so she wouldn’t collapse he fucked her hard.

Maggie screamed, her vagina was wrecked, torn and in agony when he pumped her a few more times and came copiously, cum was drizzling from her poor injured vagina when his hands went to her neck. She knew she was about to die, she was going to be choked but, no, he snapped a collar onto her and said, now you’re my bitch. Don’t take it off.

He disappeared into the shadows.

“Tomorrow Bro,” he said as I took the rubber knife and the mask. I’d get rid of them tonight.

I gave it a few minutes then I stumbled into Mom’s room. She was curled into the fetal position, her sounds of pain pathetic, whimpering like a whipped puppy and sobbing.

“Mom, what happened, what’s the matter?”

“I was raped,” she whispered.

“What? What did he do? Should I call the police?”

“No, no police. I don’t want to go through that. Rape kits, hospitals, questioning, no, no police.”

“Can you tell me about it, do you want to talk?”

“Oh Honey, I was asleep and suddenly he was on me. I woke up to see a guy in a black ski mask. He had a knife and threatened to cut me if I wasn’t quiet then he ripped my gown and panties off.”

She still had the remnants of her underwear around her leg.

“Oh God, he put his nasty cock in my mouth. I was afraid I was going to choke to death but then he grabbed my boobs and squeezed them, he hurt me but that was nothing compared to when he put his cock in me. I thought he was going to split me in half, he was so big. I cried but he just kept doing it and doing it then he got on my back and went in me from behind.”

“He didn’t…” I asked.

“No, thank God, he didn’t do that. He was so big I think he’d have killed me if he had.

I reached to her neck, asking, “What’s this?”

She grabbed my hands, “Don’t. He put it on me, told me it’s my collar and that I’m his bitch, I can’t take it off or he’ll come back.”

“Let me look at you, you may need the hospital.”

She opened her legs for my inspection but said, “No, no hospital, I don’t anyone to know.”

She was already swelling and there was a small amount of blood at the throat of her vagina but most noticeable was the copious quantity of semen leaking from her. He must have pumped a quart into her. I told about the damage I could see then, I cracked, “I guess we won’t be having any fun for the next few days.”

She sobbed, “I’m sorry Honey.”

“It’s not your fault Mommy, there’s nothing for you to be sorry about.”

“Oh God, what a way to turn forty,” she bemoaned.

“You know what’s strange Mom?” I asked, then answered, “Except for that collar it sounds like your fantasy, doesn’t it. I mean, a black guy wearing a ski mask and armed with a knife rips your clothes off and rapes you in your bed.”

As she considered what I’d said, she shivered.

“Oh God, you’re right Billy, it was just like my fantasy, there must be something to the adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ my fantasy made me cum hard but the realism made me bleed and cry.”

Then I offered my cure all.

“Let me give you a bath Mommy, you’ll feel better after a bath and a massage.”

“That would be Nice Billy, thank you,” she said as I helped her rise and led her to the bathroom.

I turned on the tap to fill the tub. Evidentially the sound of running water had its common effect.

“Oooo, Mommy has to potty,” as she hustled to the commode and sat.

I don’t know, maybe I’m weird but I’m infatuated with the tinkle of a woman peeing. Any woman but especially Maggie. I walked over and kissed her while she flowed. “You’re so beautiful Mommy,” I told her.

I was gentle with her as I washed her, particularly in her vaginal area but I did soap her thoroughly. The swelling was still there but the blood and cum were gone.

I guess I was treating her like she was fragile as I dried her and took her back to bed.

Her massage relaxed her, she was feeling much better, even her good humor was returning. She wiggled her tail, “Rub me here,” she asked.

I slathered the lotion on her but also got my trusty lube. I was going to get a finger in her, maybe more before the evening was over. I’d had May then Maybelle and finally my little Cutie Simone.

I massaged the lotion onto her fantastic globes then slipped a finger into her anal cleft and pressed on her.

She gave a little gasp when my finger slipped in.

“Relax Maggie,” I told her as I began to slowly pump.

After a few minutes I squeezed some additional lubricant on her and added a second finger.

She raised her hips accepting the intrusion, I listened as her breathing became ragged. My fingers were arousing her. As she spread her legs a little, I could see that she was lubricating, my decision was made.

She took my weight on her back, my cock found her crack, I rocked my hips back and forth, I took a breast in one hand, and kneading it, circled her neck with my other arm.

Like I had with Maybelle, I pulled back exposing her neck. At the base of her neck I nipped her.

She could feel my penis pulsing as I sucked her blood. She turned her head so she could see me.

Her expression was a mixture of fear and anticipation, she rasped, “You’re going to go in me, aren’t you Son.”

I didn’t specifically answer, I cocked my hips as my penis found her opening.

“Relax for me Maggie, it will go easier.”

I pushed through her straining sphincters, my cock head was now in her body. I paused, waiting for her to react.

“Ahhhhh,” as she took me.

“If it hurts too much, tell me. I’ll let you rest while you get used to it. I won’t come out of you, though. Not until you have my cum, understand.?”

“Yes Honey, I understand.

“Maggie, I’m going to go deeper now. When I’m in you’re going to feel like you need to poop but you won’t. That will be me filling your rectum. I’ll stop for a little while then. You’ll have been stretched, you may feel some discomfort but just take it easy and relax. I think you may kinda enjoy it. Ready?”

“Go ahead Honey.”

I flexed and sank further.

Maggie was incredibly tight, like she was gripping me with a hot velvet glove. I was bigger than she was. I could feel her tissues yielding. Her anus continued to pulse, trying to reject my intruder but that only increased my arousal. Damn, I wanted to fuck her hard but I wouldn’t, not this first time. I was in her and I’d be back many times, probably several more times tonight. I intended to stay with her all night and my cock would no doubt be in her most of that time, even when she was napping. She’d be well broken in by morning.

I bottomed out and rested on her back.

“Feel me in you Maggie, it’s nice, isn’t it?”

Her answer was a little moan.

“Reach back and open yourself for me Maggie.”

“Thatta girl,” I said as I pushed forward. I was able to get another half inch in her.

Again there was a slight moan.

“Maggie, sweet Maggie, tell me what I’m doing.”

“Oh God Honey, you’re sodomizing me. You’re sodomizing your mother,” her voice was strained. She began to pant as I started to pump.

I’d wanted her for so long, my arousal was at a fever pitch, the cum was already rising in my balls. When I exploded I flooded her. Her panting, my roaring, our sounds melding.

“Maggie, you’re fantastic, the sexiest Mommy in the world,” I told her. My cock was still in her but it was shrinking, softening. I could feel as her violated sphincter muscles began to contract, to close. I fell out then moved up beside her. I took her into my arms and let her nuzzle against me.

“Oh, Billy Honey, you did it, you really did it, I’m forty today and I’ve been raped and sodomized, I’ll never forget this birthday.”

“It has been an evening for fantasies to come true, hasn’t it?”

“Yours and mine, yes, no more fantasies, now they’re memories, aren’t they?”

She reached up and touched the collar that encircled her neck, “Memories and one souvenir.”

Maybe it wasn’t the right time, she’d undergone tremendous stress but I had to be honest with her.

My hands followed hers, as I started to unfasten the necklace, she again tried to stop me.

“It’s ok Mom,” I said to her.

As it came loose I handed it to her and asked, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it.”

I’m sure she was surprised, it was 18 karat gold engraved with her name, Maggie, in script with diamonds at the beginning and end.

Maybe I went about it wrong, but I wanted your fantasy to come true. If you’re mad, I can understand but I did it.

“You’re not some rapist’s bitch, you’re my Mommy and I love you, this, the choker is my gift to you.”

Her eyes teared up but nevertheless she was able to smile, “A collar and a sore bottom, thank you.” She kissed me, all was forgiven.

We were quiet for a while, I think both of us were lost in our thoughts.

Then she said, “I’m tired Honey, will you hold me?”

She turned so her back was to me and we spooned.

My renewed erection was poking her. She arched her back, inviting me in. Both orifices were available, I opted for her bottom. She backed against me, I was buried in her, holding her close.

In just moments, my cat napped.

I had dozed, too. When she stirred and stretched, I woke.

She needed the toilet. I’ve never understood why women devolve into baby talk when they need the bathroom. Guys might say, I’ve gotta take a piss, I’ve gotta drain the mule or something like that. Girls, girls hell, I include May, Maybelle, Maggie and even my little Cutie, Simone. With them, it’s I need to tinkle, or something along those lines. My stretching cat said,

“Mommy needs to make pee pee.”

Still it entertained me, I went with her.

Back on the bed, I poised her hips on a pillow. She was on her back and still lubricated from earlier.

I lifted her legs saying, “Hold these up for me Maggie.”

I entered her and pressed forward. When I’d sunk in as far as I could, I let her release her legs but told her to keep them up then I took her right hand and placed it on her groin.

“Play with yourself Maggie, let me see you rub your clit, see if you can cum for me.”

I began to slowly pump her as she masturbated. I wanted her to climax while I was in her, so I took it slow and easy while I encouraged her.

I must have been in her for twenty minutes, I’m not complaining mine you, I loved her tight bowel, she was making little mewling sounds. I began to fondle her breasts. Three major erogenous zones were now being stimulated. I started to stroke faster. Her hand kept pace. Her fingers were dancing over her clitoris, her rectum and anus were being stretched, I was gently twisting and tugging at her nipples and still I wasn’t bringing her to orgasm. I wasn’t going to last much longer, I started stroking rapidly, going deeper with each thrust, I was going to cum, my cock jerked in her, the first pulse of semen jetted forth and finally,

“Ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Her anal contractions gave me unbelievable sensations. As her ejaculate flowed from her, mine poured in. We both were spent but sated when we’d finished.

I’d like to tell you the rest of the story but even that is a misnomer, the story really is ongoing but bring up to date. Simone and I married when she graduated from high school. She’s currently pregnant with our first child. My relationship with my mother remains loving but still has its sexual component and, yes, I still enjoy cougar hunting with my mother-in-law Maybelle. Occasionally May and I still hook up but it’s far less athletic than previous, she’s nearly seventy now. And, no, the slim black girl on my bucket list is still unfilled. DeShon met his obligation, he introduced me to his sister LaDonna but, although we remain casual friends it never happened.

But, for now, Maggie, Mommy is laying together with me in bed, our limbs are entwined and I’m going to sleep with my curled up cat (she’s really a cute kitten).

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2013-10-24 20:27:47
rZFgZg Say, you got a nice blog post.Much thanks again.

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2013-07-31 13:27:53
no sex adds just comments please

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2013-07-23 08:39:42
I kinda agree the kid was oddly huge for his age <.<

Everyone seems to be getting overly upset over that though XD

its a sex story, deal with it.

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2013-07-23 08:23:58
I kinda agree the kid was oddly huge for his age <.<

Everyone seems to be getting overly upset over that though XD

its a sex story, deal with it.

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2013-07-18 21:14:51
to the realism credit yes the average is 6 but there are many above average men out there im not the biggest ive seen and im between 8.5 and 11 depending on the situation so dont hate cuz u r not above average lol

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