The next woman makes her debut for a very lucky man.
Chapter Thirteen – The Cat's Meow

Selina preens in front of the assorted crowd. She has never been a part of something like this and has no idea how to read the crowd. Or the bidding. Sure she has had plenty of sexual experience, but people-watching never was her inclination. And people-reading is not her forte. So she simply tries to be the best version of a pretty kitty she can manage to entice high bids.

It doesn't take long for most of the casual offers to peter out. Soon only two consistent bidders continue to raise their hands for the Hostess's suggestions. One of them is the older gentleman that she borrowed the watch from. That little bit of sleight of hand took a lot of practice to work out, but it seems to have paid off in garnering interest. He is a handsome man, but the other offer intrigues Selina more.

The older man bids like he owns the world. A slow wave of the hand is all he motions to indicate his interest. Selina interprets this as the actions of a self-confident man. Or possibly someone who just wants to inflate the bidding price. And while confidence can make things interesting in that 'Take me hard' kind of way, it also tends to come with men that think they own you after paying for a nice dinner. At least that has been her experience. Self-indulgent misconceptions like that do not create an ideal quality in a date that actually is paying for her company. She wants to have fun, not have to call in the guards and have only her puppy to keep her company for the night.

The other guy has potential. He is more eager and enthusiastic. Every time the other gentleman outbids him, his hand shoots up like a schoolchild desperate to flag down his teacher. She tries to get a better look at him with while flirting with them both. He is in his twenties. And just about as handsome as the other, but the smile on his lips makes him striking. Short blonde hair sits messily atop his head. She cannot tell with him seated, but he looks well-muscled.

Selina does not realize how new his body was to him. He is still getting used to the fact that he can run up a flight of stairs without being winded. Growing up, Jeff was essentially classified as a nerd by his peers. He didn't obsess over Star Trek or Wars, but DC comics were right up his alley. He is also brilliant. He spent much of his school life in classes above his normal grade level absorbing everything he could. He loved to learn and spend his free time reading comics.

Most of all he enjoyed his programming class. It provided an outlet for his love of problem solving and a creative outlet for him. But the twin barrels of eighteen years of low activity and bad eating left him overweight. He also had issues connecting socially with his classmates. Whether from age differences causing gaps or his social status forming impenetrable walls, he had few friends. He had even fewer girlfriends. In fact he had none.

After school, he skipped college and instead started putting his programming acumen to good use. His passion for superheroes translated into working on his own version of a super-powered role playing game. The projected paid off in a way he never saw coming.

A pretty little piece of code he worked up to crunch numbers on the in-game economy had real world applications. Somehow a major financial institution worked out what he had and offered him millions for the rights to his software. He figured he could always start over with this aspect of his labor of love and became a brand new millionaire. Looking at his newly inflated bank statement, he felt like Bruce Wayne, with the added benefit of not being an orphan.

He spent some time traveling and working sparingly on his pet project. But he was still lacking in social connection. In fact, when a beautiful woman started talking with him at his hotel bar one night he almost had a heart attack from shock. When she leaned in close and put her hand on his thigh, he could barely breathe. When she suggested they go up to his room, he threw money on the bar and left so fast he almost carried her to the elevators.

Once in his room, everything fell apart. He moved in for a kiss and the mystery woman pulled away. She sat on the edge of the bed. A come-hither smile plastered on her face. But the words from her mouth were all pricing and terms for illicit activities he had never even heard of. It took Jeff several beats to realize he had been picked up by a prostitute.

At that point in his life, he was eager to bust his cherry, and took no issue with paying for it. But the only experience he had with the process was television. He was suddenly terrified that she was actually a vice cop here to bust him for solicitation. He broke out in a cold sweat and headed for the door.

He was still somewhat uncomfortable with staying in hotel rooms and never unpacked his bags. His suitcase was still full and standing near the dresser. On the way by he grabbed his bag and never looked back. He did not even offer a word of explanation before leaving. Soon his room only contained a bewildered woman of the evening lying frustrated and unpaid on his bed.

The botched pick-up haunted his already meager social skills. He had no idea how to exorcise the discontent he felt with his relationships, but he knew he could work on his physical issues. He started hitting the gym and watching what he ate. Gradually, he worked his age-old flab into muscle. And while the payoff of his hard work made him feel better about himself, it did little to help his social calendar.

He was still incredibly shy even after his physical transformation. And flirting with women was beyond his talents. He yearned to feel the touch of a woman. Unlike his intellectual pursuits, the pursuit of tail did not have an easy answer waiting in his brain. He ran over ideas and scenarios again and again, and his brain frequently trod over the same pathway. Memories of his night at the bar came unbidden to the surface. The bright smile. Her gorgeous face. A warm hand on his thigh.

He never regretted running out on the prostitute, but his thoughts continued to wander back to his first brush with physical intimacy. The unintentional propositioning months prior seeded his wet dreams and gave him an idea. He saw nothing wrong with it, but he was terrified of being arrested on account of it. Money was not an object, but discretion was. He hunted through the internet trying to sort fact from fiction about escorts. His new life goal was purchasing a distinct and enjoyable experience.

His restless searching turned up an internet rumor that seemed to impossible to be true. A bachelorette auction where you aren't necessarily guaranteed an evening with the woman in question. But the winner was assured of a night to remember. His cock started leaping in his pants over the thought of a parade of beautiful women all up for bidding. The first digital whispers whet his appetite, and soon his sole focus was on tracking down the auction.

Jeff expended a good deal of effort trying to separate reality from fantasy. Especially with an event that prides itself on secrecy. But secrets only stay quiet for so long especially when large egos feel wronged. Mistress insulated herself from any direct accusations, but small details emerged through his relentless search. Jeff eventually discovered this year's event was taking place on the other side of the United States. He also only managed to straighten out the truth the week of the event. The moment he tracked down a ticket, he chartered a flight to Alaska.

When he arrived at the hotel he didn't know what to expect. The dinner was fantastic. The company was intriguing, and he enjoyed chatting with strangers over a fine meal. No one acted like the reason for being at the fundraiser was anything more than pleasant conversation.

That was, until the show started. The first few women were breathtaking. And their costumes and personas were fascinating. With all the research he did, he didn't think he would be that interested in watching a woman have sex with a dog. He never hunted any bestiality porn down to see what he would be in for. He did not have a puerile aversion to the practice; he just assumed it wasn't for him. However, seeing the giant canines juxtaposed with Jeannie and Elizabeth made his pants tighten unexpectedly.

But when the next performer was introduced he snapped to attention. Selina is not a very common name. Hell, when he wrote the occasional fan fiction, his word processor's spell check did not recognize it. In addition, years of reading the name in conjunction with Catwoman had linked it to the character in his mind. Clearly Jeannie was named for her character, or vice-versa. He prayed that her case was the same.

His prayers were answered when Selina swung out into the room. Even if the all black cat burglar costume wasn't a giveaway, the cat ears cinched it. He was probably the only man there that did not immediately focus on her bare breasts. He took in her whole character and thought he might have died and gone to heaven.

When she threaded her way past his table, she stroked his chin with her exposed fingers. The contact almost caused him to cream his jeans. Nothing and nobody was going to prevent him from winning her hand. He easily outbids everyone there except for the older man in front. But his persistence and sizable wallet wins the day.

He follows the other winners to the cashier before joining the queue for instructions. He tries not to be too eager. He is very self-conscious of his lack of experience. As the initial zeal wanes under his control, he starts to feel a little embarrassed as well. Despite the fact that everyone there was there for the same reason, or at least close enough, he has a sudden case of red face.

When his turn comes he can barely squeak out a word. The Hostess asks him the standard simple questions. He shakes his head about getting involved with the dog, but nods enthusiastically when asked if he seeks any contact with Selina. The Hostess gives him a warm smile and his keycard.

Before he heads off she tells him, "Selina's dog will be in the room when you arrive, but she will not arrive until after you do. Don't worry. He is very well-trained and will completely ignore you until she comes. But if you'd like to assist in the production you should wear the robe the hotel provides. Enjoy."

Jeff makes his way to the indicated room. After taking a deep breath, he unlocks the door and heads in. He enters into a small hallway much like Brittney does. But unlike the college student, Jeff is staying at the hotel only a two floors below the room he recently entered. Therefore, the setup does not surprise him when he turns on the light.

The only difference between his room and this one is the large black dog sitting comfortably in the corner. He lifts his massive muzzle from the fluffy dog bed he is perched on when Jeff enters, but he quickly loses interest. Jeff leaves the large canine to his nap and turns to the bathroom. He finds the bathrobe right behind the bathroom door on the same style hook he has in his room. He lifts it free, but takes a brief moment to consider his next step.

Jeff is not sure if the Hostess meant for him to strip completely or not, but he figures there is no point in keeping his clothes on. They should hopefully be coming off sooner or later, may as well be sooner. He disrobes and leaves his clothes in a pile on the counter. He puts on the hotel robe to cover his nakedness. By the time he opens the bathroom door, he is staring straight at Selina wearing her cat ears, a smile, and nothing else. Although the paw prints are still plainly over her nipples, the rest of the costume disappeared sometime between the stage and the hotel room.

"Bruce," she purrs. "There you are."

Jeff wants to respond with something suave and sophisticated. Something along the lines of, "So good to see you again Ms. Kyle." But all he can manage is a startled stammer. Selina takes care of the issue by jumping into his arms and planting a kiss on his lips. His brain slowly melts under the heat of her embrace. The last time he kissed a girl was a middle school game of spin the bottle. Selina is considerably more skilled than his partner at the time.

Her body shapes itself to the fluffy cotton of his robe. Her arms wrap around his back. Her tongue teases his lips with little licks. Her fingers crawl up his back and caress his neck. Jeff does his best to keep up with her, but his mind is still trying to catch up to the fact that he is making out with Catwoman and she called him Bruce. The existence of Batman and Catwoman notwithstanding, it was the closest he has ever been to pure ecstasy.

He strokes his hands across her bare back. Jeff is unsure of what to do, but he tries to make up for the lack of experience with plenty of enthusiasm. His hands roam over her bare skin and find their way down to her round ass. He gives it a little squeeze and she wriggles closer to his warm body. Blood surges to his tackle making it twitch in its cotton coffin.

She is fitted so close to his body that his erection has nowhere else to go. It presses against Selina rubbing her with the fluffy robe. One of her hands slips between the press of their bodies to grip his shaft. Even through the barrier, her touch makes him shiver. He yelps in surprise and jumps back. Selina smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

She laces her fingers through his and escapes through the doorway. She leads the stunned millionaire to the bed. Her Dane raises his head again at the sudden commotion, but he remains where he is. She stops when they are near the foot of the bed. She spins around abruptly and resumes kissing him. The unannounced affection puts Jeff off his footing. He is so off-balanced, that he nearly falls forward onto the bed when she suddenly disappears from his arms.

Between one breath and the next, her lips disengage and she ducks under his arm. Her lithe body curls around to his back. She squashes her breasts against the covering, but he can still feel the twin points of her nipples digging into his flesh. Her arms coil around him. And quick as a wink, her hand dives into the fold of his robe and wraps around his naked member.

Jeff's knees turn to Jell-O. The cool fingers grasping is burning pole are too much for him. He falls forward bracing his hands on the soft mattress. His ass pushes back into Selina's crotch, but moves with his forward momentum. She rides him downwards keeping herself plastered to him. Her torso rides the slope of his back down increasing the weight on his wobbly legs and rubbing her erect nipples into the cotton robe.

As Jeff starts to regain control of his limbs, her hand begins to pump his cock. She initially moves slowly and methodically. Her fingers provide little pressure, but flit across the tight skin of his sausage. They trace the ridges of his throbbing veins while he breathes deeply. He can focus on his testicular and motor control while she blindly explores him.

Selina maintains her slow speed, but she starts to tighten her fist. Jeff breathes heavily and feels blood rush to his cheeks. She starts to vary her grip testing his reaction. She pops the head between thumb and forefinger and rubs it along her palm. Her smaller fingers tickle the underside before she grabs the base again for another pull. After a few strokes, she varies the tension by grabbing the thick tip between her first two fingers. With a few gentle hip thrusts, she drives Jeff's cock between the tight curl of her fingers.

Gradually, the robe starts to come undone as much as Jeff does. Even her unassertive strokes are enough to loosen the tie on his robe. The knot comes free and the flapping edges bring in a cool breath of air. Jeff can feel his arms falter a bit under the strain. He dips down briefly, but he is already very close to the bedspread. Selina's nurturing drags his dick alongside the silken comforter.

Electricity spikes through him at the unexpected brush with his sensitive head. Jeff feels a tug in his gut at the contact with the slick comforter. Desperate not to cum, his arms lock bringing him away from the sensation and into Selina. She purrs in his ear and gives his shoulder a quick nip. She decides her teasing has done what she wanted. With a satisfied growl, her hand-job intensifies.

Selina tightens her hold even more and increases her pace. A rush of air bursts from Jeff's lungs. His breathing is quick and shallow as the novel sensation of a woman's hand on his cock robs him of any willpower. Her steady rhythm pulls Jeff into her repeatedly. Her nipples rub against his robed back and her hips push into his ass.

The all too familiar tingling starts to message his balls despite his efforts to thwart them. Her index finger extends out to stroke his helmet almost driving Jeff to his knees. The only thought that gives him the strength to carry onward is that if he fell he might lose his connection with Selina. Wild dogs wouldn't stop this pleasure and he damn well is not going to let his fatigue do it either.

Burning kisses mark a trail along his neck and shoulders. She bites him a bit more firmly pulling him up with her teeth. The unannounced pain stays his orgasm briefly. However, the soft lips and warm breath on his skin quickly recover the lost ground. He moves into the bite standing on shaky feet apart from the bed.

Selina aids his balance with her free arm. She only briefly releases him to yank the robe off completely. His arms are limp at his side letting the fabric slip easily off his body. And her hand working his cock keeps him upright. The bite becomes a kiss that travels a meandering path over the newly exposed skin.

The warring stimulation buffets Jeff back and forth. His body arches and curves in response to Selina's lips. But the hand on his penis roots him to the spot like a pin through a butterfly. He can feel his climax approaching. His testes send waves of warmth through him.

Selina coils her unoccupied arm around his head. She twists his neck around to face her. His eyes are half-lidded. His breathing precisely mimics a panting dog. She licks her lips in anticipation. Striking faster than a cobra, she latches her lips onto his and darts her tongue inside. The sudden fullness inside his mouth triggers the oncoming eruption. His gametes spew forth painting a viscous line up the large bed.

Selina keeps up the pressure as spurt after spurt adds a layer of fluids to the hotel comforter. She does not relent until his rod softens and starts to shrink. She is left with a dazed and drained man in her arms. She steers him around the foot of the bed and up towards the head. She gives him a little pat on the butt and he stumbles forward.

He climbs onto the bed, but he is still a little too bemused to be coordinated. With a soft smile, Selina arranges him in the center of the pillows sitting up against the wall. His legs stretch out framing the stream of fluids she extracted from him to coat the bed. The trail of sperm glistens in the right light and almost looks like a guide arrow pointing towards his softened member.

Once Jeff is settled, Selina kisses his cheek and whispers, "Look at this mess. I better clean it up for you."

Chapter Fourteen – The Cat's Cream

Selina drops to the ground beside the bed and to Jeff's befuddled post-orgasmic melting brain; it looks like she disappeared completely. She crawls along the floor and around to the foot of the bed. One hand reaches up and takes a swipe at the splash damage on the end of the bed. The fingers wave goodbye as they sink beneath his view again.

The sound of smacking lips and hungry moans clears some of the cobwebs out of Jeff's head. His curiosity grows with every passing second. He decides to make his way towards Selina even if it requires smearing his cum beneath his knees. But her brown locks slowly rise above the dirty sheets. Her eyes are soon to follow and bore into Jeff keeping him where he is.

As she rises higher, he sees her long pink tongue hanging out of her mouth. Selina curls forward dragging her tongue over a glob of leftover semen. She slurps it into her mouth and swallows with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Her hands ease up onto the bed and she heaves herself forward. Her progress is slow as she stops every inch or so to suck up the spattering of cum.

Once she worms her way far enough that her ass is visible just over the corner of the bed, she leans up on her elbows and says, "Thank you for leaving me so much milk, Bruce. As always, it is exquisite."

She licks her lips a few times and drops flat on the bed once more to hunt down more kitty treats. He does not think it is possible, but a sudden movement distracts Jeff from the writhing woman. The Great Dane lifts himself off the doggie bed and rounds the king sized human one. He is large enough that Jeff can make his head out easily even with the awkward angle, but when he reaches Selina, his muzzle drops out of sight.

Suddenly, Selina whirls around and hisses like a furious tabby. The sound startles away the last of Jeff's fuzzy-headedness. She turns back to Jeff without moving and pouts, "I thought I told you not to bring Ace along."

Before Jeff can think of any response, the lines of anger in her face smooth out. She twitches a bit and her eyelids flutter. "No, no! Bad boy!" The words come out of her mouth, but they do not have the emphasis of a command. Curiosity burns through Jeff, but all he can see are a pair of jet-black ears poking up behind Selina's ass.

He shifts a little and lifts himself off of his knees to gain a little extra height. What catches his eyes nearly knocks him onto his ass again. Ace is methodically licking Selina's bare ass. His muzzle nods down towards the bed and presses into her crack. Selina shivers a little as he works higher. By the time he reaches the top of her shapely rear, Jeff can see his tongue running along her butt crack.

After each iteration, the long tongue hangs for a second before slurping into his mouth for another round. From what Jeff could see, its length puts Gene Simmons to shame. And he certainly has no qualms about using it on the gorgeous cat. From the weakening protestations, Selina appears to be rapidly moving past her canine issues as well.

She could not be happier. From the first lick of her magnificent dog, she fell in love with Ace's tongue. She pushes her ass into his muzzle urging him deeper. She forgets about Jeff and her character for a moment and lifts off the bed ever so slightly. With the extended position, his slow swipes slap against her clit with every lap. Her eyes wander upwards and remind her of their audience.

His eyes are glued to Ace and his fantastic tongue. He is also already semi-hard. Selina may revel in the tongue running furrows between her lips, but she knows that the show must go on. He even moved himself into a better position for the next scene. But she cannot deny Ace his feast. Or herself the quickly rising orgasm.

She decides only partially selfishly that Jeff will need some more time to properly recuperate. And that will be exactly as much time as she needs to enjoy her puppy. She pushes harder into his muzzle forcing his cold nose into the button of her anus. Ace holds his ground. His snout wedges her crack open, but he no longer has the freedom to lick at his leisure.

Jeff cannot see the action of the canine tongue, but he can hear it. He wants to change position. He needs to see what is happening. But he is frozen. Not in fear, but in lust and his unwillingness to break the spell Ace has over Selina. The wet slap of tongue on flesh readily diverts blood flow to his cock. The sound is soon eclipsed by the crescendo of Selina's moaning.

"Good boy," she murmurs half into the stained comforter. Ace has discovered a sweet spot for his tonguing. His snout jams tightly into her flesh and his tongue constantly rolls out over her clitoris. Selina has no idea how he manages it, but it feels like he is running a belt sander over her clit. Only the paper is wet, warm, and just rough enough to make her scream for more.

The thick canine tongue constantly swipes between her lips and over her love bud. Her climax swells inside her body making her tremble. She can taste the approaching explosion in the back of her throat like the scent of ozone that precedes a lightning storm. The licks become a countdown to her inescapable orgasm.

Five, her thighs shake faster. Four, warmth spreads out through her. Three, her clitoris sparks like a live wire. Two, her belly tightens in anticipation. One, the rest of her muscles follow suit, pulling her tight as a drum. Zero.

The regularly scheduled orgasm is supplanted by a sudden pressure. Rather than give her the last necessary clitoral rub, Ace spikes his tongue into her pussy. The thick muscle worms its way into her vulva. Selina gasps and cries, "Naughty dog. Come on. Make mommy cum."

Selina teeters on the verge of fulfillment. The probing tongue is surprising enough to prevent it, but it only delays the inevitable. The searching tongue stirs her pot. Selina fights the push of his might and braces herself for the onslaught. Every time he does this for her she is amazed by the depths he can reach. It feels like he is digging so far he could lick her tonsils from the inside.

The Canine tongue pulses inside her. Her hands grip the silken sheets as she rushes towards the breach. Ace consumes the river of nectar that flows over his tongue. Right when she is about to vibrate apart, the thick tongue slurps out of her and runs along her clitoris again. Selina's eyes fly open and a garbled cry escapes her lips. Her orgasm hits her like a freight train flattening her to the bed.

And Ace continues his assault. He is a dog on a mission. Her exquisite scent floods his nostrils and coats his taste buds. He wants more, and he knows how to produce it. Selina quivers with every stroke of his tongue. It takes her a few minutes to collect herself, and Ace's attentions are not helping.

She recognizes she made a slight miscalculation. She wanted her fix so bad she forgot that Ace is practically an addict. Once he gets a taste, he is the only one that decides when he will stop. But the show must go on. She looks towards Jeff who is still mesmerized by her performance. He has sat back on his calves and his boner sticks up from his lap like a searching meerkat.

Summoning as much strength as she can muster, Selina pulls herself onto the bed. She ignores the trail before her and makes a beeline for Jeff. Ace chases his kitty as if she is a bolting rabbit. He keeps the pressure on and in her crevice until she moves too far away. The instant it becomes necessary, he lumbers up onto the bed and continues licking.

Jeff locks onto the slavering beast. His mouth waters watching him go after Selina with such gusto. Even without having the pleasure of tasting a woman's treasure before, he can tell Ace is enjoying himself. He is so intent on watching the horny canine, that he misses Selina nearing him. The whole scene feels unreal, like he is watching a television show. So he is completely taken by surprise when Selina engulfs his cock in her mouth.

His head snaps down to see a sea of hair in his lap. The hair tickles his skin as Selina settles deeper onto his erect pole. Her tongue swirls around his shaft guiding it deeper. The immense delight distracts him from what Ace is up to. He thought her hand milking him before was unbelievable, but nothing in his life had prepared him for this.

He fell back against the wall, but the motion only exposed more of his member to her hungry lips. His arms flailed weekly for something to hold onto to keep himself under control. The sheets seem too slick for his numbing fingers to find purchase. He finally settles on stroking Selina's hair. His fingers entwine through her hair and massage her scalp.

He has the urge to pull her roughly onto his spire, but her mouth is draining his strength. Besides, she is already kissing the base of his pubes. She inhales him completely lashing the thick veins running up his rod with her eager tongue. Ace's tongue running over and through her canal inspires her to use her tongue extensively.

However, Ace finally appears to drink his fill. His muzzle rises over Selina's ass. The sudden silence pulls Jeff's attention to the dog. His whiskers drip with Selina's nectar. He licks his chops, but he has other ideas about what to do with her. He steps over the upturned ass before him. He keeps walking forward until he is almost touching noses with Jeff.

With the curve of Jeff's back, he can see along the canine's black chest all the way down to Selina's wiggling butt. A flash of bright red catches his eye. He can see Ace sliding his hips forward and a thick tube sliding between Selina's cheeks. The tip pokes up along her back before sinking out of sight. It takes Jeff several moments to realize it is his canine cock.

Jeff had never seen a dog penis before and the realization startled him. But he does not need to worry about it for long. Ace was not showing off, he was just slowly taking his aim. And one more attempt is all he needs to bury the first few inches into Selina's well-licked hole.

Selina grunts slightly around the human phallus as Ace wedges his in place. His body curls up tight around Selina. His paws grip her waist. With no further preamble, he starts humping away. The force drives Selina into Jeff. Her lips tighten and slam against his pubic hair. The renewed vigor forces Jeff's head back with bliss.

The thump of his skull running afoul of the nearby wall resonates through the room, but the surging hormones prevent the pain from registering. His fingers tighten in Selina's hair, but neither of them is in control anymore. Ace pounds his fat instrument into her repeatedly filling her pussy and mouth with meat. She shoves her hips into his thrusts which has the added benefit of freeing a few inches of Jeff before she is pushed back into his belly.

Her tongue spins Jeff within her like a washing machine. The constant stimulation calls to the dregs of his unspent seed. Desperate to prolong the inevitable, he extends one weak arm to Ace. He scratches the dog behind his ears, but the distraction proves to have the opposite effect.

He can feel the thrumming strength as the dog pistons in and out of Selina. His hand shakes with the vibrations of Ace's movements. The tactile proof of their consummation brings the image to his head. With a growl of release, he expels another batch of sperm. This time he fires directly into Selina's mouth.

She gobbles down the gift, but Ace is still pounding away. Jeff is now thoroughly exhausted after two back to back orgasms. In spite of the woman still in his lap, he drifts off into la la land. His drained penis slowly softens in Selina's mouth while Ace's keeps expanding.

She can feel his knot butting up against her opening. It rubs against her clitoris and revives the embers of her past climax. His furious thrusts keep the home fires burning, but that massive bulb always finishes the job. The pressure increases with every passing moment. Selina holds her breath in anticipation. Her tongue toys with Jeff's flaccid tool, but he hardly stirs.

She sees an opportunity to try something she read once and seizes it. She opens her mouth wide and with a careful scoop of her tongue pulls Jeff's scrotum inside her mouth with his soft member. A slight shiver is the only indication that Jeff realizes she swallows his twig and berries whole.

No sooner has she succeeded, than Ace triumphs over her tight pussy. His knot breaches her outer lips which seal shut behind it. The thick ball nestles into her g-spot and rolls over it with Ace's continuing thrusts. Selina's moans vibrate Jeff's balls. His penis stirs, but like its owner, it is too exhausted to follow through.

It only takes three good humps to bathe her in orgasmic endorphins. Her holes reflexively squeeze the penises contained therein as her climax electrifies her skin. A few deep woofs are the only warning the young woman has before a blast of canine sperm splashes her cervix. Lost in the throes of ecstasy, she purrs like a lioness in heat as the sticky fluid fills her up.

The spurts of burning seed prolong her orgasm. Only after the last shot is added to the collective does the buzzing of her skin start to fade. It takes her another fifteen minutes to free herself from Ace's tying, but she enjoys every minute of their time ass to ass. She also uses her trapped time to suck up the mix of saliva and cum left on Jeff. She keeps on eye on him, but he gives no indication of consciousness.

Once Ace pulls out, he lumbers off to his bed to clean up. Selina stretches out the kinks from being forced into an odd position for an extended period of time. She tugs the covers out from under Jeff who finally rouses just long enough to slide down deeper under the warm sheets before falling back asleep. Selina curls up against him and drifts off herself with a smile on her lips.

Chapter Fifteen – The Cat's Curiosity

That night, Jeff has the most incredible dreams of his life. He had often dreamt of being with a woman, but his past midnight fantasies were fueled by nothing more than memories of porn and the touch of his own hand. Now that his brain has real knowledge of the touch of a woman's hands and lips, the roiling pleasure of his sleeping mind envelops him in a world of carnal delight.

He floats in darkness. The only sounds are the moans of women in the throes of ecstasy. A thousand velvety hands caress every inch of his skin. Full lips kiss where the fingers trail off. The phantom kisses slowly travel down his body until they gobble his swollen member whole.

He reluctantly wakes from his intense dreams. His focus is fuzzier than it normally is in the morning. Something feels off. His fuzzy brain takes a moment to realize what feels so unusual. At first he thinks he is still dreaming, but the licking and sucking continues even as the rest of his orgasmic cocoon fades with the sunlight streaming through the window.

His eyelids fly open to see a mound over his crotch hidden beneath the sheets. He lifts the cover to find Selina. Her striking amber eyes gaze up at him along the length of his body. His typical length of morning wood disappears into her delicate lips.

With Jeff staring down at her, she extracts his wood with a loud pop. The smile she gives him is even more beautiful than the sight of his cock in her mouth.

"You're awake," She exclaims.

She rockets up to her knees flinging the covers away from their naked bodies in her exuberance. Jeff focuses on the light in her eyes and the bounce in her breasts. While he is suitably distracted, Selina shifts her knees and hips forward along his thighs.

Suddenly a burst of heat envelops his dick. The heavenly sensation draws his attention from her angelic features down to his crotch. He sees the head of his penis, wrapped in protective latex, peeking out from between their bodies. Selina's lower lips cradle the sensitive shaft pouring the heat of her body into him. As he watches, she settles her hips tighter to his.

The movement makes Jeff gasp. The gasp grows into a steady moan when Selina grinds her body along his pole. The domed head disappears under Selina only to reappear with a soft squeal of approval. She rubs her clitoris against his hard flesh increasing the flow of feminine juices slowly coating his hardness.

Jeff is completely stunned. He has never felt so good in his life. And he does not know whether to do something himself or sit back and enjoy Selina's admirable talent. Frozen in indecision, Selina grabs his hands from where they lay slack on the bed and intertwines their fingers. With the added support, she grinds harder into Jeff.

Jeff closes his eyes in bliss. The steady hump of her hips drives him crazy. She repeatedly rides over his thick meat. She steadily works his knob almost bringing him to orgasm. Hearing his breath coming hard and fast, she slows down to relax him.

Jeff eases back from the precipice reveling in the touch of Selina's skin and sex. Selina releases his hands and they flop bonelessly to the bed. With her hands now free, she runs her fingers over his chest. The pattern she traces is apparently random, but she gradually works one hand down towards the juncture of their bodies.

Once there, she slides under his cock and presses it into her dripping crevice. She presses the head to her entrance. She can feel herself open for him. With one smooth movement, her beaver swallows his wood whole. Jeff's eyes fly open as his member is wrapped in its first full pussy insertion.

Selina smiles devilishly and lets Jeff acclimate to the caress of her vaginal canal. She appreciates the flare of pleasure so obvious in his face. Dropping forward, she plants a kiss on his grinning lips. While their tongues parry and thrust inside the confines of their mouths, Selina begins to work his tool ever so slowly.

She senses that he needs time to keep himself under control and enjoy their physical connections. She just does not know she is taking his virginity. Jeff growls in lust and tries to drive his hips into her.

Selina smoothly curls her ankles over his thighs and pins him to the bed before he can make another attempt. Without releasing him from her pussy, she waits until he gives up the fight. She breaks the kiss and pushes herself up off the bed.

The entirely intentional change in position forces his member deeper despite the bend in her legs. Selina ticks her finger side to side and clicks her tongue like she is reproaching a child. Jeff cannot focus very well, but the metronomic sound pierces the fog eating his rational mind.

Selina lies down over his chest once more and brings her lips to his ear.

"Oh no, Brucie," she whispers. "This is my rodeo. I am going to ride you until you break. And you are just going to have to lay there and take it."

She does not wait for a response, nor does she need to. Her legs slide back into a more comfortable position and the gentle glide resumes. Jeff grips the bedding and fights the urge to join her motions. He tries to think unsexy thoughts, but the steady bounce of a gorgeous young woman on his cock makes it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate.

Helpfully, a sudden shift in the mattress draws his attention away from the warm embrace of Selina's muff. With her enthusiastic wake up methodology, Jeff had completely forgotten about Ace. The massive Great Dane is hard to miss now. He watches over Selina's naked shoulder as the black dog snuffles along the bedspread.

Even with the huge animal sniffing around their bodies, Jeff only loses focus on the beautiful Catwoman on top of him for a moment. She smiles down at him and settles her weight fully on his crotch. His lower head bumps against her cervix and the gentle rippling of her temple speeds his breath.

Jeff grits his teeth and wrestles back the urge to unload into the latex covering separating him from the dripping walls of his first lover. Selina smirks at the tightness in his jaw. She knows exactly what he is doing. Her body tilts forward over his prone body even as the first tentative lick from Ace moves across her bare ass.

This time, rather than talking to Jeff, she kisses his lips. Even frozen in tight control, Jeff feels the sweet softness of Selina pressing herself to him. His mind shifts from his crotch to her lips and he melts into her kiss.

At the same time, Ace has found the source of the delicious nectar he scented. And unlike in their frequent practices, Selina is not the only one covered in it. The juices drip over Jeff and the heady aroma fills the nooks and crannies of Ace's mind. Eager for his treat, Ace begins to clean every ounce from their bodies.

Jeff is so engrossed with Selina's warm lips that he is able to forget where his dick is buried. When the canine tongue rolls over his secretion slicked balls, a new wave of pleasure drives his jaws open wide. The thick, rough tongue lifts his sensitive testes with its force. Ace continues his lick over the tiny gap between the humans and curls up the crack of Selina's upturned ass.

Selina shivers and darts her tongue into Jeff's open mouth. She knows what Ace is up to and the anticipation makes her body ache. Her sexual instincts war within her. She does not know whether she should drive her ass into the attacking muzzle or drive her hips into her human lover. Ace, for his part, jams his nose into the crack of her ass seeking the treasure dripping from her pussy.

Jeff can barely keep up with the electricity flaring through his nerves. The repeated lapping at his balls, the pulsing cleft around his cock, the agile tongue filling his mouth, each one threatens to push him over the edge. However, the combination of the three serves to distract his short sexual attention span. Every time one singular sensation brings him to the brink of orgasm, another pulls his attention away before he explodes.

When Ace stops licking, the remaining two actions nearly break his control, but suddenly the pressure on his penis eases, and the invading tongue retreats into Selina's mouth. She continues the amorous kiss, but she is clearly distracted.

Selina knows what is coming. Even with the warm doggy drool dripping down her ass, experience taught her to prepare for the imminent assault. When the heat of Ace's breath left her rear, she loosened her tight control. She cannot look beneath her to find out how ready her pet is, so she needs to prepare for him at his largest.

Twin monstrous paws hook over her hips. Hot breath tickles the back of her neck. Jeff gasps quietly as additional weight settles above him. Selina closes her eyes and smiles in anticipation. Ace is already getting the party started. He humps at the waiting woman drawing ever closer to his target.

The tapered end of his penis bumps against her goose bump covered flesh. Selina coos with every stab. A few wayward thrusts make contact with the puckered bud of her anus, but Ace is too excited to aim properly. Selina curls her hips in an effort to keep man and dog from both plowing the same furrow.

After several breathless moments, Ace rams his pole into her ass. In a single beat, his powerful limbs pull Selina onto his member. His hips do the rest. He pulls Selina down farther onto both of her lovers. The sudden fullness forces her pussy to tense and dance in pleasure. The ripples make Jeff see stars.

Selina is no longer capable of holding back. The unabashed pleasure of Ace and Jeff filling her completely elicits uncontrollable contractions from both holes. Man and beast grunt their combined pleasure to the walls of their room. Ace is already fully erect. His knot knocks on Selina's back door. With a last burst of conscious effort, she lets him in before succumbing to the bacchanal raging through her body.

Jeff is busily fighting his own losing battle against an oncoming storm. The horny pooch is unstoppable and insatiable. He drives into the tender ass before him as if he is trying to repopulate the world after the apocalypse. With his knot inside her, he cannot move in and out of Selina very far, but he moves her whole body with the force of his thrusts.

Selina rides the orgasmic roller coaster and allows Ace to guide her hips forward and back. Every hump seems to drive the burning hot cock deeper into her bowels. Every wind-up rams Jeff fully into her pleasure cove. The competing poles shift like dueling pistons. Selina screams out as a powerful orgasm races through her synapses.

Selina bucks between her lovers as the lightning bolts of pleasure surge through her. Her body spasms uncontrollably. The walls of her love canal quiver like a collapsing coal mine. The vibrating clutch of Selina is far too much for Jeff's no longer virginal cock. He spurts into the protective latex a split second before Ace spurts into Selina's unprotected ass. The hot rush of fluid brings nothing more than a soft gurgle of delight from the exhausted Catwoman.

Moments stretch into minutes and eventually Ace's prodigious member deflates enough to slip free from her tight asshole. A few dribbles of semen escape before the gates slam shut behind the retreating invader. Ace licks Selina's cheek and lumbers off the bed. Off in the corner, he lies down and sets to cleaning himself.

Selina levers herself up on shaky arms and looks down on the slack-jawed face of a thoroughly drained ex-virgin. She smiles and lays a kiss on the tip of his nose. Before her limbs can betray her, she slumps to the side leaving only her leg over Jeff's waist. The warmth of Ace's deposit spreads through her body. It also reminds her to grab Jeff's condom before it spills all over himself.

She gently retrieves the filled semen shield and drops it into the bedside trash. Jeff recovers long enough to kiss Selina between her exposed shoulder blades before slumping back into a prone position. Selina curls up next to him and gives his cheek a quick peck. He barely stirs at her touch and she knows that he is down for the count again.

She rolls out of bed and pads naked into the bathroom. Jeff watches her pert ass disappear behind the door before hearing the rush of running water coming from the shower. His mind reels. He cannot believe how incredible he feels despite his exhaustion. More than that, his brain unravels a possibly insane idea while he nestles into the covers. A possible future with everything he could possibly want flashes before him if only he could reach out and grab it.

Ten minutes later, Selina emerges from the foggy bathroom. She rubs a towel over her scalp to dry her hair. Her lithe body still glistens with the heat of her shower. When she speaks, her voice has changed tone enough that Jeff realizes the fantasy is over.

"Feel free to stick around, but unfortunately I have my day job to get to. College doesn't pay for itself you know."

Jeff sees his plans crumbling down around him. Selina pulls a bag from the small closet. She pulls out some regular clothes and replaces them with her costume. She throws on a t-shirt and jeans in the time it takes him to start thinking again. She blows him a kiss and calls to Ace. She has her hand on the door when he finally overcomes his shyness and blurts out, "What if I paid for your tuition."

He shuts his eyes as the words escaped. He chides himself for vomiting out the first thing that came to mind. He does not see Selina's eyes narrow as she turns back to the naked man. The Hostess had warned the women that some clients might think their money can buy anything. She made it clear that any further transactions would be up to the individuals to work out as they see fit.

Selina has no intention of perusing additional financing through her body. The thrill was purely in the performance for her. After the one night she planned on going back to her studies with a healthy payday and hopefully good memories. She thought that Jeff was a good guy, but now she suspects he is about to taint her happy memories.

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" she snaps.

Jeff is so naïve that he does not recognize her anger or how thin the ice he treads is. Instead, he takes the question very literally. Being asked a direct question releases the lock on his frozen mind.

"I have no idea," he says honestly. "I only met you last night, and I have no clue how much of what I have seen is truly you. I do know is that you are self-confident enough to play the part of my favorite heroine and gorgeous enough to put all other depictions of her to shame. You are open enough to have sex with a complete stranger with reckless abandon and make him feel for just a moment like he truly is a hero.

"Beyond that, I don' have a clue, but more than anything I want to find out. That's why I want to be your friend. I've been in your shoes. Paying tuition, studying, and trying to have a social life can drive you crazy. Personally, I missed out on the last one. I figured if I helped you take care of the debt part of the equation, you would be free to spend some time with me. Even if you never so much as kiss me again, it would be worth it to have a chance to get to know you."

The righteous anger bubbling up in Selina deflates at his words. She stands dumbfounded at what this complete stranger is suggesting. She was prepared for him to be a rich prick. She was not ready to deal with the sadness in his voice.

Her bag and Ace's lead fall forgotten from her hands. "So you are trying to tell me you would be willing to pay for my tuition and you expect nothing more than conversation in return?"

"Tuition, books, hell I will even buy a house for you to live in with Ace. I have a lot of money that I do not have a clue what to do with. I plan to try and make myself happy and I know this will."

Selina melts before the passion in his words. She crawls up the bed and molds her body along his. Her head rests against his chest listening to the thump of his heart.

"I suppose we can give it a try for a semester and see what happens."

"That's more than I could hope for. I do have one question though."

"What's that?"

"What is your real name?"

Something about a naked man offering her a free ride asking for her name strikes a chord with her. Selina laughs and says, "It actually is Selina. My parents were huge fans of the Dark Knight and really did name me after Catwoman. That's why I named my dog Ace and came up with my performance."

"You may be the perfect woman after all."

Selina simply smiled and cuddled up closer to Jeff.

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