Helping a young female friend turns turns into something else.
Even though Jessica had be living with them for a couple of months now, Lee still wasn’t used to seeing her leave the bathroom after a shower in her little skimpy robe. She carried a bit of extra weight but just enough to soften the more than ample curves a bit and the really thin robe barely contained her big tits and ass. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the view…she was damn sexy, but it was hard not to look even when his wife Sarah was around and damn near impossible when she was gone. He usually took the continual arousal out on Sarah and they had fucked more since Jessica had moved in than they had in a couple of years. Now she was gone for the whole weekend. “Next time Sarah wants to help a college girl needs a place to stay while she finishes her degree, she’s gonna have to be less attractive” he thought to himself

“Hey Lee…” he heard Jessica shout to him from her room, “Do you have any plans tonight?”

“Not really…Probably just grab some take-out and settle in with the TV and a drink or six” he laughingly replied.

“Cool…that sounds perfect. Do you mind if I join in? If you make me that Vodka thing you make, I’ll even go get the take out.” She walked out of the bedroom still in the robe as she asked “what do you want?”
The robe was more open than usual, and you could see just see a glance of her pussy and apparently it was cooler in the house than he realized since her nipples were rock hard and poking through the thin material. He couldn’t help but look but quickly looked away. As he turned away, she realized why and pulled the robe closed tight and crossed her arms across her chest.

“I meant to eat…” she teased him.

“That really is a loaded question.” He replied while blushing slightly. “But why don’t you just pick up some burgers”

“I’ll get dressed and head out in a minute. Have my drink ready when I get back!”
She stepped back into the bedroom and dropped her robe on the floor without bothering to close the door. Lee looked quickly and walked back to the living room with a frustrated sigh as Jessica giggled to herself at his response.

She knew what she wanted and clearly he did too, but as always he was for the most part a gentleman. If he knew about the couple of occasions she and his sexy wife had make each other cum since she moved in, he might be much less polite. Right now she really wanted to fuck Lee and maybe later both of them. As she thought about it, she realized just how wet she had become. She reached down and rubber her pussy a couple of times before she realized what she doing.

Instead of getting dressed, she pulled the robe back on and walked to the living room and stood directly in front of Lee. As he was about to ask what she wanted, she pushed the robe open and put her hand on her hips as she posed as sexy as she could. “Are you really just going to sit there, or are you going to take that big hard cock of yours out and fuck me silly?”

Jessica’s smart ass grin faded quickly as Lee quickly stood up, and roughly shoved her onto the couch. Before she could even react, her ass was dragged to the edge and Lee had shoved a couple of fingers into her dripping wet cunt and was massaging her g-spot as he sucked her clit hard into his mouth.

“Oh my God….please….not so rough…ah shit….I’m…” was all he heard as she quickly began to cum. For a second she thought she was going to pass out for the suddenness and violence of her orgasm. After a couple of minute she finally came down enough to catch her breath, but was still trembling.
“No wonder I always hear Sarah and not you when you fuck. That was incredible”. Lee’s face was covered in her juices as she pulled him up to her face and kissed him hard and deep. “Let me see if I can’t return the favor”.

“Maybe later. Right now I need something else” Lee replied as he rolled her over onto her knees and began to finger fuck her with one hand as he used the other to get his clothes off. Jessica was disappointed when he stopped the fingering and unprepared when he buried his cock into her in one hard thrust.

“OH!..God damn” she gasped. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever had in her, but damn close to it and hard as steel. He pulled almost all the way out and kind of teased her pussy lips with the head for a few strokes before driving it in again even harder. After a few more strokes that way, Jessica was cumming hard again. Lee buried himself into her with cock bottomed out in her completely and held her hard as she rode out the orgasm. As soon as it subsided he began pounding into her violently over and over. After a few minutes Jessica was building to another huge orgasm. Just as she went over the top he shoved into her even harder than ever and began to fill her with cum. By the time they Jessica was finally beginning to relax, she could feel Lee’s cock that had softened a bit begin to get even harder than before.
“Baby, if I don’t rest for a minute before you make me cum again, I’m going to die! Please let me suck the great big dick of yours.”

Without a word, Lee pulled slowly out of her and sat on the couch as Jessica positioned herself between his legs and began to suck, lick and bob her mouth on his dick. To her surprise is seemed to get even harder as she worked on it. She knew from Sarah that he loved to fuck her big tits, and since Jessica’s were a big larger, she wasn’t really surprised when he repositioned himself and push hers together as he began to stroke in between them. She leaned her head over and began sucking the head as it came out at the top of the upstrokes. It felt incredible to Lee and soon he was covering her tits and face with his cum. It seemed like he had even more cum on her than he have left in her when he came the first time. As he began to relax, Jessica used her mouth to clean up her new lover then snuggled up close as they both began to relax a bit.

Lee kissed her gently and said “This is going to be complicated.”

“You have no idea” she answered him as thoughts of having his wife at the same time drifted though her head and she contemplated on the fact that she just had the best sex of her life. “But it going to be worth it” She grinned a wicked little grin and began to rub gently on his cock as it slowly began to grow again. “We still have two nights to go before we have to worry about that and I’m not even close to done with you yet”.

Dinner and drinks would have to wait a little longer.
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