hope all you all like i think i did better on this one
well i was about 13 and all ways horny and i had never been with a girl yet,all girls my age weren't in to sexy yet i woke up one day hornier than ever before. i was going to use the computer but my mom was home soo i had to do something i thought for a second and remember the porno mags that my brother had behind his desk.i grab the mag and droped it out the window so my mom wouldnt see it,walk past her and said im going out ill be back later and walked outside ran to my window grab the porn and took off for the the wood was a club house that the older kids made,it was left alone beside me going there and rub one out when i had the time.i got to the wood thinking how bad i would like to fuck someone and then i heard a voice a lil voice it was brook the black haired blue eyes neighbors 7 year old daughter playing with her dolls by her self in her light pink sundress. i walked up to her she said hey!!! with a smile she saw the porno i had and asked what that?(she had a speach problem that sounded sexy as hell) ooo nothing its just adult thing i said. can i see she asked, and the an idea maybe i could get her to do something for me,i dont no its adult thing she got made and said im an adult, ummm ok but im going to my club house if you want to see it you got to come with me, ok she said picking up her dolls and started walking with me.we got to the club house i sat down on a couch that was brought in there a long time ago.she sat down next to me and started playing with her dolls and ask if i wanted to play with her dolls, i said yeah we started playing after a few mins she remember the porno and ask if she could see it i gave it to she open it up and saw a women deep throating a man cock, her eyes grew big and asked what she doing? she make him happy i told her she keep looking through the porno while she wasnt looking i pull my cock out and started to jerk off i let out a lil moan and she looked over and saw my dick in hand. what you doing she asked in shock, makeing my self happy it what adults do,your an adult right. she shook her head yes not takeing her eyes off my cock well how about you make me happy then, what do i do she asked just put it in your mouth and suck on it like a big lollipop she leaned over and start to suck it her lil mouth was soo warm i wanted to play with her so i lifted up her dress and began to rub her ass and playing with her pussy lips her lil head was bobbing up and down, i told her to take off her undies that had carebears all over them. she stop sucking and took them off i then told her to get on her hands and knees she did and asked what i was doing i told her this might hurt a lil but it will feel good i try sticking it in her pussy but it was to tight so i started to jerking off enough to get some precum going and rubbed on her lil ass hole makeing it nice and wet. then i stuck the head in slowly she let out a lil yell i asked if she was ok she just nodded, i slowly started to push the rest of my dick in her she started to let out little grunt till i was at my base it was sooo warm and tight, i didnt move for a sec so she could get use to it after a minute or so i slowly started to pull out she started to moan loud and breathing hard you like that i ask her all she could do was nod and moan more i started to move faster and faster her breathing got quicker i could feel my self about to bruts i told her i got a treat for her and trun over and open her mouth i pull my dick out of her tight ass and moved my dick up to her mouth and started to jerk it of a few seconds later i was cumming i shot my hot sticky goo over her face and in her mouth when i was done i look at her face there was cum on her lips in her mouth and a lil on her cheek i put my dick away and said now brook did you like that?she was smileing licking the cum off her lips and said yes i did can we do it again? yes we can but you cant tell anyone about this or they will make us stop she nodded her head and got up asked me where me undies i was holding the up to my noise smelling them and like the crotch i gave them back to her and watch her put hem on we left the clubhouse going back to our house we fucked a lot more to let me know what you think

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2014-06-25 12:07:22
you don't have to be asshole you bitch punks. King, just do your best, learn method a nd grammar and you'll get better eveery time out.


2014-01-02 06:59:16
Hey sorry i wrote it on a phone with a badly cracked screen and its fucked up


2014-01-01 10:55:47
If you want to write, you are going to have to study the English language.. It would also help to have a Webster's Dictionary handy or use the dictionary in Microsoft's Word/ Word perfect.. If you don't already have one installed on your computer, you might want to install a copy of Microsoft's Works program.. This will give you a lot of the tools you can use while writing.. After you have Installed the Works program, I strongly suggest you practice,(a lot) .. Writing a good story is a lot like playing a piano or keyboard and playing well enough as to not chase away the 'cat'... Everybody has to start sometime.. Another suggestion is If you can afford it try attending creative writing courses at you local community collage.. Good Luck. ... Barbusie....

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2013-10-10 22:05:30
go back to 1st grade and learn to write

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2013-08-08 08:52:05
Most 20-somethings haven't a clue how to write, or do much else these days. They're "entitled," didn't you know. This is his "masterpiece," and we should be on bended knee worshiping him for taking the half minute he needed to slap out this drivel. I wouldn't expect much better, even if he took a whole minute to edit and proofread this. He needs to go back to his video game...

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