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Chapter 5



But stood in the door way.

She gasped and put down her basket, before rushing to the figure on the ground.

"Elisa!" Vilen screamed.

Elisa came to the door and gasped. She rushed to Vilens side and helped her bring the girl inside and sit her in one of the chairs. Vilen rushed to the kitchen and got a glass and filled it with water then brought it to the figure. Elisa pulled the cloaks hood back and gasped again.

It was a girl.

Vilen looked at Elisa. "Do you know her?" Vilen asked.

Elisa nodded but said nothing.

Vilen looked at the girl and wondered who she was.

Elisa and Vilen watched the girl closely.

The girl started to stir. She opened her eyes and looked at the two girls in front of her. Her big blue eyes looked tired and scared. She gasped when she saw Elisa, and hugged her.

Elisa hugged her back and was smiling.

Where they old friends? Or was she a sister Elisa never told her about? Or was this girl and old "Friend" of hers?

Vilen frown and stood up. She grabbed her basket an started to leave, when Elisa called out to her.

"Wait!" she called. "Where are you going?"

Vilen turned to look at her. "I was going to leave. You seemed happy to see.... Whoever that is." She sighed.

Elisa groaned and looked at Vilen with a smile. "Aw. Are you jealous?" She laughed, which only made Vilen angry a little. "She's... This is my sister-in-law. She is married to Sorion." Elisa walked over to Vilen. "There’s no need to be jealous." She moved to whisper in Vilens ear. "No on can replace you, love." She kissed Vilens cheek and pulled away to look her in the eyes and prove to her that she wasn't lying.

Vilen smiled. "Good. Because if she was replacing me, then I’d have to kill her." She said in a low voice. She smiled and kissed Elisa on the lips, Before going to stand in front of the girl.

Vilen got on her knees and looked at the girl. "Elisa told me you’re her sister-in-law." Vilen said. "But she didn’t tell me your name." Vilen added.

The girl looked at Elisa as if wanting to know if it was safe to say her name. Elisa nodded and smiled. "Its okay. She’s good." Elisa smiled at her. Assuring her that Vilen could be trusted.

The girl looked at Vilen. "My name is Saverina." She said.

Vilen smiled. "My name is Vilen. I’m Elisa’s friend."

Vilen looked at Elisa and smiled. Letting her know that she believed that this really was her sister-in-law. Elisa smiled and looked at Saverina.

"You should stay here the night and get some sleep. You look like you’ve been walking for days." Elisa said obviously worried about her sister.

Saverina frown. "Sorion’s not here is he?" She asked worried.

Elisa nodded then frown, "Well he’s here but he not here right now. He’s out doing a spell." Elisa explained.

Saverina sighed and relaxed. "Good." She looked at Elisa. "He mustn’t know I’m here." She said franticly. Elisa frown. "Why not? He’s your husband."

"Yes. I know but the reason he came here to you is because I told him... I told him that our child would die at birth." She said looking at her hands. "You see I can see the future sometimes. Its really mostly a feeling. Only rarely is it a vision. But when I saw that I was getting ready for bed and all of a sudden I fell to the floor. Sorion rushed to my side and-as any husband would be-was worried something was wrong. He was kind of right. I told him of the vision. He was shocked and scared but he wouldn’t speak to me the rest of the night or the next morning. He left the next day and I guess he must have come here." She said looking like she was to blame. "Well when I found he wasn’t back the next day I went to look for him. And I ended up coming here as if I knew he’d bee here." Saverina stopped speaking and groaned slightly as she moved her hands to her stomach. Vilen looked at her and frown. She felt bad for the girl. Vilen wondered why. She's never felt bad for anybody but Elisa. Why someone she doesn't know?

Vilen looked at the girl and smiled. "Elisa’s right. You should get some rest."

Saverina looked like she wanted to argue, but didn’t have the energy to. Vilen put her hand on Saverina’s shoulders. "The rest will do you good." She said with a gentle smile.

Saverina nodded. "Yes. I suppose your right." She said sighing. She looked at Elisa and frown. "But where am I to stay? I cannot stay here. If Sorion finds out what I did… Who knows what will happen." She said, putting her head in her hands.

Vilen looked at Elisa. "Can I speak to you for a minute?"

She says to her.

Elisa nods.

Vilen takes her to the bedroom and sits on the bed. "Okay. I just had this crazy idea, and I know you won’t like it but hear me out, first, okay?" She says pulling Elisa on to her lap. Elisa nods already not liking what’s happening.

Vilen smiles slightly and wraps her arms around Elisa’s waist. "Well I was thinking….. Maybe Saverina could come to my house for the time being? I have a small little shack in the back I could fix up. She would be a few minutes from the house but safe. Its almost impossible to get there if you don’t now the way. And since I went back there so many times I could do it blindfolded." She sad keeping her voice low so that they couldn’t be heard.

Elisa’s eyes widened at the idea of her sister near the incubus, vilen had accidently summoned. "are you crazy? She said standing up and passing in front of vilen.

Vilen stood up and grabbed Elisa’s hand and pulled her down on the bed next to her. "Please?" She said. "I’ll go to cheek on her everyday, I’ll get her what she needs, and I’ll even get to know her better. Just…. Please." Vilen said wanting Elisa to say yes.

Elisa thought a moment.

She didn’t want to put her sister in any danger…. But vilen did say she’d be safe, and Elisa trusted vilen. Could she risk sending he sister somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Where she might get hurt or worse? And the Demon? What would Vilen do if he where to find her sister? Would he rap her to? Or would he kill her? But Vilen said she was the only one who knew how to get there. So her sister would be safe. She’d just be in a shake in the forest.

She looked at vilen and sighed. "Fine. But only for a few days, and no more." She said. "You better keep her safe. Because if you don’t, I will never forgive you again." She said looking in to Vilens eyes.

Vilen smiled and nodded. "I know, and I will, don’t worry." Vilen said.

Elisa moved to sit on vilens lap.

She wrapped her arms around vilens neck and kissed her long and hard, before going to tell her sister the news.

Vilen sat on the bed and thought of severina and her unborn baby. And how she had longed for a child and now carries one. But its not the child she wanted. Its a demon child. Vilen felt like crying her yes out but couldn’t. What if Elisa came in and saw her? What if her sister did? She couldn’t risk them coming in on her crying. She held back the tears and stood up. She placed her hands on her stomach and sighed. "I wish you where a real child and not a demon…." She said to the thing inside her.

Elisa came in the room with a small smile. "She’s ready to go, Vilen." Elisa said and saw Vilens hand on her stomach. Her smile fell as she rushed to her friends side. Putting her hand on Vilen’s stomach she asked her. "Do you feel alright?"

But Vilen didn’t answer. Elisa was about to move her hand when she felt something move inside her. Her eyes widened and she realized what it could be.

"No!" She said. "It can’t be true." She said sitting Vilen down on the bed. "Please." She begged. "Tell me its not true." She said almost in tears.

Vilen frown and started to cry. "I can’t…." She said. "Its true…. I’m pregnant with his child…" She said laying her head on Elisa’s shoulder. "I’m sorry…." Vilen sobbed. "I couldn’t do anything…."

Elisa held her close and shushed her. "Its fine, love. Demons like him are hard to refuse when it comes to love." Elisa said calmly.

Elisa slowly rocked Vilen back and forth like a child.

After a few minutes Vilen pulls away and looks at Elisa, unable to say anything she wipes her eyes and gets up. She smiles slightly and kisses Elisa on the lips long and hard, moving her hand to the back of Elisa’s neck so she can’t pull away. Elisa kisses her back and tries to pull her close, but Vilen pulls away. "I need to take Severina to the safe place first and then I’ll be back to thank you for making the spell." Vilen said and smiled. Elisa didn’t want her to go but smiled anyway. "Okay. But hurry." She said kissing vilen long as she trailed her finger down to vilens breast. Vilen gasp and hated that she hade to leave but reminded herself she’d be back later. Vien looked at her and smiled. "later." She reminded Elisa. And did one finale thing be fore leaving. Vilen pulled Elisa’s dress down and French kissed her breast. Elisa tilted her head back and stopped a moan from leaving her lips by biting her lip. "Hurry back!" She said threw clenched teeth. Vilen kissed her breast one last time before pulling away and kissing her neck. "I’ll be back soon." She said leaving her in the room alone.

Vilen left the house with severina behind her. Vilen couldn’t stop thinking about the demon child she was carrying. Vilen licked her dry lips and hoped she’d be able to come back to Elisa later. She took a short cut to her house which took her through the forest. Vilen looked at severina behind her. "You ok? Or do you need to rest?" She asked her but the girl stayed silent. Vilen turn her head back and looked ahead. ’Okay.’ She thought. ‘This will be fun…’ She rolled her eyes and walked ahead not speaking to he girl. When she came to the small shack, vilen smiled and opened the door. It looked fine and sturdy. Vilen opened the lamp inside and looked at her. "I know its not great, but its good for now, okay?" Severina nodded and walked to the bedroom. "I’m going to get some rest so there’s no need to stay here." Vilen smiled slightly and nodded. "Okay. But I’ll be back in the morning to check on you. Don’t leave the shack. Stay inside at all times, Okay?" Severina nodded and smiled. "Yes, I understand. Thank you." She said and left to sleep. Vilen left the shack and went to her house before she left for Elisa’s. Vilen checked on the Demon and saw he still slept. And smiled. She quietly walked into the room and grabbed a short black lacy dress from her closet. And puts it on, being as quiet as she could. When she was dressed grabbed her dark purple cloak and went to get her mare out and set off for Elisa’s.

When she arrived at Elisa’s she tied her mare to the tree and walked in to the house. She was about to take her cloak off but saw Elisa wasn’t there. She walked into the room and saw her laying on the bed. Vilen walked to the bed and saw her eyes where closed. Vilen laid on top of Elisa and started to French kiss her neck. Elisa tilted her head back, letting Vilen know she was up and awake. Vilen moved her hand down to Elisa’s chest and started to undo her dress. Elisa started to undo the buttons on Vilen’s dress. Vilen finished with Elisa’s buttons first and pulled the dress off of her. Vilen pulled away and finished her dress for Elisa and pulled it off of her. Elisa pulled her close and grabbed Vilen’s breast. Vilen kissed her long and hard as she trailed her hand down to Elisa’s panties and pulled them off her. Elisa gasped as Vilen moved her finger inside her, and trailed kisses down to her neck. Vilen moved her finger in and out and started to French kiss her neck making Elisa moan and arch up. Vilen trailed her kisses lower till she was as low as her other hand. Vilen put her tongue inside Elisa as she fingered her. Elisa ached up and moaned loudly. Vilen smiled and fingered her faster and faster making her moan and gasp, till she had an orgasm. Vilen smiled and trailed kisses back up to her and kissed here lips long and hard. Elisa moaned and pulled away from Vilen and said in a breathless voice. "I want to make you scream now……." Vilen smiled and kissed her hard.

Elisa rolled Vilen over and kissed her long and hard. She then moves her hand down Vilen’s stomach, and stops. Vilen looks at her and smiles.

Elisa kisses Vilen lips and then trails down to her neck, before continuing to move her finger into Vilen. Vilen arched and moaned, making Elisa smile as she kissed Vilen’s neck. She moved her finger in and out and moved her kisses along Vilen’s stomach slowly till she reached her finger. Elisa smiled and put her tongue into Vilen, making her moan long and loud, till she had an orgasm.

Elisa pulled her tongue out of Vilen but left her finger there and kissed Vilen long and hard. Vilen grabbed Elisa by the back of the neck and held her close, moving her other hand down to Elisa’s lower back. Elisa moved her finger faster and faster, making Vilen arch and moan in pleasure. Vilen dig her nails into Elisa’s lower back and held her close. Elisa kissed Vilen’s neck Knowing she wanted to scream and knowing it was only a matter of time...

Vilen held Elisa close and screamed, unable to hold it in any longer.

Elisa smiles and pulls her finger out, but leaves her hand near Vilen’s thigh. "I told you I’d make you scream…" She said to Vilen. Vilen Moaned again and smiled at her, pulling her close for a kiss. Elisa kissed her hard and long, and slowly moved her hand up to Vilen’s neck. Vilen tilted her head up and Elisa moved her lips down to French kiss her neck. Vilen Closed her eyes and sighed in complete pleasure, unable to move. Her hand moved from Elisa’s lower back to her stomach then her chest. Vilen move her hand to Elisa’s breast and held it, slowly moving her thumb over Elisa’s hard nipple.

Elisa moaned and pulled away from Vilen’s neck. She sat on Vilen’s stomach and lowered her chest into Vilen’s face. Vilen smiled and kissed Elisa’s hard nipple Making Elisa moan and grip the sheet on the bed. Vilen pulled away from the one and went to the other breast and did the same thing. Elisa lowered her head to kiss Vilen, But Vilen had other plans. She Grabbed Elisa’s sides and pulled her down on top of her and kissed her neck and trailed the kisses down to Elisa’s chest. Elisa pulled away from her and rolled over on the bed and pulled Vilen on top or her, smiling. Vilen kissed Elisa’s neck again and trailed her kisses down…….

Vilen put her tongue and finger inside Elisa and moved in and out slowly at first, but got faster and faster. Elisa grabbed Vilen’s shoulders and moaned loud. As her breath became small pants she arched up.

Vilen pulled her tongue out and leaned up to kiss Elisa hard on the mouth. Elisa moved her arms around Vilen’s neck and held her close.

Vilen pulled her finger out and moved her hand to Elisa’s lower back. And held her close not wanting to let go….

Vilen lay there in Elisa’s arms, not wanting to move. Elisa kissed Vilen’s head and turned to her side and held Vilen tightly as she fell asleep. Vilen smiled and held her close, not wanting to let go for fear of him. The demon.

She was scared he’d come and kill Elisa like he did in her last dream. She hoped Elisa wouldn’t die from him and would instead live a long happy life. She wished she’d never told Elisa about the demon. That way Elisa would never have been put in danger. As Elisa had said the demon feeds from sex. If the demon where to find Elisa? Then there was no stopping him. He’d rap her till he couldn’t move or till he just simply got tired of her. She grabbed Elisa’s hand and placed it on her lips and kissed her hand before getting up slowly and quietly and putting her clothes on. She looked at Elisa’s sleeping form and couldn’t believe she had her for herself. No one could have her. Elisa was hers and nothing, nothing could change that.

Vilen left the house and mounted her mare. She went strait home and decided to end this once and for all….

When she got there the door was thrown open, and there was screaming coming from the house. Vilen climbed off her horse and ran inside.

She ran to the bed room and saw Elisa’s brother. He stood next to the door way and was saying some sort of spell. He looked as if he was being controlled. It didn’t sound familiar so Vilen didn’t know what kind of spell it was. But it looked to be hurting Her demon.

He lay on the floor writhing in pain and screaming. She looked at Sorion and stood in front of him, taking his gaze of her demon and on her, there for making him lose his focus on her demon and moving it to her. He glared at her and almost hit her out of the way but looked as if he knew he shouldn’t. He Snapped out of his trance and looked at Vilen.

"Get out of here." She said.

He did so. He left without a second glace at her.

When he was gone Vilen hurried to his side and kneeled next to him. She put her hands on his shoulders and moved him to his back.

He looked at her and smiled as if knowing she’d come to save him.

"Are you okay?" she said to him as a tear left her eye.

He nodded weakly and smiled. "yeah. I’m fine." He said in a weak voice. Vilen helped him up and put him in the bed. "Now you rest. You need to build up your strength." She said Vilen was about to stand up when she found his arms around her waist. He had a good grip on her. Even in his weakened state he was still stronger then her.

He pulled her down to his face and smiled. "I know one thing that’ll help me get better." He said.

Vilen smiled knowing exactly what he was talking about.

She climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply.

His hands moved to her back, holding her tightly and close. His hand moved up her back and moved to her breasts. He started to undo the button’s there slowly yet fast.

Vilen wanted to stop him but didn’t know if she had the strength.

Would she be able to push him away and leave? Or would he just stop her? Vilen got ready to pull away but froze.

What would he do to her if she pulled away? Would he rap her? Or would he leave her alone?

She decided to find out.

She pulled away from him and frown. "I don’t want to do this right now." She said. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

Waited for him to grab her and put her on the bed under him and rap her. Waited for him to say ‘She would give him what he wanted weather she liked it or not.’

But that didn’t come nothing did. She sat there a long time before he spoke. Making her jump at his words.

Alright then. Later." He said and laid back.

Vilen looked at him and wondered why he didn’t try and rap her. Was it because she was with his child? Or was it because he was being nice? No he was never nice, so why now? She stood up and walked into the other room and sat in the black chair she so loved.

She wished she could just disappear. She didn’t want to have this demonic child, but if she refused? What would he do? Would he rap her and make his child in her again? Or would he tie her to the bed? Or worse, would he find Elisa? She Stood up and felt lightheaded and fell into the chair again.

Sighing she closed her eyes and hoped to sleep it off.

She found herself in a snowy filed. She saw Elisa in a short skirt and wondered how she wasn’t cold and looked at the ground. It was petals, not snow. She walked to Elisa and saw she was crying. But why? She looked at the ground in front of Elisa and saw what Elisa had been crying over. Vilen’s body lay there. Or really a dream her, Lay on there on the ground covered in blood, Bit wounds on her neck. What had happened to her? Was it the demon she summoned? Did he do this? Or was it something else? Something stronger and bigger?

Vilen leaned closer to her dead body and heard Elisa’s crying grow faint till it was gone. She looked up and saw it was just her and her dead self. "Elisa?" She said standing up. But nothing happened. She looked back at where her dead body was and saw she was indeed dead.

Vilen looked around her and saw nothing. The forest was gone. Vilen fell to the floor. Knowing this was just a dream but not knowing what was happening. Was she supposed to stop whatever killed her? But what did kill her? She didn’t even see it. From the marks on her neck it looked big. And strong. She put her head in her hands and tried to think of what her dream was telling her….

"Its trying to warn you." Came a mans voice.

Vilen looked up but saw no one. Was she imagining it? Or was it real? Vilen looked for the source of the voice and saw a man.

He had pale skin, long black hair and Bright blue eyes. But unlike the demon, he looked kind and gentle. Vilen stood up and looked at the man. She felt like she knew him but that was impossible. She’s never seen him before. Or has she? Vilen thought long and hard but didn’t ever remember meeting him or seeing him before.

Vilen looked at him and frown. "Who are you? I’ve never seen you before…." She said moving closer to him. Not caring if he was dangerous. She was dreaming its not like he’d do her any harm.

"My name is Nathan Dark." He said extending his hand.

She took it, and gasped when he pulled her close.

"What the---" she said but his hand moved over her mouth.

"Quiet." He said. "Look." He pointed to the spot where her body was. She looked and saw what he saw. A beast. Its long black wings outstretched as if to ward off anyone from coming close to it. Its hands looked human with long sharp nails. His skin the color of ash. It hovered over her body. And it turned into a man.

But she was to far away to see his face. Looking at Nathan she asked with her eyes if she may go closer.

He nodded and released her. Vilen slowly made her way to the man-beast.

She stood next to him and when he looked up to see if anyone was around vilen gasped and jumped back.

‘No! It couldn’t be…….’ She thought shaking her head.

But it was.

She looked into his burning red eyes before he tuned away. His black hair longer now. Vilen stumbled away to Nathan.

"What happened to him?" She asked.

Nathan shook his head. "I’m sorry. I can’t tell you anything that that’s yet to happen." He said. "I must go." He said and started to walk away.

Vilen grabbed his hand.

"Wait!" She said. He stopped and looked at her. "Will I see you in my other dreams? Are you real or just in my mind? I need to know." She said desperately, wanting to know.

Nathan smiled. "I’ll come to you soon Vilen. Just wait. Can you do that?"

Vilen smiled and nodded. "I can. Just come soon." She said with a smile.

She watched Nathan fade away and sat there a long time watching the beast. He kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist. Vilen watched him closely. He picked her dead body up and walked to a small meadow. He laid her body back down on the ground and walked into a bunch of tree’s. Vilen couldn’t see where he was going or what he was doing. She wanted to follow him but didn’t. She looked at her dead body and wished she knew what did this to her.

Vilen sat there a long time before he came back.

But he was not alone.

Behind him a man appeared. He was dressed in a dark cloak from head to toe. She watched closely as he came to her dead body. He lowered himself to get a better look at her. Vilen came closer to get a better look at what he was doing.

His head lowered to hers. He kissed her lips then murmured something she didn’t hear and then he moved his lips to her neck. Vilen moved closer still and looked at to see what he was doing. His eyes closed, His lips at her neck. He appeared to be drinking her blood, Or was he biting her? Vilen watched him long a long time before he pulled away.

Vilen couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Vilen turned away and ran.

She didn’t know where she was going, and didn’t care. She just wanted away.


She stopped in the middle of a forest. And looked at the sky.

"WAKE UP!!!!" She yelled.

She fell to the ground and hit the ground with her fist. "I can’t die…..I can’t." She said and began to cry.

"Just let me wake up…"

She said and closed her eyes….

Vilen opened her eyes.

She saw she was back in her chair and stood up and quickly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a letter for Elisa, in case her end was near.

When she had finished the letter she put it in a book she knew Elisa would take to look into if Vilen did Die.

Vilen put the old book back on the shelf and sat in the chair. She put her hand on her stomach and frown. How much longer need she be carrying this thing? She stood up and walked outside. she looked at the darkening sky and wondered where Sorion had gone to. Did he go back to Elisa and tell her of what Vilen did? Would he? Or would he just keep it from her? Vilen tried not to think about it to much. He wasn’t her problem. He was Elisa’s brother. If he had anyone to fear it was her.

Vilen went outside and looked at the night sky. It was so quiet and peaceful. She smiled and moved her and to her stomach and hoped she could kill the demon inside her and the father soon. She didn’t want the baby to be born and be like its father.

If she wasn’t able to kill them what would happen? Would they kill her and Elisa? Or would they kill just Elisa and leave her to watch?

Vilen closed her eyes and walked back into the house not wanting to think of death anymore. She walked into the bed room and laid on the bed next to the man. She looked at him and smiled. He looked so peaceful when he slept, it was almost as if he was a different being. But that would never be. He’d always be the same evil monster he’s always been.

Vilen wrapped her arm around his waist and closed her eyes as she moved close to him and slept.

When the sun came up vilen opened her eyes and found he was gone. Sitting up she found she was naked. She quickly grabbed the blanket and covered herself. She stood up and walked out of the room and found him sitting in the black chair. He looked up at her and smiled. "Morning." He said as if he didn’t realize she was naked.

Vilen smiled. "Morning." She said Then added. "Why am I naked?" She looked at him questioningly.

He smiled and pulled her down on his lap. And kissed her long and hard. "You don’t remember do you?" he said when he pulled away.

Vilen shook her head. "No I don’t. What happened?" She said laying her head on his shoulder.

He smiled. "I can’t tell you. I’d have to show you." He said as he moved his fingers in between her legs. Vilens head fell back as she moaned.

He smiled and stood up and walked to the bed. He laid her down and kissed her long and hard as he pulled the sheet away from her. She let him pull the sheet away and pulled him close. She moved her hands to his lower back and held him close. He smiled and rolled over and sat up. Vilen stood up and stood in front of him naked. He smiled and pulled her close. He moved his hands to her lower back and kissed her. She sat on his lap, placing her legs on the bed with his thighs between hers. She kissed him long and hard as she moved her hands to his lower back. Feeling him against her she moved closer. He grabbed her thighs stopping her from moving closer. She pulled away from the kiss and looked at him and smiled before moving to his neck. She smiled and French kissed his neck. He gasped and let out a soft moan as his hands went limp and fell to his sides. Vilen smiled and moved closer till he was against her. Vilen smiled and trailed her kisses to his lips and moved even closer to him, till he was almost in her. Vilen closed her eyes and dug her nails into his lower back and moaned softly. He smiled and grabbed her sides and moved her away from him and rolled over so he was on top. Vilen opened her eyes and put her arms around his neck, puling him close to her. He grabbed her hands and placed them above her. He used one hand to hold them in place and moved his other one from her neck down her chest past her stomach and down to her thighs where he stopped and teased her. She gasped and closed her eyes and slightly arched.

He smiled and moved his fingers along her inner thigh, making her gasp and moan. He smiled and gave her what she wanted and sunk his finger into her, making her moan and gasp a little louder then before. Vilen arched up and moaned long and loud. He kissed her and swallowed her screams and crys, and he moved his finger in and out faster and faster.

Vilen dug her nails into his lower back. "Take me! Im yours." She nearly screamed. "Take me!" Her head fell back as he kissed her neck. He smiled and pulled out his finger. He moved over her and kissed her lips and thrust himself into her. Vilen screamed which soon turned to a moan. She smiled and wrapped her legs around his holding him to her. She moaned and kissed him. He kissed her back and held her close as he slowly moved in and out of her. She moved her arms to his neck and held him close to her. She felt wonderful as if she’d die at any moment and for once in her life she’d welcome death, if it felt like this. He began to move a little faster and she moaned and held him close. And when he poured his seed into her she finally became limp.

He laid next to her and pulled her close. He moved His hand to her waist and trailed his fingers along her side.

Vilen Opened her eyes and kissed him. "So that’s why I was naked?" She said in a whisper.

He smiled "Yep. But one thing was missing." He said standing up.

"What? What was missing?" She asked him. Covering herself with the sheet.

He looked at her and smiled. "Well last night when you fell asleep Elisa came to see if you where alright. I told her you were and that you had just fell asleep. Then she came in to see if I was telling the truth, because I don’t think she likes or trusts me." He said sighing. "Anyway. When she came into the room you opened your eyes and pulled her close to you and laid on top of her on the bed and both of you had sex. After that you called me to come join you and all of us had sex. God it was wonderful….." he said looking at her. "Don’t worry about her. I didn’t touch her I swear." He said placing his hand over his heart. And for some reason Vilen believed him. He continued and sat on the bed. "Well when we had had our fun you kissed her and told her that you were fine and that you would go to see her in the morning and then you fell asleep again. I escorted her to the door and said my farewells. But she did something I was not expecting." He said and climbed on top of her kissing her hard before saying. "She kissed me." He said.

Vilen frown. "What?" She said. "She’d never do that." Vilen said and thought of why her lover would do something like that.

"Maybe she’s not into you as much? Maybe she sees no future with someone who cant give her a child?" he said to her. "But who needs her? I have you, She’s lost someone very special." He said kissing her neck.

Vilen frown but erased Elisa from her mind. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his sweet kisses.

She moved her hand to his lower back and held him close. He was right, Elisa did lose someone. Vilen felt a tear come to her eye.

Why would Elisa say something like that? Didn’t she love her any more? Vilen put her head to the side and tried to stop crying. He stopped kissing her neck and looked at her. "What’s wrong?" He asked her, as he moved his left hand along her stomach and chest.

"Its nothing really." Vilen said wiping the tears away.

He sighed and leaned on his arm to he could look at her. He put his hand under her chin and made her look at him. "what is it? You can tell me." He said to her. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

Vilen pulled away from him and stood up, pulling a cloak around herself. Vilen looked at the floor and said to him. "I’m going to go outside and get some fresh air. I’ll be back in a minute." She moved from the bed and made her way outside, before he could stop her. She looked at the sky and smiled. It was clear and blue. She’d forgotten how blue the sky was. Vilen closed her eyes and listened. She smiled when she heard birds singing there sweet songs. The wind was still it was warm but still the cold was near to take the warmth away at night. She moved in to the suns rays and closed her eyes as she felt the warm sun hit her face.

Vilen opened her eyes as the sound of footsteps neared her.

She looked around but saw nothing.

"Hello again." Came a familiar voice.

Vilen turned around and saw him.


Her eyes widened and she gasped and ran into his arms. "Ok what’s with you? You’ve only met me once for a few minutes and now you hugging me?" He said with a questioning look.

She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. "I need to know am I dreaming?" She said nearly in tears. "I need to know if Elisa still loves me. This feels so real yet I know it can’t be. Please tell me. Am I dreaming?"

He smiles and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Whoa. Calm down. I can tell you if this is a dream or not and if Elisa still loves you. But first I want you to calm down." He said.

She nodded and pulled away from him and stood in front of him. "Alright I’m calm." She said wiping away a tear from her eye.

He smiled and sighed. "First this is a dream. Everything he has told you is a lie. Your still asleep and not even the slightest bit conscious. And yes Elisa still loves you. Why wouldn’t she?" He said then smiled and grabbed her hand. "If you really believe something is real it will be. But all this isn’t." He Sighed. "I need to go. But I’ll be back the next time you close you eyes. All you have to do is call for me and I’ll come. Ok?"He said releasing her hand.

Vilen wrapped her arms around him. "I don’t want you to go." She said and began to cry. "I want you to stay with me. I feel as if I know you but don’t. Are you real or just a dream? I need to know." She said.

Nathan smiled and hugged her. "I was real but now I am just in you heart and head. I must go but I’ll explain it to you the next time we meet, alright?" He said and looked at her.

Vilen looked at him and kissed his cheek. "Alright." She said and let him go. She watched him turn around and leave and disappear into the fog she hadn’t seen before. Maybe it was his fog. But she didn’t care the next time they met he’d explain everything to her. Vilen smiled and walked back into the house and walked into the bed to find him laying on his back with his eyes closed.

Vilen quietly made her way to the bed and laid on top of him and kissed his lips. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. He rolled over and pulled away. He began to kiss her neck and said. "I missed you." He kissed her neck and moaned.

Vilen smiled and sighed. "I was only gone a few minutes." She said putting her hand in his hair. He looked at her. "I don’t care. A few minutes is too long." He said and kissed her neck and trailed the kisses down her chest.

Vilen tilted her head back and gasped. She closed her eyes and smiled.

He looked at her and smiled and moved one hand down...

Vilen opened her eyes and looked at him.

He smiled and opened her legs. He trailed his fingers along her thigh before thrusting his finger into her. She grabbed his shoulders and held on to him. He smiled and trailed his kisses down...

She grasped and arched as he put his tongue in to her, and began to finger her.

She moaned long and loud.

He continued his torture until she had an orgasm and then he kissed her lips. "Now I’m going to hurt you but it’s the good kind of hurt." He said and kissed her. "I love you so much." He said and sunk deeply into her. Vilen gasped and moaned. Her grip on his shoulders tightened. He smiled and kissed her long and hard before moving in and out of her. Vilen moved her hands to his lower back and held him close. She didn’t care if this was a dream. She loved him. When he poured his seed in to her he kissed her long and hard. "I Love you." He said laying next to her. He laid on his side and pulled her close. Vilen cuddled close to him and held him tight. She closed her eyes and fell into a soft slumber.
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