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Step siblings explore each other
Allison came home from school to an unwelcome surprise. Her step brother Mark had returned home for the summer from college. Their parents had gotten married when she was fourteen and he was fifteen. He always struck her as a bit of a creep. As she went through puberty, she could tell he was always checking her out. She had blossomed into a lovely young woman, big full breasts, a tight ass, and a tiny waist was set off with pale blonde hair and big blue eyes.
Summers were the worst, she would be out by the pool in her bikini, and he would come out and try to talk to her, all the while ogling her tight young body. It got to the stage that she would instead go to friends houses to avoid being around him.
She had tried to explain things to her mom, but she had just brushed it off as an over-reaction.
Once he graduated and left for college, it was a lot more comfortable around the house. Now he was back for the summer. Great.

As she walked into the house, he was seated on the couch, watching tv and drinking a beer. She snorted.
“It’s not even 2 in the afternoon, and you’re already drinking?”
He turned his head in her direction. “It’s how we do in college.”
“Yeah, if you can find someone to buy for you. You aren’t even legal yet.”
He smiled. “It don’t matter, it’s college.”
“And if mom and dad find out that you’re drinking their beer?”
He chortled. “They won’t know. It’s from the fridge in the garage, it’s been there since Christmas, they’ll never even realize it’s gone.”
“They will if I tell them.”
He cast her a sidelong glance. “Naw, you’re cool, you won’t rat me out.”
She was overpowered by the stench of stale beer. It practically radiated off of him.
“Jesus, you smell like a brewery!!! How much have you had?”
He cocked his head to the side. “Maybe two or three…”
“Bullshit! You’re fuckin’ drunk!!!”
“C’mon Allison, don’t be like that, it’s cool….”
“No it’s not! I come home from school to find you drunk in the middle of the day!! It’s so ….. cheesy!!!!”
He laughed at her indignation.
“You’re such a tight ass. You need to loosen up.”
“Fuck you!!”
His eyes narrowed.
“You shouldn’t talk like that, your mouth is going to get you in trouble.”
“Oh, like you’re gonna fuckin’ do something!” She rolled her eyes. “You’re pathetic!!”
Mark glared at her. She always thought that she was too good for him, ever since she was a kid.
Prancing around in her string bikini, flaunting herself in front of him, then acting all offended when he would look at her.
Fucking bitch. Fucking tease.
He would fix her.
He pulled his hand back and slapped her across the face. Not hard, he didn’t want to hurt her, but enough to let her know to knock off the attitude.
Her eyes widened and she flung herself at him, flailing her fists around. She caught him right beneath the eye with a punch while screaming insults at him. He grabbed her arms and spun her around, wrapping her up. She flailed around as he held her tight against himself. His crotch was pressed right up against her ass, and the way she was wriggling around started to give him an erection.
He had always been horny for his step sister, even though he knew it was a little twisted, and this wrestling match was getting him aroused.
He turned and shoved her face down into the couch, wrapping his hand around her wrists and pinning them above her head.
“You’ve been a bad girl Allison, and I’m going to teach you a lesson.”
“Fuck you!!” She screamed at him.
“You’re only making it worse for yourself, you know.”
He knelt beside her, driving his shin across the backs of her calves, pinning her legs in place.
She was now trapped face down, against the couch.
She wriggled to no avail.
“Mark, this isn’t funny, let me up.”
“Nope, not until you’ve learned your lesson.”
He took his free hand and brought it down, open palmed against her ass, hard.
She let out a howl, and renewed her efforts to break free.
He brought his hand down again and again, bringing tears to her eyes.
“Mark!!! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!? I’m going to cut your fucking balls off!!!”
He shook his head.
“You just keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper, don’t you Allison?”
He reached for the waistband of her shorts and wrestled them down to her knees.
Her white thong panties contrasted nicely with her bright red ass cheeks.
She screamed.
“Mark, what the fuck!!!!?????!????”
“Is this how you dress for school, you little tramp? Do you like to tease the boys, or do you put out?”
“Are you fucking crazy, you’re going to die for this!!!!”
“What are you Allison, a tease or a whore?”
“Fuck you!!!”
He hooked the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees as well.
She screamed in revulsion.
“Let me up, you dirty perv!!!”
He peered down at her pussy.
“You aren’t a virgin, are you Allison? You slut.”
She shuddered. This was way beyond weird, this was seriously scary. The next thing she heard terrified her. It was the sound of a zipper being undone.
“Mark…..” her voice quavered. “What do you think that you’re doing?”
“What I’ve been wanting to do since our parents got married.”
She trembled. She always knew that he was a pervert, but it never crossed her mind that he would actually rape her.
Their parents were at work, and never got home before six.
No one could hear her, their house sat on a large lot.
She felt his weight shift, then her legs were free.
Before she could move, his knees were pinning each of her legs down. He was now directly behind her, running his dick up and down her slit.
She began crying.
“Mark, please don’t do this. You can’t, you’re my brother.”
“Step-brother.” He corrected.
As he continued rubbing his engorged dick head up and down her pussy, he could feel her starting to get wet.
“You’re enjoying this Allison, you’re getting wet. You want this.”
She shook her head no, repulsed by the idea, but she was aware that her pussy was lubricating itself.
Her mind was rebelling, but her body was responding.
Mark continued rubbing up and down her slit, getting his cockhead nice and wet.
“How many guys have you fucked, your pussy feels loose.”
Allison burned at this. Alright, she wasn’t a virgin, but she also wasn’t a slut.
“How many guys have you fucked?”
“Five.” Allison responded.
Mark nodded. “You had a couple of boyfriends, I know you fucked them.”
Allison nodded.
“Who else?”
“Just a couple of guys at parties.”
Allison felt him starting to probe at her pussy opening.
“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”
Allison blushed. “Fifteen. It was to Jack.”
“Your first boyfriend.” Mark popped the head of his dick into her, and Allison gasped. She hadn’t seen his dick, but he felt larger than the boys she had been with.
“When was the last time you had sex?”
“Fourth months. When I broke up with Chase.”
Mark nodded. He rocked back and forth a bit, pushing halfway into her.
“I want you to remember this Allison. If I’m number six, then I’m not really special. So I think I’ll try something else.”
He withdrew from her pussy and eyed her asshole. He doubted that anyone had fucked her there.
Well, there was a first time for everything.
He placed his dickhead against her asshole, and Allison began panicking.
“Wait, what are you doing??? No, no!!!!! Not there, oh God, Mark!!!!”
Keeping her hands pinned down, Mark began forcing himself into her asshole. At first, he couldn’t budge through, and began to wonder if it was going to work, then his head popped though the tight muscle.
Allison screamed loud enough to bring the house down.
Mark took his free hand and smacked her ass.
“Quiet, you make too much noise.”
Allison began sobbing.
“Oh my God, nonononono!!!!!! Please take it out, it hurts!!!”
“You’re just going to have to take it Allison, you shouldn’t have been such a little bitch.”
He forced Allison to inch forward, resting her face on the back of the overstuffed couch.
“Bite down on the cushion.”
He released her hands and placed both of his hands on her shoulders.
Allison was in too much pain to try and fight back, she grabbed the cushion so tight that her knuckles turned white.
Mark grunted and shoved forward, while pulling back on Allison’s shoulders.
“Nnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” Allison screamed as he forced half of his dick up her ass. She bit down on the cushion like he told her, and moaned loudly into it.
“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnn!!!!!!”
Mark kept his hands on her shoulders, and pulled back out a bit before slamming back into her ass again.
“Uuuuhhhh!! Uuuuhhhh!! Uuuuhhhh!!” Allison kept grunting as Mark hammered into her ass. Tears were streaming down her face as she endured the painful ordeal. He had lost his fucking mind; she was so going to make sure that he paid for this.
As Mark continued plundering her ass, Allison began to realize that she was getting hot. She couldn’t believe it. Was she getting turned on by this rape?
Her body was responding, she could feel her pussy juicing up, and her hips began bucking of their own accord.
Mark leered at her.
“I knew you were a fucking slut, look at you starting to get into this. I should have done this a long time ago, it would have straightened your attitude out.”
Allison blushed a deep crimson.
She knew this was wrong, she knew he was a pervert, she knew that she could never tell anyone this, but…..
The way he was taking her, the way he had forced himself on her, the feeling of helplessness…. It was exciting to her.
She whimpered. “Please …. It hurts.”
But even the pain was a turn on, the way it mixed with her pleasure, it was an exquisite feeling.
His rock hard cock was pulsing in her ass, signaling that he was about to cum.
As loathe as she was to admit it, Allison wanted this to continue.
She reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit. If Mark was going to finish, then she wanted to get off before he did.
He saw her movement, and it re-invigorated him.
He grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her back, wrapping his arm around her neck, holding her in place.
“You want to cum from your ass fucking, don’t you Allison? Say it!”
“I want to cum…..”
“Like a dirty whore….. Say it!!!”
Allison hesitated.
Mark twisted his hand in her hair, causing her to cry out, and pulled hard against her windpipe.
“Say it!!!!”
“Like a dirty whore…..”
Mark sighed with contentment and shoved her head back into the couch.
He grasped her hips in his hands and drove his dick as far and as hard as he could into her ass, making her scream again.
“You’re a whore Allison, you’re my whore.”
“I’m your whore…..” Allison whispered, totally defeated.
Mark was surprised; he hadn’t expected her to repeat what he had just said, but it thrilled him. She was surrendering herself to him.
He began spurting his cum deep into her bowels, gasping for breathe as he did so.
Allison moaned as she climaxed, her sphincter clamping down on his dick.
Mark gasped as he felt the pressure. Jesus, he thought that her ass had been tight before…
He collapsed on top of her back, and lay there trying to collect himself.
He pulled his spent dick from her ass as gently as he could.
She remained face down, not turning to face him.
Mark sat silently for a few moments. He had been caught up in his lust, but now reality was washing over him.
He had raped his step-sister.
Yeah, she might have cum from it, but he had started it, forced her down, pulled off her shorts, then violated her asshole. He could hear her crying softly.
He stood and left, climbing into his car and driving off.
Allison lay on the couch for another several minutes before she pushed herself up.
Her ass felt like it was on fire. She was sure that she was torn and bleeding down there. She was in a state of utter confusion.
While it had been happening, she had been so aroused by the feeling of being taken that way, but now that it was over, she was revolted by the thought of being sodomized by her brother.
Step-brother, she reminded herself.
It wasn’t really incest, even if it was ….. gross.

She went to her bathroom and climbed into the shower. As the water cascaded down her body, she began tracing her hands over herself, reliving what had just happened to her. She reached for her clit and began gently stroking it.
The feeling of helplessness had been a turn on, the sense of not being in control.
All the guys she had dated had been kind of timid, always asking her permission before they did anything.
A couple of the jocks had just assumed that she would put out for them, and that hadn’t done much for her.
Her boyfriends had satisfied her, but they were always so … careful.
Trying not to make her mad.
Her looks had always gotten her whatever she wanted, but they had also made guys treat her like a goddess, always acting extra careful with her, so as not to make her mad.
Even when having sex, the guys had been asking her if she was okay, if it felt good, if they needed to be doing anything different.
They were so solicitous, it had gotten on her nerves.
She had to tell Chase, her last boyfriend, just to shut up and fuck her, but he had always gone back to his simpering nature, trying to please her.
She finally couldn’t take it any more, and had broken up with him.
But Mark… he had just … taken her.
Allison kept rubbing her clit as she remembered the way that he had ravaged her ass.
She glanced at the floor of the shower and saw rose colored water draining away.
She knew that she was bleeding, but it wasn’t very much.
The pain and discomfort had been worth it.
She found herself wondering when she would be able to experience it again.

A few hours later, with their parents back, Allison began wondering about Mark.
He still hadn’t come back, and their parents began to question his absence.
His dad called him, but from what she heard, it sounded like Mark made up some excuse to stay away.
His dad seemed a bit put out, mentioning that he had wanted to have a family dinner that night.
Allison decided to help the situation. Come home, she texted. It’s cool, I haven’t told them.
Mark soon returned, and did his best to avoid interacting with Allison, barely even looking in her direction.
As they sat down to dinner, Allison seated herself next to him, and patted him companionably on the leg.
“It’s nice to have you home, Mark.”
He stared at her for a moment.
“Ummm, yeah, it’s nice to be home.”
They spent the rest of dinner not speaking to one another, Mark mostly answering their parent’s questions about his semester and his plans for the summer.
Allison ate in silence, mulling over the afternoon’s events in her mind.

As she lay in bed that night, Allison came to a few conclusions:
She liked being dominated.
She liked it rough.
The guys her age wouldn’t do it.
Mark did.
But he had been drunk.
And he had raped her.
He was afraid of the repercussions.
Her ass really hurt.

Down the hall, Mark was laying in his bed, stroking his cock and reliving his earlier butt fucking of Allison.
She had enjoyed it, no doubt, and she hadn’t told anybody so far, but what about tomorrow?
What about next week?
Could he do it again, or would she freak out and go to their parents?

A couple of days passed with an awkward silence between the two of them.
Each one of them was silently trying to size the other up, to see where they stood.
Saturday morning Allison walked into Mark’s room and sat on the edge of the bed.
He stirred and looked up at her blearily.
“What’s up????”
Allison looked out the window.
“I just wanted to say ….” She hesitated. “I’m not going to tell anyone about the other day.”
She fidgeted and looked down at her hands.
She was still wearing her sleeping attire, a pair of panties and a t-shirt with no bra.
Mark cast a lustful glance over her pert young body.
“What time is it?”
“Past nine. Mom and dad are out running errands all morning.”
Mark thought for a bit.
It was a risk to be sure, but if he was reading her right, it was a calculated one.
He sat up. “Take off your panties.”
Allison blushed. “I don’t think…”
“Do as you’re told.”
Allison sat silently for a moment, and then moved as if to leave.
Mark grabbed her arm, and yanked her back flat onto the bed. He tore at her panties.
“Stop….” Allison muttered, unconvincingly.
Mark grinned to himself. She wanted this, all right.
But she couldn’t just come out and say so.
But if he forced her to do it, then it was ok. She wouldn’t have any say in the matter, and bore no responsibility for it.
“Oh Allison, you’re so beautiful.”
As soon as he said it, her demeanor changed subtly.
Here we go again, Allison thought. He’s no different than the rest.
Mark had seen the shift in her attitude, and judged it accordingly.
He wrapped his hand around her throat and leaned in close to her ear.
“Too bad that you’re such a whore!” he whispered savagely.
Allison perked up at that. I guess I was wrong about him, she thought as a smile crept across her face.
Bingo! Mark thought.
He knelt next to her on the bed and wrapped an arm around her waist, spinning her up onto all fours. He shoved her face into the mattress and forcefully yanked her panties down.
“You know what happens to whores, don’t you Allison? They get fucked. Hard.”
Allison moaned into the mattress.
Yes, this is what she needed.
She could feel herself starting to get hot. Her pussy started to glisten.
Mark looked at her and grinned, but spoke to her with disgust in his voice.
“Look at you, you’re already wet. Good thing too.”
Mark knelt behind her and rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, lubricating his shaft.
“Nnnnoooooo…..” Allison moaned quietly.
“Fight all you want bitch, this is going to happen.”
Allison weakly kicked her legs up and down on the bed.
Mark had to stifle a laugh, this was the most unconvincing acting job he had ever seen. But hey, if it’s what she had to do to justify this to herself, then whatever.
He lined up behind her, then thrust forward with all his might.
Allison screamed at the forceful intrusion.
While she was starting to get wet, it wasn’t enough to ease his entry into her. The painful thrust had her curling her toes in ecstasy.
Yeeesssss, she thought to herself.
Mark kept pounding into her, spreading her juices up and down his shaft.
As he kept thrusting into her, the passage became easier.
Her moans were music to his ears.
“What kind of a girl goes into a guys’ room in just her panties and a t-shirt? Shit Allison, you didn’t even wear a bra. I could see your nipples though your shirt, that’s just asking for trouble.”
“Fuck you.” Allison moaned. “It’s my house, I can dress how I want, no one can tell me what to do.”
“That’s where you’re wrong, Allison. You’ve been listening to all that bullshit they teach you in school about women’s rights. You dress like a whore, you get treated like one. Now take my cock, whore!!”
Mark redoubled his savage thrusting into her. Allison’s skin began to flush.
“Ohhh Gooooddddd.”
“You’re cumming already, aren’t you Allison?”
“Nnnnnoooooooooo” she moaned, lying through her teeth.
“Bullshit.” He responded. “I’m not going to let you cum now.” He slowed his rhythm, gently pushing in and out of her.
“Noooooooo” she moaned. “Please, I want to cum….”
Mark sped up, and yanked her hips back hard. It sounded like he was spanking her, with their flesh slapping together so hard.
“Oh shiiiitttttttt.” She moaned, as her orgasm swept over her.
Mark kept pounding away through it, driving her crazy. As she recovered, she begged him to slow down.
“Please, I’m so sensitive, slow down…”
Mark grunted in disgust and pulled out of her. He wrapped his fingers into her long blonde tresses, then yanked her around on the bed.
She shrieked in pain as she grabbed at her hair. Mark pushed his dick into her mouth, choking her.
“Open wide, it’s time for your morning protein shake.”
He kept jabbing into her throat, gagging her.
“Swallow bitch, it’s on the way.”

Allison lay on her back in a daze, as he pumped in and out of her mouth.
She had given blowjobs before, but this was a face fucking.
And like the fucking he had just subjected her to, it was rough. This wasn’t about her pleasure; this was about him getting off.
Of course, being used this way turned her on, but she wasn’t going to admit that, even though he knew it, and she knew he knew it.
Mark grunted as he felt his orgasm start. He shuddered, then started jerking sporadically as he shot his cum down Allison’s throat.
She dutifully swallowed it, without him having to tell her.
“That’s right.” He told her. “Swallow my load, like a good whore should.”
As he withdrew his cock from her mouth, Allison gasped for air. She gazed at his dick, seeing it for the first time.
God, it was big. No wonder she felt so filled up by it.
“I’m not a whore…” she said quietly.
“Whatever.” Mark said dismissively.
He smacked her on one of her breasts. She yelped in response.
He eyed her swelling breasts, tightly covered by her thin cotton shirt.
“Show me your tits.”
Allison turned her head away, and crossed her arms across her chest.
Mark reached down between her legs and pinched one of her pussy lips.
Allison shrieked in response and her hands shot down to protect her pussy.
“Owww!!!!” She shouted.
Mark took the opportunity to grasp the neck of her t shirt, and tore the thin material apart in a single motion. He didn’t tear it all the way down, but enough to allow him to scoop her breasts out.
He smiled as her C cups came into view. He looked at her face to see her glaring at him.
He tweaked her nipples, causing her to shriek, then moan.
He smiled at her discomfort then turned to walk away.
“I’m taking a shower. Get out of my room.”
Allison lay back on the bed, cupped her sore pussy in her hand, and smiled dreamily.
She pulled her panties back up, and walked down the hallway to her room.

Every few days or so over the next two weeks, Mark would walk up to Allison when their parents were gone, force her down, and roughly fuck her.
The day of her high school graduation, she had been walking out the door to the ceremony when he had pushed her to her knees in the entryway, and shoved his cock into her mouth.
He jabbed into the back of her throat for several minutes, telling her to get his cock good and wet. When he was satisfied, he helped her to her feet and pushed her towards the wall.
She put her hands against it for balance as he tugged her hips back towards him.
“Congratulations on graduating. Here’s my present.”
He raised her dress up above her hips and tugged her thong panties out of her ass crack.
He placed the head of his cock against her asshole. She gasped at the feeling, he hadn’t fucked her ass since that day she came home to find him drunk.
He placed his hands on her shoulders and thrust his way past her asshole, causing her to scream.
The saliva she had deposited on it slightly eased the passage, but it was still painful.
He hammered away for a few minutes, only able to get about half his dick into her back door before depositing his cum in her ass.
He yanked his dick out, causing her to squeal, then walked away.
“I’ll see you there.”
She smiled to herself, then readjusted her clothing before limping out the door.

Mark was now working as a lifeguard at the local water park for the summer, and Allison had gotten a job at a clothing store in the mall. The Fourth of July was approaching, and their parents decided to take a weekend vacation. Since both kids were working, they wouldn’t be able to joint them.
As they left that Friday morning they warned the both of them, no parties.
Mark and Allison grinned and agreed, Allison was hopeful of what the weekend may hold, and Mark sure as hell didn’t want anyone else around.
He planned on fucking the shit out of his step-sister all over the house.
They had both been so busy with work, it was hard to find time when they were alone without the risk of their parents discovering them, so it had been a while since he had been able to fuck her.

Allison finished work a couple of hours before Mark did, so she decided to be ready for him when he returned.
She went digging through her dresser before finding an old bikini that she had worn when she was twelve, before puberty had really hit.
She had to loosen the strings on it before she could fit into it.
The triangle top could barely contain her ample breasts.
If she pulled it up to cover her nipples, it left the bottom of her boobs exposed.
When she tugged it down, her nipples would peek out the edges.
The bottoms were little better, they only came a couple of inches up past her pussy lips, and exposed the top half of her landing strip.
She stripped the bottoms off and headed to the bathroom to prepare herself.

Mark got home a couple of hours later. He was tired, but excited at the promise of the weekend without their parents around.
As he entered the house, he headed to the kitchen and grabbed a beer before settling into the couch. He kept his ear cocked, listening for Allison, but could detect no sign of her. He listened carefully, and could barely detect the strains of music from outside.
He grinned to himself. The pool.
He sat back and sipped his beer, while thinking about how he wanted to approach this. Even though their neighbors weren’t too close, Allison could be a screamer, and he didn’t want her voice to carry.
He finished his beer, grabbed the rest of the six pack, and went to the laundry room. Nothing.
He headed to Allison’s bathroom, and looked in her laundry hamper. He rummaged around a bit before finding a soiled pair of her panties. Perfect.
He headed out to the pool, and saw her standing on the steps, her back to him.

The tiny bikini sat low on her ass, and clearly exposed the top third of her ass crack.
“Jesus” he snorted “Don’t you have the decency to cover yourself?”
She turned to face him, and inwardly smiled at his reaction to her barely clothed body.
His eyes got big, and he couldn’t speak for a couple of seconds.
She regarded him coldly. “I told you before; I can wear what I want.”
He finally regained his voice.
“Strippers wear more clothes than that.”
Her pussy was covered by the bikini bottoms, but it was obvious that she shaved herself bald, and the fabric clung tightly to her mound, giving her a pronounced camel toe.
The light blue top barely covered her breasts. Her nipples were concealed, but it was almost like she was wearing some extra large pasties.
He walked towards her and yanked at the stings tying her bikini bottoms together and tore them off of her.
“Stop Mark, I don’t want to.” She murmured as he grabbed her by the arm, leading her down the steps of the pool until the both of them were up to their waists in water.
He placed the six pack on the deck, then bent her over next to it. She placed her hands on the pool deck and spread her legs. He kept her panties concealed in his hand.
“It doesn’t matter what you want.” He snarled at her. “But just in case you try to call for help…”
He shoved her soiled panties into her mouth, then tied her bikini bottoms around her head, holding the makeshift gag in place.
Allison recoiled at the taste of her dirty panties, but it got her hot. This was so dirty …..
And how could she call for help, gagged as she was? She was soooo helpless now. She swooned at the thought.
Mark yanked his trunks down and unleashed his cock. It had been a couple of weeks since he had fucked Allison, and he was ready and raring to go.
He grinned as she moved her hips back and forth.
He yanked her head back by her hair and was rewarded with an unintelligible yelp.
“Good girls don’t dress like whores. They don’t swing their hips back and forth like a bitch in heat.”
Allison moaned.
“So that makes you a bad girl. And bad girls get the shit fucked out of them.”
He shoved his cock balls deep into her pussy on the first stroke, causing her to cry out from behind her makeshift gag as he started fucking her.
The water slowed down his thrusting and took some of the power out of his strokes. Allison squirmed. This was too slow and not powerful enough to scratch the itch in her pussy.
Mark buried himself into her as deep as he could go, then began rotating around inside her.
He placed his hands on top of hers and laced their fingers together before leaning forward and placing his lips next to her ear.
“You know Allison, I know that you deserve a good hard fucking, but this has been a rough week for me. So first, I’m going to relax a bit, let some of the tension off. You’ll just have to take it before I give you what we both know that you want.”
He kept rotating inside of her, loosening her pussy up before he had an idea. He withdrew from her pussy and moved his dick to her asshole.
“You always were a tight ass, I think I can loosen that up a little, help you relax.”
He steadily pressed forward into her ass, causing her to yelp and squeal behind her gag.
The pool water cooled her ass, and lubed her a little bit, but it was still a tight squeeze, and Mark had to force his way into the tiny hole.
She whimpered and cried the entire length of his shaft, closing her eyes tightly against the searing pain.
The makeshift gag muffled her cries, and Mark finally had his dick pressed all the way into her.
As soon as he was balls deep, he began rotating his dick inside her asshole, making her whimper even more.
“You feel that, you slut? I’m going to loosen your ass up a little bit, that way I don’t have to fight so hard to get my cock up in it. But not too loose, I still want you to feel it when I shove it in you.”
Allison nodded her head, willing to take whatever he forced on her.
God, the pain was so exquisite, and the way he held her hands down, and had her gagged…
She could feel her orgasm building deep within her. She quaked and moaned as it rolled over her.
Mark kept rotating his dick, but had now added in short strokes, pulling about halfway out each time. He saw the flush come over her body and smiled. He knew by now that Allison was very sensitive after cumming, so what he had in store next was going to push her over the edge.
Allison saw fireworks behind her eyelids, and felt every nerve ending in her plundered ass as Mark kept pumping and rotating.
He untied her bikini top and started pinching and tweaking her erect nipples.
“Pllllssssss……” Allison mumbled.
Mark gently pried his dick from her clenching asshole, and led her back to the pool steps. Allison walked on shaky legs, grateful for the reprieve.
As much as she loved being dominated and fucked hard, right after she came it was too much for her, and she needed a break until she had recovered. Even the gentlest touch was too much for her.
Thank God he had stopped working her nipples.

As she got to the top step, Mark put her hands behind her back, and wrapped her bikini top around her wrists before tying it off.
Allison turned to look at him but he pushed her onto her knees while grabbing her hair, keeping her from falling straight over and busting her chin on the edge of the pool.
He stood behind her and drove his dick back into her ass, causing her to scream into her gag, the pain overloading her senses.
He yanked her up by the hair, bringing her ear back to his lips.
“Who said we were done, slut? I’m not finished showing you the error of your ways.”
And he resumed plowing into her ass.
Allison cried and screamed in painful ecstasy, her knees being rubbed raw on the pool step, her spine being bent backwards, her hair straining at its’ roots, and her ass getting pulled inside out by Marks insatiable cock.
This time, she may have bitten off too much, she thought to herself.
She tried clawing at his stomach with her nails, but he took no notice of her feeble attempts to slow his assault.
Tears running down her cheeks, she bit down hard on her dirty panties and endured the savage fucking.
He kept a firm grip on her hair, whispering into her ear as he went, “This is what you deserve, this is what you get.”
Allison had passed the point of pain, now there was just a dull ache in her ass.
Finally, Mark gave a mighty grunt and unloaded his pent up sperm deep into her colon.
Allison gasped as she felt him cum, the pulsing of his dick inside her ass was strangely exciting to her.
He yanked his dick out of her ass with a snarl in her ear as she yelped at the pop.
“You came with my dick in your ass. Only whores do that.”
And he stalked past her into the house.
She laid her head down on the deck as gently as she could and whimpered for a while until she had sufficiently recovered. She worked her hands free of the makeshift restraints, and untied her gag to remove her soiled panties from her mouth.
She shakily walked to a pool lounge, stopping to grab the six pack that he had left behind. She lay face down on the chair, placing one bottle gently along the crack of her ass, and slowly drinking from another one.
She heard Mark return to the pool area. She looked up to see him standing above her, eyeing her ass. He removed the beer from it and replaced it with an icepack before taking the remains of the six pack and going back inside.
Allison smiled to herself and laid her head down to rest.

About an hour later, Mark came back out. He was dressed in a Polo shirt and cargo shorts.
“I’m going out.” He announced.
Allison looked up, startled.
“But mom and dad said..”
“They said no parties. They didn’t say not to go out. I’m meeting Julia”
“But I thought…” Allison wasn’t sure what to say next. That we would stay home together, like an old married couple? That we were going steady?
“I don’t think mom and dad would want you leaving me by myself.” She offered up lamely.
He smirked at her.
“You’re eighteen, you’ll be fine. I’m not going to be out too late. But before I go….”
Mark unzipped his shorts and pulled out his dick.
“You need to take care of this for me.”
Allison turned her head away and closed her eyes. Mark grabbed the hair at the back of her head and gave her a firm slap to the face.
“Open” he commanded her.
She propped herself up on her elbows and opened her mouth wide, swallowing half his dick in one swoop. He smiled and held her head in position as he began pumping in and out of her mouth.
He enjoyed her mouth on his cock, figuring that he’d be getting the same treatment from Julia later on tonight. He hadn’t fucked in a couple of weeks, so he wanted to get the pent up reserves cleared out a bit so that he could last with Julia. Couldn’t have her thinking he was lame in bed.
Allison’s head was held in position as Mark pistoned in and out of her mouth. She used her tongue along the underside of his cock, and reached for his balls with her hand, cupping and caressing them while he fucked her face.
“Jesus Christ, you’re a dirty whore.” Mark gasped as he began cumming down Allison’s throat. She swallowed every drop as he shook through his orgasm.
He stepped back, pulling his cock from her mouth, and she lowered her head.
“I’ll be home later. In the meantime, behave yourself or you’ll be in trouble when I get back.”
Allison grinned at that, wondering what she could do to get Mark to punish her.
After he left, Allison lounged about for a while, thinking to herself.
She could make a mess in the house, but that seemed so … childish.
Maybe drink all the beer?
Then a smile crept across her face as she headed inside for her phone and found the number she was looking for.
“Chase? It’s Allison. What are you up to tonight?”

Mark returned a few hours later from his date in a foul mood. Julia had made out with him, and had let him feel her up a bit, but that was it.
She wasn’t that type of girl, she informed him.
He got the impression that if they were dating, it would be a different story, but he didn’t really want to put the effort in when he had a sure thing at home.
As he pulled in, there was a car that he didn’t recognize. That piqued his interest immediately.
Who was here?
As he walked in the house, he could see clothes strewn on the couch.
Allison’s and someone else’s.
A guy.
Marked grinned to himself, wondering what her new game was.
He headed back towards Allison’s bedroom.
Outside the door, he could hear the tell-tale squeak of her bed. He listened closely and could make out the voices emanating from within.
“Is that ok baby? Is that good for you?”
“It’s fine, keep going.”
“Do you want me to go faster or slower? Just say so.”
“I said it was fine, keep going.” Mark could hear the irritation in her voice.
Good God, whoever this kid was, he was a putz.
The door was slightly cracked, so Mark peered in. Allison was laying flat on her bed, her legs splayed wide while the guy in between her legs was pumping up and down, still asking her how it felt.
Mark grinned to himself. Allison was asking for it alright, but how he would punish her was the question.
He kicked the door open and flung on the light, bellowing as he did so.
“What the hell is going on here?!?!?!?”

Allison screamed as the boy leapt from the bed and began scrambling to cover himself.
“Oh Shit!!!! Oh man, I’m sorry!!!”
“Get the fuck out of here, punk. You’re goddam lucky our parents didn’t catch you.”
The boy crouched and ran out the door. Mark could hear him in the living room scrambling around for his clothes before running out the door.
He glared at Allison as she pulled a pillow in front of her body to cover herself.
She looked down, shyly trying to preserve her modesty.
Mark just shook his head and walked out of the room.
Allison waited for a bit, then heard the tv turn on.
Was he not coming back? What was he doing?
She waited a bit longer before standing and pulling on her t shirt.
She wandered down the hallway, looking into the living room.
Mark was sitting on the couch, watching tv.
She sauntered down the hallway, making sure to give a little swing to her hips as she passed the living room where he would be sure to see her.

Mark sat on the couch grinning to himself as Allison passed by, wearing just her t-shirt. The round globes of her ass swung back and forth delectably.
He knew what her game was, but he wasn’t going to play it.
No, she was going to have to wait for this one.

Allison stood at the end of the hallway, unsure of what to do next.
She was positive he had seen her, but he wasn’t doing anything. So now what?
She walked back the way she had came, and stood in the entranceway, leaning up against the wall, facing him directly and positioning herself to best display her bare pussy.
“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, chasing my boyfriend off like that.”
Mark looked at her. “That kid was a pussy.”
Allison looked at him with disdain. “Don’t talk about him that way, he’s good to me, he takes care of me, he…”
“He didn’t make you cum.”
Allison stopped at that. “What the fuck would you know about making a girl cum? You don’t know how to pleasure a woman, you just take care of your own needs, like a selfish bastard.”
Alison cocked her head at him. “What are you doing home so early, did your date not go well?”
Mark scowled, and Alison grinned to herself. Ahhhh….
“Oh, so it didn’t go well. What’s wrong, did you strike out with her?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Mark growled.
“Oh, so you struck out. Did she even kiss you? I bet not. I bet she laughed at how pathetic you were.”
Alison was warming to this, she enjoyed pushing his buttons.
Even more so, she knew that the angrier she made him, the harder he would punish her, and the more she would enjoy the sex.
Mark scowled at her.
He knew that this was part of the game, but all the same, he didn’t care for the way she was talking to him.
He stood and began advancing towards her. “Actually, she did kiss me. We made out. I felt her up.”
Alison crossed her arms protectively across her chest, and closed her legs as he came closer to her.
Mark leaned against the wall, placing his hands on either side of her head, trapping her.
“I put my tongue in her mouth, then I grabbed her tits.”
Mark grabbed her t shirt at the neck, then tore it open, and pulled her breasts out. The gap in the t-shirt forced them together, making them appear even more rounded than normal.
Mark put one of his hands on Alison’s breast, cupping it and tweaking the nipple.
Alison closed her eyes and groaned.
As Mark kept twisting her nipple, he continued the story, embellishing it to see how she would react.
“She moaned and panted the whole time. But she really got going when I put my hand on top of her pussy.”
Mark trailed his hand downwards, and cupped his hand just next to Alison’s twat.
“She still had her pants on, but I could feel her heat through her clothes. I wanted to keep her right on the edge, so I teased her for a while.”
Mark began lightly running his hand up and down, gently grazing the edges of Alison’s pussy lips.
She kept her eyes closed and pressed her lips together, waiting for him to continue.
“After a few minutes of that, I took it a step further. I put my hand down the front of her pants. She was already wet, so I slipped my finger inside of her.”
Mark had pulled his hand away from her, but as he described pushing his hand into her pants, he put his hand on her pubis, and pushed it straight down, cupping her pussy, and using his index and ring fingers to spread her pussy lips apart as he pushed his middle finger deep inside of her, hooking it forward to press against the front wall of her vagina.
Alison shuddered and whimpered. Mark grinned to himself as he kept going.
“She kept squirming around, but with my tongue in her mouth, and my finger in her pussy, she couldn’t go anywhere.”
Alison wrapped one of her arms around his and leaned against him for support. Her other hand clamped down on top of his as he fingered her. She added her finger alongside his, penetrating herself with her own slender digits. She rubbed her hand up and down atop his, guiding him as her stimulated her.
Mark grinned to himself, he had her exactly where he wanted her.
“She was getting closer and closer, her panties were drenched, and she kept bucking her hips up and down.”
Alison responded by rotating her hips and groaning. Mark smiled at what was coming next.
He grabbed Alison by the hair, and pulled her back against the wall as he yanked his hand out of her pussy.
Alison squealed in protest and tried to pull his hand back to her pussy.
She leaned back against the wall in a lustful daze and tried to recover her composure.
“She … sounds …. like a …. whore.”
Mark twisted his hand in her hair, causing her to yelp.
“You two would get along, then.”
He started to lightly run his fingers along her exposed tits, making her squirm.
“She didn’t have to tell me how to touch her, or give me directions. ‘Is that okay baby, is that good for you?’”
He squealed in a high pitch voice, mocking the guy who had been fucking her earlier.
“I took what I wanted from her.”
At that, he pushed his fingers back into her pussy, and began roughly pumping them in and out.
“Just like I do with you.”
Alison moaned as he increased the speed of his fingers.
She could feel her juices pouring out of her and running down her legs.
Shit, Chase hadn’t been able to get her even just a little bit wet, but Mark had her gushing like a fountain.
Mark added another finger, spreading her wide, and Alison grimaced at the discomfort.
He then added a fourth finger, and Alison pushed at his forearm, trying to get him to slow down a bit.
He removed his hand from her pussy and slapped her across the face.
“You fucking slut, how dare you try to interfere with your punishment.”
He pulled her hands above her head, and held her pinkies together, before wrapping his hand back through her hair.
Now he had her pinned against the wall, and pushed his free hand into her mouth.
“Get it wet.” He told her. “All of it.”
He hooked his thumb inside her mouth as well, and her eyes grew wide.
“That’s right Alison, all of it. Let’s see how much your whore pussy can take.”
He took his hand from her mouth, and put two of his fingers into her pussy.
“That’s easy. Your whore pussy is stretched out enough to handle that.”
He added a third, and began pumping them in and out.
Alison moaned and wiggled, trying to avoid the pressure.
Mark pushed his pinky into her pussy and Alison started gasping.
“No, that’s too much. It hurts.”
“Who cares?” Mark asked, rhetorically. “You’re being punished, remember? Being shown the error of your whoreish ways.”
Mark pushed his thumb into her, and began working his whole hand up and down. He wasn’t able to get very deep, but the way that Alison was panting and moaning, he knew that he was having an effect on her.
As he pushed in and out of her pussy, Alison felt herself get weak in the knees.
Her pussy was burning, and the heat began to radiate out from her groin to the rest of her body.
For the first time in her life, Alison squirted.
At first, she thought that she was pissing herself, and almost died of shame, but she was aware that this somehow felt different.
The pleasure that shot through her body was like an electric jolt, she sagged against the wall, held up by Mark’s hand entwined in her hair, with her hands pinned above her head.
Mark was shocked to see it happen, it was the first time he had ever seen a girl squirt.
As he removed his hand from Alison’s pussy, he saw specks of blood on it.
Shit, I hope I haven’t hurt her he thought, wondering if he had gone too far this time.
Alison looked at him in shock. She had never thought of herself as an overly sexual person, but Mark was pushing her past whatever limits she had.
Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Mark.

Mark warily regarded Alison.
He knew that he was walking a fine line with her, and was afraid that he may have pushed her too far.
She looked at him with a fierceness that he hadn’t seen before.
He released his grip on her hair, freeing her hands, and took a step back.

She launched herself at him like a tigress, bowling him over.
She grabbed his face in her hands and began forcefully kissing him, much to their mutual shock.
Alison didn’t care, she knew what she wanted, and Mark was giving it to her.
“Alison ….” He stammered out.
“Fuck it. I’m through playing games. I want you. I have to have you, and I don’t care who knows it.”
“We can’t …” he began to protest, but she silenced him with a passionate kiss.
“I will do anything you want me to do; I will be anything you want me to be. Just keep fucking me the way that you have been.”
Mark spun her around, mounting her. He pinned her hands to the floor, and looked down at her.
Alison wrapped her legs around him, grinding her naked pussy against his hard on, frantically dry humping herself against it.
She looked at Mark with pure, naked lust in her eyes, and lifted her head up, trying to kiss him.
He kept just out of reach, watching her struggle to reach him.
She finally gave up and dropped her head to the floor in frustration.
“You bastard….” She muttered, glaring at him.
He grinned and stood up, disentangling himself from her legs. He grabbed her by the hair and began dragging her towards her bedroom.
He glanced down and saw that the front of his shorts was covered with her juices.
“Jesus, Alison, look at my shorts.”
She stumbled along awkwardly, her pussy juices still running down her legs.
“You get me so hot….”she gasped.
Mark dragged her into her bedroom and tossed her face down onto her bed, her legs splaying open, her pussy displayed invitingly.
He stripped off his shorts and leapt between her legs, driving his cock into her pussy in a single stroke.
He reached up and grabbed a pillow, and shoved it underneath her hips, tilting her pussy up at just the right angle. From this position, he was able to reach her G-spot on every stroke.
Alison groaned with pleasure, and Mark reached up and grabbed her hands, stretching them out to the corners of her bed. He pushed his knees inside of hers, and drove her thighs apart, completely opening her up, pinning her to the bed in the shape of an X.
“Is this … how you fucked … that whore?” Alison grunted between each powerful thrust.
“No.” Mark replied. He was totally bullshitting her now, he hadn’t even gotten past second base with Julia.
“I was gentle with her.”
Alison snorted in derision. “Sounds … lame.”
Mark grinned. Was Alison jealous?
“You’d know all about lame sex, wouldn’t you Alison? Who was that fag fucking you tonight? Charles? Claude? Clyde?”
“Chase.” Alison gasped.
“Although to call it fucking isn’t really accurate is it? Don’t tell me, he was trying to ‘make love to you’, wasn’t he? How did you enjoy it?”
Alison moaned as Mark continued his thrusting into her.
“It sucked ... How was … gentle sex … with … your whore?”
Mark laughed. “It was great. We both kept cumming, over and over again.”
Mark pulled his dick out of her pussy and aimed it at her asshole. In one brutal movement, he shoved it in, burying himself deep within her bowels.
Alison screamed at the searing pain, loving every moment of it.
“She wouldn’t like this, this is too dirty, too … vulgar. She’s a lady, this kind of sex is for whores.”
“Treat me like a whore Mark, make me your whore.” Alison pleaded.
Mark continued his savage thrusting into her asshole, battering her ass cheeks in the process.
Alison screamed and cried the whole time, until Mark finally emptied his load into her ass. As they both lay there recuperating, she started to run her hand along his arm in a tender caress.
Mark was taken aback by the gesture, and he yanked his dick out of her ass, making her squeal.
He climbed back off the bed, and just stared at her, unsure of what to do next.
So far, he had just been using her for sex. When that had been all that was involved, he was fine with it, and assumed that she was too, but now it seemed that Alison was starting to get emotionally attached.
Her kissing him and been a huge shock, and had made him feel uncomfortable as well.
Fucking his step sister was one thing, but being in a relationship with her?
That was a whole different level of weird.
He headed down the hallway to his own room, lost in thought.
He showered and climbed into bed, still thinking it over when he heard his door open, and felt Alison climb into bed with him.
He rolled over to face her. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I want to sleep with you.” She replied.
She was dressed in a nightgown that went from her neck to her ankles, and was about as sexy as a sack of potatoes.
“Look, Alison, I don’t know about this …”
“Mark, we’ve been fucking for the past month and a half, it’s a little late to start being coy, after you’ve raped me two dozen times.”
“That wasn’t rape!!!” He protested.
“I said no, didn’t I? And no means no.”
“That was just … you weren’t … it was …”
“It was part of the game, I know. But the first time wasn’t. Anyways, it’s done with, and now I want to sleep with you.”
She turned her back to him and nestled up into his body, spooning with him with her ass pressed firmly against his cock. She wiggled it a couple of times before sighing to herself. She took his arm and pulled it tight across her body before placing her own arm atop it, holding him in place.
Mark lay there, feeling trapped.
“Did you really fuck that girl tonight?” Alison asked him.
Mark sighed. “Why do you want to know?”
“How can you fuck me, then go fuck her?” Alison pouted.
Holy shit, she really is upset about that. Mark thought. He knew that he could tell her the truth, but he also realized that this was the perfect way to extricate himself from what looked to be an increasingly sticky situation with Alison.
He pulled his arm free and turned Alison over to face him.
“Alison, you and I are not going to date each other, and we are not in a relationship. We can’t be. You do understand that, don’t you?”
“I know ….” Alison sighed. “It’s just …. God, the way you make me feel … and then to have you out there doing it with someone else, it drives me crazy!”
“You fucked your ex-boyfriend tonight!” Mark pointed out.
“Only to make you mad!! I wanted you to be angry with me so that you would punish me!!!” Alison protested. “And it worked! The sex tonight was amazing!!!”
Whoa, this is getting twisted. Mark thought to himself.
“Alison, that was just part of the game.”
She sighed. “I know … it’s just … no one else can make me feel the way that you do.”
And with that, she wiggled up close to him, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her face into his chest.
The wheels in Mark’s head started turning.
What if I found her someone who did?

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