Neighbors in an apartment building have a party...
Martin stood in his kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a birthday gift for his next door neighbor, Melissa. He bought her a bottle of whiskey, real top shelf stuff, the kind she liked. He wrapped the box it came in within a sheet of green paper, her favorite color, and topped it with a golden bow. When he was finished, he spent the briefest of moments admiring his handiwork, before taking out a card and writing “To Melissa- The best neighbor a college kid could ask for. Thank you for helping me move in, and for everything since, -Martin.” He shoved the letter into an envelope and picked it up with the whiskey and made for the front door of his apartment.

Martin moved into his apartment at the start of the new school year. It was a three story building part of a complex that made each building look like a sea side home. The top floor, where he was moving, only had two apartments, one on either side of the hall. He was a senior in college, and finally felt compelled to move out of the house he had rented with three of his friends from school. They were still into parties and drinking, and while Martin couldn’t deny the appeal of a good party or a hard drink, he also knew that he was staring down the barrel of a gun called “reality.” In May, when he graduated, the trigger would be pulled, and he would be thrust out into the world to find a career, and a way of life. Wasting his last year in college drinking, partying, and skipping classes would not prepare him for this hard new reality.

So two of his friends helped him move. But his apartment was up three flights of stairs, and by the time the guys had moved all of the heavy stuff up the stairs, they had to leave. That’s when Melissa emerged from her apartment across the hall. A short brunette with a wide smile, Melissa helped Martin move the final few boxes up the stairs. In his apartment, she helped him unbox, and the two got to know each other.

Melissa was a college dropout, about the same age as Martin, who had left school when she got a job opportunity she could not resist. Martin was impressed that she was able to make it without a college degree. Martin was also impressed with her body. She was wearing short shorts and a too tight tee shirt with a low cut. Every time she bent over, Martin tried to sneak a peek down her shirt. Her breasts were perfectly sized for her smaller frame.

She learned all of the interesting stuff there was to know about Martin. He was a former football player, majoring in Political Science, and had no idea what he was going to do after graduation. Before Martin knew it, the two had completely unpacked all of his things, and his apartment was fully set up. Martin offered to take her out for dinner as a thank you. Instead, she invited him over to her apartment to eat.

Melissa made BLT’s for dinner. Whereas Martin’s apartment didn’t have cable set up, or food in the refrigerator, she had high definition dish, and a fully stocked fridge. When they finished eating, they sat on her couch, drinking beer and watching TV. After one beer, they were just chatting. After two, they had settled on a movie to watch, a romantic comedy which was a few years old. After three beers, she curled up right next to him. Martin waited until after the fourth beer, just to be sure he wasn’t getting his signals mixed up. That’s when she reached over, hugging his arm, and laid her head down on his shoulder.

They made out for about half an hour, and then moved over to her bed room. Once there, the two stripped naked. The foreplay was something out of Martin’s world. After he kissed her neck and breasts, she drifted down to his dick and blew him until he was right on the verge of cumming. Just then, she pulled up, whipping her hair over her shoulder in the most sexy possible way. “Condom?” she asked seductively.

Martin sighed. He didn’t have anything against wearing a rubber. But he had left his in the nightstand of his just recently unpacked room. Martin got up and began putting his pants on, but Melissa stopped him. She picked his pants up off the floor, fished his apartment key out of the pocket, and walked back into her living room. Martin followed, and watched as she opened the front door to her apartment, walked across the hallway, opened his door, and disappeared into his room. A moment later, she reappeared, and walked back, closing his door without locking it, and reentered her own apartment. Neither time when she walked across the hall did she look either way. Martin ogled her as she opened the condoms package. She put the condom on him with a stroke, and then grabbed him by the hand and led him back into her bedroom.

She ended up going back to his room to get another condom later in the night. As they were the only people living on the top floor, there was never any reason for anyone else to come upstairs. The only people who would walk in on them crossing the hall naked were each other. So the next morning, the two made a deal with each other. When either one was home, they kept their doors unlocked, and they would never wear clothes.

Now it was October. The leaves were falling outside, but the bitter cold of winter hadn’t quite set in yet. Martin was happy for that as he crossed the hallway, which was always a little closer to outside temperature than he preferred. He was dressed in their standard fare- nothing at all. He was polite enough to knock on her door this time. He loved to burst in on her to see what she was doing while nude. Once he caught her doing Pilates naked. Another time, around dinner time, he caught her cooking wearing nothing but an apron.

The unspoken rule between them was that if one caught the other wearing clothes while in their apartment, then punishment was in order. Usually, this meant some form of humiliation. Once, she caught him studying in gym shorts and a tank top. For that, he had to go through a drive through to pick up dinner with no pants on while she gave him ha hand job from the passenger seat. He had never been so glad in his life that he drove a truck with a lift kit. He sat about a foot above the takeout window. He ordered, paid, accepted the food, and drove away, all while Melissa jerked him off.

The time he caught her in her apron, he made her give him a blowjob on the porch. She thought it was cheating, but didn’t object. The porch had a wrought iron railing, so anyone who looked up to the third floor could see. Martin enjoyed watching people walking on the sidewalk below while he blew his load in Melissa’s mouth.

When she opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised to see her wearing clothes. Martin had just enough time to think “Looks like I’m getting a present on Melissa’s birthday,” before he also saw that she was wearing a shocked look on her face. Her face was a mixture of something between “Oh no, I knew I forgot something,” and “This is going to be bad.” Martin didn’t have time to ask her what was wrong before a voice from behind her within the apartment said, “Who is it, Mel? Is it Trish?”

Martin shoved the gift into Melissa’s arms and retreated from the doorway. Before Melissa could say anything, another voice, fast approaching the door, said “Does she need help with the food?” Martin hurried back down the hall to his door, but before he could get there, the door to the stairwell at the end of the hall opened, and a third girl entered the hallway, her arms filled with groceries. She gasped loudly. That drew the two girls from behind Melissa and into the hallway as well.

Martin could only wince as the girls surrounded him. He had thought that they would stay back, away from the pervert walking around naked. But they confounded his expectations by getting closer. They were smiling widely. Finally, one of them said, “So you’re the one Mel has been going on about. I didn’t think we’d actually see you tonight.”

Martin spun around and glared Melissa. They had never agreed not to talk to anyone about their arrangement, but he had always assumed that it was taboo. Melissa flushed and looked at the ground, while biting her lip. “Martin, this is Felicia, Patricia, and Alissa.” Martin looked at them each in turn. They were all about the same age as Melissa, probably friends from school.

Felicia was skinny with long brown hair, so long it almost reached her ass. She was fairly flat chested, and had a round face with big eyes. She was by far the least attractive of the three, but was still easily within the class of girl that Martin could go with.

Patricia set her cargo down in the apartment and returned to the hall. She was black, with medium length hair pulled into a ponytail behind her head. She had a larger chest than Melissa, and a larger ass as well.

Alissa was a cut above the other two. She was blonde with a huge rack, a perfectly round butt, and she dressed like she knew how sexy she was. She wore a black skirt and white blouse, and a devious smile that Martin saw and knew she was thinking no good.

Before he knew it, he was pulled into Melissa’s apartment by both hands. Once inside, the four girls started talking feverishly. “So, he’s your fuck buddy, eh Mel?” Trish asked

Before too long, he had learned that they all had nicknames for each other. Melissa was Mel, and Patricia was Trish. Alissa was called Ali, and Felicia was called Fel. Fel wanted to know how they had met. Trish appeared to have the dirtiest mind, because she kept reaching out and touching Martin, on the arm, the back, the chest.

Melissa loudly hushed her friends and then thanked Martin for his gift. She opened it and saw the whiskey and rushed over to give him a kiss. Before she finished kissing him though, Fel had ripped the box from her hand and opened the bottle. For the next half hour, everyone did shots while Martin sat on a bar stool. The girls had started to get used to a naked man being present in the drunken state. Even Martin was feeling less embarrassed as time wore on.

Then, Ali upped the ante. “So what are the rules exactly?” she said to Melissa.

“Well,” Melissa began, “Whenever we are home, we have to be naked, our days have to be unlocked, and if we catch each other wearing anything, we get… punished.” She said the last word with a curious smile on her face. She looked to Martin, clearly trying to say something with her mind. But Ali beat Martin to the punch in deciphering the look.

“Ahh,” Ali purred, “Mel is right. All four of us got caught with clothes on. Whatever will we do?” Ali then began to peel her clothes off. Melissa joined her after just a moment. Fel and Trish stuttered their objections at first, but then quickly joined. Before Martin knew it, he was living in a dream.

Ali’s clothes were the first to hit the floor. She had large, D-cup breasts with large nipples. She was definitely the curviest of the four, her waist was thin but her hips wide. She had shaved her bush so that only a thin landing strip was visible above her clit. Trish was the next to get naked. Her breasts were perky and soft, bouncing lightly as she hopped out of her pants. Her pussy was shaved clean, just like Melissa’s. Fel was the last to ditch her clothes. Her nipples were puffy and stuck out from her flat chest just a little bit. She was unshaven, but her bush was thin, so that Martin could still see her pussy.

“What now, neighbor?” Melissa asked seductively.

Martin led them all to the couch. He asked to make out with each of them. Fel was elected to go first, and she kissed him cautiously, but was clearly more into it at the end of the kiss than at its beginning. Trish went next. She kissed a lot more passionately then Fel, but not nearly as passionately as Ali did. Ali clearly was into the game they were playing, and was the most experienced kisser of the three.

When it was Melissa’s turn, she made out like she was trying to make a point. She straddled Martin and pushed up his chin so that he was looking up at her. When she finished, she gave his bottom lip a little farewell bite. She reached down and grabbed his dick, which had been pointing straight up against her stomach. She gave him a light tug and climbed off him.

Before long, the coffee table in front of the couch had been moved away, and the four girls were all on their knees in front of him. Melissa started blowing Martin first, showing the other girls how he liked it. Trish went next, and Martin had to try hard not to blow his load as soon as she started. All he could think about was how he had never seen a black woman naked before, let alone gotten a blowjob from one. Fel went next, and again she started slowly but got more into by the end. She had even started lightly playing with Martin’s balls before Ali tapped her on the shoulder and said “My turn.”

Martin didn’t last long for Ali. The blonde’s huge rack pushed into his thighs as she started to blow him. She took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head, and made him grab a fistful of hair while she bobbed up and down. After he had a grip, she brought her hand down and started playing with his balls the same way that Fel had. With her other hand, she grabbed his free hand and placed it on one of her breasts. It was soft and definitely real, Martin thought.

Ali had no intention of giving his dick up for anyone else to finish. She began bobbing her head more aggressively, her lips tightening around his shaft. Before long, he announced his intentions to the room, “I’m gonna cum…”

Trish and Melissa both leaned in. Felicia even got a little closer. Just before Martin shot his load, Melissa whispered the words that put him over the edge to Ali. “You have to share his cum, Ali,” she said. “Trish and Fel and I all want some.”

After hearing that, Martin let loose the biggest load of his life. Ali couldn’t take it all without swallowing, so she backed off and let Melissa finish him off, but not before one rope of cum got over each of their faces. Ali turned to Fel, who gently licked the cum off Ali’s face and graciously allowed Ali to swallow the rest. Melissa gave a cum filled kiss to Trish, who then used a finger to scoop the cum off Melissa’s face and into her mouth. To Martin’s surprise, it was Fel who cleaned his dick off with her mouth, gently sucking the remnants of cum from the head of his dick.

Watching the girls divide up his cum kept his cock from deflating. The girls were ready for a break though, and so Melissa and Trish retreated to the kitchen while Ali and Fel joined Martin on the couch. Fel turned on the television and began flipping through channels. Ali curled up close to Martin, grabbing his arm to throw around her shoulders. Fel did the same. When Melissa and Trish returned with bowls of ice cream for everyone, they found Martin on the couch with his arms around both girls, and his feet up on the coffee table.

They all ate and giggled about what they had all done. “I can’t believe we did that,” Fel said. “People don’t do this kind of stuff in real life. This only happens in pornography.”

“Well,” Trish replied, “I’m glad we did this. This was way more fun than just sitting around watching Sex and the City or something.”

“So what else do you two do?” Ali asked Melissa. Melissa then recounted times where they had sex in both of their apartments, in her kitchen, his shower, and even once in the hallway. She told the stories about the drive thru, and the porch. By the time she was done, the other girls were clearly ready to use Martin to get themselves off. Even Fel was sitting on the couch slowly fingering herself.

Ali reached over to Martin’s dick and gave it a few tugs. “I just have to get this stud inside me,” she whispered to no one in particular.

The other girls laughed, except for Fel, who now had her fingers deep into her own pussy and was to distracted to laugh. Trish was exasperated with both of them. “I can’t believe you Ali. I’ve never heard you talk so dirty. And look at you Fel! You’re gonna cum all over Mel’s couch!”

Fel’s voice was shaky when she answered, “I c-can’t help it. I’ve n-never been this hor-ny.”

“Let me help,” Mel said, the seduction returning to her voice. She crawled over so that she was on her knees in front of Fel. She gently spread Fel’s legs and pulled her hand from her pussy. Then Melissa leaned in and started licking Fel’s pussy. As Melissa ate out Fel, Martin took his hand, still on top of Fel’s shoulder, and reached down to her right breast and started lightly rubbing it. As he did that, he took his other arm from behind Ali’s head, and reached that hand down to her pussy. He began to finger her, first with just his index finger, and then with his middle finger as well, while his ring finger flicked against her clit. Ali began to tremble as he played with her, and soon she laid her head on his shoulder.

As he continued to play with Ali, Martin returned his attention to Fel. She was trembling, on the verge of having an orgasm. Martin began lightly pinching her puffy nipple, and was pleased to hear the sharp intake of air from Mel when he did it. Ali began to shake as well. They were both close to coming.

Trish must have had enough of watching at this point, as she traversed the room and grabbed Martin’s cock. “What about me?” she inquired, “Doesn’t my pussy get something?”

Martin smiled, and replied “Both of my hands are busy, what have you got in mind?”

As Trish began to climb on top of Martin’s cock, a task made more difficult by the number of bodies around him, Ali whispered, “nooooo.” She clearly wanted his dick first. But it was too late, as Trish was already climbing up on top of him. Martin tried to make up for it by speeding up his hand motion playing with her pussy. Ali shuddered and began to convulse.

To his right, Fel was in the middle of a full-fledged orgasm. As She came, her legs began to jerk, and she grabbed Melissa by the hair and pulled her head back. Melissa’s face contorted with pain and confusion at first, but then she realized why Fel had pulled her head back so quickly. As Fel came, she began to squirt. She tried to cover it up at first, but a convulsion pulled her hand away from her pussy, and she squirted some on Melissa’s chest. Fel was clearly embarrassed, but Melissa was laughing while she got a towel from her linen closet.

While all of this was happening, Trish still had Martin’s cock in her hands, and was rubbing the head of his dick up and down her pussy lips. As Ali came on Martin’s hand, he asked Trish, “Do you want me to get a rubber?”

She shook her head no and whispered, “I’m on the pill. You can cum inside me as much as you want.” Martin had fucked girls on the pill before. He always still pulled out when he came, it was just personal policy. He only ever came inside a girl when he was wearing. But this time, he didn’t think that he wanted to pull out. He had never come inside a girl without a rubber. Tonight was a night of firsts.

His cock slid into her pussy. She was tight and wet and begging for more as she began to grind her hips against his cock. Fel was up off the couch now, on shaky legs while Melissa dried off the couch next to him as much as possible. She stared at Trish, a hint of jealousy in her eyes. She was still dripping with Fel’s cum, and so was Fel for that matter. When Fel thanked Melissa for making her cum, Melissa said, “I know how you can make it up to me.” She took Fel by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Soon, Martin heard the Shower turn on, meaning, he could only assume, that the two were in the shower now.

Ali was curled up on the edge of the couch recovering from her own orgasm, watching Trish and Martin go at it. Martin couldn’t help but feel himself about to come again. He warned Trish, who nodded her consent, and begun to ride him even more roughly. When came, he pushed his hips up into her, filling her up with his come.

“Good,” Ali said. “I want some.”

“Not yet,” Trish said. “He came, not me.”

Martin settled the argument with a proposition. “Get up, and sit on the couch.” He told Trish. She complied, although not sure where he was headed. “Okay. Ali, eat her out. I’m gonna fuck you doggy style while you do.”

Ali leaped off the couch to get into position, “Just one thing,” she said, “I’m not on the pill. You don’t have to wear a rubber, but you can’t come in me.”

By the time Ali was in front of Trish’s pussy, cum was already starting to leak down her pussy lips. Ali lapped it up with her tongue and started eating out Trish’s pussy aggressively. Martin got behind Ali and spread her ass cheeks apart. He thought briefly of fucking her anally, as he had never done that before, but decided not do. Instead, he slid his cock into Ali’s pussy, which was as wet and tight as any pussy he had ever fucked. He placed both hands on her hips and began driving his rod into her, making her moan as she ate out Trish.

Martin wasn’t sure how much Trish liked this arrangement at the beginning. She clearly wanted to cum with a dick in her cunt. But as Ali got going, she purred her assent, and even occasionally spoke. “Yeah, eat that black cunt. I’ve never had another girl eat me out Ali. You’re good. So goooood.”

Martin heard the shower turn off in the other room. He felt drawn in too many directions. He wanted to go into the bedroom and see want Melissa and Fel were up to now, but he couldn’t believe he would try and leave a threesome with two of the hottest chicks he had ever fucked. His dick made up his mind for him, as he started to feel himself get close to coming.

But Ali reached her orgasm first, she briefly pulled up from eating out Trish to moan loudly “oh god, oh god, oh god.”

As she finished, Ali went back to eating out Trish. Martin reached his own orgasm, and pulled out of Ali’s pussy. He had planned on cumming across Ali’s back, but had a better idea at the last moment. Instead, he stood up, took a quick step so that he was standing over Ali, and pointed his cock at Trish.

Trish saw what he was doing, but instead of leaning forward to take his dick in her mouth, she grabbed both of her tits, and said “Cum on me.”

Martin came for the third time. The first rope of cum hit Trish’s chin and neck. The second landed straight across her chest, as did the third. The fourth hit her stomach, and Martin was careful to let the last few drops land on Trish’s leg instead of the back of Ali’s head. Ali thanked him by licking up those few drops before returning to Trish’s pussy.

Martin stepped back, admiring his work. His come was all over the ebony beauty. Big thick drops of white cum stood out against her skin. Martin looked into the bedroom to see Fel and Melissa leaving the bathroom. Melissa’s hair was dry, it had never gotten wet. But Fel’s head was soaked. Martin was able to guess whose mouth had been on whose pussy while the shower was running.

Fel walked past him, giving his ass a little slap as she reentered the living room. She saw Trish’s chest, and giggled. “I wanted some more cum…” She went to the couch where Ali was still eating out Trish and began to lick the cum off of Trish’s chest.

Martin left the three behind and closed the bedroom door. He and Melissa were finally alone.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I was having other people over for my Birthday,” she said.

“I just hope you have had as much fun at your birthday as I have.”

“Maybe not as much as you,” she replied, “but yeah, this is definitely a night to remember.

“Well,” Martin said, moving a little closer to her, “I think I have enough left in the tank for one more go with my neighbor.”

She smiled, sheepishly. Martin could sense something was wrong. She could tell he was about to ask, so she cut him off, “I was just thinking. What you and I have had, it’s something you’ve had now with all of my friends. It’s not really all that special anymore.”

Martin frowned, but he knew what she was getting at. “Well,” he said slowly, feeling his way as he went a step closer to her, “I’ve been thinking about that too, for longer than just tonight. The ‘friends with benefits’ thing is nice, but I wouldn’t mind something more. Unless, of course, that’s not what you want.”

Her smile got instantaneously bigger, and leapt into his arms. He had just enough time to think about how ridiculous it was making an exclusive relationship out of this night before she threw Martin down on her bed.

She made out with him and stroked him back to full strength. Then she said, “You know what, you might be the only person in the apartment who hasn’t eaten a pussy tonight.” She swung up her legs so that her pussy was upside down in front of his face. As he started licking her pussy, she began to blow him in a 69.

Martin had gotten much more aggressive as the night went on, and he didn’t lay off now that he was alone with Melissa. After a few minutes, he spread her ass cheeks apart with his hands, and took the index finger from his right hand, and gently slid it up Melissa’s ass.

She instantly pulled her mouth from his cock and gasped. He wasn’t sure if it was a good gasp or a bad one, but he decided to double down anyway, and began twirling his finger lightly inside her anus. She didn’t stop him, in fact she seemed to love it. She returned to his cock for a few minutes, before popping off him.

“I liked that,” she said.

“I thought you might.”

“I want you to do it again,” she pushed. “This time, with your dick.”

Martin nodded. They both got off the bed, and she bent over it. The bed was just tall enough and she was just short enough that she could do this without bending her knees. Just before bent over, she gave his cock one final lap with her tongue, sure to get it nice and wet for her ass. She pulled her cheeks apart for him, and he slip the head of his cock inside her.

He went very slowly. Her ass was the tightest thing he had ever put his cock into. After the head got in, she moaned. A few inches later, she moaned louder. By the time he got his whole dick inside her, she was screaming in ecstasy. He didn’t think girls really liked this kind of thing before, but Melissa was certainly into it.

A few minutes later, Martin heard the door open. The three girls were standing in the doorway, in various stages of dress. They watched curiously for a few moments, before calling out their goodbyes. Melissa was able to mumble something about “doing this again sometime,” but was unable to complete the sentence.

As the girls let themselves out, Martin pulled Melissa so that she was standing straight up. He reached around her hips to her soaked pussy, and began to finger her while he fucked her in the ass. With one hand, she fondled a breast, and with the other, reached behind his head, grabbing his hair. They came together, Martin shooting his cum deep into Melissa’s ass, while Melissa came all over Martin’s fingers.

She licked his fingers after he pulled them from her pussy, and in return, he picked Fel’s discarded towel off the floor and cleaned up his cum, which was now dripping from her ass. They kissed passionately, standing there in a long embrace. Then they kissed each other some more in the shower. After they dried off, they decided they wanted to go to sleep together. Melissa’s bedroom was still in disarray, and so was her living room. So they walked together, naked, across the hall to Martin’s room and slept in his king sized bed.

The next morning, Martin woke up alone. He could hear Melissa clanging away in the kitchen, making breakfast. She had never made him breakfast before. He sat on the edge of the bed for a long minute contemplating their brief conversation about being in a relationship from the previous night. He thought about how they had slept together for the first time. Resigning himself to how different his life would be now, he pulled on some gym shorts and walked into the kitchen.

Melissa was still naked though. She smiled at him, reading his mind. “Something might be different, but not everything.”

Martin threw off his shorts and hugged her from behind as she cooked their eggs. “So what’s my punishment?” he quizzed.

“You’ll just have to find out.”

Please excuse whatever minor spelling and grammar errors you might see. I wrote this whole story in one night, and was so eager to post it that I may not have gone over it with as fine tooth of comb as Inormally might.

Otherwise, I love getting and reading comments, so if you have anything to say, please say it.

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