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She is one hot mom.
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My name is Mark and I am 18 years of age. I have a head of brown hair with deep brown eyes. I am about 1.8 meters tall. I have just finished school and I am on the hunt for a job to get myself settled. In school I never had any serious girlfriends. Yes I have had my share of girls but we never went out of extended periods of time. One girl I dated named Cara had blonde hair cut in a bob. Her eyes were covered with a set of glasses but I have always been a glasses guy myself. I got my pair in the middle of final exams and I have been wearing them ever since then. Some of the girls seem to like them a lot and some said that it made me look dorky. I didn’t care much for the second answer because I was a dorky kid, playing video games, reading books, watching anime and spending a huge amount of time in my imagination.
Enough of myself already it is beginning to get boring. This story takes place one special evening or well it wasn’t a special evening until much later. Cara and her dad had gone out for a whole happy birthday celebration but Cara’s mom Evelyn wasn’t feeling so great so she decided to stay home. I was busy on my computer downloading music to see if the next track can beat the previous track. My phone started ringing and I saw the caller ID was Cara.

I answered the phone quickly.

Me: Hello stranger how is it going?

Cara: Okay I guess. Listen Alex my dad and I are going out for a birthday celebration but my mom isn’t feeling too well.

Me: Aww that is not nice to hear at all. Send my regards to her.

Cara: That is why I actually called you. Would you mind coming over to keep her company and to see if she is doing alright after we are gone?

Now before I continued replying let me tell you about Cara’s mom. She has always been more of a friend than a friend’s mother to me. We would talk like any friends would. Calling each other names and talking about random things. Her personality was one for the keeps so was her matching looks. She had blonde hair reaching down to her ears the same as her daughter. She also wore glasses which made her even look more sexy. Now not having serious relationships was because I was actually a bit more into older woman. They had more of an intelligent conversation with me than a girl my age could. So yeah I had a slight crush on Evelyn. Well not the ordinary high school crush. I am going to go out my way and say YES I wanted to fuck the living daylights out of that woman. She was all in all a M.I.L.F.

Me: Of course I would come over and watch over her.

Cara: You are such a life saver! See you in a bit.

I put the phone down with a huge grin on my face.

I quickly slipped on some pants as I would always sit in my boxers in front of the pc. It was just much easier for me. I put on a pair of jeans shaking my hair to a nice position. “Mark lets go with the scruffy look shall we” I said to myself grabbing my bike keys and helmet. I stopped just at the door and turned around. Swimming gear is a necessary because they had a pool in their complex which had a nice temperature at night. I put the bag with my swimming trunks and towel on my back. I headed out the house and got on my bike. Luckily they lived like 5 minutes walking distance but I was always lazy so I rode my bike down.
Cara answered the door standing in a pair of jeans and a top with a small jacket over it for the cold. Her dad was busy getting his keys and stuff. “Happy birthday Sir! Hope it is a good one” I said shaking his firm hand. He smiled and Cara pulled to the side. “Okay my mom is sleeping right now so just keep it down. You can make yourself at home you know where everything is right and if anything happens you call me” Cara said with a serious look on her face. I nodded but on the inside I was jumping up and down. I gave Cara a hug telling her to enjoy her night and not to wonder about anything because I will be here.
I waited for them to leave to plop down on the couch relaxing a bit. I sprawled myself out and flipped through the channels getting bored very quickly. I was never one for watching regular television for long. I heard a stirring and slowly rose up and walked over to Evelyn’s room. I put my ear against the door to listen for any noises. I heard nothing and decided to return to the couch.

Before I could move the door suddenly burst open and Evelyn was standing there in front of me in a jean and a white shirt. I jumped back in surprise and she started laughing. “I was wondering when you would investigate darling” Evelyn said in her sweet voice. I stood back and blushed. “Aww you are so cute. How about we go swimming” Evelyn said stretching in front of me before heading to the kitchen. “I heard you weren’t feeling so well. So are you sure you want to go out now” I said unsure of how to handle this situation.

“Ag I used that excuse to have some time for myself but I decided I was getting bored and luckily you showed up just in the nick of time” Evelyn said picking my backpack up tossing it to me. “Come on get dressed I haven’t got all night” Evelyn said with a wink. I hesitated for a moment before shrugging and heading into the bathroom to change. While I was changing I looked at myself in the mirror. Now I wasn’t muscular but I wasn’t fat either. I walked out of the bathroom in my swimming trunks still wearing my t-shirt. “Wow talk about taking their time like a girl” Evelyn said as she was tapping her foot on the ground in impatience.

We walked out to the pool but Evelyn was in front of me the whole time giving me a clear view of her sexy behind. This wasn’t good because she was waking up something she shouldn’t wake up unless she is prepared to take care of it.

We got to the pool and it was deserted, another yes inside of my head. Evelyn walked over to the water and bent over to feel the temperature. Her jeans rode into the crack of her shapely ass and I couldn’t help but stare at it for a few moments before she snapped me back to reality with her sensual voice. “Enjoying the view are we now Mark” Evelyn said with a sly grin and I nodded in reply but tried to hide my growing erection. Evelyn grabbed the bottom of her white shirt and lifted it over her head in a swift motion. Now there were a few things that caught my attention. The first being how toned her tummy was for a lady for her age, not saying she is old or anything. The second thing was that there was nothing covering her stomach so she must have been wearing some special 1 piece. The third thing was that it was tied at the back and around her head like a halter top. It showed off her delicious boobs even more than I expected.
I was drooling within moments. “Oi! Wake up sleeping beauty” Evelyn called out. “I am sorry honey but these are not for you to play with just yet” She added before I started lifting my shirt over my head. “Oeh not bad” Evelyn said winking at me. I blushed bright red. “I guess it’s my turn to continue” Evelyn said unclipping her jean pulling down the zipper to reveal a small piece of red fabric. I felt my jaw unhinge falling to the floor. She turned around and shimmied the jeans down her sexy body to reveal her bikini bottom. She wasn’t wearing a one piece she was wearing a two piece!

I nearly came in my swimming trunks right there. That was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. Evelyn walked over to the water and bent down and dove in. Of course her bikini bottom rose up between the crack of her ass and I could just make out the outlines of her pussy.
I joined her in the water and we swam around a bit relaxing before she started with the water games. First she splashed me and I splashed back then she started with the rough housing. Every so often she would plunge me under the water and I would rise up holding her by the thighs. Man for a lady that has had a child before they were taut. One time she jumped me from behind and held onto me mashing her tits into my back causing my erection to jump in my swimming trunks.

After a while we got out and lay down on the grass panting like two wild animals after session of sex. Well I wish it was a sex session because this lady was driving me crazy. “I think we should be heading back darling it is getting a bit chilly” Evelyn said looking at me and I nodded in response. We headed back home and Evelyn started the kettle. “We are going to need some coffee to warm us up” Evelyn said but she didn’t head into her room to change or anything she just stood half naked in front of me and started making the coffee. “Mark would you be a dear and spread the towels out on the ground in front of the television then we can sit on them” Evelyn told me and I was lucky to finally have something to do otherwise my erection would even be harder than it is now. I sat down on the towel and Evelyn joined me with a cup of coffee. We continued rambling about random things in our lives. All in all it was a fun experience and I enjoyed myself. Evelyn shifted around every now and again causing my eyes to drift over her body. “Mark is there something you want to tell me because it looks like there is something that you want to confess” Evelyn said staring with her pretty eyes into mine causing me to melt. I gulped down my fear and decided to tell her how I felt. “Well Evelyn I have always thought that you are very sexy” I blurted out before turning away. There was an awkward silence between us before Evelyn spoke. “Well thank you Mark I appreciate it a lot and just so you know you aren’t too bad looking yourself” Evelyn replied pulling my face to hers. We stared at each other before she leaned closer to kiss me.

Her lips were soft and the kiss was sincere. We held the kiss until her mouth opened and I did the same. Our tongues started playing around with each other enjoying the sensation of this new found partner it got. I felt her hand rest on my leg slowly going up and up until she gripped my cock in her hand. She squeezed it eliciting a moan from deep within me. My hands reached up around her neck and I found the knot to her halter top. I began untying it slowly and she kept on rubbing my shorts playing with my cock. I pulled her halter top over her breasts and we broke the kiss only long enough for me to look at her breasts. Her nipples were standing proudly out for my view. I began kissing her neck and now it was her turn to moan out in pleasure. I bit her neck softly and nibbled my way to the other side before biting again. Her hand had slowed down on my cock and she now fumbling with my swimming trunks. I kissed lower to between her cleavage before I cupped both of her boobs. Wow they were still perky after all these years. I slowly massaged them feeling the nipples in my palms. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Those boobs I sought out for all these years were finally in my hands. I moved my mouth to her one nipple and began sucking on it like a hungry baby.

She managed to pull my trunks down and I lifted myself off of the ground to lay her down on the ground on her back. I was now naked and she was nearly there. I swirled her nipple around in my mouth playing with it, flicking it with my tongue before giving it a kiss. Evelyn gave a loud moan and her hands went to my hair to play with it. I switched to her other nipple to give it the same treatment as before and she rewarded me by pulling my hair playfully before releasing it again. “Ahh Mark where did you learn to do that? It feels so nice please don’t stop” Evelyn moaned in a seductive voice that spurred me on to give her more and more pleasure. I wanted this lady beneath me to moan out in ecstasy to finally release in a pleasing orgasm.
I kissed my way down her stomach to her belly button and decided to play with it a bit. I licked over it and blew on it and she giggled underneath me squirming for more and more. I kissed her on her bikini bottom and felt the heat that had built up inside her release onto my face. I decided to take this to a more comfortable place so I hooked my hands underneath her body and picked her up. She held onto my neck and I carried her in the room with her legs wrapped around my body grinding ever so slowly just to tease me further. I knew I had to take this lady around the world as they would say in the movies. I laid her down on the bed and she looked at me biting her lower lip igniting more fire inside of me. I knelt down again between her legs. On the way I carried her to the bedroom I felt that her bikini bottom could be tied loose from the sides. Easy access! Bonus points!

I slowly untied the strings and pulled the bikini triangle away from her hot pussy to reveal something else in entirely. She was completely shaven clean. There was her pussy clean and open for my eyes to ogle. “I did that just a few hours ago because something told me that I was going to need it” Evelyn said winking at me. Now let’s back up for a moment. I have never been one for going down on a girl because of a few bad experiences I had before in my life but looking at her gleaming pussy I decided fuck it and went with it. I stuck my tongue out and smelled her sweet aroma before licking from the bottom to the top of her slit. Evelyn gasped grabbing the bed sheets with her hands. I licked again before pulling her pussy lips apart with my fingers. I licked inside her love hole. Her juices had started flowing out onto my tongue giving me a nice appetizer for the main event. I wiggled my tongue around inside of Evelyn making her scream in pleasure. “Fuck me Mark that feels so good baby please don’t stop I am about to cum” Evelyn screamed. It looked like she was a lady that used dirty language. More bonus points awarded.

I continued licking until she clamped her legs around my neck causing me to hold my breath. She held it there for about a minute and I was glad I didn’t smoke otherwise my breath would have never held out. Her whole body shook and she arched her back up in pleasure. “Ahhhhh Mark! Fuucck that felt good” Evelyn screamed finally releasing my head. I crawled and fell next to her on the bed trying to get my breath back. “Aww did I hurt you?” Evelyn asked kissing me softly. I shook my head no grinning at her. “Time to reward this little naughty boy” Eveleyn said climbing down to my legs. She took my cock in her hand and started pumping it up and down slowly before I felt her kiss the top. I felt a pair of wet lips kiss their way down the shaft and up again before her other hand started tickling me between my legs. No girl has ever done that before and it was so intoxicating that I couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure.

She didn’t suck cock like regular girls trying to push it down her throat or any of that rough treatment. She sucked slowly and methodically. Every movement was planned out to perfection. I knew with this kind of treatment I wasn’t going to last very long but I held out as long as I could. Evelyn looked up at me with lust in her eyes that I have never seen before. I licked my lips and she winked before pulling me out of her mouth. She crawled onto my chest straddling me. She took my cock and stroked it few more times before rubbing the head along her pussy. “I think it is time that I ride this cock with all I have inside of me. Don’t you think so too?” Evelyn said as she slowly lowered herself onto me. Wow now was she tight for a married lady. She went lower and lower onto my cock engulfing me causing me to moan out in pleasure.
I filled up her hot pussy to the hilt with my cock and she closed her eyes to slowly grind herself on me. She rocked her hips from side to side and then slid forwards and backwards making sure her clit got the same treatment. I put my hands on her hips and slowly helped her to start bouncing on my cock. She grabbed her nipples and went faster and faster up and down. My cock plunged in and out of her wet pussy like a piston.

I don’t know at which time it happened but she moaned and climaxed on my dick causing pussy juices to leak out onto my and onto the bed. I guess we were going to have to change the bed sheets after this. She leaned forward to put her hands on my chest before continuing to bounce up and down on me. I knew I was getting close so I warned her. “Evelyn I am going to cum should I pull out” I asked groaning in pleasure but she just kept on riding me harder. “I want to feel your cum inside of me now!” Eveleyn screamed looking into my eyes with the same lust she had when she was servicing me.

I complied with her orders and started spurting load after load into her warm pussy. I held onto her hips and she moaned biting onto her lower lip to stop her from screaming the roof off of the house. After my orgasm she fell onto my chest panting loudly at the beat of my heart. I pulled her wet hair away from her face and she smiled. “Up for something different” Evelyn said drawing a circle on my chest. “I think I am going to need a break first” I said and Evelyn looked down at my cock that was semi hard. “Oh we can fix that easily” She said standing up and walking out of the room but returning shortly with a bowl of strawberries and a container full of brown liquid. “What is all of this” I asked looking at the two. Evelyn put her finger on my lips and took the container and dropped the liquid onto my semi hard cock. She then took a strawberry and ran it along my cock before taking a bite. “Hmmm I love the taste of cock mixed with strawberry and chocolate” Evelyn said eating the strawberry seductively in front of me.

Evidentially my cock jumped to full mast in a few seconds and Evelyn smiled at that. I took the container and pushed Evelyn onto her back and dripped it onto her lips before going down her neck to her nipples. I continued onwards past her stomach to her pussy and made a heart around it before dripping some of it onto her pussy. “Oeh that feels nice” Evelyn said squirming and I kissed her lips before we traded the chocolate. I sucked on her lower lip before making my way down licking up all the chocolate. Evelyn couldn’t hold it and started moaning once again. I kissed over to her nipples and paid special attention to them to get every last drop of chocolate off of them. Of course I just wanted to play with them and suck on them forever! I kissed down her stomach to her belly button and took a strawberry dunking it in her belly button. I made sure to get all the chocolate and sucked it dry before eating the strawberry. “I think I know of something else that tastes even better” I said with a wink before going down licking around her shaven pussy.

Evelyn meanwhile was tweaking her nipples to get the maximum pleasure she could from this. I moved down and took a strawberry and opened her pussy and dunk it inside and pulled out to eat it. Wow now did that taste good. Pussy juices, strawberry and some chocolate sauce all mixed together made a good combination.
We continued playing like that with each other until the chocolate and the strawberries ran out. We snuggled together on the bed slowly caressing each other when my phone rang. We both got up and walked into the kitchen to where it was lying. I answered

Me: Yes Cara how is it going?

Cara: Going great and there? Listen Dad saw some of his old friends and now they are going at it so we are going to be a while still. Hope my mom isn’t bothering you too much”

At that moment Evelyn had bent over the counter and was shaking her ass at me with chocolate running down her legs. She beckoned me to come closer.

Me: I am sure I will find something to do while your mom rests.

I said putting the phone down.......


2013-07-23 18:18:27
Oh damn I didnt even see the slip with the Alex must be messing it up with another story of mine... thanx Anon for that catch


2013-07-23 17:40:53
Have to keep it consistent, at the beginning you mention Cara calling the boy Alex but you say at the beginning that his name is Mark. Line in particular: 'Cara: Okay I guess. Listen Alex my dad and I are going out for a birthday celebration but my mom isn’t feeling too well.' Just throwing it out there. If you need a proofreader drop me a line.


2013-07-15 15:52:28
I have thought about what might happen you know but the ideas are still spinning around in here....

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2013-07-15 10:52:39
What happened after did you go on and then got caught or something

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