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Continuing Joy's last night on the town
Getting Married Tomorrow - Chapter 3.

There were a couple of people gawking, as we left the lounge. They had obviously gotten a good eyeful.

As we entered the room, Ivan pushed the massage table up against the wall, and indicated to me to help him get the mattress off the bed and onto the floor, as there was no way we were all going to fit on the bed. Marcia was full on, kissing Joy again, while Ivan dropped his towel and lay back on the bed. Marcia then manoeuvre’s Joy over Ivan, spreads Joy legs and gets her to squat over Ivan’s fully erect dick. Ivan lifts up and pushes himself into Joy’s very welcoming cunt. But Marcia, quickly lifts Joy up off Ivan, and grabbing his dick, she aims it into Joy’s arse and slowly pushes her back down onto it.

Marcia now pushes Joy back, so she is lying on Ivan and gets down on her knees and dives straight in on Joy’s snatch. She took to it like she had not eaten in weeks. I’m just standing there wondering what the fuck I am doing here, when Marcia starts wiggling her arse around. Pretty obvious what she wanted, but I am still soft, although there is a flicker of interest in the groin. So I dropped my robe and got down behind Marcia and removed her Hot Pants. She very accommodatingly lifted first one leg then the other enabling me to remove them with her panties. But she never stopped eating Joys snatch, and Joy was very obviously enjoying what was happening to her, she was stroking Marcia’s hair and pulling her head against herself.

I was confronted with a perfectly shaved cunt; I think the first I had ever seen. It was wet, some of the juices already leaking out and onto her legs. I scooped some of her juice onto my fingers and massaged it around her clit and up onto her little puckered anus. She wiggled around to let me know I was touching the right spots. Slowly I started to get hard again, so I started rubbing my knob up and down her slit then easing it in to her smooth bare fanny before easing it out and rubbing up and down her slit again. It wasn’t long before Marcia swung her arm around and held me inside her, then with movements of her arm indicated she wanted fucking not teasing. So I started to slowly move and watch my shaft sliding in and out of her, Ivan gives me the thumbs up from his position under everyone and gives me a beaming smile.

What a sight, from my position I am looking down Marcia’s beautiful brown back at Joy, her breasts flattened and spread wide, with her nipples hard and erect. She is kneading one nipple between thumb and forefinger of her left hand, while she is pulling Marcia’s head onto her sex with the other. Her stomach is flexing with the surges of pleasure she is feeling and she has her eyes shut in concentration. I lean to the left and glance at Ivan’s cock jerking in and out of Joy’s arse, under Marcia’s chin and note that Joy still has her feet on the bed, but has drawn her knees up and has them splayed as wide as she can. Then I glance back down and watch my cock. I slide it in as deep as I can and then slowly withdraw until I can see my knob; it is coated with Marcia’s love juice which has left a creamy white ring at the top of my shaft.

I don’t know how long it went on like this but I started to feel some urgency from Marcia, and looking at Joy could see she was looking pretty excited and starting to give little pre orgasmic shudders. Marcia suddenly broke away from lapping at Joy’s cunt and stretched up to kiss her on the lips, then spoke in her ear. “I’m nearly ready to come, will you suck me to an orgasm.”

“Fuck Yes!’ said Joy. And Marcia leapt up, spun around and lowered herself down on one knee, onto Joy’s face. She leant forward and grabbed my dick, pulling it towards Joy’s wide open crotch. She indicated to me that I was to get fucking. I had to wriggle up on my knees between Ivan’s legs; Joy’s were wide apart over the outside of his, with Marcia guiding my dick to its goal. Once inserted, she placed both hands on my shoulders and started concentrating on getting herself off. I started stroking in and out of Joy, whilst glancing down at the tip of Joy’s tongueflicking out past Marcia’s naked mound. Then taking glances at Ivan’s thick cock stuck in Joy’s arse. He was trying to thrust into her, but was mainly just trying to keep in in, as with everything going on above him he was not getting any momentum.

In maybe no more than a minute, Marcia started to come. I grabbed her tits and kneaded her nipples to help her on her way, then just knelt there watching her go through a very intense orgasm. I can’t describe how horny it is to watch a woman lose control and have a body shaking experience like this. I immediately followed suit, ramming hard into Joy, I felt this one coming from my toes, through my groin, up the length of may shaft and into Joy. I don’t know if she could feel me explode, but she started bucking her arse and exploded in spasms of pleasure herself. I had no idea of squirting in those days, but that is what happened, thick creamy juice just flowed out around my cock and run down onto Ivan’s dick. She was trying to yell out in ecstasy, but it sounded really funny as she was trying to say Fuck and AAhh, etc. but she still had her mouth in Marcia’s snatch and all the while I was holding on for dear life trying to keep deep inside her. Marcia rolled of laughing and giggling, set off by my reaction.

Poor Ivan was the only one to miss out in all this, stuck underneath and not in a position to see much of it. Joy pushed me free and rolled off Ivan, who complained to her that he had not come and wanted to carry on. But Joy had had enough she finally admitted to being a bit sour back there. Marcia hopped up and said she was heading for the showers. Ivan jumped up and followed her out, saying he would get in with her.

Joy rolled into my arms and nuzzled up to me. I have to admit I was suddenly overcome with feelings; love, protectiveness, and even some jealousy. Powerful stuff and really hurt in my chest: nothing I could do. I knew if I opened my mouth I was going to say something stupid and soppy and not what she wanted to hear I was certain. I just lay there hurting until she pulled me up saying she wanted a shower. I am sure she knew what I was feeling, it was probably written all over my face.

As we got to the shower, we could hear Ivan in there grunting away with Marcia. Joy opened the curtain so we could both look in, and saw him deep up Marcia’s arse. He was working at getting the orgasm he had missed out on. Marcia looked like she was enjoying it and indicated we could get in, but after watching for a minute or so, Joy dragged me into the next cubicle and we enjoyed ourselves washing one another from head to toe again.

We then went out to the lounge and talked danced and sipped at our drinks. Ivan eventually joined us, only to say he had to get going, as he had swapped shifts and was starting work at 8:00am the next day. I looked at my watch and was surprised to see it was 2:15am already. Joy said she needed to go as well as she had the lady coming to dress her at 10:00am. I didn’t want her to go; I really wanted to have some intimate time with her by myself. But bit my tongue and tried to look as if I was the big strong Kiwi guy that could handle this sort of thing any night.

We both got dressed, Joy was faster than me, and she walked off to find Marcia. When I came out of the changing area I saw them talking at the front desk, and could see that Marcia was also quite taken with Joy and did not want her to leave either. Joy drove me back to my car, she gave me a lovely kiss goodbye and said she was really glad I had persevered and chatted her up; she doubted any woman had ever had such a night before her wedding. She really didn’t seem to have any mis-giving’s about the night at all. I can tell you I had some very strong emotions running through that head of mine as I watched her car disappear down the street.


I never saw anything of Joy again. Ivan and I both checked the Marriages column of the local paper, but found no Joy getting married on that Saturday. We came to the conclusion that she had given a false name.

There were two more sexual episodes that relate to that evening though.

I had a brief affair with Trixie, it started the Tuesday after the night with Joy, when she called and said I had to come in and see her. It was only about 8:00pm, but I was thinking of having an early night, as I had a big building job the next day. When I arrived at the Sauna Parlour, Trixie got one of the other girls to look after the desk and whisked me of for a massage. She had a robe on and I thought little of it, until after about 15 minutes of working on my back, she asked me to roll over. She was stark naked, I don’t know when she slipped the robe off. With little to-do she crawled up and laid on top of me.

“I have been thinking of this since last Friday night”. She whispered into my ear.

She wriggled around on my very erect cock, I could feel how wet she was as she rubbed her mound into me. I wrapped my arms around her and nibbled her neck and ears, but resolved that I was going to let her do most of the work.

She whispered into my ear again. “I want you in me”.

“Good, take him whenever you want”.

“Aren’t you going to help me”?

“No, but I sure as hell am not going to stop you either”.

Trixie lifted up of me and looked to see if I was taking the piss. I just smiled back at her, with a look that I hoped told her I was very keen, but the ball was in her court.

“Right” she said, and sat upright and moved herself along my shaft, she was looking down and watching my cock appear and disappear between her legs. She moved all the way forward, so that the head must have been lined up perfectly to enter her, but even though she leaned forward, pushed down and back, the head just slipped along her slit and popped out in front again. She did this a few times and I realised she was getting pretty excited, probably because of the stimulus she was getting as the head and shaft ran over her clit, but also the visual stimulus as well.

I couldn’t stay still any longer, so I reached forward and grabbed each breast, marvelling at how erect her nipples had become, they were sticking out between my fingers. And I started thrusting my hips forward each time she slid herself back down my shaft. I have no idea how long this went on for, but suddenly she lifted up, grabbed my cock and directed it into her now very wet cunt.

Incredible, she bucked and convulsed and came almost immediately, then lay down on me and kissed me – the first time we had kissed. I hadn’t come, I was bloody close and so I kept slowly pushing myself into her, now trying to hold it off until she was ready again. She didn’t seem to mind me still pushing into her, so I started thrusting harder and as I felt my orgasm approaching, I felt her respond by thrusting back onto me. I couldn’t hold on, and came really hard. I could feel that Trixie was close again, so I didn’t withdraw at all – just pressed hard and jerked away under her as my orgasm subsided. Then to give her a little more help I reached one hand around behind her, scooped up some of the juices and massaged her anus with them. This had the desired effect; she arched her back and came again, even harder than the first time.

“Hell! That was good; I hope the girls didn’t hear me” said Trixie.

I guess we had been a bit vocal, just as well there was hardly any clients there. I also remembered wondering about how strong the massage table was, it would have been a laugh if that had collapsed with us bouncing around on it.

We went and had a shower and I headed off home for bed.

The affair with Trixie lasted for about two months, very intermittently as she was still seeing Tom, the radio DJ. Mostly it was once or twice a week, she would turn up at my flat after she had closed for the night, wake me up give me a good fucking (she almost always was on top) and then depart. A couple of times she stayed the night and would still be there when I got home for lunch.

One night when Trixie was lying next to me, she did mention that Marcia was seeing Joy. I tried to get a bit more from Trixie, but she said she had promised not to say anything to me. However Ivan heard through Tom, that indeed Marcia was seeing Joy and sometimes stayed overnight out at her farm for the weekend. Riding the horses, and Joy I guess.

The affair with Trixie ended when I met a lady, who eventually became my first wife. Once I was courting her, I broke it to Trixie that I had met someone special and would not be able to see her any more. She was quite alright about it and said to pop in sometimes and that she would like to remain friends. But I actually never saw her again.

The other episode is more entertaining.

I was about to go to bed Monday night, two weeks after the night with Joy, when there was a knock at the door. On opening it, I found Marcia and Liz on the step.

“Can we come in”? They said in unison.

“OK, but I was just heading for the sack”. I replied.

“That’s cool, we hope it is a big sack, because we are cold and were hoping you were already in there and had it warm for us” said Marcia. Oh! This looked promising I thought.

Once in my flat, they took of their coats. Marcia was wearing a short black skirt with a white turtle neck jumper. Liz had on a dark blue frock that had a zip right down the front; it showed quite a bit of cleavage and was just above her knees. They both had high heels on, by the way they were dressed I knew they had not come from the Parlour.

“You want a drink”? I asked.

“What have you got”, they replied.

Now I was paid for a lot of my jobs in cash, and there was not a lot you could spend this on, without the IRD catching you. But one thing you were pretty safe buying was booze, so I had a very well stocked bar.

“Shall I surprise you”?

They both agreed to that and I moved out into my kitchen and made them both a “Fallen Angel” (Advocaat & Cherry brandy – it had been popular when I was about 18 but not heard of much anymore).

They were sitting on my couch sorting through my records, when I brought the drinks through to them; I had made myself a bourbon and dry. Again with the cash jobs, I had a very good stereo and a good collection of music. I seem to remember they chose “Pink Floyd – Echoes). We put it on and turned up the volume.

Liz said she needed to go to the toilet, so I pointed down the hall. Once she had left I asked Marcia about Trixie, as she had to know I was seeing her.

“It’s alright, she is not opening tonight as she has to go to a media event with Tom, it’s up in Nelson and they flew out this afternoon, back tomorrow. Liz had arranged to come into town and work before she found out, so we had nothing to do, so here we are”.

She sipped her drink and opened her legs to show me a pair of black lace knickers and said, “You know what I want”.

“Is Liz Ok with you and I”, I asked?

“Yes, this was her idea, she has wanted for us to share a guy for a long time”.

Liz came back into the room, moved over to me and sat in my lap.

“I could hear you two talking, you able to handle us both, big boy”?

“I can but try”.

With this she pulled me up and led me into my bedroom. The two of them stripped down to their bras and panties and then pushed me onto the bed and both removed everything I was wearing. Naked, I climbed under the covers and pulled them up to my chin, as it was not as warm in here as in my lounge where I had a heater on. But they were having none of that and pulled down the covers and lay beside me.

“We will keep you warm” said Marcia.

I got an arm around each of them and grabbed a cheek of each arse as they both worked their way down my chest and proceeded to like and suck my cock. Marcia left Liz working at me down there and came up to my nipples and gave them a bit of a licking and then up to work around my neck, ears and lips. I had my hands working on anything I could reach, while they were occupied with this, one hand massaging around Liz’s ears and neck, the other working on Marcia’s tits and reaching down between her legs, to fondle her beautiful snatch.

This was not my first three-some, I had experienced it once before, when backpacking around Europe, on the nude beach at Mikonos to be exact. And just as well it wasn’t my first, as I remember being very awkward that first time. I knew I had to pace myself and just let them call the shots.

Marcia pulled Liz up the bed and got her to lie on her back, and then she dived between her legs, telling me she needed to get Liz ready for me. So I moved over and suckled Liz’s nipples and alternated between those and kissing her. She opened her mouth to me and shot her tongue into find mine. She was one of the best kissers I have come across, I kept going down to here tit’s but would quickly come back up for another kiss, it was that good.

After a bit, Marcia came up and joined me and said Liz was very ready down there, so I wriggled around and climbed on top. Liz had her legs wide open, as I climbed between them she lifted her knees up and opened even wider still. I positioned myself at the entrance of her wide open hole and slowly slipped into her. She raised her arse up to meet me and let out a low pitched sound that was half way between a humming noise and an exclamation of joy. Marcia clamped her mouth over Liz’s and grabbed at her tits. I should have added that Liz had a fantastic set of tits, they were large but didn’t sag much at all, she had quite large Areola, and the nipples themselves looked like someone had been holding ice to them.

The feeling of sliding your cock into a warm snatch has to be the best. But doing this while watching an attractive 23 year old girl kiss and fondle a 34 year old woman, is something else. I was not going to last any time at all, this was just too much. I just hammered into her and holding my weight on one hand, used my other hand to manipulate her clit. I figured I needed to get her of quickly or I was going to look like a pretty immature lover. Sure enough I came far too fast, but thankfully Liz feeling my urgency also reached a climax. I rolled of and lay beside them while Marcia kept stroking her hands all over Liz’s body.

I left them to it for a minute and went into the lounge and brought back the heater. I could see that we were not going to be getting under the covers any time soon, as Marcia had not even gotten up a sweat yet, and I already knew her appetite.

When I got back to my bedroom and set up the heater, Liz was working her way down Marcia’s body and onto Marcia’s dark pussy. She had obviously been there before as she quickly had Marcia squealing in delight, she knew just what turned her on. I came in behind Liz, got on my knees and shoved a couple of fingers into her, she just moved her legs apart to accommodate me, while I fingered her clit with one hand and watched her cunt as I moved my fingers in and out of it.

I felt around for the places that turned her on, and soon settled on hooking my fingers around onto the front wall of her vagina, where I was getting the most reaction. I now know that this is the “G” spot, but there was no name for it in 1974. I got really horny again, so much so that I leaned forward and sucked on her clit and even tongued her arse, which got a murmur of appreciation from Liz.

Then Liz hopped up and said she wanted to watch me fuck Marcia. I was good and hard again, so had no objection to that at all. Liz pulled Marcia around into a 69 position with her underneath and climbed up on the bed and took Marcia from behind. Liz just watched for a bit, but soon lifted her head up and licked my balls, then tried to get her tongue into Marcia, alongside my dick. It felt phenomenal, how could that stupid husband of hers turn this down.

Just as I was thinking this, Liz pulled her head back and said, “Fuck, this is good, Bruce has no idea what he is missing, we need to work on him some more Marcia”.

Lifting her head out of Liz’s snatch, Marcia replied. “I’ve tried to seduce him and convince him it will be OK, he just refuses, silly bugger”.

“I’m getting a sore neck here”, said Liz. And she wriggled out from underneath, the girls pushed me onto my back and Marcia impaled herself back onto me facing away. She then leant back down onto my chest and Liz attacked her snatch again, while fondling my balls and holding my shaft as I pushed it into Marcia. We changed positions several more times, Liz directing it all. I could see she was determined to fit as many of her fantasy’s into the night as she possibly could. We wound up on our sides, Liz with a foot up on my headboard, so that Marcia could keep eating her out. While I was taking Marcia from behind and fingering Liz on her “G” spot, trying not to knock Maria’s nose off. I remember that someone finally came, and the other two soon followed.

We lay and talked, changed the record, got more drinks and had another couple of sessions that night. I remember Liz waking me at one stage and having a glorious missionary style fuck with her, Marcia never woke up that time. But mostly it was the three of us, trying positions that Liz manoeuvred us into. They didn’t leave until mid-morning and I had to phone the woman at the house I was building a deck at, and say I had a bug and couldn’t make it today.

I didn’t ask Marcia about Joy. I wanted to, but just didn’t think it would go down well discussing it in front of Liz. I wasn’t sure if Liz new anything of what had happened, the couple of Fridays before.

I did see Liz and Marcia a few times up at Trixie’s, but we never got together again, any of us. Of course, as I said above, I only went up the parlour another month and a bit and then started a serious relationship and have never seen any of them again.

I wonder to this day what sort of marriage Joy had. She surely had some second thoughts about who she was marrying after what she went through on her last night on the town. And from the little she said of her husband to be, I very much doubt he was into sharing her with Marcia.

It’s a funny old world!!!!
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