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Here's Part 2!

Chapter 2: I'm the Demon Overlord!
When I came to, I was in my room. My eyes slowly opened, revealing my surroundings. I looked up and saw a girl's face right up to mine. It took me a second to realize my position. I was laying down on a lap pillow. I slowly got up and scratched my head.

"Good Morning Master," The girl said.

"Mornin'," I replied. I looked at her, and saw she was bare naked. "This must be a dream," I said to myself.

"You're not dreaming, Master." She replied.

"Oh?" I moved my hand and groped her left breast. It was probably somewhere in the high C's, but regardless, she gave no reaction. "So it isn't then…" I removed my hand from her breast and rested it on my knee. "So, I've become the overlord huh?"

"You have," She assured me.

"Have you finally come to Lucifer?" My pendant glowed.

"Huh? Oh, Old man." I was slightly startled but settled down. "Wait. Why'd you go and stab me?!" I remembered the prior events.

"Oh, apologies for surprising you like that. See, I had to remove you from your human body so you could be placed inside a demon body. Everything is the same and before, but you can change what you want via your slave."

"Oh, I see." I looked at the girl and asked her, "So, what's your name?"

"I have none yet, I am awaiting your decision for my name." She replied.

"Oh right, uh… let me think…" I scratched my head and thought. "Lilith Seras."

"Are you sure Master?" She tilted her head and asked.


"Very well, I will be known as Lilith Seras from now on."

"Oh, boy, I already explain everything to your parents, so I'm sure they'll want to talk with you." The pendant glowed again.

"Oh, this'll be enjoyable…" I said. "Alright, Lilith, we can continue this later, I'm going to go talk with my parents, mind staying in here for the time being?"

"As you wish Master." She bowed her head.

I got up from the bed and exited the room. I closed the door behind me and went down the stairs. On my way down, I noticed the light in the living room was open. Tch, are they waiting for me? I thought. I reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the living room. Sitting on the couch were my mom and dad, and on the chair next to it was my sister. As I entered, my dad stood up.

"Lucifer, I'm proud to be your father." He came over and patted me on the shoulder. My mom was on the couch with her hands together with a happy smile on her face. My sister looked indifferent.

"Yeah, yeah, It's great and all. Are we done?" I shrugged my dad off.

"Oh come now son, this is a big day!" My mom spoke up.

"Congratulations." My sister looked away and crossed her arms.

"The Klyne family finally has the throne. I never thought this day would come…" My dad looked happier than the rest of my family. "However son, you're going to have to move out."

"Huh?! Why?" I was confused at my Dad's statement.

"Well, you see, you don't really have a need for us anymore, and you have a slave to do your every bidding, having us family around could 'impede' you."

I saw what my dad was hinting at, and felt a little embarrassed by it. "Fine, fine, I'll grab my stuff and go elsewhere." I turned around and was about to start walking.

"No need to worry boy, everything is already ready to go, and preparations at your new apartment are already made." The pendant was talking again.

"Oh. Okay." I was surprised at what has been done in the short amount of time. "Well then, I'll go collect my slave and we'll be off." I waved off and went back upstairs. I opened my door and entered my room. I noticed that Lilith hadn't moved from her spot, except to rotate herself so she faced me.

"Welcome back Master." She bowed her head.

"I see you haven't moved much." I shot off a rhetorical statement. I opened my closet, and found a pair of skinny pants and a white shirt. Well, better than nothing… I thought. I grabbed the clothes and tossed them at Lilith. "Here, put them on. We can't have you walking out in the street naked."

She bowed, acknowledging my order and unbuttoned the shirt and put it on, then sliding the pants up her legs. She pulled the shirt from under the pants and buttoned it up all the way.

"Actually, unbutton the top three buttons." I smiled and scratched my head.

She simply complied and unbuttoned the top three, just enough to see her cleavage. Yes! I thought.

"Hoh, so you're like 'that'," the pendant spoke in my head.

"Shut it old man." I told him in my mind. I looked at Lilith and told her, "Let's go." She bowed and got up from the bed and followed me out the door. We made our way downstairs where my family was waiting for me. They were all smiling. I was unsure if they were happier about me becoming demon overlord or that I was leaving the house.

"Take good care of our son Lucifer." My parents were talking to the pendant.

"Will do, I'll be sure to whip him into the greatest overlord!" The pendant's voice sounded excited.

"Yeah, yeah, let's go already." I walked towards the door and opened it. "Come Lilith." I ordered her. She complied and followed me out the door. We left the yard and outside there was a limo waiting for us. The driver got out and greeted me and Lilith. He grabbed my bags and put them in the trunk. He walked over to the door nearest me and opened it, gesturing us to get in. We got in the limo and soon were off to our new home.

"Well, while we are on our way to your new place, I guess this would be a good time to explain the perks, duties, and responsibilities of Overlord" The pendant was glowing and talking in my mind.

"Oh, the annoying part…" I thought to myself.

"Oh deal with it." The pendant continued on, "Allow me to explain the perks. Firstly, and possibly the most dangerous, you give off a 'charm' that is able to turn just about any girl on."

The idea stopped me. "Really? For Real?"

"Yes, you might notice it quickly, but girls will be more attracted to you, so be careful. Secondly, you must pick a wife companion, who will be loyal to you for eternity. She can be your slave, or another girl in this realm who you fancy. Thirdly, your intellect and strength is far greater than that of an average human's, now that you have a demon's body. Finally, you are able to cast magic, however, you must take courses to develop your skills further. Now then, those are the perks."

"Sounds pretty good."

"Oh, but this is just the beginning, it's time for your duties now. First, being Overlord, you are in complete control of Hell and all of its resources. It's up to you to decisively manage as necessary. Of course, you won't be alone on this, as I have set up Ministers that'll assist you in your decisions and such. Second, you cannot neglect your school, so you must attend as necessary. Thirdly, you must select four generals from people in either the Demon Realm or this realm. And finally, you have to manage the military, as you see fit for combat against the Angelic Realm."

"W-Wait, Angels?!"

"Yes, Like demons, they exist, and we often have skirmishes between them. They also exist in the Human realm, so do be cautious as your life can be at risk at any moment. Please do take care."

"Yeah yeah, will do." Soon enough, the Limo came to a stop and the driver said we had arrived. He exited the limo and opened the door for us to get out. As soon as I got out, I was a little surprised. The house wasn't quite a massive manor, but its size was still impressive. "Woah. Are you serious?"

"I am. A place like this is only fitting for a Demon Lord. Now go, your ministers are waiting inside."

I walked towards the entrance, with Lilith following closely behind. When I reached the door, it was opened from the inside, giving me easy entrance. I walked in and said, "I'm Home…"

"Welcome home our Lord!" Four men were waiting inside, they were all tall, and had small horns poking out their foreheads.

"Oh, what's going on?" I asked them.

"We are your Ministers, I am Zagan, the Minister of Internal Affairs." Said the one of the right-most place. He was tall, slender, light red skin and long pale white hair.

"I am Apollyon, Minister of Military Affairs," The next one down the line said. He was tall, slightly more stout, and had short brown hair.

"I am Astaroth, Minister of Economic Affairs," The next one said. He was tall, thin, and had glasses and long black hair.

"And I am Thamuz, Minister of Foreign Affairs," The final one said. He was shorter than the rest, and stouter than the rest.

"Ah, I'm Lucifer Asmoedeus, new Overlord of hell, I'll be counting on you." I spoke lazily.

"Yes Sir!" They saluted me.

"Well, If you'll excuse me, I'm going up to my room to rest, school and shit tomorrow, y'know."

"Yes Sir! We Hope you sleep well!" They all said at once.

"Come Lilith." I motioned her to follow me.

"Yes Master." She spoke softly.

We made our way upstairs, and found large double doors, which I assumed was the entrance to my room. I opened the doors and entered a large room with a large king-sized bed. The floor was complete marble with a shine to it, the bed's frame was made of gold and silk sheets covered the bed. Lilith closed the door behind us and I ran and jumped onto the bed. It was really comfortable, I could feel it forming to my shape.

"If you don't mind Master, if there is anything unsatisfactory with me that you would like to change, please let me know now…" She made her way to the bed and sat down on it.

"Oh, that's right…" I thought for a bit. "Alright, make the following adjustments: First, Long Platinum blonde hair with bangs covering one of your eyes. Second, vivid blue eyes. Third, Slender profile, minimize body fat, Slender waist and hips. Third, adjust your breasts to a 40 DD. Fourth, adjust your height to 5'8". Finally, give yourself a somewhat shy/reserved personality."

"Yes master, right away." She made a triangle with her hands and she began to glow. Her body was morphing itself into a different form. Within ten seconds, her body fully adjusted to my requested adjustments.

"Good, now take off your clothes." I ordered.

"Y-yes master…" She blushed and looked away as she unbuttoned her shirt and slid off her pants.

"Oh-hoh! You have good tastes boy!" The pendant glowed and spoke.

"Shut up old geezer." I took the pendant and put in it a drawer. "Now then…" I took off my pants and shirt and laid down on the bed, slowly raising my hips. "Take it off."

"Yes Master…" She grabbed the top of my boxers and slid them down, revealing my erect cock. It was about eight inches long.

"Stroke it." I ordered.

"Y-Yes Master…" She blushed and grabbed my shaft with her delicate hands. She awkwardly stroked it up and down, and I began to moan. I just remembered that she was fresh, so it made sense that she was having an awkward time with it. I shrugged the thought off and enjoyed the service she was giving me. The more she did it, the more she got into it, and the less awkward it was for her.

"I see you learn fast. That's good." I smirked.

"Thank you Master…" She was really flustered, I couldn't hold myself back. I grabbed her head and forced her mouth on my dick. She at first was surprised, but she quickly accepted what was going on and went along with it. I moved her head back and forth on my cock, her tongue working on my cock from the inside, wrapping around it and her lips stroked the skin on my cock.

I grunted and spoke up, "Agh, Here it comes…!" I moved her head faster, syncing my hips with her head to maximize the penetration. Soon enough, I reached my climax and exploded my load down her throat. She squealed a bit due to surprise and her eyes widened for a second. "Make sure to swallow all of it…" I ordered her. She began gulping it down, taking special care to not spill any of it, regardless, she couldn't keep up with the amount of cum flowing, so some of it leaked out the sides of her mouth. Within five seconds, she finished gulping down all the cum. She slowly slid her lips off my dick, sucking up all the remaining cum. She was breathing heavily, and her face was really flustered. "Was it good?" I asked her.

"It was… Delicious Master… Thank you for your generous offering…" She spoke between her heavy breaths.

"Offering?" I was confused by her wording.

"Yes, us types of demons obtain our energy from the seed of men."

"Ah, so it's like your food?"


"I see… Well then, I'll be sure to give you plenty more food. Enjoy your meal!" I grabbed her and picked her up and placed her above my cock, which was still at its peak hardness.

"U-Um… I'm still a virgin…" She looked away, embarrassed.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it!" I smiled happily. I moved my cock so it was in the proper position for penetration then grabbed her hips and slammed them down on my cock. She rocked her head back and opened her mouth, wanting to scream, but no voice came out. She went wide-eyed, from the sudden pain and pleasure of my cock. She was stunned by this first moved so I had to move for her. I started out slow, moving my hips up and down, my cock rubbing up and down her pussy. Slowly, Lilith regain her awareness, and began moaning. "Oh, welcome back Lilith!"

"Ah… Master… There… Ah.. It feels so good!" She couldn't hold back her mindless moaning and rambling.

"Haha, enjoying it, Lilith?" I asked her, slightly laughing.

"Yes!... feels… good!"

"Haha, then how about this?" I reached up and grabbed her tits and began groping them as she was bouncing up and down my cock. I moved my hands in circles, and played with her nipples, flicking them, pinching them, and twisting them. She gave off cute moans here and there, leaking of lust. I pulled her in close and kissed her deeply and passionately. Our lips locked and our tongues met, fiercely twirling around each other. Every now and then we broke contact to catch our breath, but soon enough, we'd get back right into it. I grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. I rotated her around so her back was facing me, and I stood up. I thrusted her down onto my cock and moved my hips back and forth. My cock was rubbing the 'front' wall of her pussy and slightly bulged out of her crotch. I could tell this pleasured her even more by the expression on her face. It was hard to describe, but Lilith was completely engulfed in pleasure. Her tongue started hanging out of her mouth, and her eyes began rolling back. her head tilted back and her moans became soundless. "Ahh… Here it comes again!" I thrusted harder and faster until my final climax where I pounded her down as hard a possible, ensuring full penetration. My seed gushed forth, exploding into her pussy, overflowing and flowing out her pussy. Lilith's body went limp, from exhaustion. I pulled her off my cock and laid her down on the bed.

"I-I'm sorry Master… I my body gave out just now…" She was panting, limp and exhausted. I laid down next to her a cuddled up to her. "Master is warm…" She smiled and returned the embrace.

"Lilith, can I ask a favor from you?" I asked her.

"A-anything for you Master…"

"Mind waking me up at 7am or so?"

"Yes Master."

I kissed her and she smiled. Soon enough she fell asleep.

"You're a real beast huh, boy?" The pendant again.

"And you're a real pain in the ass old man." I returned his comment.

"Haha, you're tongue is sharp boy." He Laughed. "But listen, with Lilith being your slave and all, she's going to be with you at all times. Aside from sex, she is also skilled in combat, should any angels ever be knocking on your door. Which is why She's transferring to your school"


"That's right, look forward to being with her."

"Eh, I guess so."

"Well, sleep well Lucifer."

"You too old man."

And with that statement I fell asleep.

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