A Brief Episode
She smiled when she saw me. She was a friend of a friend I had met at a party. Two years younger than myself. At that time she was taken, but I was pretty sure from her smile that now she wasn't.

She was dressed in tank top of deep blue, skin tight faded jeans, and cowgirl boots tucked under her jeans. I stopped, to say hello. We were standing in front of the Parthenon-esque structure that was our public high school.

Her eyes were very blue and her hair an ideal shade of dark blonde. And her breasts, oh her breasts, maybe a low C or a high B. Perfectly shaped, big enough to admire but small enough to stay perky. Her skin was pale and soft, the type of skin you wanted to touch.

We said a pleasant goodbye and she began to walk away. I turned around to glance at her ass, a feature even better than her breasts. She was a skinny girl, maybe 110lbs, but she had the ass of a girl perhaps 30 pounds heavier which she loved to show off in very tight jeans. I called her name.

"Delilah, you doing anything now?"


"You wanna go to a movie or something? Or we could just chill at the mall, whatever"

I was surprisingly cool.

"Sure, but let's just go to my house, it's empty and we can relax there."

I didn't need very much convincing.

The walk to her house was relatively quick, unfortunately. I watched her ass sway, and her breasts bob ever so slightly. I smiled at the "click, click" of her cowgirl boots on the pavement.

Her house was modestly decorated, everything quite nice. She invited me to her room and she closed the door, I don't know why, no one was home nor would anyone be for quite a while.

When the door shut she seemed to change. The sweet, good girl seemed to fade away and be replaced by a hot little girl who knew that she was a hot little girl.

She liked to show off her ass and made sure that when she walked around she waved it at me. I became sure she was wearing a thong and this turned me on.

"So what happened between you and your boyfriend?"

"Uh, he dumped me."


"I dunno, I don't want to talk about it"

"Fine with me...but he must have been an idiot."

"Yeah, whatever."

There was a moment of brief moment of awkwardness when she sat down next to me on her pink comfortered bed. Then I took initiative and kissed her. It was as very innocent kiss, barely any tongue (I didn't want to push too hard too fast), but she immediately kissed me back very passionately.

We began to make out. I ran my hands over her breasts and ass and she moaned. I felt her nipples getting hard. She slowly lowered herself to my crotch.

I was already very hard, now I became completely hard. I didn't even have to ask; she just unzipped my pants and took out my cock.

Her sweet tongue gently massaged my balls and she began to pump my dick. She put the tip of her tongue to the tip of my dick and licked away the drop of pre-cum that was sitting there.

Then her warm mouth took my head in. She swirled her tongue all the way around as her hands began to gently massage my balls. I moaned as she began to take more of my 8inches in her sweet little mouth. She kept her lips tight and her tongue sliding back and fourth. About half way down my cock she began to bob her head. I moaned and gently placed my hand on the back of her head, her hair so soft.

Now her hands were firmly on my balls, one hand for each ball, her fingers doing wonderful things.

I began to gently apply pressure to the back of her head, urging her to take more.

She did. She slowly descended my cock, her tongue swirling all the way around. I heard her make a gentle moan as my cock began to push down her tight throat.

I smiled when I felt her lips reach the base of my dick and her tongue massage it.

She began to massage the back of my ball sack with her fingers. I could begin to feel an eruption. She began to bob her head up and down, from the tip to the base. Her saliva was running down my cock onto her bed.

I moan a little but control myself. Her tongue keeps massaging the little spot on the underside of my cock that is most sensitive. The orgasm is getting closer.

I groan under my breathe. I think, shit I'm gonna cum in seconds.

Should I say something? Warn her? Should I let her know or just shoot cum in her mouth and give her no choice but to taste my seed?

I look down at the hot little bitch that’s slobbering sweetly over my cock. I can see her thong poking out of her jeans.

I start to cum. The first one is hard and shoots against the back of her throat past her tongue. I feel her tense up and stop for a moment but I push her head back down on my cock with my hands.

I moan as cum starts to flow heavily into her mouth. I see her swallow, first with a look of disgustm but then again and again beginning to savor it.

"That's my little girl," I say as I continue to cum. I slowly pull my cock out, running it between her still tightly closed lips. When I'm out, she opens her mouth and looks up at me. I can see cum sitting on her tongue. She swallows again and it's gone.


2009-01-05 01:09:04
Sucked. What's so hot about a slut?

Nevermind. I'm asking the wrong crowd.


2007-02-23 11:59:31
Very nice. Don't let the comments about length affect you. To many stories are filled with useless verbage.


2006-03-29 13:39:57
nice 8/10


2006-03-18 05:42:31
Very good. Really liked the climax.


2005-08-31 20:59:19
Nothing like a nice ass

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