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Sam and I roamed the house looking for alison as we heard moans of tormented pleasure howling from upstairs, we ran up the stairs in excitement and made our way to my room.
I reached out and twisted the door knob letting it creak open revealing my sisters naked body on my bed, alison was moaning out loud and squirming around as her hand rapidly rubbed her oozing cunt.

"I..I just cant stop, i'm so hot....whats happening to me?" she muttered as she eyed our growing cocks sticking out from under our skirts.

I turned and watched sam as her twitching knob grew long and ridgid while her face filled with lust and dark desires towards my sisters large body.
Alison's head snapped back as a raging orgasm erupted in her sloppy pussy releasing streams of juice that flooded the bed sheets, my cock also grew long and hard as I watched her body in orgasmic spasm.

Alisons body had grown much larger since I last saw her, perhaps the fucking I gave her and the huge load I dumped inside her womb had something to do with this.

Sam moved towards my sisters trembling body while removing her clothing, her massive cock twitched and pulsated making huge globs of precum dribble down her shaft, as she reached the side of the bed alison reached out and grabbed her massive throbbing tentacle cock and pulled her closer.
Alison leaned down and slipped her eager mouth over the head of sams pulsating leaking cock head, I stumbled forward as I tried to remove my clothes with haste, sams moans of blissful pleasure echoed through the house as alison's mouth slipped further down her shaft creating slurping noises.

I moved closer and sat on the bed before pushing my face down into alison's sloppy cunt that was still leaking juices, my tongue flicked forward lashing her hard clit sending lightning bolts of ecstacy along her spine, the pleasure I caused her made her stuffed mouth mumble pleasure filled moans that vibrated along sam's massive shaft.
"OH MY GOD, you dirty bitch, suck my cock you little whore, Urrrmm yeah." Sam moaned out as she wrapped her hands around alisons sweaty hair forcing her cock deeper down her mumbling mouth.

I dove again licking long strokes up and down her amazingly wet cunt, the taste was sensational and caused me to bury my entire face into her sloppy mound, my tongue eased inside her oozing pussy and explored the hot damp walls of her pussy.
As my tongue went deeper into her sloppy cunt canal I pushed my hand along her leg heading towards her inner thighs where I pushed the tip of my thumb into her aching asshole, alison tried to mumble something but her cock stuffed throat kept her mostly silent as I pushed deeper before pulling out and sucking the juices from my thumb.

Firey desire burned within and sent volcanic lust into my hard throbbing cock, I pulled my dripping face from her leaking cunt and guided the head of my tentacle dick towards her sloppy hole.
I pushed inside easily feeling the hot juices sliding down my shaft, sam pulled her cock from alison's throat and stared into my eyes as I pumped the length of my enormous shaft into her gaping hole.

Sam sat next to alison and watched my cock disappear into her filthy wet hole, as my cock reached the walls of her cervix and slammed into them hard, I felt alison's body shake violenty beneath me as my cock relentlessly pounded harder inside her trying to pry her cervix open for my cock to fill her womb once more.
Her hips left the bed as a series of uncontrollable hip thrusts sent my cock harder against her cervix allowing me passage into her womb, "OHH MYY GODDDDDDDD." she screamed as her violent shakes turned into groundbreaking tremors that shot accross her body and exploded in her cunt which bathed my cock in warm sweet juices.

Sams eyes widened as the sight of my pounding cock caused splashing pussy juices to squirt up my naked body, "WOW that looks awesome." she said.

Sam leaned into alison squeazing her giant tits hard which caused her nipples to leak viscous fluid down her shuddering body, she wasted no time planting her mouth down on her erupting nipple drinking the thick nectar that leaked in copius quantities.
My cock was now firmly lodged deep in her womb but I didnt stop pushing harder as I tried to reach new depths with my mighty penis.

Sam pulled her head away from alison's nipples and smiled which caused the thick fluids to leak from the sides of her mouth, she swallowed all she could before leaning towards me, "Lets double stuff her!!" she suggested with an evil grin.
Alisons eyes grew wider at the naughty suggestion, I pulled my giant cock free of her sloppy cunt and allowed sam to slide beanth alison poking her enormous dick into alison's asshole.

I watched in amazement as alisons ass sank down on to the huge shaft of sams cock, "URRRghhh." alison moaned as I once again pushed my throbbing dick into her gaping wet pussy.

We began to fuck her holes slowly at first building up to a pounding motion, it wasnt long untill alisons body once again went into orgasmic spasm sending shockwaves of ecstacy down to her wet pussy where it burst into a river of juices that splashed against me before sliding down onto sams pounding dick.
My massive cock found her cervix again which opened easily this time accepting me into her womb where I slammed away causing her body to tremble more and more, suddenly I felt sams cock up her ass begin to pulsate and twitch, "OH FUCKING JESUS, i'm CUMMINGGGG.." sam screamed as huge jets of thick tentacle spunk shot up the length of her massive shaft and filled her anal cavity.

The pulsating vibrations of her spunk pumping shaft sent me over the edge as my cock also began to pulsate, electric shots of molten lust blasted through my loins sending huge amounts of sticky viscous cum deep inside her womb.

After my enormous load had finally stopped spilling into alisons trembling body I fell back off from the bed landing on the floor where I lay back gasping for air trying to regain myself, sam lay back where she was with her limp dick still inside alisons cum filled asshole.
Once I managed to climb back to my feet I helped to roll alison's huge cum filled body over allowing sam to slide from beneath her.

We cuddled up together and driffted off into a deep slumber.

A few days later Sam and I were sitting around the living room chatting and laughing as we discussed our curious powers that we gained from the tentacle beast that mollested us about a week ago.

"I'm so happy you asked me to join you that day jess, i was so scared back then." she said.

"Hahaha yeah I know what you mean, I was terrorfied when I saw that thing for the first time." I replied.

"No jess, well yes i was scared to death when that thing wrapped around me and began to fuck me without mercy but i was talking about that night when we first kissed." she told me.

"Oh right, I remember now, our game of truth or dare, just think if we hadnt have gone through with it, we wouldnt have what we have now!!" I laughed.

Our attention was taken away as the phone began to ring in the back ground, I rushed over to answer it, "Hello?" I greeted.

"Hello jess, is sam there please? its her mother." the woman said.

"Sam your mom is on the phone." I shouted.

Sam came running over and took the phone from me and began talking with her mother on the phone.

I went back over to the sofa while sam talked with her mother, as I sat down my mind wandered back to that night sam and I first kissed, I remember the butterflies that filled my stomach as I leaned in and pressed my mouth against her and feeling her lips part just a little as my tongue flicked inside her mouth.
There was a long nervous silence after that kiss before we laughed it off but inside I wished for more and shortly after I planned our little trip that would allow us greater time to experiment.

As sam came back from her phone call she found me lying back on the sofa rubbing my pussy, "Whats going on here then." she giggled as I stopped what I was doing.

"Oops I didnt realise what I doing then haha." I laughed out.

"Well i need to go back home now, mom is complaining that i have been away for too long, such a old hag..." she complained.

"Awwwww, and we were having so much fun too..." I replied.

"Guess I'll see you tommorow then sam eh? I asked.

"You bet, well i better be going, bye!" she said as she walked over to the front door letting herself out.

Once sam had left I spent most of the day in front of the tv for a change when I heard alison upstairs shouting for me.
I turned the tv off and went to go see what alison wanted, as I entered my bedroom her huge bloated body lay on my bed naked as normal.

"Can you help me take a bath please? i cant get up on my own." she begged.

"Of course I will alison!" I told her.

I left my bedroom and went to the bathroom where I turned the taps on filling a nice hot bath up ready for her, while the bath filled I got a few towels ready and some lotion for after.
Once the bath was full I made my way back into my bedroom helping alison to her feet before walking her to the bath, I helped her climb in then I grabbed the sponge ready to help wash her off.

I spent the whole time next to alison while she was submerged in hot water, I washed her entire body and her hair before I helped her out and back in the bedroom where I dried her off.
Next I popped the lid off the bottle of lotion and began to massage generous amounts into her large rounded body, I caressed her slowly up and down taking my time around her massive swallen tits and her well used cunt.

After I had finished massaging and caressing the lotion into every inch of her body I noticed she had fallen asleep so I joined her on the bed and embraced her in a loving cuddle as I drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of tormented screams of pleasure that echoed through the house, I rolled over to find alison's bloated body trembling as ripples past over her massive belly.
Her body spasmed out of control as rivers of juice poured out of her gaping cunt, I rushed to her side holding her hand as something within her squirmed around, "Holy crap, are you ok alison?" I asked.

"Urggghh." was her only response.

Just then there was a knock at the front door, I left alison's side and went to answer the door hoping it was sam.

I twisted the doorknob sliding it open revealing a woman in her mid twenties with fire red hair and glowing green eyes, she wore a smart dress suit that hugged her shapely body, she also had glasses on.

"Hello can i speak to alison please?" she asked.

I panicked for a moment unable to think what to say.

"I really need to speak to her, i'm her boss and we havnt heard from her in a while, is she here? she asked again.

"Erm, yes come in please." I told her.

"Right this way." I said as I lead her up the stairs.

As we walked up the stairs the sound of alison's agonising moans got louder and louder, "Oh my, is she feeling ok?" she asked.

"Well not quite." I answered as we approached the bedroom door.

I turned the handle swinging the door open revealing alison's tormented bloated body to the woman, "OH MY GOD." she screamed as she ran inside the room.
She rushed over to alison's side holding her hand and asking her how she feels and if she needed anything but once again alison only moaned in response.

I walked inside shutting the door behind me, the woman looked over at me as my tentacle cock began to bulge out of my panties, "JESUS CHRIST, whats goin on?" she screamed.

I moved closer to her while pulling my gigantic cock free of its fabric prison, her eyes grew wide as a look of shock and horror covered her face.
"No, STAY AWAY!!!" she screamed at me as my giant cock pulstated in the air just a few feet away from her terrorfied face.

The woman scurried backwards untill her back was against the wall, I moved up to her wrapping my hands around her fighting arms as she tried to free herself from my grip.
I overpowered her and slammed her back against the wall pushing my cock into her face which she turned away from, I grabbed her around her throat forcing her to open her mouth allowing my massive tentacle cock inside.

As I slowly pushed my dick inside her wet warm mouth I heard the front door slam shut, I continued sliding my cock down her unwilling throat as her screams of terror vibrated along my thick shaft.
The bedroom door swung open and sam ran inside, "WHOA, whats going on here then!" she shouted as she saw me forcing my dick down the womans throat.

I looked over my shoulder towards sam, "give me a hand here sam." I asked.

Sam walked over and within moments the woman calmed down as sam entered her mind as she did to kimi before.

The woman slowly started to suck my cock willingly, I released her throat and stopped retraining her from the wall as we pulled the woman over to the bed where alison's bloated body continued to spasm out of control.
I began to unbutton the womans suit letting it fall to the floor, sam leaned forwards kissing her deeply as I continued to undress the stunning woman.

I unbuttoned the womans shirt revealing a sexy red bra covering her firm breasts, I unsnapped the bra clasp revealing her juicy tits that appeared to be about a 34C cup.
Slowly I slid down her body groping her smooth flesh as I dropped to the floor where I slid my fingers inside the sides of her sexy red thong before slipping them down her legs and off her feet, her pussy was clean shaven and the lips of labia glistened as she grew moist from the constant attention we gave her.

I moved forward flicking my tongue lightly over her clit making her shiver as pleasure shot through her body, sam pushed her back on bed where she dove into her firm tits squeazing and groping as she teased her hard nipples with her tongue.
I stood up pulling my clothes off before kneeling back down and clamping my mouth down on her clit and sucking hard, "URGGHHH." she moaned as I began lightly chewing her hard clit.

Her body started to tremble while I continued sucking and chewing her clit, I pulled away flicking my tongue up and down her wet slit before letting myself drool over my fingers ready to insert into her beautiful cunt.
Now my fingers were coated in warm saliva I pushed against her tight pussy gently teasing her before twisting and turning my way inside her juicy cunt canal, the womans body trembled harder now as her hips left the bed, she howled out in agony as her pussy released a stream of cunt juice that dripped down my probing fingers.

I couldnt resist leaning in and tasting her sweet pussy juices that coated my invading fingers.

Suddenly alison began to scream in sexual ecstacy as sloppy slushing noises filled the room, we turned to see her bloated body rippling violenty as tentacles began to snake out of her holes, I looked on in shock as a long green tentacle appeared from her gargling mouth.
Another tentacle poked out of her asshole and three more began snaking there way out of her sloppy cunt hole, "HOLY FUCK." I shouted as the tentacles writhed and strenched there way out of her shaking body.

We watched in shock and awe as the three tentacles from alison's soaking pussy moved with lightning speed and wrapped around the womans body pulling her towards alison's massive bloated form.
As the woman was slowly dragged accross the bed she screamed in terror as sams grip on her mind faded, the tentacles coiled around her slim body tightening around her firm tits and squeazing hard as the tentacle poking from alisons asshole started snaking further out.

Alison's gargling mouth dribbled copious amounts of saliva that dripped down her chin onto her massive rippling tits, the tentacles wrapped around the woman began to spew large amounts of green tinted slime from there tips which poured down her womans restricted body.

"What the fuck!!! alison is giving birth!!!" I shouted in shock while watching the tentacles sticking out of all her holes attacked the woman.

Sam was silent as she watched on, by now the womans body was drenched in thick slime as she squirmed around in the tentacles grip.
The tentacle that snaked out of alison's gaping asshole was now underneath the woman as it slowly swirled and twirled up her shaking legs, it reached her inner thighs and snaked towards her arse before pushing its slimy head inside causing the woman to howl in agonising pain and pleasure.

The lagre slimy tentacles wrapped around her began to rock her back and forward as the tentacle in her ass pushed deeper inside worming around and exploring her insides, I could feel my enormous cock throbbing hard as I kept watching.
Alison's bloated body began to shake and shudder as the tentacles slipped further out her gaping holes, her body shook violenty as her hips gyrated on the bed before releasing a waterfall of cunt juices that squirted accross the room splashing my naked body.

The womans body was now in total spasm as the tentacle digging its way through body bulged its way past her organs and poked at her throat, she mumbled something I couldnt make out before a shuddering tormented orgasm burst deep inside her sending violent waves of twisted pleasure crashing through body before exploding in her cunt squirting sweet streams of pussy juice onto the bedsheets below.

I was now jerking my massive cock which leaked thick precum that dribbled down my throbbing shaft as I watched the tentacle inside the womans body appear out her mouth, the woman was now completely impaled all the way through by the long tentacle.
Alison's eyes rolled back in her as she lost consciousness from the extreme pleasure flowing through her bloated body, the massive tentacle fucked through the womans body rapidly untill a chilling shriek came from my sisters belly as the tentacle poking out of the womans mouth erupted thick viscous green tinted tentacle jizz that covered her face and poured down to her naked body coating her in a thick creamy sloppy mess.

The tentacle slowly and gently snaked back out of her body before retreating to alison's massive belly, the three tentacles wrapping around her also retreated back letting the woman fall into puddle of pussy juice and tentacle spunk.

"Can you believe what just happened sam?" I said as I turned my head to her.

"That was insane...." she replied before climbing on the bed and kneeling infront of the womans trembling body.

Before I could join sam on the bed there was someone knocking at the front door so I went to investigate...

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