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Lust and Horny
Mina was standing in the laundry room, a robe wrapped around her, but not too tightly, giving me a lovely invitation to stare into her cleavage as she walks towards me. Mina knows only too well what she is doing to me, that cheeky smile upon her lips as she reachs me and our arms wrap around each other in a tight embrace. That first lingering kiss causing the first stirrings of my cock as I run my hands down her back and gently caress her ass through the robe. She presses herself into me feeling the hardness growing and slowly grinds herself into me as her nails rake down my back through my shirt.

Then she gets up off my lap taking her time going back to the laundry room, just as she entered it hit the end of the rinse cycle. She opened the lid and dumped in a big splash of liquid softener. Just as she closed the lid and reached back to put the bottle of softener, she feels a hand on the back of her neck. She tenses, ss she tried to stand up my hand held her firmly against the lid, firmly pinning her arms underneath her. There was nothing she could do. She attempted to struggle, the more she fought the harder I held her, not painfully just effectively pinning her to the washer. There really was nothing she could do.

With my other hand I traced her spine, up and down, up and down. I feel her shiver from pleasure, I know where to touch her. I slid my hand down her back and squeezed her ass cheeks, slightly roughly and switching back and forth for several minutes. I reach around sliding her robe open and off her shoulders. I drag my fingers down her back causing her to shiver again. I rubbed her ass and tucked my hand into the waist band of her panties. She gasped at the intrusion. I pulled them down swiftly and commanded her to step out of them. Knowing she could do nothing she had to do as I asked, she stepped out of her panties and kicked them aside.

I positioned myself behind her and started to rub my hard cock against her. It feels so good she begins to rub back. I moaned " AAAAH..AAAAH " as she moved against me. I drew my hardness lower and took one hand to rim her lovely lips. She begins to pant and wiggle her ass. I knew now was the best time, Mina feels the thick bulbous head of my cock pressing against the slit of her wet pussy lips. . .” Oh fuck yeah baby….fuck me with that big hard cock.. I missed feeling you inside me. I want it to split me open.” . .I always love that she talked filthy. I quickly slam my throbbing cock into her. I didn’t wait for her tight pussy to adjust to it. I slammed the entire 9” as deep inside her. Her whole body tensed up as she shouted, “ OMG! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK.” I slam her hard against the washer, and begin slamming hard and deep into her pussy. She was so fucking tight locked around my cock.

We both were grinding and fucking our bodies as hard and fast against each other as possible. My hips were slamming hard and deep against her slender body, impaling her deep onto my cock. Mina was working anxiously to fill her tight cunt with my cock. We were panting and moaning. When the washer finished, Mina was shaking as waves of orgasms surged through her. She was screaming " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Her pussy clamping down like the jaws of a pit bull, refusing to let go. It was the tightest fuck. As her orgasms continued ripping through her body, her pussy was getting tighter and tighter on my cock with each spasm, and I knew I couldn’t take much more. I groaned " UUUUH..UUUUH...UUUUH " exploding deep inside her, streams of cum splashing inside her

I lay atop her resting. Once our breathing had slowed she asked, " now that you've fucked me let me finish the laundry." Once the laundry was in the dryer I pressed myself against her again, hard and ready for the next round. " Mmmm baby, you smell so good. I haved missed you." I lifted her up onto the dryer, spreading her legs open. I kneeled down started sucking her clit. I brought her to another explosive climax very quickly and she screamed my name " OMG..John "and pulled my mouth against her even harder.
I pulled myself up to my full height and looked into her eyes. Again she tried to speak, this time I silenced her with a kiss. I put my thumb against her clit and two fingers into her pussy, letting the dryer help him. After another earth shattering orgasm I pulled my hand and lips away.

She started to protest and I kissed her again. As her eyes fluttered closed I thrusted my cock into her again. Harder this time and more demanding, I slammed into her as she moaned and screamed. " ooooh...ooooh...aaaah...aaaah...OMG...John... No more...Please...Please." " Yes more baby." I said " I'm fucking you up your ass!"
" No way" She said. I pulled her off the dryer, commanding that she get on her hands and knees on the floor. I spread her legs wide sliding between them, I started to push my cock hard aganist her asshole.

I thrust my hips forward, forcing the head of my cock past the tight grip of her asshole and driving inside her. I continue to pull her asshole onto my thick throbbing cock. It didn’t hurt like she thought it would since this was the second time she had been stretched open. It was still filling her up again like before. Inch after inch of my cock disappeared inside her sexy small tight virgin ass. She was up on her knees now, but knew there was no way I was going to let her get away. She feels my balls slapping, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! against her wet hot pussy lips, I feel every inch of my cock imbedding deep inside my sexy wife. I held still for a few moments, allowing her to adjust to the feel of it inside her. She was breathing hard and after about a minute, I begin to pull out just a little, and then ram my cock back in all the way.

Slowly I worked it back and forth, getting longer and longer with each stroke. It took me a few minutes to finally get her tight ass wet and loose enough to allow my cock to move in and out somewhat freely, but by the time I did, Mina was moaning in pleasure beneath me. ” OH fuck baby….mmmmm….i love ….mmmmm….fuck…your cock in my tight….oh fuck fuck…ass. Oh baby…fuck me deep….mmmmm. I was so fucking turned on. I eagerly begin fucking my way in and out of her tight ass hard and fast. Our bodies were soaked with sweat as I humped her like dog on the floor. Mina exploded in a whole new set of mini orgasms, causing her ass to lock down around my cock tighter than her pussy.

That was all it took to finally push me over the edge to my second explosion of the afternoon. I thrust my hips down hard against her ass as I pumped load after load of orgasmic cum into her tight young ass. The more she shook beneath me, the more I pounded her from behind. Her ass was still locked so tight around my cock; the blood could not escape to let it soften. After 10 great minutes of fucking, Mina moved a hand to her pussy to finger herself. I clawed my nails down her back and felt her cum again as the long red claw marks appeared down her silky flesh. Finally we were both spent. We collapsed on the floor, I never pulled my cock from her ass. We lay there panting against each other as our bodies finally started to relax. Her ass was still super tight and keeping a firm grasp of my cock. One of my hands reached around her and found her wet pussy lips and I gently teased and massaged at them while my other hand reached around and found one of her hard erect nipples.

I started to roll my hips and gyrate in a circular motion and started to bite and lick the back of her neck. Her clit hardened instantly, her nipples were erect and her hips were now gyrating. Her ass was on fire, she feels incredibly intense tingling and then an intense orgasmic waves crash over her. Mina is moaning " Oh God..Ooooh..Ooooh..Aaaah " and shaking beneth me. I groan " Uuuuh..Uuuuh..Uuuuh..Aaaah...Aaaah " feeling my cock growing inside her, then a warm sensation washs through her ass and Mina screams " OMG...OOOOH...OOOOH...OOOOH...MMMMMMM."

Mina passed out for a couple of minutes and when she woke up she was alone. She had cum dripping out of her sore ass, bites on her neck and she was a limp. The dryer buzzed, laundry day would never be the same again.
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