15 year old starts to explore the sexuality of herself, her family, and her friends
Jaime had waited weeks for her order to arive. Every day after school she checked the mail so her mom wouldn't find it first. Jaime wouldnt know what to do if her mom found her package.

It was friday at about 3:00. Jaime had just got off the bus and headed for the mail box. She always kept the extra mail key with her, as she headed straight for the mailboxes. From behind her she heard the bus fire up again and turned slightly to watch it role past. From the windows, three different kids were hangin out as they pasted her, yelling there usual rude comments.

"Bye Jaime, I love you!"

"See ya Jaime, I had fun lastnight!"

"Jaime! I can see down your shirt!"

Boys at school were always teasing her. She always wondered why they picked on her, but deep inside she knew, she was just too modest to admit, it was because she was so unbelievably sexy for her age. At 15 years old she was becoming very well developed. Being as athletic as she was there was not a sight of fat on her slender frame. She was about 5'7, her smooth legs blended into her slender thighs, and up to her tight, round ass. Her hips gave a slight curve outwards, and were rounded up into her smooth flat stomach, above which her perfectly round tits sat, 34b, her small penny-sized nipples extending from them.

Her face alone was a sight of beauty. Her cute nose, slightly upturned, came down from her glowing blue eyes. Her lips small, yet full, were shaped perfectly. Her eyebrows were thin, hidden behind her light bangs that curved down just above her eyes. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and seemed to lay across her head heavily, while still possessing a weightless quality.

Jaime watched the bus disapear amidst the large houses of her neighborhood. The other kids at the bus stop said goodbye to there friends and left for their own houses. From behind her, Jaime heard somebody calling.

"Jaime, wait up!"
Jaime turned to see Kaitlyn, her best friend.

"Hey Kaitlyn, I didnt see you on the bus today."

"Yah sorry i was in the back with Kyle."

"Oh of course you were," Jaime giggled and gave Kaitlyn a friendly nudge.

"Haha, what? We didnt do anything," Kaitlyn shot back with another giggle.

Jaime and Kaitlyn had been friends throughout elementary school. They've been able to bond through almost every phase of their life, making them the absolute best of friends.

Jaime's house was very close to the bus stop. It was a giant white house that some said resemble the White House, just smaller and without the pillars. In front of the house was an enormous yard with a wide walkway stretching from the door to the front gate at the street. The driveway snaked around the side of the house to the garage which was an entirely different building behind the house.

Jaime and Kaitlyn stopped at the front gate, a cheap swinging wooden fence that some could say seemed out of place in front of the 'mansion'. The neighborhood mailbox was about 30 feet down the street, inbetween Jaime's house and Mr. Wilson's house. Mr. Wilson's house was just as large as Jaime's, as was every other house in the neighborhood. Your family had to be pretty privaliged to live there, or just filthy rich.

At the gate, Jaime and Kaitlyn wrapped up thier conversation.

"So, do you wanna hang out tonight, Jaime? It's friday,"

"Uhh...yah, sure," Jaime said, her mind thinking of what could be in the mail as she looked at the mail boxes. "Oh, yah...of course. Call me later tonight, or just come over at like 6 or somethin. My mom's gonna be gone so we can mess around," she said with a smile.

"Cool, well, Kyle's coming to my house in a little bit so ill come over when he goes home. i'll see ya!" Kaitlyn then pranced off towards her house which was across the street, three houses down.

Jaime waited for Kaitlyn to make some distance between them before she headed for the mailbox. When she got there she fumbled through her pockets for the key. She pulled it out and put it in the keyhole. She stopped before turning it and hoped that this was the day.

She turned the key and opened the panel, and inside sat a small box on top of a few envelopes.
Jaime's heart skipped a beat and her stomach fluttered. "It's here!" she proclaimed as she took it from within the mailbox. She was going to take it straight to her room so nobody could see it, and so she could try it out. She was just glad that it was still in the mailbox and that nobody had the chance to find it before her.

"Hey there Jaime."

Jaime jumped and fumbled with the box. "Oh, hey Mr. Wilson, hows it goin?"

"It's goin great. What do you have there? Looks like you got a package." Mr Wilson walked up behind Jaime as he brought out his own mail key. Jaime quickly hid the box under her arm opposite Mr. Wilson. She felt her cheeks turn red as she quickly grabbed the rest of the mail from the box.

"Oh...It's nothing, it's for my mom i think. long Mr Wilson," Jaime said as she quickly turned and started to walk back home, but Mr. Wilson insisted to continue the conversation.

"Please Jaime, call me Mike. Mr Wilson makes me sound old. And say hey to Teri for me, tell her she's welcome to stop by whenever she wants to."

Teri was Jaime's mom. Jaime knew her mom had a giant crush on Mr. Wilson. Jaime turned slightly, the box now in clear view of Mike. " Ok Mr... Mike, i will, goodbye."

MIke chuckled, "Just MIke...hey, is that..."

Mike was looking at the box. Jaime looked down and saw that the face pointing towards Mike had a large pink dildo on it. Jaime winced. She looked back up at Mike who seemed to be amused and was wearing a friendly smirk. Jaime managed a weak smile and rushed off towards the gate. She could feel her whole face burning. She threw open the gate and rushed down the walkway. She looked back to the mail boxes and Mike was walking back to his own house sorting through his mail. He looked up at Jaime. He laughed and half waved ahlf saluted. Jaime turned even more red, if thats possible, and ran faster into her own house.

She opened the door just wide enough to let herself in and slammed it behind her. She fell with her back against the door and thought over the disaster that had just occured.

'Its ok' she thought,'Mike's a cool guy, he wont care.' but she knew that wasnt quite the problem. The problem was his friendship with her mom. Would he tell her? 'He wouldn't,' she thought,'he knows these things are secret.'

She knew she wouldnt get in trouble, well maybe for ordering somethin online and having it shipped to her house, but not for wanting to have sex, or to use sex toys and such. She would just get huge lectures about boys and sex and condoms. These lectures had been coming more and more often. Jaime was getting sick of them. All of her friends had had sex and lost their virginity. She had heard the stories at school and sleepovers. From Jaime's point of view, apart from a violating blow job, she was overdue to have sex.

Jaime thought back to Mike. She decided it was fine. It made her feel kind of kinky too. Mike was the neighboorhood hunk. Most of the other houses were owned by single women or seperated women like Jaime's mother. There seemed to be a secret war of deception and flirtation constantly raging, but this was none of Jaime's concerns. Her mom and Mr. Wilson were always flirting and trading gossip across the hedges whenever they were both coincedently 'gardening' at the same time. More recently they were alone in Mr. Wilson's house. Jaime didnt know what exactly they did, but if she got caught with the dildos she could use this as an arguement. It would be hypocritical to be having sex with the neighboors and to tell your daughter she cant play with her own body.

Jaime walked into the kitchen and put the mail on the counter. She could barely help herself not to just run up to her room and open the box. She tried to control herself as she stared at the box. The pink dildo on the side was double ended. Such a thought of what she could do with this made her mind race. She turned the box over and read the typing.

'party pack' Jaime thought with a giggle, 'oh ill have a party.'

-both lubricator and imitation cum are non toxic and safe to digest

Jaime felt a tingle in the bottom of her stomach. This was a dream come true. Jaime didnt want to start however until her mom had come and gone. She didnt want any interuptions...or any chances of being caught. She wanted some nice quality time with herself until Kaitlyn came over.

She then started thinking about Kaitlyn. They had been best friends for so long. Jaime, however, was very actracted to Kaitlyn, sexually attracted, and she often wondered if Kaitlyn felt the same way. Over the years they had grown comfortable enough with eachother to shower together and the shave together, they often slept nude or spooned with eachother.They practiced making out with eachother, but Jaime never 'practiced'. She enjoyed every moment of it. She didnt know if Kaitlyn did this because she was attracted to Jaime or if she was just comfortable with other girls.She wondered if she could ever get Kaitlyn to share these toys with her, or to even have sex with her.

Jaime stopped day dreaming when she heard a car driving down the driveway to the garage out back.
She realized her hand had slipped under her skirt and into her thong. She pulled it out to find it wet with her cum. She was about to grab the box and run for the stairs but she could already see her mom at the back door. Jaime grabbed the box and threw it in a cuboard by the sink. She then turned on the water and started to wash her wet hand as her mom walked through the back door.

"Hey honey, how was your day?" She asked as she put her purse on the counter.

"It was good, yours?" Jaime continued to wash her hands, using soap.

"Mine was same as usual...Oh you got the mail for me, thank you honey," she said as she walked around the counter and leaned into Jaime to kiss her on the cheek.

"Oh, yah...well i knew you were leaving early tonight so i just thought i'd get it." It wasnt normal for Jaime to get the mail on her own, but she played along as to not sound suspicious. She was afraid her mom would smell her own cum as she was moving about the kitchen. When she gave what sounded like wondering sniff Jaime panicked and quickly tried to start a conversation.

"I saw Mr. Wilson today." After she said it she wished she hadnt. Her meeting with Mr. Wilson was not something she wanted to talk about.

"Oh really, where?" Jaime's mom seemed to light up instantly.

Jaime tried to think of something else to say other than 'the mailboxes' but couldnt think of a good believable replacement. "He was getting his mail too. He says hey, and that you can come over if you ever feel like it." Damn it, she thought, she didnt want her mom to talk to Mr. Wilson. Or at least anytime soon.

"Did he?" her mom said with interest, looking out the window. Then with a sigh she said, "He is so gorgeous, dont you think Jaime?"

Jaime gave an embarassed giggle, "Well mom, he's kind of old for me, but yah, i'd say he's gorgeous." It was true. True that Mr. Wilson was hot, and true that Jaime believed so.

Jaime dried her hands and walked around the counter and sat at the kitchen table. She looked at her mom, feeling slightly amused. Her mom filled a glass of water and looked out of the window above the sink into Mr. Wilson's backyard. Jaime could tell her mind was wondering off to something other than glasses of water and the smell of her daughter's cum.

"Do you like him?" Jaime asked, deciding to continue the conversation.

"What...oh...well, honey...he's our neighboor." Jaime waited for more but her mom had turned to the window again.

"Haha, mom, what kind of answer is that? I'm serious, do you like him?" Her mom walked around the counter and sat at the table across from Jaime. She sipped from her glass and put it on the table, as she seemed to think of the right answer. She looked up from the table to look at Jaime. Jaime was looking at her with a slight grin.

"Yah, i guess i do," she finally replied.

"Ha, i knew it!" Jaime shot back with a wide smile.

Her mom smiled back, "Oh what are you laughing at. Just look at him, i cant help it. How about you? How many boys do you have chasing you nowadays?"

She often brought this up to Jaime, even in normal conversations, because she knew her daughter was considered a hot piece of ass at her school, and she knew she would have cute boys trying to steal her for themselves.

"Well, there's a couple," lieing about the dozens of boys who were after her. "I dont really like any of them."

"What about that Will Tucker? I saw you two looking at eachother at your last birthday party."

Jaime looked down at the table and thought of what to say. She really did like Will. He wasnt as rude as the other boys. He actually treated her nice. She looked up at her mom, "Yah he's cute," she laughed.

Her mom chuckled a little too, then she lowered her head and narrowed her eyes as if to tell a secret. "So, how far have you gone with a guy?" she asked, trying to be serious but not without a giggle inbetween.

"Mom..." Jaime whined.

"Oh come on Jaime, Im your mom. And you know all about my sex life. You can tell me anything."

Jaime had never had sex with a boy before, however she had given a blow job and was felt up in the process. This was all at a summer camp, the result of a hot game of truth or dare. She remembered the moment clearly, and she remembered how she didnt like it very much. The boy had a big dick and insisted on ramming it down her throat. When he said he was goin to cum, Jaime took her mouth off of him, but he grabbed her head a continued to ram her face. His first shot of cum went straight into her throat, Jaime gagged but couldnt pull back, and he continued to jiz into her mouth. His cum stopped but he didnt pull out, he continued slowly humping Jaime's face. Jaime whined until he let her head go, a string of cum dripping from his dick down her chin. Her mouth was still full of cum and she wanted to spit it out but he was watching and she didnt want to spit it in front of him, so she swallowed it. The boy layed Jaime down on the carpet and sat on her, stradlling her legs. She knew the dare was only for a blow job and she wanted to go back to the group, but he wouldnt let her go yet. He pulled up her shirt and pulled her bra down under her boobs. He started fondling her breasts and she just sat there and let him do it. Her face was red, as she looked down at the boy, his pants still at his feet. His dick was leaking onto her stomach. when he lowered himself and attached his lips to her small nipple while letting a hand snake down onto her virgin pussy, she pushed him off of her and ran from the room trying to put her boobs in place in her bra and pulling her shirt down.

Jaime was reliving the whole moment as her mom spoke again.
"Honey? Well..."

Jaime then lied, "Oh, I've kissed a boy or two," she said with a weak smile.

Her mom knew there must be more, especially with that long moment of daydreaming. She laughed and looked at her daughter. She stood from the table and walked towards the stairs.

"Just remember what I've told you about having sex!" she yelled around the corner. This had become the new phrase around the house. Jaime was sick of hearing it.

"I will mom!" Jaime yelled back, quite annoyed.

Jaime thought whether to take the box upstairs right now or wait until her mom had left. She decided she wasnt going to risk it. She just went into the tv room and sat at the couch until her mom came back down in just a few minutes. She had changed into a black dress that barely reached the middle of her thighs. The dress wrapped tightly around her body and highlighted her beautiful frame. Jaime couldnt see any signs of panties or a bra, however she could see slight outlines of nipples.
Jaime was just a young version of her mother, who was just as sexy as she was. Her mom looked younger than she really was and shared the same striking features as her daughter.

"Wow mom, you're looking very lavish tonight," Jaime joked as her mom pulled a hot pose.

She laughed and said, "Well... how do I look?"

"I already said lavish mom...haha...but you look great."

"Thank you dear" she said as she leaned down to kiss her daughter's forehead. As she did Jaime couldnt help but look down her blouse as she bent forward, and indeed, she wasnt wearing a bra, as Jaime looked down her perfect cleavage. This wasnt a sexual fascination, Jaime just loved to look at her mom, knowing that one day she would look the same. She also felt something like pride as she looked at her beautiful mother.

"So, where are you going tonight, mom?"

"Well, I think I'll run over to Mike's and invite him to come along tonight," she said as she went to the kitchen and rummaged through her purse.

"Ooo really?" Jaime said with a devilish grin. She watched as her mom emptied her purse onto the counter. She picked out the things she needed including lipstick, a compact, her checkbook, and what looked like a condom. Jaime felt her stomach jump. She suspected her mom and Mr. Wilson were having sex, or at least would in the near future, but here was proof, well, good enough proof for Jaime. The thought of Mr. Wilson inside her mom gave Jaime a kinky, sexy feeling.

Her mom zipped up her purse and walked back down into the tv room and sat down, putting her arm around Jaime. She smelled nice, Jaime thought, like faint strawberries and roses.

"What are you going to do with Mike?" she asked, wanting more info to fit into her mental images of her mom on top of Mr. Wilson.

"I'm going to a club tonight with Terra Mitchelson, and old friend from college."

Jaime remembered her mom talking about Terra Mitchelson before. From what she had heard, Terra was very hot. She had also heard they 'Terra and Teri', as they were never talked about individually, were the hit at parties and the sex queens of their dorm, well, at least this is what her mother hinted at. Her mom had said that Terra had taught her about the real life of sex in college. During these conversations Jaime sometimes got the impression that her mom was bisexual, but she never had the courage to ask.

"Oh... a club," said Jaime, getting a little bolder. "You know where clubs and hot boys will lead to, dont you mom? Just remember what I've told you about having sex." Jaime giggled, as she repeated her mom's own lecture thesis.

Her mom looked a bit stunned but quickly shot back, "Oh shut up, Jaime," she said teasingly. " I'm older and have experience. I think I've earned the right to go home with whomever i wish."

They both smiled at eachother as Jaime's mom got up and went to the kitchen agian.

"Just remember you're my mom," Jaime said, " and I'm not sure i want any brothers or sisters anytime soon."

"I know honey," she replied, " I would never do that to you... So, anyways, I'll probably sleep at Terra's cuz I have the feeling that we will have a couple of drinks you will need to make dinner for yourself." She began to pull items from the fridge to suggest a dinner for Jaime

"...or you can make the pot roast. Just put it in the stove for about 20 minutes... and use this bowl," she said as she bent down to open the cuboard full of bowls, which happened to be the cuboard that Jaime had put the sex toys in.

Jaime was walking into the kitchen when she saw her mom bending down , looking in the cuboard. She froze and her stomach fluttered, but her mom emerged with a large bowl, her expression unchanged. She must have missed the box.

"Can you remember all of that?" her mom asked, referring to her cooking instructions.

Jaime let out a silent sigh of relief and sat at the counter. "Yah mom, got it."

"Good, well keep the house clean and feel free to invite Kaitlyn or your friends over, but remember what I said about boys. And remember," she began, stealing Jaime's last comment on sex, "Im your mother and I dont really want any grand children yet." She smirked and Jaime smiled back "I know mom."

"Well I need to go, Im already late. I'll see you tomorrow honey, and stay out of trouble." She bent down and kissed Jaime on the lips, "Love you sweety."

"I love you too mom, have fun! Bye."

She walked out the back door with her purse and got into her car. Jaime watched her go and waved as she drove past. After she left, Jaime stood at the window looking out upon their yard and then at the sky. It was getting cloudy and looked like it would rain. This, for some reason, made Jaime happy. She liked the rain. She stood there thinking of her mom and Mike when she realized that she was finally alone.

She rushed for the cuboard and reached for the box, which was in a dark corner, invisible to those who didnt already know it was there, thank god, she thought. She grabbed it and wasted no time getting it to her room. She shut and locked the door and jumped onto her bed.

Jaime leaned against her head board and grabbed a towel from the side of her bed. She layed it out beneath her bottom and positioned pillows behind her to become more comfortable. Jaime ripped the top of the box open and stared at the contents. It was all there. She felt her stomach flutter as her breath quickened. She took everything out and layed it on the bed in front of her. First the double ended dildo, all 14 inches of it; the ass beads, 10 of them that she layed next to the dildo; the mini vibrator, it was the size of a tube of lipstick, white with a silver tip where the batteries and switch were; the strap on, thicker than the pink dildo; and the tongue.She felt the tongue between her thumb and index finger. It felt waxy, almost moist. She put it next to the dildos and picked up two bottles. A small white one containing the lubricator, and a large black one with a long narrow tip with the cum inside, enough cum to fill her pussy 20 times, or so said the box.

Jaime didnt know what to do next. She pulled her skirt down until it was on only one ankle. She caught the faint smell of her own cum. She loved it. She looked at her blue thong, the crotch showing a wetness along her crack. She pulled the thong to the side to look at her pussy. It was shaved all for a small quarter sized patch above her clit, for this is how all of the porn girls online had theirs’ trimmed. Her labia was tight, the most she had ever put in it was two of her own fingers, however she had long since broken her hymen with pens and such.

Her pussy lips were glistening with her cum. Some of it had started to gather just beneath her hole and was almost dripping down to her ass hole. She lifted her small butt off the bed and slid the thong to her knees. The fresh air felt good on her warm pussy. She decided to start simple. She grabbed the pink dildo and looked it over. It was larger than she thought it would be. She wondered if she should even use it. She had never had anything like it in her up her pussy before. It was thick. She didnt know if her pussy could stretch large enough to take it in. She took a deep breath and made up her mind.

She didnt think she needed any extra lube but she wanted as much help as she could getting this giant inside of her. She grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some right onto her wet pussy. She rubbed it around, grinding it into her lips, making stops at her clit, rubbing it with her palm. She then ran her middle finger down her pussy and stuck it up her hole to the knuckle. The inside of her pussy was burning. She felt that the smallest amount of sexual activity would set her off. Her cum was already leaking out under her finger. With her free hand she grabbed the long dildo and brought it up to her face. She closed her eyes and slowing started pulling her finger out of her tight hole, then back in , then out... She raised the dildo to her pink lips and kissed the head of it. She was working it like a lollipop until the whole head was in her mouth. She slowly pushed it into the back of her mouth until she gagged. She remembered her first blow job and decided not to suck on the dildo any more, bringing back the bad memory.

Jaime opened her eyes and looked at her pussy as she pulled her finger out. It came out fast as her tight hole squeezed it out as her cum followed it out. She watched it dribble out and rolled down to her tiny ass hole. It felt warm and purked up her ass as it sat on her hole.

Jaime took some more lube onto her hands and ran it up and down the dildo, using her imagination to try and make it feel as real as possible.
She then took a deep breath and slid her ass down further onto the bed. She lowered the large pink head to her pussy and with her other hand, used her index and middle finger to strech her lips open. She put the head onto her hole and started to push. She watched as the first inch disapeared into her pussy, as her opening stretched wide to acompany the piece. She continued to push, and she felt every inch of it rubbing her walls and stretching her pussy wide. She stopped as her pussy contracted and tightened around the dick. She closed her eyes and continues to pull it up inside of her. Nearing the back of her pussy, it began to hurt as the most tender parts of her were being stretched wide. As it began to hurt, Jaime stopped and began to pull it back out of her.

She pulled pretty fast and felt her insides tightening up again in relief to let go of the dildo. As she pulled, the entire shaft rubbed against the top of her inner pussy, what many girls at school called their G-spot. Jaime found herself giving an involentary moan as all but the head was pulled out of her. She continued her little whining moans as she opened her eyes to look at herself. She felt incredibly sexy to see this giant fuck piece resting in her pussy. She could still feel the inside of her pussy aching where the dildo had stretched larger than ever.

Jaime was breathing fast and her pussy felt strange and full. She wondered if she should continue or not. She made up her mind that she needed to take it all inside or her. She was thinking of all of the people at school who had told her their stories about sex and how big of a cock they had taken. She thought she needed to do this if she was to ever talk about sex with her friends again.

She fit the wet head of the dildo into her pussy again. More quickly this time she thrust the dildo deep into herself. With this one push she had stuck it further up her than it was last time. Her insides were screaming as they stretched to allow the dick through. Profanity after profanity escaped Jaime's lips as she pushed it deep into her stomach.

"Shit!...oh my fffuck," she was whimpering as she felt her face turning red. "Oh sshhit!"
She felt the dildo hit the back of her pussy and she let go of it with her hands. She kept whimpering and moaning as her inside burned. It slowly subsided and she opened her eyes and raised her head. She felt so bloated and full, after the pain turned into a dull burn she loved the feeling of being full. She looked down at her pussy and saw the other half of the huge dildo sticking out of her like a boy's giant piece. She felt kinky at the thought of having a penis sticking out of her pussy.

Jaime put her hand under her shirt and onto her stomach feeling her fullness. She could feel the dildo pushing up her smooth stomach. She pushed down on it through her belly and the sensation made her head spin.
There was about four inches of the dildo sticking out of her. She grabbed it and slowly started pullng it out of her hole. She gasped as she felt the entire shaft rubbing against her inner pussy as the giant head pulled through her with great, wonderful friction. She could no longer depict her G-spot from the rest of her pussy. Her entire tube was tingling, and with even the slightest rub from the dick, her walls exploded in sexual pleasure.

It pulled out of her with a wet plop, as Jaime let out all her breath in a deep, hot moan. She layed the dildo on her stomach, almost the entire thing was wet. After some of the blood had left her face and her head stopped spinning she sat up on her elbows and looked at her gaping pussy.

"Oh my god," she thought aloud. Her usually tight virgin lips now seemed to have been pullin out from with her, as she saw extra skin laying around her seeping whole as she rubbed them with her fingers. She felt proud. She was often looking at porn of both men and women on her computer, and the sexiest women had loose pussies like what she saw before her now.

Aside from the pain, the giant dick felt great in her pussy, but Jaime hadn't orgasmed, but for only sticking it up her hole only twice she came very close.

She grabbed the dildo and brought it to her face. She felt that it was radiating a warmth from it, due to a generous amount of her girl cum. Jaime always licked her fingers when she made herself cum. She loved the taste of her own pussy juices. She often asociated it with the thought of tongueing another girl, most often, Kaitlyn.

Jaime wasted no time in wrapping her mouth around the rubber penis, licking and sucking her juices from it, savoring the taste. She started to moan, not much from pleasure, but just from the idea of her lips wrapped around this dick that had just been deep within her body.

When Jaime was satisfied that all of her cum had returned back into her body, through her mouth, Jaime sat up. She crawled across her bed, over a wet spot on the towel, and sat with her legs spread at the side of the bed. In front of her was her mirror, about 9 feet tall and 3 wide. She looked at herself, and in some way she was making herself horny looking at her own reflection. Her hair was a bit tangled and her bangs were in disorder across her forehead. Her dimples were red and the corners of her mouth showed smears of cum. Beneath her this spaghetti strap and bra her nipples had purked up.

She looked at her pussy and was again wowed by its stretched beauty. Around her labia was still wet and a trail of cum had made its way to her tiny puckered ass hole. Jaime layed back on the bed, still looking at her reflection. She put the dildo at her pussy again and spread herself with her other hand. Her legs were wide, allowing the best view of her own pussy.

She then pushed the dildo into herself again and watched in the mirror as it disapeared up her hole. She didnt push it all the way this time, only about 5 inches. She pulled it out then rammed it back in as she felt her pussy stretch quicker this time to accompany the cock. Using the 5 inches in her she started fucking herself slowly, then faster and faster, rubbing the shaft along her G-spot. She started ramming it up her pussy as fast as her hand would allow. She put a hand on the bed behind her to support herself. She watched her reflection and looked in amazement as the cock disappeared into her stretched hole, then reappeared, to again vanish up inside of her.

She could no longer keep her eyes open as the pleasure became almost unbearable. Jaime fell back onto the bed but kept pumping the cock into her hole. Her hips began to buck, at first in crazy gyrations, then she fell in tune with the hammering cock. She started to shake and moan uncontrollably as new sensations began to take over her pussy, then stomach, then her whole body. She no longer tried to speak words. Her mouth was gaping open, letting her long moans and grunts escape. She was feeling constant pleasure, however she felt another intense orgasm building up again. Her stomach fluttered as her entire pussy started tingling. The pleasure was almost unbearable but Jaime kept ramming the cock into her hole. Her eyes were closed tight as her mouth was still gaping. Her throat was tightening but her moans were still getting out. She was panting as the pleasure reached new heights. She arched the small of her back and let out a long moan, almost scream, louder than any yet. She felt the wave of pleasure start to pass as she felt more of her warm cum escaping from her pussy and dripping to her ass hole. She began to calm down but she was still breathing really heavily. She was still slowly pumping until her arm finally gave out. She left the dildo deep in her whole and relaxed back on the bed. She put her dry hand on her chest and brought her wet one up to her mouth. She started licking the warm cum from her palm, then her fingers. She sucked each finger individually while moaning.

The dildo was still up her hole. Her pussy was pretty used to it now, however she still felt tension in her pussy walls, but it brought pleasure rather than pain. She was still laying back on the bed, breathing heavily, sucking her fingers when the world of pleasure she was in was shattered by her phone. On the dresser next to her bed it started ringing, sounding greatly annoying to Jaime’s ears at the moment.

Her eyes flashed open and she froze with a finger still in her mouth. She was wondering whether to answer it or to continue with her sucking. She finally decided it could be important, her mom or something, and with a pouting grunt, she crawled back up to the head of her bed and picked up the phone with her dry hand. She sat back into her pillows, with her back against the headboard.

“Hello?” she mumbled, as if she just got out of bed. She cleared her throat to try and talk normally. She usually answered the phone with a charming ‘Davis residence’, but her head was still spinning and she wasn’t used to answering the phone with a giant cock stuck up her hole.

“Hey Jaime! Guess who,” a cute voice said, obviously Kaitlyn. Jaime had completely forgotten that Kaitlyn was coming over. It was a good thing she called first. She often had the habit to invite herself in. Jaime would be mortified to be caught masturbating, no matter the way Kaitlyn acted.

Jaime giggled. “Hey Kaitlyn. Comin’ over?”

“Yah, in like half an hour. Is that alright?”

“Yah that’s fine.” Jaime wanted to end the conversation quickly because she found it hard to toggle back and forth from the idea of talking to her best friend and of having a dildo in her, but Kaitlyn kept talking.

“What do you wanna do tonight Jaime? I was thinking we should just stay inside and watch movies and call boys and stuff.”

“Yah, sounds good…mm.m…” Jaime let out an involuntary moan that Kaitlyn was sure to hear. She had accidentally bumped the dildo, causing just the slightest amount of friction in her pussy. She felt her face turn bright red. She cleared her throat and tried to talk normally, but Kaitlyn spoke first.

“Are you ok, you sound kinda tired or something.”

Jaime couldn’t stand having the cock in her anymore. She grabbed it to pull it out but tried to speak at the same time, as to not create any silence.

“Yah…I’m fine…ooooo…mmm.” She quickly cleared her throat again and tried to give a slight giggle. “Sorry…but yah…we should just hang out and take it easy tonight,” she couldn’t help but moan as she pulled the gigantic cock out of her hole, the whole shaft rubbing her g-spot and clit at the same time.

“Oh my god…Jaime are you…haha never mind. Hold on, I’ll be right back. I need to say bye to Kyle.”

“Oh, he’s still there?” Jaime heard Kaitlyn start to get up but it seemed Kyle came to her, because she could hear them talking quite clearly.

“See ya later babe,” Kyle said and then she heard the sloppy sound of a kiss as he then mumbled something like ‘Im going to bed’ or ‘You’re good in bed’… “We should do it again sometime soon.”

“How about tomorrow night when I’m back,” Kaitlyn responded.

“Great, see you tomorrow.”

“Ok, bye, love you…” then Kaitlyn said something that sounded like ‘ and bring a condom next time’.

Jaime was suddenly amazed. Was Kaitlyn already fucking Kyle? Jaime was somewhat jealous and a little surprised.

“K, I’m back…so I’ll see you tonight Jaime?”

“Yep…bye bye Kaitlyn.” The then entered their usual contest of who would get the last word in while almost flirting.

“Bye Jaime, I love you.”

“Haha, well I love you more Kaitlyn.”

“No you don’t. I love you sooo much more.”

“Fine, but I still want your bod.” Jaime said, as from the commercials. They always said this to each other, just for fun.

“Well you can have my bod, as long as we both know that I love you more.”

“Ok fine.”

“Fine. They both giggled and hung up.

Jaime started thinking. ‘I think Kaitlyn knew what I was doing.’

‘What does she think about it?’

‘Does she think its gross, or maybe she likes it, but oh my god, I think she fucked Kyle!’ She would be sure the get the whole story when Kaitlyn got here. This is kinda exciting she thought with a giggle.

She jumped up and started to get ready for Kaitlyn to come over, but first she had to clean herself off. She had her own bathroom attached to her bedroom. She grabbed the dildo and towel from the bed. She was still only wearing her shirt. She looked down at her pussy as she felt drops of cum rolling down her thigh. She wiped it up with the towel and held the towel against her pussy to prevent the her cum to drip anymore.

Well, she thought, this was her first ‘dick’ and she could finally feel up to par with the other girls at school. It was her first time and she thought it was fantastic, better than she thought it would be. She was looking forward to trying the rest of her toys. In the bathroom she quickly mopped up her pussy, but not without letting her finger poke into her hole a couple of times. After giving the dildo a couple of passionate licks and sucks she washed it off and dried it off. She walked back out, still nude, and began to tidy up the room, making sure to spray some febreeze to cover the smell of girl cum, even if she loved the smell of her own sex. She was sure to change her sheets after her pussy leaked all over them.

Jaime’s hopes about tonight were rising and rising. This was gonna be a blast she thought. Watch movies and talk boys and sex with Kaitlyn… and god knows what else. Jaime had made a good start on her sex life, even if it involved no boys yet.

Well, that’s part I. I will write II soon. Feedback is nice. Hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. Kisses

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