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I found three young black girls in the public men's room.
It was getting late and I had spent the evening fishing in Mission Bay. I had done OK and caught three calico bass and a legal sized halibut. I knew that they would soon be locking up the bathrooms for the night so I beached my 14 foot boat on the shore and headed for the men's room to relive myself before calling it a night and heading home.

As I entered the toilets, I was shocked to see three women standing there. I started to back out and say I was sorry but I took a quick look back at the doorway. Yes it said MEN. I took a fast look around and there were urinals. I was in the men's room. Then I took a better look at the women. They were black girls that looked to be in their mid to late teens. One of them was totally naked. The other two were dressed and were holding the clothing of the naked one. The two clothed girls giggled. The bare assed naked one looked nervous. She looked at me, "I lost a dare bet and have to fuck the next guy that came in. That's you."

My name is Ron, I am white and I am just a little past my forty first birthday. I'm still in pretty good shape. I'm married with twin twenty year old girls. I'm six foot one and weigh 193 pounds. I'm just an average guy. "Mister, I lost the bet. Will you fuck me?" Many thoughts quickly went thru my head. Could I get caught and if I did, how would my wife and daughters react if I got caught fucking a black teen whore in a public restroom? Is she under age? If I got my pants off, are these girls going to grab them with my wallet in them and run off? There wasn't a lot of money in it but it did have my driver’s license and other papers. I did not carry a condom. Could I catch something from her if I fucked her?

She had a great body and an attractive face. Even in the poor light I could see that she was slim with great tits that were high and firm and probably C-cups. She looked to be about 5'4". Her waist was small and she had a firm bubble butt. Her mound was covered with tightly curled dark pubic hair but I could clearly see her puffy pussy lips. Her skin looked like it was probably like milk chocolate. While I was thinking, she stepped close in front of me. She reached down and grabbed my package. "Damn Dude, That's one fine cock. There's no doubt it wants to give me a good fuckin' " She was right. My seven inch prick was at full attention and ready for action. I couldn't pass up this chance even if I was worried about what might happen. My cock was thinking for me.

"I have to at least wash my hands and get the fish slime off of them." I turned to the sink and gave them a quick wash. As I did, she was unzipping my pants and undoing my belt. I turned back to her as she dropped to her knees and pulled them and my underpants down to the dirty floor. I didn't step out of them as I still thought I might be getting set up to be robbed. She took my manhood in her hand and stroked it. Her friends started laughing and telling her to suck my cock. "Come on Hoe. Put that white cock in you mouth and suck it down. Show him that Black girls are the best cocksuckers. Take that thing down you throat, Bitch."

She leaned forward and my cockhead disappeared between her thick lips. I reached down and grabbed her tits. They were the firmest tits I had ever had in my hands, and her nipples were big and hard. One of her two friends stepped behind her, grabbed her by the hair and started pushing and pulling her head up and down on my cock. She gaged when my prick first touched the back of her mouth but soon her nose was being buried in my pubic hair each time her friend pushed her down my shaft. I could feel my cockhead rubbing against the tight walls of her throat as she deepthroated me. I was getting close to exploding.

Then she was pulled off and her other friend said, "You be one good sucker and have given lot o blowjobs but now it time for you to get that virgin bitch pussy fucked." Did she say virgin? "Ok mister, time to use that nice white cock of yours on our girl here. Slam it in her. Break her cherry and fill her cunt with you white baby seed. The only times she has cum have been with her fingers or from my tongue. It time fo her to cum on a cock in her cunt." I was too far gone to think twice about how wrong what I was doing was. Without saying a word, she bent over, grabbing the sink and spreading her legs wide. I stepped behind her black ass, took my cock in my hand and slid it up and down between the folds of her slit several times to get it nice and wet. I loved the color contrast between her beautiful young black ass and my pure white cock. Then I lined it up with her fuck hole and pushed it in slowly, just far enough to feel her hymen and confirm that she was really a virgin.

"Fuck her, Mister. Slam you white cock into that black cunt. Fuck her now." I grabbed her hips and thrust hard till I was buried to the balls inside her. She screamed in pain as I ripped thru her cherry. I fucked her cunt like a rabbit, not even thinking about how she was feeling. My balls were slapping against her exposed and enlarged clit. I can usually last a long time but this tight, virgin black fuck tunnel made me concentrate to keep from blowing my load right away. I wanted to keep going and really enjoy the fantastic fuck I was getting. Her two friends cheering us on didn't help me keep my cool. "Fuck her hard. Make her want to be fucked every day. Slam that white cock deep in her. Yeah Mister, fuck her good. Make her really want it."

I kept myself under control and had fucked her for several minutes when I could tell that her reaction was changing. She was relaxing and starting to push back as I fucked into her cunt. Soon she was moaning in pleasure. Finally she shook and yelled. "Fuckkkk. Yessss. I'm gonna cum. Yessss! Oh God yes. Give it to me." Her orgasm brought me to my own. I made no attempt to pull out. I shoved deep into her cunt and sprayed my load of cum in her belly. My cock pulsed at least five times as each time it shot a blast of cum into her unprotected womb. My legs went weak and I just held myself deep in her for several seconds before pulling out. I looked at my cock as I pulled it out. It was starting to wilt. It was covered in a mixture of my cum, her cum and her virginal blood. She had bled quite a lot.

One of her friends spun me ninety degrees. I could see that she was a big girl. She had to be five inches and weigh nearly twice what the young girl I had just fucked did. She was almost as black as coal with short black curly hair. She was wearing a red tube top and had pulled it down. Her huge jugs hung down her chest. They had to be at least 44 double D's if not bigger. If she was on her hands and knees I bet her nipples would have rubbed on the ground as they hung down. She dropped to her knees and just before she took my cum and blood covered prick in her mouth, she told me to grab her tits and to pinch her nipples hard. I could see the third girl standing to the side and rubbing herself between the legs as she watched. The big girl was doing a good job sucking my prick back to life when we saw all the lights in the park go off. That meant that it would only be a couple minutes before the park guard would be there to lock up the restrooms for the night.

Everyone quickly stopped all that was happening and we got our clothes back on. We had just left the men's room when we saw the guard approaching. "Hey you, the park is closing. Time to leave. The three girls went one way and I went back to my boat and headed back to the launch ramp with a memory that will stay with me forever.


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I love fuckin black girls. They go crazy on white meat.

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To the person who asked what if two guys walked in: THREE HOLES NO WAITING.

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I bet all you would catch are crabs

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I love to catch halibut and pussy too.

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What if two guys had walked in at the same time? Would she have had to let them both take her?

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