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Psssst come here
Let me whisper something in ur ear
Can I get or do I take it?
I wanna practice baby makin
Snacking ya bra off pulling ya hair as u fall on the bed
Ur eyes stretched wide wondering what's going thru my head
Tearin those panties off with my mouth
Lick up to ur naval and I'm headed back down south
Hell no not on I-95
Talking bout down between those thighs
I got u holding ya legs back damn near touching the mattress
Standing strong and hard and ready to tag this
Stick it in u where it's nice and warn
I deserve a 10 do u see this form?
A few warm up strokes yeah just the head
Grab the sheets it's time to shake the bed
Hands on ya shoulders so u won't go too far
The whole shaft this time giving it to u like ur favorite porn star.
Sweat everywhere!
Hell u think I care?
On ya stomach now yeah get to flippin
Smack u on ur ass like a kid gettin a whippin
U my big girl got ya stomach flat on the bed and ya ass up alright then!
I see that's ur way of telling me u want alllll in.
Ramming u from the back making ur ass shake
Wiping the sweat from my face wondering how much more of this wet wet I can take
Oh shit u flip the and start throwing it back
Grab a hand full of ur hair, thrust u harder throwing it back.
Look at u, big girl u not runnin
Faster, faster, faster I think I'm coming
Nope, flip over on ya back nutting on ya ass is trashy
Lay on ur back , here u go a pearl necklace, just because ur classy!


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2014-01-06 11:05:42
Tiffany Thank you again for the great presentation at WPC. We tkaeld right after re: sending a copy the film first thing on Monday morning, in hopes I can use it with a group of middle school parents within the weeks. Thanks for oyur help. Hope we cross paths again!Ted

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2013-07-27 10:48:16
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