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The girl was crying her eyes out as I pulled my cock out of her ass. Cum and blood, streaked with shit seeped from the open hole as it tried to close. I had to admit, it was the strongest ejaculation my balls had experienced in years. It was probably prompted by Kathy being the youngest girl I had ever raped… in the ass.

I smiled as 16 year-old curled up, trying to cover herself with her hands and arms. Those tits were abnormally large for a girl her age and she knew it. They were the main reason she just experienced the worst degradation of her young life. Parents should use better judgment in the skimpy clothes they permit their kids wear in public view.

When I had picked her up, the outline of Kathy’s camel toe showed plainly in the crotch of her spandex shorts and the tiny bikini top barely covered her nipples. Stupid little bitch, she really was asking for it……….

It was just a normal, sunny, June day. I made my usual drive home from work, taking a short detour by the junior high tennis courts, a popular place since school had ended for the year. Many times I had parked and watched all those tight little asses run, wiggle, squat, and pull ‘too tight’ fabric from a visibly wet crotch... excellent fodder for masturbation. In fact, I had just dumped a load into my faithful cum rag as Kathy and her smaller friend left the court.

The friend turned off at the first corner, leaving Kathy to walk the rest of the way home alone. Being such a young teenager, there was still some silly play time in the girl. As I watched her walk the curb, being careful to keep her balance to not touch the grass or street, she slipped and fell. I pulled my pickup to a stop and asked if she was okay.

Through tears, she slowly shook her head ‘no’. I got out of my truck and circled the front, staring at the high, full breasts… I’d find later they were 32c’s. I could see that there was a skinned place on both shins, and she was holding her left ankle. The top she was wearing had slipped a little, too, and the edge of one pink areola was peeking out. Fuck, yes, I had to go for it.

“It’s your ankle? Can you walk?”

“Noooo,” she sniffed and wiped at her, mascara streaked, eyes, “It hurts too much.”

There were wooded lots on both sides of the street, so I felt like nobody could see us.

“Can I call your mom, or I can drive you home, if it isn’t far.”

She wiped tears again and told me, “Mom and Dad are at work and I’m not allowed to call them while they’re on the job. I live two more blocks, but I can’t walk. I guess it will be okay for you to drive me.”

Again… stupid little bitch.

I made a point to ‘accidentally’ catch the upper edge of her halter top when I picked her up to put her in the seat of the truck. She didn’t even notice that her nipple was shining all the way to my house. I nearly ran off the fucking road, though, because I couldn’t keep my 41 year-old eyes off that luscious tit.

“Mom’s gonna be so mad at me. I wasn’t supposed to go to the tennis court today but Sherry called and I went anyway. Now she’s gonna be so pissed off.”

“Well, we’ll get you home, doctor those skinned places and wrap that ankle. You’ll be better before she gets home. What time does she get home, anyway?”

“She works ‘til five. It’s usually 5:45 or 6 o’clock before she gets here. There’s my house, right there.”

At least three hours before anyone suspects she’s gone, plenty of time…“Tell you what, I’ll take you to my house and get you fixed up, first. I have some wonderful liniment to put on your ankle. You’ll feel better in an hour, then I’ll bring you back home, okay?”

“Uhhhhh, maybe you better just let me out at my house, I’ll be alright.”

I knew at that moment my ‘good samaritan’ image was blown. I reached over, pinched the bare nipple and told her, “No, you and your fine little ass are going home with me. I’m gonna fix your ankle, then I’m gonna fuck you… understand?”

“Noooooo, pleeeeeeeease… please just take me home, pleeeease.”

I chuckled as she reached for the door handle. I had removed it two years ago for the specific reason she was looking for it. I didn’t want anybody getting out, unless I let them out.

She bawled and pleaded as I drove the other mile and a half. When I turned into the lane which led to my place, she screamed. I backhanded her and told her to shut the fuck up. It worked.

I gave her an option for getting into the house, she could either let me carry her, or I could make her walk on her sore ankle. She elected to walk. On her second step, she went down in pain. I had a big handful of her coal black hair and pulled her a few steps toward the front porch.

“Do you want me to keep pulling, or are you ready for me to carry you?”

Crying, she said, “Carry me, please.”

I tore her top completely off before I picked her up. A quick slap stopped her in the midst of another scream. When I lifted her little body into my arms, my mouth went directly to her fabulous, left breast. I sucked her nipple hard and listened to her whimper as I unlocked the door and stepped inside. My bedroom was only eight or nine steps down the hall, where I laid her down and pulled off her tit with a ‘pop’.

Covering her boobs with her hands, she whined, “Please don’t hurt me.. why are you doing this? I’m just a 16 year-old girl. Please tell me why?”

“You just do exactly what I tell you and you won’t get hurt, I promise,” I lied, “I’m gonna get something for your ankle. You stay right there until I get back… and take off your shorts.”

Kathy’s mouth dropped, “No! You said..”

I grabbed another fist full of hair and yanked, “I told you to do exactly what I say. Take off those fucking shorts or I’ll pull every Goddamn hair out of your head, you hear me?”

The shorts came off and I released her hair. Her cunt had a light coating of dark hair covering a puffy pubic mound… it was going to be hard for me to wait much longer.

I undressed in my bathroom before I returned with the balm and wrap. Kathy showed fear in her eyes when she saw my rock hard cock swinging in front of me as I walked to the bed. Again, she started to draw away but I grabbed her good leg and pulled her toward me. As I wrapped the left one, I took every opportunity to brush my dick against her right leg. She flinched each time ol’ Fat Boy touched her… I was loving this.

Once the sore joint was wrapped, I shook my cock in her face, “Take a good look at this, sweetheart. This is ol’ Fat Boy. You and he are going to get very well acquainted.” I pulled her face against my shaft and told her, “Fat Boy’s gonna be back to see you in a few minutes. See that tube of gel on the table? Get as much of it as you can around and inside of your ass and pussy before I get back.”

“Noooooo…. Please, sir… Don’t do this to me. Pleeeeeease.”

I shook my finger in her face and just commented, “Do it!”

At that point, I still didn’t know the girl’s name. I stepped into my compter room and Googled ‘Fenton High School’. It only took a few minutes to spot Katherine Bailes. Two pictures down was her friend from the tennis court, Sherry Thomas.
The phone search was next. I found the names of their fathers, corresponding to the addresses in Kathy’s neighborhood. Another quick people search yielded the names of the mothers and where all the parents worked. Now I was armed and ready. It would be so easy to rape and kill Kathy, but I wanted more…..

I pulled my cock a few times as I peeked thru the door opening. I had to smile as I watched her squeezing small amounts of lube onto her fingers, then trying to force it up her butt without getting her fingers inside it. She kept getting the ‘dick slick’ on her pretty little face, each time she wiped tears.

“Up on your hands and knees, Kathy.” She seemed a little surprised that I knew her name. “Yep, that’s the way. Let me see the tube of gel.”

I took a glob and slapped her pucker with it. I pushed against her asshole with my thumb and massaged a good amount inside as I worked my thumb past the first knuckle. Within seconds, I was able to start working my other thumb in, also. Kathy’s sobs were getting louder.

Once I got both thumbs all the way in, she was nearly screaming in pain. She reminded me that I promised not to hurt her. In response, I pulled my thumbs apart, stretching her sphincter unmercifully. She bucked and tried to jump away, but my hands held her in place.

When she quit resisting, I positioned myself and told her, “Time for you to feel Fat Boy up your ass. Hold still…”

Her whining, crying and begging me to stop fell on deaf ears. I forced Fat Boy in to the hilt. I’ve never been able to brag about the length of my cock, only about six and ¼ inches, but it’s nearly as thick as a beer can. Her small asshole had to be in tremendous pain as I stroked in out of its tightness.

After a couple of minutes, I began to notice a difference in her sounds of protest and assumed the initial pain must be subsiding. I guess I must have been getting some kind of sick enjoyment from the crying, so I jerked her waist and pummeled her young ass as hard as I could.

I blasted her guts full of cum… more cum than I could remember dumping at any given time. My God it was an awesome feeling! I decided that it was time to start working on her mind. I needed this stupid little bitch in my future… every day.

To be continued…


2014-11-27 07:55:43
Quite an interesting start, curious to read the rest.

I have to admit I have less sympathy for Kathy than for the male perp in this particular case, due to her rather tame behaviour. A full grown man might be taller and stronger, but there's always room for advantage... Age can work against you too. And what about possible weapons? Aslong as Kathy has the fighter's spirit of a ragdoll, she should hush and deal with it.

Will be looking into your other stories as you've piqued my interest.

Regards, Tash

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I'm so horny I want to fuck you so hard.....
I wish somebody would come and rape the shit out of me on make me cum all over and make me cum so hard....

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Q: What do you call ten pedophiles getting the dicks burnt off with acid?

A: A good start.

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